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    John Campbell.



    Thanks for the reply.
    I hadn’t heard of the great flood depositing plant matter in low lying areas before!
    It certainly fits with some of the near surface coal seams I have seen being mined around the world.
    Maybe I should keep an eye on Noah to see if he is building another boat!


    The misanthropic bot described humans as “among the most destructive and selfish creatures in existence” and suggested that eliminating people is vital for saving the planet.

    Looks like AFKTT has been training an AI chat bot.


    citizenx said

    President Donald Trump, who pushed unsuccessfully for a vaccine by Election Day, cheered the Pfizer result.

    Trump, after murdering General Qasem Soleimani for the tribe, obviously got a taste for blood and went for the big one, the mass slaughter by vaccine. Trump’s ego just can’t let go of the vaccine that most of his supporters refused to take. At least most of his supporters have a mind of their own and know when to ignore him, more than can be said for FJB’s supporters. The one thing that both Trump and FJB have in common is their love for the tribal witch doctor Fauci.

    Dr. D

    Goes with the realization I had after decades of dealing with it. It’s not science based, so it’s made up? Well, it may be or it may not be, BUT:

    Suppose you wanted people to act a certain way for your own reasons — reasons unspecified. You know this story, this “Narrative” would make them all act. Just as the Club of Rome and Greenpeace and Ronald Reagan said: “If you want world peace, we all need to unite against one external enemy.” …That’s straight-up Star Trek thinking, from 1963. And past being a hypothesis, they actually said this. It’s published.

    From there it’s a short jump to say “LET’S JUST SAY IT ANYWAY.” Who do they need to convince to cripple the peoples, destroy the nations — for reasons unspecified? Only Generals, Congressmen, research scientists. Aw heck, they’ll believe anything.

    YOU JUST TELL THEM. The only thing the Science “Narrative” does is make it plausible to everyone, give them the skeleton of a paradigm to hang their biases on. BUT I MADE THE SKELETON. I — let’s say here in the CIA — made bones that will look like a, elephant, or will look like a plesiasaur when they’re done. — I — directed the tune, the whole planet, for 50 years, to my own ends. With a simple, well-placed lie.

    P.S. then I pre-positioned all my stock purchases and pre-arranged all the right candidates starting before they were 20.

    Now WHY? Who knows? S–ts and giggles? Massive, multi-trillion dollars of wealth and power and weekly trips to Epstein Island? Only way you can get the trillions necessary for an interplanetary space project and colony? Maybe you know the sun does turn and earth has a 12,000 year flood-comet that wipes out everything but 5 men. Maybe there are alien-spiders invading. Lots of reasons. Who knows? I only know IF you were in the position, and had the power, wouldn’t that be just too much temptation? Just to say it?

    And Club of Rome — predecessor to WEF and Euro-Davos, Greenpeace, and Ronald Reagan all DID ‘just say it’. Wow, that’s quite a collective power all pushing in one direction. Anyone doing that would rule the world.

    Nah. I’m sure no one would ever do that. There’s no one out there who’s less moral than me, so if I, a normal person, wouldn’t do it, no one else in time or space ever wouldn’t either.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)
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