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    Andy Warhol Mick Jagger 1975   • Mariupol Close To Falling As Russia Issues Surrender Ultimatum (EN) • Ukrainian Troops Cleared Out Of Urban Area
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    V. Arnold

    ” expected to be a full-scale Russian assault in the east”
    Just a few small battles so far I guess as the Russians have yet to make any headway.
    The MSM lackey’s and their audience will be surprised at how quickly the east has fallen after all the aid that was sent to help the nazi’s in there holy war against the evil bear.


    The vaccines are bad news. Fifteen bodies were examined (all died from 7 days to 6 months after vaccination; ages 28 to 95). The coroner or the public prosecutor didn’t associate the vaccine as the cause of death in any of the cases. However, further examination revealed that the vaccine was implicated in the deaths of 14 of the 15 cases. The most attacked organ was the heart (in all of the people who died), but other organs were attacked as well. The implications are potentially enormous resulting in millions of deaths. The vaccines should be immediately halted.

    No need to worry. It is doubtful that anything will happen because the work wasn’t published in a peer-reviewed journal so will be ignored by the scientific community. That’s just the way it works.


    Anyone concerned about the WHO Pandemic Treaty, now inviting submissions from the general public. There is a short submission period, so this is urgent.
    There is an international outcry that sovereign nations will lose control of their own constitutional public health policy control, which it seems may be controlled by a global WHO/WEF pandemic policy. We have just witnessed the extreme shortcomings in the WHO/FDA/CDC pharma-dominated SARS-2 policies.
    It is very easy to fill out the WHO submissions form here.
    Public hearings regarding a new international instrument on pandemic preparedness and response: written component
    As a professional career librarian, I have just published my own 250-word-limit submission, which I invite anyone to copy and use.
    After careful thought, I don’t believe that each submission needs to be original. The main thing is that you will have expressed an educated voice. (My submission was approved by an epidemiologist.)
    This can be done in 10 minutes. It’s easy.


    Additionally, the importance of investigating this steady state excess anomaly goes beyond the quantity of deaths. If the anomaly comprises deaths of people lower in age than the C19 victims, then the life-years lost from the cause of the anomaly is significantly greater than all life lost from C19 itself. Please take the time to understand this. Reread if you must.

    Because this is so important, here it is again another way. If the anomaly of excess deaths comprises people under 70-years-old, then this anomaly of life years lost is far worse than the entirety of the C19 pandemic.

    This is from what I think was posted here recently – it is a little tedious but ominous and worth the time.


    A land without a people for a people without land. Is this war Zelensky’s depopulation strategy? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony. Russia kills all the Nazis, then the Israelis move to a new homeland. Flip this house?

    However the Israelis can’t be so stupid to not see how unreliable their American protector has become. Russia will be in charge of peace in the Middle East. Israel must learn to live, not fight, with their neighbours.

    Or pack up and move to Ukraine.


    Reading Charles Hugh Smith’s “Musings” brought back a lot of older thoughts… I always assumed the Boeing executives who managed a “fast-tracked” approval process, would find themselves facing arrest warrants for manslaughter outside of this country.

    CHS had several charts on “administrative vs. doctor” growth in healthcare, both in both population and salary. I’m VERY curious about the “savings” Vanderbilt is experiencing by experimenting in “hyper-efficient” healthcare…but can’t seem to find a lick of information besides Dr. D (thank you). Some MBA on the illustrious V-bilt staff, probably “Senior Vice-President of New Avenues of Growth” is probably studying the vertical integration of funeral homes. Since his bonus depends upon it, he’ll probably be pushing the cost savings/revenue growth of letting ALL the nurses go!

    Up here in Appalachia, we had a school superintendant who let a bunch of teachers aides go (to save money), and told the teachers (with a straight face, mind you!) that it was being done for them, to increase their flexibility! (Thank you or that boot in the face, may I have another?)

    When the pie is shrinking the only way to get more is to take it from someone else!

    Dr. D

    “World peace is established not by threats” – Armstrong

    But by voluntary interaction and trade. How far away are we now? 180°? When I want your opinion I’ll beat it out of you.

    This is in response to GOP RINO (and closet fluffer) Rubio banning China from trading with Russia. O Rly? You and whose army, Marc? In response, China is cutting ties, trade, and selling assets before they are stolen. We make nothing, so I hope you’re into Glad Bags as clothes.

    “Once the trade is severed, there is no incentive to work together. The only thing that then resolves such disputes is war.” –Armstrong.

    Not entirely true, but the point remains. So when China doesn’t send us anything, what is a “Can’t bring manufacturing home” RINO like Rubio going to do? Live in caves? Of course not: he’s going to make YOU live in caves.

    “Europe has chosen its fate and chose the destiny for Russia. What you will see now is the economic death of Europe.”
    “literally everything will collapse thereafter industry it will be agriculture welfare and social security will collapse, hunger, banditry, and chaos will start. I do not even believe that the transition to Nazism can save these states; the decadence has gone too far…”

    Don’t worry, in the preceding paragraphs he outlines what a helpless, impoverished basket case the U.S. now is, lagging behind every 3rd world country, and what will happen to them, which I would guess is similar. No morality = no cooperation = no safety or prosperity. You get what you give. They’re too dumb to count to “One”.

    Memo To Europeans: Read this text! It will hurt you and you will suffer but you must read it.

    “Ukrainian Troops Cleared Out of Urban Areas of Mariupol – Russia (F.)”

    1,000 Ukr marines surrendered. I asked how many were originally but the wiki answer is between 1,500 and 4k in a Brigade. So +50% casualties? They shot many of their own as deserters and collaborators, as we saw in Bucha. It’s what religious fanatics do. Saker continues with SitRep, the approach is to cut them off and blackade, yes, but now to encircle and approach very very slowly and safely, preserving all the soldiers possible. It was suggested there are DUMBs under this site being filled with water, which seems likely in many places. We also have a variety of reports of foreign officers up to generals, and it’s a fact that there are mercenaries, question being only how many. These were most probably shot by the Ukr as well. They’re annoyed, out of food, and dead men tell no tales.

    36th Marine Brigade fighting in Mariupol reportedly broke through Russian lines”

    True, apparently, but not that many. Russia has drones too and the men were out in the open and unsupported.

    “If you have the opportunity to stay a little bit longer in the cities where it’s safer, do it.” –Klitscho

    This is the first time I’ve heard a Ukrainian promote life and safety, but Klitscho is an ordinary guy.

    “Biden’s “genocide” and Zelensky’s “our enemies want us to cease to exist”: hyperbole lies rules.”

    “the policy we are now following, to quote Ambassador Freeman again, to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian.” – Chomsky.

    This is Biden’s “Genocide”: to kill all Slavs worldwide, like last time. His love of Ukraine and Ukrainian children is to promise a 20 year war zone and certain death of every. single. one. It makes me ill. That’s why we didn’t talk, didn’t solve, it was so easy to save those thousands dead and 4M refugees. NOT LYING, giving Ukr false promises would have done it.
    Quite a good article. As he freely admits the several mistakes of Russia, yet proceeds with this:

    “Russia as a whole, and especially the military, did an absolutely awful job talking to the public, both in Russia and in the West. … Does that matter? Yes, very. Why? Because most people in Zone A sincerely and truly believe that “Russia is losing the war”…It gives the folks in the West a sense of impunity and it almost totally conceals the magnitude of the dangers the Empire of Hate and Lies is facing today…It greatly encourages the Ukrainians to fight this war down to the last Ukrainian…

    “the “special military operation” is now turning into a total war of the united West against Russia and that means that the goal for the West is not peace, its victory, and a Russian defeat. My personal conclusion is that the West will only stop doubling down if the US homeland itself is threatened by Russian conventional and nuclear strategic deterrence capabilities.

    The Russians are slowly but surely coming to the realization that in spite of all the concessions and retreats made by Russia since 2013 the Empire of Hate and Lies will not stop by itself, it will have to be stopped, by Russia. Again. As the VDV motto says “nobody but us”.

    The Ukrainians have no agency, and neither do the Eurolemmings. In fact, the USA is using both the Ukronazis and their EU serfs as cannon fodder because their calculation is that if Russia wins, then the Eurolemmings will become not only terrified and even more subservient, but also that the EU will burn itself down removing a competitor.”

    And if Russia loses, well, win-win.
    Again: “a direct military conflict involving NATO and Russia is now likely.
    That, by itself, is simply horrible, but here is a simple truth: if the Anglos, yet again, want to burn down the European continent there might not be anything Russia could do to prevent that. And forget about the suicidal Eurolemmings. Russia can win that war, and she will, but yet again at a huge cost.
    And that is exactly what the Anglos want.”

    Also my conclusion. Why Europe wants to light their children on fire is beyond me but I presume it’s because they are not rebels but collectivists now aligned with a death cult. #AntiHuman, wishing for lower population to save the planet and taking actions to prove it.

    “The Empire of Hate and Lies has decided to “go max” and is acting exactly as it would be in preparations for a much larger war in Europe.”

    How would it go here? Russia “bloodies the nose adequately” as they said last week and terrifies the American people who have no stomach for this war. “Terrifies” is the wrong word, but it’s like realizing they can get at you. It will cost. Then an accounting of where our assets and situation are, sans propaganda. Mild tsunami up NY harbor to Albany, sink key ships of a carrier group off the Chesapeake from halfway around the world, but probably something I can’t think of that will mean more to military planners.

    That halts all things. Media shocked to stupor. Market shuts. Dollar and bonds frozen. “Inflation” is incalculable but no supplies and no movements, because why work? Will we be selling and trading with anyone tomorrow? People stay home and think about how utterly defenseless they are. A real gut-punch moment.

    And then? Given how we got into this, and that only a few crazies in the basement want it, suddenly the currency loses confidence and the sham-cover market traders pause, exposing nothing but that the economic rigging comprises the whole machine like in the Wizard of Oz. Yet they have no choice but to continue rigging despite discrediting and open exposure. Loans seize, meaning money liquidity seizes. They print to cover.

    Suddenly, as gas is $10 and food is rationed and unavailable, everyone suddenly remembers the ‘20 election wasn’t done so well. In fact, if states could PROVE it wasn’t so great, they could remove the guy attacking the U.S. States’ citizens, stop the state capital food riots, and remove the crazies before they finish WWIII. …Totally unrelated to Putin of course. We would never, ever bow to political pressure or anything. It’s just an accidental coincidence that this should come up right now.

    As this wends its way through, a number of officials are suddenly charged with crimes suggesting treason involving Ukraine and China, just to keep the wheels turning. Depending on the path, perhaps we hold a special “voluntary” re-election that the history books will really remember, hammering into minds how crooked, grave, and unprecedented this is.

    After the election run by the states and the Army, the crazies nobody voted for in 2020 are removed, and continue to be publicly charged. Wall St. has no money to bribe them off and Congress and gov’t have no legitimacy. MIC has no status as they are helpless, hardware losers and responsible for this. As there was nothing wrong with the country but them and their murderous, self-serving ideas, we re-start a financial system that fails(Fed), then another that barely fails(Treasury), then finally something that works(truth). We all go back to the hard work of repairing our lives from their, and Joe Biden’s, direct nuclear attack on us to the tune of +++30,000/year.

    Or how I read it right now, anyway. Which is why “they” are waiting until after that “something” happens. It’s probably arranged with Russia, even if the “arrangement” is a tacit understanding. They’ll probably pick a astrological day for the kickoff. I mean, what choice do they/we have?

    “ban the sale of new gas cars by 2035”

    There are simple, practical solutions to this. We are not pursuing any of them. Because this was never the plan. There was supposed to be far fewer people so the grid would be adequate and only the rich would be allowed to travel. Lockdowns so you couldn’t travel even if you wanted, unless you were a party member, maskless with the FDA at the French Laundry. And that would have stopped Russia’s leverage, so we would have won the war there. Ah, we would have won! If only we had killed those 200M people worldwide first.

    Solutions: Vegas exists bc it’s gambling over state lines. That’s it, it’s a fabricated non-organic city and location, exclusively because of CA’s hard-headedness. And now we’ve got the complete loss of an entire U.S. city going back to the serpents and sand. (no water/no surprise) So building a re-charging theme park at the halfway point is nothing. CA already failed 10x with rail because 100% theft and embezzlement, but you can easily High-speed rail your car from LA to Vegas and drive off at the other end. You can. It’s an excellent idea nationwide. They won’t.

    Every day here now we are struck by the incredible, supernatural, unfathomable blindness, ignorance, and resistance to the very most obvious, practical things. It’s like it’s cold, and the door is open, and the one thing no one will do is get up and shut the door. They’ll complain, tweet, plan, write on spreadsheets, call meetings, buy 10x doors elsewhere, fire people, invent “wall-portals” at $100k that will never work, plan, cry, scream, punch, howl at the moon, freeze, die, move…anything but shut the door. And no one knows why. It’s really simple. It’s like their brains no longer work, they have been removed from reality to a Enhanced-reality metaverse that blocks all viable actions and censors all observable facts.

    Speaking of, update from a different hospital: 30% of the beds are browned out for lack of staff. They are presently building on instead of hiring staff, so maybe they can get to a 50% unusable rate. And you thought finance was bad. Nothing can stop PMC Karen. She is going down with the ship.

    “ Twitter Faces The ‘Nightmare’ Of Being Forced Into Free Speech (Turley)”
    Jimmy Dore has a ‘long’ segment on this (22m.) How far out of their gaddamn minds they are, Robert Reich, political leader, top insider, literally arguing in Bloomberg that “Rich people shouldn’t be allowed to own things” like Twitter. What? Did you not know what our 1,000-year system is? Have you not heard about “NYT”, “WaPo” “Facebook”…and “Twitter” right now? Oh he means and says, “Money is not allowed to buy things without my express permission” as an insider. And people are not allowed to talk “Without my permission”. His real quote?

    …And I’m sorry V. Arnold and Vet have lived long enough to witness this, but the U.S. political system says this:

    “It’s the dream of all dictators like Hitler and Putin to have Free Speech.”

    Yes, read that again from DNC core thinker, Robert Reich. It’s DICTATORS and Authoritarians that want free speech, not freedom-seekers and democracies, who talk out their feelings and goals in a marketplace of ideas.

    When I say #OppositeLand, this is what I mean. And I think we’ve reached the horizon. The horizon that the USSR reached when there was no News in “Ivestia” and no Truth in “Pravda”. Then the Soviet Union fell. Closing the Collapse Gap with the USSR.

    If their ideas work, why do they need to censor them? Are they really weak and need safe spaces? Who makes the safe spaces besides powerful authoritarians using force? i.e. your new boss and owner you can shine his shoes. They are talking about Twitter being “Colonized” and “taken over” by something (by free speech and open communication?) but it was already “colonized”. …By White Karen and the S–t Libs when they kicked half the people off. The s–t libs used it just yesterday to attack a black man who organized the first Union against Amazon without their PMC permission. Workers Uniting. Black men speaking without their permission. Well I say! …Inexcusable.

    Noting Musk does not have to buy here, he has several lines of play. Now that Twitter is discredited, he can let them blow their money defending it, let the takeover collapse, the share price fall to $20, and buy it up on the cheap 6mo from now. …And other strategies. Also I’m appalled by how much people care. Like 1/10th of 1% of Americans are on Twitter: it’s a PMC echo-chamber run by no one. Jimmy Dore and TIm Pool are now larger than CNN which is large compared to Active Twitter. Actions are out here, boys. You can talk off of Twitter and get a lot more done than gratifying your knobs.

    Go talk to your neighbor. The PMCs clearly aren’t listening anyway. Not even about bed counts that will kill them, their mother, and their children. They’re lost. And soon they’re coming to your house without morality. You’re next.


    Is it just my imagination or are we witnessing a repeat of the Third Punic War?

    By the end of the second war Carthage’s military power had been completely destroyed. Being great traders and businessmen, they rebuilt economically. This threatened Rome, thus Carthage was destroyed completely in the third war.

    Checking timelines: 23 years between the 1st & 2nd Punic Wars. 52 years between the 2nd & 3rd wars.

    Germany defeated in WW1. 21 years later WW2, which leads to the dismemberment and demilitarization of Germany. Then we get a nice 77 year run of peace, in which we see the West German economic miracle, reunification, then Germany using the EU and its economic power to take control of continental Europe.

    Now it’s time for the Anglo-Americans to cancel the German Threat for good.

    Dr. D

    Let me just repeat:

    It gives the folks in the West a sense of impunity and it almost totally conceals the magnitude of the dangers the Empire of Hate and Lies is facing today…It greatly encourages the Ukrainians to fight this war down to the last Ukrainian…

    “the “special military operation” is now turning into a total war of the united West against Russia (WWIII) and that means that the goal for the West is not peace, [but] its victory, and a Russian defeat. My personal conclusion is that the West will only stop doubling down if the US homeland itself is threatened by Russian conventional and nuclear [Attacks]. Therefore, this will happen next, following the receipt of the diplomatic letter.

    30% of the hospital is unusable due to lack of staff. Caused by bad conditions that are easily solved.

    They are presently building more hospital rooms instead of hiring staff.

    Dr. D

    Now let me go try to eat something when I’m sick with worry.


    An anti-vax foreign citizen is trying to go on a foreigna vacation without being immunized from COVID-19. Naturally, Twitter users have suggested she visit Florida.

    Article by Frank Cerabino


    [..] “I want to book a holiday abroad but don’t want to wear a mask anywhere, do not want to do any tests, am not vaxed and would love some sun.”

    [..] Her Twitter profile says “no to tyranny. No to vax passports. No to medical apartheid. No to masks.” 

    [..] I say “No to Lorraine.” Go someplace else, or better yet, “Yes to staying home.” We’ve already got enough folks like Lorraine who already live in Florida, and are being groomed by leaders who ought to know better, yet feed into a mindset that masks and vaccines are a sign of tyranny, rather than a matter of prudent public health.


    Zelensky’s limousine going to his next ‘pep’ rally


    As I read, as I watch, as I grieve, I am often brought back to The Hunger Games, especially #3. “The Hob” where the poor deplorables barter (hey! That’s me!) … watching Gayle King & friends, or Fox, with their fancy glasses, clothes, hairdos, reminds me of the citizens of the capital, Panem. (Get it? Panem… “bread”).

    Donald Sutherland, who seems the cause of ALL bad things, evil incarnate… is NOT the one Katniss kills at the end. No, it’s the one spouting all the politically correct BS (sorry to be a spoiler). Well worth watching, IMO. The ‘devil’ is far too smart to show up with horns, much more likely with an ice cream cone or something similar.

    Twilight’s Last Gleaming by the inimitable and fully immersed in history J.M. Greer is starting to look more-and-more a book of prophecy. Sadly. And now my breakfast is sitting poorly…


    Peace not given a chance
    Must fight for the status quo

    All men 18 – 60 were obliged to fight.
    All were forbidden to leave
    All suburbs, ( Bucha, Mariupol ), were front line war zones.
    No Innocent civilians.
    Everyone is combatants.
    Underground war
    The blogs

    Enemy of status quo
    Everyone is combatants. Bloggers, commenters, readers
    Sympathiser of change.

    Kinds of world wars
    1. pen vs guns
    2. energy vs no energy
    3. freedom vs slavery
    4. facts vs opinions
    5. man vs life
    6. censorship vs free speech
    7. propaganda vs propaganda
    8. food vs starvation
    9. civilization vs dark ages
    10. Vaccinated vs non vaccinated
    11. The haves vs the have nots
    12. diminishing majority vs increasing minority
    13. Bullies vs everyone


    The Empire of Lies rides again, yeehaw!

    A follow up from yesterday on the fearsome F-35 “Lard Bucket”, the world’s most expensive ‘fighter plane’ boondoggle at $337 per plane.

    US Navy fires commander at vital F-35 facility

    US Navy fires commander at vital F-35 facility — Analysis

    “The Navy said it “lost confidence” in the colonel overseeing repair work on the most expensive military project in history…

    By mid-2021, the North Carolina facility had taken in 100 of these jets for modification, and after 15,000 hours of work, the first of these jets subjected to “laser shock peening” to strengthen its airframe was certified for service in January.

    [Ed note “laser shock peening” is a half-assed cludge to try and strenghten a major design flaw in the airframe by tempering the metal more with laser treatment. Sweet!]

    The Pentagon initially put the F-35’s lifespan at around four decades, but later revised that estimate down to 10 years….

    …it is the most expensive military project ever undertaken, and even with the jet entering service, it already requires costly modernization upgrades.” [before it can be deployed!]

    Mission Accomplished



    $337 million a plane, what a bargain


    All the ‘weapons’ shipments going to Ukraine are junk that was lying around, some decades old, and sending it to die in Ukraine will ‘clear the inventory’ warehouses for more orders from the Empire of Lies Military Industrial Mafia.

    It’s a Clearance! Hey, everyone loves a bargain!



    “They” are intentionally fuckinwithyourmind 24/7 every day, in every way, down to routine messages.

    The Empire of Lies can’t help itself at this point in the pathological brainwashing propaganda Jihad.

    Enjoy your meal.



    Link to the full Malone interview referenced in the Twitter post Raul provided today. It’s fairly succinct and covers most aspects of the injections currently being discussed – mRNA hanging around instead of breaking down within hours as originally stated, auto immune deficiency syndrome (isn’t the AIDS virus itself, btw), the rise in cancers, issues with female reproductive organs, injecting children, etc.


    Don’t believe the western media
    There are no civilians being intentional killed, murdered in the Ukraine.
    There are collateral unintended destruction and deaths.
    All males 18 – 60 were “given and called to arm themselves” to fight against the invaders street by street.
    Everyone is a combatant.
    Are the Russia mechanic or the Ukrainian welder combatant?
    Chose your death: Death waits. Make plows or swords
    ( Remember: good for the goose, good for the gander.)


    @boilingfrog: “As I read, as I watch, as I grieve…”

    Me, too. At least the grieving part. I do very little of the reading and watching part.

    The media needs to stop banging on about it. The West needs to stay the f*ck out of it, for once. Frankly, if it turns into nuclear war, that’s what we deserve. I hope I’m located in the “vaporized” zone since that’ll be the least painful way out of this.

    We went from “hair on fire” about Trump (which was just plain stupid), to covid, to vaccines, to Ukraine vs Russia. Talk about being led around by the nose.


    I posted a video link last night to an interview with a Ukrainian Marine that was part of the Mariupol surrender. It’s about 9 minutes and full of interesting tidbits.

    Maxwell Quest

    I thought these were quite good. Lots of historical info to put the current Ukraine situation into context. My apologies if they were posted already. I’ve been quite distracted by some home projects.

    Scott Ritter: A Conversation About Ukraine Part 1

    Part 2 Scott Ritter: A Conversation About Ukraine


    I suspect the law regarding no sales of new gasoline powered cars in California will cause the price of used gasoline powered cars to rise significantly.

    Tall Bald and Ugly

    We be f@cked. I’ve pretty much given up on The People making Any sort of difference. No one wants violence, but when has Power ever bowed down to change WithOut violence?
    You could point to Gahndi, but then, what’s India’s situation today?
    Look to Your community and develop a system OutSide of existing systems? Good luck with that in the shattered, fragmented gestalt we live in today.
    Shout out to Dr. D for his synopsis of the days ‘news’.
    And another to Micheal for posting the url I neglected to post the other day

    Thanks to All here(and our Host).


    Everyone who is armed is a combatant.
    Sounds like predictive programming for a US civil war coming soon to a theater near you.


    The TV retired expert generals ….. can’t see their nose …… modern war machine destroys everything
    (Too stupid to ask/find out what Israel knows)

    Figmund Sreud

    Sound Advise for the current times



    The Malone interview linked above provides clarity on the spike front. It confirms that natural CoV infection acts differently, it generates spikes that are not staying in the body because they are being cleared by the immune system. Unlike the vax, which is resulting in “excess and prolonged spike protein production” that remains in the body and accumulates in the organs. Especially bad news for those who booster up. The other key note: just because everyone isn’t getting “X” (insert something from the long list of impacts), doesn’t mean it is not happening!

    Am appreciating the Warhol multi-image pieces much more than the single image of Marilyn (which turned me off). The Queens (yesterday) and today’s Andy Warhol Mick Jagger 1975 are more interesting as they are studies in motion. You can experience/see the emotional moods and mental blockages/changes around the subjects. The color pallet around paint it black Mick vs. the girls is telling; all though it is more likely a reflection of Warhol’s state-of-mind. These are not done live in studio, which would have added a human dimension vs. projecting a purely commercial/commodity/product feel.

    Dr D – please take care of yourself!

    LOVE to All.


    Shanghai – Kids taken away

    Based on a headline in the Sun? There must be some mistake.


    Well, I would not criticize Zelensky. He’s acting with great courage, great integrity.

    Noam Chomsky is so disingenuous as to be unreadable, the man is a liar and a fraud working against the best interests of us the people.

    Veracious Poet

    The human race is suffering from the implosion of “America” brought about by US Empire Inc. running amok, following the implosion of morals & ethics in the decadent West, indeed a poisonous state of legalized piracy unfolding into a cascade of mind fuckery, murder, rape, pillage & plunder, for over 70 years now…

    Details matter, in this case the suspension of the Rule of Law under Natural Rights via unending “Emergency Powers” (FDR MARCH 1933), but it is impossible to alarm “citizens” once they too profit from looking the “other” way.

    All one has to do to confirm the malevolent nature of TPTB/TBTF, who control the world’s premier “hyperpower”, is to engage in cursory overview of the EVIL perpetrated by the West since WW2 under the guise of benevolent “humanitarian” rational…

    ACTIONS like deploying Agent Orange in Vietnam et al., overthrowing legitimate democracies in Iraq et al., granting fascist bankster “primary dealers” wanton licenses to steal, the trillions of .GOV funds stolen via the MIC/politico scam, the blatant murder of untold MILLIONS of INNOCENT women & children in “conflict” zones (eg WACO/WOT/Ukraine et al.), TOTAL infiltration of domestic society & media by the CIA et al., LETHAL ingredients used for profit in food manufacture, biological agents deployed across the planet for profit & control ~ The evidence is staggeringly unimpeachable, there is no excuse for ANYONE to claim ignorance and/or support such a heinously barbaric CULTure.

    Sure, there are other EVIL perpetrators sprinkled across both hemispheres, but AMERICA was supposed to be different!

    Whatever happened to that we shall be as a city upon a hill—the eyes of all people are upon us ~ JFK

    The U$ Empire is NOT the United States of America, just as pornography, psyops & propaganda is NOT “free” speech, that is until the Robber Baron sociopaths wrestled control of “America” from the electorate, unleashed the hounds of hell & turned TRUTH into lies, JUSTICE into legal kangaroo courts, society into dumbed-down-to-succumb morons…

    Now we’re all waiting to see just how disastrous the Fall of the West will be to the future of humanity ;-?

    Will this be the legacy of the “American” experiment?!?

    Veracious Poet

    Alex, I’ll take death vexes for $150 billion please…

    Now that most of Australia has received all required doses of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccine” as mandated by the government, the country’s hospital system is overflowing with patients suffering from a variety of health problems.

    One expert revealed that there has been a 40 percent rise in “Code 1s,” as well as lots of “unexplained” heart attacks, chest pains, and respiratory ailments.

    The situation sounds truly dire, but nobody seems to want to identify the elephant in the room, which is the injection.

    “Sometimes you can’t explain why those things happen,” said the woman in the below interview, pleading ignorance on the matter.

    When asked if she has any theories or ideas as to what might be causing this, the woman responded as follows: “No, we don’t have that information yet, uh, but, um, you know, what I do know, uh, and I’m hearing some interjections on the side, is that the vaccines actually help people stay out of hospital, and not put them in hospital.”

    In other words, the official story is that nobody knows why all these people are getting sick, but that it is definitely not the jabs because those are supposedly keeping people out of the hospital.

    Another TOXIC child EGO assigning blame to The Healing, Creative, Loving Spirit of the Universe for ignorant humanity’s decision to follow NPD sociopaths…

    Titled “In This Time of War, I Propose We Give Up God,” the article claims that God is responsible for “war and violence” and for “oppression and suffering,” and suggests that people stop teaching children about Him.

    Author Shalom Auslander, who is disillusioned about his upbringing in a religious Jewish community in New York, argues (original emphasis):

    God, it seems, paints with a wide brush. He paints with a roller. In Egypt, said our rabbi, he even killed first-born cattle. He killed cows. If he were mortal, the God of Jews, Christians and Muslims would be dragged to The Hague. And yet we praise him. We emulate him. We implore our children to be like him.

    Perhaps now, as missiles rain down and the dead are discovered in mass graves, is a good time to stop emulating this hateful God. Perhaps we can stop extolling his brutality. Perhaps now is a good time to teach our children to pass over God — to be as unlike him as possible.

    Killing gods is an idea I can get behind.

    Veracious Poet


    Some countries are considering joining NATO and others are concerned that they might be in line for a Russian invasion.
    Would these counties be safer by coming under what is really a US nuclear umbrella by allowing US nuclear bases, thus meeting the aim of ringing Russia with weapons within a four minute range?
    As a thought experiment how would a country whether Russia or the US respond to such a situation?
    For a start if missiles could be launched without notice, a response would need to be made within the four minutes. Not much room for error. Secondly control would have to be disseminated and contain redundancies. For example, n missiles from say Poland are detected, the response is directed to Poland and who else? NATO ? France, and the UK are nuclear armed but the US calls the shots and would control the bases in say Poland directly and more or less the others.
    I would think that allowing such bases would make one an automatic target which might be a prompt to more thought and less rhetoric.
    If 70% of Americans think of Russia and China as enemies where is the moral, even pragmatic leadership?
    Australia seems all in. I question why NZ is even in the Five Eyes. The British empire is dead. Rah rah Jacinda.


    In the past few days, I have been so impressed by Ilargi’s posts as well as the commenters on TAE. Thanks to all of you for sharing your impressive wealth of information. The other day people were bemoaning the isolation of not being able to share one’s views with others … family members, acquaintances, friends, on a number of topics, especially Covid and the situation in Ukraine. Here is a post I found somewhat helpful from Children’s Health Defense, on talking to one’s doctor (and others) about the vaccines, etc.:
    In a way it is depressing that he advises one to “start small” with the topic so as not to alienate the other. However, remember that the other has been subjected to non-stop propaganda and doesn’t know nearly as much as you do. So instead of demonizing him/her, it is better to think of him/her with an attitude of pity, and in need of educating. I found it somewhat helpful.
    And as far as educating these other people about the Ukrainian situation, good luck. I have sent all kinds of convincing info to friends but they are not biting. They have been too brainwashed to hear what I am saying, and are subject to more brainwashing on a daily basis. I take some comfort in listening to Andrei Martyanov and reading Consortium News, Grayzone, and TAE! Richard Medhurst also does some incredible work.


    Dr D said …

    Mild tsunami up NY harbor to Albany, sink key ships of a carrier group off the Chesapeake from halfway around the world, but probably something I can’t think of that will mean more to military planners.

    Totally agree that Russia will have to take this to the US mainland where the people will not have the stomach to continue fighting, but the lesson has to be permanent and iconic. Sinking ships the evidence is gone and the US people will soon forget, so ideally the target will be something iconic that is protected by the US military. All I can think of is Fort Knox: it is iconic, protected by the military but of no military significance, yet huge psychological significance. But as you say, the military will have better ideas.

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