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    Edward Hopper Cat boat 1922   • Antibody Study Suggests Coronavirus Far More Widespread Than Thought (G.) • No Evidence COVID-19 Survivors Have I
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle April 18 2020]

    V. Arnold

    Edward Hopper Cat boat 1922

    Wonderful artwork by Hopper; caught the beautiful lines of the hull and rig…

    If you ever vote for these ghouls again, you deserve what you get.

    LOL…in spades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    V. Arnold

    Everything is being politicised, everything!
    As a result, the CV-19 “pandemic” has been turned into a total clusterfuck!
    A scan of the “news” will get you nothing but sensationalized bullshit; or, turn you into a helpless neurotic blob…
    Only with a critical eye and good information (critically read) will you gain any understanding of how things really are…
    As the two cows said: The worst is behind us and coming up fast…

    Dr. D

    The above rate is now 0.0006% death. Sounds like their models may need some work.

    Other news shows a sizeable proportion of Roosevelt sailors had the flu vaccine. Which is probably throwing huge “false” positives. Or protected them against Corona having effects. Again, why do we care who “has” it if it has no effects?

    “ UK Moves To Drop Huawei As 5G Vendor”

    Per Sumac, you have to understand what 5G is: microwave. So if you pollute, add nano metal particles, and then microwave them randomly, you get lung issues? Huh. Who could see that coming except every independent scientist who ever looked, and even some of the paid industry ones who flipped. Could gently microwaving people 24h/day be bad for their health? In the world of #AntiLogic, clearly that’s crazy, and we should never, ever look for independent research or facts on it. Because not looking for politics or profit is #Science! Or that’s what Science has become now anyway. And that’s beyond how 5G is super-expensive and provides essentially no additional service. Odd thing to lay your corporate life on: tech that no one wants, some people actively hate, and has no functional advantage.

    There just has to be a lot of that going on with Wu, since with a billion effected and 36,000 dead, they’re still claiming we know literally nothing about a virus whose family has been studied 70 years, and its closest cousin in the world’s highest tech DNA biolabs for 30. I find that pretty hard to believe. But go on, tell me how smart you are and how we should all listen to you when every day you repeat how you don’t know anything and the things you knew yesterday are reversed.

    Apparently everybody already has it (CA), but we’re still all going to die (don’t open).


    An irrelevant fact.

    Coyotes can run 10 miles per hour faster than road runners. That means they lied to us when we were growing up!


    I think I have finally figured out why so many US politicians are against Trump cutting US funding to the WHO.

    It is because so many of these politicians must be getting kickbacks from the WHO.

    The same goes for any kind of foreign spending by the US government.

    The name of the game is kickbacks! The more money sent outside the US, the bigger the kickbacks!

    Send the taxpayer’s money out of the US to be laundered, then return the cleaned money back to the US!

    The Ukraine is one of their favorite laundry mats!


    “Coyotes can run 10 miles per hour faster than road runners. ”

    It’s revisionist history like this that keeps me awake at nights.;)

    A semi-informed question/conjecture:

    if COVID-19 is as asymptomatic as the proponderance of evidence I’ve seen suggests, could this mean it was running around considerably earlier than the officially noted Wuhan outbreak?


    If you are seeking the truth …. do what is being recommended by our host Read more …
    Dubai, UAE, 15 April 2020 – Emirates in coordination with Dubai Health Authority (DHA) will be introducing additional precautions. Passengers on today’s flight to Tunisia were all tested for COVID-19 before departing from Dubai. Emirates is the first airline to conduct on-site rapid COVID-19 tests for passengers.

    The quick blood test was conducted by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and results were available within 10 minutes. This test was conveniently done at the Group Check-in area of Dubai International Airport Terminal 3.

    I love this story.
    The service that the enablers can give to their masters, the elites.
    Do you expect that this kind of service will be available for the rifraf that is wanting to fly?

    Of the ship’s 4,800-member crew, more than 600 sailors have tested positive for the virus. However, of those 600, 60% have not shown any symptoms associated with the illness.

    The virus’s numbers aboard the Roosevelt continue to raise questions about the true spread rate of the illness, as opposed to the numbers that testing in the United States, and around the world, are capturing.

    The proportion of people who are asymptomatic carriers of the virus remains unknown, but the Theodore Roosevelt’s figure is higher than the 25%-50% range that Dr. Fauci put forward in early April.

    I know why the number don’t match …..
    The testing kits are defectives
    • Where’s the $2.2 Trillion Bailout Money Going? (WS)

    Coronavirus Drives Barrage of New Lobbying Activity

    You got to go and read the article if you are interested in the real juicy parts.
    You will find out who are the enablers, (lawyers, accountants) , (politely called Lobbying firms)

    Lobbying firms and their clients must file first-quarter lobbying reports by April 20. Those will reveal how much businesses spent to influence government policy during the first three months of 2020. Total lobbying spending is expected to be high, as every major industry affected by the coronavirus pandemic pushed to get their favored provisions into the stimulus bill. By Karl Evers-Hillstrom, Center for Responsive Politics

    Helicopter Money for Wall Street and the Wealthy: $2.06 Trillion in 5 Weeks. Regular folks, forget it. Read… Fed Massively Tapered QE-4. Hasn’t Bought Any Junk Bonds, Was Just Jawboning

    Everybody knows what is going on. Everybody accepts what is going on.
    Follow the rules written by the enablers.
    There is no proof of wrong doing – Biden
    The American dream.
    WES figured it out getting kickbacks




    Using antibody tests on a random sample the Stanford study concludes that probably actual infections are 50 to 80 times higher than the official figure.

    This ties in with the NHS figures from the UK where 1.7 million had reported having the virus. You can probably add another 30% to this, which seems to be typical of asymptomatic carriers. The Stanford study suggests a further class : asymptomatic sufferers who recover and are NOT carriers, they simply do not realise they have had it!. And the NHS figure is two weeks old.

    Why weren’t the NHS figures added to the official figures?

    The only ‘official’ figures are those that have been tested, and testing in most Western countries is extremely restricted. This increases the apparent death rate making it seem much more deadly than it actually is. The ‘official’ figure will exclude almost everyone who had it and recovered, possibly 98% or more!

    Whenever people ‘look’ they seem to ‘find’ : In NYC 15% of pregnancies had antibodies. In a German town 14% had antibodies. Most asymptomatic. All countries should carry out similar antibody random tests to find out the true situation.

    The Stanford study concludes that Covid-19’s mortality rate among infected people would be on par with, or even less, than the seasonal flu.

    Lockdowns are pointless.


    Lockdowns are pointless.
    I want to see the numbers from countries that cannot do lockdowns before reaching that conclusion.




    Dr. D:

    “The above rate is now 0.0006% death. Sounds like their models may need some work.

    Other news shows a sizeable proportion of Roosevelt sailors had the flu vaccine. Which is probably throwing huge “false” positives. Or protected them against Corona having effects. Again, why do we care who “has” it if it has no effects?…”

    I hear you big-time Dr D: virtually every site now is hyping the dreaded™ coronavirus like there’s no toorrow.

    Here’s a couple that aren’t:
    Brave New Normal
    Covid-19 Global Lockdown


    Coronavirus Lockdown and What You Are Not Being Told – Part 1

    Covid19: criminalising & pathologising dissent

    -Bill7, who remains #veryReserved.


    eating and having a piece of cake

    Covid-19 much more widespread than thought, and NO MORE DEADLY THAN FLU, suggests new Stanford study
    17 Apr, 2020 22:36 /

    Does that mean that China was right not to panic?
    Does this study absolve China of hiding and falsifying data?


    “The Stanford study concludes that Covid-19’s mortality rate among infected people would be on par with, or even less, than the seasonal flu. Lockdowns are pointless.”

    That’s first-order linear thinking.

    Add a second-dimension: the “average flu” is highly symptomatic in most seasons. You know when you have The Flu (caps to indicate the concept of ‘getting the flu’ having been successfully enshrined in popular Euromerican culture to the point where we don’t think of it as something to worry about except the frail, elderly, and very young — the usual exceptions).

    With normal The Flue, you may be contagious for a day or three until the symtpoms appear, but don’t spread it around for a week or three as with asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19. This makes it de facto much much much more contagious than most pathogens. This vastly increases its chances of infecting those people who are susceptible to it.

    It is not just about known fatality/severe illness %s alone. It is about how many people get the bug, period (and how soon, the velocity aspect of the necessary two-fold equation: ‘how fast? how dense?’). If a virus is 90% successful in infecting the populace, but has a 1% moratality rate, that’s more people than a virus with a 2% mortality rate that only infects 30% of the population.

    The velocity of contagion spread is how we control the density at a given moment, that place where reality actually happens and hospitals are overwhelmed along with morgues and so forth. Think of ultimate mortalioty/severe illness asa bandwidth issue, if it helps.

    The fact that the majority of a populace might be able to carry this thing contagiously and not have a clue is NOT a good thing.

    “Again, why do we care who “has” it if it has no effects?”

    You’re not even trying. You’re no fun anymore, says bosco, pouting like a pelican’s pouch with no fish.



    Burkhas are gonna be big, looks like. Let’s get some advert jingles underway:

    Burkha Boogie Woogie

    cuz ravioli cures The New Flu.

    Doc Robinson

    Dr. D: “Apparently everybody already has it (CA), but we’re still all going to die (don’t open).”


    Even with the adjusted rate of infection as found by the study, only 3% of the population has coronavirus – that means 97% does not. To reach herd immunity 50% or more of the population would have to be infected and recovered from coronavirus.

    “Herd immunity” depends on reinfection not happening. But if those who recovered from Covid-19 (or were infected without having any symptoms) can get sick again from Covid-19 sometime in the future, then what?

    There is no evidence that people who have recovered from coronavirus have immunity to the disease... there is no proof that such antibody tests can show if someone who has been infected with COVID-19 cannot be infected again.”

    (quotes are from articles posted above)


    I’m intrigued by the influence of perspective on perception.

    For example, a perspective focused on They’re Lying To Us, like the OffGuardian article on criminalizing dissent posted by the reserved Bill 7, who appears to be one of the Numbered People prophesized by the prophet John Smith # 38* (“He did! He did! He did prophecize it!”). I only skim-read it, but what I saw seemed to rely on, er, reliable data. But do its conclusions about the untrustwortiness of the WHO, and similar points made by the article, justify the conclusion that if they are lying, the risk of covid-19 is therefore exaggerated? The Dire Consequence projected and anticipated therefore being major loss of our already dwindling civil liberties.

    For counterpoint example, there’s the perspective that Raul is often associated with, which is that the virus is a real danger, and that despite seemingly inflated claims of mortality by various authorities, said authorities aren’t doing nearly enough to prevent the virus from attaining a result closer than not to its potential worst, a lack of competence that this poerspective typoically attributes to greedy dogmatic incompetence? The Dire Consequence projected and anticipated being an overwhelmed health system, a colossal collapse* of our extremely top-heavy & unsustainable global economy, an uncommonly unpleasant number of very sick, or dead, people, leading to both massive civil disruption and/or massive authoritarian crackdowns.

    *38 There really was such a person.

    *those who see a ‘triggered demolition’ metaphor in this are not without justification


    Around 2002-2003, Ilearned via online anecdote from someone on a news aggregator forum like this one, of an event wherein someone was arrested for breakinbg the law because they’d climbed down onto the subway tracks, an act which signs specifically outlawed, in order to rescue someone.

    The point being that authority in a society of Rule by Law under a Monopoly on Violence, naturally tends to enforce the law regardless of exonnerating circumstances. Leaders almost always believe that more rules and more enforcement is what’s needed (except for them and their peers, of course).

    So I’ll humbly submit (really! real humility! they had a sale at Costco!) that there needn’t be a covid-19master plan behind the CIC wanting more power over us and privilege for themself while lying and evading and double-talking and about-facing. This is what they do with pert near everything, best I can tell.


    One last thought before Saturday sweeps me away: if this is an intentionally introduced pathogen per some master plan, that plan might be to test the various parameters of global reaction to a perceived pandemic. A test run to see how well authroty structures hold up to such a threat.

    Such a test would naturally include an economic collapse, but were I an arrogant self-percieved superheroic rich genius, evil or not, I would know that the economy entered 2020 a mere feathered push from collapsing anyway.

    fwiw, this makes sense in terms of encroaching totalitarian rules aimed at resolving this perceived pandemic. Said rules could be sapplied to gauge public response, then lifted once the pandemic by itself faded out, leaving the CIC more informed as to what das sheeples will tolerate and so forth.


    I’m not sure but I think they’re arguing conspiracy theories. 😉

    Fraulein Edeka


    Guayaquil Ecuador. Morticians and grave yards taking in bodies per day that they normally see in a month. People trying to get medical care dying from respiratory failure in there homes before help can get there. Dead lying in the streets and homes for days. Backhoes quintupled to meet the grave digging demand.

    Coming to your town if you don’t stay the fuck home.


    The Revolution Should Not Be Televised

    cuz TV bad (true) and one can hardly watch and *do* at the same time.

    Doc Robinson

    FYI and FWIW

    WHO Sets 6 Conditions For Ending A Coronavirus Lockdown

    …Any government that wants to start lifting restrictions, said Tedros of WHO, must first meet six conditions:

    1. Disease transmission is under control

    2. Health systems are able to “detect, test, isolate and treat every case and trace every contact”

    3. Hot spot risks are minimized in vulnerable places, such as nursing homes

    4. Schools, workplaces and other essential places have established preventive measures

    5. The risk of importing new cases “can be managed”

    6. Communities are fully educated, engaged and empowered to live under a new normal

    The details from the original WHO document:

    Transitioning to and maintaining a steady
    state of low-level or no transmission

    For many countries and subnational authorities and
    communities, managing a controlled and deliberate transition
    from a scenario of community transmission to a sustainable,
    steady state of low-level or no transmission is, at present,
    the best-case outcome in the short and medium term in the
    absence of a safe and effective vaccine. For countries yet
    to report community transmission, preventing the escalation
    of transmission and maintaining a steady state of low-level
    or no transmission may be feasible.

    Achieving either of these aims will hinge on the ability
    of national and/or subnational authorities to ensure
    that six key criteria are satisfied:

    1 COVID‑19 transmission is controlled to a level of
    sporadic cases and clusters of cases, all from known
    contacts or importations and the incidence of new cases
    should be maintained at a level that the health system can
    manage with substantial clinical care capacity in reserve.

    2 Sufficient health system and public health capacities
    are in place
    to enable the major shift from detecting
    and treating mainly serious cases to detecting and
    isolating all cases, irrespective of severity and origin:
    • Detection: suspect cases should be detected quickly
    after symptom onset through active case finding,
    self-reporting, entry screening, and other approaches;
    • Testing: all suspected cases should have test results
    within 24 hours of identification and sampling, and
    there would be sufficient capacity to verify the virus-free
    status of patients who have recovered;
    • Isolation: all confirmed cases could be effectively
    isolated (in hospitals and/or designated housing for mild
    and moderate cases, or at home with sufficient support
    if designated housing is not available) immediately and
    until they are no longer infectious;
    • Quarantine: all close contacts could be traced,
    quarantined and monitored for 14 days, whether
    in specialized accommodation or self-quarantine.
    Monitoring and support can be done through
    a combination of visits by community volunteers,
    phone calls, or messaging.

    3 Outbreak risks in high-vulnerability settings
    are minimized
    , which requires all major drivers
    and/or amplifiers of COVID‑19 transmission to have
    been identified, with appropriate measures in place
    to minimize the risk of new outbreaks and of nosocomial
    transmission (e.g. appropriate infection prevention
    and control, including triage, and provision of personal
    protective equipment in health care facilities andresidential
    care settings).

    4 Workplace preventive measures are established
    to reduce risk, including the appropriate directives
    and capacities to promote and enable standard COVID-19
    prevention measures in terms of physical distancing, hand
    washing, respiratory etiquette and, potentially, temperature

    5 Risk of imported cases managed through an
    analysis of the likely origin and routes of importations,
    and measures would be in place to rapidly detect and
    manage suspected cases among travelers (including
    the capacity to quarantine individuals arriving from
    areas with community transmission).

    6 Communities are fully engaged and understand that the
    transition entails a major shift, from detecting and treating
    only serious cases to detecting and isolating all cases, that
    behavioural prevention measures must be maintained, and
    that all individuals have key roles in enabling and in some
    cases implementing new control measures.

    Decisions about when and where to transition must
    be evidence based, data driven and implemented
    incrementally. It is essential to have real-time, accurate data
    on the testing of suspected cases, the nature and isolation
    status of all confirmed cases, the number of contacts per
    case and completeness of tracing, and the dynamic capacity
    of health systems to deal with COVID-19 cases.

    To reduce the risk of new outbreaks, measures should be
    lifted in a phased, step-wise manner based on an assessment
    of the epidemiological risks and socioeconomic benefits
    of lifting restrictions on different workplaces, educational
    institutions, and social activities (such as concerts, religious
    events, sporting events). Risk assessments may eventually
    benefit from serological testing, when reliable assays are
    available, to inform understanding of population susceptibility
    to COVID-19.

    Ideally there would be a minimum of 2 weeks (corresponding
    to the incubation period of COVID-19) between each phase
    of the transition, to allow sufficient time to understand the
    risk of new outbreaks and to respond appropriately.


    WHO should know that there are many countries that cannot impose A Coronavirus Lockdown and therefore cannot End A Coronavirus Lockdown

    If anybody want to impose an isolation, (hoping to protect themselves), greater than what exist due to politics and geography are doomed to failure.


    My wife the epidemiologist, who directed our states response to SARS (1) and Ebola and a couple of other near-pandemics, says contact tracing of Covid-19 is very problematic, due to the aerosol spread via aysmptomatic carriers. Specifically, the State would have to be incredibly aggressive about what is considered “contact:” were you on a bus with someone who later tested positive? Were you in a store with someone who later tested positive? Did you walk behind an unmasked person outdoors at the recommended social distancing for a block? In the past, contact tracing was much more cut and dried: did you visit someone who was positive? Did you sit next to someone on a plane who was positive? Etc. Essentially, we would have to accept a vast amount of “health surveillance” where Big Brother watches everyone’s moves via facial recognition on CCTV or via Bluetooth proximity apps, and I for one don’t want to go there.


    There was/is about a dozen ships with thousands aboard sailing the seas or docked that are perfect Wuhan coronavirus petri-dishes. The astonishing thing about corporate owned fake media is that no-one has complied the results from each. My summary, off the top: 1) The coronavirus is contagiousness and asymptomatic in 40% to 50% of those infected. Temperature screening is worthless. Half of the virus shredders pass through. 2) The infection lasts around a month. 3) With competent healthcare the death rate is less than 1% but about 10-fold higher than seasonal flu. 4) Despite quarantine efforts around 50% aboard the ships got infected. 5) Around 15 to 20% of the infected need hospital care. Healthcare systems have already been overwhelmed in Wuhan city, Iran, Italy, Spain, England, New Jersey, NY State, Louisiana and Massachusetts. When hospitals collapse the overall death-rate climbs above 10%.

    The US federal government has collapsed. Congress is in hiatus. Oligarchs saved. Workers screwed. Both political parties failed to pick competent Presidential candidates.

    Simply put as long as there are coronavirus spreaders in the population, the uninfected will have around a fifty-fifty chance of being infected if have contact or come in contact with an infected person’s coughs or sneezes. The newly infected have one in ten chance of having to going to the hospital to keep breathing or staying home and dying. The only way to lower this risk and open up the economy safely is to test, trace and isolate the infected. Only the federal government has fiat money to pay for the staff and facilities to do this. The basic fact that sole purpose of government, saving the lives of its citizens, is being ignored by all is proof positive that the Western Empire has fallen. The West is about to go through an upheaval similar to collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, the Great Depression, and the Spanish Flu, all combined together, at the same time.


    They need a bit of info that their models cannot show
    Despite their simulations and their trials.
    How long will you endure this?
    And when will you rebel?
    The BREAKING POINT is what they want to know.

    “They” are the top of the hierarchical pyramid of power in the world.
    History is written to prove They have always been around: we are told it is the proper order. History also shows They fear the masses, and the history of science and technology is a tale of These people exploiting the brains and brawn of the masses to enslave those masses in ever sneakier ways.
    It appears they have a doozy in The Virus. We fear death. We ache at the sad stories of the deaths of others. The Virus is the newest threat: it unites us. We want to DO something.

    What are we being told to do? Accept destitution and the dole? Never touch each other again? No more sports or concerts or state fairs? Forget weekends at the haunt, the birthday parties, our funerals and weddings and graduations and communal worship? What about juries? And libraries? And civic meetings? Congress?
    In short: are we to do nothing? Even when They come and take away your wife, your child, YOU- because of a positive “test”?
    Is all that okay??? The fuzzy facts are good enough for that?


    Guessing Mister BoscoHorowitz– who seems, curiously, to have plenty of time on his hands– is Sponsored™ Content.



    Here’s a fun speculative link that I found in a GizaDeathStar post that some of you may find interesting:


    Are you interested in getting granular info?
    Then dig into the following info.

    BC COVID-19 Data
    Here you will find the latest data on COVID-19 cases in British Columbia.

    Look for age, sex, location, and determine if you were in that region, ask yourself if you would be in danger of getting the virus and of dying.
    What would be the best approach that should be imposed to minimize your exposure and transmission to others?



    What are you hinting?/


    I do have an abundance of time on my hands. 24 hours a day, reliably. An awful lot of people do lately. Don’t know why that should inspire curiosity.

    But I’m not sure what Sponsored(TM) content implies, so I can neither confirm nor deny uour speculation without more specific info. If it means ‘graphomaniac’, that’s a close fit.

    Also, I like posting songs:

    Wild Things

    D Benton Smith

    They must care very much about what we think because they’re churning out so may versions of what that is, or what it should be, what it would be if Trump wasn’t such a meany , or if well known liars hadn’t fibbed. Confusing. But at least they show they care.

    What worries me more is the deeply disappointing quality of the propaganda itself. It’s so slapdash and hasty. Almost perfunctory. Why if I didn’t know better (and I definitely don’t) I might suspect that their primal survival instincts are starting to fuck with their merely mercenary instinct for who to lie for.

    But not to worry. It’s when they stop even bothering to lie at all that I will duck and cover.


    Children don’t get the virus. Why?
    Do they make the anti-virus?
    Would their blood save the elderly?

    V. Arnold

    Would their blood save the elderly?

    Now there is a slippery slope you don’t want to go down…

    V. Arnold

    China has received 50 tons of vitamin C for treating the CV-19 virus.
    In NY doctors are also using vitamin C, IV, to treat CV-19 to great effect.
    The doses are 100 – 200mg per kilogram of body weight per day. For me (66kg) that would be 13,200mg.
    I have been a long time proponent of V-C therapy and can say my experience has been very positive with no adverse affects. Linus Pauling was an early adopter/advocate for large doses (4,000mg) per day.
    I’ve been using V-C (1,000mg tablets) for decades as a daily routine and in much larger amounts for nasty colds and sinusitis.
    Presently I’m taking 6 – 7, 1,000mg tablets per day prophylacticly.
    It’s cheap, effective, and safe.
    Do your own research so you can be informed and make up your own mind on what course to follow.
    Do not just take my words and anecdotal experiences…


    My understanding is that children do indeed get the virus.


    Dr B SMith: happy that I heard the resonance in your remarks.


    A closing thought for the day:

    If there is one reason why this round of mutant flu virus has become the centerpiece of global consciousness, it saure seems to be that China shut down one of its major manufacturing centers because people were getting very sick and dying. I can’t think of any other reason for why it got everyone’s attention.

    I know that this event is what caused me to remark here that the wuhan “kung flu” (as we called it for awhile) sure seemed to be the Black Swan we have been anticipating.

    So, if someone is looking for puppet strings behind all this, those strings’ pivotal yoke would be that an entire city was quarantined even though it hurt the fortunes of China in a very damaging way.

    Now that the existence and impact of COVID-19 is a (increasingly wearisome) household notion, I think we perhaps forget that simple fact: however dubious the alarm over the bug seems, it started with a very real and powerfully consequential event.



    Now I get it. It’s kind of an ad hominem appeal-to-anti-authority false dichotomy.

    Keeping an open mind and holding to one’s own counsel confuses to many people: ‘He doesn’t support my view so he must support the views that I disbelieve.’

    the Middle of the Road… is a tricky place to stand. You get it both ways. But you can see clear down the track both ways without getting run over by all the mutually opposing traffic.

    Yeah, Chrissie Lynde is great, but for my money, the drummer makes this band.


    Concerning children: It seems to run around <2% of the infected are children.
    “As of March 8, 2020, just one pediatric death was reported among confirmed COVID-19 cases in China, and as of March 15, 2020, none of the 1,625 deaths associated with COVID-19 in Italy were among children aged <18 years. In Spain, no pediatric deaths were reported as of March 16, 2020. In the U.S., as of April 2, 2020, there have been three deaths among children with laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection that have been reported to CDC, but the contribution of SARS-CoV-2 infection to the cause of death in these cases is unclear.”
    The above is from the cdc’s information for pediatric healthcare providers. The article is updated as of April17th. I don’t know why the numbers are so old.

    I think something has been overlooked when a contagious disease rarely affects children.

    I’m thinking that to nearly exempt children (<19 years old) as it does, The Virus needs a co-factor- something that children rarely encounter. ACEi (angiotensin coenzyme inhibitors), statins, and other, older adult, globally-used drugs – come to mind.
    A side effect of ACE inhibitors that prompts many to ditch them is a dry, persistent cough. Stronger doses are given to men, and men take them more than women.

    “To sum up, … If ACEIs/ARBs do own the ability to upregulate the expression and activity of ACE2 in lungs, they may play a dual role in COVID‐19. On the one hand, the higher level of ACE2 might increase the susceptibility of cells to SARS‐CoV‐2. On the other hand, the activation of ACE2 might ameliorate the acute lung injury induced by SARS‐CoV‐2.”
    The following in brackets is the like a link. 🙁
    [From Journal of the American Heart Association. “Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID‐19) and Cardiovascular Disease: A Viewpoint on the Potential Influence of Angiotensin‐Converting Enzyme Inhibitors/Angiotensin Receptor Blockers on Onset and Severity of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Infection.”]

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