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    It looks to my ignorant eyes like you’re on to something, my parents.

    Doctors have been trying to get me to take statins for years. (And anti-depressants, and, and…)

    I stick to safe stuff. Good food, all the kindness and love I can earn, and good old-fashioned illicit street drugs. But now that weed is legal where I live, I buy it in the store and show my ID so I can get crummy ads on my salephone once my debit card info is parceled out by the data miners.


    “But not to worry. It’s when they stop even bothering to lie at all that I will duck and cover.”


    “Politics are the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.” Frank Zappa


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    – i don’t think they’re getting their money’s worth.

    The Virus needs a co-factor- something that children rarely encounter.

    @myparentsaidknow – this certainly would explain the situation in europe. i was given a list of meds a elderly family member in france was being prescribed. 6 drugs daily, although several are listed only for use for a day or two at a time. two separate medicines known to cause hallucinations in seniors.

    were you on a bus with someone who later tested positive?

    – this article indicates that movement history was used to establish those potentially exposed on a chinese public bus (on 1/20/20). this is why they want 5G. to precisely track each citizen’s every movement. (interesting graphic of who got infected included)
    Coronavirus can travel twice as far as official ‘safe distance’ and stay in air for 30 minutes, Chinese study finds

    Doc Robinson

    One hypothesis:

    Why Infants Rarely Die of COVID-19 and Morbidity and Mortality Rates Vary by Location: Pneumococcal and Hib Vaccinations

    Two conundrums have puzzled COVID-19 investigators: 1) morbidity and mortality is rare among Infants and young children and 2) rates of morbidity and mortality exhibit very large variances across nations, locals and even within cities. These differences correlate with rates of Haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib) and pneumococcal vaccination, which are almost universal among infants and vary widely by geography among adults and the elderly. The higher the rate of vaccination, the lower the COVID-19 morbidity and mortality.


    In my neck of the woods, women in retirement homes outnumber the men by a minimum of 5 to 1.
    Since more men die from covid19 than women then there exist a problem that is greater than realized/admitted.
    The higher the rate of vaccination, the lower the COVID-19 morbidity and mortality.
    I’ve been reading that some people were wondering if vaccination might make covid19 worst.
    Now, I’ll go read the paper.


    P. 10
    A caveat is in order: it is not clear at this time whether healthcare providers and other people at
    high risk of contracting coronavirus should be vaccinated with strep and/or Hib vaccines while at risk for exposure to the virus. Vaccinating on top of an existing coronavirus infection could lead to complications (Westall and Root-Bernstein, 1986).
    On the other hand, there is some evidence that combining H.influenzae antigens with influenza vaccines leads to a heightened vaccine response (e.g., Gönczi, 1987; Root-Bernstein, et al., 2013), a possibly beneficial phenomenon.

    I make an assumption that every year, the seniors, in care homes, are always vaccinated for the influenza virus.

    Dr. D

    Everybody knows that the war is over
    Everybody knows the good guys lost
    Everybody knows the fight was fixed
    The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
    That’s how it goes
    Everybody knows
    Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
    Everybody knows that the captain lied ”

    “Does this study absolve China of hiding and falsifying data?”

    I’m seeing that flying around now. You can’t have it both ways. If it isn’t dangerous, then China was not lying about the numbers. Mostly. Or if they did, it didn’t matter. But don’t worry, they always want illogic. They always want it both ways. And it is always illogical and it always works.

    Rumor has it China was something else, a massive 5G attack in the world’s foremost (only?) 5G city. So the hack attack – from whom? – microwaved everyone’s lungs in the polluted city. No evidence for this at all. It is said. However, nearby cities say they know no one who died. And we can generally trace the vectors to Wuhan. So we have a big splash in order to generate the (relatively) senseless fear? Because if they didn’t have a big even we wouldn’t – couldn’t – overreact. Especially by hacking the fears of the Right, the tinfoil heads, who seek longingly for Armageddon everyday. No idea. Seems to me something happened. China didn’t shut down for nothing. It’s an embargo, like Japan in ’39, and act of war? But by them or us? Takes me back to my original theory: it WAS something that got out. “Accidentally”, by a third actor. To stop it, White Hats had no choice but to release a “safe” version as a purposeful fire-break. It IS still more dangerous than the flu, maybe 2-4x, but the flu isn’t that dangerous, so… And it’s not like they can ADMIT it, as they would be saying they killed the last 30,000 people…who were going to die anyway, but the lawsuits won’t see it that way. You can see why, in their position to protecc and save the more lives, they would kill some minor slice of 30k, to save the 25M the Black Hats clearly thought was happening, by the virus they’ve been working on for decades.

    Instead, $10T into the economy going into an election. Thanks!

    We clearly don’t know when we have the flu or have symptoms, because for most, your immune system works perfectly and stops it on sight, before any replication. Then you have antibodies, but nobody tests and there are thousands of strains, so who cares?

    This morning, a Boston shelter found 100% of residents had it with 0% symptoms. That’s more toward herd immunity, but not necessarily that it was earlier than Dec/Jan, as flights were worldwide for 45 days by then. Everyone loves to be scared, but in the absence of data, it’s just as illogical to assume the worst as the best.

    Again, we may have the whole year’s flu deaths packed on three months. We’ll only know looking back. In any case, we were already supposed to die of H1N1, Swine, Avain, eBola, AIDS, Swine again, all my life, always and ever lies, totally wrong, and we’ve only just exceeded Obama’s H1N1 nobody remembers or cares about. We didn’t destroy the planet for that and survived somehow, why now? We certainly deserve a far higher, more thoughtful level of propaganda.

    For planned or not, these guys have been discussing it and the huge benefits of a pandemic for decades: it’s so old JFK Jr ran an article with Gates discussing this 25 years ago, and Gates is from a famous eugenicist family that supported Sanger’s black abortions/racial culling back when. As we know, most of his “health” initiatives killed thousands, ten thousands, who knows? And he’s wanted in 3(?) nations. And he’s far from the only one, killing everyone is so universal that poor St. Greta and the whole green movement is composed of similar talk, unreflective of the implications.

    Look at the WHO list: none of those pre-requisites can happen. It’s 40 years and we still don’t have a vaccine for HIV. It’s 60 years they’ve been looking for a coronavirus vaccine for the common cold, only to know deeply how slippery and unvaccinatable they are. Since none of that will happen this century, it’s just a recipe for people to buy into a worldwide fascist lockdown, forever. Which is exactly what their papers have been saying for 40 years. Go read them. Will it have been worth it all, then? When the light of freedom is extinguished forever for (the mere illusion of) a little safety? There are other parts of life beyond extending it. Both life, and the pursuit of happiness, have value.

    In any case, now that the Governors have the responsibility and no one to blame, they magically they want to re-open now. Funny ol’ world. Isn’t that terribly irresponsible of them? According to themselves of only two days ago? Gosh, I think Michigan both shut down the most, and opened up the most in one 23-hour period. The whole state has whiplash that will spring the Upper Peninsula into James Bay.

    Since we remain logic and evidence-free, surely that can reverse 2-3 more times before it’s over. Humans use Science solely to support their emotions and confirmation bias. And egos. When Doctors, Scientists said this would would be…where it is now…they were disbarred for having models and opinions…as opposed to identical models and opinions of other, equally qualified Doctors and Scientists. One paper said they did indeed model exactly our exact, pretty-low outcome –and erased it from the paper, so no one could know. …And they could be shown as totally wrong, unscientific frauds, provably. And that shows we’re AnythingButScience™. No one notices. No one cares. The wrong guys are not discredited, the accurate guys are not put into power. And we’ll still call on the sacred name of Science to credit ourselves, like hack priests of old, cutting out hearts to keep the sun shining in Zacatecas. That’s humans. We’re no different, blind to our own priesthood and superstitions.

    Tomorrow we’ll do the same thing all over again. With H2N2, SlimeFlu, AvatarVirus, on and on no one dying, no one noticing, for the rest of my life.

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