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    Leonardo da Vinci First anatomical studies c1515   • EU Warns Ukrainians Against Compromise (ZH) • Ukrainian Update #9 (Paul Craig Roberts) • Rus
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle April 2 2022]

    V. Arnold

    Leonardo da Vinci First anatomical studies c1515

    The genius of da Vinci is indeed mind boggling…
    The detail of these drawings alone, is evidence of a curious mind coupled with a passion for knowledge and detail way beyond the norm…thus genius…
    Modern medicine likely began with da Vinci’s need to know…

    V. Arnold

    Not the worst things that happened, but surely a symbol of the worst. Until now, only Franco and Hitler banned art.

    • The Cancellation of Tchaikovsky (BI)

    Maybe not; but the beginning of something ugly; not a good omen for the future of human freedoms across the board…

    a kullervo

    (How does one express gratitude?)

    Every newborn child is just another nail in the human fate.

    What is the human fate?
    – To colonize the Universe;
    – to straighten things out;
    – to rectify the bad, bringing good about;
    – to put an end to randomness, bringing order to a chaotic world, you say?

    (If you do, please come closer: see that bridge over there? It’s a bargain; it will be yours by a very reasonable price: your sanity.)

    Human beings are nothing more than state-of-the-art havoc spreaders; they do it using three main vectors: tourism, factories and bombs (alone or in combination, the choice being mainly geography/profits dependent.) And aviation is just the quickest way to spread havoc around.

    Why did Nature came up with such a destructive species?
    Because Nature wallows/basks in change.
    And one simply cannot stop Nature (even when one is somehow able to stop him/herself.)

    (How does one express gratitude?
    By not thinking too much about anything.
    By being as carefree as one possibly can.)

    Veracious Poet

    In Clownifornia, run by & for the Party of Chaos, the sheeple crave totalitarianism:

    The majority of Californians favor keeping COVID-19 restrictions, including requiring proof of vaccination at large events and certain indoor spaces, according to a new poll published Wednesday.

    Though many COVID-19-related restrictions are being lifted and cases remain low in California, more than 6 in 10 Californians are in favor of efforts to control the spread of COVID-19 — even if this means having some restrictions, according to a Public Policy Institute of California poll of nearly 1,672 adults statewide conducted between March 6 and March 17.

    A majority of Californians polled, 57%, favor requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination to be able to enter large outdoor gatherings, restaurants, bars and gyms, while 41% oppose this requirement.

    The poll did find a divide based on political party, with most Democrats strongly in favor of controlling the spread and most Republicans strongly in favor of having no restrictions.

    About 71% of Democrats favored requiring proof of vaccination, while 72% of Republicans and a slim majority of independents, 52%, opposed this requirement, according to the poll.

    Support for requiring vaccine proof was also higher among Californians with higher education levels, as well as those with lower incomes.

    At 57%, women were far more likely to favor controlling the spread than men (35%). Women were also more likely to support vaccine verification than men were.

    Hook, Line & Sinker…

    Veracious Poet

    Their euros don’t buy oil. They buy rubles. Twist it any way you want it. Which means Russia banks stay open, and dollars and euros keep pouring in.

    So, who is converting/selling rubles to Gazprom from dollars & rubles?

    Wouldn’t that be the Bank of Russia?

    Sounds like an interesting way of avoiding sanctions with counterparty U$/EU banks, or is it?

    Nice bumpy road you’ve got there…

    Mister Roboto

    a kullervo

    According to a new poll, all poll results are misleading.

    new poll

    (Tip of the hat to Scott Adams)

    a kullervo

    new poll

    Veracious Poet

    OPEC refuses to increase oil output as US announces massive release of crude reserves…

    OPEC and its allies including Russia decided on Thursday to stick with a schedule of gradual production increases as the U.S. weighs an unprecedented release from its national strategic petroleum reserves in an attempt to bring down gasoline prices.

    The oil-producing nations have resisted pressure from the U.S. to pump more crude as prices soar, exacerbating already sky-high inflation.

    The high prices have also helped Russia to offset the pain of Western sanctions imposed over its invasion of Ukraine last month.

    Mister Roboto

    I recognize that the link to the VF article is in today’s Rattle, but Ms. Younes’s commentary on it is pretty much the same as mine, so that’s why I reproduced her Tweet here.

    Dr. D

    Leonardo was lucky not to die while dissecting rotting corspes. In jail.

    Adding, these bodies are not in coolers, and the drawings are ‘fake’: anatomic structures are not nearly as clear in person as they are made to appear in books. They pointed this out as his drawing a uterus shows tiny connections that are common to cows, not humans, suggesting he was joining knowledge between multiple autopsies. his is also true of all today’s star and satellite photos — digitally “enhanced” (fabricated) by merging spectrums of light that look the coolest. Also: candlelight? It’s an amazing feat by an amazing artist.

    “Bill of Rights Was Hidden awayfFor Safekeeping During Lockdown and Now No One Can Find It” –BBee

    Also “Rachel Levine is a Man and We’re Totally Sorry.” –BBee. April Fools.

    The Atlantic notes that car accidents and mental behaviour have increased.
    It’s such a grab bag of random nonsense I won’t repeat it, just saying that they admit and record it. I continue to see a FAR higher incidence of road-closing car accidents.

    “Fourth booster” Well everyone knows you always get the disease you’re vaccinated from. Like Jen Psaki, this is the second time I’ve got polio this year, and the third time I got tetanus. As the boosters are identical, I know since vaccines 1, 2, and 3 didn’t work, #4 will definitely will do the trick.

    “France and the UK in particular, are urging the Ukrainians against compromise until Russian troops withdraw from the country.”

    Absolutely! The more Slavs they kill, the happier they are. They’ll fight to the last Ukrainian. As UberMench would say: “This is a job…for somebody else.”

    But Western blue-hairs are rolling in, and Ukraine is turning them away en masse now as useless, untrained soy-boys who are a liability to everything they touch, not even useful as cannon fodder. I have to agree. Let’s say a Doctor takes 6 years to learn +2 years residency. They are indeed an expert. No less people who deal with weapons and violence. Cleetus has been shooting and moving in the woods since he was 12, and spends his days hiking and swimming in the river after repairing 4x4s and moving logs. He has 10-20 years of expert training on you. If you’re a suburban fellow playing “Call of Duty” and this is your first gun, stay home if you want to live. You’re too stupid or inexperienced to realize how easily and thoroughly he will tear you apart, then laugh and go eat a taco. And don’t pretend you’re a doctor and practice medicine because you read the Army Medical Field Manual last week. Same thing.

    That Ukraine will refuse to use amusing, ignorant foreigners even for cannon fodder or back-end work shows they’re beyond useless into “every active liability.” Tweeting their location and taking selfies instead of ducking bullets. This is how it is now.

    Similar to Russia conscripting. I disagree. Obviously buck privates from boot camp don’t go into a high-tech sensitive operation. They’d need a lot of training before that. They can fix tanks around Moscow and he’s calling them I think because the West is so unhinged they’re capable of anything. NATO has amassed troops of 30,000(?) on the border, and are slowly getting supplied? They are fully capable of attempting to infantry invade. Putin is calling up conscripts for this contingency, where indeed they would be cannon fodder, holding off the lines as Stalin’s army was forced to in ‘41. I don’t think that will happen, but the only way to be sure is to put 100k troops against NATO to encourage them not to. So he’s doing it, and he does not want them in battle or at the front. Both true.

    “Even though its troops are moving slower than the Kremlin expected.”

    Time #163: HOW do you know what the Kremlin “wanted”? PutinTelepathy™? Seems to me a classic, boring, textbook case of kettling your enemy’s troops, cutting supply lines, and sniping them to pieces while gaining all strategic ground, in this case, the coast. I guess Russia destroyed Ukraine’s army in 30 days with 1/3 the men, but that wasn’t what they “wanted” – it was all a big accident.

    Following the news, still universal blackout on all facts. “Civilian corridors are closed.” By who? Where? “(One Weird) Ukrainian Mom takes several trains to Germany”. So…Europeans travel without incident? “Ukraine Braces for Attacks”. …Meaning there is a war on? Who knew? Every article has key words making you feel you read something: “bus”, “Mariupol”, “intense”, but if asked to describe what the article is about, you can recall nothing. No facts, no story, no context. We’ve reached the event horizon of feelz.

    You had me at “Vietnam war, 9/11, WMD, Syrian Gas”. I already believe everything CNN tells me when I hear those key words.

    This was a strategic blunder demonstrating a lack of awareness”

    Using his PutinTelepathy™. No, I’m pretty sure they knew, they just expected slightly more out of Minsk, like at least some slowdown and a tiny measure of world embarrassment. It was worse than usual, so they had to circle back. But in the meantime, set up gold, hypersonics, and were able to produce radar jammers and new toys en masse, enough for a whole European battlefield. And also clean out Kazakhstan. What? You wanted a war right then Mr. Roberts? Pick up a rifle and go, I won’t stop you. What about ‘You should delay war if you possibly can’? “A bad peace is better than a good war”? He clearly hasn’t been in one.

    Ruble – Gas. Euro – Ruble – Gas. The West wants the PR win, so let them. That’s Russian style. Russia wants the Ruble demand in the REAL world, and the gas cash will be helpful. Breaking the system is what they need.

    the NIH itself had deleted the sequences from its own archive at the request of researchers in Wuhan.”

    That is not suspicious at all. I always erase evidence in the middle of an investigation. After the police let my investigate my own crime scene, which is what happened here.

    “Ioannidis: ‘We Must Declare the End of the Pandemic’ (RCS)”

    You mean a pandemic that kills 0.003% of healthy people, less than Influenza? You’re an embarrassment to all science. Wake me when we have a pandemic.

    “The Cancellation of Tchaikovsky (BI)”

    Shows we are dumber and more intolerant than anyone who came before. But we didn’t cancel Tchaikovsky, we canceled the careers of ACTUAL Russian orchestra members. And shopkeepers and plumbers in Czech.


    Why top scientists linked arms to tamp down public speculation about a lab leak—even when their emails, revealed via FOIA requests and congressional review, suggest they held similar concerns—remains unclear. Was it simply because their views shifted in favor of a natural origin? Could it have been to protect science from the ravings of conspiracy theorists? Or to protect against a revelation that could prove fatal to certain risky research that they deem indispensable? Or to protect vast streams of grant money from political interference or government regulation?

    I don’t understand this paragraph in the Vanity fair piece. It says top scientists linked arms to tamp down public speculation – which is – I’m pretty sure – A CONSPIRACY. Then asks the question – did they act to protect science from the ravings of conspiracy theorists? The article is littered with this cross meaning stuff and I wonder why it was published now.. so late in the piece.

    Veracious Poet

    Well, it seems that one part of Putin’s declaration created a new bank, within Russia, just to handle the exchange of euros > rubles…

    I wish them luck with that plan, specifically getting financially made whole moving the euros now that they’re blocked by sanctions, or soon will be, from FX markets in the West.

    I’m sure the Russians have a plan, just as I’m sure the EU has one too…

    Time will tell if they’re actually selling gas, or donating it, to the EU via Gazprom 😕

    Either way the EU is going to find it harder & HARDER to export their monetary inflation…

    Putin was holding 4 Aces, but decided to allow the other lying, cheating, thieving players to use IOUs for the hand.

    Mister Roboto

    @Dr. D: WRT Paul Craig Roberts: Indeed. Russia waited as long as they did because they had to prepare to be able to wage and withstand both military and economic warfare. The collapse of communism and the plundering by the West in the aftermath left Russia very seriously hollowed-out, and it takes time for a country that large and complex to recover from such events.


    I wanted to re-caption yesterday’s artwork, Rembrandt – The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, as:

    Chairman Powell and the FED committee looking for a pulse in the Empire of Lies economy.

    Today’s Leonardo should be titled: Something That’s not Actually Fake



    Curiously, the same folks ‘demanding’ Clarence Thomas recuse himself from any deliverations regarding January 6th because of conflicts of interest…

    …seem to have no problem with Drs. Fauci and Collins being involved in covid investigation and policy development.


    Ukrainian Update #9

    Just as everything you were told about Covid by the media and health and government officials was false, so is everything you have been told by the same propagandistic liars about Ukraine.

    What is an influencer? the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with his or her audience. a following in a distinct niche, with whom he or she actively engages.

    The Ultimate List of Top Influencers on Social Media

    (I looked. I did not recognize any one. I’m out of it.)

    The entire Western World lives in The Mattrix, a world created by propaganda. The vast majority of people in the West have no idea of the reality in which they live. This makes them impotent and completely unable to protect their freedom. They are sitting ducks for tyranny which is fast enclosing around them.
    Wake me when we have a pandemic.

    Wake up…… opioids,individuals%20to%20whom%20they%20are%20not…%20More%20

    Gazprom Halts Gas Shipments To Europe Via Critical Pipeline
    Tyler Durden
    Russian gas giant Gazprom has officially halted all deliveries to Europe via the Yamal-Europe pipeline, a critical artery for European energy supplies.


    1 in 1,000 is not rare. That’s 200,000 US cases of myocarditis.

    More RFK propaganda.
    Maybe read the study.


    What you should know
    If Ukraine Joins The EU, It Will Be The Poorest Member By Far
    03/31/2022Ryan McMaken

    The response of many EU members to Ukraine membership has been “ok, but not yet.” This response is understandable from anyone with familiarity with the actual economic situation in Ukraine. Ukraine is very close to being the poorest country in Europe, and would bring very little to the EU in terms of economic productivity. Rather, Ukraine would likely become a drain on the EU’s development and poverty-relief programs which have already spent more than 20 years flooding the poorer parts of the EU with wealth produced in the richer parts. That is, wealth has flowed for decades from the north and west of Europe into the east and the south.


    Mercenary ….
    WWIII weapons

    What are the ‘Switchblade’ Suicide Drones US is Now Sending to Ukraine?

    What are the ‘Switchblade’ Suicide Drones US is Now Sending to Ukraine?
    Technology Unconventional Warfare US Military | March 22, 2022 | Paul Crespo

    As part of the $800 million military support package of new weapons being sent to Ukraine by the U.S., there is mention of 100 “tactical unmanned aerial systems.” This, in addition to nearly 10,000 anti-tank weapons, 800 man-portable Stinger anti-aircraft systems, and thousands of rifles
    With the Switchblade, the Ukrainians will have a small but powerful weapon to supplement the anti-tank Javelins and NLAWs, and the Punisher and Bayraktar TB2 drones. The relatively small number being sent could mean they will be provided to select Ukrainian special forces only to protect their sensitive tech.

    Maxwell Quest

    I just listened to this interview:

    Transhumanism, Biofascism Are Tools of the ‘Technological Elite,’ Author Tells RFK, Jr.

    and thought it was a good overview of the current rising techno-fascism. It began with several clips of Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, the “ideological commissar” of the WEF, spouting his trans-humanist doctrine. The guy is a true physicalist, and therefore believes in nothing higher than himself. He discounts religion in all its forms as quackery and “fake news”, rather than the spiritual kindergartens of humanity, even though highly simplified, down-scaled, and dogmatized for the masses. I’m guessing that he lives completely in his brain and worships mentality as his idol. This would explain his over-infatuation with AI. I would further guess that he has no connection with his heart center, and is therefore dissociated from his humanity, unbalanced, blinded, and insane.

    Their discussion on Trump Derangement Syndrome was particularly clarifying, since it exemplified how strong emotions like hatred and fear can be used to easily manipulate the masses. As in the recent Covid experience, its effects can cause even normally intelligent, educated people to stampede to the opposite side of the boat, so that long-held principles such as bodily autonomy and free speech are easily jettisoned under its influence.


    What did you expect ….

    Out of Ukraine’s six oil refineries only one is functioning currently, the Kremenchug Refinery, even though at a mere 10% utilization rate.

    April 2 (UPI) — Russian forces attacked a major oil refinery Saturday in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, Russian officials announced.

    The Russian military targeted the major oil refinery in the central Ukrainian city in a series of strikes, including “high-precision long-range and sea-based weapons,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov told CNN. The strikes destroyed storage facilities holding gasoline and diesel fuels for Ukrainian troops in the country’s eastern and central regions.

    Russian forces also used high precision air-based missiles to hit military airfields in cities to the east of Kremenchuk, including Poltava and Dnipro, Konashenkov added.

    Firefighters have since put out the blaze engulfing half of the fuel tanks at the terminal, in Russia, according to the Russian News Agency TASS, and no casualties resulted from the incident.

    “Ukrainian forces continue to advance against withdrawing forces in the vicinity of Kyiv,” according to the latest British Ministry of Defense update. “Along the northwestern axis, Ukrainian forces’ attempts to advance from Irpin towards Bucha and Hostomel are ongoing. Russian forces are reported to have withdrawn from Hostomel airport, which has been subject to fighting since the first day of the conflict. Along the eastern axis, Ukraine has re-taken several villages.”


    Re: All studies are misleading…

    A little humor… Many decades ago, I was a real estate representative for a well-known fast food chicken company. The story at the time was that a competitor had paid $25,000 for a demographic study that revealed that blacks like chicken. For whatever reason, the company’s founder showed up at the board meeting when the results of the study were revealed. Reportedly, he said something to the effect that he could have saved the company the $25,000. Jesus Christ, he said, I and everyone else could have told you that blacks like chicken… I’m sure repeating this story makes me a racist.

    Non sequitur: I would be interested in knowing the background of TAE’s deflated poster. A poster at by the name of Doug has a very similar aversion to anything that challenges the elite narrative. He has indicated that he was a long-time federal government employee and that reveals volumes about his personality. I wonder if the deflated one is also a long-time government employee. Perhaps he/she/it is Doug?


    This piece of propaganda that keeps floating around that Russia is conscripting this ‘huge’ number of men this year is pure bullshit.

    Anyone saying this doesn’t know a thing bout the Russian military or Russia law.

    Russia has two conscription calls a year for at least the last 20 years, pretty much the same number of men for the last decade.

    Russian General Staff reported conscripting 127,000 people for the fall 2021 draft and 134,000 people in spring 2021.

    The number of conscripts is relatively consistent year on year, with

    261,000 in 2021

    263,000 in 2020

    267,000 in 2019


    Spring of 2022 is about 168,000, approx a whole 20% higher than the Spring of 2021

    Wow, the Russians must be up against the wall to increase their untrained manpower a whopping 20%!

    OMG they’re in trouble!

    So the Spring 2022 conscription of 168,000 is right in the NORMAL RANGE for the Russia draft.

    But according to some breathless Karen’s that number is dramatically high, Not.

    They are the only ones who are high on their own hubris.

    Andrei Martyanov, who actually has served in the Russian military after graduating in military science from one of their naval academies, has pointed out that this Spring’s conscription is in the totally normal range but that the Empire of Lies propagandists and Western ‘military experts’ are idiots. Amen brother.

    So all you armchair generals, pause a moment to educate yourselves and do some due diligence instead of feeding the RussiaRussiaRussia fake news cycle.

    And at least ordinary Russia’s have some ‘skin in the game’ at the local family level with their sons in the military, where as the Empire of Lies does not and the PMC and Yuppies Scum in the USSA has almost NO ONE in the military because it’s ‘beneath them’ to serve their country, their ‘brains’ are to valuable to ‘waste’ on such things.


    Veracious Poet

    Russian gas giant Gazprom has officially halted all deliveries to Europe via the Yamal-Europe pipeline, a critical artery for European energy supplies.

    Veracious Poet

    Curiously, the same folks ‘demanding’ Clarence Thomas recuse himself from any deliverations regarding January 6th because of conflicts of interest…

    …seem to have no problem with Drs. Fauci and Collins being involved in covid investigation and policy development.

    Same people that answered in the poll I posted that they want medical apartheid in Clownifornia…

    Most polls I find skewed, but that one is right on the money in my experience ~ The mass psychosis is so complete with a large segment of “Americans” that if MSNBC Madd-Oh announced the “Purge” was starting tomorrow, all hell would break loose & “American” blue cities would burn to the ground.

    The same moronic drones that want nuclear war (no-fly zone) in Ukraine…

    Democrats in 2022 > Nazis in 1939 😕


    Zerosum thanks for PCR article and updates. Good work 😊
    Maxwell Quest – I agree with your points especially the physicalist mindset these egos have, sad.

    those darned kids

    “……footage of the battle for the Azov base from military commander Andrey Filatov. The footage shows the abandoned headquarters of the national battalion with weapons and equipment.


    Eurotards showing their stuff.
    Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words


    Figmund Sreud

    Rublegas is the commodity currency du jour and it isn’t nearly as complicated as NATO pretends. If Europe wants gas, all it needs to do is send its Euros to a Russian account inside Russia.

    … anyway, Pepe Escobar explains all that:

    ‘Rublegas:’ the world’s new resource-based reserve currency

    Michael Reid

    Thank you Maxwell Quest for comment #105371

    T.J. Coles Ph. D.
    Plymouth University’s
    Cognition Institute in UK.

    I purchased his just released book
    Biofascism: The Tech-Pharma Complex
    and the End of Democracy
    today and I hope my dad will read it after I do.

    The video had some sound quality problems so I looked for a better source but the RFK JR / THE DEFENDER PODCAST podcast was the same.

    around 37 minutes in “we enter into this biofascist order because it is not only being told that you have these products injected into you, it is also the enforcement mechanism”

    “under the cover of public health emergency they have control over our bodies and this is a total inversion of what used to be sort of left liberal values as you say my body, my choice, but unfortunately many on the left or liberal progressive side, they convince themselves that the individual has to abide by these mandates for the greater good but they never actually gave a good argument.”

    “The whole vaccine quote unquote issue was just absurd. For my safety you have to be vaccinated. If I am vaccinated why do you need to be vaccinated too? So it did not make any sense at all.”

    Regarding overwhelming public hospitals, they have been privatized and sold off.

    “So it is just a circular argument, circular logic and the abandonment of this critical thinking and these critical facilities because I think two things have happened. One is fear and the second is as we have said this dielectric thinking where anything associated with Trump or Republican is bad so therefor we have to go to the opposite side even if it is into the arms of big pharma, the traditional enemy.”

    “At the third injection I think people realized this was a con.”

    V. Arnold

    Michael Reid

    “At the third injection I think people realized this was a con.”

    Nope! My sister is going for the 4th shot…I asked her not too and she flatly refused to skip it…

    Thanks for this post…
    My experience has shown fear userps critical thinking by a very large margine…
    The fear mongers are well trained and very effective; that scares the hell out of me more than any f*&k8#g flu bug…

    Formerly T-Bear

    Above is a note re most powerful weapon, information, who controls it and what it controls. This should be engraved on every mirror made and carved into every headstone and memorial.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Addendum to V.A:,
    Oh Hell, given the ephemerality of memory today that should be inscribed over every door lintel as well.

    V. Arnold

    @ Formerly T-Bear
    Oh Hell, given the ephemerality of memory today that should be inscribed over every door lintel as well.

    You’ll surely get no argument from me…
    Spot on, IMO…

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