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    Michael Reid

    @ Polder Dweller

    “what if the real pandemic isn’t the virus, but the vaccines?”

    I am thinking that way these days.

    Mr. House

    And so it rolls…

    This (below) is the opener from a message I received from a local (Studio City) jazz club, The Baked Potato. Keep in mind, this is a <i>jazz</i> club…you know, the music of intellectual freedom? This place regularly hosts some apostles of Zappa (Mike Kenneally, Joe Travers, others), and contemporary superstars like Marcus Miller.

    They have been struggling the past year, selling VOD of prior performances, and doing rare ‘kinda live’ crowdless streaming shows. This is really a head-scratcher for me. These people are among the few I sorta expect to be geniuses. “If I had my way, I would tear this old building down!” Turn it into a ‘terrace’ with the only structure being a kitchen and a loo. But what did Carlin say about the indescribability of God?

    I have been thinking more about what kinds of non-passive entertainment can be ‘shown’ to people who have been pretty well hooked on passive jibs like TV, movies, FriendFace. They can’t (yet) force you to show papers to read a book, play hopscotch in your kitchen, play a guitar, knit socks.

    A weekly ‘farmers’ market’ sprung up in the nearby mall parking lot. My wife and I will go to see if it’s actually that, or just an attempt to make the mall seem relevant again. As long as I don’t have to show papers to use a bicycle, I’m within a couple hours’ ride of Camarillo/Oxnard, with copious fields of everything from avocados to strawberries. I haven’t been out there in a couple years, so I don’t know the current situation. The whole region has always been dotted with roadside produce stands, mostly temporary but some more durable, like The Somis Nut House.

    Well, I ramble a wee bit, don’t I?

    Asimov discussed various ‘Selden Crises’ in his works. I feel like we’re approaching a ‘Kunstler Crisis’ here.

    Michael Reid

    @ WES

    Yes. Learning how to speak and write mainstream English was quite an experience. Immigrants with an advantage, but still difficult.


    I find it funny that at joe’s virtual climate conference, he is the only idiot wearing a mask!


    News you didn’t hear because msm isn’t reporting it, so it didn’t happen!

    Democrats get 3 day injunction to halt Phoenix vote audit but then refuse to put up $1 million bond to cover costs of delaying the audit for 3 days.

    So the vote audit has now restarted.

    For some strange reason the dems are fearful. Those troops are still there!


    Too much information
    ” msm isn’t reporting it, so it didn’t happen!”

    It doesn’t matter if its lies or the truth.

    Are We Consuming Too Much Information? · Information overload leads to cognitive overload (and brain fog). · Decision-making becomes a real …


    Greece’s “impunity” legislation sounds a bit like John Ward’s comments concerning a burying of the British response to Covid.

    And as for the distant memory of the selection of 2020, there is still this (I repeat myself), Frank’s look at the way the thing was rigged.

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)
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