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    Leonardo da Vinci Vitruvian man c1510 (see comments at link)   • Bucha (Klarenberg) • New Witness Testimony About Mariupol Maternity Hospital ‘Ai
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle April 4 2022]

    a kullervo

    The difference between the past:
    – Strong minds. With strong thoughts. Building things to last. (Few & stronger);

    and the present:
    – Feeble minds. Considering feeble thoughts. Building fleeting things. (Many & weaker).

    [From strong to weak. God’s will or human plan: we devolve (; we waive; we defer; we decline.)
    That’s why some of us peevishly long for the past, while others cluelessly hope for the future.
    ‘Longing & Hope’: our favorite resolve softener brand (longing and hope: mere mind softener agents.)]

    (Trading the dubious for the certain.)

    Learning to tell apart mind’s wants from heart’s needs.

    What does the mind want? God only knows.

    What does the heart need? To contract & expand within a certain limit. (The Limit is there to prevent the heart from both blowing up and collapsing.)

    Can you understand this?
    Above all, can you accept it?

    (… and since I’m forced into wanting)
    All I want is to want not.

    V. Arnold

    Leonardo da Vinci Vitruvian man c1510 (see comments at link)

    I went to the links; I read as much as I could; wowzer; there’s a lot to that picture, which I’ve always been curious about…

    Thanks Ilargi for that art today…it’s been quite a read…

    As to the rest? World?
    Who really cares? Not me…much anyway…

    John Day

    @A Kullervo: I understand, Amigo.

    John Day

    I put this up around midnight. Now I’m up again to start the week. Picture harvesting texas heirloom garlic…

    Is it time for false flag attacks to justify escalation of US involvement in Ukraine, or is the video-selfie of torturing captured Russians to Death by a Ukrainian soldier in need of some bad press against the Russians? (Yes, there are further potential explanations.)
    In this video Ukrainian forces show videos of dead civilians by the roadside in a town of Bucha, which they just recaptured from Russian forces, civilians with white armbands, and say the Russians killed them. The Ukrainian soldiers asserting this war crime wear blue arm bands, which signify support for Ukrainian armed forces. Guess what white arm bands mean.
    This is supposed to hit the Western news Monday April 4.

    UPDATED: AFU Crimes In Bucha, Kiev Region. False Flag Propaganda Attack Against Russia Revealed (Photos, Video)

    Russia has moved forces from around Kiev, which were tying down Ukrainian armed forces in Kiev, and also attracting attacks from those Ukrainian forces. Russian forces are moving to the Donbass, and Ukrainian forces are also likely to move there. It is open farming country, not forested and suburban. It is a different battlefield.
    ​ ​The main military developments of the last days of fighting in Ukraine were the partial withdrawal of Russian troops from the Kiev and Chernihiv regions and their advance in the East of the country, taking full control of the strategically important town of Izyum in the Kharkiv region.
    ​ ​In the Kiev region, in the North-Western direction from the capital, the AFU took control of several towns, where fierce fighting continued for weeks. The Kiev grouping of the Ukrainian Armed Forces confirmed control over the cities of Borodyanka, Bucha, Vorzen, Gostomel, Ivankov.​..
    ​ The decision to reduce its military operations in the Kiev region was presented by the Russian side as a concession to Kiev aimed at the facilitation of the negotiation process between the two sides. The main goal of reducing the Russian military contingent in the Kiev and Chernihiv regions is certainly the strengthening of the Russian and L/DPR groupings in the Donbas region.
    ​ ​The decision to partially withdraw from the Kiev region is also due to the difficulties faced by Russian forces near the Ukrainian capital.
    ​ ​Russian troops suffered significant difficulties with logistics in this region. Russian soldiers stayed in field conditions for weeks, and had no opportunity to gain a foothold in the heavily destroyed towns in the suburbs of the capital after the fighting.

    War In Ukraine Day 36: Russian Withdrawal From Kiev, Reinforcement In Donbass

    Ukrainians seem to have killed Russian POWs “Terrorists, not POWs”, pictures.
    Dead bodies do not speak. It’s hard to verify and refute stories being told.

    Ukrainian Soldiers Carried Out Execution Of Russian POWs (Photos)

    John Day

    About the selfie-video of torturing/murdering Russian POWs:
    Ukrainian Journalist Finds Charred Remains Where Alleged War Crime Was Filmed
    Ukraine’s commitment to the laws of war is being tested by how it responds to video that appears to show its forces shooting Russian prisoners.

    ​From a few days ago. I have not watched the videos. The still images and descriptions are enough for me.
    ​ ​Two weeks ago, the United States government, State Dept., CIA and their allies in Big Tech, made a public announcement {Go Deep} that stated violence against Russians would be officially sanctioned by Facebook, Instagram and Google. In essence, Big Tech said it was now okay for Russians to be targeted on social media. Today, video footage is leaked showing graphic torture of Russian POW’s by Ukraine military units.

    Zelenskyy Worried About Western Financial Support After Video Surfaces Showing Ukraine Military Torturing Russian POW’s

    John Day

    One of many insights shared by Michael Hudson in this interview/transcript
    (The free-ride of the $US financial regime has been to the imperial military, not the American people.):
    ​ Well, the United States has been getting a free ride internationally. So, much of the prosperity here has been the result of our not having to pay for our own military spending, not having to pay for many of the foreign investments that we’ve got that supply the US with low priced foreign raw materials. All that is being ended by President Biden’s policy, which, of course, the Republicans support just as much as the Democrats.
    So, there’s really a political movement that is ending up impoverishing, I’d say, 99% of Americans. While the Federal Reserve saves the stock and bond market for the 1%, there’s going to be a huge squeeze that’s going to force, I think, most American families into debt leading to probably a close down of a lot of businesses just as you had the Covid crisis closing down a lot of businesses. You’re going to have the rising fuel prices, the rising food prices utterly force families into default and an inability to be self-supporting without either running into debt or selling their homes and becoming renters.

    “Meet The New Resource Based Global Reserve Currency”, Pepe Escobar (May I suggest: the “Golden-Petro-Ruble”)
    A new reality is being formed: the unipolar world is irrevocably becoming a thing of the past, a multipolar one is taking shape​
    ​The unilateral sanctions made dollars and euros worthless to Russia. Hysteria fits won’t cut it: this will be resolved – but under Russia’s terms. Period. The Foreign Ministry had already warned that refusal to pay for gas in rubles would lead to a serious global crisis of non-payments and serial global-level bankruptcies, a hellish chain reaction of blocked transactions, freezing of collateral assets and closures of credit lines.
    ​ ​What will happen next is partially predictable. EU companies will receive the new set of rules. They will have time to examine the documents and make a decision. Those that say “no” will be automatically excluded from receiving direct Russian gas shipments – all politico-economic consequences included.
    ​ ​There will be some compromise, of course. For instance, quite a few EU nations will accept to use rubles and increase their gas acquisitions so they may resell the surplus to their neighbors and make a profit. And some may also decide to buy gas on the go on energy exchanges.
    ​ ​So Russia is not imposing an ultimatum on anybody. The whole thing will take time – a rolling process. With some sideway action as well. The Duma is contemplating the extension of payment in rubles to other essential products – such as oil, metals, timber, wheat.

    Meet the New, Resource-Based Global Reserve Currency

    ​NATO’s Internal Gold War (Brexit not yet all worked out, you say?)
    ​ Russia´s new rubles or gold payment requirements for any of its goods or services will necessarily prompt a major gold war between the UK and the EU probably resulting in NATO´s first-ever internal head-on gloves-off confrontation. After WW2 the idea was to keep Europe´s gold bullion safely away from the former Soviet Union and Josef Stalin, just in case. So decades ago current EU member states deposited most of their gold in custody at the Bank of England (BoE) in London. Now, the UK will dare to weaponize the approval of EU gold repatriation requests and other gold-related issues as a very convincing bargaining tool for lots of still unfinished yet most important Brexit business. So,
    (a) Whitehall could indefinetly delay the EU gold delivery unless Brexit pending issues are agreed in favor of the UK.
    (b) Or, quite simply, the BoE would not ever return such EU gold supposedly kept in custody for the past decades because it has been partially or totally sold off or loaned out or compromised as explained below with former UK Prime Minister James Gordon Brown knowing about it all too well.

    “Events Like These Only Happen Once Every Century”,
    (Global financial reset time, like WW-1 & WW-2 ended the colonialist global financial regime. What’s next? Lots of facts & details. Some political agenda.)
    We are currently working on a project for an international treaty on the introduction of a new world settlement currency pegged to the national currencies of the participating countries and to exchange commodities that determine real values. We won’t need American and European banks. A new payment system based on modern digital technologies with blockchain is developing in the world, where banks lose their importance. Classical capitalism based on private banks is fading away. International law is being restored. All key international relations, including the issuance of world currency circulation, begin to form on the basis of agreements. At the same time, the significance of national sovereignty is being restored, because sovereign countries are coming to an agreement. The basis of global economic cooperation is joint investment in order to improve the well-being of peoples. Trade liberalization ceases to be some kind of priority, national priorities are respected, each state builds such a system for protecting the internal market and its economic space that it considers necessary. That is, the era of liberal globalization is over​/

    John Day

    The Saker closes the 4/2/22 update with this:
    ​ ​”And the other thing is, Russia might have had trouble in heavily urbanized regions like Kiev and its outskirts (which are heavily suburbanized) because not only does it create very narrow killzones where mechanized squads are sitting ducks, but Russia seemed to greatly limit its airpower for fear of hitting all the un-evacuated homes everywhere. This made it extremely difficult to fight. But in the Donbass region, where it’s comparatively de-urbanized, mostly huge expanses of flat fields, farmland, small villages, it will play to all of Russia’s strengths – whereas the Kiev regions played completely to Ukraine’s strength, not only the heavily suburbanized areas but most of the region is heavily forested as well, which allowed the ‘partisan’ and guerilla tactics of the Ukrops to be much more successful than in the lower Donbass region of flat farmlands.
    ​ ​So I will stick my neck out and predict that the cauldron collapse will be more rapid than people expect now that Russia has made the decision to focus everything onto it. The troops are really chomping at the bit, attacks on their homeland (Belgorod), and the torture of POWs has boiled their blood.”

    ​Jim Kunstler closed his piece with this:
    ​ ​”Anyway, in case you’ve forgotten, the Biden family melodrama is actually a sideshow to the main event in the center ring right now: the collapse of Western Civ, starring the USA as a once-promising beacon of liberty and decency, now reduced to the equivalent of a homeless fentanyl freak gibbering about gender Marxism in history’s gutter. The scaffold of the economy is collapsing, helped along by “Joe Biden’s” foolish bid to disrupt global banking arrangements, boomeranging right back in Western Civ’s chops, as the supply lines to every conceivable precious commodity from fertilizer to rare earths — with oil in the middle of all that — get recklessly severed. Isn’t it bad enough that we no longer make anything in our country; now we don’t even have access to the stuff we might need if we ever actually considered making stuff again? On top of that, no food for you, O nation of whimpering simps, lost in your Tik-Tok raptures of virtual orgasm. March of 2022 sure was a humdinger. And, of course, April always begins with a joke, before the serious fun starts.”

    “Jettison the Animals!”

    ​Don’t forget about all of the dead and damaged humans from the last 2 years of the “COVID-Pandemic” control-narrative, please.​
    Heart Damage Found in Teens Months After Second Pfizer Shot, Study Shows
    A new peer-reviewed study shows more than two-thirds of adolescents with COVID-19 vaccine-related myopericarditis had persistent heart abnormalities months after their initial diagnosis, raising concerns for potential long-term effects and contradicting claims by health officials that the condition is “mild.”

    John Day

    Germany to raise food prices sharply NOW.
    (Hungry people get warlike.)


    This should be interesting, live feed starts at 8 a.m. EDT

    Mister Roboto

    Gonzalo Lira weighs in on the Bucha incident, FWIW:

    those darned kids

    humans gonna human..

    Dr. D

    “”I Have No Idea What’s Going On” – Shanghai Officials Separate COVID-Positive Children From Parents As Outbreak Worsens”

    As predicted. But I’m sure the state is a much more loving parent. Only our resistance stopped this here.

    Like this: “New York City Will Mandate Masks For Children Under 5 Years Old”

    After masks studies don’t work, lockdowns proven to have a 1.5% change, and months since the CDC study with zero mask helping on children last August.

    “In North America two years ago, it cost around $200 an acre to fertilize a 1,000-acre commercial farm, Adams said. Right now, with spring planting, farmers can expect to pay $1,200 to $2,000 an acre.”

    Of course I say these things and that you really need to have animal manure or you’ve got society out on the longest limb, but it all seems so expensive, backward, and theoretical. Until everybody suddenly dies.

    “That’s in stark contrast to what the United States was forcing the Europeans to do: pay for Russian gas in Gazprom accounts in Europe, which would then be instantly frozen”

    That’s what I said six months ago, but “They’re dead-broke and need to find a way not to pay.” I can’t prove that, but if correct even Escobar is making it too complicated.

    Interesting that therefore there is no contract breach or change because they’ve just reduced the number of member banks to one.

    ““When in today’s Europe we speak of new soil and land”, he wrote, “we primarily mean only Russia and the peripheral countries” – Hitler

    This is why the Anglos supported him, with Bosch, ThyssenKrupp and Ford winning a Iron Cross medal for trucks, IBM for data tracking on concentration camps. We pretend he was unique but the rest of the world was just as down on the Jews, including America. A similar view of the Slavs — or the Irish — was less extreme.

    “Lockdowns contradicted not only a century of public-health practice but even WHO guidelines.”

    As I pointed out at the time. They can kill MORE people with the lockdown, but not less. Also doubled the wealth of the top 100 billionaires. FROM the poor people, locked down. So why did they, this ONE time, deny all previous knowledge, protocol, and procedure? Not an accident.

    NIH Admits it ‘Suppressed’ Wuhan Lab Data, Disputes ‘Deleted’ Label (ET)”

    We put it in the basement, in a locked filing cabinet, in a unused lavatory, with a sign reading ‘beware of leopard.’” So not really ‘deleted.” What does ‘deleted’ mean? The internet is forever. We just murdered the careers of anyone looking. It’s right out in the open. We’re talking about it. We’ll just kill you if you cross us.

    “Biden Wants Attorney General Garland to Prosecute Trump (Turley)”

    I know I get tired of saying this, but aren’t you supposed to find the CRIME first? Then the man? So last century. It’s Social Justice. Socially, I don’t like him, so I fabricate the Justice to fit.

    This artist needs some creds. Magic ratio Phi.

    The Vase of Life: Vesica Piscis and 2:1 (6)


    Thank you to those that responded yesterday. I have to admit, I am still in the place of “it cannot be true that millions were forced to take a dangerous vaccine”, but this latest round of weirdness seems so off.

    Also, I am not vaccinated, but I did have covid, at least my husband and I did have a textbook case of the “omicron variant” as advertised. If what these papers say is true, every one of us is now at risk of serious heart complications.

    Although I suppose at the end of the day, it’s all murder, in the fact that this is an engineered virus, along with a dangerous gene therapy. I just cannot get over the fact that no matter how you look at the situation, we all have just experienced the greatest abuse of human rights on a global scale to date. As well as the greatest propaganda campaign. And I now live in fear because of what I witnessed in my fellow humans during all of this.


    Gonzalo Lira, who was a filmmaker himself, took apart the 4 faked Ukronazi videos by simply pointing out the same buildings and landmarks in the videos. Super sloppy propaganda, typical Zelensky dancing & prancing soyboy snowflake pirouettes.

    The Bucha fake is just more amateur hour false flag Kabuki. It will be sliced and diced and will make zero impact in the larger framework of a dissected denazified neutered Ukraine.

    Scott Ritter is saying that after the Russians exterminate the flower of the Ukronazi military in the Donbass Cauldron, they will roll to the Western Ukraine and flatten it with virtually no resistance. Lviv will fall and the Russian will go right to the Western border.

    Oh, and as a side note, Coco Chanel should have had her head shaved and have been publicly hung in the center of Paris.

    Mister Roboto

    @Kassandra: I didn’t get around to reading your comment from yesterday until just now, and I would like to posit an idea about what you’re experiencing over there. I know this forum, unlike JMG’s forums, is probably not the best place to discuss spiritual and occult matters, but I would still like to toss this out there regardless of whatever sneering and jeering I might invite.

    Right now on the lower astral plane (the astral plane is the level of spiritual existence right above our own), there is a lot of very thick, gunky, negative spiritual energy accumulating. This has been going on for years. But since about the start of February, this accumulation has become especially congealed, thick, and nasty. You are probably correct to sense that “something big is going down”, and this spiritual gunk piling up on the lower astral plane is the catalyst for whatever this “something big” is. My evaluation is that if we can prevent this “something big” from being a full-on nuclear war between two certain countries, we’ll be doing relatively well. (Anyone who is into the praying thing should be praying about that, IMHO!)

    Even if we can avoid such an unthinkable catastrophe, then that means something else will happen, and whatever that is, it’s going to be “fasten your seatbelts” time!


    Did you look?????
    WARNING: The following contains disturbing images. You may want to turn off your TV

    New witness testimony about Mariupol maternity hospital ‘airstrike’ follows pattern of Ukrainian deceptions, media malpractice

    massacre in the city of Bucha
    serious questions about whether at least some elements of the event were staged for propaganda purposes – and with the cooperation of the Associated Press.
    incident a false flag.

    We know about these supposed mass graves thanks to Associated Press correspondent Evgeny Maloletka, who has published photos and authored articles detailing their construction. His content has been widely repurposed by other Western outlets, the grim images traveling far and wide.

    Are you ready ….. More sanctions ….. for everyone to bear

    Only part of this is due to Ukraine.

    • German Retailers To Increase Food Prices By 20-50% On Monday (ZH)
    the Americans want the war to go on indefinitely
    “They’re dead-broke and need to find a way not to pay.”
    I can tell ….. You looked ….. You have been changed by the experience


    About the US bio-defense aka bio-weapons labs in the Ukraine.

    One of the reasons the EU was reluctant for Ukr. to join it, or determined that it would not, but played along, was (I say ‘was’ because recent events have changed the picture) what is called la situation sanitaire, aka the public health tableau, which was, is, horrible, to put it mildly, and perceived as dangerous for EU citizens.

    The one concession (on visas for Ukranians > the EU) made by the EU was strongly opposed by many, because well before Covid and its attendant hysteria, the potential for spread of infection(s) was feared.

    Ukr. has had outbreaks of polio (due to lack of vax, WHO ran a campaign there, but it is all so expensive..), outbreaks of measles (55K ! ppl since 2019, 110 K ppl since 2017…), some ppl die, children are blinded, etc. (one link in next post.)

    Its AIDS stats are horrific (official most certainly not exact, no link.) The heroin trade from Afgh. to Europe crosses Ukr.; aids patients are considered scum as many are homosexuals, prostitutes, or are very poor, they get zero care (not even clean needles are offered.., personal knowledge.) Tuberculosis is v. bad as well. Hepatitis, too.

    Corruption in the medical sphere is off the charts, as of course it is a prime terrain. (one link in next post.) EU officials knew that UN-WHO-EU-other funding is NEVER distributed the way it is supposed to be, it goes straight into the pockets of the first receivers (Gvmt./ oligarchs), with a tightly managed stream of trickle-down to keep the system functioning.

    Before the Russian invasion, MSM sympathetic to ex-USSR countries even published condemnatory articles, see eg. Politico on corruption in Med. in Ukr. (link in next post.)

    Googling “Infectious disease outbreak Ukraine” brings up endless articles about how the Russian invasion, which will halt vax programs, increase all kinds of infectious diseases (those that were rampant before..) – which shows that the MSM knows, knew, exactly what Ukr. health problems were, now to be blamed on recent events, ‘disruption’…

    Anyway I am wondering if there is a link with the bio-labs. Probably not, or not directly, in the sense of ‘poor occupied territory..’ subject to all ills. But there are a lot of bio-labs in N. Italy…and Ukr. has also had strange eruptions of this or that…Hmm probably we will never know…

    Mr. House

    “But there are a lot of bio-labs in N. Italy”

    I was not aware of this. Isn’t that where they had their largest outbreak? I do remember articles in early 2020 stating some towns in northern italy were essentially Chinese due to the large number of workers in the area.

    D Benton Smith

    @A Kullervo: Me , too.


    @Dr.D: the content in the piece “The Vase of Life: Vesica Piscis and 2:1 (6)” is astounding, inspiring, intriguing. There is much to take in here.

    Even the title carries special meaning! The “vase” or vessel, an open container, a usually round vessel of greater depth than width (2:1), used chiefly as an ornament or for holding flowers (Life); a metaphor for what is to come in this Holi post from Bruce Lyons.

    This is a beautiful ROADMAP.

    UNITY is “built in”.

    “The fact that unity appears in so many places in a complex geometry; and the fact that progressions from unity, like the root of 3, also appear in diverse biological architectures, suggests that many parts of our make-up are being affected by the same stimuli. Everything is contributing to consciousness. Unity is being preserved throughout as if it were an architectural module. This is significant because at the quantum scale only minute amounts of energy are needed to effect a difference capable of registering ‘memory’ or information. Once you have volume it is possible to store dynamic information that can even self-replicate. Some of our most important knowledge may well be holographic and through shared resonances offers the experience of synchronicity which greatly enhances the feeling of belonging in a meaningful way to a greater whole – even if often unconscious. ”

    Vesica Piscis, where the perimeters of two overlapping circles pass through each other’s centers, forming a ‘fish-shaped’ Vesica between them. The connection to the Heart center and beyond is made here.

    “It will be important then to see what role an upright Vesica might play in our anatomy, since its vertical axis is an irrational number (1.73205…), while its horizontal axis is the same as the width (Unity) of the Prime 1:2 rectangle and all the sides of the hexagon and the width of the Root-3 rectangle! Infinite and finite are operating together!!! The infinite values that fall off toward the infinitesimal may refer to process + curvature, which produces a cycle, feedback loops that return information, or energy, back into the system, which when it self-regulates results in rhythm. A cycle can induce a pulse: a wave of energy that keeps regenerating itself. One immediately thinks of the centrality of the auricular and ventricular nodes of the heart.

    I should also mention that each curved half of the Vesica represents 120 Degrees of the opposite circle. 120 Degrees is a ‘trine’ in astrology, often associated with perfection, ease of activity, harmony and success. Taken together the two sides make up 2/3 of a whole circle, while each side is 1/3 of a whole circle. The Temple of Solomon also used the division 1/3 and 2/3. The Holy of Holies was 1/3 the whole, while the 2:1 rectangle of the main court was 2/3 of the whole. One principle, two different applications. The width of this very special Vesica or vase, is 1/3rd the whole structure (2 interpenetrating circles span ‘3’), giving the Vesica some affinity with the “Holy of Holies”.”

    @A Kullervo – go to the link discussed here, you will find answers (and more questions) to your morning musing.

    LOVE to All.



    There are some Infectious disease that give immunity after getting it. (Some live, some die)

    In my region, the low number given, 7%, of people getting covid, should also apply to spectators of sports fan and yet there is no mention of any outbreaks after the events.

    Since more than 4 million Ukrainian have left Ukraine, and spread out around the world, lets hope that they don’t carry Infectious disease that will cause large deathly epidemic worst than war.

    D Benton Smith


    Although I approach the issues from a different tack than JMG, our conclusions arrive at pretty much the same place. In multiple spheres of human activity (from Finance and Productivity to Communications and Spiritual Awareness) the current scene seems to be that we have turned the corner in the correct direction ( toward Truth, Honesty, Good, , Awareness, Spirituality) and have yet a long way to go to get this civilization back into acceptable shape. The ride will be rough because there are many debts (of myriad sorts) to be repaid or set right. Call it a “Market Correction” in both the physical and metaphysical Realms.


    YOGA “maps the creation” in the Sri Yantra. The parallels to the above mentioned article are real. The Yogis were ahead of their time – accessing reality. The TRUTH is the TRUTH – always accessible, throughout time and space.

    Sri Yantra

    More pictures:


    Everybody must get the same message that we tell.
    Federal government to announce high-speed internet for low-income seniors, families


    Just for fun

    In geometry, close-packing of equal spheres is a dense arrangement of congruent spheres in an infinite, regular arrangement (or lattice). Carl Friedrich Gauss proved that the highest average density – that is, the greatest fraction of space occupied by spheres – that can be achieved by a lattice packing is

    {\displaystyle {\frac {\pi }{3{\sqrt {2}}}}\approx 0.74048}{\displaystyle {\frac {\pi }{3{\sqrt {2}}}}\approx 0.74048}.

    Therefore, there is still 0.26 of empty space

    Maxwell Quest

    “The ride will be rough because there are many debts (of myriad sorts) to be repaid or set right. Call it a “Market Correction” in both the physical and metaphysical Realms.”

    Correctamundo! And a nice metaphor which helps to grasp the karmic principle.

    There is no free lunch. All must be paid for. The Universe is a just universe, governed by law, and balanced down to the penny. As DBS implied, the national debt is great in more ways than one.

    John Day
    John Day

    If there were a widespread debt jubilee, it would have to proceed into a world without the forms of debt and debt-based-currency, which we have come to know.

    I think “money” would need to reflect work-already-done again, as it did through most of history, outside of banking.


    Just for fun – last step


    I think “money” would need to reflect work-already-done again, as it did through most of history, outside of banking.
    and still as useable, not destroyed by war,


    @ V Arnold


    Did your research into today’s Leonardo da Vinci Vitruvian man c1510 reveal why the artist chose to position the figures in an asymmetric position from the waist down?

    I find the alignment to be interesting.



    @ Susmarie108
    Our ancestors were not stupid
    I’m surprised that this knowledge survived.

    Michael Reid

    @ John Day #105454

    Wow related to the article Events Like These Only Happen Once Every Century (Sergey Glazyev)

    Definitely a must read. It explains nearly everything that is going on in the geopolitical and financial. What a find. Great work. Thank you.


    Pot calling the kettle black
    Crime against humanity etc etc etc
    Are people that easy to hoodwink :
    deceive · trick · dupe · outwit · fool · delude · cheat · take in · bluff · hoax · mislead · misguide · lead on · defraud · double-cross · swindle · gull · finagle · get the better of · cozen · sharp · befool ·

    Veracious Poet

    It’s always darkest before the dawn, when the celestial bodies are not able to shine their light upon planet Earth:

    Apple demands states enact laws to bolster (LGBTQ et al.) grooming efforts in schools and destroy women’s sports

    Apple spokesperson Peter Ajemian confirmed in a statement that the company “regularly lobbies” against anti-grooming legislation “across the states, just as we did in Florida.”

    Pete Butt-gieg to Americans: Get used to CRUSHING gas prices until we achieve ‘clean energy’ independence

    The Art Of The Steal…

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. – California is sitting on a $600 million pile of unclaimed nickel and dime deposits on recyclable cans and bottles and now wants to give some of that back to consumers.

    To get the state’s nearly 40 million residents to recycle more and send more deposits back to them, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration unveiled a plan Friday to temporarily double to a dime the refund for a 12-ounce (355 milliliters) bottle or can. California already pays 10 cents on containers over 24 ounces (709 milliliters), and that would temporarily double to 20 cents.


    Noirette: I always appreciate your insights. Thank you.

    Zerosum: Yes, people are ridiculously susceptible to “pot calling kettle black.” The first thing we need to do is look in the mirror. All of us.

    I find Aaron Kheriaty, a dr and medical ethicist who lost his job due to covid jab mandates, to be one of the most reasonable, logical, and well-spoken voices on the experimental injection debate stage. Highly recommend you read (frequently on Brownstone Institute) or listen to his interviews when you get the chance.

    The covid nonsense is not over. Distracted as the West might be right now with Ukraine, TPTB are just resting up to figure out the next push.


    I came across this tweet on Dr. Malone’s new Gettr site and it got me thinking about something with regard to the Ukraine war. Read the Jaques Attali quote.

    It got me thinking that WWI required 100’s of thousands of men as soldiers, sailors, military to fight. But after WWI – the war to end all wars – the men who fought and weren’t killed were then neglected by their governments. Then came WWII. More 100’s of thousand of men were needed as military to fight. After WWII, the men who fought weren’t neglected by their governments. Programs were started for education, healthcare, safe working conditions, and new schools for new children were built. After all, it was possible the governments would again in 20 or 30 years need conscription of 100’s of thousands of young men again.

    Now, however, the techo utopians think men aren’t needed anymore for work – robots, AI and automation can be used for those tasks. But, there’s still the problem of modern warfare. This is where Ukraine comes in as the testing ground for the West’s techo utopians to prove they can win a serious confrontation without 100’s of thousand of men. They’ve stated they have no use for most of the millions of peoples in their countries… unless they can’t win a serious war without them – that’s probably the only thing that will alter their thinking.

    Figmund Sreud

    Alastair Crooke:

    “… Russia’s Central Bank commitment sets in motion a dynamic to bring the Rouble back into balance with the current dollar price of gold on the open market. And ‘hey presto’, contrary to the European-U.S. effort to crash the exchange value of the rouble and cause a crisis, the rouble is already back at its pre-war level – and it is the dollar which has crashed (vs. the rouble).”

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