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    Vincent van Gogh Tulip fields 1883   • Zelensky Rejected German Security Proposal Before Russian Invasion (Antiwar) • Questions Abound About Buch
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle April 5 2022]

    V. Arnold

    Raúl Ilargi Meijer

    Vincent van Gogh Tulip fields 1883

    The tulip fields are lovely; the world today is not…

    Dr. D

    I noted RaboBank’s review before, but this was exceptional this week.
    We expect center-mainstream progressive views, but this was amazing – and possibly IS mainstream. Coming out after Bucha, complete credulity, childish lack of suspicion for anything said in a war zone. Even aside from the other events that if you followed (as a trading desk should) appear to be faked, they not only believe Ukraine universally on the mere accusation, but say “someone should look into this” – showing they know no one has looked into it – and STILL simply believes one side, when two sides disagree and the event hasn’t been looked at. Could you suck more d—s than this? I’m not asking the world, and expect them to be partisan to the West, but ANY thing said is simply true? If Ze says Putin is a lizard from outer space, is it now true? (A: yes. My side right or wrong. This is “our war” Nancy and the gang sez)

    Adding more such lies about every paragraph. He dismisses the idea that Putin has no Soviet aspirations or designs in the Baltics as ludicrous. …Although it’s been 20 years with him doing nothing. So Putin’s been sitting in an armchair and a resort, THINKING about conquering the Baltics, doing nothing about it even now, and you know this how?

    Of course in a war, they brought body bags. To RaboBank, that means they were planning mass genocide executions of Ukrainians. Because…wars are safe and no one dies otherwise? It’s the only explanation?

    Noting a Polish massacre from 100 years ago. Geez, sir, if you cover every event over the last 100 years can you note the U.S. nuked two civilian cities, just ‘cause Japan wasn’t snappy enough? Then made the entire nations of Bikini islands radioactive, killing their own sailors too? The Brits firebombed every civilian area in Dresden? Canada probably killed (or worse) 22,000 Indian kids since then, that’s only 220 a year. Yeah, I’m sure if Stalin did it therefore it’s identical now. Just like if Lincoln did it, we’re doing it today.

    Anyone who questions this extreme and absurd point of view are merely PutinNazis, puppets of “Kompromat”; he specifically says you are not allowed to talk about history or context or you’re the enemy, dismissed.

    On Bucha, he says, “Indeed, fresh outrage sees talk of Germany possibly pushing for sanctions on Russian gas.”

    So you’re sanctioning….yourself? I literally don’t understand. “We are going to stop life for every German in the nation until Russia comes to heel. We will keep killing Germans for as long as it takes to subdue Russia!” …Except he already knows by Monday that Germany is buying gas with rubles.

    After that, he recommends that Russia doesn’t believe NATO’s self-defense. Therefore we need to attack Russia to Prove we’re serious. Wow, okay. Really? Great plan, did you talk to any generals about it?

    on Bloomberg, an op-ed argues ‘To Save Democracy, We Need a Few Good Dictators’,

    We kill Ukraine to save Ukraine, we kill Democracy to save Democracy. Too late: it’s already dead.

    Other genius? “CNY is not a commodity currency: it is a currency entirely dependent on imported commodities.”

    Wow. True. Except that they use the commodities to make manufactured goods. That nobody else makes. It’s the same principle of commodity currency, stupid way to dismiss it.

    He also says REAL Power is about “Controlling the pricing”. O rly? And does NY look like it’s controlling the pricing of wheat and gas right now? Is China “going to build an empire when the US Navy still controls which commodities go where at sea, globally?” Oh so you admit you’re controlling, sinking, and going to hot war to control and colonize other nations. THAT’S the only thing the U.S. has. Okay then, did you ever hear of “Asia”? And “Railroads”? What happens if they stop selling to L.A. and sell the goods from Seoul to Ankara and Minsk? Do you control that, you fool?

    He does say this though: “At the very least, anyone thinking President Zelenskiy is about to sign a peace deal making territorial and security concessions is again delusional.”

    And so the war cannot end as those concessions are for areas already lost, that they haven’t controlled in ten – or forty — years. This is by demand of the West that Ukraine will someday re-invade and take Crimea from them, and thus – as their open promise – is to have an unending, murderous civilian war in Ukraine for a decade or more. …We must kill every Ukrainian to save Ukraine. Oh the Children! The Children! That we directly openly said we are going to engineer an open war zone for, for the rest of their lives.

    There’s a lot more dumb, dumb stuff there from Schmartz peoples, but you can read it for yourself.

    What is this about removing Russia from the UN Security Council? Okay, well then you’d have a“Some Nations” Organization and committee. It would stop the UN from being the legal cover for 20 illegal U.S. wars of aggression with white phosphorus and depleted uranium though, after stealing their gold on a cargo plane. I looked into it, surprisingly it’s possible if 2/3 of the nations agree. Which they won’t, so I guess the Anglos like losing. Losing is the new #Winning! We’re winning the Twitter war!

    “Russia Threatens to Limit Exports of Ag Products to ‘Friendly’ Countries (ET)”

    Threatens? Russia threatens not to get paid in a currency they can’t use by those nations prosecuting a major billion-dollar war on them? While still feeding everybody else? Yes, how dare Hitler not continue to feed Churchill after Dunkirk. We oughta go to war over that! With the nickel and oil they got!

    “NATO’s Internal Gold War (Vilches)”

    They trusted the British with the EU’s gold? Well you’re never going to see that again. It was worth the whole sham of pretending to be European, then all the dismal chaos of exiting just to steal it. As the Brits have done…many times. Hey, remember that great time the Tsar loaned a couple bil in gold to London then suddenly had a funny NY-led revolution at home? Weird, huh?

    Note, there was a theory by FOFOA that the EU had a plan when this final reset happened, to back the Euro fully with gold and make it an equal gold rider in competition. To the fiat US$ debt note, and even in this case the Russia/China commodity note. No gold = no salvation. But we figured that as to pull it off they need high sovereignty over the member states, armies, financial trading floors, etc, that they couldn’t be bothered with: it’s work. And they suck so bad and attack their own member states so much no one will vote for them. We just get our $300k Euros/mo to fly on tax-free private jets to see Greta.

    “We are all being snookered by them.”

    Who is this ‘we’? They are “Congressmen” and “families of Congressmen”. We just assume they are massively corrupt, murdering, drug-smoking, self-serving bastards and are never wrong yet. How did you think a junior congresswoman from CA arrives in 6 digits and is a multi-millionaire before her first term ends? Pay is like $100k, yet the Obamas own 5 mansions after earning a mere $800k. For one example, and not the worst.

    “Hunter was squeezing BOTH Ukrainian and Russian Oligarchs”

    Still uninterested: Hunter gets, what, $6M from the mayor of Moscow for something? That’s a lot of money in that area. No one bats an eye. Nothing happened, why you so uptight? How is Hunter and Smokin’ Joe not PutinPuppets? Nope! Cuz I says so!!! All for me, none for thee. The only Justice is Power.

    No one is arrested, because we don’t do that on any day ending in “Y”.


    Who are Zelensky’s handlers?

    Correction: Who is Zelensky’s handler?

    Simple: Victoria Nuland aka The Wicked Witch of the West

    Gonzalo Lira zeroed in her ancestry hatred of all things Russia, originating from her grandfather being percecuted at the beginning of the 20th century in Odessa.

    Gonzalo tears her a new one here

    She is the Queen Bee in the Empire of Lies and Hatred for murdering as many people as possible in the Ukraine.


    No need to look any further. Her and her husband Robert Kagan.

    They are responsible for the death and mayhem and they are proud as punch about it.

    She is Satanic blood drinker. Yum




    • Questions Abound About Bucha Massacre (Lauria)

    Questions Abound About Bucha Massacre

    My comment
    False flag

    Go to the links supplied by TAE and read the comment on those blogs.
    You will realize that what you want to say has already been said.
    The Azov Battalion may have perpetrated revenge killings against Russian collaborators, or the Russians carried out this massacre.”

    Or both, and the Ukrainians are blaming the Russians for all the killings. Maybe some killings are true and some are staged, and they are exaggerating the numbers and blaming it all on the Russians to bolster their dirty propaganda.

    However, in these cases, I have a simple rule of thumb that never failed me: look at who the dead were, to know who probably killed them and why. The Ukrainians authorities have not published the IDs of the deceased, so they are clearly hiding something and that smells fishy.

    Veracious Poet

    They trusted the British with the EU’s gold? Well you’re never going to see that again. It was worth the whole sham of pretending to be European, then all the dismal chaos of exiting just to steal it. As the Brits have done…many times.

    Yep, learned nothing from the long, sordid history of UK/Euro courts of intrigue. Not a thing. I suggest they start with the 100 years war.

    But we’re not medieval in 2022, we’ve accepted LGBTQ! They’re even teaching our children now!

    Besides, we’ve got Eurasian witches to burn. Who needs those “barbarous relics” anyways? We’re so schmartz we don’t even workz, that’s what game theory & The Science is for…

    It’s hopeless. All of the democratic, populace reforms established following the American Revolution were wiped out in 1914 when “they” started marching millions of boys into trenches. Over a psychopath families lust for more money & power.

    I don’t know which is worse; The religion of Vatican appointed Kings, or the religion of woke anointed SJWs…

    After reflecting on my previous post, I began to wonder if even after 90+% of humanity is destroyed, will the remnant have learned anything? 😕




    Wordpress is acting up on the image tag again



    I have not had time to chase the details down but I read a tidbit about how Germany’s contracts for gas with Russia were done thru a subsidiary of Gazprom in Germany.

    In the sanctions frenzy, Gasprom abandoned this subsidary and Germany threaten to ‘nationalize and/or confiscate it’.


    That’s rich!

    Because Russia is hinting that ALL of Germany’s contracts for Russian gas are now null and void and that Germany not only has to pay in Rubles, it now has to completely renegotiate the terms of the contracts.

    Germany has instituted a new Kubler-Ross Grief Cycle sixth stage (see below)


    Pay in Rubles

    Hahahaa! Sweet!



    Watching the RT / Scott Ritter video, I think the jeeps driving down the road around bodies looks a lot like a video war game sequence… l lot like a video game. Very odd.


    Also, I don’t think that all that burnt out Russian equipment was Destroyed by the Ukraine attacks.
    I suspect that most of it was destroyed by Russia because they could not drive them back due to mechanical or other problems.


    Here is the time line according to RT news
    Russia and Ukraine trade accusations over Bucha civilian deaths (TIMELINE)


    Local authorities in Donbass are gathering information on casualties from the explosion
    Retreating Ukrainian forces have blown up a tank allegedly containing hydrochloric acid, at a chemical plant in the eastern town of Rubezhnoe, which has emerged as a flashpoint in the ongoing conflict. The tank explosion was aimed at affecting the populated areas of the Lugansk People’s Republic, controlled by the local fighters, the republic’s militia said on Tuesday.
    The incident occurred on Tuesday at the ‘Zarya’ chemical plant, once one of Ukraine’s leading chemical enterprises. Videos reportedly taken at the scene and published by the RIA news agency show thick, orange-tinged smoke billowing over the area, which has some residential buildings.

    In early March, Moscow warned the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) about potential false-flag attacks staged by the Ukrainian radicals that might involve the use of toxic chemical agents. “Ukrainian radical groups aided by the American security services have developed several potential scenarios of using toxic chemicals to stage various false flag attacks,” Russia’s statement to the OPCW said at that time.

    Russia presents new evidence on Ukraine biolabs, comments on links to Biden and US
    Documents detail fate of US-funded deadly pathogens that may have been tested on Ukrainian

    The Russian military has presented documents showing Ukraine’s interest in using drones to deliver weaponized pathogens developed in US-funded biolabs. Names of US officials involved in the biolabs projects, and the role the current US president’s son played in the program, were also made public during the special briefing on Thursday.

    One of the key pieces of evidence was a letter from the Ukrainian company Motor Sich to the Turkish drone manufacturer Baykar Makina – makers of the Bayraktar TB2 and Akinci UAVs – dated December 15, 2021. The Ukrainians specifically asked if the drones could carry 20 liters of aerosolized payload to a range of 300 kilometers – putting them in range of a dozen major Russian cities and almost all of Belarus.

    “We are talking about the development by the Kiev regime of technical means of delivery and use of biological weapons with the possibility of their use against the Russian Federation,” said Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, commander of the Russian Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Forces.

    Kirillov said that Hunter Biden – son of the current US President Joe Biden – played “an important role in creating a financial opportunity to work with pathogens on the territory of Ukraine,” pointing to several emails between him and executives of Metabiota and Black and Veatch. In particular, he described the Metabiota VP as “a confidant of Hunter Biden,” based on their correspondence. According to the general, the “Western media” has confirmed the authenticity of these emails – presumably a reference to materials published last week by the British newspaper the Daily Mail. ( see link)
    EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden DID help secure millions in funding for US contractor in Ukraine specializing in deadly pathogen research, laptop emails reveal, raising more questions about the disgraced son of then vice president.

    The Russian government held a press conference Thursday claiming that Hunter Biden helped finance a US military ‘bioweapons’ research program in Ukraine
    However the allegations were branded a brazen propaganda ploy to justify president Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and sow discord in the US
    But emails and correspondence obtained by from Hunter’s abandoned laptop show the claims may well be true
    The emails show Hunter helped secure millions of dollars of funding for Metabiota, a Department of Defense contractor specializing in research on pandemic-causing diseases
    He also introduced Metabiota to an allegedly corrupt Ukrainian gas firm, Burisma, for a ‘science project’ involving high biosecurity level labs in Ukraine
    The president’s son and his colleagues invested $500,000 in Metabiota through their firm Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners
    They raised several million dollars of funding for the company from investment giants including Goldman Sachs
    PUBLISHED: 15:15 EDT, 25 March 2022 | UPDATED: 15:46 EDT, 27 March 2022


    “But there are a lot of bio-labs in N. Italy” (from a post of mine)

    I was not aware of this. Isn’t that where they had their largest outbreak? I do remember articles in early 2020 stating some towns in northern italy were essentially Chinese due to the large number of workers in the area. – Mr House.

    Yes the most severe outbreak of Cov19 was in the North.

    I was just going from what is “known” (? heh ) there in Lombardy and the Piemont.

    I just looked up bio-labs in Italy, and of course there are more in the N, industrial area, etc. in contrast to the South. What exactly these Bio-labs are doing is not clear (to an ordinary person.) Below link, of level-4 biolabs (world), not complete imho, but gives an idea. One in Rome, one in N. Italy. (If time I will look further.)

    Italy has ‘regionalised’ health care and ‘health facilities’ and ‘health whatever you like to lodge under that rubric’, like labs, which means that locals can more or less run what they like…with whatever funding..

    As for N. Italy and Chinese workers, the clothing, shoes, handbag, other, manufacture is for a large part produced by Chinese workers in Italian factories and ‘villages’ or ‘areas’ (compounds) which you won’t see if you go on a Gastronomic Tour or Visit Museums in Milan!

    In short, this industry was not ‘outsourced’ to China, but Chinese workers were ‘imported’ to do the work, because of control / certification (of materials as well) / provenance considerations. There are Chinese schools, Chinese community cultural thingies, but it is all a quite hidden, and the Chinese there aren’t integrated. For ex. young ppl are sent back to China to marry, then bring their spouse back to Italy…

    The Chinese are basically ignored – but not exploited, as foreign, Chinese, ownership of Italian based cos. is 100% legal, since, iirc middle 90’s. (Or if exploited, only by their Chinese bosses..)


    Laws for thee but not for me.
    We make ‘em- we’re exempt.
    So how do we get off like that?
    We view you with contempt!

    UK: Posession is 9/10s of the law!

    Blue tulips? I’m thinking there are some irises in those fields.

    Mr. House

    Thank you for the reply noirette.

    Food for thought:


    An old story that got buried
    Inside the shady private equity firm run by Kerry and Biden’s kids
    By Peter Schweizer
    March 15, 2018

    Figmund Sreud

    … via Helmer:

    By R.K.Raghavan and Ajay Goyal, Mumbai*

    The decade of the 1990s was the only short period when a weak Russia was de facto ruled from within by US-appointed and supported politicians. Even then, the most pro-western Russian leader in history Boris Yeltsin famously told the United States that an eastward expansion of NATO would lead to a military confrontation. President Putin has repeated that refrain dozens of times over the past two decades he has been in power. This conflict has now come to be — it is impossible that the West will be pacified except in the realisation of openly expressed fantasies about the assassination or forceful removal of President Putin.


    Figmund Sreud

    … well, if this US Major General was indeed arrested – and he was on the official duty, in Ukraine, … this probably will turn out to be a significant issue.


    Michael Reid

    @ Mr. House #105530

    Thank you for the food for thought. Excellent


    The straw that broke the camel’s back ….. let’s talk peace ….
    ….. if this US Major General was indeed arrested

    Mr. House

    Veracious: “I don’t know which is worse; The religion of Vatican appointed Kings, or the religion of woke anointed SJWs…”

    Ahhhh those points to ponder! 😉

    PS … funny. Very funny. lol

    Michael Reid

    C.J. Hopkins gives us an update on COVID1984 from New Normal Germany and a recap of GloboCap as he understands it after 2+ years of medical tyranny. What GloboCap is doing now is “clearing and holding” or identifying all sources of global insurgency and resistance to its global occupation and wiping them out in order to implement its new program. Regarding the debate on Putin and the WEF, he says it’s not a Marvel comic book and that we’re dealing with a much more complicated constellation of power dynamics, even though Russia and China are integrated with global capitalism. We discuss Covid fatigue and the increasing global persecution against “COVID deniers”, “Russian agents”, and dissidents. Even though the Covidian Cult is dissolving, the New Normal has been cemented into society and it isn’t going away, reality is being revised. He believes the digital pass systems will be imposed on us. He stresses the importance of resisting and also thinks bugging out isn’t a bad idea.

    C.J. Hopkins: GloboCap is Clearing & Holding, Rooting Out Resistance, Implementing New Program

    Veracious Poet

    21st century gaming theory (revised):

    An inability or refusal to perceive/confront systemic threats (psychopaths), and/or the failure to identify perils at large (criminality), transforms the “rational individual” into a fragmented agent of chaos ~ A willing, or duped, accomplice of evil.

    Veracious Poet


    An inability or refusal to perceive/confront systemic threats (psychopaths NPD Sociopaths)…

    10 Signs of a Narcissistic Sociopath:

    ➡ They Live In a Deluded Reality.
    ➡ They Are Obsessed With Power & Control.
    ➡ They Take Advantage of & Use Other People.
    ➡ They Have No Moral Boundaries.
    ➡ They Have a Limited Range of Emotions.
    ➡ They Have a Huge Discard Pile.
    ➡ They Become Hostile When Threatened.
    ➡ They Feed Off of Negative Energy.


    I can’t recall the directive that brought me to this but here is a reason big pharm wouldn’t want ivermectin easily available to researchers.
    Don’t mess with big biz profits.


    April 8th, oral arguments will be presented for the Federal Contractor Mandate.

    As has been pointed out, they are still building out the health pass system.

    Less than a month ago, business magazine Forbes reported that a national vaccine pass has already been rolled out in the U.S. The SMART Health Card offers verifiable digital proof of several aspects of health status including vaccination history and test results. It’s available in either digital or paper form. The cards can be purchased at any facility that has your medical records. According to the SMART website, the Health Card can be used in order to document vaccine status for school registration, work, or travel – government and corporate officials can just scan the barcode on your phone screen and you are good to go.

    Participating organizations in SMART Health Cards (Check out your state)

    I caught this short vid from Dr. Deagle being tweeted about a couple a weeks ago (his comments were circa 2006). Then it got banned/blocked. Here is a link to it on Odyssey. Curious as to why given that he can easily be painted a kook.

    Dr. Bill Deagle, a decade foretelling of the New World Order via biopharmaceutical enslavement.

    Veracious Poet

    Mass psychosis update:

    USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) reported on Monday about a worsening Avian influenza crisis in the United States.

    APHIS reports that more than 22.8 million birds have had to be put to death in the past two months because of the influenza Type A virus (influenza A).

    The disease is reported in 118 flocks, including 46 backyards and 72 commercial flocks in 24 states. To view a list of birds identified by date and state, click here.

    Only one human infection is reported worldwide in a person who works with a large number of domestically kept birds in the United Kingdom….

    Avian flu outbreaks in U.S. take more than 22.8 million birds in 24 states, so far

    NYC mom who criticized Mayor Adams’ toddler mask mandate fired from city position

    European markets were mixed on Tuesday as western allies pile further pressure on Moscow after reported Russian atrocities in Bucha, outside Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

    The FTSE 100 (^FTSE) rose 0.4% amid talks of more sanctions and higher oil prices. France’s CAC (^FCHI) was 1.5% lower and the DAX (^GDAXI) fell 0.8% in Germany.

    The European Union is ready to launch a fifth package of embargoes against Russia, including an import ban on coal worth €4bn ($4,4bn, £3.3bn) per year, a block on transactions with four of its lenders, and the closure of its ports to Russian vessels.

    Space imaging company Maxar Technologies published satellite images over the weekend that appear to show earthworks of a mass grave in the wake of the withdrawing Russian army at Bucha, Ukraine.

    Reuters (MI6) reported on Sunday its journalists on the ground in Bucha had witnessed a mass grave at a church, but could not confirm if it was the same site that Maxar’s satellites pictured.

    Veracious Poet

    Woke Religious Cult/Party of Chaos update:

    Colorado Governor Jared Polis has signed House Bill 22-1279 into law. This measure legalizes abortions for all nine months of the pregnancy, up until the moment of birth.

    Colorado Governor Jared Polis Signs Law Legalizing Abortion Up Until the Moment of Birth

    A California city is planning to give universal basic income (UBI) to transgender and non-binary residents regardless of their earnings level.

    Transgender residents in Palm Springs, California are eligible to receive a UBI of up to $900 per month solely for identifying as transgender or non-binary…No strings attached.


    News Flash for Woketardistan

    North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson tells the TRUTH about transgenderism


    @VP: Are you sure? I do not see where Colorado’s Governor signed a law legalizing abortion up until the moment of birth. That’s CRAZY sh*t! Coloradans will have a right to an abortion regardless of the status of Roe V. Wade.


    I had heard of this a while back but here’s a sensationalist report on the WHO taking over the world.
    Here, sensationalism isn’t such a bad thing. I believe it applies to all signatories- all countries who went along these last two years.
    May 22nd. The hits just keep on coming.

    Figmund Sreud

    Neverending enthusiasm for more and more wars:

    “[E]nthusiasm for war remains high, as if over 70 years of failed military interventions have not taught any meaningful lessons. Daily, news headlines tell us that the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Germany, Spain or some other Western power have decided to ship a new kind of “lethal weapons” to Ukraine. Billions of dollars have already been allocated by Western countries to contribute to the war in Ukraine. …

    … Ukraine needs peace and security, not perpetual war that is designed to serve the strategic interests of certain countries or military alliances. Though military invasions must be wholly rejected, whether in Iraq or Ukraine, turning Ukraine into another convenient zone of perpetual geopolitical struggle between NATO and Russia is not the answer.

    From Korea to Libya: On the Future of Ukraine and NATO’s Neverending Wars



    I often wonder what I will do if someone tries to force me to do something I know I must not do.


    I have wondered if Putin is the only adult in the room or just the “good cop” in an interrogation. This debate was interesting- Luongo is always the optimist- like Dr. D, he believes humans being humans will overcome monsters being monsters.


    The bad guys are inexorable;
    They never will give in.
    They have the small majority
    And using them, they’ll win.

    Don’t let them.


    This Ukrainian War to the last Ukrainian.

    This slow war has some rather unique features to it.
    Since the Ukrainians are not going anywhere, the Russians can take their sweet time about this war.
    The Russians are invading with less than 1/3rd of the defending force.
    With so much time, the Ukrainian Prez has been making a grand propaganda tour of the world via Zoom.
    Ukrainian’s Hollyweird producers have been busy planting fake false flags that keep falling down!
    Russia’s go slow war gives Nato more time to win the propaganda war.
    The Ukrainian army is losing the ground war, but this doesn’t matter.
    The Ukrainian army having no eyes or ears of their own, now rely 100% upon Nato’s eyes and ears.
    The Ukrainian government and army are being 100% remote controlled by Nato controllers.
    Ukrainian artillery depends upon Nato to locate Russian targets!
    Natio has been very busy flying drones 24/7 all along Ukraine’s land and Black Sea borders.
    Nato is only interested in winning the propaganda war, the longer the better.
    Nato considers the Ukrainians to be all expendable!
    Russia is trying to get as many Ukrainians to surrender rather than kill them.
    Nato won’t let the Ukrainians surrender.
    The Neo-Nazis in Marupol are slowly but surely being reduced.
    Nato is forcing people in the west to pay the price for this war that Nato started.
    Everybody “thinks” the next Russian objective, is finishing off the Donbas cauldron.
    There are no “Troy Ounces” involved in any of the above!
    This isn’t your Dad’s war!


    My Wife mentioned that Putin’s face appears more swollen or rounder and she is wondering if he might be suffering from thyroid cancer as he has a doctor with him 24/7. Some are saying he looks tired.
    I would think waging an unwanted war would be stressful enough to make one very tired too.

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