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    Jan van Eyck Crucifixion and Last Judgement 1430   • New York Judge Calls Trump Jan. 6 Case ‘Federal Insurrection Matter’ (ET) • Judge Denies Tru
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    Thank you.

    Dr. D

    “A Doctor who treated over 14,000 symptomatic Covid-19 patients without losing one has caught the attention of the South African Medical Regulators”

    Really is like Christ who healed the sick. Wonder what you would have done if Christ were alive peddling miracle cures with no scientific support? Now you know: you’d have killed him. Don’t ask questions, don’t thank him and ask how, start a’shootin’.

    “House Freedom Caucus Members Earmarked Nearly $1 Billion From Taxpayers
    The “fiscal conservative” earmarks dwarfed the $224 million from The Squad…

    Republicans like these. And you wonder why I call them Democrats. Of course Democrats like Dore point out that that top names like Obama himself said his entire platform is essentially Republican. Welcome to the UniParty. Leading us into the UniFuture™. There Is No Alternative. Because if anyone was talking about it, we’d kill them. You will be Assimilated.


    Ask your Doctor if Sodomy is right for you!” (It’s not. It’s medically contra-indicated.) I have a friend who did this. Did it work? Well it depends on what you mean by “work”. He’s gay and has gay friends, but is as unhappy as statistically present for the group, he’s alone, his life is empty and he does drugs. Of course it’s possible that would be true without sodomy, but it didn’t strike at the real root of the problem, did it?

    Btw, this blows out the “Born gay/no alternative” “Conversion therapy doesn’t work” theory. Because of course we have Both/Neither/Aiii, where you are only BORN gay, and have no choice, but ALSO have a choice, but that choice only goes one way. (Eyeroll). I have my theories that make actual sense, but I’ll spare you. The point here is THEIR theories clearly make no sense. They are irrational and insane. This does not reflect well on well-mannered gay guys and the blacklash will involve them. But like a lot of the Left, they didn’t speak up to contain it here, so that’s how it goes now. Congratulations, now they came for you. Vote Libertarian and that can’t happen.

    “[Elon] This guy has no ego.”

    He’s using “Ego”, definition #5. The older I get the more I realize a lot of problems are using the same word to describe 5-10 different things. However, we already split 60,000 words into 200,000 and we’re chasing the horizon, especially in English.

    Galloway. The situation in England is very grave and reminds me of “Pennyworth” now. There is no solution at all, or no easy one. Like NATO setting up so the war must continue regardless of people or elections, the engineers arranged a British purge and mass murder without cure, like importing 20M lives and leveling all their power plants.

    “WikiLeaks Ukraine Cable from 2008 written by CIA director William J. Burns,”

    Yes, because as usual psychos don’t read it as a warning, they read it as a plan. WHAT does Russia hate, fear, and annoys them most? Thank you Burns, we will do that thing. Burns says “That’s why I wrote it. And when I’m (shadow) President, that’s what I’ll make sure happens.”

    “Netanyahu must escalate to survive. If he drags the US into this we’ll end up fighting Russia directly. Most of the US political class is bought and paid for by the Israeli lobby. Hatred has taken over Israel. Iranians don’t want a war. This is the end of the EU and NATO. The dollar will be expelled from Eurasia. The future is grim.”

    All of this is perfectly true. However, it depends what you mean by “grim”. Being a monk means you have a lower standard of living but may be far happier. “Grim” may mean Karen can’t afford to drive Chelsea to soccer practice 2x a day, then EVERYONE is happier: Karen, Chelsea, and the oil use stats. It depends what you mean by that. We are clearly insane and have never been less happy in my lifetime. It would seem you could turn in almost any direction at random and be a sharp improvement from here.

    Since a lot of that must end, its end sooner is a good thing and I welcome it. May the war come in my time to spare my children.

    Trump: “Beautiful Letters”

    “I was wondering if, like Fani and her boytoy, the judges in various Trump cases have also had 8-hour sessions at the White House. How would we ever find out?”

    Well, if it informs the democratic electorate, we can’t tell you. If there’s a FOIA, we’ll deny it. But that’s okay, you can trust us. We didn’t tell you and refuse to because you would like it and it reflects well on us and our legality. It’s because it would make you so happy that we would rather commit a felony than say.

    “Judge Denies Trump First Amendment Challenge to Georgia Election Charges (ET)

    As presented, this may or may not be reasonable. That would make a trial fine. However, there are multiple unmentioned factors that discard it.

    “NATO foreign ministers met Wednesday to discuss a proposal by NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg for a €100 billion ($108 billion) five-year fund for Ukraine.”

    Uh-huh. Although that’s hilarious and I love to see it front-page so everybody can see, wtf are you talking about? 1) WHOSE money? Congress ain’t biting and Europe is broke. You can PROMISE a trillion dollars but that doesn’t make it exist. 2) Who is going to enforce it? Congress already isn’t signing, which means Biden can’t. Suppose they get something. And then who is going to enforce it? Europe is going to invade Russia AND America to MAKE us pay? You guys are Just. So. Cute!!!

    Same with NATO. Suppose they do this, and therefore start WWIII, then all run away and hide behind us. How are they going to MAKE us do that? Not only can they not invade and occupy DC to make us fight, Article 5 DOESN’T EVEN HAVE FORCE in itself. They “Say” they have to, but in effect, there’s no “Or else.” — Completely voluntary and discretionary. So it’s the “same” as if there were no NATO. (a hurdle like a speed bump)

    If they try this BECAUSE Trump gets in, when they nuke Belgorod and then hide behind us, Trump will leave NATO. The End.

    Again, they have this psychotic belief that if you SAY things, and write them down, they’re real. Me and this single action Colt say otherwise. Make Me.

    Okay, not had enough? Level 3: YOUR MONEY MEANS NOTHING TO ME. You have no men, you have no shells, you have no ships, and you have no planes (that can fly). The “Money” you already printed circled back to DNC bribery via FTX and has increased NATO production per YEAR by about as much as Ukraine needs in a DAY. Nor has Europe done f—k all, nothing. It’s OUR shell manufacturers that did the statistical zero we have to point at. France doesn’t like money now? Doesn’t like employment?

    Again, “Money” is a thing on a spreadsheet, it’s a poker chit, a representation, the map is not the territory. Words don’t make things real.

    What’s probably happening is, they’re hitting the Powell Wall, and EuroDollars are in crisis. So (checks spreadsheet) if $100B more “Dollars” aren’t added to Europe’s (banking) system, they collapse. That’s how they “Made s—t up” with the number, just like I dunno, the $100 TRILLION Climate Change number they made up the other year and disappeared.

    Speaking of, had this on tab, “Inconvenient Truth: 32 Climate Predictions Proven False | Facts Matter”

    Only 32? I could find a thousand and not break a sweat. Goes to show, Science, facts, data sets, don’t matter. Don’t matter now, the accumulation of them over lifetimes doesn’t matter either. What Science is that, where Data doesn’t matter and we have no “Debates”? A: A “Religion”, the “Religion of Progress”.

    “Ukraine ‘Will Become a Member of NATO’ – Blinken (RT)

    Certainly starting WWIII. So thanks Blinken, for giving Ukraine to Russia more than any Trump ever could. What does this REALLY mean? Well, you have no army and never will, so that’s out. But statements like these Russia takes to the Global South (aka, “everyone”) and point: “You see? We would have stopped with the Russian Donbas to prevent the ethnic genocide there, but NATO MADE US have to occupy and take the whole nation. We were stopping and begging for discussion every day for years. NATO refused.”

    So why didn’t Blinken concede? We already know he’s always lying, so he could have just conceded Ukraine as “Neutral, Later, Whatever” then double-crossed them like they did the last 40 years. They always, always lie, why this sudden fit of truth-telling? No, I’m serious here: the ONLY reason to tell the truth here is to FINALIZE Russia winning the whole thing out to the border. Blinken couldn’t be more in the service of the Russians if he tried. Yet he jumps up snappy and does it.

    “If you want World War 3, vote Biden in November.”

    That is the other part. Why is Blinken sinking Biden and the Democrats? For a generation? They’ve never told the truth about war before, why start now? All wars except Iraq were Democrats. It’s almost as if all the moves are from Team Trump, not Biden. Funny old world.

    “George H.W. Bush proudly declared that the US had “won” the Cold War during his State of the Union address.”

    No, we didn’t “Win” the Cold War, we “Ended” it. That was Reagan’s gambit. Then having put Reagan out, CIA Director Bush tried to make the best of the Detante by attacking Russia, blowing our peace dividend, setting up CIA self-funding bases everywhere, like the drug-shipping center on top of the oil pipeline in Serbia, and convert NATO into the UN’s “New World Order” army, since Europe was in charge of things, and those in charge don’t pay: they make YOU pay. So all of this wasn’t adrift, it was very carefully planned to the point we’re at today.

    Problem was: Russia got off the leash, and they were blindingly incompetent with the rest of the oil war starting with Iraq, and lost here, there, and everywhere any Milley ever looked. Now chess pieces are toppling at a dizzying rate, with all of Africa, Saudi, Yemen, all transit corridors, some of South America, and no wins in Europe, Asia, China, nor anywhere else. Take your “Risk” map, or the earlier more granular game called “Diplomats” and put a big red X over Saudi, Yemen, India, Africa, Iran, and Turkey and tell me what you think. Then add China and everything within 1,000 miles of it.

    The U.S. can withdraw, and should, and the entire population will cheer and be relieved. Not Europe.

    “• Enlargement Made NATO Hostage to Agenda Pushed by Eastern Europe (Sp.)

    You mean the “Eastern Europe” all installed with $6B a pop and CIA/MI6 color revolutions? Yeah, totally we and NATO are the victims here and had nothing to do with it. All organic sentiment.

    It’s okay eastern Europe: You can vote Russia. …And then we’ll amass an army of 400,000 and walk into your Oblast and murder you all. Free choice!

    “Russia and NATO Already In ‘Direct Confrontation’ – Kremlin (RT)

    I forget who said this, but basically The U.S. gives long range missiles to Ukraine, gives the money, trains the soldiers, pays their salaries, creates the targeting, records the effects, and only has this one red button: “Push Here”. That’s it, that’s the total contribution of Ukraine: to push the launch button when told. …And we’re NOT in direct confrontation? You’re kidding, right?

    “• Lavrov Says Obvious That Ukraine Involved in Terrorist Attack in Crocus (Sp.)

    I’m not sure he should say that, but dgaf. The four certainly weren’t ISIS, however. They’re about as Muslim as Trump is a Christian. And it would be the world’s greatest miracle if they WEREN’T Ukraine. But what’s “Ukraine?” MI6. Run by Nuland.

    “The US mantra that Russia must change its behavior to improve relations with the West”

    Why bother? If you have a neighbor who lights fires and steals from your house, why WOULD you talk to him?

    “• Kiev’s Backers Fear Frontline Breach – Media (RT)

    Why do you mean by this? Time Exists. The frontline has already been breached, and breached everywhere. Avdiivka was the only fortress and critics complain they both “let it fall” and therefore “didn’t set up a line” but they did neither: they threw everything they had at it because it was pivotal, and “everything” means you don’t blow half setting up a Surovin line too. But now they have been overrun as was entirely inevitable. If they had set up that line, Adviivka would have been overrun twice as fast, and the fallback point would being overrun now. Take your pick. We have X men and you have 10X plus kinzals and total air superiority.

    Because of the nature of modern warfare, Russia cannot mass and rush huge tank columns into Kiev or across the Dniper. Instead they are pressuring everywhere at once, perfectly evenly, like a tide. And this is because they can attack anywhere they want, any time they want, with any weapon they want, day, night, sun, snow. So Ukraine is doing quite well actually, but that means nothing as they can’t control even the time, pacing, or surprise. (what for example, the Viet Cong could) They have zero response to like 5 types of missiles, FAB 400s etc. Russia does anything they feel like all day long, and can do it forever, just like we said. Do it while drinking tea and buying rolexes in an ever-improving country.

    Again, Zeluzhny told NATO what they need, and they thought he was kidding. No, he was being dead-accurate. I need EVERY TANK IN EUROPE, — TODAY – I need half the tanks in the U.S. I need 100,000 shells a day and the guns to fire them. I also need air cover, F16s, — IN 2022 – and every Stormshadow long range missile worldwide, to ATTACK RUSSIA PROPER, and their manufacturing, supply support. …Or you may as well not bother.

    Europe found a box of .38 shells, 100 years old. Here we are a year from that statement. What do you see? Was Zeluzhny kidding? Now they have no men either, congratulations. The only way this was the Plan is if the Plan was to give Ukraine to Russia 100%, and also break Europe and NATO.

    The Russians are now moving, what 1km a day? I think “Military Summary” names 5 cities in play at once, with one giving no resistance at all.

    “• Why Are Central Banks Buying Gold? (Martin Armstrong)

    They always buy gold, It had no effect on the price. In fact, silver can be in absolute shortage with zero supply, and the price goes DOWN. That’s “Free Markets!” That’s “Capitalism”. Same as when a car company that makes a rounding error of cars is priced more than all other car companies combined. Also totally free markets. Capitalism is a system where there is no bankruptcy and no price discovery.

    “Is He Blackmailed?” MTG Questions Speaker Johnson (ZH)

    If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be there. Like Justice Roberts. So? Remove him. They would “Just make s–t up” like Gaetz.

    “And I am so pissed off about it because the American people are pissed off about it. And while our so-called Republican speaker of the House is only working with Chuck Schumer and Hakeem Jeffries and Ukraine First Mitch McConnell and the white House and Jake Sullivan, who he talks to on the phone all the time. We are angry and people have had it.”

    You have to see this isn’t “An Accident” and “an exception”. They didn’t “Forget” and didn’t get “outplayed” by the other side. A lifetime after seeing their first event, people still deny it, so I guess they need more help seeing.

    On to Oz:

    Dr. D

    Oh yeah, and DEI and race hustling is dead.

    Huh, that’s odd. They’re giving up race hustling a month before the election. And surrender DEI. It’s almost like we’re winning everywhere. (Look for the rebranding, but DEI was an essential component of European Colonization and World Government aka “Communism”).

    How many of these do you need? Zoomers are out, and actually moving from less-liberal to straight Conservative. People of Color are all Trump, Biden has zero subgroups in his camp. Zero. Every checklist of “Party won’t be in power for a generation” like FDR’s window is in play.

    Oh but we’re all going to lose/they control everything/might as well not bother/…it’s that group. Huh. Sure looks like that group got nothing, owns nothing, does nothing, and is losing everywhere. Maybe we should point more fingers and be sure not to do any work!! Worked great so far!


    “The US mantra that Russia must change its behaviour to improve relations with the West”

    Changes like this:

    MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Russia is urging the BRICS, a trade alliance of nine emerging countries, to establish an inter-bloc grain exchange. The officially declared purpose of the alliance is to facilitate trade between member states, but analysts warn that the new structure will aim to become an analogue of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) for the global grain market, with the goal of influencing free pricing.


    Secretary of State Antony Blinken has insisted that Kiev will be allowed to join the Western military bloc

    Some of it will, the parts that Poland, Hungary, Romania and others claim from the western side will then be in NATO. Assuming of course Russia agrees with this when it finally capitulates.


    Hahaha, just watch the monies flow into this incinerator. “360 degree wireless power transmission” we have that already it’s called lightning.

    “Solar power beamed to Earth from space could happen within decade…
    “Space Solar, based in Belfast, has demonstrated the world’s first 360-degree wireless power transmission – an important milestone of the technology, which could bring limitless green energy.”

    a kullervo

    Canada’s Deputy PM:
    – Just another alien, feeling uneasy with their “human” apparel.

    Here’s another example:

    Earth: The Club Med for all the high-achieving intergalactic sociopaths.


    Complexity requires writing it down so that you don’t forget it.
    In the Brain, Seven Is A Magic Number
    Example of an old complex memory aid, painting.
    Jan van Eyck Crucifixion and Last Judgement 1430

    This diptych is one of the early Northern Renaissance oil-on-panel masterpieces, renowned for its unusually complex and highly detailed iconography, and for the technical skill evident in its completion. It was executed in a miniature format; the panels are just 56.5 cm (22.2 in) high by 19.7 cm (7.8 in) wide. The diptych was probably commissioned for private devotion.
    Do you remember?

    Work arounds

    “Trump-proof” aid for Ukraine
    Late last year, US legislators passed a law requiring congressional approval should any US president attempt to pull the country out of NATO.

    proposal by NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg for a €100 billion ($108 billion) five-year fund for Ukraine. The move comes as Europe fears the return of a Donald Trump presidency.
    Wiggle room promise
    • Ukraine ‘Will Become a Member of NATO’ – Blinken (RT)
    (I would call it a lie by omission)
    Before it was
    Joel 3:10 King James Version (KJV)
    “beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruninghooks into spears: let the weak say, I am strong.”

    “To militarize … citizens to bear higher taxes or a smaller welfare state.”
    • Canada’s Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland Diagnosed With Progressive HPD (Helmer)

    Political insider interference
    Freeland’s career to promote herself and the neo-Nazi ambitions of the Ukrainian community in Canada – the largest Ukrainian diaspora outside the country identifying as anti-Russian. (Saying it, is considered hate speech.)

    (Conflict of interests)
    The looming defeat of Freeland’s side in the war against Russia, the partition of the Ukraine, and the loss of more than C$4 billion in Canadian military donations to Kiev, are making no (repeat no) difference to the election outcome in Ottawa.
    (Polls show that Liberals, Trudeau and Freeland will still lose the elections)


    Why did the Pfizer guy look EXACTLY like that brain parasite alien in NexGen?


    The EU is cut off from energy at competitive prices; industry is moving to the USA;
    Who will be the buyers? EU who are bankrupt?


    About France. De Gaulle-ism ended with creation of the Eurozone and the European Central Bank (ECB). The ECB is calling the tune now, not individual countries in their own interests. (Central Banks love war, it’s very profitable for those banks. So many opportunities to manipulate government economies to their advantage.)


    Sargon is back. Scion of Gamergate 1.0, one of several bridges between The Fandom Menace and thinky vloggers like Styxhexenhammer666 or James Lindsey or The Prudentialist, just for example. (I suppose with rest stops along the way at Jordan Peterson, Modern Wisdom, Aaron Cleary etc)

    Dr D Rich

    Professor Michael Hudson
    Prof. Michael Hudson
    Professor John Mearsheimer
    Prof. John Mearsheimer
    Professor Jeffrey Sachs
    Prof. Jeffrey Sachs
    Major Former Marine Scott Ritter
    MfM. Scott Ritter


    @Red re: earth beams

    Gerrard K O’Neill sleeps restless this night.


    “I have a friend who is a trans girl, she used to be able to use the g. b – room with no problem, but apparently…” etc. (top post.)

    All this stuff about ‘sexual identity’ and LGTBQ, use of bathrooms, changing rooms, sports teams, competition, dress, apearance, and acceptance of what not, is an issue manufactured by the PTB, to keep the plebs occupied with triviY-a.

    To ensure they (heh, all of us..) don’t even spend 5 mins thinking about ‘the budget’, ‘war’, ‘energy ressources’, ‘corruption’ and more, and stupidly get self-righteously hyped up on disliking and ridiculing some kind of ‘opponent’ who either wears a frilly skirt or refuses to… and … etc. (To make it short.)

    It is one ‘facile’ internal version of divide and conquer, a kind of back-up to the entirely ersatz division between the 2 wings of the UniParty (Dems. vs. Reps.) The more vapid noise and buzz around it all is pushed by the MSM, the better, they think their power will last via their narrative strength (power to impose) and they are right….say….


    On, wikileaks cable (2008 by W. Burns), Georgia and Ukraine… (at top post.)

    This interview of Jaques Baud (Swiss ret. milit.) on *Daniel Davis Deep Dive* April 2024, a bit more than one hour, bring up the paralells between Georgia (2008) and Ukraine (2022), and a lot more.

    Title: UKR. front lines on the verge of collapsing.

    As many of us knew right from 2014, or at least, later, 2022, was inevitable.

    D Benton Smith

    An ironic fringe benefit of old age is that you finally get the time to figure out those things that would have made your life a lot better if you had only figured them out sooner.


    “An ironic fringe benefit of old age is that you finally get the time to figure out those things that would have made your life a lot better if you had only figured them out sooner.”

    Upon reflection,
    I’m satisfied with the way things turned out.
    Things are still good.
    I still live and pain free.


    Ukraine Joining EU/NATO:

    Blinken, Stollenburg, von Der Leyen, etc are all saying Ukraine will join the EU/NATO because they are openly working/lobbying for the best interests of the current bond holders of Ukrainian debt!
    As soon as Ukraine joins the EU/NATO these Ukrainian bonds become the legal obligation of EU taxpayers!
    Wake Up Folks!
    We are talking tens of billions of your money here!

    Ukraine Frontlines Collapsing:

    Contrary to everyone’s expectations, I doubt Russia will collapse Ukrainian frontlines in 2024.
    Sure they will nibble here and there until Donbas is fully recovered.
    Russia wants to keep the frontline mess where it currently is.
    It is all about logistics.

    The Banker’s War:

    The Ukrainian war, Gaza, sanctions, etc are all part of the bankers war.
    There are trillions at stake here!
    That is why none of these above events will end anytime soon.
    The bankers are playing for all of the marbles.
    This is about control of the entire planet!
    Russia knows this.
    Russia knows the bankers want NATO to escalate.
    For our elites this struggle is essential for their future survival.
    We little people are being encouraged to make our elite’s survival essential to our survival!
    Instead, we need to oppose our elites in order to survive!
    Rome collapsed because the barbarians offered the Roman people a better deal than their elites!

    De – Dollarization:

    Maybe the new USD low in gold is one of many sutile signs of de – dollarization that we will only see/know in hindsight?
    A fallout of the banker’s war?
    Freeland’s PFD:

    When I first read about Freeland’s PFD, I thought I must be reading a BBee spoof!
    Good lord!
    She has it really really bad!
    It couldn’t happen to a nicer and more deserving person.
    Like Kamala’s uncontrollable crackle!
    Clearly, Freeland is vaccine injured!
    Hurry, get her a FPV straw broom!

    Michael Reid

    Joseph Sansone & Karen Kingston: Covid War to Usher in Authoritarian Governance & Biorevolution

    Joseph Sansone & Karen Kingston: Covid War to Usher in Authoritarian Governance & Biorevolution


    @ WES
    TAE has plenty of needles pricking the balloons and changing the future to reality.


    Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) suggested that House Speaker Mike Johnson is being “blackmailed” because of his “complete departure” from Republican concerns

    Cute. She obviously thinks there are a few people out there who do not know that all politicians have been bought by the Jews, MTG included.


    Researchers say more support, education needed to help B.C. long-COVID patients

    Researchers say more support, education needed to help B.C. long-COVID patients

    By Darrian Matassa-Fung Global News
    Posted April 5, 2024 1:22 pm

    An SFU report is calling for increased support for those who suffer from long COVID. Global News Morning speaks with SFU Long COVID Research Assistant Kayli Jamieson about the study, and her own experience with long COVID.

    According to Statistics Canada, more than 3.5 million Canadian adults have experienced long COVID symptoms, with 40 per cent of those saying they had difficulties accessing health care.
    More awareness and investment needed to support people with long COVID: SFU report
    April 04, 2024
    by Jeff Hodson
    Navigating Long COVID: Co-creating
    research priorities to understand and
    address the information needs of
    caregivers in British Columbia
    APRIL 2024
    Kayli Jamieson, Long COVID Research Assistant
    Julia Smith, Health and Social Inequities Theme Lead
    Kaylee Byers, Senior Scientist, One Health
    Rackeb Tesfaye, Knowledge Mobilization Director
    Health and Social Inequities Research Theme
    Pacific Institute on Pathogens, Pandemics, and Society
    Pathogens, Pandemics and Society
    The Pacific Institute on Pathogens, Pandemics and Society (PIPPS) is a new interdisciplinary research institute focused on strengthening British Columbia’s capability to prevent, prepare for and respond to major infectious disease events.

    Read more …

    Pictures of PIPPS research team

    Affiliated projects/reports

    PIPPS researchers have received prestigious grants to support their work on pandemics and pathogens.

    Selected Recent Publications


    “Russia is not a pariah,” Blinken stated, and “the idea has never been to exclude [it]..”

    Interesting to see how Jew morality has overtaken the US government, it now cannot tell the truth, it is now unable to tell the truth, it does what the Jews do, it lies constantly.


    Center for Countering Disinformation (CCD)

    Goebells had the Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda (Ministry for Propaganda), the US government has the CCD. Goebells had the better name, more confident, admitting that it was piping shite into the heads of the voters.


    It is in Brussels that we find the symbolic center to which we must be loyal.

    Can’t have loyalty without regionalism or nationalism. Destroy nations through massive immigration and legal bias in favour of the immigrants and you lose the loyalty of the majority of citizens. The Jews have been playing this game for a long time, promoting “protection” for minorities, pretending to care for blacks and other foreigners in European countries, while all the time using the new “anti hate” zeitgeist to protect themselves; holocaust denial is a crime in some Euro countries, so is “antisemitism”. Notice there is no “antiAfricanism” or “slavery denial” laws, the Jews were just stirring up their usual “we are victims” trouble to oppress the white cowards.

    When people say “It is only some Jews who ….”, this is bullshit; the Jews have survived this long, despite their bad behaviour, through their loyalty to each other, without it they would have disappeared a long time ago. They know this and want to demolish similar loyalties through religion, nationality etc among the goyim as they know it will weaken the goyim.


    Give me more billions or other bridges will have accident….


    John Day

    Propaganda Traps And Misservices

    It looks like I sort of have to write something about “Propaganda” and the misleading qualities of words, even when we mean our best, as we reason through language. Simplicius hosts a guest essayist on Dark Futura, Isaac Simpson, who has penned Cthulhu Gazes Right

    ​ Cthulhu is a cosmic entity created by writer H. P. Lovecraft. It was introduced in his short story “The Call of Cthulhu”,[2] published by the American pulp magazine Weird Tales in 1928. Considered a Great Old One within the pantheon of Lovecraftian cosmic entities, this creature has since been featured in numerous popular culture references. Lovecraft depicts it as a gigantic entity worshipped by cultists, in the shape of a green octopus, dragon, and a caricature of human form. The Lovecraft-inspired universe, the Cthulhu Mythos, where it exists with its fellow entities, is named after it…
    ..The short story that first mentions Cthulhu, “The Call of Cthulhu”, was published in Weird Tales in 1928, and established the character as a malevolent entity, hibernating within R’lyeh, an underwater city in the South Pacific. The imprisoned Cthulhu is apparently the source of constant subconscious anxiety for all mankind, and is also the object of worship, both by many human cults (including some within New Zealand, Greenland, Louisiana, and the Chinese mountains) and by other Lovecraftian monsters.

    T​his aphorism is also instructive: “Jesus Saves. Moses invests. Cthulhu Squanders.”

    ​ Isaac Simpson points out that​ “Cthulhu always swims left”, meaning to degrade virtues and morals generation by generation as “old fashioned” and overly restrictive to desires.
    After setting the stage in current modernity, Simpson explains propaganda as facilitating with words the alignment of certain interests, and selling this alignment to customers as some other virtue, which just happens to involve their purchase of this particular thing along the way. Branded-Celebrities do this selling in their bold daily tabloid appearances.
    Simpson points out that left-selling has already started to collapse, as for Bud Light, for instance, and that Cowboy hats and pro-football “Americana” is the new growth venue. Cthulhu will market this way, but always to “squander”, never to “save” or “invest”.
    As I read history, the easy “squander” to market through right-Americana is going to be hate, “retribution”, killing and war. This is a backlash I have been concerned about, because when the current game crashes, somebody will be blamed bigly, and it won’t be the “owners”. Numerous left-weakling-PC types can be easily targeted. Watch for it. Don’t go Brownshirt when it happens.
    Hate and retribution are relatively cheap forms of degradation for the owners, ideally suited to times of declining economy, such as we have entered. There will be blame. Sacrifice pawns, not queens or bishops.
    All “solutions” must lead downward in social expenditures now, as oil is economy, and net oil peaked a year before COVID, messing with the financial basis of the growth-economy, necessitated by compound interest upon debt-based-money. In Europe they are talking about higher taxes and lower social spending, because a “wartime-economy” is now necessary to “thwart Russian aggression”. This comes after the first stepdown of EU oil-economy with the sanctions against Russian oil and gas, and the sabotage of the Nordstream pipelines. The owners need to pay for military and police to enforce their will(s), while imposing austerity upon the peoples of the world. For the owners to maintain their position and their profits, the people need to obey them, rely upon them, obey them and accept less and less prosperity in return. This is a very hard sell. There will be resentment, which can be focused upon Jews, gypsies, illegal aliens, white-people or LGBTQ, for instance. The blaming-deplorable-white-people drive seems to have stalled-out this year. Backlash can be arranged.
    There will need to be some events to focus the hate and resentment of the coming financial-crisis wiping out the investments of the gated-community class. For the owners (through-Blackrock), getting rid of people who collect funded social services would be good to reduce ​their overhead​ costs, while continuing funding for the deep-state spies, police and military enforcers of ​their private ownership.
    ​ I hope that I have not misused this essay to present where I think Cthulhu is headed as he degrades those who might rise constructively against his malevolence.

    Tessa Lena presents an exploration of how words can become ghosts of reality, unlike lived-experience, which gives meaning and foundation. Abstracted words about a living thing, words with subtle innuendo, can be logically processed to a conclusion which is cold and lifeless, while presenting as caring and compassionate, like the war against the Taliban to give Afghan women their rights back, for instance.
    The antidote to this, our human fight against the hungry-ghosts, is to live in reality, to live in compassion, to know reality, and to use words with our best intentions, not with sly withholding to gain some secret advantage or hidden profit.
    ​ Artificial Spirits and Collector’s Mind: A Giant Trap​

    John Day

    ​ Henry Kissinger advised Richard Nixon to push American farmers to massively overproduce wheat and corn, to drive down global prices, and to control global grain markets from America’s “fertile plains”. “Control the food and you control the people.” Secretary of Agriculture, Earl Butz said, “get big or get out”, and made it not-optional with changes in the structure of farm subsidies. Since then, the US has effectively weaponized wheat, famously selling over a third of US production to the USSR in 1972-1973, when Soviet harvests were poor, to start the process off with a (short-lived) boost to American farmers. It has been austerity for farmers, and domination of global markets for Cargill since then. Russia may change that over the next couple of years. Red sends this article:
    ​ Russia pushing for BRICS grain exchange
    ​ Russia is urging the BRICS, a trade alliance of nine emerging countries, to establish an inter-bloc grain exchange. The officially declared purpose of the alliance is to facilitate trade between member states, but analysts warn that the new structure will aim to become an analogue of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) for the global grain market, with the goal of influencing free pricing.
    ​ The Russian Union of Grain Exporters (RUGE) first expressed the idea of establishing an inter-BRICS grain exchange in December 2023, in a run-up to the bloc’s historic expansion…
    ..The proposal didn’t draw much attention until March, when it was backed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.
    ​ During a meeting with Russian farmers, Putin said: “All benchmark (grain) prices are set in the US and Europe, for example, in Paris. How much grain do the French produce? I think less than we do. And still, according to tradition, benchmark prices are formed out there.”

    ​ Martin Armstrong, Why Are Central Banks Buying Gold?
    ​ The West has become extremely aggressive in its geopolitics. You simply do not buy the debt of your enemy​ ($US). Central banks are buying gold because the USD is political… Why would you buy long-term when war, the primary driver of inflation, is looming? This is a serious situation that the neocons who have weaponized the dollar simply do not understand.

    Why Are Central Banks Buying Gold?

    ​Gold is at $US 2329 per Troy oz. as I look at it now:

    (Stoking civil war is harder when the economy keeps improving,) UKRAINE PLAN OF CROCUS CITY HALL ATTACK TO START ETHNIC POGROMS, CIVIL WAR IN RUSSIA , John Helmer
    ​ “The unity of Russia’s multiethnic society,” President Vladimir Putin told the Russian Trade Union Congress on Thursday, “is the main fundamental condition of our success. In this connection, and based on the initial results of the investigation, we have grounds to believe that the main goal of those who masterminded the bloody and heinous terrorist attack in Moscow was to damage our unity.”
    ​ Putin is repeating the message – four times in two weeks: earlier on March 23, March 25, and April 2 — because it happens to be true.
    ​ What also happens to be true is that during the Yeltsin period, when asked by Moscow university students what I thought of anti-semitism in Russia, I said: Russians are the most primitive white tribe in the world – they are hostile to the other tribes, the Jews, Chechens, Armenians, Chukchi, Uzbeks, Tajiks — each one of them equally. After this sociology was elaborated, invitations to lecture at Moscow universities stopped.
    ​ The sociological problem which Russia’s enemies have is that the foreign white tribes, like the Galicians of the Ukraine, the Anglo Saxons, and the Blin-Noodle gang ruling Washington, make the primitive sociological mistake of thinking they can trigger intercommunal warfare inside Russia, to weaken and break it up. The British Secret Service (MI6) made their first abortive attempts at this during the Bolshevik revolution and the civil war following. The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and MI6 have been plotting the same thing since 1945, increasing the resources and accelerating their efforts in the Caucasus during the Yeltsin administration of the 1990s.​ It is therefore no surprise they have convinced their Ukrainian counterparts to implement the same scheme. On Tuesday of this week, The Times of London headlined this plan “Ukraine Stokes Anti-Immigrant Tensions in Russia”.​..
    .​. (quoting) Andrei Kovalenko, head of the Ukraine’s Centre for Countering Disinformation (CCD). By weaponizing local ethnic communities like the Tajiks in Russia, the operational objective, according to Kovalenko, is “to exploit divisions and distrust among the Russian public.”
    ​ Kovalenko is conceding the Ukraine strategy behind the Tajik gunmen’s attack on the Crocus City Hall on March 22. But the foreign tribesmen have misread the Russian sociology again. The attack has failed in its war objective.​..
    ..Polling results over the years show that positive and negative Russian sentiment has been moving on several measures of social distance — acceptance as family members, friends, neighbours, citizens, temporary workers on visa – in different directions for different ethnic groups.
    ​ The improvement in the Russian perception of Ukrainians and Jews has been sharply reversed by the Kiev war on the Donbass and then the Israeli war against Gaza. By contrast, the political, economic, and media efforts of the Putin administration to cultivate strategic relations with China, the African states, and the Caucasus, including Chechnya, have accentuated the positive, diminished the negative.
    Lev Gudkov, Levada’s chief sociologist (Jewish), reporting on the December 2021 survey, has been reluctant to admit that Soviet ideology and Marxist education significantly reduced Russian xenophobia and racism​… Gudkov has also not acknowledged that since 2013 rising real incomes, employment mobility, and public optimism have acted together to reduce the negative sentiments of the 1990s.​..
    ​..“The overall intensity of negative attitudes has been decreasing in recent years. This is especially noticeable in relation to ‘Jews’ (an increase in positive attitudes from 2010 to 2021 from 22% to 45%; a decrease in negativity and various kinds of restrictions over the same period from 34% to 22%), ‘Chinese’ (the share of positive or neutral responses increased from 12% to 28%; the share of negative decreased from 62% to 45%), ‘Chechens’ (the share of indicators of tolerant attitudes increased from 9% to 22%, negative decreased from 57% to 41%). The attitude towards Africans retains a predominantly negative and cautious tone (an increase in tolerant opinions from 12% to 22%, negative ones remained almost the same, 58%-60%, during 2010-2020, dropping by December 2021 to 51%). The same can be said about Gypsies (the growth of positive attitudes from 7% to 15%; the volume of negative attitudes ranges from 54% to 63% in August 2020, then decreases to 51%).”
    ​ Also, Gudkov’s survey of December 2021 confirmed that in the Russian labour market, the migrant worker problem has been intensifying, although unreported Levada data show that the balance between positive and negative sentiment varied markedly between regions and cities, and between income and age groups; that is to say, there is a correlation by social class.​..
    ​..In his public assessments of the Crocus City Hall attack, President Putin has been carefully balancing the elements of public support for combating Russia’s foreign enemies and for remedying domestic labour market stress. In parallel, since March 22 there has been a new drive by police and prosecutors to crack down on illegal immigration from Central Asia and on the state official corruption which has encouraged it.​..
    ​..Russia is unique not only for its ethnic diversity, but also for the very form of coexistence of different peoples and religious groups. In Russia, during its entire historical path, there was almost no forced assimilation of small peoples. Moreover, minority cultures, languages, and identities were maintained at the state level, especially during the Soviet period.
    ​ On the one hand, this was a condition for interethnic peace in a large and diverse country. But on the other hand, it was among minorities, who retained their ethnic identity thanks to Moscow’s policy, that the external forces were looking for the most radical “fighters against Russian imperialism.”
    ​ Russia’s internal diversity has always been perceived by external players as our weakness, a condition of the “non-monolith”. This gave rise to the idea of Russia’s opponents to split our country primarily on a national basis.​..
    ..Now the Kiev regime and its special services are publicly boasting about operations of this kind against Russia — and a British newspaper is relishing these details.
    From the point of view of Russian legislation, we are faced with subversive, anti-state activities which can be characterized as terrorism, incitement to overthrow state power, and incitement to ethnic hatred. Consequently, the relevant Ukrainian structures should also be characterized by us as terrorists and their leaders as leaders of terrorist organizations.


    John Day

    ​ “Self-licking ice cream cone” is the military term. 75th Anniversary: NATO Exists to Respond to Conflicts It Caused
    Over the last 30 years, NATO has lost its veneer of a “defensive” alliance, turning into an overtly expansionist and interventionist military bloc​.

    ​ It is obvious that Ukraine was involved in the terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall concert venue on March 22, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Thursday.​ (Must fund military industrial complex at all costs!)
    ​ “Now they want to turn voluntary military assistance to Ukraine withing NATO into mandatory military assistance. To force all NATO members through strict discipline to sign up for the mandatory provision of funding and weapons to the Kiev regime,” Lavrov said at the round table with ambassadors of over 70 countries dedicated to the Ukrainian crisis.

    Spain to officially recognize Palestinian state, calls on Western powers to do same

    ​ ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 182: Israel says it will ‘temporarily’ allow aid into Gaza
    WHO chief is “appalled” at the destruction of al-Shifa Hospital. Meanwhile, pressure on Netanyahu increases domestically to strike a hostage deal with Hamas, as the UN Human Rights Council considers an arms embargo against Israel.
    33091 + killed* and at least 75,750 wounded in the Gaza Strip.
    456+ Palestinians killed in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.**
    Israel revises its estimated October 7 death toll down from 1,400 to 1,139.
    600 Israeli soldiers have been killed since October 7, and at least 3,302 injured.

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 182: Israel says it will ‘temporarily’ allow aid into Gaza

    World Central Kitchen Founder José Andrés: “What I Know Is We Were Targeted Deliberately, Non-Stop, Until Everybody Was Dead In This Convoy.”

    John Day

    Ben Shapiro Accuses Chef Andres of ‘Blood Libel’

    ​ VIDEO: Israeli Soldiers Shoot Starving Palestinians Collecting Aid in Gaza
    ​ Israeli soldiers can be seen shooting starving Palestinians collecting food aid in the northern Gaza Strip in footage released Thursday by Al Jazeera.
    The video shows Palestinians collecting aid from an airdrop while IDF soldiers fire on them repeatedly.
    ​ One Palestinian man walking away from the scene after filling a bag with aid can be seen getting shot from behind by the IDF while posing no threat to anyone.
    The IDF continue to shoot at him after he falls to the ground, fighting desperately to cling to his life.
    Eventually, the man accepts his death and is seen being surrounded by a pack of stray dogs.

    US Approves Transfer of Thousands of More Bombs for Israel
    The shipment was approved on Monday, the same day Israel killed seven aid workers and bombed Iran’s consulate in Syria

    US Approves Transfer of Thousands of More Bombs for Israel

    ​ ‘About 30 medical staff are not accounted for, and we do not know what has become of them’
    ​ The head of the nursing department at Al-Shifa Hospital, Dr Jadallah Sahafie, said Israel’s two-week raid on Gaza’s largest medical complex is a ‘deliberate’ act to destroy the hospital that had been catering to over 2,000 patients and performing more than 100 surgical operations daily.

    ‘About 30 medical staff are not accounted for, and we do not know what has become of them’

    US and UK Have Bombed Yemen 148 Times Since January
    According to the Yemen Data Project, a total of 339 munitions were dropped on Yemen in the first 80 days of the bombing campaign

    US and UK Have Bombed Yemen 148 Times Since January

    John Day

    ​ Meryl Nass MD, Thou SHALL obey the WHO. The new treaty includes “Shall” 164 times. The IHR amendments 168 times. You bet the WHO wants to order 194 countries around. “Oh no we would never steal any sovereignty” says the World STEALTH Organization. Thanks to Liberty Council for its clear explanation of what is really going on at the WHO.

    Meryl Nass MD, Louisiana’s (37-0) shot heard round the world , And I have some very good news
    ​ Even the Netherlands is hearing about the Louisiana Senate victory against the WHO and the WEF (see story below). And a bill to make ivermectin and over-the-counter drug in Louisiana just made it out of committee. Tennessee already passed such a law. New Hampshire got very close but its RINO governor Sununu refused to sign it.
    ​ The really good news is that identical bills as Louisiana’s have been introduced in Alabama and Tennessee, and strong legislators are pushing them forward. So keep your fingers crossed.​

    ​ Ben Davidson has patched together 48 minutes of videos to present the Solar Catastrophe 12,000 Year Cycle in one video. Several concepts are repeated.
    The gist is that there is a galactic current sheet rotating from the galactic center with positive and negative sinusoidal undulations, which passes our way with a polarity reversal every 12,000 years. This is supported by fossil evidence of changes on 12,000 year markers.
    Another thing that happens, apparently each 12,000 year repetition, is a solar micronova, caused by the accretion of dust (carried by the galactic current sheet and now increasing in our solar system) onto the sun’s surface, which is then explosively thrown off, creating “nova isotopes” which are in evidence in sediments on earth, with no other explanation. The magnetic field change “kick” is the other thing shown to trigger various sized nova events.
    Stars in the approach path of the galactic current sheet have displayed these phenomena over the past 50 years, in appropriate succession, and our solar system is next, already experiencing weakening magnetic fields and wandering magnetic poles.
    The flux of energy from the micronova is variable and comes in an initial flash, then arrival of charged particles, then arrival of high speed energized debris, with nova-isotopes.
    This may be, and apparently has sometimes been, enough energy transmitted into the mantle layer below the tectonic plates to loosen them, and facilitate a 90 degree shift of rotational poles, with north and south poles becoming equatorial, and two equatorial areas becoming rotational poles. From what I read polar ice cores go back more than 24,000 years, so this particularly devastating event is not every 12,000 year cycle. The expected arrival of this event is before 2050.
    Ben’s presentation style may irritate you, It irritates me. The content is worthy of your consideration.
    ​ The Catastrophe Evidence​


    “And this missile can reach Los Angeles and snuff the Empire of Lies Propaganda Headquarters…”

    “On the house buddy, it’s all yours Kim, happy hunting”


    Michael Reid

    The BioRevolution of Humanity
    Using synthetic biotechnologies,
    the BioRevolution will protect the environment and
    “ensure the sustainable development of human beings” by
    genetically modifying and controlling all life forms.

    April 2, 2024:
    The BioRevolution uses synthetic biology and gene editing technologies,
    such as mRNA nanoparticles,
    to modify the genome of all biological life forms,
    including human beings.

    China is leading the global BioRevolution
    and the China National GeneBank (CNGB) has collected and digitized
    the DNA from billions of global citizens, including Americans.

    CNGB claims that genetically modifying humans is necessary
    in order to protect the environment
    and “ensure the sustainable development of human beings.”


    Duh’merican Education in a Nut shell



    There are no countries, only the illusion of such. There’s corporations, globally intertwined. The fuel is the money. Money runs the world. That is why Gazans can be slaughtered. No one will oppose Rothschild $. The whole freakshow, politicians, figureheads, chiefs and kings is illusion Theatre for retards staring at TV.


    Kinda speaks for itself…



    Celticbiker said

    There are no countries, only the illusion of such. There’s corporations, globally intertwined. The fuel is the money. Money runs the world. That is why Gazans can be slaughtered. No one will oppose Rothschild $. The whole freakshow, politicians, figureheads, chiefs and kings is illusion Theatre for retards staring at TV.

    And they are using climate change and other scams (just watch US news for endless scams) to drive our standard of living into the ground, to tie us in knots so that we live as plebs. All this just so that they can go on holiday to Kenya and have the whole Serengetti to themselves, so that they can wander London without bumping into lower class people, without the pesky plebs crowding out the place. Basically it is the wealthy and upper middle classes against the rest of us. Living in China I escape this assault on the average Joe.

    D Benton Smith

    There are those who think that getting rid of evil Jews will get rid of evil. They’re pretty stupid, obviously, but it would be a big mistake to ignore the fact that they do think like that, and an even bigger mistake to believe them. It would be the same as thinking that getting rid of crooked politicians will get rid of crooks, or politicians.

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