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    Dorothea Lange Salvation Army, Minna Street, San Francisco, California. Apr 1939 When I think about what an American president should do, and should b
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    “… look at what goes on in Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, the Gaza Strip …” etc.

    The call went out, with the web, to the most despicable, dangerous and unstable of the human race. They answered and came in droves from every country. They became the mercenaries of the elites. They got trained and fought in those areas. hehehe … those despicable humans were only the pawns of greater, wiser, of holders of power. Those pawns will get destroyed because they could become a threat to the elites. The leaders of those pawns did not and will not go into a killing zone at the beck and call of the elites.
    Terrorism will not be eliminated by the elite. Terror will continue to reign.
    The survivors of the killing zones will be the ones to fear.


    “On Monday, Krugman’s New York Times column accepts the storyline that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin instigated the Ukraine crisis and extrapolates from that “fact” the conclusion that perhaps the nefarious Putin did so to engineer a cheap land grab or to distract Russians from their economic problems.”

    Land grabs and distractions from economic problems. That sounds familiar. They picked the right boy to give the pseudo-Nobel prize in Economics to – someone who tows the propaganda line and is a complete idiot to boot.


    Yeah, sure, MIC and Wall St have pumped big bucks into political influence,,,but ya gotta give some credit for the mess we’re in to those who’s best interest lies in voting themselves largesse from the public till, as well.

    Liberty requires sacrifice. As all powerful central government has replaced personal responsibility, sacrifice has become a fools game.

    And also, for sure, Jal, “Terrorism” on the part of special interests, governments and underdogs will certainly continue, and accelerate, as the most economical means of furthering agendas, as all parties abandon the sacrifices and ethics necessary for respect of “The Rule of Law” and proceed into the abyss of mob rule.

    Thanks, Ilargi, for guiding TAE a tad more toward the reality of what is, from the earlier meme of what we would like it to be. It’s always best to know thine enemy, in order to don the gaiters and prepare the snake bite kit, than to believe the snake won’t bite if we can just show it logic and reason.


    I agree in theory Obama should have gone to Ferguson but in practice even if his motives and words would be pure the result would do more harm than good. It has to be understood the degree of pure rage he inspires on the right and inserting himself into the situation directly would only stoke the hatred, to perhaps dangerous levels.

    We dislike him, or worse, because of bubbles, wars, etc. They hate him because, just because. For reasons beyond reason.

    Even if his overall motives are good,by our standards and that’s highly doubtful, it is beyond his capacity to even begin to deliver on them. To lead in another direction from the Beltway is impossible because there is nobody there within two degrees of separation from policy power to follow much less advise.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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