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    Esther Bubley Greyhound garage, Pittsburgh, PA Sep 1943 Our Canadian friend Marina, who has Russian roots, sent me this video today. Marina has also t
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    Thank you Marina, and Raul

    It is so hard to get news from East Ukraine before it has been run through the media machine.


    It’s easy for me to say but making a bid for full independence by military means is a mistake, because it is doomed. Or so it seems to me. The end results will be far worse than they otherwise would have been. First from the destruction of the war itself and then the inevitable retribution. I have no clue how things would have proceeded without the bid for independence via war.

    In regard to Yugoslavia which is a reference point to these people we were always told that that war was brought upon the Kosvars and Albanians by the Serbs but it seems it was the former under the KLA banner which started military attacks on the latter with attacks on police and latter military targets. Not to defend the Serb killing field or months long murder by sniper campaign against the their opponents. Point being once the killing started the side that the West supported was supplied with the endless amount of bombs necessary to prevail. The difference here is we were on the side of the independence seekers there. It is fully apparent that in this case the unlimited firepower and rhetorical support necessary to defeat our chosen bad guys will be used. Thus my conclusion that the independence movement is doomed. Then too while a majority of the people in the break away regions might support independence I seriously doubt they want war to achieve it.

    Of course what the peanut gallery thinks is besides the point and the dogs of war loose. I am for neither side. Ukraine and the break away region could exist apart and the world would hardly notice. Both sides have chosen war and now only sorrow will follow.

    V. Arnold

    It would seem the U.S. is quickly losing all credibility and slipping into psychotic behavior towards Russia. I’m sure the U.S. policy despots think they are acting rationally; but in the view of one from without; it looks to be pure insanity. Where the hell does the U.S. find people like Nuland and her ilk?

    This is a site run by a Russian and it offers some pretty good perspectives;

    This thread is most informative Raul, thank you, fascinating…


    That’s the site the translated Automatic Earth articles are located, V.arnold.

    V. Arnold

    @ Raúl

    ‘Tis a small world after all…


    Looks like we get one story from the mainstream media and we get the opposite story (directly or implied) from the awareness sites, like this. I’ve no idea which to believe or if the real story is somewhere in the middle. I do worry, though, that some sites like to take the opposite line to the official western view, whatever that view is.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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