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    Would all of you stop your praying and wishes.
    The asteroid had a diameter of about 10-20 feet, according to NASA,


    @Ilargi – is the google thing the fact that the occasional painting you’ve posted is topless/nude? Those have been around for centuries, but the moral puritanism (or at least the urge to censor) is strong these days..

    On an interesting Covid note, the NZ High Court has today issued judgement that the first few days of NZ lockdown were unlawful. Which won;t change anything (and I’m fine with that), but I did feel happy that despite all the pressure they inevitably felt, they were independent enough to issue that judgement.
    I only discovered on Monday quite how fragile individual rights are in NZ. We have no constiution and only one layer of parliament. Many of our rights stem from the 1990’s Bill of Rights Act (BORA) which is secondary to any subsequent act of parliament (so it conveys no inalienable rights). I’ve been banging my drum re the importance of standing up for habeus corpus etc without realising quiet how fragile it is here!


    @ilargi – is the google thing the fact that the occasional painting you’ve posted is topless/nude?

    No, it’s the front page as it was on Aug 18


    @ John Day: When you say “There may be another Texas of oil buried in Alaska. It has been kept top secret after a few wells were drilled in Carter years, then capped off. It could be nothing, but it would have taken them longer to be sure that it was nothing”, I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Are you suggesting we ought to drill it up just because it might be there? We have already passed our storage capacity, so what would be the point right now? Plus, a lot of other stuff about preserving the wilderness, methane leaks, blah, blah, blah (I’m too tired right now to give all the bullet points), and the fact that they are killing off and impoverishing enough of us that I doubt there will be nearly as much demand for years going forward.

    @ Vietnam Vet: I have noticed in comments you have made before that you are a fellow Marylander. Just wanted to say hello from the north end of the state.

    V. Arnold

    I’ve been banging my drum re the importance of standing up for habeus corpus etc without realising quiet (sic) how fragile it is here!

    I think this is true across the board; including the U.S.. Free speech is under attack everywhere.
    Just imagine; how could we post here without that (free speech) being assured?
    This place (TAE) is a true gem in the world at large; most are moderated to death…



    I was not trying to offend in anyway. I have noticed a shift in the tenor of the comments and articles. that is all.

    America is lost as far as I can tell there are no leaders that can get elected.

    John Day

    @Teri: What I meant about the potentially massive amount of oil in Alaska is that if it is there, then it changes the geopolitical balance going-forward. Our power-lizards use human emotions when it serves their purposes, but ANWAR, to them, is most likely an excuse to keep everybody away from the oil they found, until they are ready. They will burn other oil, until it runs so low that global economy is shivering. Then they will have special powers.

    Dr. D

    As Dr. Day says: decentralize. Do your own good works at home.

    For that, don’t worry about whether you hate Orange man quite enough: regardless of what you do or don’t do, they will slander you and cut you off anyway. Hiding won’t help: you’re next. We’re next. They’re next. They already came for Steinham and Rushdie, Atwood and Chompsky. Bernie is now a reported Nazi, no joke. Who cares what is said, stay by the truth.

    The sad part is, their slander sucks the oxygen out of the room of the many ACTUAL bad things Orange Man (and all government employees) do. He’s opened drilling in ANWR, just like Obama; not stopped wars, like Clinton, Bush, and Obama; he’s in support of pipelines, like Obama; he’s divisive, like Clinton, Bush, and Obama; he neglects the post office, like Clinton, Bush, and Obama; he has accomplished little to return jobs, like Clinton, Bush, and Obama (although you could say they actually LOST the jobs;, stands by dozens of transparently unconstitutional court decisions like Clinton, Bush, and Obama; expands the executive like Clinton, Bush, and Obama; protects Wall St and rigs the markets like Clinton, Bush, and Obama…

    Which is why I point out, he’s a lifelong business Democrat who has cut-pasted Bill Clinton’s political platform: a lot of those border quotes, the Bible photo-op at the D.C. church, are all word-for-word copies of Clinton and Obama, no doubt on purpose.

    But what do we hear? Gas chambers, cages, secret police, RussiaRussiaRussia! As if they wouldn’t have won by now just by pointing out the ACTUAL problems and presenting ACTUAL solutions that are incredibly easy, you know: arrest felons, follow the law. Cut off the money. The felons in Manhattan, Langley, Silicon Valley etc. Not that hard to find them: they’re all the ones buried under a billion stacks of $100 bills, like Epstein and his pal Weinstein, Bezos, Pichai, and Zuck.

    Instead we have fake outrage and fake stories, with fake candidates, and fake reporting on fake arrests. Well, things don’t go on long that way: re-localize and grow your garden green. None of this matters when the elephants are too busy trampling to get within 100 miles of your place.

    Dr. D

    P.S. I suspect that oil exists. We have refused to (officially) probe 3 coasts and oil just bubbles up to shore in Santa Barbera. But that oil, with the gold that just doubled this year, is the collateral backing the upcoming dollar. We just need to reneg on our debts first before we admit we’re rich as Jed Clampett.

    Very, very soon.

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