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    M.C. Escher Dream 1935   • NATO Will Support Ukraine Until It Wins The War – Stoltenberg (TASS) • US-Backed Roll Of The Dice Leaves Ukraine In Wo
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle August 18 2023]

    V. Arnold

    M.C. Escher Dream 1935

    Thanks Ilargi for all you do here at TAE…


    Tulsi Gabbard’s experience with Maui is not unique. I think back to New Orleans after Katrina.

    A guy with a rowboat rescued over 100 people from rooftops because there was no army presence, no rescue helicopters, no help at all.

    Police were deployed, but only inside stores to stop those desperate for food from getting any – they would be treated as looters.

    Refugees were holed up in a stadium for weeks before it was finally admitted that there had always been a usable road out of Orleans.

    The failing levee was built by the US military. A picture shows the concrete blocks were rectanguloid, no attempt at interlocking shapes. They were only as strong as the cement holding them together.

    It probably did not help that the majority of the population was black.

    I found the whole thing disgusting. The richest country in the world with the biggest military did not lift a finger to help.

    Dr. D

    That reminds me of a certain American Etcher, but Google is now dedicated to giving you only one answer. So trying to find it, I get only 20 images for “Etcher, American, 1900” and many of those by all the same people. All women, I would expect. I don’t have time to find it right now, just know 1) Google is now useless 2) It is also lying to the point where it’s useless. And ChatGPT was designed, ground-up to be the same.

    Since given enough time I can remember, it was Franklin Booth:

    • Western Big Tech Firms Wipe Away Hunter Biden’s Many Sins (Sp.)

    Just like Google search. And ChatGPT. “I can’t let you do that, Dave.” Seeing etchings of 20th century artists is not allowed unless they’re LGBTQ PoC, or else women, a gender which doesn’t exist. Remember that search of “Famous Scientists and inventors” 100% of which were gay women of color? Epic.

    Oh and yeah we saw this same editor edit all articles, 100x a day, on every day of the year including Christmas and Rosh Hashannah. So I guess chalk that one up as another win for Conspiracy Theory. Or translated: “People-who-aren’t-morons”.

    “Victor Davis Hanson On Trump Indictments: “Coordinated Effort to Destroy Him as a Candidate”

    “The irony of this whole mess is that they are prosecuting Donald Trump for election interference, but they’re interfering in a way that’s never happened in American history,”

    Yes. they don’t care. Interfering in elections SAVES Democracy. It’s democracy when we DON’T have the people’s voice. There are some engineers and plotters on top, but a lot or most of the election rigging is from ordinary people only pretending to check signatures, knowing every one is probably fake, and not caring because “my guy must win.” That is the power of advertising. Bernays. If they ran gun ads about how cool it is to shoot yourself in the head, blood and all, people would do it.

    Election Interference = Election Integrity. A = A The more I interfere, the better and more accurate it is. If you’re not in America, I kid you not, you’d probably be pressed to find anyone who does NOT believe this.

    “”A Monopoly In Expressing Its Views”: D.C. Circuit Hands Down Major Free Speech Victory For Pro-Life Group”

    What the heck? Headline is that this can still happen in D.C.

    “When a ‘LGBTQ+’ reporter confronted Vivek Ramaswamy, demanding to know his views on the “LGBTQ+ community,” the Republican presidential candidate provided a stark reality check.

    Ramaswamy told the person that he doesn’t “think it’s one community,” explaining that as far as he can tell “Trans is fundamentally in tension with gay, if you ask me.”

    The person then attempted to get Ramaswamy to say something negative about same sex couples, to which he responded that he only has a “negative view of the tyranny of the minority.”

    If you didn’t know or remember, because he’s Brown, Leftist tried to shut down Ramaswamy and utterly destroy his company. Because that’s what Leftist do: attack People of Color, especially successful ones. I can’t say he took such Umbrage at it, but it was more like, “I’m rich, I’ve got mine, and these guys have illustrated that they are a clear and present danger to me, to my country, and to the idea of even HAVING money, and working hard.” So he started to speak out instead of cowering which has led him here.

    He is doing AWESOME. With nothing, starting from nowhere, he’s clearly one of the smartest, most well-spoken candidates, even including RFK, and he’s 2nd in GOP polls. Now I don’t know if he’s Presidential because that has a background of understanding politics and not business, but I’m elated to have him speaking out honestly and earnestly in the news. And considering all our Presidents since Wilson, you could probably do worse, he could just hold off a desperate, black-hearted villain by taking the seat, which is a win in itself.

    This is the kind of rhetoric and response we need, and it come naturally to him. I can do it, but as we are all depressed to note, I can’t do it in sound-byte format like he can.

    “”Make Bud Light Great Again” – Anheuser-Busch Heir Wants to Buy Back Beleaguered Brand

    As it should be. Get Woke, Go Broke, but since these pirates all capture ships they didn’t create, then drive around ramming them until they sink – sink US, sink OUR daily tools of eating, drinking, and communicating – then we TRANSFER ownership of assets in distress and BANKRUPTCY. That is, we take assets FROM proven failures, and hand them to the competent. Doing this is almost the sole route of Capitalism, which is why it’s completely, utterly no longer capitalism if you tamper with it.

    We’ve had gov’t monopoly on one hand, and tampering with bankruptcy on the other, for 100 years. That’s what the 1895 panic was about, right?

    “NATO Official Retracts Russian Land-Grab Suggestion as Means to Broker Peace in Ukraine

    Trial balloon retracted. I wonder why.

    WaPo: PMCs “It’s all YOUR fault. If you had just followed my totally brilliant orders that didn’t work anywhere…”

    “It’s not whether you win or lose, but where you place the blame.” Yeah, why didn’t Ukraine have ANOTHER 400,000 men so we could kill those too? How dare they? And don’t they believe in equal opportunity and gay rights? Why aren’t 400k women also dead? (A: Because women are made for trafficking, stupid. That’s “European values” That’s what we’re fighting for.)

    “backed by 350 different organizations claiming vaccines are unequivocally safe,”

    Appeal to Authority. “The Science is Settled”. Well we know 350 organizations – as well as all these others – are idiots, fools, saps, morons, shills, sell-outs, and totally wrong. “Well if there are NINETY-FIVE indictments, surely there’s something in there…” You would think so, wouldn’t you? But no.

    NATO Will Support Ukraine Until It Wins The War – Stoltenberg (TASS)

    You do know Russia can hear you, right? These guys are incredible. The level of mental illness is breathtaking. “Nothing exists but ME and my mind.”

    “Ukraine’s fall 2022 counteroffensive left it in a stronger position,”

    You just keep telling yourself that. Russia WITHDREW. Across the river. So far as I can tell Ukraine hasn’t won anything. Not once. That’s actually g– d—d amazing. And sad, I’m rooting for them a little now.

    “• US Classified Forecast Predicts Ukraine Counteroffensive Will Fail (DeMartino)

    We told you that BEFORE the war. Um, Russia is 10x Ukraine’s size and can nuke the whole place to ashes in 30 minutes. …And your argument is they will LOSE?

    “Let me get this straight, you think that your client, one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world, is secretly a vigilante who spends his nights beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands, and your plan is to… blackmail this person?” — Batman

    There was always zero chance. The level of delusion and moron for all 600 million people of the West is epic for the ages. They’re probably publishing it widely around this whole arm of the spiral Galaxy.

    “Former US President Donald Trump is the latest figure to warn that the days of the US dollar’s predominance in world trade could soon be numbered.”

    Yes. But it all has to collapse under BIDEN. Under the DEMOCRATS. We have to lose to Russia, abandon Europe, end the empire, and ruin the US$, destroy all every 401k and home value under BIDEN. Why would we want all that – which MUST happen – to happen under your own party?

    Now that the 4th indictment is in, as Trump requested, they are issued a “report” on election interference. Wot a coincidence. This will come through “Space Force” which doesn’t shoot green men with rayguns, pew pew, but READS AND CONTROLS ALL THE DATA SATELLITES. Including the ones China used to read the Diebold wifi in real time, to know how many votes they need. China? Yes, dummies, Diebold is a public corp, who is a major owner? China. Even if they weren’t we already know that a 13-year-old can hack their machines. It’s been done at hacker conventions for 20 years, I remember telling people in 2000, who of course didn’t see anything wrong with that and didn’t care. (Bush-Gore)

    Anyway, Trump constituted Space Force, hand-picked, so they could go around ALL the spies and moles in the general military. There are a lot of White Hats in the Army, but this insures even less. That’s why the media was all over hating it.

    Anyway, the US$ must be close, perhaps when they handcuff Cheeto and throw him in county. Which is hilarious as it is serious. Same with Ukraine. Russia is now clear to sweep to the Polish border at will. We’re prepped to be kicked out of all Africa. Taiwan is forfeit. And Brunson is out there. US$ and markets go down, all these things will happen at once. …Or looking back in textbooks it will seem all at once.

    They’ll point at the Democrats and their endless corruption and mismanagement, and clean house of them. “Them” is a RICO on the K-Mafia, same as Trump and Guiliani did in NY back when. All families lined up. All indictments written. One day: poof, all arrested at once. Or that’s my read.

    “To date, no compelling evidence has surfaced proving the US election was swayed by widespread voter fraud”, Sputnik’s NPR writers say, having watched poll workers put stacks of the same ballots through 3 times on live camera.

    “Democrats Say It’ll Take A Lot More Than Eyewitness Testimony, Bank Records, Audio, Video, Complete Confessions For Them To Believe Biden Did Anything Wrong” –Bbee

    It’s the Sputnik-NPR merger! So THAT’S where all the male NPR journalists went! Sputnik? Um, the Pennsylvania SUPREME COURT ruled there was election fraud. That the whole STATE was illegally voting. Nope! Not to Sputnik. You’re going to have to get a lot more than a Supreme Court ruling of one of the most populous states to convince me anything’s wrong!

    “• Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Biden Admin’s “Horrible” Response To Maui Disaster (SN)

    They’re saying maybe 6,000 dead, including all the children. The mansions on one side of the street are untouched, but the middle-class housing they wanted to grab were melted to the concrete on the other side? Just like California where the engine blocks had melted, but the trees next to them were untouched?


    That’s good, since doing nothing isn’t nearly the insult that the $700 is. I guess it adds up to $7 million total or something? And of course using the US Army to PREVENT all aid is a nice touch. All the women getting raped tonight over there will really appreciate it. Never forget. “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” With the most extensive, budget-busting alarm system on planet earth! Just fixed and going off on false alarms yesterday! Nope. And all the fire trucks we paid for for 40 years. Nope! And all the insurance we paid and need now. Nope! And all the FEMA aid and police peacekeeping we need. Nope! “You’ll get nothing and like it!!!” Now shut up and get raped.

    “The carbon orthodoxy has focused our love of the environment on one target: reducing carbon.”

    Yes, carbon sells and we can keep selling all the plastics too.

    Anyway when will something actually happen? “When all is said and done; more is said than done.” Talk talk talk about all these things, and buppkus. Is the BTC slam the precursor for actual action?

    Dr. D

    And for fun: Minneapolis Arts Center Slammed For Encouraging “Family Friendly” Demon-Summoning


    This is a real book, btw.

    It’s a Religion. I don’t want to live an a theocracy. That’s why we have 1A.

    (Posting 2nd not to have too many images. Both took, without logging at all. Have they shut off all the “helping” measures sitewide?)


    You can only see them, on your nose, if you squint your eyes.

    • US Classified Forecast Predicts Ukraine Counteroffensive Will Fail (DeMartino)

    Why would anybody, knowing truth, go into a fight to prematurely meet their death in a hopeless battle?
    Because you have been trained to be part of a MERCENARY DEATH SQADS.
    Lost control of the news.
    Gabbard warned, adding “It is not at all lost on the people of west Maui when they are told that FEMA is going to give those impacted a one-time $700 payment. And as they look at the news, they are seeing tens of more millions of dollars being sent to Ukraine.”

    (Justin thinks nobody noticed that He sent Canadian wealth and assets to Ukraine even if it was needed in Canada by Canadians)
    Try to find humor
    Biden Says Anyone Struggling To Buy A House Should Just Try Setting Up 20 Shell Companies To Launder Money From China
    Aug 17, 2023 ·


    I didn’t know about Vivek, > top post.

    Interesting. In the first part about 9/11, he names no-one, heh.

    — Me: The two Arab guys who came to Los Angeles and were labelled ‘terrorists’ re. 9/11 were Hazmi and Mihdnar. They did not meet Al Bayoumi until later. Much of this was known at the time, and one can even read about it in official US docs, which do offer some ’facts’ (see link) which don’t (imho) unravel or explain anything much. Obfuscation, piling on details, conjectures, going back and forth in time (X was later arrested, etc.) fitting in with one story or another, etc. is the name of the game.

    Later on, for decades, ppl can cherry-pick ‘facts’, ‘myths’, ‘interpretations’, etc. and spin all however they like.

    Vivek mentions a court-case against KSA for compensation to 9/11 victims. Blaming the KSA was a strident Dem talking point.

    (Imho, Bush Junior ‘won’ his election in part because of the Muslim vote, via. ‘conservative’ and ‘peace’ discourse, he flipped later..) The Dems of course skip geo-pol criticism of KSA by invoking ‘social’ criteria – women’s status, can’t drive, etc, superficial rah-rah gloss.

    Vivek’s line is – Why is the Public seen as not being able to handle the truth?

    Gimme the Hard Truth! (at 8.13)

    Well, because the public, the populace, as he very well knows, counts for very little, or nothing, so no “truths” will be bruited to them.. So, no efforts, or attemps at action following these ‘truths’ will ever see the day. If any does (probably for other reasons or by accident..) they will not be tolerated by the US PTB and will be immediately repressed.

    (i didn’t watch the rest .. have to get to household tasks)


    Karl Sagan on greenhouse effect yesterday

    That is my view precisely…no need to start running around screaming “the sky is falling,” but we have been pumping the atmosphere with CO2, blithely ignoring the fact that we don’t know what the effect may be. The argument that the planet has sustained life not too different from what we have now with higher levels of CO2 is a valid one, and means that we needn’t do anything rash, but to pretend that the large amounts of CO2 put into the atmosphere by humans is “A-okay” and will have no effect is wishful thinking. There has to be a middle ground — where we aren’t swayed by anyone’s propaganda and those studying climate and related sciences can do their work without strongly biased pressure one way or the other. Fossil fuels are not infinite; humans should be experimenting with alternatives so that we reduce the speed at which we consume fossil fuels and find a way to preserve the best parts from our modern way of life for our posterity. Some of the alternatives will turn out to be dead-ends. (Alternatives that require copious amounts of rare earth metals, their extraction poisoning drinking water and requiring slave labor to be economically viable are probably going to ultimately be dead-ends.)









    Single Mom Karen picking up her kids at soccer practice



    Not a single blade of grass burned at Oprah’s Maui estate

    Don’t Worry, Be Happy


    Bob Marley – Don’t worry be Happy


    Lego Toy Corporation did a study when they created the Lego Friends line for girls….

    …they discovered that when a boy plays with a toy of a specific character, he tries to become the character.

    …when a girl plays with a toy of a specific character (and does the same thing), she tries to make the character become her.

    So if you give a boy a Batman toy, he’s gonna want to know everything there is to know about Batman, and he’ll try to think and act like Batman when he plays with the toy.

    The little girl on the other hand is going to want to make Batman go shopping, bake cookies, and go to the prom.

    That’s not to say there aren’t exceptions on both sides but that’s the DATA that allowed Lego to finally get a foothold on the girl’s market after DECADES of failed attempts.

    I trust this story because Lego was honestly following the DATA that unlocked the BEHAVIOR patterns of boys and girls, NOT the Woketard Diseased Mind Virus because…..

    Lego wanted to make MONEY and that was more important than ideology.

    End of Story



    And yes, San Franshithole Barbie has her fentanyl stash in the shopping cart with her hand-out clean needles!


    Before Barbie hit the streets she had a successful career goin’……

    Pole Dancer Barbie




    Don’t be fooled. Vivek is a typical Rino republican as he supports the Pan Pacific trade agreement where gov totaly surrender trade sovierntry to a corporation run trade tribunal.

    It is now estimated that 18.1 million Ukrainians have found peace outside of the Ukraine with 19.2 million Ukrainians left in the Ukraine to fight the war.

    So far in 2023, about 200,000 Ukrainians have left the Ukraine. It is only a matter of time before more than half the people of the Ukraine will live outside of the country.

    So clearly the west’s corporate strategy of de-populatiing the Ukraine is working very well so they can buy the Ukraine, for pennies on the dollar..


    Some here may find this interesting reading:

    For those that have followed my writing, the link below takes you to a downloadable PDF file compilation of my first 25 essays. I have put this together to serve as a test for the distribution of a writing project, It Bears Repeating: Best Of…Volume 1, that attempts to provide an ‘overview of/introduction to/update on’ the variety of issues that encompass the nexus of limits to growth, ecological overshoot, and energy, and that should be available in the next week or two.

    While offering a single document with some of my essays, the aim is to be able to determine the number of ‘views’ to the page that provides the link and serve as a proxy for the number of downloads of the document and thereby get a sense of the ‘success’ of the writing project and whether a second volume might be a worthwhile pursuit.

    The link:


    Moneycircus has this bit on the fires in Maui. I liked this guy’s comments on Off-G, then he started his own substack. I guess I should subscribe.


    Irony is not dead, it is Hope that has perished


    The Barbie Universe is indeed vast and in many ways mysterious and kinda creepy



    This is a complimentary give-away for the Hollyweird ‘Block Buster’ Barbie movie


    Meanwhile, back in the Home Front, business as usual.



    White Trash Bimbo Barbie on day off




    Hey, we won’t even need illegal immigrant to do the bottom rung tier of jobs

    I guess they we start their social ladder climb coding and selling overpriced real estate.

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