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    William Henry Jackson New Orleans, “Canal Street from the Clay monument” 1890 • A Black Swan The Size Of World War I (IBT) • Canadian Debt Slaves Pile
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    steve from virginia

    Regarding, “Netherlands On Brink Of Banning Sale Of Petrol-Fuelled Cars.”

    First of all, a car is a car petrol fueled or not. The steel, glass, plastic and fibers used in the making of the car requires fossil fuel to produce. The electricity to run electric cars is generated using fossil fuels (in Germany, lignite which is the poorest quality coal). The roads, fuel distribution infrastructure, the real estate (destinations), insurance, government, finance and even militaries are fossil fuel dependence. Neither excavators or jet fighters can be propelled using solar panels. Hundreds of trillion$ of dollars of loans cannot be rolled over by way of a handful of wind turbines.

    Even nuclear reactors are fossil fuel dependent, requiring consumption for mining, processing, transport, construction, disposal and finance,

    In addition, the whole shebang is dependent upon credit: without credit there is no industry. If it were otherwise the industries would have paid for themselves already and there would be no debts!

    Our economy is fraud and false beliefs. Don’t just ban gas cars, ban ALL the cars.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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