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    Jessie Willcox Smith From The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald 1920   • Trump to Miss Debate as There’s ‘Less to Lose by Not Showing U
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    V. Arnold

    Jessie Willcox Smith From The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald 1920

    Even the shadow of the hand of the princes strikes fear into the goblins…
    I think there is a message there…duh?????????


    CNN makes a shocking pivot, says they’re ‘perplexed’ by the corruption coming out of the Department of ‘Justice’ as they continue to cover up for the Biden Crime Family.

    Is this the CNN that for years covered up for the Biden Crime Family? Shocking.

    Who’s the dick oligarch who owns CNN? He really should decide whether he is for or against crime; years for crime now against? Did he just get diagnosed with cancer, three weeks to live, trying to book a room in heaven by telling the truth? Nah, don’t believe it, the chimp that owns CNN is covering up something worse; chimps like to throw shit.


    No Trump gives Ramaswamy an opportunity to stand out. Sure no one will be watching, however all he says will make it online…where the only news is.

    I didn’t know lamb’s blood came in the colour blue.

    Dr. D

    What I see now in old paintings and photos? “How is that child healthy and not overweight, toothless, drooling, and deformed”?

    “Ex-Head Of JPMorgan’s Precious Metals Desk Sentenced To Prison For Manipulation

    Since he does that FOR Morgan, whose client is the U.S. Government, what was he jailed for, dipping on the side? You’ll have to do better to prove they’re not still market rigging, this isn’t proof.

    “In my case, the trip to Atlanta is not for ‘Murder,’ but for making a PERFECT PHONE CALL!”

    He keeps saying that, and it has some double meaning but I don’t know what it is. That they were all live, illegally listening in (we know this from Vindman) and then impeached him over it. If he’d made a mistake then, they would have had something to go on nd the White Hats knew it (and probably coached him). He wants to remind them he knew they were listening and did it anyway, The Plan was a Fail. Since these Plans take months since they’re drooling morons and think slow, he’s rubbing it in.

    “Andy Ngo Awarded $300,000 In Antifa Attack Lawsuit

    They’ll just beat him up over it again. We already know it’s an Attack-Asians-at-Will zone.

    “Chicago Official Suggests “Purge” Style Ordinance For Gun Violence Prevention

    So…all the people who aren’t following the law in your gun-free zone, ARE going to follow the law when you ask this time?

    I finally realize their fantasy isn’t “Criminals always follow the law” their fantasy is “Everybody obeys me.” I.e. “I Am God.”

    On Oliver: “Who Turns Downs Millions? People Who Believe We Are Heading For “F**k It” Phase”

    I was thinking this too. When? When YOU make it so money doesn’t buy anything, it’s worthless. When money doesn’t buy peace, or peace of mind. That’s Socialism. Money is now worthless, and only Party Favors have value, social status, who owes who and who has blackmail. The Currency is now popularity at the Mean Girls Table. If there are no (fair) courts, essentially there is no Property, and therefore no Capitalism. Why own “Money” when what you really need – like Justice and safety – can’t be bought? Again, YOU made this. Everybody was chasing the dollar and you had them all on a leash, obeying you and bringing you all their stuff with no effort. But that wasn’t ENOUGH. You wanted MOAR. So you made even MONEY worthless, not just to get into your Private Yacht and Country Club, but for any useful thing at all.

    …So, they learned. They stopped chasing the dollar. You won. Congratulations. Now no one comes into work to fix your Mercedes, and Nashville can’t buy this guy off and shut him up.

    You win. #Winning!!!

    This is from an economics article that 5% rates will whack the Rentier class and drop income disparity. Yes, but there’s no structural change. (yet) Also the Fed raises rates and 100% of the time there’s a recession, and 100% of the time they say “Soft Landing” ‘it’s different this time” because there’s a 2-year lag. And we’re at 17 months now?

    A Median house is $400k (!!!) and rates have just doubled. So the monthly was $1,000 and is now $2,000. Or more likely was $2,000 and is now $4,000 But nothin’ bad will happen. “Subprime is contained.” Canada is worse (as always recently). They had a good idea in keeping the PAYMENT the same, just changing the DURATION. Great idea right? Can’t lose the house in their nose-bleed Anglo prices. Uh, well, the mortgage TERM doubled then and is already for 80 YEARS. Yeah, the Lord just took the land, you freeholder: now you’re a serf and sharecropper. A renter out on his ear.

    “After 15 years post-GFC, the societal ‘Fs’ that can be collectively expected are: Fight; Flight; Freeze (which we see in the 10%’s current thinking); Follow (a charismatic leader); and, finally, “F**k It.” Look at the success of the US country song ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’; and the musician who sang it just turned down $8m from a record company. Who turns downs millions? People heading for the final of the five ‘Fs’, that’s who.”

    That may be in financials, or he’s reaching too hard, but everybody one layer out from me has said F* it. Again, no workers, no parts, no repairs as the most obvious. Everybody’s home but nobody’s working.

    He points out – and again, is reaching too hard? — that Russia says F* It too. They CAN’T negotiate the end of the war, in the F* It phase, they just do what they have to or die. It’s only principles. Morals. Will. They are your new currency.

    And I think you historically see that in the 4th Turning, where the next generation grows up in a Principle-based world. One of sacrifice and order. We’re seeing the front edge entering now.

    “Authenticity Is the Real Coin of the Realm
    This is a generation more aware of how screwed they are than mine was.” — Luongo

    Yes. That’s even true in buying paperweights on Etsy. You want a “real” thing. With meaning.

    He finishes with:

    “Lies are expensive.  The Truth sells itself.  
    Your days are numbered.  The cycle has turned.  
    We don’t want your money.  We want our lives back that you stole from us one small toll at a time.”

    “Madness! American Satirist C.J.Hopkins Sentenced In German Speech Case

    Well, I guess I’ve made my point! If that isn’t anti-fascist, nothing is. Next week: burning his books in the town square.

    “We know they’re being framed as just some objective legal issues. And we know that the judge in Georgia, for example, claimed that she’s going to try this case without the politics. But very few people are in fact buying that.”

    Could that be because the prosecutor, like all the others has said they need to jail Trump and ran their election on that platform? And the Judges in some of the cases and jurisdictions too? Hey look: if you want to railroad somebody to keep the gravy boat going, you do it with LEGITIMACY. That’s your currency. So you pick a judge who HASN’T said all those things publicly, but says them privately, or for donations, like the African safari USSC Roberts got. So it’s not like the people “Don’t get it” or are seeing things. The judge and prosecutors LITERALLY SAY they’re out to get him, long before anything about this case was known. Then the media just says, “No they didn’t” and we’re supposed to believe them.

    OKAY! This won’t work, morons, but It’s your world: I just live in it.

    ““President Trump’s only crime was to humiliate the lot of you, at every level and in both parties.”

    Yes, but when YOU erased the value of money, and the only thing that matters is Social Standing, this really IS a problem. …A problem he didn’t make: YOU did. In a world of Social Standing, Humiliation is a public Bankruptcy.

    And to clarify, you’re supposed to have material value AND social value, both. Too much of one or the other causes problems.

    GOP uniting behind Trump. Maybe, but that would just be another Uniparty, another cult of personality, and we don’t need that either. I say no. Do it if you want to and feel it’s strategic and right.

    “McCarthy Threatens Impeachment Inquiry, Again (Manley)

    McCarthy means impeaching Trump, right? Or Clarence Thomas?

    • The EU Doesn’t Know How To Not Be A Vassal Of The US Anymore (Blankenship)

    Kind of. All Western nations are run by the same Derp State. A Mafia, if you will. If you mean all Western nations are lock-step and can’t figure out how to remove and arrest on RICO as all policemen are also on the take, then yes. But they’re a vassal to whom?

    Let’s add this from yesterday: “Imagine stealing all the money in the world and still being $31 Trillion in debt”. So the U.S. decided to be the master so they could be poor? Collapsing? Dead? Depleted? Broke? And so on? No free healthcare, ¼ of the vacation of Europe? Er: I don’t think so. It’s something else.

    “The offensive’s main objective is to reach the Sea of Azov, cutting off Crimea from the Russian mainland,”

    Well that was YOUR main objective. America’s NeoCons, not Ukraine’s. Clearly by their actions. And I agree they should have done this, but I’m not there and suspect if they gave up the north to do it, Russia would simply walk into Kiev. But we have zero right to say anything when we insured zero air support at all. It’s as impossible to win as to not give them shoes.

    The Ukraine recruitment head makes $30k a year and just bought a Spanish beach house for $5M in cash. But the Ukraine isn’t corrupt or nothin’ the NY Times says…a day after reporting for 8 years they were the MOST corrupt. Both! Neither! #Logos!

    “the Americans first promised their Abrams tanks and simultaneously dragged European partners into these promises, then they themselves stalled the supply of tanks, citing a lack of a structural base, a lack of a repair base, a shortage”

    Yeah, sounds like we suckered you in, doesn’t it? If so, why? And if you know we did, why’d you get sucked again on the F16s, none of which from us?

    So for Oliver and praying I’ll add a series of weird cool things from the past: Peter, that is Simon “Peter” or “Petros” that is, his nickname “Rocky”, was a fisherman and a fisher of men, along with his brother Andrew. Now they were on the Sea of Galilee, but unlike the depiction weren’t two homeless guys tossing a net when Josh showed up.

    Peter was a major commercial fishing operation from his parents, and owned several boats of like 60+ men. Roman Galleys, essentially. He had so many boats, and built them so he was also a shipyard, that he had a number of smaller boats as well, not just “tenders” as they call them, and had one built for Jesus when he was there. Who stayed in a rich beach house offered by a wealthy donor in the area. So: Major local businessman, major employer, boss and day-laborer, not above fishing or carpentry – and one of the hardest, boat building – and therefore owned a major house, had major sums of gold or what-not floating around, if you know this level of small business, employing, say 10-100 men. Older guy, one. Long married. Not really spiritual at all, but direct and practical, two. What was he giving up? All this, and at an older age. And did he just walk away when called? Nope: they had all been hanging around a while together, years perhaps, laying low, until Jesus made a public call to follow. They knew it was coming and had been thinking whether they should.

    Does that kind of fill in what sort of person he was, with a nickname like “Petros”, “Rocky”?


    Joe Biden and Democrats have repeatedly stressed that his insistence on firing Ukrainian then-Prosecutor General Viktor Shokhin back in December 2015 was consistent with the US policy of stamping out corruption in Ukraine.

    Yeah, but does Pedo-Joe have a witness that has any sort of reputation for doing something good, anything will do, just something we can put in the minutes to make them sound good, say like not being a pedo? Do we have a witness who is not a pedo? No. Okay, then maybe someone who has not had showers with their children? No. Then maybe someone who has put forward a bill not written by a corporation, a bill that would help people? Do we have someone? No. Okay, so Pedo-Joe has no credible witnesses, they are all in this together and probably should all be tried togethe – or just move onto the hangin, I am bored with the political talk-is-action bullshit, I want blood on my screen.


    Dr. D said

    What I see now in old paintings and photos? “How is that child healthy and not overweight, toothless, drooling, and deformed”?

    The rather plump lady you praised yesterday is a symptom of you losing your judgement surrounded by land-whales. Anyone with a buttock less than the width of a car is seen by you at hot! Here in China she would be plump and lacking any muscle tone – and why is she not in the kitchen? But we have better food and better weight control over here – control by doing stuff – although with that comes with bad symptoms in other areas.

    I am no dating expert, but maybe you should meet some women who do not block out the sun? Maybe those who seriously do yoga or conventional sport, some of the yoga bunnies will bore you with spirituality, others may not, professional sports people are always interesting, either way maybe that will re-calibrate your senses and get you back on track chasing the hotties, the ones smaller than an elephant seal.

    As for today’s mix, what a bunch of weirdos.


    • West ‘Perplexed’ By Ukraine’s Strategy

    No they’re not, another Big Lie out of the Goebbels playbook.

    The NYT Media Whore is leading the pack to spin the Big Loss in Ukronaziland as “well we gave them all we had and trained them in the bestest NATO=NAZI tactics so if Nazilensky face plants, it’s on he and Them for the failure….”

    The Collective West Pressitutes are racking up the balls on the pool table for a new break to China.

    Death to the media whores


    French Bull Dogs tête-à-tête

    Macron on the Left, the French public and Reality on the Right

    Where are the adults in the room?

    Yah, I thought that too….



    Mid-level thug tries pick up line on Duh’merican



    NATO Armchair Generals blame President Vladimir Zelensky for failures
    US and UK officials reportedly believe the offensive is going poorly because Kiev

    General Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, his British counterpart Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, and NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe Christopher Cavoli all urged Ukraine’s top general Valery Zaluzhny to focus on the southern front in the August 10 call, the Times said. Zaluzhny supposedly agreed.

    Just five days later, however, President Vladimir Zelensky was touring the “Soledar sector” near Artyomovsk, visiting the neo-Nazi ‘Azov’ unit and speaking about the importance of that front.

    • Ukrainian Draft Dodgers Aggravating Troop Shortages – BBC (RT)

    “The country constantly needs to replace the tens of thousands who’ve been killed or injured,” the British state broadcaster said
    Thousands have already fled Ukraine in an attempt to avoid the draft, while others are planning to do so, the BBC claimed. It said that those fleeing often bribe officials, including recruitment officers, to ensure safe passage abroad.


    There are a lot of reasons for the housing crisis. (but not my fault.)
    Canadians are struggling/having difficulties (not my fault.. Liberals not to blame)
    We are working to make things better (we are giving money to big companies )
    We working on reducing $15B of gov. expenses but not reducing Defense expenses (Ukraine)
    – Trudeau

    John Day

    Trying again after logging out and in and adding the spam-numbers…

    India soft-landed on the moon this morning (afternoon their time)

    I could feel the upswelling of pride, shared pride in this vast accomplishment as I watched this video live.

    Yeah, Russia’s lander crashed, probably due to non-space-rated ICs b=getting strafed by cosmic rays. Cosmig rays shoot holes in anything. You have to engineer little delecate things that will still work when holes are shot through them.
    Vacuum tubes are good that way, and germanium transistors, but you get something like 1/10,000th of the circuit density, and so much power consumption that you can’t do the things you need to do. Redundant-redundancy with little things is what is possible.
    A lead or water shield 2 ft thick only begins to help. Cosmic rays are a bitch.

    Go India!

    The Markster

    OMG the blue Maui houses directed energy weapon cloaking thing, not something that can be unseen, almost too impossibly evil to be true. Which means I give it an 85% chance of being true. Lots of military in Hawaii, all those new toys to play with needing a test run, civilians and history and human decency not a consideration. And here we are.



    Ritual Humiliation of Duh’merica

    How much can it take?

    A Whole Lot by the looks of it.


    Biden Tells Maui Fire Victims He Sympathizes Because One Time He Walked On The Beach Without Sandals And The Sand Was Really Hot

    “…if you’ve ever been to that beach you know how hot that sand gets in the sun, let me tell ya.

    I walked all the way across the beach without sandals on and my feet felt like they were burning hotter than one of Hunter’s little girlfriends in a church on Sunday if you know what I mean! Pause for laughter.

    Gotta grope a Hawaiian kid too!


    Ritual Humiliation of Duh’merica


    What a bunch of Maroons



    FWIW: When I get the spam window, I click on my browser’s back link button and try again, then repeat if that does not work. Usually just reposting does the trick. Ignore the spam screen, it is garbage, it never works, it asks you to add two numbers then gives you just one number. What sort of cretin wrote this garbage.

    D Benton Smith

    @citizenx & @Red

    (Picking up from where things left off at the tail end of yesterday)

    Or another way of saying that would be, “It’s not wisdom for anyone until they wise up to it.”

    D Benton Smith

    Well done on that moon landing, India. Anyone who underrates Indian engineers and manufacturers has never worked with either one. That’s why the “West” has been been very careful to hamstring India at every opportunity, because if they weren’t being artificially suppressed at every turn they COULD kick everyone else’s collective butts (but, being Hindu, they would probably choose not to).

    John Day

    Oprah’s blue roof is photo-shopped, not really that color. The umbrellas and blue barrels and blue car appear real. The blue barrels could have been filled with water?

    “The Simpsons left the blue building standing”: Maui blue umbrella conspiracy erupts as laser video goes viral


    These ‘internet’ influencers, Internet *Stars*, young, sexy, are struck by cancer (cause never mentioned) :

    – ask for contributions to themselves

    – promote contributions to ‘charities’ that promote cancer screening, treatment

    – applaud the great / best treatment they receive from Big Med-Big Pharma …


    – endorsing all the structures, practises in place

    – **normalising young healthy ppl being hit turbo cancers**

    Of course, it is their living, they probably would not have enough money to pay even their rent if they quit. They are F-grade ‘reality show’ real-lie (sic) actors.

    Vigilant news. Aug. 2023.

    … concludes:

    These 21 social media stars have over 75 million subscribers and followers between them and reach 100s of millions of people. If even just a few of them spoke up, they could blow up the COVID-19 vaccine propaganda and narrative.

    D Benton Smith

    “Modern” political thinking is predicated upon an absolute (and quite insane) axiomatic belief that domination is the purpose of life because life is a battle between the weak and strong. Therefore in modern political think, all valid strategies must be fashioned so as to achieve that goal. In other words, the struggle is solely and only about strength and weakness, and therefore weakness MUST be avoided at all costs, and no holds barred. Hilariously, “weakness” is defined as any act that does not demonstrate (and serve) so-called “strength”, and strength is defined as the proactive domination of everything that is “weaker” than them.

    Now if you think that is rather ….. circular, shall we say? ….. in it’s reasoning, then you would be right. It’s as circular as a spin-dizzy, and if allowed to run to it’s natural conclusion it could ONLY result in a self-destroying monster that devours itself from the bottom up until ….. at the very end …..there would theoretically be just ONE guy in charge of NOBODY. (that’s silly, of course, but on paper that IS the theoretical end-state of the belief that the only valid goal of life is the acquisition and exercise of power over others. That strategy leads to death. Every time. No exceptions.

    I’m sorry if that statement offends anyone (not really) but the offense does not belong to me. It’s nothing that I did. It’s just what the universe does.

    To say this a different way, invariable adherence to the belief that might actually does make right, is invariably fatal in all cases.

    Or even shorter, “Might does not make right. Might makes dead.”

    D Benton Smith

    Corollary to “Smitty’s Law” as expressed in comment #141823:

    So if MIGHT does not make right, then what DOES make right?

    Answer: RIGHT makes right


    Uniparty Republicans impeaching Joe Biden?
    Not a snowballs chance in hell would the Republicans ever impeach Joe !
    Republicans chose Joe over Trump in 2020!
    The swamp never impeaches anyone for committing real crimes.
    The swamp only impeached those who don’t commit crimes!
    Because not committing crimes makes the swamp look bad!


    Blue ranks first as the world’s favorite color.

    Project Bluebird (early 50s- later called Project Artichoke) had to do with interrogation techniques.
    Can you get accurate info from their guys?
    Can you prevent giving accurate info from our guys?
    Can you create assassins with no memory?

    My sister shunned Girl Scouts and went with the cooler “Camp Fire Girls”. Young Camp Fire Girls were called “Bluebirds”. (50s and early 60s)

    Why did Musk cancel the bluebird and replace it with X?

    Project Bluebeam would employ aerial holographic images of appropriate figures to sway the masses with religious propaganda.

    Democrats are “blue”.


    FWIW: When I get the spam window, I click on my browser’s back link button and try again, then repeat if that does not work. Usually just reposting does the trick. Ignore the spam screen, it is garbage, it never works, it asks you to add two numbers then gives you just one number. What sort of cretin wrote this garbage.

    “What is the spam window?” I cant reproduce your experiences, that makes it hard.

    D Benton Smith

    There is some argument (rather half-hearted) that Machiavelli didn’t personally espouse the dirty evil psychopathic behaviors of the powerful that he advised in his popular book, The Prince, and that the outrageously corrupt recommendations therein were meant to serve as some sort of moral warning. Not that it matters very much, but if you trace the arc of the man’s life it’s pretty obvious that sucking up to the powerful was how Machiavelli made his living, and he meant every damn word that he wrote, exactly how he wrote it. Think Henry Kissinger on meth.

    The enlightened know that Machiavelli was full of shit. They know as a certain and well understood fact that to subscribe to Machiavellian thinking means certain death. However, the enlightened ALSO know that there are SOME leaders (perhaps MANY leaders, in today’s world) who do indeed believe the suicidal shite he prescribed as proper rules for street smart rulers. Those depraved leaders must be dealt with, and to do so requires that their beliefs and mind set be understood. That requires subjecting one’s mind to the mind of Niccolo Machiavelli.

    I’ll say this for the bastard, though. He was resolute and ballsy to the end. On his death bed he is quoted as having said, “I desire to go to Hell and not to Heaven. In the former I shall enjoy the company of popes, kings and princes, while in the latter are only beggars, monks and apostles.”

    I doubt those were his actual last words. Too carefully composed and quotable. But I think they got his general sentiment about right.

    Those who are angry with God (as Machiavelli clearly was) are not taking responsibility for their own role in the currently horrible state of affairs. Let them go do so now, and only speak again about whose fault they think it is, after completing the task of taking responsibility for their personal participation in it. I wonder. I wonder why it is that when something really bad happens that our FIRST impulse is to blame somebody else?

    Ya know what? I think that’s very good question, and I bet that the answer to it is going to have something to do with me (and any other guilty parties that you know of) being wrong about something important yet again.


    @John Day re: “Yeah, Russia’s lander crashed, probably due to non-space-rated ICs b=getting strafed by cosmic rays.”

    Um…you’re talking about the only country on this planet that runs a successful space taxi service. I hardly think radiation would have escaped their calculations.


    Wagner boss, Prigoszhin, listed as a passenger in a plane crash.


    D Benton Smith

    Freed from the impediment of Prigozhin’s frequent self-serving “negotiations” with Russia’s higher military chain of command the Wagner Troops can now be more smoothly integrated into Russia’s fine-tuned tactical support of Grand Strategy. Despite the successes of the Wagner organization, Prigozhin himself was always an irritant and sometimes an obstacle. Now it seems that he is neither.



    Remember, Putin recently (end of July) hosted an African leaders summit in Russia. Prigozhin also attended that conference. A few days ago he posted this.

    So it seems he had been .working on securing contracts between Russia and Central Africa.

    It seems odd, plenty of opportunities to cap Prigozhin prior to today. Prigozhin’s previous rants were directed at Shoigu, not Putin.

    About a week ago there was a convesation with Lukashenka

    This is the translated part regarding Prigozhin. Not sure what to make of as I don’t get the impression that Russian oligarchs are big fans of Lukasheko, they refer to him as the Potato Moose (note: he also had interest in Central Africa)

    “The main conclusion to be drawn from Alexander Lukashenko’s video is that the West will be happy to negotiate on Ukraine so that Prigozhin and his associates cannot come to power. Not even like that. If we analyze Lukashenka’s speech, it turns out that future negotiations and stopping the offensive became possible precisely thanks to the rebellion of the Wagner PMC. Western partners have realized that if Russia is now driven into a dead end, then radical elements can come to power who can take control of nuclear weapons, with whom it will be impossible to agree on any acceptable conditions. And so the West is now ready to give victory to Putin, only not to see the guys from PMC Wagner instead.

    Prigozhin’s march made the West realize that there are forces in Russia worse than Putin. And you don’t agree with them. This is extremely disadvantageous for the West, and they are ready to make any soft concessions to prevent this from happening. So it is possible that both Crimea and Donbass will remain just behind Russia in the negotiations.

    The importance of rebellion for winning the war is obvious. And there will be no persecution of Prigozhin – he is the main horror story for the West.”


    The spectacular meltdown continues:

    Veracious Poet

    In my case, the trip to Atlanta is not for ‘Murder,’ but for making a PERFECT PHONE CALL!

    From 2002-2008 HBO broadcast a fictionalized documentary created by a Baltimore crime reporter & murder policeman, called The Wire, which pulled back namby-pamby veil on the real reality concerning the ongoing implosion of *BLUE* cities following decades of Democratic corruption, dull-headed egomaniacal business/union interests, social viruses of all sorts & capped off by Bureaucrat-Nazification inganged in playing patsy with insane, career criminality from top-to-bottom…

    While the series should have been a wake-up call for the near future collapse, that The People are sinking into *now*, in the end it just became another form of Gladiator, bread & circuses, cheap entertainment 🙄

    Oh, it also inserted LGBTQ+++ into the mainstream, due to The Wire’s popularity ~ King Obama praised the show & loved Omar, the ultra-violent homo sociopath that preyed upon his criminal CULT-sure.

    The UniParty’s modus operandi post 2016 would have been too unbelievable, too nonsensical, to be scripted into Entertainment just a decade earlier, does anyone still think/believe there’s *truly* any non-spiritual solution(s) to The People’s “same weird shade of blue” dilemma today?!?

    Trump is the 21st Century version of Marie Antoinette, but when does Napoleon show up?

    Have fun with all the The West vs. BRICS+ entertainment, personally I’m no longer interested in defining the battle lines of trademarked brands Collective EG0ic Madness, the ramparts have been demolished & humanity is at the brink…

    Best of luck & God speed,



    The spectacular meltdown continues

    And that’s why all the elites died in Martha’s Vineyard 15 years ago after their predictions about rising sea levels came true and they kept insisting on living in sea level mansions against any and all objections and at great expense. Oh.


    Jewblue is their color, their flag, with the satanic star, are you alive and awake or asleep at the wheel?

    John Day

    Thanks VP Gary. I have not watched TV since Y2k, so that clarifies some things.

    John Day

    India Lands On The Moon

    India successfully soft-landed a robotic vehicle, Chandrayaan-3, on the moon this morning. Touchdown is at 44:50 on the video log.
    Narendra Modi waits for it from the BRICS summit in South Africa,then talks too long before blessing everybody who helped. Then the pride and joy are released.
    I watched the elation of the proud Indian space program workers as they celebrated together in this previously-“live” video. Credit was broadly shared.

    Sasha Latypova explains how we are a lot like Large-Language-Model A.I. in our cognitive responses to spoken words, unless we are actually paying attention.
    On Mind Control, Part 2: Word-to-Vector​ , Learning about ourselves from AI models

    ​ Peter McCullough MD points out that the wording on the Kaiser survey was pro-vaccine and pro-mainstream-narrative, but about 1/3 of respondents KNOW.
    ​ Kaiser Family Foundation Finds Many Believe COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Responsible for Sudden Deaths
    ​ As you can see it is roughly a third of Americans are awake and understand the COVID-19 vaccines have failed, cause great harm, and pose a giant safety risk to Americans. It is also interesting to note a quarter of respondents have been awakened to the link between childhood hyper vaccination and autism spectrum disorder. I wonder what the actual sentiment is on vaccines if Kaiser had asked the questions in a more unbiased manner and did not load up their survey with charged words such as “false” and “misinformation”.

    ​ Chris Hedges: The Crucifixion of Julian Assange
    ​ This is a sermon ​g​iven on Sunday Aug. 20 in Oslo, Norway at Kulturkirken Jakob (St. James Church of Culture). Actor and film director Liv Ullmann read the scripture passages.

    Chris Hedges: The Crucifixion of Julian Assange

    John Day

    ​ This is the same P.R. push that got my Family Practice Board Certification of 33 years revoked for “advising patients against COVID-19 vaccination” this spring.
    ​ Dr. Richard Baron, president and CEO of the American Board of Internal Medicine, is a client of Weber Shandwick — a PR firm that brands its team as “misinformation and disinformation” experts — investigative journalist Paul D. Thacker reported on Wednesday.
    ​ The head of a national medical organization who publicly called for doctors to lose their licenses unless they supported government narratives on COVID-19 treatments and vaccines concealed his relationship with a public relations firm whose client list also included Pfizer, Moderna and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
    ​ Dr. Richard Baron, president and CEO of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) is a client of Weber Shandwick, investigative journalist Paul D. Thacker reported on Wednesday.
    ​ In late ​[actually early] 2021, Baron publicly pushed for doctors who spread “misinformation” about COVID-19 and the vaccines to lose their license and certification. Baron said then that “putting out flagrant misinformation is unethical and dangerous during a pandemic.”
    ​ Weber, the world’s second-largest PR firm, has branded its team as “misinformation and disinformation” experts and says it provides clients with services to help manage any perceived threats posed by spreaders of such information.
    ​ The firm has organized conference panels on “medical misinformation” in which Baron participated.
    ​ Last year, Baron partnered with Weber Shandwick to propose a South by Southwest (SXSW) panel titled “When Doctors Prescribe Misinformation.” The proposal was subsequently accepted and the panel took place at SXSW in Austin, Texas, on March 13.​

    Medical Board Chief Who Wanted Doctors Delicensed for ‘Misinformation’ in Bed With PR Firm Tied to CDC, Pfizer, Moderna

    ​ Wagner Decries ‘Murder’ Of Prigozhin Amid Reports Anti-Air Missile Struck Plane
    ​ The bodies of Prigozhin and his second-in-command Dmitry Utkin, have reportedly been identified, according to statements which have been quick to come out of Russian media. Russian news agency TASS has also made it official: “Evgeny Prigozhin and Dmitry Utkin were on board the crashed Embraer plane, the Federal Air Transport Agency reported.”​ …
    ​..Russian authorities have said eight bodies have been recovered thus far. FT has summarized the following details of emerging Wagner statements:
    ​ A post by Grey Zone, a Wagner-connected social media channel, claimed Russian anti-aircraft defences had shot down the plane. It said that residents heard “two bursts of characteristic air defense fire” before the crash. “This is confirmed by inversion traces in the sky in one of the videos,” it added. Mash, a news outlet on social media app Telegram, said locals had heard two loud bangs before the crash.
    ​ The same report cited a Western official to say it was an anti-aircraft missile that struck the private jet:
    A western official said they had been told the plane had been brought down by a Russian anti-aircraft missile system but could not confirm whether Prigozhin was on board, adding: “Putin doesn’t take prisoners.” …
    ​..Speculation continues as to precisely what brought the plane down (whether missile or a bomb detonation)…​
    [There is another report that a case of expensive wine was loaded on Prigozhin’s plane after it ​had been searched and sniffed for explosives, just prior to takeoff.]
    ​..Former Putin advisor Sergei Markov: “The murder of Prigozhin is the main achievement of Ukraine and all enemies of Russia will rejoice” — Al Jazeera

    Ukrainska Pravda adds these tidbits (not mentioning that it is the eve of Ukrainian Independence Day.):
    ​ The Russian state TV channel Russia 24 reported on the death of Yevgeny Prigozhin, saying he had died “as a result of the actions of Russian traitors”.
    The Russian media saw symbolism in the fact that the plane crash occurred on August 23, exactly two months after the Wagner PMC mutiny. Prigozhin announced his “march of justice” on the evening of 23 June.

    ​ Same exact day, might Surovkin be tasked to run Wagner now? … Russia Fires General Who Ran Ukraine War, In Wake Of Wagner Mutiny Events
    ​ After significant internet rumors emerged Tuesday, Russian state news agency RIA confirmed Wednesday that Gen. Sergei Surovikin has been fired as head of the country’s air force. He has been “missing” – or believed under house arrest, since the Wagner mutiny events of June 23-24. He had for months prior overseen Russia’s war efforts in Ukraine…
    ​..Alexei Venediktov, former head of the Ekho Moskvy, a prominent independent radio station that was shut down by authorities within days of the Ukraine invasion was the first to report that Surovikin had been dismissed on Tuesday, but said the general was being “retained by the defense ministry.”​ [Not “detained”]
    ​ The man known as ‘General Armageddon’ is believed to have come under Kremlin scrutiny as Putin cracked down on the military chain of command over handling of the short-lived rebellion led by Yevgeny Prigozhin. That’s when he was effectively ‘disappeared’ from public view.

    John Day

    Rand Paul On Return Of COVID Measures: “These People Have No Shame”
    ​ “I promise you, we are not going to lay down and take it again”
    ​ “That university that’s wanting to mask up and do all this testing — zero cases,” Paul urged, adding “But even worse than that, even when COVID was really more potent in 2020, the death rate for young, healthy people turned out to be close to zero.”
    ​ “We don’t know for sure because the CDC won’t release it, but we do know that Germany released all of their data, and not one young, healthy person died. So, it’s a crime to mandate masks. It’s a crime to mandate vaccines, which do have some risks for young, healthy people,” Paul further noted.

    Rand Paul On Return Of COVID Measures: “These People Have No Shame”

    “The Simpsons left the blue building standing”: Maui blue umbrella conspiracy erupts as laser video goes viral​ …
    ​..“The Maui, Lahaina, Hawaii Fires Were A Planned Attack!!”
    ​ They also attached a TikTok video which included a yellow, red, blue, green, and white cloth being ruined by a laser. One can note that the blue cloth remained intact. The TikToker said:
    ​ “Laser weapons can be programmed for different wavelengths. There was something blue they didn’t want to burn.”
    The TikTok video also showed how a blue car and a blue umbrella remained undamaged while their surroundings were burned down.
    ​ The Twitter user claimed that the Direct Energy Weapons theory was used in an episode of The Simpsons where a blue building remained untouched. However, it is important to note that the episode was not set in Hawaii.

    “The Simpsons left the blue building standing”: Maui blue umbrella conspiracy erupts as laser video goes viral

    ​The TikTok video: umbrellas didnt burn in maui fires

    Matt Taibbi on Germany’s hard core form of censorship: Madness: American Satirist C.J. Hopkins Sentenced in German Speech Case
    ​ As previously detailed in Racket, the American playwright has been sent a “punishment order” and a choice: 60 days or 3,600 Euros for two tweets and a book cover​.

    ​ Fourteen major American cities are part of a globalist climate organization known as the ‘C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group,’ which has an ‘ambitious target’ by the year 2030 of ‘0 kg [of] meat consumption,’ ‘0 kg [of] dairy consumption,’ ‘3 new clothing items per person per year,’ ‘0 private vehicles’ owned, and ‘1 short-haul return flight (less than 1500 km) every 3 years per person.’ …
    ​ The organization is headed and largely funded by Democrat billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Nearly 100 cities across the world make up the organization, and its American members include Austin, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Seattle.​..
    ​..Major funders and partners of the organization include George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, the Clinton Foundation, and The World Bank.
    Michael Bloomberg, the president of the group, is himself transported via gas-guzzling private jets and limousines, to his many mansions around the world.

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