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    Claude Monet Hollowed Cliff near Étretat 1883   • Coroner Confirms 44-Year-old BBC Presenter Died From Vaccine Side Effect (RT) • New Zealand Pol
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    V. Arnold

    Claude Monet Hollowed Cliff near Étretat 1883

    So many versions and angles of view; love them all….
    Look it up on the internet to see a recent photo…well worth the miniscule effort…

    those darned kids

    two years to fatten the curve..


    I like ‘fatten’ the curve instead of flatten

    Obscene drug profits are definitely fattened

    My auto-correct typed it as:

    fatten the curse


    John Day

    “Vaccine Diamond Princess” All-Y’all have seen this information. No pics this time, either. Bike-to-clinic now. Caring for my patients is a sacred privilege.

    A Vietnamese hospital had to lock down for 32 weeks with all staff in place, all fully vaccinated. A separate strain of delta-Covid was spreading through their ranks, and was different (sequencing done) from what was spreading outside those walls. The viral loads in their noses were 251 times as high as viral loads in early 2020 with alpha-COVID infections, measured by the same group. There are 2 differences, delta-Covid, and vaccination with alpha-spike-protein. If the vaccination is boosting this particular viral sub-strain, it will spread accordingly.
    ​ ​“This group had actually calculated viral load from oral and nasal secretions in the past. The viral load was 251 times that of the previous unvaccinated era where they had used the same methodology. So, they had previous workers and patients who had COVID-19 before any exposure to the vaccines. And now the vaccinated were carrying a massive viral load and passing it to one another.”

    Dr. Peter McCullough Tells RFK, Jr.: ‘The Vaccines Are Failing’

    John Day

    Oops, “had to lock down for 2 weeks”


    Would like some input. Will soon have to address the question: “What are governments et al going to do when they can no longer avoid the fact that the vaccines don’t work?” The PHE briefing referenced in the last two Debt Rattles make this very clear: “Vaccine Effectiveness 15% in the Over-50s, 37% in the Under-50s” and “67% Of UK Covid-19 Deaths Since February 2021 Were Vaccinated”.

    No, it’s not that the vaccines don’t do anything, but c’mon man, 15%?! That’s for people inoculated 7 months ago. And a booster shot of the exact same substance will do what, “protect” you for 7 weeks? They have put all their “money” on the same color and number on the spinning wheel table, so I wonder how they’ll wiggle their behinds out of this.

    Sky, based on the exact same briefing, says Cases Of Coronavirus Are Rising – But Is It Time To Panic? Nothing about effectiveness, others have to dig that out of the briefing.

    What this really meansw is: the vaccines are not working, hence the rising cases, and that the deaths don’t rise much is not because of the vaccines, as they all keep saying, but because Delta is relatively benign.

    But so: what will they do when this conclusion from Britain’s own goverment becomes unavoidable? They can close the flood gates for a while, but the water keeps rising.

    Dr. D



    Court stops eviction moratorium, again. Will Biden then just break the law, again? Inquiring minds want to know.

    And noting the CDC claims sovereignty over all law, all property, all humans, for all time and space, forever. Oh, and they were never elected and can never be removed. Like the EU. Happy Independence Day!

    And other unelected groups that control all time, space, and humanity, the Fed seems to be setting up a “taper” now. That may be nothing more than inflating slightly LESS, like 5% instead of 20%, but it hardly matters. Someone asked this here, answer: the Fed and their Wall St pals make money on jamming the levers suddenly up and down, on the the volatility. They don’t care if the market goes down! They know the day because they are the cause. They make 3x as much per hour because drops are 3x faster and only insiders have the skills and equipment to play them. Then it creates the cover “Save me Daddy government! I lost a dollar! Capitalism means there is no risk, nobody ever fails, there’s no such things as bankruptcy!” (Or is it the OPPOSITE? I’m confused.) They’re first (and only) at the trough of $23T in free money that they now have license to print because YOU, yes you, demanded it. Instead of their complete dissolution, bankruptcy, dismemberment, scattering to the winds, and plowing them under in eternal ignominy they deserve.

    But we’re seeing wisps of that, since everyone apparently is so thick-skulled they can literally publish this on national TV every day for weeks and no one gets at all suspicious. Here’s what I would do: After claiming they would fire anybody in Bitcoin, Dimon lied, lied, and lied again and used those two years he was lying, lying, lying, to accumulate Bitcoin. Oh and PS, that was an SEC crime. They presently have it. Laws were then allowed to change, get buy-in from billionaire hedge funds to own a little of the new crypto-thingie. But sell it to them at $6,000? Hahahaha! F– no! That’s where they bought it! So you set up the concrete wall, then let BTC run to $200k, sell to the idiot pensions on the media-bought, fake, phony, false made-up, paid excitement market-rigging, have the BTC price slam face first into the Fed “Deflation”, which is the only force in the universe certain to contain it. Then the PENSIONS, that is YOU, take the 90% loss back to, say $30k two years from now. Aw…just bad luck mate, at the Casino Royale.

    That’s what I’d do, and I see the pieces being set up to fall over right now. Yes, it’s a trap, but it’s your job to steal the bail and tear the trap to pieces with your bear claws, then chase the trap-makers down the mountain in fear of their lives. If they can’t outrun you, oh well: things happen. Will anyone bother though? Or just eat the bait they never wanted, get caught, say “oh well” and are then fleeced and eaten?

    Apparently Covid is very, very dangerous. Everybody who was involved in studying or developing it seems to die a violent, unexplained death. I lost count at seven:

    Don’t worry, I’m sure Daszak is investigating this thoroughly.

    “the vaccinated are now still vulnerable to getting and spreading COVID-19. When will the lie be exposed? How much longer? The computer shows the collapse in public confidence, which is becoming obvious.” –Armstrong. How could it not?

    “The collapse in confidence in government also means that you then do not buy their debt at artificially low interest rates. That means the financial system is unsustainable, which is why they are pushing digital currencies to enforce all taxes.”

    “Time’s Up’ CEO Tina Tchen Resigns Amid Backlash to Group’s [non-stop] Aiding Andrew Cuomo” –NBC

    Collapse in confidence like that? People are so silly. Just because every group that stops or watchdogs something actually promotes it, every regulator works for corporate fraud and not the people, every CEO lies and isn’t arrested by the SEC, and every court who looks at it thinks it’s wonderful, legal, and nothing to see or punish, doesn’t mean anyone should get suspicious or withdraw their consent. Where do they get these ideas?

    I think 12 guys on YouTube. Otherwise: inexplicable.

    Somebody pointed out the cheap new media push where all photos on all sites show a needle in a human arm. Let the drinking game begin! (Except you’d be drunk by 6am). But no one talks to anyone or coordinates anything. Where do you get these ideas?

    Speaking of ideas, the DNC has subpoenaed all GOP records in all time and space, among all people, for all years, involving all elections, all strategies, all thoughts, …oh, Jan 6 something-something. This is considered credible, required, perfect democracy to wiretap, harass, and fish all opposition, anywhere, at all times.

    You Do Not Have the ‘Constitutional Right’ to Refuse the Covid-19 Vaccine” –CNN

    Whoops, I missed that part where the state owns me and I don’t have sovereignty over my own body and life.

    “At one time, children were the property of their fathers, but that is no longer the case.” she continues; they are owned by the state. In fact, so worthless, they can be owned by the lowest, dumbest, least overseen department of the State: any School board that ever met once, drunk and in the dark. Sucks to be you, parents! If anything goes wrong you’ll get the lifelong bill! Whether the child is harmed OR the district, ‘cause you’ll get an unlimited tax bill too! Or both! I get a pension AND I get to arrest you if you don’t like it! Hahahaha!

    “The school district mandates that reduce the risk of death to children should be enforceable, period.”
    They say you can’t drive them to school in a car, because “risk of death”. They own that too. And 40-ounce Cokes, bike helmets, communion wine, can’t play football or karate even on your own time…

    “If a government does not take reasonable action to prevent the likely deaths of so many people, there will be more lawsuits. Already, we’ve seen schools filing lawsuits against former Trump administration officials and individuals suing the World Health Organization contending that they mishandled the Covid-19 response.”

    And then hoisted on their own petard of legal nonsense of responsibility. Sorry for them, but that’s not why we SHOULD, that’s why we CAN’T. If schools are then responsible, for all children, everywhere, at all times, then their legal liability then extends to all INJURIES, of all children, at all times. The parents can then sue the school for allowing the family to go on scuba vacation. Why didn’t they warn the parents and prohibit it? …And that’s why it’s legal nonsense, non-starter.

    “Americans [falsely believe] that they have a constitutional right to refuse vaccination. This is a license to potentially infect others with a deadly disease”

    Okay, let’s argue the opposite: if they don’t have the right to refuse – ever – then the government can do anything they like to them. Invent 70 new vaccines paid/lobbied by Pfizer and their wholly-own CDC, or indeed, if ANYTHING is “potentially” dangerous, they can stop that too: driving, biking, walking by rivers, pouring concrete, selling food, talking. It’s universal sovereignty of the state, everywhere, to all things, at all times. Oh wait: they HAVE. That’s not potential, they are DOING it, past tense.

    …And the CDC said they already own that power, not the Government. The government, and you, must step aside and obey your betters: Mr. Science, Technocrat Extraordinaire.

    As Karl says, “..if being vaccinated makes the person who gets it more-infectious then being jabbed is not only personally dangerous it is dangerous to public health..”

    Okay, Ms. Marci Hamilton of Vanderbilt, then you’re now required NOT to ALLOW the shot. Checkmate. P.S. She founded Child USA, child protection group at Penn State, home of selling child-events to Congressmen from nearby D.C. Irony is dead: clean your own backyard with your own colleges before nagging and scolding your betters: dropout NASCAR rednecks in trailers who clearly hold a superior understanding of law.

    Here’s the law to Rednecks: “Make me.” Her law depends on one ruling from a Supreme Court that change their mind and reverse themselves all the time. However, the PEOPLE HAVE SOVEREIGNTY OVER THE SUPREME COURT. We are THEIR veto. Not them to us. Oops.

    “The Sheeple with three shots will turn and ‘pull rank’ on the Sheeple with only two Clot Shots,”

    And I thought I was kidding about the Sneetches. The country is more illiterate than I thought if they’ve never made it to Dr. Seuss.

    Sorry, I haven’t read this one, but I can’t buy ISIS in F-Stan at all. There isn’t even a “Taliban” vs Afghan…Clearly! There is only Pushtun. There is no way any other group, even Islamic, would live a month in Taliban/Pushtun land without express permission, and express power-over to annihilate at any time, coupled with raucous laughter and back-slapping. ISIS-K is therefore CIA, just like they were in Syria. Note the timing: DAY after F-Stan gov’t needs a replacement bogeyman, DAY of cameras on the airport, Lo! A group nobody heard of, suddenly been there all along! At war with Estasia! Media who could never tell the difference between any Shia/Sunni, Arab/Persian, Muslim/Sikh in their sorry sheltered lives suddenly know all about it, publish super true but sooper-dooper trues! But it’ll take me a bit to prove it.

    “Coroner Confirms 44-Year-old BBC Presenter Died from Vaccine Side Effect (RT)”

    Yes, but how much worse if they HADN’T got it? Ikyn, news “people” have already said this.

    “[Americans] have the ability to bury the establishment six feet under if we organized to do so..”

    Or better: DIS-organized to do so. Can’t fight something that’s everywhere, doing everything. How about just slow-walking all actions, by the book? That alone would stall them for years in their own crooked system.

    “Arkansas Jail Dosing Inmates With Ivermectin, In Spite Of FDA Warnings (AP)”

    Guess I’ll have to get arrested. Actually, I popped up to remind that IF you have Covid, you’re then sent into a jail to…infect everyone else in the system I guess? For you/their safety? Well somebody’s safety that isn’t you, isn’t them, isn’t the inmates, isn’t the judge, and isn’t the jailers. Details are hazy, but we put infected people in nursing homes jails for SOME safe reason. Government said it, so I believe it, that’s it!

    Two Twenty years to flatten the curve humanity.


    The question asked above “what are goverments going to do when when they have to admit vaxes aren’t working as well as predicted” might be reformulated as “how will govts keep the extra-constitutional controls they’ve granted themselves once they have to admit the vaxes aren’t working as predicted”. Don’t think the govts want to relinquish the new powers they’ve granted themselves during C19.

    Interesting article at The Mises Institute site – a libertarian leaning site ( … even so, it’s a good article, imo).

    Writer points out what he sees as all the opportunities C19 gives large entities to increase their power and wealth. His argument is coherent about the opportunism involved. Can’t say if he’s correct.

    Polder Dweller

    “What will they do when this conclusion from Britain’s own goverment becomes unavoidable? ”

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. In NL the main narrative is still going strong, people believe the vaccines will save them from getting (seriously) sick and that herd immunity is just around the corner. We’re at 85% of adults vaccinated now, third jab coming next month, probably, yet it’s the unvaxxed who are causing all the problems. Meanwhile ICU staff are quitting much faster than they can be recruited, so that bodes well for the coming flu season.

    If western governments are all kowtowing to the WEFfers demands, does that mean that our “leaders” have lost all ability to think for themselves even, as you say, as hard data comes in? What about their “scientific” advisers from the CDC/MHRA/RIVM,who seem to be struggling to spot a black cat in the snow?

    You’ve already opined that the WEFfers couldn’t organize a farting contest in a wind tunnel, so at what point do our “leaders” see that they’re full of putrid excrement?

    They can’t possibly hope to keep this under wraps forever and once the general public cottons on there’s going to be a run on lampposts and rope.

    those darned kids

    one curse to flatten them all..

    Just Some Randomer

    “But so: what will they do when this conclusion from Britain’s own goverment becomes unavoidable?”

    Certainly not admit that they got it all spectacularly wrong. I rather suspect they will instead double down and blame the situation on the shock appearance of a ‘New Variant’ that spontaneously developed among the unvaccinated members of the public (Curse those heretics!) who must therefore, sadly, be offered the choice of relocation to Devil’s Island or being hunted down with tracker dogs and, when found, given a shot of vax the size of a coke bottle ‘Just to be Sure’.


    But, you know all of this already, right…..?

    “Since its founding last year by Dr. Simone Gold, a Los Angeles physician who was later arrested during the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, America’s Frontline Doctors has nurtured medical conspiracies popular in right-wing circles. Created as a political project to support the Trump Administration’s economic reopening push, it ricocheted from promoting skepticism about COVID-19 to launching a national RV tour to denounce “medical censorship and cancel culture.”

    those darned kids

    doc d: didn’t you hear about the deir ez-zor/langley/kabul pipeline? more sludge than keystone 7, and much more difficult to refine.


    I’m devastated, def, because Time magazine is the bible for everything true and holy in my life. Darn, that wicked Simone Gold; isn’t she also the person who invented the mRA vaccine, or am I getting things mixed up now?

    those darned kids

    George Bush Center for Intelligence


    the anthony fauci center for honesty
    the joseph r. biden jr. center for ethics and leadership
    the barack obama center for poverty reduction
    the richard cheney center for peace studies
    the donald j. trump center for class and sophistication
    the mohammad bin salman center for minority rights
    the jeff bezos center for empathy

    those darned kids

    But, you know all of this already, right…..?

    “Security experts say they are watching closely to see how, exactly, the U.S. responds to ISIS-K—and whether military retaliation against the terrorist group runs the risk of drawing American forces back into Afghanistan. “The next thing you know, it will be a redux of what happened with al-Qaeda in 2001,” Taneja says.”

    hahahahahaha, ¡time!

    [funny how time mag tears apart america’s frontline doctors, yet praises america’s frontline fascists]

    Doc Robinson

    Ilargi: “They can close the flood gates for a while, but the water keeps rising.”

    The “social contract” is fraying as government officials keep breaking the “deals” they made with the public — “15 days to flatten the curve” etc.

    the social contract is a theory or model that originated during the Age of Enlightenment and usually concerns the legitimacy of the authority of the state over the individual. Social contract arguments typically posit that individuals have consented, either explicitly or tacitly, to surrender some of their freedoms and submit to the authority (of the ruler, or to the decision of a majority) in exchange for protection of their remaining rights or maintenance of the social order. [Wikipedia]

    The social contract can only be stretched a certain amount before it breaks, and like strands of rope breaking, it probably happens like bankruptcy, slowly at first, then all at once.

    An example of the social contract can be seen in yesterday’s news. Zerohedge had an article “Reporter Urges Aussies To Get Vaccinated Despite Suffering Rare Heart Inflammation Caused By Pfizer Jab” but the headline is misleading and the story is more nuanced.

    The Australian guy’s name is Denham Hitchcock, and these are his words:

    I’m NOT anti-vax. But I’m really not pro-vax either. I’m pro-choice – and pro information to make that choice. Above all, I’m PRO opening the bloody country up, and to do that I don’t see any way around getting the majority of Australia vaccinated. So I got the Pfizer shot… 25 days after the shot and probably a little late to hospital – but here I am – diagnosed with pericarditis – or inflammation of the heart due to the Pfizer vaccine.

    If you don’t want the vaccine – I don’t have a problem with that either – but life and travel will get difficult for you.
    The only thing for me that’s dead certain – if they don’t open Australia up when we reach their milestone of 70% – then there will be a lot more people marching in the street. Do you want the trust? Keep your damn promise.

    Just Some Randomer

    “Above all, I’m PRO opening the bloody country up, and to do that I don’t see any way around getting the majority of Australia vaccinated.”

    And it is thanks to lazy thinking like this that have ended up in hospital, likely, with permanent heart damage, Mr Hitchcock. Could lack of curiosity also kill the cat?

    Mr. House
    Mr. House

    So when do we flay Bill Gates? Draw and quarter? I’m open to suggestions 😉

    Doc Robinson

    “Could lack of curiosity also kill the cat?”

    Yes, although the guy said he’s “pro-choice – and pro information to make that choice” and I think that most of the blame generally falls on the formerly trusted providers of information, instead of on the victims of the vaxx shots.

    Mr. House

    What do they call it when your arms and legs are tied to a horse on each end and they pull in different directions?

    Mr. House

    I can’t remember what book it was where they bury an old man under heavy stones to get him to confess to being a witch, and he says “more weight” but that might also be suitable.


    To me it feels like the Taliban just fell, stumbled into, a power void. I know, yes, they ‘held’ good parts of the country and the maps that like to paint large areas with color showed a steady ‘advance’ of the Pashtun peasants. But what did that mean? Unclear. Perhaps the rule in Afghanistan was more a power-sharing and very mixed scheme, which included ‘local’ potentates, following a ‘tribal, regional’ model. Orlov had a post about the Pashtuns (free to read), gives some detail… Note, even with all the land they ‘held’ they did not stop poppy cultivation.

    All the anti-imperialists and contra-Amrikis are championing the Taliban, seen as having morphed from violent backward scum to noble leaders, the “New” Taliban, supposedly completely different from the old, ready to embrace e.g. education and jobs for girls. Can such leopards change their spots? Societal models, power-distribution-schemes, are quite resistant to change (those without the blood in the streets / genocide scenario) so there is that…

    KSA, I’m comparing the Islamist part, the KSA model rests for a large part on +++ oil revenues.. has education for girls and the possibilty of women having jobs, in a very limited way, partly for image only.

    KSA has been ‘modernising’ with 20 or x year plans since forever but never changes, or only cosmetically so. (Letting women drive if they can’t go out alone merely leads to job loss for Philippino chauffeurs….)

    Of course women’s place is only a part of the story, it is an outcome of the structure of governance. (In KSA, top royals control lesser royals thru distribution of resources via jobs, advantages; the men control the women, and the women control the children, and some of the ‘slaves.’) This is a template of ‘light’ ‘low cost’ governance, suited to scattered tribes in semi-hostile terrain. As Orlov notes for the Pashtun, consensus is of vital importance, as it must be, for anything to be achieved.

    Imho, the Taliban’s first problem is order within their ranks (maybe I’m overestimating that?), but they are a loose band with different mind-sets and Idk who, how, the chain of command goes. (KSA has regulated the question since forever by hereditary criteria, the ‘royals’ set, and simple institutionalised top-down power relations.) The second is ‘modernisation’ – The Graveyard of Empires is so because all the efforts were in a sense “modernisation by central / one power-hub control” and they all failed. Now the Taliban have inherited the position of all the previous failers, a very strange situation. The third is finance…other topic.

    I read that for Kabul University they are appointing one Talib as head of each Faculty, and that nothing much would change, they have urged everyone to continue their work, tasks. They (reportedly) will enforce separate F/M education in the physical sense (screens, sep. classrooms).. and some curricula will be changed (?).. The new boss is definetly not the same as the old boss! – How does that work out long term? Note that US universities are in some ways subjected to ideological craziness as well, in a mirror contrast: “safe spaces”, a ban on distinguishing or comparing the sexes, etc. All this of course serves as distraction and cover-ups, via Proclaimed Positions that are Socially Moral and Necessary, to control the ppl lower on the pole working in the structure.

    Mr. House

    well this would explain those magnet videos from earlier in the year

    They can’t even not contaminate their own damn vaccine, trust the science!

    those darned kids

    just as historians refer to the 1930’s as “the great depression”,

    historians will refer to the 2020’s as “the great anxiety”.

    Dr. D

    “What do they call it when your arms and legs are tied to a horse on each end and they pull in different directions?”



    Only some bloggers know the truth. Readers of TAE
    “The country is more illiterate than I thought if they’ve never made it to Dr. Seuss.”
    the rule in Afghanistan was more a power-sharing
    Taliban Says 28 Of Its Members Killed In Blasts, Blames US For “Chaotic Evacuation”


    You know what testing positive is when you are asymptotic? A participation trophy.


    “Since its founding last year by Dr. Simone Gold, a Los Angeles physician who was later arrested during the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, America’s Frontline Doctors has nurtured medical conspiracies popular in right-wing circles. Created as a political project to support the Trump Administration’s economic reopening push, it ricocheted from promoting skepticism about COVID-19 to launching a national RV tour to denounce “medical censorship and cancel culture.”

    Nice example of ad hominem attacks.

    More interested in evidence of whether their protocols vis a vis Covid work or don’t work, harm or don’t cause harm. Don’t much care what the predominant lean of their politics are. When a few days ago Raul saw the start of a video of a doctor that seemed to say ivermectin didn’t work, ears here perked up, and the video was watched. Naw, the doctor was pointing out that if ivermectin is difficult to get and use, other drugs can be used to treat Covid effectively. Wasn’t adverse to ivermectin.

    Granted, with a disease that is mild in so many, it is easy to say “the treatment worked!” The exact same can be said about a vaccine that only protects against severe disease — if a vaccinated person gets Covid and isn’t hospitalized it can be said that the vaccine worked. Hence, we need data, mounds and mounds of data. Hard to get good data when there is money to be made on perpetuating fear and getting rid of control groups.


    What could possibly go wrong?!

    “Researchers Ready Lab-Grown Covid-19 Delta Variant for Human Trials” is growing the highly contagious variant under tight lab controls for use in challenge studies

    those darned kids

    mr. gates should be locked away on monster island with only a dial-up connection running explorer on windows 8.

    those darned kids

    couldn’t they just send them to an arkansas hospital? cnn keeps yelling it’s full up with deltas.

    Mister Roboto

    mr. gates should be locked away on monster island with only a dial-up connection running explorer on windows 8.

    If I have to be stuck with Windows XP because they stopped making computers that actually start up when you bring them home from WorstBuy (manufacturing dead-as-a-doorstop turds is just so cheap and profitable, you know), then Billy-Boy can live with XP, too!

    Dr. D

    That’s why my server is Linux…but it’s a pain when it occasionally crashes because I don’t already know how to fix it and it takes time to learn a new system from the ground up….(it doesn’t crash often, less than once per year)


    Raul: What are governments et al. going to do when they can no longer avoid the fact that the vaccines don’t work?

    Most (in the West) will NEVER admit that openly, frankly.

    First, hedging, as we can see already:

    — > They did work, but only for a short time / prevented the most horrific suffering / didn’t stop illness / transmission / in some ppl, some time, whatever.. Breakthrough surprises, dreadful .. A heady mix of all that.

    Rationale: It was an emergency, you gotta hit and sometimes you miss. Saving lives is the top priority!

    — > Boosters are needed, and probably more boosters next (note the flu vax that meant getting jabbed once a year) so vaxxs DO have to continue, for everyone, it is a sensible precaution, a civic duty.. plus FREE, think of the children! (Oh and they need to be jabbed as well..)

    More hedging, Xtra measures:

    — > As the vaxxs are a definite help (or partly failed.. or sadly not much use..) they are not the ultimate solution as herd immunity wasn’t achieved, due to anti-vaxxers ducking away, and maybe comprehensible errors of med. procedure in this novel dire! situation, or who knows what, we need to implement more stringent measures, attack the virus more forcibly, be more determined!

    —> More vaxx ‘mandates’, making them obligatory, and vaxxing ppl against their will, and opening up facilities for “quarantine” which will house anti-vaxxers, dissidents, refusniks, and having Lockowns (see dystopic Australia..)

    There will be > doubling down, authoritarianism, etc.

    How does it all end? Idk. Many outcomes possible.


    “Our test equipment takes a drop of your blood and tests for a variety of conditions, rapidly and effectively.” Theranos

    “Elizabeth, hold my beer…” Dr. fauci


    Money quote:

    “It’s obvious that this so-called pandemic has become an excuse to push people around.”

    And their sycophant corner office bureaucrats are enjoying it.

    Glide Path Low and Dark

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