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    Dorothea Lange Resettlement project, Bosque Farms, New Mexico Dec 1935 • Real Chinese GDP Growth Is -1.1%, According to Evercore ISI (Zero Hedge) • Bo
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle August 28 2015]


    “This is going to be seminal.”

    • Money Pours Out of Emerging Markets at Rate Unseen Since Lehman (Bloomberg)

    And devastating for people there who had fantasies of “improvements.” And immense fodder for jihadists, etc.

    Another signal; a couple days ago I saw the phrase “Third World” in a mainstream economic column, with no qualifiers or explanations. It was the Third Worlders themselves who objected to the phrase, so 1st worlders accepted the euphemism “developing”, then changed to “emerging” – but they are not going to develop, nor emerge.


    • Albert Edwards: “99.7% Chance We Are Now In A Bear Market” (Zero Hedge)

    Oh, pish. My Bayesian analysis gives only 98.4%; far more optimistic!


    Meanwhile, WE are of course spending money, and our time, on the things that really matter:

    Oh, yeah, it will “bring in an estimated $700 Million” for the “area”. Enriching, of course, thousands of midstream wage earners… And yet, we just let such bald-faced lies be repeated, with zero evidence – again, and again. Still.


    If you’ll remember my predictions for the “market” from last week – at mid day, the NY markets are slightly down; high volatility; but overall for the week the 3 major indices are positive for the week, and I would guess will close that way. Maybe up, maybe down, for the day; but up for the week. Which will still be well down for the month; but nobody looks that far back.

    Personally. I take the current market behavior to mean: the Owners are still in full control of market prices. The S&P down almost 6% for the month though- MAY mean they are starting the highly profitable down movement when bubbles pop. They run the bubbles. And make millions (sorry, billions; I still tend to think in 1980 dollars) on both up, and down. There is a small element of market movement they cannot directly control forever – they know that, are prepared for it- and ride the trends actively vacuuming the saps of the world both ways. China, Greece, EU stew, and the onset of climate change mass refugee movements- which will never stop in the next 200 years – are down pressures.

    We may now be on the down leg for western style capitalist systems, including the governmental sides. Exactly as the TAE team has been saying is inevitable. I’d give it a 62% probability; down from today on.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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