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    Time to throw in the towel. Fourth shot would be useless and omicron specific jab will be too late.

    COVID: Omicron cases in Israel spike to 35

    The majority of the 35 people who have the variant were protected (vaccinated or recovered) – 25 versus 10 who were either unvaccinated, received only two doses of the vaccine or recovered more than six months ago.

    The new cases were announced as researchers from Hebrew University warned that Israel has started a fifth COVID wave.

    They said that “the pandemic is spreading across all sectors and all age groups” for the first time since the fourth wave.

    Enforcement of the Green Pass and mask-wearing should be set up, the researchers said, and officials should work to get the remaining one million Israelis who are eligible for a booster shot but have not taken one to get vaccinated.

    The government is weighing options for sanctioning unvaccinated people, similar to what has been done in Germany and Austria.


    On: The geogaphies of the Pharma Genocide, by Toby Rogers.

    Yes. Right on.

    However, the piece is not about geography at all, and doesn’t address (one ex.), the fact that NZ, Austr., China, others geogr. close have seemingly been ‘successful’ (more or less for now) in stopping COV19 devastation with *draconian* lock-downs and ‘social’ strictures, passes, etc. policies; or just doing not too much of anything (Vietnam) – rough obviously.

    That geography is v. important, see the contrast w. the Northern hemisphere. The reasons are hard to tease out and imho have to do with the spread of COV before it became a ‘pandemic’ (OK, who knows?) and ppl having antibodies or not. Just one idea.

    Crucial, from the piece:

    This is the first simultaneous *global* genocide.

    coupled with

    This is the first example of totalitarianism without nationalism.


    (the other points, e.g. the genocide is privatized, is monetized, that is standard, genocide is usually implemented to usurp ressources, land, treasures, and private bodies play a huge role..)

    —> World Elites, or the PTB, or whatever one wants to call them, have joined together to protect their dominant, controlling interests, as globalists, which means that (many) Nations or ‘countries’ no longer run themselves, but are taken over by ‘top’ ppl, aka external ‘powers.’ For some time now, imho.

    For ex. Macron is not a genuine (whatever) ‘leader’ of France, he is a more like a low-level functionary coordinating various impulses, aims, desired policies, etc. by ppl above him, and ALSO below him (through media prop, rage at restrictions and drive for universal vaxxes, and other resistance..) — an actor on the stage.

    Mr. House

    Your freedom and liberty depend on your incoming and your outgoing cash flow.

    Mr. House

    And is exactly why everyone should save money for themselves, but i won’t force anyone to because i don’t believe in that 😉


    I must be the only person listening to CBC covid updates from the different provincial health officials.
    The lies just roll off. Their own data is making them liar. The questions, from the media, are fluff.
    Nobody is questioning the data.
    I’m just going to have to do like everybody and ignore what they say as irrelevant.
    Omicron will save us.
    As in the past, Bread and Circus.
    (Greycup, (football), basketball, winter olympics and hockey will save our mental health.


    This is the first simultaneous *global* genocide.

    Natural selection says the fittest survive and disease can be a mechanism for improving the population. Supposedly the vaccines overcome natural selection and select for the compliant instead of the fittest. But this is a lie and the vaccines will hit the compliant and pass over the non-compliant that are fit and that can survive Covid. Survival of the non-compliant is unacceptable so they created a governmental effort to either make the non-compliant compliant or to starve them out. So we have two attempted genocides going on at the same time: A gene therapy effort to get rid of the compliant and a resource allocation effort to get rid of the non-compliant. Both redefine who the fittest are and who should be allowed to survive.


    Bill Gates recent stream of consciousness captured in his blog. (It feels a bit like a sac religion to link this on TAE).

    It’s troubling any time a new variant of concern emerges, but I’m still hopeful that, at some point next year, COVID-19 will become an endemic disease in most places. Although it is currently about 10 times more lethal than flu, vaccines and antivirals could cut that number by half or more. Communities will still see occasional outbreaks, but new drugs will be available that could take care of most cases and hospitals will be able to handle the rest. Your individual risk level will be low enough that you won’t need to factor it into your decision-making as much. It won’t be primary when deciding whether to work from the office or let your kids go to their soccer game or watch a movie in a theater. In a couple years, my hope is that the only time you will really have to think about the virus is when you get your joint COVID and flu vaccine every fall.



    I hope you didn’t over look gate’s ” joint covid and flu shot”.
    Trying to normalize seriously evil.



    All the other Canadian news are just as bad as the CBC.
    Sparkle Socks is getting good value for his $600 million of taxpayers dollars he gives the media every year.
    This is over and above the billions the liberal’s CBC gets every year.
    He clearly owns the media 100%.


    “Fact checks” on Facebook aren’t facts, just opinion. But we knew that. So they censor and ban people based on “opinion”. But we knew that too. Welcome to deflatulece’s bizarro world.

    “In light of Facebook’s admission, it’s time for the Washington Post to offer a correction to this piece by Ethan Porter and Thomas J. Wood, published less than a month ago, titled “Fact checks actually work, even on Facebook. But not enough people see them.”

    So-called “fact checking” is a fraud used to cover up the censorship of opinions that that differ from those of the powerful Silicon Valley oligarchy. And now we have proof attested to in a court filing by one of the richest companies in the world, represented by some of the most elite lawyers in the world.”


    In recent days, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has sharply criticized the Biden administration’s social welfare agenda.

    It must be galling seeing all that corporate welfare being redirected to common people: Musk has to be the global champion corporate-welfare junkie, having built all his businesses on government cash.

    Figmund Sreud

    @ zero sum: I must be the only person listening to CBC covid updates from the different provincial health officials.
    The lies just roll off. Their own data is making them liar. The questions, from the media, are fluff.


    Surprised? Don’t be. In April 2020, the Government of Canada established “The COVID-19 Immunity Task Force” (CITF). The Task Force’s mandate is “to catalyze, support, fund and harmonize knowledge on SARS-CoV-2 immunity for federal, provincial, and territorial decision-makers in their efforts to protect Canadians and minimize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

    Helping to Guide Canada’s Epidemic Response

    … and so, CBC, CTV, Global are all tuned into one and only one – mandated and official – channel for information, … no exceptions!



    Elites want us all to make a tinder date with pfizer. Not me, nope.


    VP, Hillary is a low level employee — relative to the Money Power Bloodlines.

    “…the presidents are NOT great or accomplished men. They are empty suits, willing to sell their souls for some simple comforts and perks.
    If you think ANYONE in politics is worthy, do yourself a favor and volunteer to work on a campaign…state or federal level. That should give you an idea of the type of people who gravitate to “public service”.
    Those “great men” of power and position are often not “good men” and ALWAYS choose to stay outside of the media glare. You would not notice such men if you passed them on the street.
    Buffet, for example, is a pudgy little sausage, taught and bursting with fat and excesses. To refer to him as an “oracle” of any kind is nonsense. These people develop connections whereby KNOWLEDGE is passed on a quid pro quo basis and “money” is “earned”.
    There is a well written book by an indian trader who explains that every large trade is made only when the trade outcome is already known. He tells a very accurate accounting of how financials and derivative markets operate. I believe his name is DAS or some-such. Now wrap your puny neural membrane around the fact the system of finance is a fraud upon its face. Learn the fraud!

    You can ignore reality in favor of having fun with your imagination, but aligning one’s mind with the truth will generally lead to better results over time. BTW, you are PROGRAMMED to blame their employees… so the fact you do makes them think their psychological breeding of your thought processes is quite successful!


    @Noirette, “For ex. Macron is not a genuine (whatever) ‘leader’ of France, he is a more like a low-level functionary coordinating various impulses, aims, desired policies, etc. by ppl above him, and ALSO below him (through media prop, rage at restrictions and drive for universal vaxxes, and other resistance..) — an actor on the stage.”

    Indeed. Behold!

    The Money Power Monopolist Mega-Corporate Orwellian Global Fascist Empire!

    Note that the mint highlighted in Netflix’s Money Heist is The ROYAL Spanish Mint.

    ROYAL is a word. IT HAS MEANING…

    Veracious Poet

    Seems even Kunstler has felt the disturbance in the Farce…

    The authorities everywhere in Western Civ are suddenly short on legitimacy and at every level of every department and agency.

    What happens when nobody believes any of their bullshit anymore? I’ll tell you what happens: Hillary Rodham Clinton gives a “Master Class in Resilience” on YouTube. (Check out the “trailer” for it here.) Weep along with the old gal as she marinates in her special puddle of narcissism. She’s aiming to come back into the arena, you see, just as the phantom president “Joe Biden” fades into the woodwork, moaning as he vaporizes like Jacob Marley in chains.

    And so HRC seizes opportunity, emerging like Rodan the Flying Reptile from her smoldering volcano of political slumber. She wants to share with you the heartwarming victory speech she failed to deliver in November of 2016, when Russia cheated her of her grand prize. She’s as sincere and authentic as a loaf of Velveeta.

    Her stepping on stage like this signals the end of something big. Batten down your Christmas tree. It’s going to be a bumpy ride into the holiday.

    The Air Coming Out

    Veracious Poet

    OK, show of hands!

    How many on TAE still love Hillary?

    P.S. I find it a bit odd that no one replied concerning my comment on the fragility of Bitcoin/Crypto yesterday 😐

    Figmund Sreud

    Operation Extermination–The Plan to Decimate the Human Immune System with a Lab-Generated Pathogen, by Mike Whitney – The Unz Review

    “If someone wished to kill a significant portion of the world’s population over the next few years, the systems being put in place right now would enable it.” Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer Vice President




    Well, this would explain the Moronic variant being only in the vaccinated for the most part.

    “That’s one kind of death we’re seeing, the other kind is the people that are getting sick now as their immune systems finally give up. So, they’ve had the jabs maybe 6 or 8 months ago, and it’s been eating away at their immune system, and now they’re struggling to fight off things like the common cold. So, we’re in winter and there are colds and flus around and these people can’t fight them off. The government are very quick to label it “Omicron”…but they are sick with the common cold. Their immune systems are decimated. It’s much like a cancer patient, who goes through chemotherapy and it decimates their immune system. And they have to be very careful because the common cold or flu can kill them. And this is what we’re seeing now…”

    Though we haven’t heard of deaths yet. However, I am reading more odd reports of heart attacks in the relatively young. Hmmm


    @Dan, the first thing I would do is go get tested for antibodies. It should be cheap. If you donate blood, they may test for their presence for free (other than the blood donation). If you have natural immunity, their discrimination is 100% certain. If not, the waters are muddier, but there still may be real issues. The point is, LOOK AT YOUR CARDS BEFORE MAKING YOUR BET. Do you have 4 aces, or just a pair of jacks and some nonsense?
    Than approach it from there. If you have natural immunity, you contact HR, state your observation that people with natural immunity are being discriminated against, present them with the documentation (Israeli study to start, but there almost certainly others), present them with the law regarding discrimination in the workplace, and ask if, in light of this information, they will continue to discriminate against what research reveals is a superior immune condition than vaccination.
    If you want, you can take it to the next level and make it about religious discrimination, but they are going to argue it isn’t religious discrimination, it is a reasonable safety precaution.
    For example, if lighting yourself on fire was your religious right and you were on fire, they’d argue it was not religious “discrimination” to prevent you from jumping into the pools of gasoline with all the other employees. And there is some semblance of logic there, which would have to be litigated.
    However, if you have natural antibodies in your blood, it is a Michael Jordanesque slam dunk based on rationality.
    We live in an Empire system, but it is an Empire system that likes to pretend it is not… so the facts often win out, even against some Empire narratives (as we are seeing in the courts right now).
    BTW, your religious exemption should include not jamming toxic substances into tissues that absorb them, especially close to the brain! There is a spit test. Even if it isn’t a spit test, consider spitting on it, or just blow your nose hard on it while it is in front of your nose. That chit is toxic. I can’t imagine doing that weekly.

    Veracious Poet

    Thanks F.S., nice to see someone provide a cogent presentation of the elephant in the room 😉

    The point we’re trying to make cannot be overstated: The vaccine is a man-made, lab-generated bioweapon that disables the body’s critical defense system which increases one’s susceptibility to disease by many orders of magnitude. With each additional injection, one is less capable of mounting a sufficient response to routine infections, flus or viruses. That’s going to lead to a tsunami of sickness that will likely overwhelm our public health system and plunge the country deeper into crisis. Is that the plan? Is that what our globalist overlords have in store for us?

    Never, ever allow anyone or anything to interfere or suppress your innate immune system. So, what does the science tell us? It tells us that it’s innate immunity that will protect us, not the vaccine.

    I figured this out the hard way when I allowed myself only once to be infiltrated by the “Flu” vaccine in NOV 2017 ~ It took me almost a year to rebuild my immune system, of which I was painfully aware of the villainous cause, there was no -0- doubt it was the jab, even back then.

    Moreover, there have been more than a few hypothesizing the jab bio-gift could be a precursor to another “strain” emerging that would be lethal to those genetic enhancements the guinea pigs signed on for…

    I see more & more news/blog articles waking up to the severity of TPTB’s plan, of course the sheeple won’t find them until it’s too late, most don’t even have a whiff of what’s happening, yet.


    P.S. I find it a bit odd that no one replied concerning my comment on the fragility of Bitcoin/Crypto yesterday

    It is possible that in a dystopian world internet access might be blocked, mining farms in various countries could be bombed, and crypto might be declared to be the enemy of the people and the financing of terrorists.

    I think that becomes more unlikely the more time passes. At some point it gets too difficult to put the genie back in the bottle. With the SEC having approved the Coinbase IPO and a bitcoin futures ETF, it is now more difficult for the US government to outlaw the asset class. There are bitcoin mining farms in Russia. Is the US going to bomb those? Even if they somehow take a lot of the mining offline, the network is decentralized, and that will increase the incentives to set up mining in places that have not been bombed. China shut down mining over a short time period, and the mining simply moved elsewhere. The regulators have already started saying that crypto is the means of terrorist and other criminal financing, but the response has been to impose KYC requirements to better control and monitor the onramps and offramps. But that won’t stop the price appreciation as more and more lose faith in the dollar and look for a digital exit.



    Patient everyone.
    Omicron is coming.
    Omicron will save you.


    “What I want to know is if anyone can remind me of the pre-shot protocols, or if vitamin I would help even now.”

    Sorry to hear the bad news. Vitamin D, baby aspirin, nattokinase — the latter two to limit clotting.

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