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    Today, two UK High Court judges will decide whether to extradite Julian Assange to the US.   • The Geographies of the Pharma Genocide (Toby Roger
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle December 10 2021]


    “US wins Assange extradition appeal”


    The worst possible news


    Things unwind in accelerated fashion from here.

    Mister Roboto


    The Assange tale is exactly like the forced vaccination, and the lockdowns etc.: We can not say or do what we want, others decide for us. Our lives are not ours anymore, we have no freedom. What’s their deal with Pfizer for the vaccines? We are not allowed to know. Assange could have told us. A dark day.

    Mister Roboto

    IKR, and they just keep getting darker and darker.


    Russia slams British verdict on Assange extradition as ‘shameful

    The decision of the high court in London to allow the extradition of the journalist Julian Assange to the US is “shameful,” Moscow said on Friday.

    Writing on her Telegram channel, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova blasted the judgement, noting that it happened on International Human Rights Day.

    “This shameful verdict in this political case against a journalist and public figure is another manifestation of the cannibalistic worldview of the Anglo-Saxon tandem,” she said.

    Mister Roboto

    Veracious Poet

    Had a thought, seemed like a premonition:

    What if Hillary is the Anti-christ?

    …and I thought (foolishly), this was the last place I would hear anything about KK…
    The gods will abandon us for a certainty over this travesty of all reason and intelectual depth…

    Dr. D

    “If vaccines cause net harms, are being deployed worldwide, and every vaccine failure just leads to more vaccination, then this situation is best understood as a genocide.”

    ‘Nuff said. They’re finally coming around, although they still resist all evidence that it was pre-known and pre-planned.

    What we MUST do is nothing, nothing, with a side of nothing, about reducing obesity when that is the top protector against Covid deaths. And Vitamin D, which is far, far, and a side of far, easier. This we never have, never can, never will, do. Although it’s written in Harvard, The Lancet, John Hopkins, the CDC, and every other place on earth.

    See? We Care! (Gimmie money)

    “South African Covid Cases Up 255% In A Week As Omicron Spreads (G.)”

    Almost all South Africans now vaccinated with Omicron, erasing Covid as a thing. I can see why they’re alarmed. What will they do? They’ll have to invent new lies of new things that aren’t dangerous.

    Like a war with Russia. Zeus opened his MIC butt-cheeks, and lo! There came forth the Russia War, fully-formed!

    Really, Europe is broke and can’t pay for Russian energy, and they need a new failing gambit to stop NordStream, so…take stuff, don’t pay, blame you. What’s not to like?

    UK Health Secretary Says ‘Unethical’ Mandatory Vaccination ‘Will Not Work’ (SN)”

    Is he going to die now like the five African Presidents? The ‘Rona is our God: do not blaspheme.

    “ Fauci: Definition of Fully Vaccinated Will Be Changed (ET)”

    Vaccines by Domino’s: You’re protected for 30 minutes or your money back.

    NIH: No Documents on Removal of Gain-of-Function Definition From Website (ET)”

    So someone edited the website but left no computer audit trail? Ask our resident computer tech about how this isn’t possible. 1) Translation: Opened mouth, lie came out. 2) Everyone clapped and believed it. 3) Just like Zeus’ butt-cheeks.

    “Pfizer Centers To Boost Greek Economy (K.)”

    Locking down the entire economy leads to prosperity? Was an economist involved in this publication?

    “Nothing Is More Permanent Than A Temporary Government Program’ (DW)”

    This was hilarious as 150% of his Tesla fortune is from direct government transfers, protections, and subsidies. There were so many lies that a lot of commenters hadn’t gotten down to that one. I agree: let’s not do government. Give it all back, Elon, and we can charge you for the 2,000 deaths from being burned alive in your cars, then prosecute for 10,000 levels of SEC stock manipulation.

    Green Party fighting hard for billionaires, multinational corporations and their merger with state. That’s our promise to you.

    Free Pigeon Speech. In favor. It makes life grand.

    Formerly T-Bear

    There are no courts of law in the kingdom of the once great Britain, only pig styes for ‘judges’ to contentedly wallow in the mud they create. The mercy the the British crown has shown should be repaid with the summary defenestration of ALL the royal family that possibly could take the place of Elizabeth II from the Tower of London, followed by the crown itself after the great diamond set there is returned to its rightful owner and then send the queen down to cover the remains. What will happen to the British sheeple after a millennium of autocratic subjugation will be hard to predict as scant experience is to be had in the political skills needed for self governance. This cannot end well.


    That is a wonderful photo of Julian. Can we make a TAE T-shirt out of that? I would pony up $1000 (in bitcoin). Lord have mercy on that man’s soul. He is a true hero.

    Doc Robinson

    It’s a big club…


    Doc Robinson

    “How can it be fair, how can it be right, how can it be possible, to extradite Julian to the very country which plotted to kill him?” said Stella Moris. Mark this day as fascism casts off its disguises.
    — John Pilger

    Mister Roboto

    Under attack
    Change is an attack on the status quo

    There are many ways to “Divide and Conquer”
    There are many ways to “diffuse and make irrelevant”
    There many ways of silencing, censoring, and intimidation
    Everyone is yelling, all at once, to get notice, to stand out, to get priority to be first, to be next
    “Control and Distribution of scarce resource”
    Executive summary for 10 Dec 2021

    Vaccines are not free
    Vaccines decrease hospitalization
    Vaccines decrease ICU
    Vaccines decrease deaths
    Vaccines reduces the severity of covid-19 variants
    Vaccines do not neutralize Omicron

    Omicron is free
    Omicron is mild
    Omicron illiminates hospitalization and ICU admission
    Omicron confers herd immunity from covid-19 variants
    Omicron does not kill


    “No matter the outcome of further proceedings in this case, today’s ruling means that the U.S. has succeeded in ensuring that Assange remains imprisoned, hidden and silenced into the foreseeable future.”

    I always thought that “going to court”, in the USA, was the way to get the truth and to get justice.
    ( lady justice statue )

    Go to court.
    Let the USA people see what their system does



    Today’s debt rattle is bookended with an image of Assange wearing truth on his T-shirt and a guy sitting on top of the “Birds aren’t real” van.

    Intentional genius?

    Unconscious divine inspiration?

    Great links in between. Thanks.

    Mr. House

    “Americans like to talk about (or be told about) Democracy but, when put to the test, usually find it to be an ‘inconvenience.’ We have opted instead for an authoritarian system disguised as a Democracy. We pay through the nose for an enormous joke-of-a-government, let it push us around, and then wonder how all those assholes got in there.”

    Frank Zappa

    “[Lighting a cigarette] Well, I’m not here to impinge on anybody else’s lifestyle. If I’m in a place where I know I’m going to harm somebody’s health or somebody asks me to please not smoke, I just go outside and smoke. But I do resent the way the nonsmoking mentality has been imposed on the smoking minority. Because, first of all, in a democracy, minorities do have rights. And, second, the whole pitch about smoking has gone from being a health issue to a moral issue, and when they reduce something to a moral issue, it has no place in any kind of legislation, as far as I’m concerned.”

    Frank Zappa

    Two relevant quotes


    Mr. House


    Mr. House


    Who does this song seem to describe in the present?



    @Ilargi: Today’s “bookending” images are brilliant. The time has passed for asking “how did we get here?”. We are there. The only question left is “what am I doing about it?”. Thank you for playing a significant role in inspiring us to answer that last question.

    @VeraciousPoet: “This music is in my Soul. Am thinking it is in yours as well”. You replied: “My soul is full of music, saved up for dark times & troubles. I often forget to call upon it, like an old sage it always changes my perspective for the good…”

    Clearly “forgetting” is a tool of the mind….demonstrating the power of the mind over matter…until what matters arises and shakes us out of the dream. Song/Mantra have had a sacred place in the Hearts and minds of humanKIND as they IGNITE and FOCUS the energy within. On a level beyond thought. When Sound Spirit awakens to engage those in her presence…we reshape destiny. Let’s choose to REMEMBER.

    Om, Aum, Amen.


    One day the masks will be off. What will people see in their faces? More masks to ignore? Will we see the truth in each others’ eyes and reliably look away as we’ve done all of our lives before?

    Visible Masks

    On the Nature of the Sound of Silence

    Today’s stocking stuffetto:

    Live FX


    My wonderful aunt just called and told me she was just diagnosed with super fast growing breast cancer. Goddamn fucking shitty Pfizer.
    She’s worried she will be forced to take a booster or they may refuse the genetics-based treatment they are offering. (They said she has the brca gene. I use to joke that my mom’s side of the family was partly jewish because we always ate chow mien on Sundays.)
    What I want to know is if anyone can remind me of the pre-shot protocols, or if vitamin I would help even now. I’m a bit addled right now.
    Goddamn fucking shitty world.


    Between self and ‘edit’, this didn’t make the original cut:

    Invisible Masks in Plain Sight


    @V Arnold – from yesterday

    …and I thought (foolishly), this was the last place I would hear anything about KK…
    The gods will abandon us for a certainty over this travesty of all reason and intelectual depth…

    I apologize that I once again disregarded Poe’s law and caused you distress. My comment was not meant at all seriously. I intended to say that Fauci has even less credibility that KK who is of course not a source for valid information at all. Or maybe I misread you and you are also speaking tongue in cheek and ignoring Poe’s law as well. (And maybe I’m not taking you seriously and this comment is just part of the burlesque. It’s farce all the way down.)

    The Black

    Now that Assange will be extradited to the US, Hillary Clinton will be given a position in the Biden administration so that she can personally supervise Assange’s destruction. This is why she’s back in the public eye; to make a personal vendetta the public responsibility of ordinary Americans. And they’ll call her a “public servant”. Some things never change. Just ask Obama.


    @Dr D: “Like a war with Russia. Zeus opened his MIC butt-cheeks, and lo! There came forth the Russia War, fully-formed!

    Hahahahaha. Right on! We caught you revising the Story of Creation, again. Carry on!

    “Really, Europe is broke and can’t pay for Russian energy, and they need a new failing gambit to stop NordStream, so…take stuff, don’t pay, blame you. What’s not to like?”.

    We like it! Makes perfect sense. Do add “break it” to the lineup – it’s a key component of the WINNING process.

    Doc Robinson

    @ mpsk

    This article is from a group of doctors:

    A practical approach to keeping healthy after your Covid-19 jab


    My husband’s new boss (in the Netherlands) presented with her stage 4 cancer “out of the blue” (“vaxxed”, don’t know which) and promptly went on leave after being there only a year.
    And it isn’t really a gd’ed world. We’re supposed to get our first real snow today- an exquisitely beautiful thing (as long as it doesn’t end up being three feet like our first winter after moving back to Minne-snow-ta.)
    It’s actually a very beautiful world.


    This demonstrates how terminally bolloxed are our medical systems:

    Message A:
    “Dear Robin,

    “You have received a new secure MyChart message.

    “To read your new message, please login at and then click the new message alert link that appears at the top of your Homepage.

    “Your partner in health,
    “The MyChart team

    “PS: Want instant access to your healthcare record? Now there’s an app for that!
    MyChart can now be accessed securely from your iPhone or Android! Download for free from the App Store or Google Play Store.”


    “Please DO NOT REPLY to this email. This is a notification message only.

    “The information contained in this email message is confidential and protected by law. The information is intended only for the person or business identified in the document. If you are not the intended recipient, sharing or copying the information will result in a violation of the law. If you have received this email by mistake or need technical assistance, please contact MyChart Support at (*& ^%$ %$#@.”

    Message B:

    Danger, Will Robinson!

    Ignoring Message B was wise, because the message it warned against was the one telling me that an order for a life-saving iron infusion has been approved:

    “Dr. Shatzel has approved your iron infusion and the orders are signed. A message has been sent to the scheduler, but you can call them to schedule if you would prefer. Their number is $%^&*(@#$%$4.

    “Sandy, RN”

    No wonder everyone walks around with masks on. It might be unsafe to see and share our genuine facial expressions:


    None of this required covid nonsense to malfunction. In fact, they’re moving at a less-than-glacial pace, for once, and I might get an iron infusion as early as next Monday.

    Why do hospitals not have magic anti-covid booster seats? All the restaurants and bars have them. Sit down and you are magically protected from airborne plague even without a useless face-brassiere. Something magic goes up your butt and protects your breathing passages so long as you stay seated.

    WHY DON”T THE HOSPITALS HAVE THESE??? Somebody call q-anon, pls.




    Thanks, Doc R.

    Mr. House

    Ha, that’s a laugh. I bet they nudged him to do it

    Wasn’t it only a few weeks later some nascar driver claimed someone left a noose in his car bay? This shite is coordinated by someone. Also did you know Antifa exists in Germany and bullys maskless people on trains. But they don’t really exist, just a figment of our imagination. In other news facebook admits its factcheckers are only opinion when sued by someone, that was their defense in court.


    Hey, I wanted to get opinions suggestions on the vaccine discrimination an employer of mine is enforcing. The employer is Mt Rose Ski Tahoe in the state of Nevada and they have implemented a COVID vaccine mandate on the basis of the now stayed OSHA rule. I was granted a religious exemption with the following discriminatory caveats: the following is a copy paste of a message I sent to one attorney:


    My employer is enforcing exclusionary and discriminatory policies based on my vaccination status. These policies include the follow:

    “(a) Wear a facial covering at all times while indoors and outdoors.

    (b) Follow the 6-15 rule, pursuant to which an employee may not be within 6 feet of other employees for more than 15 minutes (accumulative over a 24-hour period).

    (c) Undergo weekly COVID-19 testing at the employee’s own expense and present proof of negative test results to the Human Resources Department and the employee’s manager.

    (d) Take meal and rest breaks outside.

    The use of the lodges will be limited to the use of restroom facilities, buying food in the Lodgepole Café/Winters Creek Lodge, and when attending meetings or trainings.

    You will be required to take a COVID-19 test on Mondays (coordinate with HR if this is a conflict) and submit the results to HR and your manager by Friday weekly. The test will need to be negative for COVID-19 to continue working. Please visit the Washoe County Health District testing website to schedule a free test. They also have a link to pharmacies that provide testing.”

    Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in pursuing. The employer is Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe. They have instituted a COVID vaccine mandate for employees and did grant me a religious exemption.

    Thank you,


    Any suggestions for other attorneys to contact? Is this worth pursuing? Should I file a complaint with the EEOC? What do I need to know/say?

    I give ….. about this job…just an excuse to snowboard and share my snow knowledge(I have a BS degree in snow avalanches and extensive Backcountry experience). But if I could contribute to protecting our freedoms and rights, and maybe they could help me pay for the doctor of pt program I’m about to begin…seems like a win win.

    I look forward to your thoughts.



    What a start for today…..I can’t add much to the headlines and commentary except that here in California there is still a (nominal) Peace and Freedom political party.


    I meant to say more but the previous comment should be enough for now anyway 🤔😱

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