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    Having no jab at all, 99.99% effective.

    “According to the same data gleaned from the blood plasma taken from 12 patients who tested positive for omicron, the team found that a two-shot course of Pfizer’s vaccine has just 22.5% efficacy against symptomatic infection with the omicron variant, though it can thwart severe disease, according to laboratory experiments in South Africa, according to Bloomberg.

    The data comes courtesy of a team of researchers at the Africa Health Research Institute in Durban.

    Though data has been pouring out about omicron, and sometimes individual studies reach opposing findings, the general consensus is that omicron will be able to more easily evade protection afforded from the first generation of vaccines – however, the scientists say that people will still be protected against severe disease and death. But it matters less anyway, since any patient – even an unvaccinated one – has less to fear from omicron. The reason being is that it’s believed to cause a more mild, “flu-like” infection. As we’ve said before, when you hear politicians like Joe Biden talking about an omicron takeover as if it were already a certainty (only a couple thousand cases have been confirmed around the world, if that), it’s because they wish it were true.

    The same is true for the CEOs of Moderna and Pfizer, who have been out sharing FUD about omicron with the news media on an almost non-stop rotation. They say their companies can have a new batch of vaccines available in 90-100 days. It’s almost as if they’ve been waiting for the opportunity, and if you look back at their comments, it’s clear that they have.”

    John Day

    I have been catching up today, and I’m not all caught up, but I realize that my entry disappeared earlier, and it was “Important”, because it was about that “song-of-our-hearts”, which Susmrie108 (Susan 🙂 and VP Gary share with me, and which I sang out loud again today.
    It was written by Dino Valenti, of Quicksilver Messenger Service (another lovely band), who was born “Chet Powers”, but I did not know that until I looked up more of the history of the song last year, trying to recall all the lyrics. Listen, knowing it well, to the Original “Let’s Get Together” from Jefferson Airplane Takes Off, please, … “Listen”
    The two versions meld in my mind, but there is a firmness and certainty to the moral imperative in the Airplane’s version, while the Youngbloods’ version is more plaintive.
    The Byrds “Eight Miles High” has always been their apogee (so to speak) to my senses:

    : Not sure about Bitcoin, and it can be a disruptor, but I don’t think it can really disrupt at the top levels, like central banks, myself, since it can be unplugged… I suspect gold is still the default plan.
    I am glad to hear of your further investigations with augmenting quercetin uptake, by use of lecithin, and getting a marked improvement in blood pressure. You might see if it works better taking it morning or evening, and how long after a dose it takes for the benefit to wane. I was unaware of this use of quercetin until now (Hawthorne is documented to help control BP, as is increased potassium. Nothing works for everybody.)

    @Herr Werner: “Winning by not losing” is me. Yes, sir.
    I just read about the 1939-1940 “Winter War”, when the USSR invaded Finland, with forces 3:1, air superiority, tanks and supplies, had something like 2-3 times the casualties, and had to regroup and reform the Red Army in the midst of “not winning”.
    Germany effectively blockaded Finland, too. World opinion greatly sided with the Finns, and though they did have to give the USSR everything it demanded, that reversed a little over a year later, too. The USSR effectively lost-by-not-winning-right-away. I think the COVID narrative, at least in the US, may be going that route.
    Personally, I always seem to have multiple irons-in-the-fire, and have previously made some change look planned-all-along, by taking it right away when a rug was pulled out from under me. It’s an ongoing expenditure of time and effort, but it seems to be the way I am, anyway, which makes it more convenient. I’ll get pictures of the house project on the next blog post, hopefully in the morning.
    It looks like a house, and the upstairs is actually more than “a finished-out attic”. (Where did that extra 2 feet of headroom come from?)
    A door that cracked open just as I was fired-while-planting-winter-veggies is now clearly opening to create a new opportunity for me to care medically for my brothers and sisters in the new year. All of the details need to be worked out, but it seems to be arising naturally and organically from shared purpose and views of what service to patients means, which arises from life-experiences, not concepts. Somebody I have worked with has brought me to those he works with, and we are like family. “Serendipity” was the word-of-the-day Wednesday… 🙂

    @Phoenix Voice: Mesquite is good food for cattle, nitrogen-fixing, proteinaceous. It is related to Moringa:



    She ought to be really excited if she has been jabbed.

    Mister Roboto


    The saddest thing I have read all day. Just waiting for the dummies here to say it was because of the vaccine.


    Words don’t suffice to describe how badly our world is treating someone who has given us what Assange has given us.

    Interesting article on how covid “science” can be misused.

    V. Arnold

    An amazing piece written by Cynthia Chung for Strategic Culture. She goes very deep in this one and it takes me way back to Huxley, Pearls, Leary, Crowly, Krishnamurti, and all the players of/in the Esalen Institute in California.
    MKultra very much is involved in this 70’s wave of mysticism.
    Very much worth a read, IMO…

    Huxley’s Ultimate Revolution: The Battle for Your Mind and the Relativity of Madness


    Raul, thanks for the Kirsch/Mayer interview. I got keyed into the damage that vaccines could cause when my first born had an encephalitic reaction to DPT at 2 months. This was back in 1995. When you line up the shot schedule with the corresponding neurobiological development, it’s just freaking mad. The recent research (that is being deep sized) on the mechanism involving the shuttling of aluminum via macrophages to the brain is one of those life long missing pieces to the puzzle. Took a long time to clean up the mess from that one shot, but my son is doing quite well now.

    John Day

    @My Parents Said Know: Inflammatory breast cancer is a cause of strange blood clot propensity, so an aspirin, or at least a baby aspirin per day is a good idea.
    Vitamin-D allows immune system function, which is the bane of ll cancers, so level should be pushed up to 60-100 optimum range. There are a lot of specifics to cancer treatment, based on cell typing and staging. Prognosis varies a lot. The oncologist and surgeon would give specific quotes on survival statistics.
    I’m sorry not to have better or more helpful advice…

    Mister Roboto

    Indulging the deflated one:

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