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    MC Escher Still life and street 1937   • Israel Cannot Win – Jordan (RT) • Erdogan Blasts US For Blocking Gaza Peace Resolution (RT) • Israel Is
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    This one is for the Russia hopeful types of which I can at times fool myself into being. Seems they love climate agenda and biodigital surveillance as much as the Chatham House types. Damn those Usians.

    Perhaps I’m becoming America hopeful?


    I will say over the years I have come to hate the American project of expansion and hegemony but deeply appreciate the American spirit or Ideal. It’s contrast has shown me the beautiful side of what haunts my Australian spirit – which clings to a variable and unreliable climate and withered geology – old and slow to move. This is why our spirit is less courageous and more co-operative. We are a kangaroo and an emu. The US is the Eagle.
    We are less independent. We can’t go it alone here. We will die. The rain will stop or the desert will appear and the soil is hard and low in fertility (I’m abstracting for the sake of spirit or ‘sense’).

    The tale of the White hats and their fight for independence has drag on its wings now as it seeks to fly again. The drag of the enclosures act. Of the comfort trap. Of the slings and arrows volleyed from the old world of Europe.
    I want America to be Josey Wales after he has killed enough and lost enough to know life is worth risking death.

    Josey Wales meets Comanche chief 10 bears.


    Posting this for run for the hills via email as his comment wont load for some reason…

    Has anyone not been hypnotised by Ukraine, Israel v Palestine ?

    I heard today the US Securities and Exchange Commission on January 02 2024, whilst the populace is hungover from holiday season, are going to a vote allowing Natural Asset Corporations.

    If this happens, what I have been talking with friends about “The Enclosures Act 2.0” will be let out of Pandora’s box.

    Here is an older article that gives a good overview of where this is heading.

    Have to admit I’m stumped by trying to keep up with the myriad of insane legislation and law being enacted currently, let alone working out strategies of how to counter them.

    My friends and family are sick of hearing about Covid, Carbon, NACs, the alphabet soup etc etc.

    I have not shut up and work hard at opening peoples eyes as effectively as I can.

    I do not post often, this is my 2nd post thus far.

    Glad to find an island of sanity out there.

    TAE members collectively have way more in common to loose, than we have in difference of opinions.

    We are all trying to fight the Blob of GloboCap in our own way.

    Thank you to those I disagree with and thank you to those I agree with.

    At least we are generally civil to each other on TAE.

    Remember, Your Enemies Enemy is Your Friend………..

    Natural Asset Companies and the plan to financialize the commons

    Run for the hills

    Cannot post tonight, thanks Oxy for posting on my behalf !
    If this gets through, buggered if I understand how WP functions, more fickle than the wind, Oxy’s post was a straight copy and paste from this submission window to his.

    Dr. D

    Jewish antizionist pamphlet: Yes now only if like Americans they didn’t have 70% of their people for the wars and colonialism. Everyone was similarly on the Christians who apparently thought Jesus would bomb Baghdad.

    But since it’s a big ad campaign, you have to start somewhere, and as you go add objectors. Celente’s “Occupy Peace” was the biggest failure since failures. People in America — or at least NY — don’t want anything to do with peace.

    “Alex Jones says Deep State will take out Trump | Tucker Carlson”

    Trump AND Tucker Carlson, or Trump said ON Tucker Carlson? Anyway, yeah, time for a small plane crash. Heck, if I were Trump, I’d stage one! Did JFK Jr? There sure were a lot of weird facts surrounding his crash during the Senate race vs Clinton, — who never set foot in NY – who then had to have that seat to be a plausible President candidate on schedule.

    “Jordan’s foreign minister has claimed Israel cannot achieve military victory in Gaza and has already suffered a strategic defeat by alienating the entire region.”

    I’m certain this is true but don’t know why, as it needs to express itself physically somehow. Like, if they were boycotting Israel and shutting off imports, that would all make sense, right? They’re not, so how is this very true thing going to happen?

    Couldn’t be better that the U.S. Vetoes, since now we all know what the Americans and Biden Administration are. The UN is finally finding a f—k to give, having like 200 UN employees killed there, the greatest number by orders of magnitude. Now they’re a completely corrupt, feckless, pointless bureaucracy of paid actors, but they’re small enough to know each other and all think alike. Worse for us, they and the world are almost more mad at the United States than the are at Israel who is actually doing the bombing. I understand that, though I can’t articulate the logic. It’s like the Joker: Israel being this way is fine since it’s part of “The Plan.” They’re mad the U.S. isn’t playing their part of pretending to care while authorizing and funding it, not that 10,000 kids were killed. We know every day with every breath nobody cares about that, Jordan.

    Anyway, can the world FINALLY stop listening to and stop obeying us, for the love of f—-ing God? Did we not TELL you to, from 2016 on? Did we not demonstrate you should have, on your own, as your own idea, since 2002? THIS is what it takes for you to stop, Really? IF ONLY you had showed some spine before now, Africa, Global South, Israel couldn’t have got there bc the U.S. influence would have been already cut off. America First has been TRYING to cut it off and go home, but you just keep obeying like colonists. If you keep handing us hundred billions and obeying, OBVIOUSLY we can’t stop: the money flows will have their own reality. People enriched are not cut off and can maintain their influence and lobbying. You know this: everybody knows this; it’s not some super-secret 5D strategy.

    Anyway, so although we told you, if this is what it takes then fine, whatever. It is a global world war after all and people get killed. Please next time try to find your balls and get the lead out of your -ss so your comrades don’t get killed.

    “• Erdogan Blasts US for Blocking Gaza Peace Resolution (RT)

    Good. Please Turkey can you break NATO and DO something for a change? We exist so people can point to and blame us for every problem in the world when YOU OBEY OUR EVERY IDIOT ORDER. Then it’s OUR fault. When does it become YOUR fault for following illegal orders? I don’t think a Court Marital would let you walk, Turkey, Niger, Oman, UAE, whoever. So we’re so bad they let us have our largest Naval base outside the U.S. in their country? Oh, yeah, I guess they’re totally, totally mad at us and Israel. NOT!

    Like Europe driving us around, we exist to be blamed. Tell me how that works for us. America is at like 50% poverty line.

    Since money-printing went into permanent high gear after the dotcom crash in 2000, the top 1 percent of households have gained $20 million each in inflation-adjusted net worth.

    during the last 22 years the median real annual wage has risen by only 14.5 percent or just $235 per annum.

    In relative terms, these annual wealth gains for the top 1 percent were 4,250X larger than the median real wage gain and 17,000X larger for the top 0.1 percent.

    “median annual wage for 2022 was just slightly above $40,000, and that by definition half of the nation’s 172 million workers with wage records earned less than that amount. To be exact, 84.5 million workers posted annual earnings of $40,000 per year or less in 2022, with an average annual earnings level of just $17,900.

    That’s right. The average worker in the bottom half of the wage distribution generated earnings that do not even remotely support a middle-class living standard. In fact, this figure amounts to only 65 percent of the Federal poverty line for a household of 4 persons ($27,750) and is barely above the $14,580 poverty level for a single person household.

    In other words, the overwhelming bulk of the 84.5 million workers in the bottom half of the wage distribution pulled in paychecks over the course of 2022 which were below or just above the Federal poverty line!

    That is to say, the U.S. economy is badly broken, yet you do not hear a peep from either wing of the Uniparty.” –Stockman

    Oh yeah, “America” is dong this to Europe or Palestine or Ukraine because…reasons? Because NOT ONE AMERICAN benefits from it. HALF the country is at the poverty line. We’re clearly going backward at the speed of light.

    Or maybe, just maybe, the whole system has been hijacked like a pirate ship, Americans have NOT been voting for these people while their incomes were cut in half, and WE are being extracted and murdered by the same people as fast as anyone on earth outside of Gaza? Maybe?

    Let me get this straight: The Mayor of Chicago was put in jail for corruption, but there wasn’t any corruption in Chicago. Nope. It was just one man, and certainly corrupt people who run Black Sites for decades and forced confessions like no place outside of Israel would definitely, NEVER have voter fraud. …Despite being the center of voting fraud since they incorporated as a city, and famously in 1960, 64, 68…? Nope! The people of Chicago just LOVE this and vote for it yearly of their own volition, freely and fairly. Please daddy, shoot me, pick me up with a bag over my head to your black sites and torture me in a warehouse.

    Or maybe people DON’T want this, and maybe the elections aren’t exactly fair? Maybe? Maybe just this one time there’s not one cockroach?

    Anyway, have to cut off the money to stop it. Saying “No” cuts off the money. In Chicago, in Africa, or in Ukraine. None of that money ends up “here”, with anyone outside the Beltway. They are colonial overlords, not a government.

    “The legislation denied indigenous designations to Russians, which amounted to at least one fifth of Ukraine’s population”

    Sure, Ukraine was going to do a Gaza on them, and become the “Israel of Europe”. They openly said so. They didn’t say it in the same sentence, but what’s the difference?

    “The entire parliament stood up and applauded [Nazis]. What is it, if not a manifestation of Nazism?”

    NPR will tell you it isn’t. There are no Nazis in Ukraine, just because they have brigades, flags, tattoos, handshakes, holidays, and posters: it’s a Right Wing Talking point. One that the NY Times reported for 10 years before denying it ever happened. “Advocacy Journalism” Upton Sinclair would be very proud. You’re definitely supporting the Underdog and Speaking Truth to Power everytime you join with the entire state and all corporations for a genocide.

    “They are historically afraid of Western incursions because Russia itself has been invaded many times throughout its history from the West.”

    It’s not JUST that. It’s that every 80 years the West goes nuts like clockwork and tries to murder Russia. Not “This might happen” the way China has been taken by Mongolians once or twice. How many centuries do they have to run a genocide before Russia gets to say there’s a pattern here? Nope, Putin’s “paranoid” a “madman”, “nuts.”

    “1. First, Putin’s war poses a stark and direct threat to security in Europe and beyond,”
    2. “Russia’s special military operation is “a clear challenge to [US] NATO allies.”
    3. The third is that Moscow’s actions are an attack on “democratic values and decency.”

    Really? Hooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww? HOW? How are they a threat at all? How are they a challenge? How are they an attack on an abstraction, in a nation that has zero features of that abstraction: no elections, no parties, no press?

    Yet living here I can tell you if you say that paragraph, almost everyone will nod their heads in mild consent.

    “There is nothing in that war… the war is militarily unwinnable.”

    OBAMA said on camera Ukraine would remain “Russia”(sphere) because “Russia has escalation dominance” there and such a war is an impossible non-starter. Yet we did this when we, he, and everyone clearly knew must lose? Huh. Funny world. WHY?

    Because Europe was collapsing and needed this or die? And the U.S. is merged and does whatever they say? And the White Hats were like fine, let Russia utterly destroy Europe, get them off our back and save us the trouble? No? Then what’s your theory, because the official one makes no sense.

    “But Milei wants to support Ukraine. i.e. the US. Faux pas.”

    Melei is a joker but note everywhere it matters, he’s pro-US, pro-West, pro-(outdated)status quo. Can we see why everyone magically stepped aside and let this (fake) resistance candidate in? We’ll see, but…

    Everyone said this about Trump: THEY should have run a fake Trump candidate and got the massive “We hate your DC guts” F-You, Michael Moore vote. Obama was that, but in the previous cycle. Ramaswamy may be that now. And I’m not saying Melei or Ramaswamy are aware of it, just that they can be worked with enough compared to the alternatives, meaning the controllers are clearly in rear-guard action.

    The people aren’t buying it, in America anyway. And good. They set up DeSantis, LET him do these things for Florida, make a lot of noise as a sacrifice and cost-to-play to put him in the Presidency and displace Trump. …Until he opened his mouth. Ramaswamy is probably the same. But we’re taking them ONLY AS THEY’RE USEFUL and do what we want. And good, right? Isn’t that Democracy? I didn’t hire your name, I hired you for a JOB. Fix my plumbing or whatever, I don’t care about your religion or your home life, it’s not why I hired you. DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD. By me, the People. Catchy, huh?

    Argentina didn’t have those cycles yet it seems. This is the first breakout, not having an Obama and Trump and DeSantis first.

    “partition of Iraq by the British Empire and the creation of the Sheikdom of Kuwait, Saddam Hussein invaded and attempted to annex the Gulf State.”

    Maybe. But a couple of things here: HW Bush TOLD HIM it was okay to invade. Officially. On paper. And he may not have wanted to conquer it, but needed leverage as HW Bush’s oil pals got in the high-tech drilling that was going sideways and stealing all the Iraqi oil over the border. So invading would be good leverage to simply make Kuwait stop this outrageous, multi-billion bank heist. Who would think over this nothingburger HW would try to fabricate a world War out of pure Bernays? Well, HW was clever and good at his job like that. Stealing and killing savant.

    “The US and its allies hit back with a powerful response, and George H.W. Bush famously proclaimed the objective of creating a “new world order.”

    This part is correct and it was their coming-out party. Not no one could stop them either. He wasn’t wrong. He was using Iraq as a test case of the size of nation they could destroy at will lookin’-at-you-Nigeria and Libya. Just like Reagan making a show in Grenada or wherever “He’s crazy and will attack anything”. That’s true, it worked, and DID set the new page he hoped it would. We were all against it and said so a the time. Hey buddy? Where’s your declaration of War? Where’s your premise? Where does your war stop and we close it? “Shuddap youse.” Uh-huh. And so with no declaration of war WERE we America bled white and DID it start to trample all rights here at home? Yeah. I take checks or cash for being right again. Ya dummies. How can you not see this coming? “Oh but DADDY will never ABUSE his power.” Oh. My. God.

    “First of all, the US and its allies have not been able to muster the political will to defeat Russia in Ukraine or, as they had assumed, even crush the economy of the Russian Federation.”

    Okay, HW and his “New World Order” – which he never said, but he said 100 times, but he didn’t MEAN what he said when he meant what he didn’t say — but if he said it, it’s a good thing – got it? Good. He had a “coming out party”, and now we need a “going in” party or whatever you’d call it. We need another EVENT, played out, PROVING it’s safe and the Yanks are going home. Thus: “ the US and its allies have not been able to muster the political will” … or any shells at all.

    This is what it takes. Sorry. I’m sorry you were in the war that allowed YOU to become brave and send us home at last. We told you to before, but that was only words.

    Hunter “has raised doubts about Elon Musk’s intellectual acumen, claiming the billionaire lacks regard for US democracy and freedoms.”

    Hunter hates African Americans, I guess. Says they’re lazy and stupid. I think that should be the headline.

    Please you two: please stay in the top of the media, demonstrating daily Hunter’s millions of felonies. …And that Elon is a douche who should be restrained by law and we should never trust billionaires regardless of who they are.

    “This was a lie. Chauvin was convicted by a lie. “

    It was clearly a lie and easy to know that. Everyone loved the lie, so there we are. They got their Feelz and sleep like a baby at night for it. That’s the measure of America at this point, and we’ll need to change that somehow, like HW, with actions that get us to say no, prefer the truth, and prove it.

    BTW, anyone got on Chauvin and Floyd knew each other for years, but sorta acted like they never met this day? How does that work exactly? What’s with Floyd’s coffin, a 6-6”, 300lb man lifted light as a feather? What’s up?

    “• UK Tories Plotting Boris Johnson Comeback – Daily Mail (RT)

    Boris Johnson left? Because he was/is/has been flying around the world doing negotiations as Prime Minister the whole time. How’s that possible? Don’t the two valet and scullery maid PMs get mad and want to do something about this guy impersonating the Prime Minister? Nope. Not a peep. That implies to me Boris isn’t PM either, all three of them are run from above, but who is that guy and what does he want? Mr. Global.

    “Al Gore says that people having access to information is a threat to “democracy”

    Fixed it. And that totally makes sense! …In #OppositeLand. Where an uninformed voter is the perfect Democracy!

    “According to Gore, people are being pulled down “rabbit holes” by algorithms that are “the digital equivalent of AR-15s”

    Whut? The Actual? It’s very clear the algos are wildly, totally, over-the-top, almost unusuable pro-state, pro-status quo. It’s in the Twitter files, in the Federal records, in NY Times articles, the algo always does the #Opposite of this. Everywhere, every hour, on every platform. If there’s naughty information, fine, but the “algo” is a non-sequitur of non-sequiturs. AND he knows this. AND we know this. And He knows that we know, that he knows, that we know. …Who is he talking to?

    “artificial insanity! I’m serious!” “I’m Serial, guys! ManBearPig.” But anyway, WHO is this guy again? Has he done something important that I should recognize him by name? Maybe he was Prime Minister under MissTrust or something.

    “To date, the [covid] inquiry has spent over £70 million”

    Well yeah, like a special prosecutor, everytime they run into somebody who knows something, they have to bribe him off. That takes a lot of money when you’ve killed 10 million people.

    “Andrew Bridgen’s hearing on COVID in the UK Parliament on Dec 4, 2023. I didn’t pull any punches.”

    Sure, let him get his Feelz off and SAY anything he wants. I don’t see anyone in jail, so they didn’t DO anything. They’re hoping he will trade hot air for action, and the gravy train goes on untouched.

    “Did they get you to trade
    Your heroes for ghosts?
    Hot ashes for trees?
    Hot air for a cool breeze?
    Cold comfort for change?
    Did you exchange
    A walk-on part in the war
    For a lead role in a cage?” — Pink Floyd.

    “Climatologist” Yes, of course the scientists never show data nor methods, ever. Nor have discussions. That’s the definition of “Science”.

    Hey Canada, what’s the Carbon footprint of sending 40 $100,000 diesel-powered vehicles down every street in Canada to remove every inch of snow every snowfall? This is not a special street like a fire station or Parliament. If you want to know how big Nature is and how small man is, here two giant trucks, some of the largest we have, can’t empty one back alley of just a few inches. This is not like a 3-footer or nothin’. How many such streets are in Montreal? 95,000?

    Just saying maybe it would be more energy efficient ultimately to find a better solution?

    You can sled on the stuff, been doing it for like 10,000 years.

    Dr. D

    “10 Bears” Yes, but it takes a blood sacrifice. If you’re not willing to make it, you’ll lose. Thankfully, one man sacrificing himself is worth 1,000 forced sacrifices. This is why Ukraine lost. Our Founding Fathers laid down their lives, their mansions, fortunes, reputations, their sacred honor, and many were killed, houses burned, jailed, hung, lost. THEY did that. They didn’t leave it to others — or not THAT much. Ukraine wants to TAKE money, and remain oligarchs at the top and let OTHERS die and build the country for them, but that’s not how it works.

    Same right now. The Feds have been trying, doing, aching, forcing, killing widely for years, DECADES now, in a desperate attempt to make Joe Redneck take a swing. Any affront they can think of. We said, “I can take it”, then stood there and did. “They expect us to Fight; Or to lose heart. We will do neither!”

    They’re STILL AT IT. Because it’s the only thing they know. Now they’re at it with Trump. Stealing the election SURELY, absolutely, positively HAS TO, Must be violent, have a coup. Because he CAN. WHY ever on earth wouldn’t he? It’s what WE would do. It’s even what LOGICAL people would do.

    Nope. Not enough yet? America not unified yet? Fine, let Joe be the President.


    We can take the punishment. We’ll even make fun of you and laugh it the f– off. And Trump knows this. And WE know this. And that’s why we’ll win and he can risk this RATHER than have to start a series of ever-escalating partisan government party arrests. Here we are. Who’s for Joe Biden, 2024? Can a hear a “Yes Brother”? “Vote Blue No Matter Who”?

    Oh you’re going to RIG the election are you? With a 85% opposed rate? GO AHEAD. We’ll just keep getting bigger NEXT time.

    …And that’s why we’ll win. But note it’s not bombs, fists, not strategy. Not sense, intelligent, knowledge. Not allies, aid, not money. It’s HEART. And you can’t make that. It either is or it isn’t. It’s what’s deepest inside you, who you REALLY are that isn’t subject to influence and so on. And that’s why Ireland won too, or is in the process of winning the last counties. If you’re willing to TAKE THE PUNISHMENT, you really can’t BE stopped. If we just keep mocking you and won’t shut up, you’ll never actually BE feared, never actually IN control, are you?

    Orders are when you give them, people just do them, because. Not they question every order and disobey every order they can get away with while undermining you. That’s not power. And they can’t make us. There isn’t enough money, bullets, men to make us. Go ahead. We’re patient. The only way you can win is breaking WILL. But they’re not breaking our will, they’ve been MAKING it stronger these last 10 years. And that’s the end of them.

    Dr. D


    Remember, their problems are not the same as our problems. They don’t and can’t see things the way we do. Their problem that WE never think of is COLLATERAL. An infinitely compounding debt system MUST take new collateral or collapse. In that way it’s an expansive Roman Empire, or a cancer. If it stops growing, it dies. (And most of us with it).

    That’s why they needed all Russia leveraged 300:1 but it’s not enough.

    This – and things like patenting the DNA of all life – is desperate beyond desperate. MAKE US. Suppose they enact such laws: how you gonna enforce them? They already did many times, like collecting rainwater in Central America. Here you have the largest possible power disparity and still not going well. Like they say “They’ll foreclose and steal all American houses”. Oh they WILL, will they? They’ll Blockchain and NESRA them, with all objects on earth. And we’re going to stand around for that and the Sheriff BillyBob is going to just enforce it on all 6,000 households in his own town? 100% of his voters that elected him in? And Cleetus isn’t going meet him with an armored D9 bulldozer?

    GTFO of here with that stuff. MAKE ME. Parasites have limits. They are not the Host.

    Yes, this is bad. But don’t fight them face to face on their strong ground. Ask where’s the Epstein Flight list. Who could object to that?


    The partial pressure of carbon dioxide is approximately 0.00039 ATM which is equal to 0.0395 KPa or 0.296 mmHg or 0.005731 psi.

    The CO2 in the atmosphere is in the sort of quantities that would normally be referred to as a vacuum. The level of CO2 in the atmposphere is approximately the same as the vacuum specified by aircon retailers when you install an aircon unit, having to vacuum out the moisture and air before releasing the refrigerant into the air processing unit (indoor unit).

    For practical purposes, the CO2 argument is one about the quality of extreme vacuums.

    Veracious Poet

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled trolls

    Ignis fatuus.

    Figmund Sreud

    Alastair Crooke back from Moscow reporting:

    Strategic Reflections From Moscow



    Dr Michael Yeadon had prepared a video recording for the event hosted by Andrew Bridgen in Parliament yesterday. However, there was said to be a technical error, but according to Dr Yeadon, there must have been two errors because they had received his recording several days before and confirmed that “it was working” and “Peter McCullough was intending to present by video link, eg Zoom” but a technical error prevented it from being seen.

    “It’s not believable that both link & local playback failed.” “Why didn’t they want me to speak?” he asks.

    Why indeed?

    Video: “The design of the so called COVID-19 vaccines was intentionally to harm people.” Dr. Mike Yeadon


    Oxy: the US is the eagle. The bald eagle is considered a scavenger before predator, if the shoe fits.


    Even if you don’t feel it, You are being manipulated.

    the message



    Israel has created an amount of hatred that will haunt this region and the world.

    The root cause of the call for ceasefire is hatred and hostilities at Israel for committing murderous atrocities and massacres in Gaza that will make all humans blush.

    The message of “ceasefire” is being polluted by the media calling that all of the activists and demonstrators are “demonstrations for Palestine” and are “anti Israel”.

    The message of Peace, ceasefire and stopping the killing is being minimized and diverted.
    Are US, (the West), citizens allowed to read RT?
    ( The alternative is TAE)
    10 Dec, 2023 21:31

    Israel trying to force Gazans into Egypt –

    The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are setting the stage for the mass expulsion of Palestinians into Egypt while creating conditions that will make it impossible for them to ever return to their destroyed homes in Gaza,
    Don’t pay attention to what I say/write. Look/listen to what Al Gore said
    • Al Gore: Access to Non-Mainstream Information ‘Threatens Democracy’ (MN)
    WOW! I never expected that would happen!


    (access to information outside of corpgov media sources) “the digital equivalent of AR-15s – they ought to be banned, they really ought to be banned!” – Al Gore

    “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?” – Joseph Stalin


    The former Vice President said that functioning democracy relied on a “shared base of knowledge that serves as a basis for reasoning together collectively” but that “social media that is dominated by algorithms” upsets this balance.

    Collective Reasoning. No, not creepy at all.

    And this insistence that people don’t think, they’re merely influenced by outside factors. Conditions leading to conditions. A contempt for human consciousness.

    Favorite zerohedge comment on this:

    “gore is 75 years old. you can’t live forever. imagine hating people so much that you want to destroy freedom that much at a point in your life when you wont live long enough to see your destruction. to literally throw a match on the way out. thats the very defintion of an asshole.”

    They keep trying to believe they can Have It All. Stop all human consciousness, decision making, free thought, action, association, problem-solving. ALL the luxuries skimmed and wallowed in – for a time – were emergent characteristics of those very activities. Activities they cannot bear to engage in themselves. They want to believe they can chop down the tree, feed it through a woodchipper, and eat fruit from the branch they left hanging in midair.

    John Day

    Thanks Oxymoron. Thanks Run For The Hills.

    John Day

    Bad Seeds

    ​ Chris Hedges ,​ The Evil Israel Does is the Evil Israel Gets​ [Presented as a meditation to know this part of ourselves without ​”becoming ​our enemies”.]

    ​ Israel’s genocide in Gaza is rearing a new generation of enraged, traumatized and dispossessed Palestinians who have lost family members, friends, homes, communities and any hope of living ordinary lives. They, too, will seek retribution. Their small acts of terrorism will counter Israel’s ongoing state terror. They will hate as they have been hated. This lust for vengeance is universal. After World War Two, a clandestine unit of Jews who served in the Jewish Brigade of the British Army, called “Gmul,” – Hebrew for “Recompense” – hunted down former Nazis and executed them.
    ​ “I and the public know/What all schoolchildren learn,” W.H. Auden wrote. “Those to whom evil is done/Do evil in return.”

    ​ Chaim Engel, who took part in the uprising at the Nazis’ Sobibor death camp in Poland, described how, armed with a knife, he attacked a guard in the camp.
    “It’s not a decision,” Engel said. “You just react, instinctively you react to that, and I figured, ‘Let us to do, and go and do it.’ And I went. I went with the man in the office, and we killed this German. With every jab, I said, ‘That is for my father, for my mother, for all these people, all the Jews you killed.’”
    ​ What Engel did to the Nazi guard was no less savage than what Hamas fighters did to Israelis on Oct. 7, after escaping their own prison. Taken out of context, it is inexplicable. But set against the backdrop of the extermination camp, or the 17 years trapped in Gaza’s concentration camp, it makes sense. This is not to excuse it. To understand is not to condone. But we must understand if this cycle of violence is to be stopped. No one is immune to the thirst for vengeance. Israel and the U.S. are foolishly orchestrating yet another chapter in this nightmare.

    ​ J. Glenn Gray, a combat officer in World War Two, wrote about the peculiar nature of vengeance in “The Warriors: Reflections on Men in Battle:”When the soldier has lost a comrade to this enemy or possibly had his family destroyed by them through bombings or through political atrocities, so frequently the case in World War II, his anger and resentment deepen into hatred. Then the war for him takes on the character of a vendetta. Until he has himself destroyed as many of the enemy as possible, his lust for vengeance can hardly be appeased. I have known soldiers who were avid to exterminate every last one of the enemy, so fierce was their hatred. Such soldiers took great delight in hearing or reading of mass destruction through bombings. Anyone who has known or been a soldier of this kind is aware of how hatred penetrates every fiber of his being. His reason for living is to seek revenge; not an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but a tenfold retaliation.
    ​ To the brutalized, numb with trauma, convulsed by rage, those who relentlessly attack and humiliate them are not human beings. They are representations of evil. The lust for vengeance, for tenfold retaliation, spawns rivers of blood.

    ​ The Palestinian attacks of Oct. 7, which left some 1,200 Israelis dead, feeds this lust within Israel, just as Israel’s obliteration of Gaza feeds this lust among Palestinians. Israel’s blue and white national flag with the Star of David adorns homes and cars. Crowds gather to support families whose members are among the hostages in Gaza. Israelis hand out food at road junctions to soldiers headed to fight in Gaza. Banners with slogans such as “Israel at war” and “Together we will win” punctuate television broadcasts and media sites. There is little discussion in Israeli media of the slaughter in Gaza or the suffering of Palestinians – 1.7 million of whom have been driven from their homes – but a constant repetition of the stories of suffering, death and heroism that took place on the Oct. 7 attack. Only our victims matter.

    ​ “Few of us ever know how far fear and violence can transform us into creatures at bay, ready with tooth and claw,” Gray wrote. “If the war taught me anything at all, it convinced me that people are not what they seem or even think themselves to be.”

    ​ Marguerite Duras in her book “The War: A Memoir” writes of how she and other members of the French Resistance tortured a 50-year-old Frenchman accused of collaborating with the Nazis. Two men who were tortured in Montluc prison in Lyon strip the alleged informer. They beat him as the group shouts: “Bastard. Traitor. Scum.” Blood and mucus soon run from his nose. His eye is damaged. He moans, “Ow, ow, oh, oh. …” He crumples in a heap on the floor. Duras writes that he had “become someone without anything in common with other men. And with every minute the difference grows bigger and more established.” She watches the beating passively. “The more they hit and the more he bleeds, the more it’s clear that hitting is necessary, right, just.” She goes on: “You have to strike. There will never be any justice in the world unless you – yourself are justice now. Judges, paneled courtrooms play-acting, not justice.” She notes,“Every blow rings out in the silent room. They’re hitting at all the traitors, at the women who left, at all those who didn’t like what they saw from behind the shutters.”

    ​ Israel has abused, humiliated, impoverished and wantonly killed Palestinians, provoking inevitable counter violence. It is the engine behind a century of bloodshed. The genocide in Gaza outdoes even the worst excesses of the Nakba, or catastrophe, which saw 750,000 Palestinians driven from their land in 1948 and 8,000 to 15,000 murdered in massacres by Zionist terrorist militias such as Irgun and Lehi.

    ​ Hamas Plan: Israel Knew It for Over a Year​ (​Establishing blame to ​drive slaughter and genocidal objectives. 7-hour military stand-down helped it happen.)
    ​ “Israel has known Hamas’ attack plan for over a year,” reveals the New York Times. A 40-page document code-named by Israeli intelligence as “Walls of Jericho” proves it. Without specifying the date, it outlines point by point exactly the attack carried out by Hamas on October 7, 2023. The plan has circulated widely for over a year before October 7, 2023, among Israeli military and intelligence leaders. Still, they concluded that “an attack of this magnitude is beyond the capabilities of Hamas.”
    ​ Last July, just three months before the attack, a veteran analyst from Unit 8200 Israel’s intelligence agency warned that Hamas had conducted an intense exercise similar to the one described in the plan. But an intelligence agency colonel trashed her report. On October 7, 2023, Hamas executed the attack plan with “astonishing precision”: a barrage of rockets, drones to disable security cameras and automatic machine guns along the barrier surrounding Gaza, armed men entering Israeli territory from gaps opened with bulldozers in the barrier. Exactly as it was written in the plan called the “Walls of Jericho” by Israeli intelligence.

    Hamas Plan: Israel Knew It for Over a Year

    ​ More than 5,000 Israeli soldiers have been wounded in fighting in Gaza since 7 October, while Israeli officials are warning of a looming mental health crisis, an Israeli newspaper reported on Saturday.​ [Only the complete eradication of Palestinians can heal these wounds, right?]
    ​ “We have never faced something like this,” Luria said, adding that 5,000 soldiers had been wounded since the start of the fighting.​ “Who will help them shower or get around the house? Most of the victims suffered serious injuries, and the state needs to understand that there is an arena here that requires a new distribution of injuries.”

    John Day

    US uses veto power, blocks UNSC resolution calling for Gaza ceasefire​
    Failure to pass the resolution comes although 13 countries voted in favor of it, while the UK abstained.–blocks-unsc-resolution-calling-for-gaza

    66% of Americans Want a Ceasefire!

    Gaza: “Genocide Joe,” 66% of Americans Want a Ceasefire!

    WHO confirms more than 449 attacks on health services in Gaza, West Bank since Oct. 7

    ​ The Israeli army opened fire on six ambulances of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, escorted by UN vehicles, carrying 11 patients with critical injuries, including amputations and head wounds, in Gaza, the Red Crescent said on Sunday, adding that one of the injured died before receiving any treatment, Anadolu Agency reports.

    ​ Video reportedly shows Israeli forces directing unarmed Gazan civilians to stage gun surrender
    A video reportedly shows Israeli soldiers instructing unarmed Palestinian civilians to simulate the surrender of firearms. In the footage, an Israeli soldier is heard giving directions in Arabic: ‘Grab the gun I gave you, but don’t shoot it, we don’t want trouble, walk slowly and leave it on the ground on the other side.’ The man identified in the video is Moin Qeshta Al-Masry, owner of an aluminium workshop in Gaza. Al-Masry was among those who sought refuge in Al-Khalifa school in Beit Lahia and was reportedly taken along with others.

    John Day

    ​ Israel’s onslaught drags U.S. Jewish life into the abyss​ , PHILIP WEISS
    The Jewish establishment has been consigned to the support of genocide, and it has accepted that role eagerly. The effect on Judaism of this moral collapse is unfathomable.

    Israel’s onslaught drags U.S. Jewish life into the abyss

    ​ The Yemeni Armed Forces announce that all ships bound to the occupation entity are prohibited from passing through the seas regardless of their nationality until sufficient food and medicine aid enters Gaza.–israel–bound-ships-from-passing-via-arabian

    ​ An Iranian-Russian initiative on the Gaza War was tabled when Iranian President Sayyid Ebrahim Raisi met with President Vladimir Putin for several hours on Thursday. For the time being the Kremlin is doing its best to hide it.
    ​ According to Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian, speaking after Raisi had returned home, “a significant part of the negotiations focused on the Palestinian issue and Russia is thinking about an initiative on Gaza. The two sides stressed the need for an immediate cessation of the war and genocide in Gaza and the West Bank, he said, noting that the presidents of Iran and Russia also called for stopping the forced migration of Gazans and the immediate opening of the Rafah border to deliver massive humanitarian aid to Gazan people.”
    ​ There was a one-on-one session between Raisi and Putin at the commencement of the talks; a session of the two presidents with brief public statements; and then closed delegation presentations and a supper. Altogether, the talks lasted five hours. There were no press briefings at the conclusion.
    ​ There has been a blackout on the talks by Russian Defense Ministry, the military bloggers, and Moscow media like Vzglyad which has been taking a pro-Israel line. No Russian official will clarify what Abdollahian meant by his claim that “Russia is thinking about an initiative on Gaza” – except to point out that Abdollahian’s wording does not mean that the “initiative” at this stage was initiated by the Russian side.​..
    The Fars news agency has also announced that participating in the Iranian delegation, but not in the front row of the “narrow format” session, there were Minister of Roads and Urban Development Mehrdad Bazrpash; head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Mohammad Eslami; and the Governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Mohammad-Reza Farzin.
    ​ Farzin’s role, together with that of Russian Central Bank governor Elvira Nabiullina, is to devise counter-measures for US and European sanctions, and to implement “a road map [to] be drawn up by States to reduce the dependency of international trade on national currencies that are prone to being used to implement unilateral coercive measures or to sustain a particular State’s monetary hegemony over the global economy.” This is one of the sixteen points of agreement which Abdollahian signed with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on December 5, two days before Raisi’s arrival.​ Read the full economic counter warfare plan here​:
    ​ Moscow analysts note that while Putin may be keeping his distance from the Iranian rhetoric against Israel, at the working group level the collaboration of the two states in military, financial and strategic operations means much more. There is also discreet evidence that the Chinese are active in the planning of a major humanitarian operation for Gaza.
    ​ “On the battlefield Russians are very fast learners from their mistakes,” a veteran Moscow analyst says. “But in Russian politics and business they are slow to accept that the US and Israel have always been enemies to Russian interests, and will remain so. What the Americans and Israelis don’t realise is that Putin was the slowest to change his mind towards them. The Ukraine war and now the Gaza War have changed all that.”


    ​ Two hours after Putin put down the phone with el-Sisi, he picked it up again to call Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Kremlin communiqué has omitted to report what Netanyahu said.
    ​ Instead, Putin gave the Israeli his personal assurance there will be no Russian participation in a Gaza blockade-busting plan to deliver humanitarian aid to the Palestinians by sea, or across the Egyptian land border. Nor will the Russian military intervene to threaten Israeli aircraft if they commence bombing Beirut and southern Lebanese targets in the war against Hezbollah.​..
    ​..A veteran of NATO military operations in Afghanistan observes: “The Ukrainian lines are breaking up all along the front. The push is on and that’s where Putin will put his effort to keep his credibility at home. If [Chief of the General Staff General Valery] Gerasimov can keep destroying the fascists riding NATO junk at the current rate of a battalion per day and gain ground doing it, everyone is happy — for now. As for the Arabs, no one in the region will directly take Israel on. The Lebanese Government is petrified of Israel — and they know better than to ask for Russian help. Sisi, with the most capable military, is a coward. The rest will make noise while clandestinely helping the Palestinian resistance, and causing trouble for the US in the neighbourhood. The Iranians know how to fight and won’t stop. The Israelis should and do see them as threat number-one.”
    ​ “The only way I see a direct intervention is if China takes the lead on, or announces support for, one. But [President] Xi [Jinping] has some trouble at home, and nothing I’m reading shows Chinese popular support for intervening. If anything, they’re indifferent.”
    ​ In wars for national liberation and in civil wars, the terrorism label is one side’s propaganda against the other – this is the consensus of the Russian sources, unspoken and unpublished for the time being. Russian public policy has yet to resolve the contradiction between Russian support for Palestine’s national liberation and opposition to Hamas’s “terrorism” – this can’t happen, the sources say, before the presidential election in March, and the success of the Russian military offensive in the Ukraine by then too.
    ​ “There’s nothing new here. Putin is following the old Soviet line on exercising ‘the greatest possible caution’ towards the ‘frightful collisions’ which Stalin’s famous speech on revolution and tactics spelled out a century ago.”
    ​ A Russian source on military strategy believes the Russian objective is to protract the Palestine war on all fronts simultaneously, and exhaust the US and Israel by threatening Israeli ports and shipping, Israel’s offshore gas supplies, and the economy’s principal sources of income. Exhausting the US in the Middle East helps exhaust the US and NATO in the Ukraine, the source adds.​


    John Day

    ​ US wants to fast-track approval of 45k Merkava shells to ‘Israel’
    The US State Department is pushing Congress to approve the $500 million sale requested by President Biden earlier this week for “Israel” for its ongoing war on Gaza.
    ​ While public statements between Biden and other senior officials of his administration, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken, call for Israelis to “minimize civilian casualties” as much as possible, the ongoing supply of offensive weapons and munitions and destructive bombs signals the complete opposite.–is

    ​ IOF snipers target, kill pregnant women​
    The Gaza Ministry of Health spokesperson says snipers nested around Al-Awda Hospital have killed and injured several pregnant women on their way to the hospital to give birth.–iof-snipers-target–kill-preg

    ​ ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 65: U.S. rushes arms to Israel as Palestinians announce over 250,000 homes destroyed in Gaza
    ​ The Biden administration bypasses congressional approval to rush an emergency arms sale to Israel as the WHO warns Gaza’s health system is collapsing and the PA announces 25 percent of Gaza’s urban space has been destroyed.

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 65: U.S. rushes arms to Israel as Palestinians announce over 250,000 homes destroyed in Gaza

    ​ More than 5,000 Palestinians have become disabled since 7 October due to Israel’s ongoing attacks on the Gaza Strip, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor and the Disabilities Representative Persons Network (DRPN) said in a joint statement issued Thursday.​.. Over 40,000 Gaza Strip residents have been injured during Israel’s attacks. The human rights group noted that at least 5,000 of these individuals have disabilities that put their lives in danger because of the dire lack of access to medical care and the collapse of the health system.
    ​ Significantly, prior to 7 October, over 130,000 people in the Gaza Strip were already disabled. The majority of these people suffered their disabling injuries during one or more of the frequent Israeli military operations on the Strip, which began more than 20 years ago.,000-Palestinians-disabled

    ​ Israeli politician calls for captured Palestinians to be ‘buried alive’
    Far-right deputy mayor of Jerusalem describes arrested Palestinians in Gaza as ‘subhuman’ and invokes biblical reference
    ​ The deputy mayor of Jerusalem, Aryeh Yitzhak King, has called for the Israeli army to bury alive hundreds of Palestinian civilians captured in Gaza.
    In a post on X on Friday, King, a far-right politician, said the Israeli army was eliminating “Muslim Nazis” in Gaza and suggested it needed to pick up the pace.
    ​ The post made specific reference to footage published by the Israeli army showing captured Palestinians stripped to their underwear, kneeling on the ground and being guarded by Israeli soldiers.
    ​ King, in his post that has since been deleted for violating rules on X, said: “If it were up to me, I would have dispatched D-9 bulldozers and put them behind the mounds of dirt and would have given the order to cover all these hundreds of ants, while they’re still alive.”

    John Day

    Israel trying to force Gazans into Egypt – UN official
    Refugee agency chief Philippe Lazzarini has accused West Jerusalem of seeking to drive Palestinians out of their homeland

    Egypt Warns Israel Ties Could ‘Rupture’ If Masses Of Refugees Pushed Into Sinai

    ​ Recent weeks have seen a flurry of media reports and remarks by officials on possible peace talks aimed at ending the NATO-Russia proxy war in Ukraine. But the trust deficit between Moscow and Washington appears to be simply be too great after the West’s thirty-year “continuum of deception,” says Russian foreign policy strategist Dmitry Suslov.
    ​ “There must be ironclad guarantees and a reality that Ukraine can no longer be able to pose a military threat to Russia with Western help. Russia is not afraid of Ukraine as Ukraine, Russia is afraid of Ukraine being a Western bulwark on Russia’s borders. So there must be such a reality in which the US, the West, simply will not be able to use Ukraine as an instrument, as a bulwark against Russia. And I think that the special military operation will continue up until that moment,” the observer summed up.

    ​ Russia won’t allow existence of ‘Nazi state’ on its border – Moscow
    ​“From the very beginning of the hostilities, the [Ukrainian] neo-Nazis have been cynically using the civilian population as ‘human shields’ and brutally treating Russian prisoners of war. Their main goal in this conflict is to kill as many Russians as possible,” Zakharova explained.
    ​ We will not allow the existence on our borders of an aggressive Nazi state from whose territory there is a danger for Russia and its neighbors.
    ​ Asked about prospects of somehow settling the conflict, Zakharova said that the only way to reach a “lasting peace” was, effectively, meeting all Russia’s demands. “It is necessary to confirm the neutral, non-aligned and nuclear-free status of Ukraine, carry out its demilitarization and denazification, acknowledge new territorial realities, and ensure the rights of Russian-speaking citizens and national minorities living in this country,” she explained.

    ​Transnistria is technically a part of Moldova, but remains Russian and refused to withdraw from the USSR. It remains a target for NATO and Ukraine.
    ​ Moldovan municipalities controlled by “anti-European” forces will be deprived of funds provided by the EU, the country’s President Maia Sandu has said.
    The president issued the threat on Saturday while speaking at a forum in Chisinau that brought together some 500 mayors, although the gathering was boycotted by certain opposition parties.

    John Day

    ​ The US/NATO is already failing to supply the Ukrainian army, is supplying Israel, and says they can supply Taiwan against the global manufacturing powerhouse, China.
    ​ At an Atlantic Council event held days ago Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Christopher Grady said that the Pentagon stands ready to handle missions connected to three potential proxy wars in defense if its interests if it comes to that.
    Grady described that the US Navy in particular is capable of waging battle against Russia in Ukraine, against China in Taiwan, and is ready to assist the Israelis in Gaza if called upon. This could be done simultaneously, he described, while admitting this would stretch naval forces thin.

    ​ Father of American journalist jailed in Ukraine blames Biden
    Gonzalo Lira Sr. has claimed that Washington was complicit in the detention of his son for criticizing Kiev
    ​ Gonzalo Lira Sr. has called his son a political prisoner and has argued that his case illustrates the absurdity of US claims that the world must defend “freedom and democracy” in Ukraine.

    Musk Asks Zelensky About Imprisoned American Journalist After Tucker Carlson Sounds Alarm

    “People Have Spoken”: Elon Musk Restores X Account Of Alex Jones After User Poll
    “Reinstate Alex Jones on this platform?” Musk asked. Nearly two million X users voted, with more than 70% voting in favor of Jones’ return.

    How the Federal-Private Speech Police Operated in Election 2020: With Radar Highly Attuned to the Right

    John Day

    ​Where will the energy come from to support industrial society after this decade? Will the South let North Koreans immigrate? They are accustomed to living with much less.
    ​ South Korea may be about to embrace mass migration, with the country’s Justice Minister claiming it faces a “demographic catastrophe” otherwise.
    ​ Han Dong-hoon told a parliamentary meeting in Seoul, “When it comes to immigration policies, we have passed the stage of deliberating whether to implement them or not. Because if we don’t, we cannot escape the fate of extinction due to the demographic catastrophe.”
    ​ Current trends show that South Korea faces a population decline similar to how the Black Death impacted Europe in the 14th century if fertility levels don’t rapidly improve.
    “Deaths have surpassed births for more than three years in South Korea amid a steady decline in the country’s total fertility rate, the average number of children a woman bears in her lifetime.”​ …
    ​..Han’s desire to see South Korea imitate how Europe has opened the floodgates for vast numbers of migrants over the last 20 years somehow isn’t tempered by the reality of what that has done to crime levels, social cohesion and the complete obliteration of national identity in many major cities across the continent.
    ​ Although Japan is in a similar situation to South Korea, they have so far refused to compromise their homogeneity for mass migration, presumably enjoying the fact that Tokyo is the safest city in the world, followed by Singapore and Osaka.

    Arizona’s Democrat Governor Demands $512 Million Reimbursement From Biden For Border Security ‘Failure’

    ​ Petrodollar Endgame Moves Even Closer
    ​ He also talked about the importance of Saudi Arabia’s role when asked about Putin’s recent trip to visit MBS: “In recent years, Saudi Arabia, the cornerstone of the dollar hegemony, has joined the exponentially expanding Belt Road Initiative alongside all the other OPEC members. The Saudi’s have also joined the BRICS, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization which is the largest regional financial and military organization in the world, and the BRICS New Development Bank.”
    ​ “The west is receiving a very clear message from this progression,” Andy told me. “But if that wasn’t clear enough, Saudi Arabia’s finance minister made it quite apparent at the 2023 World Economic Forum in January that the Kingdom is open to dealing in currencies other than the US dollar for the first time in 48 years.”
    ​ When I asked him about the UAE no longer taking dollars for oil, he told me: “While it may not be as quite as dramatic as Saudi Arabia and the rest of OPEC doing the same thing, don’t kid yourself, this is a hugely significant event. The ramifications become far more concerning when viewed in the light of the growing progression of global de-dollarization and large number of unilateral trade deals usurping the dollar and the SWIFT system.”

    ​William Makis MD , Turbo Cancer: Leukemia Diagnosis to Death in Hours, Days or Weeks
    32 Tragic Cases of the most aggressive COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Induced Turbo Cancer (occurs after Pfizer or Moderna mRNA injection)

    Turbo Cancer: Leukemia Diagnosis to Death in Hours, Days or Weeks


    Even if you don’t feel it, You are being manipulated.

    Have you noticed this tool ….
    Flip the script.

    Formerly T-Bear

    It would be most pleasant if the site would stop repeating: “…an incursion by the Palestinian armed group Hamas that killed at least 1,200 people,…”. There are no facts Hamas killed these people and a lot of indications it was the criminal Zionist military who murdered probably the vastly larger fraction of the dead. It was not in Hamas’s interest to kill hostages, but was IDF policy to kill rather than loose hostages to any captor. Repeating this particular piece of gobshite without objection only validates the murderous Israeli Zionist propaganda and lies, and turns the site into a megaphone for zionism. Surely that is not the intention.

    Furthermore, the death toll from the Gaza health authorities reflects the bodies that pass through the health system of hospitals, etc. It might help to be mindful that this would not include those killed in collapsed buildings, buildings completely blown away from heavy bomb strikes, or bulldozed, a la Rachael Corry, by the invading criminals. If only half of the victims are taken to where they can be counted, then you can reasonably double the mortality; if forty percent are counted then 2 1/2 times the dead are likely, and if only a third are taken to be counted the three times the death count are a reasonable number. There is no way, given the conditions that the population of any building bombed can be ascertained with any degree of certainty. Given the current 17,700 deaths reported, 35,000 is quite likely to reflect reality; once the recovery becomes feasible.

    And should the zionist criminals start pumping seawater into Gaza, those with the capacity and ability, employ their precision missiles into the pumping apparatus before irredeemable damage is done to people or the enviornment. If this causes the pips to squeak all needs be done is remind of their policy “R2P”. The mice will roar as do the mindless near-do-wells infesting the executive, senate and house of reps, and the judicuaryu from the SCotUS and below. No sympathy should be wasted on any there.

    Just some opinions in vogue.

    Formerly T-Bear

    One thought further:

    The zionist military thugs, by herding the Gazan population (surviving) further and further south are setting it up for mass extermination using fewer and fewer bombs. How cunning is that? Fewer bombs to pay for; just like zylon gas was cheaper than an engine’s exhaust.

    It is time to terminate the Israel project. Ut is past time to terminate zionism and zionists. YMMD

    Formerly T-Bear

    One thought further:

    The zionist military thugs, by herding the Gazan population (surviving) further and further south are setting it up for mass extermination using fewer and fewer bombs. How cunning is that? Fewer bombs to pay for; just like zylon gas was cheaper than an engine’s exhaust.

    It is time to terminate the Israel project. Ut is past time to exterminate zionism and zionists. YMMD

    Veracious Poet


    (re: Gore & his ilk…)

    Collective Reasoning. No, not creepy at all.

    And this insistence that people don’t think, they’re merely influenced by outside factors. Conditions leading to conditions. A contempt for human consciousness.

    Consummatum est.


    The boomers may be dumb as shite, but at least the young ones are catching on …


    Thought y’all might want to see this video, but apologies if this video has already been shared—I don’t have much time lately to mudlurk with you wacky, zany wugguble kids.


    So remember when the Empire of Lies retarded pedophile send Ukronaziland ‘cluster munition artillery shells’ because the military industrial mafia ran out of regular artillery shells?

    Remember that?

    And using cluster munitions is considered a war crime

    Remember that?

    The Russians said if Nazilensky used them on Russian troops, that Russian would then feel free to use them too.

    Well Russia has tens of millions of rounds of cluster munitions in cold storage,

    Magnitudes more than the Empire of Lies has. Magnitudes

    Now they are pouring them down on Ukronazis troops with devastating effect.

    And Boy Howdy do they work

    The Russians are firing air-burst cluster munition over Ukronazi trenches and wiping out whole companies at a whack.

    Well, that went well.


    Al-Qassam Brigade Hits on IDF Armor


    V. Arnold

    It is time to terminate the Israel project. Ut is past time to exterminate zionism and zionists. YMMD

    Hear, hear: time for the tail to be cut off to quit wagging the dog…


    The whole world has now seen the true face of the jew…liars, theives, murderers. Even their complete stranglehold of media and gaslighting cannot stop it. Cat’s out of the bag. They got away with JFK, 911, Covid which pumped up their Hubris, fuck it lets genocide these assholes and steal the land. The pendulum has swung, no 1 buys their bullshit anymore. Shove your jeworldorder up your ass, bankerboyz.


    Swords of Iron: The names of 433 IDF casualties have been released for publication.


    In Gaza, Israel controls a narrow strip adjacent to the Egyptian border.
    I am just waiting for Israel to stand down and allow the Palestinians to flood into Egypt.

    Veracious Poet


    The boomers may be dumb as shite, but at least the young ones are catching on…

    Just the facts, ma’am…

    It is estimated that the average score for 16 to 17-year-olds is 108, which denotes “normal or average intelligence.”

    For adults between 18 and 19 years of age, the average IQ score is 105, which also denotes “normal or average intelligence.”

    The average score for people between 20 and 24 years of age is 99, which also denotes “normal or average intelligence.”

    For people between 24 and 34 years of age, the average score is slightly lower at 97, which still denotes “normal or average intelligence.”

    The scores begin to go up again after that age, among older adults

    For people between 35 and 44 years old is estimated to be 101, still within the “normal or average intelligence” scale.

    For people between the ages of 45 and 54, the average IQ score goes up to 106 within the “normal or average intelligence” scale.

    For people between the ages of 55 and 64, which gets to 109 in the IQ scale, just about falling short of being classed as having a “superior intelligence” or “above average” intelligence”.

    People between 65 and 69 have an average IQ score of 114, which puts them in the “superior intelligence” or “above average” end of the scale.

    But people between 70 and 74 who are tested for IQ get an even higher average score of 119, which puts them a mere 1 put short of getting into the “gifted” category, which means that they are still firmly within the “above average” or “superior intelligence” group together with their younger 65-69 years old counterparts.

    Stupid is, as stupid does…


    @Vain Poet Nice poem. Did you make that up yourself?

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