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    VIncent van Gogh Weeping woman 1883   • Musk Advocates Modern ‘Church Commission’ To Investigate FBI Corruption (ZH) • FBI Paid Twitter $3.5m ‘To
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    V. Arnold

    Such a lovely time of the year; all the various traditions and the music they bring for our listening pleasure;

    It’s just one of the possibilities on offer…


    Speaking of ‘law enforcement’ and the lack thereof, how about that there City of Brotherly Love.


    Blue city third world Demo-rat dump.

    Only 10 shooting days left to set that new All Time Homicide Record

    It’s like a Murder Marathon there.

    Crossed the 500th homicide marker in the waning days of 2022 but like that final 26th mile, good old Philly needs to dig down deep and Go for Gold on the Urban Killing Fields Contest.

    Gonna be hard to beat 2021, but hey maybe they threw in some “Died Suddenly Deaths” into the stats that years. It happens.


    Listen, you hear that?

    Seashells Seashells, down by the Sea Shore.


    Happy Solstice

    Dr. D

    “EU Imposes The World’s Largest Carbon Tax Scheme, Inflationary Madness Sets In”

    Tax on the poor TO the rich. “We already had a class war and the rich won.” – Warren Buffet. That should really settle down the Gilet Jaunes.

    “Why Reparations Now?”

    As America a huge number of people are mixed race, — most of us in fact, depending on your definition of ‘race’ — they will be paying reparations to themselves. No? So we’re on the KKK’s “Single drop of Black blood” theory? And California where they’re really trying this, was always a free state, so we’re having the Chinese immigrants pay the Black slaves that California never had and the Chinese never owned? Huh. Go on, I’ll watch.

    J6 ends, they refer charges. But the FBI has been taking serious broadsides all month. They are going to have serious trouble arresting Trump now in the purpose of preventing his running for office: that is, open, public election tampering. You know, even more than last time.

    I don’t know where they go from here: pretend that they have crimes in their pocket and can arrest Trump any time they want now? Without a Pelosi, no Cheney, losingest candidate in history, and with a GOP House?

    I guess we’ll find out, but as again: no big event. Nothing ever happens.

    “Musk Advocates Modern ‘Church Commission’ to Investigate FBI Corruption (ZH)”

    It’s not about a Church Commission at this time: Musk has already done that with the recent news releases. Church didn’t do jack to stop the CIA back then because they couldn’t: the CIA was both patient, and running the government against the People. It only slowed them down. Which I do appreciate, but really…

    “technology perfected by the intelligence community, which could be used by the US government against its own citizens to create “total tyranny” –Church

    Just as McCarthy said there was a club in Hollywood that would put sex groomers in movies and undermine your culture to get at your kids, Eisenhower said there was a cabal of Public and Private industry which would steal all the money and make for themselves, and Kennedy said:

    “The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society. And we are as a people, inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago, that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweigh the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in ensuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it, and there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it’s in my control.

    And no official of my administration, whether his rank is higher, low, civilian or military should interpret my words here tonight, as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes, or withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know. For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covet means for expanding its sphere of influence on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion, instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night Instead of armies by day, it is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes of buried, not headlined. It’s dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed. No secret is revealed. No president should fear public scrutiny of his program.


    Sound like something you’d hear today?

    No one listened then, at any time over those 40 years. Presidents and Senators with information you can only dream of told you directly, officially, on national TV. It’s STILL not happening. It’s still a conspiracy theory. DeNial ain’t a river. Total dereliction of duty by the U.S. Government: that is, We the People, the real government.

    “FBI Paid Twitter $3.5m ‘To Do Its Bidding’ (DM)”

    This is critical, not in happening but in making people understand. So they monitored all the people: illegal. They election tampered: illegal. They suppressed felony evidence: illegal. They refused to enforce the law: illegal. They suppressed free speech: illegal. But then…

    when Twitter said they didn’t find anything, they wouldn’t Muh Private Corporation suppress that speech, the U.S. government directly PAID them to do suppress free speech? $3 MILLION dollars a pop? And not the first time?

    That’s hard to dodge. “We weren’t tampering with and suppressing free speech, we were just paying the Muh Private Corporation to do it on our behalf. “ As in Bantam v. Sullivan, they can’t outsource their human rights violations to a hired private corporation. Duh. (Lookin’ at you Blackwater) And “Bantam” doesn’t even get paid, that’s only implied threats.

    “Twitter executives have granted the US Defense Department special privileges to use the social media platform for its covert online influence campaigns for at least five years,”

    A bit back to the original drama, if Twitter refused to inform Musk about this, would that be fraud in withholding critical information about the purchase? That Musk was buying a company liable in open Human Rights violations?

    “They began posing as ordinary users or “unbiased” sources of opinion and information. Some accounts on the list were promoting US-backed militants in Syria,”

    That is, terrorist extremists promoting open and ethnic violence. Is that against your ToS, Twitter? So we now know why ISIS was non-stop Whitelisted while Congressmen were banned? Oh and DoD can promote violent racism no problem? Where’s the Squad?

    ““It sounds like DOD was doing something shady” Awwwwwwww. So after discovering this, you “allowed many of the accounts to remain active.” I presume this was not for free. But for quid pro quo and big cash payments. Perhaps so no one investigates your personal life with underage Grindr?

    ““I’m just going to refer you to the FBI. I’m not going to comment from here about that..”

    That’s the President. So…I guess we know who’s really running the country now? “Ask the real President. President Wray.”

    “Twitter briefly banned users from sharing” Briefly? As in “For years and still going on today”?

    The “Laptop” which had evidence of 641 crimes relevant to both 1) Presidential influence sales to foreign governments and 2) Relevant to an impeachment trial, the 3rd ever convened in U.S. history?

    ““January 6th was the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.”

    An “attack” with zero guns. Where no one died but one rioter at the hands of overzealous police. Hyperbole much?

    “the CEO has introduced a number of controversial changes that have caused a massive public backlash.”

    Framing. Therefore: Lie. The way Twitter did things before ALSO created a non-stop “massive public backlash” for years. I was lashing their back furiously. But that’s not reported/didn’t exist. It’s only when a MINORITY (according to the recent polls) objects to the MAJORITY vote to reinstate Trump, etc, that a “massive public backlash” is reported and exists. So how that works? You’re beaten in the streets? No story. I’m slightly inconvenienced for a few hours? DEMOCRACY IS ENDING!!!! …Not kidding. Journalists called it the Thursday night massacre” (where no one was killed) and created a Wiki Page for the deaths, shootings, imprisonments, and toppled governments that never happened.,_2022_Twitter_suspensions

    Brooklyn Blue-Hairs are the most important, most downtrodden people in the universe, doncha know? Taylor Lorenz, Swiss Private school girl and editor of the NY Times, is the most oppressed, helpless person on the continent, having no privilege or power whatsoever but is crying on TV, a poor wee victim of evil Mr. Musk. …Just because she posted the real-time location of Musk so Antifa attacked his car to kill his children. I mean: totally innocent! Who’s the real victim here?

    Anyway, OUR “massive public backlash” doesn’t exist because they don’t report it. Their “massive public backlash” does NOT exist, but they DO report it. …Because they were lying. Azerbaycan, who should know better, plays along, as does Fox, Conservative, etc…

    “The J6 Referral Falls Short of a Credible Criminal Case (Turley)”

    As above, they report what DOESN’T happen, and not what did. So what DOESN’T happen becomes true, and what did is false. That is, just garden-variety lying. Yet the liars never discredited, by US, the only government that matters.

    “Dems Dump Trump Tax Data In Tuesday Night Release (ZH)”

    I don’t know what they’re doing with this. Obviously the IRS has already audited him every year since he left college and back then found nothing. It would be pretty embarrassing to say “Oops! We have him a pass for 9 years when he was obviously guilty” Obviously the IRS already leaked this to any insider that asked. If you think the IRS is “secret” I’ve got my bridge to sell you: even things that are “secret” are wide open and the IRS isn’t “Secret” at all.

    So according to that line of thinking they’ve got 1) Nothing 2) Nothing 3) Nothing, and 4) Nothing.

    If they had it, don’t you think it would have been secret-leaked, rumored to WaPo long before now? Okay now, quite the #Opposite: having set precedent, Joe and Hunter’s tax returns are now on the docket with tax evasion for the $1 Million dollars Hunter got from Moscow(literally) not reported as income .

    “The Road from Serfdom (Batiushka) “

    With dreadful YouTube getting more dreadful daily, their auto-play forced Nouriel Roubini on me. Who I usually, or used to respect. But his line in 2022 is every “Latest Thing” including AI and robots unemploying all human workers. …They’ve been saying that since 1920. “What are we going to do with all that free time?” they ask, and a running gag in “The Jetsons”. Anyone notice 100 years later that never happened? N O P E . There is NOTHING you can do to re-apply reality back on Ego.

    Anyway, to solve that non-problem, in world where apparently robots don’t run on electricity, because every continent’s GRID is going down? And where I guess there are no supply chain issues and robot-made cars don’t stack up for 10 miles square because they lack a $30 chip? In that magic world we don’t live in, Roubini recommends UBI.

    And what is that really? With palatial oligarchs owning the factories and robots, politicos eating 5-Stars while we’re not allowed to travel 5 miles without express permission? But then they have to take care of us at some base level with UBI?

    It’s Serfdom. Neo-Feudalism.

    As I’ve said many times and could not be more clear. They have given up on and now oppose #Democracy. They’ve given up on and oppose #Capitalism. They only promote #Feudalism, but knowing you won’t willingly accept century long stagnation, #Oppression, no meat, wildly reduced standards of living, no law, criminal levels of income and power disparity, and no personal #Freedom or privacy whatsoever, they instead call it “Environmentalism” and the “Green New Deal” under “Democratic Socialism.”

    It’s Feudalism. Call it what it is. If you want it, fine, we’ll discuss and debate it, I’m not entirely opposed. But I’m not sure even Millennials are going to sign up for Feudalism with Musk and Weinstein as their Feudal Lord and master.

    Speaking of, Weistein convicted of rape. Crickets in the news. Did you know it was rape of the CA Governor’s wife? I need to check that, but that was the news blurb. #Power much? He had an Open season rape card for NY. Paying the NYC D.A. and Governor Cuomo not even in secret but with an open Check. Rape all the women you want! We’ve got your back! (We like that stuff too.)

    “if Russia loses, then the cause of freedom and sovereignty in the world is finished,”

    Yes, but interesting, there’s a prophesy on this – the local type you can’t trust too well. It says ultimately Russia-China war against the U.S., Russia will flip and Russia will attack China instead. That seems unlikely now? Take the word “War” out of it but keep, “Struggle.” If the U.S. is wrested back from the WEF Nazis, they will be Russia’s ally, as we probably already are. The messy “Freedom” we both hope for is then only opposed by the Social-credit-score bug-hive of China. (Probably still allied with Europe for some time). Russia may not “attack” as in nuke/invade them, but continue the war “Struggle”. See what I mean? Why not?

    In that article: “even if some of the elite are so crazy as to want [nuclear war], not all.” Yes. And replace with “A country so crooked and unsafe that even a private jet and bodyguards doesn’t buy you security from a 25-year old punk extorting you.” Are they for supporting THAT kind of nation too? Or maybe against the government and people that make that self-destruction possible?

    Suppose we call them “Bolsheviks”, and they’re trotting around the steppes shaking down local manor houses. Which side do you think they will pick when forced to? The Bolshevik-friendly, Bolshevik-supporting, Bolshevik-pay-your-bail-for-murder/release-all-violent-offenders-on-your-Vassar-daughters government? Or the other side, whoever they may be?

    Yeah, they’re “Not so crazy” as to support that, are they? What’s the point of having hard-won money you can’t spend in peace? That any Bolshevik punk of 20 can steal from you?

    “The solution to reverse the situation in the West has to be radical because, as we have said, the Western delusion is millennial, the delusion lies at its very roots”

    This event hasn’t happened, but it’s probably the collapse of NATO, markets, and their currencies, all intertwined.

    “Which will collapse first, the EU or the US/UK, Eurosodom or Gomerica? We suspect the Eurozionists “

    As Powell is making sure of right now.

    “Zelensky Planning to Visit US Capitol in Person on Wednesday (Hill)”

    …And taking over both the Oval Office and the Speaker’s Chair. I mean, he runs our government now, doesn’t he? He’s the only border we defend. He’s the only one we have money for.

    “Macron Doubles Down on ‘Security Guarantees’ for Russia (RT)”

    Dude, you’re not going to play “Lucy and the Football” again this time. Supporting Kissinger’s plan to freeze Russia at this line, with nukes in Finland 15min from Moscow. What could you POSSIBLY offer? You don’t even run Paris. You’re a Colonial occupier in your own nation.

    “Nationalization of German Gas Giant Approved – Reuters (RT)”

    Defacto Nationalization (99% taxes) becomes official. Because the company was broke, looted, and needs a refill from the taxpayers. So EU/WEF: now have no private banking, as that will be replaced with direct central banking, CBDCs, and no private industry such as gas or electric: those “Means of Production” are “Owned by the State”. Always worked before! Worker’s Paradise. Countdown to the next 100M dead.

    “Russia’s Transneft has received applications from Poland and Germany to pump oil for December, 2023 and the first quarter of next year,”

    Russia is such their evil enemy that they’re selling them oil.

    “The European Non-Union after Qatargate: Was it Designed to Fail? (Ugo Bardi)”

    Sort of. It was designed from Day One to be #Fascism. Armstrong was consulted in those meetings and they told him they sucked so bad the people would never agree to it, as indeed they didn’t in several referendums. Therefore they needed to sneak the Economic Union to FORCE the people to the political union, without representation. Even THAT didn’t work, so they then double-trampled the people and all Democracy by refusing referendums – even worse than the votes in Crimea and Donbass — and signed a Treaty….which I’m pretty sure you can’t hand away your national sovereignty with a local treaty.

    Now even and obviously THAT doesn’t work either. Hey, trampling the people and ending democracy doesn’t seem to be getting the people on board, so let’s try it #MOAR!

    And to top it off, Armstrong’s specific point was if they didn’t nationalize the debts like Alexander Hamilton did, the difference in nations would tear the Union to pieces. But to do that means eternal North-South transfers presently hidden in (What was it called? Mark II or something?) This is EXACTLY what is happening. LaGuarde has only bought time (against the Fed) with an Italian Operation Twist, but has run out of money again. The ECB also cannot directly print money like Powell can. This is the barrel they — the U.S. Nationalists and Capitalists — are breaking them over.

    “Nothing ever happens”, but here’s a thing that DID happen: US Interest rates are almost 5%. They are STILL denying it. Still on for “Pivot”. (They always coin a new word every time. “Green Shoots”!) If so, does that mean Powell has to raise to 10% to make the market take him seriously? That’s still way under inflation. And props to Europe: they’ve been holding out extraordinarily well as is their tradition.

    Here’s the problem: Germany is wildly over US bonds. Like: Wtf? Germany has no industry, no energy, and might even be invaded. And by price they’re still considered better than the U.S. which doesn’t even have a summer of love going on? One would THINK they’ve got a looooong way to fall with that. We haven’t had markets in decades, but pushing prices that far from reality is expensive and breaks things.

    Was the EU designed to fail? No, it was designed to be the new USSR, and it’s doing that admirably, but the people won’t support it, WEF cant’ make them, and it WILL fail. But they might get 3 years of violent totalitarianism and 60 million deaths first.

    ““ increase in diagnoses of “sudden death” (R96) of +1,082 percent. With diagnostic key R96.1, the increase is even +1,673 percent..”

    I see nothing. This is not suspicious at all. And because I don’t know, I know ahead of time we should definitely not look into this.

    When you die, I’m going to take your house. I say that hoping you’ll get pissed off enough to do something and stop me.

    Didn’t Redfern say Wuhan all along? It’s just The Narrative™ was bulletproof.

    “ White House Can’t Mandate COVID Jabs for Federal Contractors: Appeals Court (ET)”

    They #Hate Civil Rights more than Cancer. Now literally. They support every human rights violation for decades because we have no Rule of Law. When Government fails, the government is The People. WE are the last line, the veto vote. 1A, 2A.


    Interesting discussion on Kerryn Phelps’s “coming out” on Igor Chudov’s substack. For those not familiar with the name. Phelps has a huge public profile here in Australia.



    The TAE piece a couple days ago “Galileo vs the Vatican”, hate to make a bad pun but a piece should be written:

    “Frank Church vs the Deep State”

    Different Church indeed

    I worked in DC back in the day and met Frank Church on the street one day. I was drinking a cup of coffee while waiting at a crosswalk to cross Penn Ave up near the Capitol. We just exchanged small talk, pleasant man with a good demeanor, great smile, great sense of humor. This was before the Church committee had formed but was gathering steam. I had no idea he was going to head it.

    We talked about the old Washington baseball club, The Senators.

    We laughed that that was an ironic name for a Major League team in DC.

    The light turned and we parted.

    When the Church Committee had finally come to the end of their work, my first thought was that the Deep State would find a way to kill Frank.

    He died suddenly of cancer at 59 a couple years later, I always thought they got even with him and sent a message to the rest of the Swamp and Congress.

    Don’t ever Phuck with US again.

    That was what, almost 50 years ago and barely a peep.

    R.I.P Senator, you gave it a swing.


    D Benton Smith

    Tasking an investigative committee of some sort along the lines of the Church Committee (as Elon Musk Suggests) is as silly and pointless as setting up a committee made up entirely of slaves and tasking them with the job of investigating the people who own them body and soul.

    It could be offered in challenge that the slave owners don’t really OWN the slaves, to which I can only answer, “They own the slaves if the slaves BELIEVE they do.”

    If you DEPEEND on a boss or master for your daily living existence it is extremely unlikely that you would find your benefactor & paymaster guilty and execute or imprison him. To do so would be to END the benefits and “pay” you’ve been vitally depending on them for. This is best visualized perhaps as a “Mexican Standoff with nuclear pistolas. Which do you prefer? Acceptance of rules, or total freedom ?

    Or perhaps you would prefer a mix. In that case, declare where (in your opinion) the balance point should be and Universe will fix you right up precisely as asked for. Instantly.

    D Benton Smith

    In other words, feel free to wade into the fray whenever you want to, become a real player , and get your hands as bloody as you choose.

    D Benton Smith

    In other other words, if you are unsatisfied with your position in the great scheme of things (or with the scheme itself for that matter) then you DO understand (don’t you?) that you are and always have been completely free to do what it takes to move to a higher and more responsible position in that Universal nature of things as the simply (and really) are.


    J6 revolution – Thinking – premeditation – Call it criminal intent – “dirty thought” – a conspiracy

    Rich man – poor man – legislation requiring the Internal Revenue Service to conduct an annual audit of the President’s finances.”
    Which will collapse first?
    Latest News
    December 20 (GMT)
    2,722 new cases and 5 new deaths in China [source]
    I could not find the name/study of the Omicron variant that is causing the headlines about China
    FTX gone.
    Zelensky going to Washington to open a bank accounts for the $ 45 billion to Kiev,

    John Day

    @Oroboros: Thanks for the Memorial to Senator Frank Church. Really. Cancer… Like Ruby.

    @Volodymyr Zelensky: Skip out to Florida, while you still can. Maybe Last Chance!

    @US Deep-State: Who are you?
    Are you Adam Schiff? Would you let Schiff be peeled off?
    Are you James Baker? Would you let Baker be peeled off?
    Who signs your paychecks? Do you serve the “owners”, or do you “own the owners” now?
    Do you all-hang-together? Howzat work? Mutual trust?
    Are you brave like RFK Jr, Tulsi and Tucker; ready to die?
    Whaddaya think of that Musk dude? Got style, no?

    D Benton Smith


    Nice riff ! Reading it was like a clip of Muhammad Ali in the ring at the peak of his form.

    D Benton Smith

    The overwhelming quantity of bad news and fresh shocks that the whole world is experiencing at an accelerating clip, is not actually new. By which I mean to say that it’s not new STUFF . It’s virtually all OLD stuff, the same old same old daily grind in the real stuff world that has always existed . . . (albeit VERY deliberately hidden) . . . but that we’re now SEEING for the first time so it seems like things are worse when in fact they’re better (if you consider greater awareness to be an improvement).

    That’s the cost of wisdom, and it just also happens to be the price of a ticket to freedom. Pretty steep. But then, the bill for not taking the ride is a real shocker, too. So, in the immortal words of Popeye the Sailer, “All aboard what’s coming aboard !”

    Figmund Sreud

    Question asked: “What should be done about fentanyl? Has it affected your family or community?”

    11 Readers on How to Solve the Opioid Crisis

    … fwiw,



    An urgent task for the Russian army is the development of technology for the use of combat drones. The experience of a special military operation has shown that the use of drones has become almost ubiquitous and such an arsenal of means should be in combat compartments, platoons, companies, battalions. The target should be detected as quickly as possible, information should be transmitted for a strike in real time. UAVs should be interconnected, integrated into a single intelligence network (c) Putin
    In fact, Putin is talking about the need to move to the concept of multi-domain operations. I immediately recall the articles by Vladimir Orlov that I published on this topic in previous years. These ideas sprouted to the very top. Of course – all this is necessary. Needed yesterday.
    UAV. Means or method – what is more important in modern war of the 21st century
    Feb 17, 2021


    On the situation with the energy sector of Ukraine before the next strikes.

    1. Up to 42% of consumers are without light or in emergency shutdown mode. In some regions, these figures reach 60%, and in Kiev and at all 80%. DTEK and Zelensky’s gang made it clear even earlier that such realities would persist at least until the end of March, and then if there are no new strikes, they will.

    2. It is not yet possible to fully restore the work of the Internet in the mode “until October 10-12”. And this is so far without strikes on data centers (which are objectively desirable – some of them are quite affordable for defeat). Interruptions in cellular communication are less systemic.

    3. Non-priority urban and rural areas are increasingly left either without light, or transferred to the mode of arbitrary emergency shutdowns (for example, today in Lviv, after the “successful resumption of rolling blackouts”, they were forced to switch to emergency ones, since the region’s power system cannot cope even without new blows).

    4. Train delays are not yet critical and in this regard, the crisis of the energy system affected rail transportation in a limited way. As has been noted more than once, for more systemic consequences, it is necessary to defeat the 750 substations and disconnect the nuclear power plant from the power grid in order to deprive zelensky’s gang of the opportunity to balance the energy system after strikes.

    5. The transfer of new imported air defense systems to Ukraine will certainly allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to strengthen a number of air defense units covering the most important objects, although due to the size of the theater and the abundance of objects that need to be covered, even one battery of patriot air defense systems will not make the weather. In addition, in recent weeks, there has been a noticeable trend towards strengthening the hunt of the Russian Armed Forces for radars and air defense systems in combination with strikes.

    D Benton Smith

    If you are interested in the Ukraine War then the following reading of the tea leaves by Garland Nixon and Scott Ritter is something you don’t want to miss. They start with, “What is the REAL reason that Zelenskyy is in Washington ?”, and it just keeps getting better from there.

    Figmund Sreud

    World New Order!


    Figmund Sreud

    Pfft! to analysts, … Berman:


    Why Analysts Are Wrong About Oil Prices: What The Market Knows


    John Day

    @DBS: I’ve got Ali’s Mouf?

    John Day

    “Short Day Hurry”, with photo of mopping-up operation

    Biden To Announce Patriot Missiles For Ukraine As Zelensky Arrives In D.C.​
    ​An admin official quoted in Axios said Zelensky’s visit to Washington is expected to last just “a few short hours,” and marks the first known trip the Ukrainian leader has taken outside the country since the war began. He’s expected to hold an “in-depth, strategic discussion” with Biden, and the Congressional address is set for 7:30pm EST.​..​
    ​ ​White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a statement that the Ukrainian president’s visit will be received with “strong, bipartisan support for Ukraine.”
    ​ ​She said “The visit will underscore the United States’ steadfast commitment to supporting Ukraine for as long as it takes, including through the provision of economic, humanitarian, and military assistance.” …
    Some initial reaction coming out of Moscow…
    ​..​The US is about to reach $100 billion in aid committed to Ukraine, and as Glenn Greenwald points out, this far surpasses the total current Russian military budget… ($US 65 billion)

    ​ ​Zelensky is reportedly arriving to Washington D.C. aboard a US Air Force plane, according to US officials cited in CNN, after taking a high risk train ride into Poland.​.. ​Zelensky is apparently prepared to tell Congress that whatever the US has given Ukraine — $45 billion in new aid now under consideration — it is not enough.

    ​ ​Russia Is Training Belarusian Combat Pilots As Ukraine Fears New Assault

    ​ ​Death Of Nuclear Deal With Iran Adds To Biden’s Failures In U.S. Foreign Policy​
    ​President Biden said on the sidelines of a Nov. 4 election rally that the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran is “dead,” but stressed the U.S. won’t formally announce it, according to a new video that surfaced on social media late Monday.​..
    ​..The woman asked Biden to announce that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), as the Iran deal is formally known, is dead.
    Biden responded that he would not “for a lot of reasons.”
    But then he added: “It is dead, but we are not gonna announce it. Long story.”

    John Day

    ​ ​The US has alleged that relations between Iran and Russia have reached a “full fledged defense partnership” – based on the words of the US State Department’s Ned Price.
    ​ ​Price explained that Iran has continued its shipments of drones to the Russian military, at a moment drones have continued to pound Ukrainian cities, particularly targeting energy infrastructure – plunging at least half the country into darkness, and resulting in rolling emergency blackouts.
    ​ ​Price went on t​o​ explain that the constant supply of drones and other munitions has in return resulted in Moscow giving back “unprecedented level of military and technical support to Iran… that should concern Iran’s neighbors.”

    ​ Meryl Nass MD: ​Biden’s FBI paid Twitter $200,000 per month to censor specific accounts at the FBI’s request
    The top federal law enforcement agency PAID to destroy our First Amendment rights.

    ​ ​The most recent batch of Twitter files show that the FBI paid off staffers at the tech giant to the tune of $3.5 million
    Emails show that Twitter’s deputy counsel Jim Baker met with feds for top secret meeting – a day before he said Hunter laptop should be banned
    In response to the latest Twitter files dump, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said: ‘This is going to be a much bigger situation than people realize’
    Earlier it was revealed that former FBI lawyer turned Twitter general counsel Jim Baker helped to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story

    ​ ​TWITTER FILES: Twitter Assisted Pentagon’s “Psychological Influence Ops”​
    ​ ​The moderate-terrorists the DoD was funding and advising really need some good PR…
    The conduct with the U.S. military’s covert network stands in stark contrast with how Twitter has boasted about rapidly identifying and taking down covert accounts tied to state-backed influence operations, including Thailand, Russia, Venezuela, and others since 2016.

    ​ “Suicide drone”?
    ​ VP Harris Demands Social Media Companies “Cooperate And Work With Us” On “Protecting Our Democracy”
    Vice President Kamala Harris said on Monday that she expects and “would require” social media companies to work with the Biden administration to prevent so-called misinformation and disinformation, and to “protect democracy.”

    John Day

    ​ ​Dr. Malone Says the ‘Most Important Dataset of the Pandemic was Just Released’ Following Data from ​(German) ​Health Insurance Shows 4 Times Increase in Sudden Deaths Following COVID Vaccine Rollouts

    Dr. Malone Says the ‘Most Important Dataset of the Pandemic was Just Released’ Following Data from Health Insurance Shows 4 Times Increase in Sudden Deaths Following COVID Vaccine Rollouts

    ​ ​President Joe Biden will sign the $858 billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) this week, even though the measure ends the U.S. military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, the White House said.
    ​ ​“He’s going to sign that later this week,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters on Dec. 19 in Washington.

    ​ More EU industrial suicide, now helping reform former colonies from their misguided ways and unenlightened priorities.​
    ​ ​To prevent “carbon leakage” the European Parliament Reached a Deal on a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, CBAM for short.
    ​ ​An EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) will be set up to equalise the price of carbon paid for EU products operating under the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) and the one for imported goods. This will be achieved by obliging companies that import into the EU to purchase so-called CBAM certificates to pay the difference between the carbon price paid in the country of production and the price of carbon allowances in the EU ETS.
    “The only effect CBAM would have is a resource shift whereby clean energy capacity in already under-resourced countries will be shifted for export production while industry aimed at local consumption and energy access will depend on dirty fuels.”


    What pity Batiuska still refers to psychotic totalitarian fascists as ‘elites’.

    That is an outrageous misuse of an English word, since there is nothing elite about any of them. If the phrase psychotic totalitarian fascists is not to be used, then scumbags or evil-doers will have to do, I suppose.

    “I’m from the psychotic totalitarian fascists and I’m here to lie to you, steal from you and reduce your welfare. Ultimately we are planning to kill you and all your progeny.”

    Would people wake up if confronted with that essential truth? Probably not. They wouldn’t believe it and would continue to believe the outright lies and propaganda that emanate from their electronic devices.


    With the web ….
    You can find the liars.

    China to track Covid-19 mutations through national hospital network
    Participating hospitals will take samples from patients for genome sequencing and analysis as part of move to living with the virus
    China CDC says130 Omicron sub-lineages have been found in the past three months but none cause severe illness or an increase in death rates.
    To keep track of the emergence of new variants, the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) has established a data gathering network made up of one hospital in each city, and three cities in each province.
    Xu Wenbo, director of the China CDC’s National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention, said each hospital is expected to collect samples from 15 patients in the outpatients and emergency room, 10 from patients with severe illnesses, and all fatalities.
    “This will provide a scientific basis for the development of vaccines and the evaluation of diagnostic tools, including PCR and antigen tests.”
    Xu said more than 130 Omicron sub-lineages had been detected in China in the past three months, including several from the BQ.1 and XBB strains which have been circulating in the US, Britain and Singapore, among other countries, since October.
    Temporary fever clinics have been set up in sports centres and other venues as Covid-19 cases surge in China. Photo: Reuters
    Temporary fever clinics have been set up in sports centres and other venues as Covid-19 cases surge in China. Photo: Reuters
    China has set up a nationwide network of hospitals to monitor mutations of the virus that causes Covid-19, after lifting control restrictions and dropping PCR tests.
    Public health experts, including top respiratory disease expert Zhong Nanshan, have warned that waves of Covid-19 infections in China over a short period of time might give rise to new variants of the virus.
    Concerns have also been raised about whether it is possible to track any changes as the country battles a surge in cases at the same time as testing requirements have been scaled back.
    Mass PCR testing was cancelled in early December and negative test results are no longer required to return to work or enter public places, including hospitals. There is no encouragement for people to get tested.

    To keep track of the emergence of new variants, the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) has established a data gathering network made up of one hospital in each city, and three cities in each province.
    Xu Wenbo, director of the China CDC’s National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention, said each hospital is expected to collect samples from 15 patients in the outpatients and emergency room, 10 from patients with severe illnesses, and all fatalities.

    Genomic data from the samples will be uploaded to the national database within a week for analysis and sequencing, laying out the distribution of any sub-lineages that may develop across the country, Xu told a press briefing on Tuesday.
    “This will allow us to monitor in real time the dynamics of the transmission of Omicron in China and the proportion of its various sub-lineages and new strains with potentially altered biological characteristics, including their clinical manifestations, transmissibility and pathogenicity,” he said.

    “This will provide a scientific basis for the development of vaccines and the evaluation of diagnostic tools, including PCR and antigen tests.”
    Xu said more than 130 Omicron sub-lineages had been detected in China in the past three months, including several from the BQ.1 and XBB strains which have been circulating in the US, Britain and Singapore, among other countries, since October.
    These are known to be highly evasive from immunity built from past infections or vaccination but do not increase disease severity. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said the potential impact of the BQ.1 and XXB sub-lineages “is strongly influenced by the regional immune landscape”.
    China should focus on preventing serious Covid cases, top expert says
    9 Dec 2022

    While BA5.2 and BF.7 remain dominant in China, “BQ.1 and its sub-lineage have been found in 49 cases in nine provinces, while XBB sub-lineages have been found in 11 cases in three provinces”, Xu said.
    There had been no increase in the rate of severe cases and no significant increase in the number of deaths as a result of these sub-lineages, he said.
    Xu predicts that the spread of new subvariants – including BQ.1 and XBB – will increase over time and mutations will continue. “As long as it circulates in the crowd, when it replicates, it will mutate.”
    But the possibility is low that a highly transmissible variant with a high disease severity will emerge, as none of the 700 Omicron sub-lineages have caused a significant increase in severe cases and death rates, he said.
    We will monitor changes in disease severity, whether the genome mutates,” Xu said.
    The WHO’s advice from October remains current, that the BQ.1 and XXB sub-lineages do not “diverge sufficiently from each other, or from other sub-lineages” to be regarded as new variants of the virus.

    John Day

    Maybe Cuba?
    Evidence In Nord Stream Sabotage Doesn’t Point To Russia: Washington Post


    If you invert what the totalitarian fascists say you will probably be on track for what is actually happening.


    This DC party invite shows all the money to be made off the Ukraine war.

    — A Ukrainian Embassy reception, sponsored by America’s biggest weapons makers….

    “The Ukrainian Embassy hosted a reception last week in honor of the 31st anniversary of the country’s armed services. Events like this are part of the social calendar of Washington’s smart set (…)”

    “The logos of military contractors Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Pratt & Whitney, and Lockheed Martin were emblazoned on the invitation as the event’s sponsors, below the official Ukrainian emblems and elegant blue script that said the Ukrainian ambassador and defense attaché “request the pleasure of your company.”

    (see link for image of the invite)

    from VOX, Dec. 16, 2002, by J. Guyer.


    correction, 2002 > 2022


    As I understand it, after the Japanese invaded China over 1937 to 1939, the Chinese government shifted everything they could deep into heartland China to preserve what little weapons manufacturing they had (as the Russians did when attacked by Germany).

    This video has German commentary but no commentary is necessary. I cannot say whether the video relates directly to the movement of machines and goods during the early phase of WW2 but it clearly demonstrates what weak, pampered creatures Westerners were compared to other races, as a consequence of access to cheap fossil fuels (particularly liquid fossil fuels). We already knew that, since the contractors who built the western section of the trans-US railway gave up with European workers and imported Chinese, who completed tasks astonishingly quickly compared to the European workers who had struggled and complained prior to the importation of Chinese workers.

    Since WW2, the inhabitants of Western nations have become even weaker and more pampered. Therefore, when NATOstan countries take on China they need to understand that they are taking on a unified culture with great determination that has endured for over 4,000 years. And the second biggest land area of any nation, only exceeded by Russia.

    When NATOstan nations take on both China and Russia, the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

    When NATOstan nations take on China, Russia, Iran, India, Brazil….you know the leadership of NATOstan is utterly desperate and quite insane.


    I read what I just wrote and deleted it all. Let me just say that I am very unhappy about shoveling money down Oak-raine Island. There is no holy grail there.


    My mate’s comment on Zelensky: “Is he going to play the piano?”


    So I’m watching the press conference and there is no gold braid on the US flag. I think that means something.
    “All politics is personal.” Joe Biden


    As most of us know, the situation in Bakhmut is dire for the Ukonazis and NATO, as the Russian meatgrinder grinds on.

    Life in cities liberated by Russia is returning to normal while the EU progresses into increasing catastrophe.

    Russia is in no hurry to take Bakhmut, as it is operating extremely well as a meatgrinder.

    “We are going to watch desperate battles like this unfold, one after the other, until Ukraine’s fighting capacity completely collapses.”

    The same stages of denial, acceptance and memory-holing we’ve seen before from the [corrupt] western media.


    The pincer movement seems to be pinching quite a bit, though maybe Our Brave Truth-Tellers like “Tulsi” and “Tucker” and “Elon” will save the day. Odd, though, that there is *no organized movement* against The Great Reset™, and so much more.

    From my POV, things seem to be proceeding pretty much according to ruling-class plan.
    The sudden media (both “MSM” and “alt”) emphasis on “ChatBots” and ‘AI” is a little bit interesting.
    How is “AI” being defined, these days?

    I continue to wonder what’s happening in The Ukraine- and othe places.


    I’m not fond of opera and I didn’t think I liked Carmen, but we were watching “Bell’s of Saint Mary’s” and I wanted to see a good version of the aria. This is what I found. Elina Garanca at the Met. Just luscious.


    “Riley Waggaman” is a hoot, too; not that everything he says is wrong. His rhetorical style reminds me very much of several others of the edgy, truth-telling™ set.


    Facebook is worse than twitter.
    Showed up, more than once, with only 100’s of positive comments, with Biden getting flattered for giving Ukraine a Xmas present.


    Cuba, eh? Has it been established (in reality, not via digital media) that the Nordstream Pipelines were blowed up at all? Who benefits from the idea that they been done blowed up?

    I was impressed by how quickly (like the next frickin’ day?) those pipelines’ supposed destruction was accepted as “fact”- which reminds me of the instant adoption of Da Kovid narrative in early 2020: “It’s Outta Control!! and we’re all Gonna Die!!!”. on every webisite, and other media outlet..

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