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    Joint meeting of congress
    Now, I know what it’s like to be made to feel that I’m “cheering for the underdog”, “wrong team”.

    Figmund Sreud

    Interesting interview. “While we often focus on the hard numbers & data when analyzing the economy and financial markets, we have to remember that these systems are ultimately driven by humans”, indicates the host, Interviewee regards himself being anthropologist.

    Anger At The Wealth Gap To Boil Over As Recession Hits? | Peter Atwater

    Anger At The Wealth Gap To Boil Over As Recession Hits? | Peter Atwater



    The WHO wants 70% of all countries populations vaxed.
    John Campbell’s latest youtube is very good, but suddenly Goog is putting up a ‘adult age restricted, you must sign in’ before it will play the video. I won’t leave the link, the title of the video is: WHO global vaccination plan.


    Today’s Yogi tea tag: Know the unknown, hear the unheard, see the unseen.

    Relevant tune: Sonatine



    Throughout the Middle Ages and culminating in the early modern eras of Reformation and, later, the Enlightenment, Christmas grew more and more a problem for the church fathers and village constabulary.
    A recent book, The Battle For Christmas, by Stephen Nissenbaum, details the struggle to either do away with Christmas altogether (as the Puritans tried to do with some success in the mid-17th century, especially in the States), or to at least tame the beast it had become among the rowdy Northwest European / North American crowd.

    Three hundred years ago, Christmas was not the time to let your children out of the house. Revelry tended to get ugly. The old social inversion of Saturnalia was apparently not so effectively administered as it was in ancient times. Most things Latin had a hard time dealing with those unruly northern barbarians, i.e., us. We were Rome’s ultimate downfall, after all. Party-crashing is an old practice of ours.

    The Industrial Revolution really strained things. Longstanding feudal ties were replaced by wage-slave/industrial baron relationships, as demonstrated by the ‘milltown’ or ‘foundrytown’ systems still vestigially in place today in Rustbelt remnants like Flint, MI, or the Appalachian ‘fall-line’ textile towns (and their sister cities in the Philippines and Indonesia). These towns were, in their heydays, a form of industrial feudalism without older agrarian feudalism’s benefits – like having half of winter off. Eventually, modern labor unionism created – for a brief period of history — a very well paid form of wage-serf, so much so that many people now long for the ‘good old days’ of retrospectively romanticized factory tenure. ( A typical milltown employee usually worked for the same guy to whom he paid rent and from whom, often enough, he bought life’s necessities.) Those labor union glory days seem to be gone and even the Japanese look longingly to Southeast Asia for the affluent proletariat false security that was theirs just, seemingly, yesterday.

    Interestingly and, praise Allah, pertinently (where was I?), the strained labor relations of the early Industrial Revolution had much to do with the final transformation of Saturnalia/Christmas from a winterfest of depraved celebration to the quietly joyful and materialistically maddening holiday we know in this century.

    The process was begun in the 1820’s as a deliberate campaign to pull Christmas’s holiday fat out of its own destructive Yuletide fire at a time when, throughout the holidays, gangs of street toughs ruled the mud and cobblestone streets of New England and northwest European cities. Things could get pretty bad. Business suffered. Looting proliferated. Peasants rallied. Christmas was becoming an unruly riot threatening the political status quo.
    As a propaganda to counter this, prominent citizens, especially prosperous merchants, wanted and created a ‘new’ Christmas. Much of this was accomplished through well-placed articles and widely popular works of fiction describing greatly romanticized and often totally imaginary ‘Christmases past’. These books and articles urging a return to the ‘good olde days’ of Olde Chryst’s Mass were widely distributed. Basically, they were describing a past that to a great extent never was, in order to make it a popularly accepted future.

    Such transformations are a big part of what we call popular culture. Mass media was gaining its stride in those days and the right message in the papers and periodicals of the time could create what are now known as fads, promotions, marketing campaigns or, my favorite term, media bubbles. The media bauble of Christmas became so powerful, especially in this century when first Hollywood and then Madison Avenue placed their own Yule logs upon the mediated fire, that it effectively created an embolism in the heart of the aging and ribald Saturnalia. Another pagan god bites the dust. Not that gods ever really die. But standing in Saturn’s place as Golden Age prom king appeared not Jesus, but Santa Claus.

    The story of this transformation of Christmas is fascinating as a revelation of how we shape our holy days and how they in turn shape us, and I will leave its depiction to those excellent books already available. I will, however, say this about that.

    Santa Claus should not be perceived as some subliminally commercialized mutation of Satan, as many fundamentalist Christians theorize. Santa Claus is NOT Satan’s Claws. There is no more relation between the two than there is between Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick and the Man in the Gorilla Suit, (despite their striking superficial similarities, such as fake facial hair and a shared propensity for exaggerated hooting). Satan gets entirely too much airplay in my opinion. “Get thee behind Me, Satan”, said Christ. I take that as Jesus’ divinely polite injunction for the Old Fart to, please, shut up before he makes a total, or even, eternal fool of himself.

    Santa has taken and possibly deserves a lot of heat for stealing the stellar light away from Baby Jesus in the stable and refocusing it on a magical hotrod sleigh. I mean, which shines brighter today, the Star of Bethlehem or Rudolph’s radioactive nose?

    Santa would have looked a touch garish next to the regal Magi, who were not exactly quiet dressers themselves, and “Ho!Ho!Ho!” would have really upset Mary and her sleeping newborn (especially if accompanied by chest beating). Even The Little Drummer Boy kept it down to a gently soporific rumpumpum-pum. I don’t think there was a man in a gorilla suit at the nativity but, had there been, I’m sure he would have kept the hooting down.
    (to be continued)


    Xmas noises: Sauter-Finnegan


    People don’t have any interest in all this stuff.
    When all your data from all your devices is being uploaded to the five eyes data base ( including Israel ) is there really any reserve of outrage left for all this political malarkey?
    It is the new normal , forget about it and go and get drunk or stoned or both for Christ-mas sake.
    Merry Christmas to all !


    As for twitter , shut the firkin thing down and vaporise all the data, the world will be a better place without it.

    D Benton Smith

    Presumably the targeted 70% vaccination rate envisaged by the WHO for our next scheduled pandemic will involve re-vaxxing the self-same 70% (roughly) of the woefully unwary who accepted the poke in the first go around. I fail to see the purpose in such “overkill” other than to kill ’em a little bit faster. What’s the rush?

    Since it will involve the same perpetrators and the same victims, both which groups we all understand (and can identify) much more easily now that we’ve witnessed their previous performance, it should be a bit easier to avoid interactions with both of them.

    Of course the perpetrators have also made careful notes, I am sure, of how we sidestepped their past attempted assault and will have devised new ways and means of getting past our defensive measures.

    Should be an interesting exercise in move/countermove, but overall I think the advantage tends to our side because surprise sneak attack by trusted authorities is now impossible. We know a lot of them, trust none of them, and “surprises” are now as common as sunrise.


    Very significant damage can be accumulated over time.

    1. Ukraine, Iran, Russia, China
    2. Drugs – opioids, Omicron
    3. Immigrants
    4. Inflation
    5. Poverty


    A Turkey Poll or Poll of Turkeys?

    Was out food shopping today and the wife suddenly needed to supply a turkey for a New Years Eve deaf friends get-together minus me.

    She always leaves everything to the last second. I am the opposite, as I constantly plan ahead.

    Well in Toronto good luck finding a turkey! There is a shortage of these birds! I did find 2 young turkeys to replace one big bird. The wife wasn’t too happy but I said to her the good thing about
    2 small birds is they will take less time to cook than one big bird would. So now she is happy.

    I believe Ukrainians prefer $46 billion hams from the turkeys in Ottawa and Washington.


    Painfully difficult to watch and listen to-

    ‘The Cost To The United States Is Worth It’: Sen. Murphy On Providing Patriots To Ukraine

    “I hope the American people heard his thanks because this is not us (Dem / Rep politicians) supplying support, this is the American Tax payers that are putting their hard earned dollars in Defense of Ukraine. He (Z) wants to thank every American Family “

    The US Govt is completely corrupt and incompetent. Liberal Democrats are scum, and the Republicans are spineless cowardly scum. Both parties are traitors to the American people and its Constitution.

    The IRS. CIA, FBI, NSA, CDC, US Military, MSM, Police, and every Soldier who took an Oath are cowardly scum traitors to the American Citizens. May the winds of change blow in the right direction and abolish all of these slime- so that a just form of governance will actually take hold to reflect the peoples will.


    citizenx, I watched the first half of the video you posted. Argh. I’m at a loss for words, how to elegantly express outrage, which I can’t do right now.

    It is time for ppl to understand that the war (ww3 ongoing right now) is a class war, with a medley of powerful entities – ex. MIC, Big Pharma, Rich Elites, Mega Corps, Subservient Gvmts. paid for and corrupted by lobbyists, Big Med, Big Green Industry, and others – are covertly fighting against ppl all over the ‘developed’ world.

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