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    The twitter claim was “misinformation” was a danger to people.
    How about lack of early treatment? Bad treatment?
    This is from BitChute video.
    Skip ahead and start at the 20:00 minutes mark. It’s a stomach churning record of what happened in hospitals.

    TAE Summary

    Brief Rat Problem Update

    In an effort to rid the town of rats people have been pressured into purchasing domesticated coyotes as pets. Some also purchased pet coyotes for their children as young as six months old. At first it was said that all you needed was two pet coyotes but then it was claimed three was better, then four and now the accepted wisdom is that you need an additional coyote every six months because your existing coyotes quit hunting a few months after you get them. Unfortunately people are now seeing that their pet coyotes are developing symbiotic relationships with the rats and actually protecting them so that the more coyotes you have the more rats you get. Some people with pet coyotes now want to get rid of them but the coyotes refuse to leave. Once you get coyotes it appears you have them for life which means you will have rats over and over as long as you live. The city council is offering classes on how to deal with your pet coyote long term.
    People with fenced yards are doing much better. They may have neighbors with lots of rats that occasionally come into their yard but the rats find these yards with possible gopher traps inhospitable and prefer to hang out with their knew friends, the coyotes. Rats are breeding prodigiously in yards with coyotes and it is feared new rat mutations will threaten the community.
    The Mayor’s response to this is a permanent rat mitigation office in the town hall with 25 employees. His strategy will focus on better coyotes. Some residents object to coyote research in the town so the mayor has opened clandestine coyote research centers in surrounding cities. The Mayor has commissioned posters blaming the surge in rats on coyote free yards. He wanted to require all city employees to own coyotes and only buy things from people who own coyotes but this was blocked by the local Justice of the Peace.


    Since the immediate future of the world largely depends on the outcome in Ukraine, that is the focus of my international attention. It has to be a slow grind in order to minimise Russian losses and to maximise NATO losses.

    As the Ukraine catastrophe unfolds, the fiat currency fiasco and energy catastrophes that the NATOstan psychopaths have orchestrated also unfold. And the Earth continues to overheat and be degraded.

    No wonder the controllers in NATOstan have to generate so much fake news and impose as much censorship as they can manage.

    Doc Robinson

    “Unfortunately people are now seeing that their pet coyotes are developing symbiotic relationships with the rats and actually protecting them so that the more coyotes you have the more rats you get.”

    And despite all the assurances that the pet coyotes are safe, a growing number of people have been hospitalized and/or died after getting bitten by their coyotes.

    Doc Robinson

    In fact, for most of the population, the health risk from coyote bites is now higher than the health risks resulting from the rats.

    Figmund Sreud

    … but, BUT it’s worth it!

    Bipartisan insanity was on display again this week as the U.S. congress responded to Biden’s requested $37 billion in additional aid to Ukraine by giving him $45 billion bringing the total U.S. support to its Davos-managed disposable ward up to $111 billion.

    The aid was part of an overall omnibus spending bill passed by both houses of Congress was a gargantuan $1.7 trillion and included $858 billion in defense spending which far exceeds any sum ever spent by a U.S. government in history.

    Of that $858 billion, $817 billion is allocated directly to the U.S. Department of Defense while the remaining $29 billion will be allocated to national security programs within the department of energy. […]

    The High Cost of Blowing Up the World: Ukraine and the 2023 NDAA



    Gee Whizz Fukushima really went nuclear.


    I think I have an adequate model now, if only for the moment. More testing is needed..


    Climate chaos due to overheating the oceans [via CO2 emission] is hitting hard now. Not just across Airstrips Two and Three. The biggest airstrip on Airstrip Five was temporarily brough to a standstill.

    ‘There’s been Boxing Day chaos at Auckland Airport with the international terminal evacuated after a thunderstorm apparently set off the sprinkler system inside.

    Monster downpours caused flooding in parts of Auckland and Northland on Monday afternoon and a severe weather warning for the top half of the North Island is still in place.

    Police confirmed Auckland Airport’s international terminal had been evacuated after a “weather-related event”.

    More to come, and far worse, of course.

    (I wonder how much longer they are going to persist with the blue-and-yellow crap. Hostels or luxury hotel accommodation for Ukrainian refugees comes next, I suppose. Gotta pour digital money into the bank accounts of hotel owners so they can ‘reinvest’ it in the money-laundering hub of NATO, I suppose. .:( )


    Veracious Poet said

    Thanks Germ for all the real updates, it’s a nice break from the deluge of TAE’s orotund blathering fests that pile on after RIM’s real updates

    and went on to say

    There are no -0- “white hats”, haven’t been any for decades, only pitch black hats & 50 shades of gray hats.

    Granted, your own blathering proves your point.


    Germ said

    You see, what Rintrah (and Ersa) are saying …

    Is this the Rintrah that stopped people from commenting on his website unless they could recite some of the falsehoods of global warming – you had to answer a green question in a pro-AGW way otherwise you could not comment – thereby repeating Rintrah’s lies re global warming? The Rintrah I am talking of, who lives at, is an authoritarian bigot for the green movement and therefore rules himself out of consideration when it comes to truth.



    A very strange Twitter thread from Medvedev. Elon Musk reacted: “Those are definitely the most absurd predictions I’ve ever heard, while also showing astonishing lack of awareness of the progress of artificial intelligence and sustainable energy..”

    Are all the Musk fanbois, the ones making excuses for Twitter censorship post Musk takeover, are they all on board with Musk’s participation in the green rape of governments and people around the world? Is this billionaire the answer to the energy crisis in Europe, the theft of billions by LPG force feeding? The rape of Ukraine aided by Musk’s military Starlink, showing how wars are now run by companies and Musk owns a few of the participants. Is this guys really on the side of the people or on the side of the authoritarians? Every day he reveals a little more to be on the side of the people who started the Ukraine war. As for AI, does Musk know that his cars keep on crashing when being driven by AI? As for green energy, does Musk know that the solar and wind are not sustainable, neither are lithium batteries? The man is a snake.


    And you think Musk does not know that slaves are mining his cobalt? Is he using his wealth to change that situation? No, he is preserving the false impression that green is clean, rather than green is slavery.

    D Benton Smith

    It just occurred to me that perhaps the best (and certainly the most visible) reason for rejecting the Great Reset is that the more of it that gets implemented, the worse that it works, for BOTH sides.

    We here on TAE are certainly agreed that there is a BIG problematic situation. We argue the situation’s causes and solutions, but not the fact of it’s general existence. Things ARE all fucked up.

    And how are things going for the other side? Do any of them look or behave in a manner that suggests that they’re just totally elated and all tickled pink about how great everything is going for them right now ? Ain’t none of them crowing very loud about imminent victory like they were a few years ago. Quite the contrary, I would say.

    In other words, the reset IS failing, bigly, so whatever emerges at the tail end of this conflict will therefore NOT be some version of the Cabal’s dystopic version of utopia. It will instead be a world cleaning itself up after the defeat of the craziest of those notions. A big mess, to be sure (we are still human), but not QUITE as messy as it was at the start.

    Veracious Poet

    One possible interpretation for TAE Summary’s *RAT* story:

    The Mayor = TPTB/TBTF Master Class
    Rats = Progressive liberals
    Coyotes = Conservatives
    Rat Mutations = Independents, Libertarians, Greenies, Socialists, Anarchists et al.
    Justice of the Peace = 50-Shades-Of-Gray Hats fka White Hats

    When living in times controlled by Collective EG0ic Madness, no-thing makes sense, until critical mass is attained & the psychopaths are locked-up in cages or removed from the equation…

    In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

    Veracious Poet


    Easter Island used to be a mystery, why would people deliberately destroyed their culture and means of survival in order to build icons to false gods. But now I see the same thing happening in many parts of the world, the destruction of the means of survival, mostly through ESG control of finance, in order to build icons to the green god. Humanity will again destroy its means of survival, same as the Easter Islanders. Humanity believes it is something superior, almost related to god, while continuously proving the opposite.


    Agreed,@DBS…it’s like watching a fast-forwarded movie return to its normal speed…we keep waiting for another shoe to drop but none have happened (yet)…apologies for the mixed metaphor😊…we still have to take it day-to-day in realtime ….well, at least most of us here are still staying grounded yet standing with both shoes on @TAE’s oasis….Have a Happy New Year, everyone!!!!🙏🌑🌄🌤️☀️

    John Day

    Germ has really presented the important NEWs stories today, regarding the effects of mRNA COVID-vaccine-products suppressing the immune system, response to SARS-CoV2 spike-protein, especially as time progresses after the second mRNA injection, and overwhelmingly so after the third one.
    The expected result is to turn the multiply mRNA “vaccinated” into chronic or extended carriers of COVID. This appears to be what is showing up as very high levels of COVID in sewer water of highly “vaccinated” cities.

    Aspnaz objects to one of the links, but the others should serve him just as well.
    Try them in this order, because the first also discusses the loss of immune regulation against cancers.


    Thanks Figmund Sreud for yesterday’s comment #124326
    “Ten COVID Facts Health Officials Dangerously Downplay
    We should be rallied to defend ourselves and our kids. Our leaders offer timid silence.”

    It put my thoughts into words.

    The Twitter dump shows that western media and social networks are manipulated by the corporate-state to hide the truth. One reality that is avoided is that the Wuhan coronavirus and its variants appear to be a human immunodeficiency virus. The article references a pre-print study that children who had been infected by COVID had a much higher incidence of RSV infection than children not infected by the virus. The fact that the number of deaths is rising each year since 2020 in Canada shows that the mRNA vaccines alone as the sole public health measure are ineffective.

    Approximately 70,000 U.S. Marines and 18,000 Japanese soldiers took part in the battle of Iwo Jima. In thirty-six days of fighting on the island, nearly 7,000 U.S. Marines were killed. Since March 2022, approximately 13,000 Americans are dying each month with COVID due to endemic coronavirus. This is the equivalent of two of the bloodiest US battles in WWII each month. In addition, millions of Canadians and Americans are suffering from Long COVID and depleting the work force.

    From the article:
    “There is only one way out of our COVID mess. It is not denial. And it is not passivity.

    It is masking, testing, social distancing and clean air engineering via ventilation and filtration.

    Public health officials and politicians aren’t telling us this because they are afraid to take on the responsibility for implementing these changes. Or they are too ashamed to admit the scale of their mistakes.

    That means each and every citizen must send them a signal that we refuse to surrender to an immune evasive virus. And that the prospect of massive ill health of our children is not acceptable collateral damage.

    The pandemic will not end until we consciously and collectively act.

    We can only do that by systematically changing conditions of modern life to starve this wildfire of its fuel and oxygen.”

    Human beings will only survive on the planet earth if they can acknowledge reality, give peace a chance, share resources, and mitigate pollution. 2023 is the year to start to cooperate or die off.


    @John Day

    Quote Jessica Rose: ” Are these IgG4 antibodies capable of tolerizing in the context of our own proteins”.

    Please elaborate on this maestro el medico. 🙂

    It seems the de-evolution of TAE has stabilized….for the moment yah fat headed monkeys!


    John Day

    This is the paragraph from Dr. Rose:
    “Molecular mimicry has been shown in multiple publications to be a potential problem with regard to the spike protein whereby it has been shown to share motifs with human proteins. What this means is that autoimmunity potential against these human proteins is clear and present. In the context of this recent publication showing a dominant IgG4 pool, I have to wonder what the implications of this dominant pool are for molecular mimicry. Are these IgG4 antibodies capable of tolerizing in the context of our own proteins?”

    She appears to be wondering if the teaching-the-immune-system-to-ignore will cross-over to show up as a reduction of post-“vaccine” autoimmune disease over time. She’s just wondering.


    The US’ Neocon’s War On Humanity

    Objective: To Kill As Many People As Required To Stay In Power.

    Ukrainian War: 500 people dying every day to weaken Russia.

    Vaccine War: Based upon British data 1,000 people dying each week. British population = 67.33 million. Using this as a base, that means in the Western European countries, Canada, and the US, over 1,500 people are dying each day.

    The neocon’s war against Russia pales in comparison to the size of the war against their own people, by 3 to 1.

    Do you really think the neocons are going to stop the Ukrainian War against Russia any time soon? When does Poland enter (already involved) the war? US/NATO boots already on the ground.

    The neocon’s vaccine war against their own people can not be stopped, even if they wanted it too. This war rolls on with or without the neocons.

    The US neocons will never “voluntarily” end the wars or ever accept peace.

    I am afraid 2023 will be the year of escalation.


    Joe Rogan guest exposes the “heart-wrenching” reality of the battery mining industry.

    Africans are employing their fellow Africans , what is the problem? A hundred and twenty years ago the mines here in Tasmania were all worked by hand too. Would every one be happier if all the Africans were to lose their jobs and be replaced by imported Cat machines owned by a foreign multi national?
    Africa is still the dark continent and will remain so for the foreseeable future due to the nature of it’s people. Note the destruction of Zimbabwe and SA by the indigenous people. There is the proof that they just can’t move forward , they had a great base given to them and they still could not move ahead , only backwards.
    The smoky factories were a necessary part of the development of the industrial revolution. Every one there is well shod clothed and fed. Would it have been better for them if they were all still cave dwelling hunters and gatherers?
    I worked at mill starting when I was fifteen and loved it .it supported the economy of the NW area of Tas., without it the coast would not have moved forward economically. Now it is gone and we rely on China for all our goods, is that better?
    I worked in heavy industry most of my life , it provided me with everything I needed. I was able to only work six months a year for the last twenty years of my working life. Go the smoke stacks I say!

    “Russia, meanwhile, has insisted that Kiev must “recognize the reality on the ground” as a prerequisite for any peace negotiations, including the new status of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye as parts of Russia.”

    Means there will never be any peace negotiations and you have to just accept that we have invaded and stolen your sovereign territory and agree that that is now the established principle of our new world order , any country has the right to invade another and take it’s territory.
    Reality , only the two despotic dictatorships of North Korea and Iran have recognised Russia’s annexation of Crimea.The majority of the world’s countries will never recognise the Russian principle of smash and grab as the new law that they themselves will have to function under.

    “Alas, there is nobody in the West we could deal with about anything for any reason,” he wrote. Medvedev went on to say that nations that claim global leadership deceived Russia when they claimed NATO expansion in Europe posed no threat to it.

    Means , alas Putin took the bait offered by the US and invaded a soveriegn country and is now caught in a terrible dilemma where it cannot advance or retreat. Our expansion is just and fair but NATO’S is not even though they never invaded us. We were not invaded by NATO but we have invaded Ukraine. Alas we have exposed the fact that we are hubristic blunderers of massive proportions who have no functioning intelligence agencies. Our only option now is to start a nuclear holocaust , the Russian people are demanding we do that rather than be defeated. It is the right moral thing to do.

    Medvedev predicted. “From now on we will do without them until a new generation of sensible politicians comes to power there. We will be careful and alert. We will develop relations with the rest of the world,” he wrote.

    Means, us old Soviets will soon be replaced by a younger generation of Russians who will have a different national/cultural viewpoint not attached to the old Soviet values of war , corruption , occupation and incompetence.

    “The West is incapable of offering to the world any new ideas, which would take humanity forward, solve global problems, or provide collective security,” the former president insisted.

    Means we are the master race and will now assume the leadership of the world with China , Iran , North Korea , Saudi Arabia and South Africa helping to lead the way to a new utopia based on our collective higher intelligence and moral values.

    Meanwhile China is deep economic trouble and is in political turmoil with the distict possibility of massive social unrest and the unseating of it’s dictator.
    Iran is in deep political unrest with the possibility of it’s religious dictators being overthrown.
    The beheaders in Saudi are being their usual despotic selves and oh wait they want to destroy the Iranians? Seems there is a bit of hostility out there in the in the new world order group.
    So it is not one big happy family after all?
    Rocket boy of NK will be a fabulous addition to Putin’s team , that have so much to offer!
    SA is slowly sinking into oblivion and the other African countries are mostly in the control of murderous dictator militias but don’t worry Putin’s private militia , the Wagner group is there setting new moral principles for them and the Russian empire.

    It all looks good Mister Putin , you certainly have a very bright and exceptionally moral mob working with you , I can’t imagine that your NWO will be anything but a smashing success……once you find a way out of this dilemma you have created for yourself…..IF you can find a way out…….


    “This means Antov joins the expansive ranks of Russian doctors who, in recent years, have also inexplicably met their tragic demise falling out of hospital windows.”


    “The Chairman of the BlackRock Investment Institute, the guy who tells the $8.7 trillion investment firm BlackRock where to put their money, is Tom Donilon; President Obama’s former National Security Advisor (before Susan Rice), and a key advisor to Joe Biden throughout his career in politics; who was also recently put in charge of U.S-China policy by the State Dept. {link}”

    Here Comes the Biden Family Syndicate Bank Account Deposits – Zelenskyy Announces Blackrock Will Help Rebuild Ukraine

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