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    those darned kids

    absolute galore: actually, i may get the vaccine. in 2032. maybe.


    So our friends- after our second wonderful day together, left to return to PA. Partway through the evening I started getting a sore throat. I ate a few kernels of popcorn and they got stuck. We took the regimen (DCQZ, etc). I crossed my fingers.
    At two in the morning I had a whopping headache, a low fever, and very painful throat and swallowing. I felt rotten. At my bedside were a couple of the shall-not-be-named pills. I took them, and an NSAID.
    I dreamt I had diphtheria.
    This morning I awoke feeling soooo much better- perky, even. I looked at wiki-p for “diphtheria”. Check it out yourself and see if it doesn’t sound familiar. I had gotten my tetanus booster a couple years back, and I came up with this hypothesis:
    The weaponized spike protein trashes your immune system. That’s all it does. It can be passed to others. It destroys antibodies of recent inoculations or infections- calling up the malady. So people are getting flu, shingles, diphtheria, Bell’s, colds… whatever they recently had, were exposed to, or had been inoculated for. Anything their healthy system had responded to, the weaponized spike destroyed it and substituted a program to make more of themselves— which happen to be as “contagious” as any bug.

    I haven’t finished reading the rest of the above post yet.


    It probably was’n’t such a good idea to wipe down the shower after they all took one following our swimming adventures.

    absolute galore


    Do you think Elon Musk will be taking us to Mars in the next few years? Much of the general public dids, and there were many articles that took this at face value.

    Do you think the U.S. can continue printing trillions of dollars every year with no consequences?That we can morph into a net zero carbon world with technology? Paul Krugman and most liberals do.

    Did you believe the virus was a cross between Batman and The Penguin? That is what we were told and what many believed, until…Oops, lab leak theory back on the table.

    Did you believe that Donald Trump was controlled by Putin, that the Steele Dossier contained a single fact? Much of the public did, and still does.

    Did you believe Andrew Cuomo was the poster boy for how to govern during the pandemic, won an Emmy, but oops, got all those old folks killed. Was also big on women’s rights (I wonder what his three daughters think of him).

    Do you think people like Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and Prince whatever hung out with J. Epstein because he could get them front row seats at Laker games, or to bounce important ideas off him?

    Etc., etc, weapons of mass destruction, water in Detroit, BLM mostly peaceful, etc.

    Do you believe writers who put “protect their freedoms” in quotes, as though this were some crackpot idea, opposing getting an experimental medical treatment injected into your body, are people worth listening too?

    If so, you are as credulous as most, so don’t feel too bad. It’s no picnic having your eyes wide open.

    The pandemic is not much more than business as usual–the rich get richer, finish my sentence if you can.

    I suggest you read the Salon article I linked above very carefully. While most TAE participants are engaged in sharing and discussing our viewpoints, you are simply here seeking some kind of “intense response.” I’m signing off responding to you at this point, since your snide asides are now less than worthless. Good luck!


    @dbentonsmith I don’t just read one source of information. But to me, citing anecdotal evidence is a warning flag. I don’t think Dr Malone would ever cite anecdotal evidence. I expect I could find anecdotal evidence of haunted houses.


    Man, can’t stay away for more than an hour. Democritus said

    why is Mr Denninger the goto for vaccine or immunity expertise?

    Which is obvious nonsense, like anyone else of the 100s of voices I quote here in these 10s of 1000s of lines every day is a goto for anything.

    But still, 3-4-5 people react to this silly claim. Read guys, before you waste time and space.

    He also referred to confirmation bias, which of course is at much on his/her side as anyone else’s. More emptiness. But more people here react. This is how these Comments sections become unreadable.

    Dr. D

    “Do you believe Walter Cronkite on health reporting? Why? He’s not a doctor.”

    Because he reads doctors and their papers extensively, as with other information, seems to read and understand and digest them well and over the years what he reports turns out to be mostly substantiated instead of discredited.

    We seem to be doing the opposite: feverishly discarding all “anecdotal evidence” — our own friends and acquaintances — in support of people and data that has proven consistently wrong for 2 years if not 20. Today’s Bloomberg article was like that. “Wow, this seems to be against all science, and all the vaxxed are getting it, and it may not be working at all, BUT I’m going to say this is a bunch of mysterious things interacting with mysterious forces, I accept a 15-man test last week, but this week 10 15-man tests aren’t adequate, all the experts I’m quoting were always wrong, but not this time, masks haven’t worked and don’t worked now but we’re going to keep doing it. AND

    Having the vaccine means you get the disease, perhaps worse, almost immediately, your just as or more contagious, but the vaccines work, you need a booster, and although the vaccinated are totally safe, they get it and it’s the unvaccinated’s fault.”

    Indeed I am at a loss about their acceptance of anecdotal evidence and confirmation bias against all statistics and unfolding research why it is entirely against all possible logic, order, sense, and is indeed violent, oppressive, and extractive.

    Can you explain their terrible acceptance of such non-medical spokespeople and anecdotal evidence as displayed on Bloomberg and Salon?


    Russia! Russia! Russia! nutjob Rachael Maddow now turns her attention to IVM, IVM, IVM …..


    Yes Germ, and it’s in the Debt Rattle. Do read it.



    According to FLCC and Dr. Kory, Delta needs to be treated much earlier,

    Much earlier than the first sign of disease? What would that be? Being born? We’re still talking prophylactic use, maybe that’s what you mean, but that’s not a change. I would certainly advise it.

    ..and they were apparently seeing less efficacy with Ivermectin in more advanced cases.

    I think that’s what they were afraid of, yes, but they have only scant evidence. It would be precaution. Kory travels the country from clinic to Covid clinic, his evidence at this point would appear more piecemeal.

    There is still very little info on whether Delta is more or less virulent, though everyone is in agreement that it is more easily transmitted.

    It’s one or the other, and infectiousness does appear higher, so severity is not.

    Wonder what happened to the trope that only 20% of people even come down with covid when exposed

    Any suggestions any event or place has crossed that 20%?


    Must watch:



    I like Karl D because he is a brilliant analyst and has a different writing voice than speaking voice.

    Writing his schtick is, often as not, an angry rant against the forces of illogic, unreasoning and painful lack of common sense.

    Doesn’t seem to matter what he is analyzing, he drills down deep.

    He once posted how he fixed the problem with the fuel pump on his vehicle, evening showing how he disassembled the fuel pump and figured out it was a variation on classic vapor lock and proceeded to remedy the matter.

    A man for all seasons.

    Karl has a background in Internet security and computer programming, and had his own Web security company.

    He has been interviewed multiple times by Max Keiser on economic matters and in person is calm, collected and often very funny.

    Here is an interview by Max with Karl about the Colonial gasoline pipeline hack a few months back.

    Great explanation of why the Colonial gas pipeline went down.

    Karl starts at 13:09 in the video.


    Cwmllynfell rugby player Alex Evans dies during match

    Hmmm? Perhaps we’ll be hearing alot more of these.


    You just can’t make this shit up!

    “Chinese researchers now working on a drug candidate for treating adverse reactions, dubbed Antibody-Dependent Auto-Attack, caused by pathogenic antibodies inducible by the vaccines and the COVID19 virus.”


    Excellent to see Dr. Hooman Noorchashm come out and state that “millions of Americans have had natural infections and are therefore immune so the idea of vaccinating somebody who’s already immune is a violation of medical neccessity, it’s a principle of medical ethics and it actually has the potential to do harm”. (Why Testing COVID Immunity is as Important as Vaccination)

    There are some positive developments such as the aforementioned testing to check antibodies and transfusion of monoclonal antibodies being admitted as alternative for ‘treatment’ (as opposed to no intervention at all)

    I appreciate being kept informed as always. Dr. D, you cracked me up again (Biden’s sock puppet ‘Justin’)


    “…a drug candidate for treating adverse reactions, dubbed Antibody-Dependent Auto-Attack…”

    It’s like firemen who turnout to be pyromaniacs.

    How Little Clerks Become Mass Murderers

    absolute galore

    “According to FLCC and Dr. Kory, Delta needs to be treated much earlier, ”
    Raul responded:
    Much earlier than the first sign of disease? What would that be? Being born? We’re still talking prophylactic use, maybe that’s what you mean, but that’s not a change. I would certainly advise it.

    No. Not when you are born. Most people do not take IVM prophylactically. Most wait until they are fairly sick to seek treatment, as instructed. He was saying that the sooner you can start taking it, the better, because Delta was supposedly a different beast. I suspect his initial reporting may have been colored by the fact that he apparently came down with it himself. His initial tweets definitely gave one the idea that it was more virulent.

    From some of the links here, part of any apparent leaky vaccine situation could be that it allows a more transmissive virus to also be more virulent–in other words, by staving off some of the virulence, or at least slowing it down, allows it to propigate with high viral loads in the vaxxed.

    I have no opinion on any of this, since I see no evidence being presented.

    Raul, responding to my “only 20% of pop. are susceptible” comment:
    Any suggestions any event or place has crossed that 20%?

    No, just saying I have not heard anything at all about it, other than very early on–and then only the oft-repeated reference to the cruise ship. I would think if it were true we would be hearing more, that’s all. Just curious.

    I wouldn’t say responding to deflationista makes the comment section all that unreadable. I would say it is a healthy immune response and helps build tolerance and resistance to anti vaccine objectors in our real lives…Practice practice practice.


    Spirits of the past

    The smoke and fumes
    From a forgotten time
    Manifest themselves
    Once more into shapes
    Horrific and grotesque
    Illsuited to todays climes
    Their place here suddenly
    Is like a rip in the fabric
    Of space and time
    Why don’t we stop and say
    “Look, they’re grotesque”
    “They don’t belong here”
    Instead we debate and attempt to reason
    With things which have no reason
    To exist here at all

    TAE Summary

    Rat Problem Update

    As I mentioned early my town has a rat infestation problem and though some suggested rat traps the mayor (who owns a coyote pelt farm) decided to address this by introducing coyotes. This had some unforeseen consequences. The coyotes also ate peoples’ pets and chickens and were a danger to toddlers. The rats mutated to a strain that many coyotes wouldn’t eat (the so called Sigma Rats). Now there is a new problem: Coyotes kill other animals (like racoons) and the rats feed on the carcasses and their population explodes (this is known as Coyote Dependent Enhancement). Many people with pets, chickens and toddlers distrust coyotes and fenced off their yards and started using rat traps. They claimed traps worked well but the mayor brought in an expert that claimed that traps don’t work as well as coyotes and that traps can be dangerous to the user so the city outlawed the sale of rat traps. The mayor’s expert also did a study that showed that 93% of the rats were now coming from fenced yards and that Sigma Rats were breeding and mutating there. In desperation some anti-coyotes started buying gopher traps and trying to use these to catch rats. One woman injured her finger in a gopher trap. Her trip to the emergency room was front page news. People complained that news of their pets that were eaten were never covered by the paper. This was dismissed as an anti-coyote conspiracy theory. Pro-coyotes are saying those with fences don’t care about their neighbors, should be ostracized, lose their jobs and they are threatening to forcibly tear down all coyote proof fences in town. The mayor is consulting with the city lawyer to see if these things are legal.

    Dr. D

    “Taliban Reportedly Sets Woman on Fire Because They Were “Dissatisfied With Her Cooking”

    Did then then shoot all the nearby civilians and reporters with Blackhawk helicopters and cover it up? Asking for a friend who’s in jail.


    Mr. House

    “So, confirmation bias then. Why do you think you are a good judge of what makes sense in virology and immunology? And if you are, why do you need to read anything?”

    What is your point? Are you the new deflationista? Confirmation bias that the people running the show don’t have a god dang idea what they’re doing? Once again, do you support the people calling the shots? The same people who have made a mess of everything the last 20 years, cause its the same people, if wanna talk about confirmation bias.

    Mr. House

    “A good friend got tested at the same place. Nurse was surprised his test came back negative, since he’s had the jab. He’s kind of pissed, after all the fanfare and risk of side-effects he doesn’t show antibodies, what the actual WTF?”

    Either the tests are shit or he got a shot of saline.


    Hrm. Edited a comment because the link didn’t show up…and the comment appears to have disappeared into no man’s land. If it reappears later, and this is a duplicate, my apologies.

    I had to know which was more dangerous for children, the covid vaccine or the covid disease:

    Children: Which is more dangerous, Covid or the Vaccine?


    @ D Benton Smith

    I enjoyed your comment about the WEF and checks and balances.

    It makes a fair amount of sense — in 1776 the folks who signed the US Declaration of Independence and later formed the Articles of Confederation and the US Constitution were very, very wary of power becoming entrenched.

    Obviously, their concerns were valid.

    We could, from the “American Experiment” surmise that representative democracy is a total failure. But, perhaps it is not helpful to “throw the baby out with the bath water.”

    What if we haven’t gone far enough?

    For some areas, and in hyper-local areas, we have the technology to travel, to cast votes, to count votes (double-count, triple check, etc.) that makes direct democracy much, much more viable than it ever could be in 1776. We can experiment with some more direct forms of democracy — such as city budgeting that is more directly democratic. (There is a term for this that escapes me for the moment — I’ll probably remember it in hours or days.)

    As economist Richard Wolff likes to point out, the vast majority of our enterprises are not run in any sort of democratic fashion. We could experiment with more democratically run enterprises (ESOPs, employee-managed, and true workers’ cooperatives,) and see if this results in enterprises that are more beneficial to the community than our current system of corporations.

    We could revisit the principles in the Federalist Papers — apparently, the Articles of Confederation were a flop because the federal government was too weak. The Constitution definitely fixed that. Perhaps subsequent laws have taken us too far in the opposite direction? We now seem to have a centralized federal government that is way too powerful, way too instrusive.

    And these principles can be expanded out into the realm of international law. We have sovereign nations, treaties, the UN, NATO, and so forth, and multinational corporations that are enmeshed with sovereign governments, corporate GDPs that rival the GDPs of many nations. I don’t want any sort of supra-national government…but the current system seems to be completely corrupted by the enormous corporate power. Yes, we need checks and balances. That is a good place to go.


    @MrHouse I live in the UK so the people who are ‘calling the shots’ are not the same for me as for you, assuming you are in the USA. But I have read a variety, for example Dr Yeadon, Dr Malone, and I listen to those on “This week in virology”. These people are experts and yet they disagree with each other. It is not easy to navigate through this. But when I asked why Denninger your answer was pretty much confirmation bias. It’s not something I attacked you with, it’s the reason you gave. Now I am accused of confirmation bias but not with any obvious evidence.

    As I have said before, I don’t see it as a choice between two narratives, but at the moment I am not buying the ADE. It hasn’t happened. If it happens I’ll have to change my mind about some things. At the moment there is no scientific basis for a booster anyway so I have no immediate choices to make.

    The above Doctors who disagreed with the narrative were subjected to cancellation culture, and I know how that feels posting on here, where I get flamed. I am on the side of truth. If anecdotal evidence is the best that can be offered it’s probably not the truth.


    I served a wealthy obese gay alcoholic intellectual at the bar last night- his words-

    “Every unvaxxed person who has chosen to not be vaxxed should have their door kicked in, be held down, be stuck with a needle, and then force given the vax…” hahaha with a gleam in his drunken eyes…

    So, given Australia, France, New Zealand, NYC/State etc – forced mandates and firings…

    “The Guns of Brixton” Joe Strummer

    When they kick at your front door
    How you gonna come?
    With your hands on your head
    Or on the trigger of your gun

    When the law break in
    How you gonna go?
    Shot down on the pavement
    Or waiting on death row

    You can crush us
    You can bruise us
    But you’ll have to answer to
    Oh, the guns of Brixton

    The money feels good
    And your life you like it well
    But surely your time will come
    As in heaven, as in hell

    You see, he feels like Ivan
    Born under the Brixton sun
    His game is called survivin’
    At the end of the harder they come

    You know it means no mercy
    They caught him with a gun
    No need for the Black Maria
    Goodbye to the Brixton sun

    You can crush us
    You can bruise us
    Yes, even shoot us
    But oh-the guns of Brixton

    When they kick at your front door
    How you gonna come?
    With your hands on your head
    Or on the trigger of your gun

    You can crush us
    You can bruise us
    Yes, even shoot us
    But oh-the guns of Brixton


    Smells like @democritus @deflatinista are coming from the same CDC (dis-)information payroll swamp creatures…


    Re Denninger
    His rants tend to be cogent and logical, directly relating to evidence from public statistics or from medical studies or medical experts. Secondarily, Denninger’s rants are fun to read. The equivalent of kale or Brussels sprout leaves flash fried in oil with salt sprinkled on top. Yum.


    “Given the ease with which people can find misinformation and faulty pseudoscientific “evidence” that supports their initial bias against the COVID-19 vaccine”

    Erm, no, that is gas-lighting.

    My “initial bias” came from the fact that Covid swept threw my household, my parents, and my sister’s household and we all came out on the other side just fine and presumably with natural immunity. The sum total of my education and life experience informed me that natural immunity is real, usually better than vaccine immunity, and that if you are naturally immune vaccination is redundant.

    The mainstream narrative has attempted to sway me with platitudes backed with no data or data that is inconclusive (I.e. antibody levels raise when naturally immune are injected…with no evidence that this increase is necessary or advised.)

    And now Salon tries to gas-light me into believing my convictions are due to anti-vax narratives online? Yeah, my ex was unsuccessful in his gas-lighting campaign against me lasting over a decade…fat chance Salon’s attempt will work. 😛


    Regarding video from Polder Dweller, I think that woman is onto something. While the pandemic framers are not bothered by human death, I have never believed that population reduction was the main purpose of the pandemic. Why? Covid isn’t deadly enough. And, quite frankly, the vaccine causes too many immediate deaths and injuries for it to be completely effective. The best way to reduce the population is to do it in a fashion where no one figures out the actual purpose. For that to be the case, the disease needs be mild, but over-hyped to create fear, no early or effective pharmaceutical treatments, and the vaccination program works best if there are very few adverse reactions. Then, as time goes on, the vaccinations continue periodically, and can be attenuated for sterility, or for genocide of the old or weak or disabled. Or, it could also simply be ADE and only those you want to have live keep getting the injections to stave off ADE, etc.

    So, the idea that this pandemic and mass vaccination program is just a way to herd us into submitting into a technocracy, at which point it would be relatively simple to reduce population…THAT makes sense from all of the data available. Why else are we being corralled into taking a vaccine with minimal efficacy and high adverse events?


    Huskynut- for some reason other comments from yesterday didn’t show up on desktop ’til this afternoon- so here: HAHAHAHA- I’ll pass it on to Anna.

    (For that matter my comments from this morning made it look like I alone had commented, and the rest didn’t show until around 2pm my time. (US CDT). If Greece is at 12:30 am now, why do the comments say 9 pm? It takes that long? Time zones…daily time travel.)

    D Benton Smith

    I’ve got a great idea for global depopulation, but the downside is that it would only cut total current population by about 0.000001 %.


    Long time lurker, first time commentator.
    The US Southern 19th century Uncle Remus story “Brer (brother) Rabbit and the Tar Baby” is relevant to the deflationist controversy, imo. The Tar Baby story explains why I read and wouldn’t “cancel” those comments, I think there’s something “tar baby” about them.

    Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby


    There is a real possibility Australia will go through a bit more turmoil shortly. The truckers are talking….
    If they do in fact blockade change will come


    @phoenix it could be a depopulation agenda, although if the pharmaceutical industry is behaving as it always has it may just be them covering the own arse. Wiping out the control group is their favourite tactic with vaccines and has been since day 1. A big control group is their worst nightmare, as it will expose not just this vaccine but perhaps a lot of them, especially the newer ones that have come in the last 20 years as the schedule has gone to the moon.

    @oxy yep our country has always been this way though, we just were allowed to ride along with the resource raping until now it seems. Just ask the the tribal people who got a nuke detonated on their land how well the Australian government treats people. I’ve been hearing about a trucking strike too. They could really shake things up if they wanted to. It’s funny how the media is trying to portray the resistance as white supremacy or right wing when it is very obviously a multi racial, multi ethnic congregation based on class more than anything else. I think this is true in most places.


    Very interesting clips today. Steve Bannon is the one who got Donald Trump elected. Of anybody, he knows what is going on and got indicted because of it. Rachael Maddow is more than a news reader; she lets her Overseer arrogance show through. Her hubris and ignorance are what cements the global meritocracy together. She oozes “Tomorrow belongs to Me”. Clearly anything other than the official message that “mRNA vaccines are safe and effective” is actively censored. Alternative treatments buried. US Delta Variant deaths are starting to climb but there is absolutely no plan to eradicate the virus.

    I’ve turned an optimist after reading “Farewell to Bourgeois Kings”.
    Farewell to Bourgeois Kings

    The challenge is staying alive to observe the fall. Trolls who say that human lives don’t matter spikes the blood pressure. The Fall of Kabul and failure of the US public health system to control coronavirus due to utter incompetence and corruption show that a western system collapse is inevitable. Globalists have lost the “Mandate of Heaven”.

    Instead, one can hope there is peaceful restoration of the rule of law, by and for the people, but the extreme offshore wealth of the globalists and the divide and rule propaganda make keeping the States united difficult unless the American people take over and defend the Union.


    One of the unwritten first principles of modern warfare is the full metal jacket bullet.

    A full metal jacket bullet encases the lead bullet completely in copper.

    Much deadlier bullets can be used which have no jacket and are ‘hollow point’ or designed to expand on impact resulting in far, far higher rates of death on impact.

    So why aren’t they used, isn’t the idea in war to kill the enemy soldiers?

    Primarily the use of jacketed ammunition (FMJ) comes from the Hague conventions of 1899 and 1907 and which outlawed the use of “bullets which expand or flatten easily in the human body.” [causing instant death]

    Hollow point ammunition outright kills far more soldiers, they are then out of the picture and require little resources.

    Every man wounded on the battlefield requires an average of 1.85 other men to evacuate him from the immediate combat zone.
    Once away from the battlefield wounded need transport to medical treatment (aid stations) and more transport to field hospitals. All these things require staff to treat the wounded, hundreds of pounds of medical supplies, gasoline for generators, transportation, heaters, etc. plus food supplies, latrines, logistics, planning… you get the picture by now. It makes it costly in terms of non-combatant resources to go to war.

    War isn’t a game of killing more people, its a game of supply attrition.

    I think the total long term ‘wounded’ in the Covid Performance Piece (CPP) are going to suck up unbelievable amounts of medical resources in the future.

    If you are in the Health Care Racket or a Master of the Drug Overlord scene, business from the Covid Performance Piece (CPP) is going to be fan-phucking-tastic.

    The depopulation goal has already been reached in western countries.

    The replacement population rate in Europe, the five eyes and North America Japan (even Russia) is below 2.2

    Fertility rates, sperm and eggs, are nose diving from eco-pollution which is rapidly accelerating.

    Add STDs and opioid addiction and inflation so high you can’t afford kids.

    Wokesterism is killing off family creation, who wants to marry and commit to someone who isn’t Perfectly Woke and Politically Correct and is the wrong gender pronoun.

    So no, the depopulation didn’t have to be the primary driver of the Covid Performance Piece (CPP), but it just gave a good hard smack on the back of the head to everyone in the general direction of depopulation.

    Most situation with people cooped up together has historically resulted in mini baby bloomlets.

    The Covid Performance Piece (CPP) killed romance and resulted in waves of depression and divorce and a drop in the birth rate.

    Half the births out there probably come from one night stands and acts of drunken passion, etc…

    Hungary is one of the few places the government is trying to increase birth rates to the replacement level with incentives, good luck with that.

    Can’t remember where but I read a population study awhile back. It asked women if the state/society guaranteed them a good education K-12 plus college, a good job with benefits, health care through old age and a decent pension would they want children?

    Only about 40% of women said they would want kids at all.

    Not what a lot of people expected for a ‘maternal instinct’ reply but reducing having kids is easier than you think.

    Just watch The Children of Man

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