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    Diego Velázquez The Spinners 1655-60   • Covid Vaccines: Why They Cannot Work, And Their Causative Role In Deaths (D4CE) • Calls for New Medical
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    although I don’t trust Reuters I also didn’t trust the NYT image either

    V. Arnold

    Diego Velázquez The Spinners 1655-60

    Such excellense; I cant’t get past that painting; it just says so much about art and life…
    Where do we begin; where does art begin? …and where does life interfere with art?
    I’m not sure/certain…and may never be…certain…but…art must out and be everywhere…
    …or we are certinly doomed…
    …that is a certainty…

    Veracious Poet

    4th “vaccine” jab in less than one year? 😐

    Good luck out there, stupid is everywhere…



    If memory serves, a wise person once wrote: “we learn through analogy”, or something similar.

    The analogy I wanted to tentatively put out there is this: “What if continuing to get the shots is like running your engine on ether starting fluid”.

    I said this analogy to a mechanic friend last night and he just laughed out loud because, instantly, he could “see” (in his mind’s eye) the damage done to the engine by such behavior. Are “two shots, no, three, no once a year, no, once a month…” any different?


    Raul, thanks so much for the James Lyons-Weiler article on pathogenic priming. Deagle may be right all along. I feel like when scientists with as much integrity and output and brilliance as he, are firm on this outcome presenting itself , we are entering the confidence stage of predicting dark times over the mid term.
    I think acceleration of cultural decline is on the menu for the coming times. I will just ramp up my preparations which looks like this:

    1 petrol pump to header tank at top of hill needs to also have electric pump connections purchased as back up (pipe fittings etc)
    2 Hot water tank finally connected to (new and unboxed) slow combustion woodstove and mounted on roof for good pressure.
    3 Kangaroo fence competed to stop incessant browsing of edibles.
    4 Large – (5 year) pre cut firewood supply from my forest and to create a decent firebreak of thinned forest.
    5 Building of Honey processing and apiarist activities and workshop for building projects complete with second hand wood stove and large cooking pots
    6 purchase of 10 – 20 tonnes of imported garden soil (I am on an abandoned mine site that looks ok but is 470 million year old sedimentary soil with extremely low carrying capacity)
    7 create second netted orchard of Jujubes and Cherries to function also as closed safe zone to free-range guinea pigs – hey protein is a thing and if it gets tough beggars can’t be choosers)
    8 Get my injuries under control and look after my teeth.
    9 Keep Calm and Carry on.

    Dr. D

    “How is it possible to survive a nation with inflation rates of 20%/month and 1700%/year? The answer? The underground economy.”

    A.k.a, “Captialism”. I own stuff and I sell it to you. In a free and voluntary exchange. Saving lives in yet another country.

    “Scientists Expect Omicron Wave Will Peak In January”

    Of which they will be totally wrong… Nevermind, as it’s entirely out of their control, it’s possible it will begin to follow the laws of medicine and physics again and be settled in no time. Average pandemic time (of which we didn’t have one) is 18 months. They’ve already driven this a year too long and even compliant areas like Chicago and NY are ignoring everything. You told us to pitch in for the team. Despite the evil, narcissistic, two-faced thieves we know you are, we did. But at some point it stops and apparently that point is now.

    “Vaccinated but unboosted people are will now treated as “unvaccinated” when it comes to close contact quarantines”

    Because vaccines work and don’t work. Schrodinger’s “Work”. All, nothing, and both!

    “”Sit Down Karen!” Woman on Delta Flight Filmed Punching Elderly Man for Briefly Removing Mask” …to eat by the way.

    Says it all. Maskless woman beats elderly man for being maskless. Like DiBlasio and his wife dancing in Time’s Square, Lightfoot at nightclubs, Maxine Waters on all airplanes, Nancy Pelosi, all 10 Downing, every orgy in New Zealand, well, I’m sure someone has created an entire website to track and shame these people who have no impression Covid is the slightest danger to them. Only to YOU. I mean THEY are the fatal danger to you, far more than Covid.

    I do whatever I want. YOU do whatever you’re told. He whole world runs for me. Simple!

    Covid truth: I especially like the “No vaccine Passports” one because it was Sooooo obvious and unable to be explained. But! Since no one cares, they just say “No it isn’t.

    “Men occasionally stumble over the truth but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened.”—Winston Churchill

    For “They Lied” (of course, duh), look at it like we, Leviathan, are a gigantic monster, and they are but a few spear-carrying Neanderthals. It takes a long time for a creature our size to see, identify, and consider spears thrown at us. Like 18-24 months apparently. However, look at the resulting strategy. IF you can keep the Creature alive, and WE take 10% damage, and THEY take 10% damage in every exchange, they’ll all be squashed before terribly long. Like HRC, CNN, NBC, CDC, SEC, BBC, and all the other “C’s” you can think of.

    It’s the 5thG version of “Liberty Ships” We can create them faster than you can sink them.

    There is no vaccine that you put into your muscle that can ever protect you against an infection of the respiratory tract”

    I would have to pretty much disagree. Vaccines, say against Measles, first meet the body in the respiratory tract most likely. The antibody awareness is everywhere in the body, therefore it is also in the respiratory tract. That’s not like a lock and iron wall, but you can’t say it isn’t there either.

    Auto-immune attack from making the body create the enemy? Extremely likely. Nearly universal? Apparently. What did you think putting a toxin everywhere in your body would do? Meaning the word “Breakthrough” has no meaning whatsoever, as the (non)”Vaccine” has no protection to “break through” in the first place.

    Once you reach that point, the vaccine is the disease. I mean, duh, the world’s healthiest athletes are dying daily on the pitch.

    Pro Tip: Since the Fauci and the CDC have defined “Vaccine” as everything, (anything that creates an immune response, which is everything, including carrots and chocolate cake), then YOU, my dear reader, have been “vaccinated”. According to their new and ever-changing legal rules. If they ask, say yes! Yes I am! Totally vaccinated. Then point at the line and verse.

    Hey, I don’t make the rules here. And neither does Congress, apparently.

    prevent people from contracting and spreading COVID. That lie was the basis for all vaccine mandates, and it completely disintegrated this month.”

    In a sense, yes. The dissonance must be astounding, almost fatal, for people to chuck off their mind control. …Or phrased in an uncharitable way. I could phrase that politely but why bother?

    We think that the documentation basis is really, really flimsy”

    You mean like a 6-month study with a hundred people, where they then erased the control group, then locked up the evidence for 75 years? That kind of flimsy? Because that’s the original (non)vaccine. I always do that when the evidence is stellar and going well.

    nearly every organ system in the body, and stay there for months,”

    I have no idea if this is relevant. How do other viruses act? If it’s inert, who cares?

    This is the same as the PCR test running enough cycles to find a needle in a haystack. Even if it’s a pine needle. Or when they say “Lead in the water” but at 4ppb, 1,000 lower than what’s safe and average.
    Make your case and don’t baffle me with bulls—t.

    “I knew there was a variety of treatments that we could use [yet] we were using nothing,”
    “People were dying, [yet] all of my ideas were getting shouted down. My superiors were showing up [to my clinical meetings] and getting me to stand down, because I was entertaining the idea that we should do this, that and the other thing, and they didn’t want anything to be done.”

    That’s the real story: intentional homocide. And at this scale, mass murder and genocide. Motive? I don’t have one for administrators beside being the spineless, mindless, self-serving, circle-jerking congratulatory sociopaths we always knew they were.

    Hey, there’s a staffing shortage again! Whood a knood? Two years’ lead time and they did…what? Get more staff? Nope. Open up the 30-50% of beds they shut since HMO federalization in 1994? Nope. Have a plan with tents and the Army, hospital ships? Nope. Pay money to get nurses and train techs to take the load off them? Nope.

    Here’s what they DID do: Hey, ya knows how we said – ha ha ha – if you had Covid you shouldn’t come in to work? Yeah, nevermind that, come into the hospital, kiss your co-workers, shake hands with your patients anyway. What’s the worst that could happen?

    Um…even if they don’t die, everyone gets sick and calls in, making all the problems worse. People dying of non-Covid events ’cause there’s no one to bandage them? AND contradicting your entire story about Covid AND risking killing vulnerable patients without Immune systems?

    CDC: NAH! It’ll be fine. Go to work sick, youse.

    So yeah, now officially killing patients AND nurses, AND staff, AND promoting the spread, AND….

    In the overrun areas, ALSO…since in two years they can’t DO THEIR F-ING JOB, which is made of hiring people online while home in your pajamas…they are trying for I dunno, 7:1 nurse to patient ratios?
    Maybe 50:1 patient nurse ratios in Nursing homes and facilities? Gee, ya think someone might DIE of that? And nurses get lawsuits, arrested for it? Oh noes, abuse and neglect! Ordered directly from the CEO for two years running! Must be the Nurse’s fault. Always those durn poor and powerless people: they whut dun it! Not us CEO, paying YET ANOTHER million-dollar bonus in Covid year, crying about budgets.

    So even if this WERE a crisis, which it’s not…with two years’ lead time, it’s idiocracy and completely voluntary, they HAVE THE MONEY, more money than god as U.S. care costs more than Switzerland, and twice as much as nations with better outcomes. So it’s NOT a crisis. It’s intentional.

    Let me repeat that. IT IS INTENTIONAL.

    But even if it were a crisis, 7:1 ratios instead of 5:1 ratios, which Admin now says will go on forever and ever, until you die, not just “For the duration”, not just “for the pandemic”, the war, whatever. People will just leave. Quit. Retire. Call in. So your 7:1 ratio RISES, doesn’t fall. As the nationalized, centralized, top-down authoritarian health care system collapses under simple bureaucratic weight.

    All administrators and insurance adjusters. No care providers.

    Which looks like this:
    And this:
    (Of two minds,
    Which tracks the cost of things precisely. Because IT’S ALL WASTE. The service is a rounding error. It’s fraud and graft all the way down.

    So in 1910 we start with 1 admin per 5 providers, who Admin was probably head doctor and a provider themselves once. Then we’re 1:1 by 1990, they call a crisis, and thanks to more insurance company helping, now we’re 5:1 admins per health care worker and zero of the admins ever worked, or ever visit, the floors of the hospital. At least not in years.

    Kory’s point is very bad, but the intentional mass-murder for profit is far more general. It’s just a systemic, everyday event.

    “The guidance just changes every day, on the fly.”

    Yes, it’s not meant to make sense. The POINT is that it doesn’t make sense. This is textbook psychological breaking of prisoners. Train them to obey and stop thinking and their lives are easier. I can keep up punishing you morons all day. It’s hilarious to watch you suffer and puts a smile on my face when I sleep at night.

    NASA Hired 24 Theologians to Study Human Reaction to Aliens (NYP)”

    What’s a Theologian? Except fro Wokeism, there are no religions left in America. That’s like studying the Southern Ocelot’s reaction to Aliens: there aren’t any.

    But tell me, why the press? Why the big rush? P.S. no one would have cared in 1954 either. They just use this as an excuse to hide sensitive, embarrassing government facts from the public…then call it a Democracy where people vote based on all the information they aren’t allowed to have, for budgets and purposes they aren’t allowed to see. But Mommy knows Best! It’s for your own good. I’m Saving you. Can’t you see how safe, safe, safe you are by how wonderful you feel every day?

    Gosh, I for one and Happy, Happy, Happy. So f-ing Happy I could pop.


    I wonder if the art has anything to do with the mood of the posts? I am glad to be rid of the gorgon.
    For some non-art beauty, try APOD today- the Sun gets all dressed up in Sweden.
    Things are getting grim. The unvaccinated preforming all the roles of the economy AND caring for all those who heaped such scorn on them?


    Oxy arrives home from a days work.



    Oxy your plan looks good -way to go on thinking so far ahead and starting to get these things done – lots of work- I know from my own experience. One query: do you have larger animals going after your cherries and jujubes? Combined with guinea pigs, that might be tempting to larger animals that would tear thru your netting to get at the food. To keep raccoons and wild turkeys out of my grapes, I run an electric fence around the whole grape area, in addition to netting. Just a suggestion- such a waste when nets get torn to shreds.

    John Day

    El Gato Malo presents this accidental test result:
    MMM is a Puerto Rico health insurer. (text below is from a guy who works there)

    they mandated covid vaccination for employees.

    employees sued and won exemptions.

    the company responded by segregating them and moving all the unvaxxed into a separate building.

    then covid broke out in the vaccinated building (but not the unvaxxed).

    Mister Roboto

    the company responded by segregating them and moving all the unvaxxed into a separate building.

    then covid broke out in the vaccinated building (but not the unvaxxed).

    I am about to make the Spirit very disappointed in me.



    • Study Reveals How Covid Affects The Brain

    Ya know with all the non stop lying and hiding stats that wreck ‘the narrative’, little attention has been payed to the tell-tale stats.

    Small peripheral indicators that the whole Plandemic is unraveling.

    Where are the stats on car accidents, not big ones, small ones, fender benders.

    I’m hearing from acquaintances in the auto body repair biz that small car accidents are way up indicated by the up tick in auto repair shops bottom lines.

    The autobody guy I talked with thinks brain fog is up, hence the rise in fender-benders. It first he thought it might be because people were couped up and not driving much and so got out of practice. But folks have been out and about for the better part of a year and the mini car accidents keep going up. Not in a huge way, but business is increasing in small repairs. A lot of people don’t want their insurance rates to go up and will pay in cash to fix their car or the one they hit so the reporting of this stat can be hard to detect accurately.

    Did you know that mRNA outside of a cell in the bloodstream is considered a Prion.

    Prion as in Mad Cow Prion.

    A lot of vaxxed people have a lot of mRNA outside the cell in their systems many months after the ClotShot.

    This is going to be interesting to see if mental deterioration is a major side effect of the vaccines.

    Increases in dementia related issues would show up in fender bender accidents. Waning judgement, decreasing hand to eye response.

    If the ‘mRNA” therapy is affecting brain function, that would amplify the incredibly poor judgement of taking boosters in the first place, like Israel.

    Each booster destroying not only the immune system in steps but brain function.

    Brain fog has got to be like Rocket Fuel for Mass Formation Psychosis

    Quite the ‘positive’ feed back loop the Thugs & Thieves of Big Pharma have set in motion.

    A different take on the painting above: The Spinners


    Not what I was hoping, just another way to lockdown w/o calling it lockdown.–vaccine-certificates-are-no-longer-considered-sufficient.SyHgA6hwoK.html

    [..] Markku Tervahauta, director general of the Institute of Health and Welfare, believes that omikron has changed the rules of the game a/and that vaccine certificates are no longer a safe protection.

    The new variant is so easily transmitted that the idea that those who can show a corona passport are not infected, no longer works, he says in an interview with Dagens Nyheter.

    [..] The decision to abolish the certificates will lead to theaters, cinemas and other types of sporting and cultural events having to close their doors in practice.


    Kunstler said,

    I confess I am torn between two views of this fiasco.

    [..] It may turn out to be various combinations of both views, with a uniting overlay of mass formation psychosis. In any case, I’m serenely convinced that we will learn the truth about all this, and perhaps not too far down the line.

    and this will turn on Fauci in such a way that he is likely to get a disease or syndrome named after him.



    Our leaders are liars

    ” ….injection of gene-based COVID-19 vaccines places lives under threat of illness and death.”

    A long time ago, a need was found, to pass on the following wisdom to human actions.

    “Do no harm” is to avoid exposing people to additional risks through our action. “Do no harm” means taking a step back from an intervention to look at the broader context and mitigate potential negative effects on the social fabric, the economy and the environment.
    The Big Lie – PANDEMIC
    Humans have short memories and keep repeating errors
    Humans have forgotten their critical thinking skills
    The pandemic is over
    In the universe of bacteria/virus , Omicron is saving 10^14 individuals
    Omicron has joined the immune system to battle foreign invaders
    Treatments that work much better than the pill, and are documented much better than this pill,” chairman Steen Werner Hansen said.
    There are therapeutic methods that could be alternatives to the drugs currently used.
    Reality is penetrating the fog and fury of propaganda spewed out over cable-TV news in what may be the last desperate full-out campaign to sell “vaccines” to the credulous
    Motive? I don’t have one for administrators beside being the spineless, mindless, self-serving, circle-jerking congratulatory sociopaths we always knew they were.
    I must repeat

    The new variant, (Omicron), is so easily transmitted that the idea that those who can show a corona passport are not infected, (and cannot Infect you), no longer works,

    John Day

    Finally Caught COVID: first 24 hr. report

    Catching Up,

    Omicron incubates more quickly to symptoms than prior strains do, maybe 4 days instead of 5 days.

    Jenny got exposed last Wednesday when she carried COVID medicines and supplements to family in San Antonio and stayed a half hour making sure everything was understood and arranged.

    She got mild symptoms Saturday/Sunday, but we had put her on daily ivermectin already, so it has stayed fairly mild.
    I woke up sick yesterday morning, after sensing something faintly wrong the previous day.

    I began taking zinc and quercetin-with-lecithin at noon yesterday, and again last night (3 times per day dosing).
    My symptoms have been coarse irritation in my chest airways, cough, headache, aches in all my little muscles, headache, fatigue and some increased temperature. My fever peaked at bedtime, with Temp 101.0F. I took 2 extra strength Tylenol and felt better this morning, though symptoms again increased somewhat.
    My temp is 98.8F now, and I’ll see if it goes up if I feel worse. That’s how it was last night.

    I have added ivermectin to my treatment this morning, judging that I have improved some with zinc, quercetin and lecithin, but would like to improve faster and better.
    I am naturally curious as to what I will notice, taking things one step at a time. Jenny continues to feel closer and closer to normal, never having had more than mild symptoms, similar to “cedar fever” and a bit more of aching/cramping in the areas which are still recovering from surgery, so the ivermectin has seemingly been relatively protective. I presume that I caught it from her, since the timing is right. She had a negative nasal swab yesterday and a negative flu.
    It seems that the viral load in her nose is very low. That’s good.

    We are lounging around with fairly mild COVID, went for a nice warm afternoon walk yesterday, and are eating fresh vegetables.
    I’ve considered taking a couple more Tylenol this morning, but I’m not feeling progressively worse, and have no fever, so I won’t.
    I’ve been seeing if I can tell if meditation helps my immune system, as I have read.
    I can meditate while lying around.
    I am not feeling fearful or threatened, just achy and unmotivated.
    I’m pretty curious about all of this. It’s quite interesting to finally explore it with my own body.

    Viral Incubator
    (pictured harvesting mustard greens for brunch just now)
    COVID mustard greens


    Has anyone seen combantrin (an anti-wormer) used for covid? My friend went to the pharmacist who told her to get this for covid (btw the pharmacist was unvaxed and was mad that doctors don’t allow ivermectin for covid).


    John Day

    I’m listening. Good luck

    those darned kids
    Maxwell Quest

    “and this will turn on Fauci in such a way that he is likely to get a disease or syndrome named after him.”

    Posthumously, one would hope, after someone cuts him down from the lamppost after a few weeks of public exhibition.

    Kunstler’s second ‘view’ is the correct one. The only view which makes sense based on the evidence: the gain-of-function research, all the WEF trained Manchurian candidates, and the global coordination outlined in Event 201.

    Of course, Fauci has had to think on his feet and improvise, because his bioweapon was a dud, as well as the vaccines. Thank the gods! The end goal has always been the Great Reset agenda, which requires total control of the unwashed masses via comprehensive surveillance, digital currency, and a social credit system to punish non-compliance. The pandemic was the necessary catalyst to get the global population in a state of crisis, so that the Great Reset dominoes could start falling.


    Dr D
    <<A.k.a, “Captialism”. I own stuff and I sell it to you. In a free and voluntary exchange. Saving lives in yet another country.>>

    I’m sorry…simply branding every economic activity you like with the moniker of “capitalism” does not undo all of the ill done in the name of capitalism nor the treatises that outline that capitalism is a lot more than buying and selling without outside influence. The phrase “caveat emptor” has been around a long time.

    Buying and selling between unregulated individuals has been going on for millennia. Simple buying and selling is not capitalism. Capitalism came about in the 16th and 17th centuries in the Netherlands and Great Britain. The “capital” part of capitalism references the assets (money, land, tools, factory) that are used to produce wealth. In capitalism, whoever has more capital is better leveraged to increase their assets with relation to everyone else. Hence, the game of monopoly. Which I enjoyed as a child until I figured the game out, and it lost its allure.

    I was speaking with a friend yesterday evening. She related a story from her grandfather in Italy during WWII — he found “a big sack of money” but discovered money had no value, because the people needed bread, and there was no food. Money is useless when there is no food to be found.

    In a situation of extreme scarcity, we barter, and networks of family and friends and neighbors become crucial. That isn’t capitalism.


    The devastating impact of Covid policies on children….

    -> the second post up top, a vid on twitter

    // clips .. The argument is made that children – kids – will be paying for a generation. School closure, etc. Black kids more affected! Suicides up. Their dreams, their mental health…if our policies are not more measured.. will be paying .. the most under reported story of the past year…//

    This is absolutely standard official ersatz alarmism that is carefully dosed, proffered, to show sensitivity to ‘whatever the dumb public, the sheeples, the deplorables’ may be thinking / figuring out / concerned about / or even … expecting to hear!

    Authorities (TV pundits!) echo what they pretend to see as a grave concern that previously was in the shadows.. unrecognized .. not admitted to… The MSM, or rather their controllers, keep up with ‘public concern’ (Often, that public concern is sparked by them in the first place – they control the narrative..) to then denounce! oh my! – all too horrible! and nobody knew! or dared say!

    Child – teen deaths, health policy, will never be affected by any TV blathering.

    All the scenes, scripts, are calculated to keep ppl on board, submissive, and following, trusting, the MSM. Viewers are induced to feel righteous, vindicated, in that they heard, intuited, some ‘under-reported’ stories (e.g. circulating on social media) and now Officialdom has noticed as well!

    Note the snarky smile of the lady presenter at the beginning talking of ‘under reported stories’…she can hardly hide her glee at performing scripted deception, like, “Ok let’s do this fakery guys” attitude. Plus the main actress reporting the story is deliberately not a plastic TV face, but an older, more ordinary looking woman. She stumbles and doesn’t perform well, too bad…


    Munchausen’s by Fauci? Fauci by Proxy?



    Combantrin is a brand name. Look at the ingredient list.

    Some wormers:
    Menbendazole is sometimes used in horses, but I’ve mostly seen it used in dogs.
    Pyrantel pamoate is used for pin worms and strongyle worms; commonly used in horses.
    Praziquantel is for tape worms.
    I don’t know of any information that these can be used for SARS CoV2.

    I normally buy ivermectin paste from or depending on which is cheaper. Right now Jeffers is a bit cheaper. These tubes cost about $3 a few years ago. The demand for human consumption has driven the price up a lot.


    Our leaders are breaking ranks from the prophets.
    Quebec is saying, to health care workers, “Even if you are positive go to work.”


    Proof – Vaccines did not work

    Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal said cruise ship operators are “repeating recent history as petri dishes of Covid-19 infection.”

    “Time for CDC & cruise lines to protect consumers & again pause—docking their ships,” Blumenthal tweeted.
    Cruise ships were once lauded as one of the safest vacations due to their strict health policies of only allowing vaxxed adults and their ability to isolate from the rest of the “dangerous” world. However, since we now know that vaccines don’t prevent the transmission of the virus – thus questioning their entire purpose – just the opposite is taking place, and cruise companies are getting hammered, just like they did in 2020,
    The CDC is investigating 86 cruise ships for COVID outbreaks. Of that, 32 are Carnival, 25 Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, and 15 Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. The CDC’s website said four Walt Disney Co.’s Disney Cruise Line are now under watch.


    Why not melatonin? On the list it’s right up there with ivermectin, and you don’t have to smuggle it in from India.

    D Benton Smith

    Big Pharma must get approval for the vaccination of children so as to obtain the carte blanche immunity from prosecution that comes with that approval. That sweet little legal/financial protection plumb is legislatively attached (as a pre-condition) to the official approval for giving the experimental mRNA injections to powerless children. Both the company and the government KNOW that many children will be injured or killed by the program which of course would NOT have died if the medically useless program were not carried out. . . but ehri hands are legally tied, see?
    It’s nothing personal. It’s just computerized accounting reality. No individual gov or pharma person can be held accountable for wilful murder, because the decision to carry forward was not in their individual hands. It’s what the computer algos require as the only acceptable way forward.
    Welcome to a world LITERALLY run by synthetic, “AI” , intelligence.


    Wiggle lies.

    1. I was not wrong. Not my fault
    2. He did it …. not me.
    3. the list is endless


    John Day,
    Thanks for posting yet again. First hand information is important to us all especially from a MD who followed the Hippocratic Oath faithfully. Heal quickly. I’m envious of your winter greens garden.

    Veracious Poet

    It’s nothing personal. It’s just computerized accounting reality. No individual gov or pharma person can be held accountable for wilful murder, because the decision to carry forward was not in their individual hands. It’s what the computer algos require as the only acceptable way forward.
    Welcome to a world LITERALLY run by synthetic, “AI” , intelligence.

    AI is programmed (self-awareness is still a pipe dream) with predetermined goals. Of course when you’re dealing with levels of bureaucratic administration it is difficult to establish culpability, but possible if a functioning law enforcement agency cared to look ~ They don’t.

    The U$ofA has been run, more or less unaccountably, by persons that loath “the dumb public, the sheeples, the deplorables” since LBJ was placed on the throne…

    Whenever one of Their murderous rampages become too public (e.g. Ruby Ridge, Waco, droning innocents like during Afghan withdrawal), the .GOV cultists circle the wagons to protect the gang, finally sweeping the mess under CONgress’ rugs after the public grows weary of hearing “The Narrative”, again.

    Most assume that the U$ofA is an eternal agency that can weather the worst humanity can throw at it, this of course is namby pamby ignorance, in fact we are seeing America Empire Inc. crumble as psychopaths are poisoning every good & fair system upon it was built…

    Moreover, clearly TPTB have protocols in place to transition/takeover, once “the dumb public, the sheeples, the deplorables” are to weak to resists, having already proven too stupid & lazy to conjoin against ANY clear & present danger 😐

    All the best,



    Sumac.carol – Thanks, yessum we sure do but mainly wallabies and roos in dry years (this is not one thank god). The electric fence is something I may do but I am trying to go as lo-tek as possible as I hope to make this property legacy. Gal wire mesh is expensive but if I do what Bill Mollison always suggested which is to cram areas with productivity (grapes up high, berries low, trees in the middle etc) then it’s worth it.
    I also think I will get a large supply of synthetic fertilizer as it lasts forever and the future for others will be about that as much as anything. Kangaroos are so efficient at nutrient and energy storage that they don’t even fart – they convert methane to acetone! Their poo is almost worthless.


    A chance remark from my Better Half this morning led me to:

    Go there, scroll, down and watch both videos, one of Not-So-Silent Cal, the other of Senator Robert LaFollette. Both speeches were given almost 100 years old and yet the political undercurrents and directions (and consequences) don’t seem to have changed much at all.


    Noirette, I think they were honestly talking but your point holds water because the talking is taken as if the problem is fixed by the talking. No one is doing anything at all. Pussies – the lot of them. I never realized that over 30 years of meditation would reveal how much fear people have – but it has and it is a real shame. These lives are barely half-lived.
    I like that the Dalai Lama has always taught inner peace but at the same time tells China to Fuck Off.
    I think we can all do the same. Honor who we are dealing with in our minds (children of a single universe – our family and our home), but for ideas to grow they have to be shared. I can accept the idea of you Noirette as brother or sister in oneness but reject any ideas you have that do not point to unity or love or compassion.
    This is what getting rid of the damned mask is about for me. It says “you do what you want, I don’t have power over you to make your decisions – you are your own mind but if you think I am wearing that thing out of fear or some infantile need to belong then shove it. I already belong. I AM.”


    ezlxa1949 “the expenses of the government reach everyone”


    > Yes, it’s not meant to make sense. The POINT is that it doesn’t make sense. This is textbook psychological breaking of prisoners. <

    You betcha. The softening-up / operant conditioning psyop continues: Tighter – looser- tighter – two masks – no mask – six masks- – three ‘jabs’ – nope, unnecessary – nope, five ‘jabs’..

    No, thank you. I worked a little in my tiny garden after the rain today instead. I don’t have a very green thumb, but am learning, and it’s satisfying.

    John Day

    World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Said “vaccine boosters are used to kill children, which isn’t right” and just went right on talking. Snopes says he didn’t. Have a listen…

    John Day

    @Slimyalligator: Mustard greens are good for you. There is quercetin in onions and garlic, too.

    : Doing much better this afternoon, after adding ivermectin this morning, clearly better.

    : “Smuggling” indeed! I take offense, sir of madam.
    That being said, the doses of melatonin that help are really high and might induce hibernation. Jenny cruises along well and I am now rapidly improving.

    John Day

    @Oxymoron: How doyou process honey?
    It’s a mess to get out of the combs.

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