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    They fired over 30,000 in NY alone and now cry about staffing shortages while taking away capacity from the VA system. But there us a solution Brandon won’t look at.


    I hope you feel better soon. Will pray, though I believe you and Jenny will come out stronger than before.


    Source for the 30,000 number:

    ‘Since then 31,858 health care workers at nursing homes, hospitals and other health providers have been terminated, furloughed or forced to resign because they would not comply with the mandate, according to New York health data provided to Fox News. The total number of inactive employees in the state due to the vaccine mandate sits at 37,192 as of Dec. 21, according to the data.”

    those darned kids

    my guess is tigrinya is his native tongue, but shoot, that doesn’t seem like an accident as per those at “the covid world”..

    he’s saying give the injections to old folks, not boosters for kids, and reiterates his point.

    someone at that level doesn’t just randomly blahblah, he either meant to, or has said it many times in private before, and it slipped out.

    watch his eyes..

    Veracious Poet

    Wow, what a Faucian slip!

    Thanks John for the link…

    Not that many outside of the TRUTHER forums will actually hear it 😐

    I’ve known that these times were coming for almost 3 decades, but I’m still awestruck at the sheer mendacity of those in “leadership”…

    BTW, I suggest EVERYONE that’s aware focus on preparing for self-sufficiency, barter & real money (Ag/Au coined currency), as the systems that western civ built over the last 100+ years will no doubt fail and/or be restricted ~ We spent $50k on Ag Eagles in 2003-2003 as an insurance policy/retirement, hoping that lunacy wouldn’t prevail, yet here we are.

    As the gen pop gets more & more nuts it will get harder & HARDER to remember what Sanity Is, choose your inner circle wisely & ask the Infinite for help, daily…

    Be safe,



    Dr Day
    May you make a speedy recover with no lingering effects
    Processing honey
    Uncap the frames,
    Put them a centrifuge
    Crank and spin
    Strain the honey through screen filters
    We got a bumper harvest (for us) last summer
    About 250 pounds
    Quebec allows positive tested health care worker to stay on the job.


    Omicron is gonna be the largest corona wave yet.


    VOHC, maybe where we are headed next. MSM can’t wait. How do you get past 75% of cases being double/triple jabbed? And of course natural immunity?

    Anecdotal: most (70%) of friends and family have had alpha/delta and most are currently infected with omicron (both non-boosted vaxed and unvaxxed). None that got delta are getting reinfected with omicron. Some previously had alpha. No one went to the hospital or died (though some felt like they were dying for a night or two).


    This paper reports a super-spreading event where 21 of 33 healthcare workers were infected with the Omicron variant after attending a social gathering in early December 2021, even though all infected participants had been vaccinated three times and had a recent negative test.

    Hospital staff are going to get whacked.

    V. Arnold

    We’re finally there; 1984 today; UK is asking parents of children with disabilities to sign Do Not Resuscitate orders…
    An abomination!!!
    Truly, we’re done.finished.humanity lost…


    That’s a beautiful and awesome wave in the photo above. “Please pay attention”, says the wave..


    Shinto is making more and more sense. Practical, too.



    It’s baffling to me that so many still take statistics and other / any news at face value.

    Not like there’s been an agenda being pushed or anything since early 2020, by various parties on “both” sides


    Gary- and then you took your hoard out on a fishing trip and -ooops!- the boat sank and you lost it all!


    Update onmycold:

    Today is day 13 for my cold.

    Yesterday day 12, is the first day that I thought I felt slightly better (I.e. turning the corner).

    I am pretty sure what I have is just a cold because I took ivermectin five times starting on day 5, day 6, day 7, day 9, and day 11. I did not notice any improvement.

    I do not consider my taking ivermectin a failure at all, because nothing really works against a cold.

    Taking ivermectin with, no results, proved that I had a cold, not covid.

    So hopefully ivermectin does it’s magic on Dr. John Day and Jenny too.

    P.S. I have been doing the 1,500 vitamin C, 5,000 vitamin D3 (split am/pm), 25 mg zinc, 250 quercetin, and lecithin everyday for months. A pleasant side effect of the taking 1,500 vitamin C over the summer is my nose is rarely clogged up with mucus (I have severe allergies). With my very dry skin, I start up my light therapy in the fall and continue through the winter into late spring. When I can go outside, in a t-shirt and shorts, I stop my light therapy.

    I built a solar cooker in my backyard but during the months of December and January, Toronto gets very few sunny days so I can’t escape, for a few hours, to Florida! The next forecasted sunny day is January 8th!


    Thanks Raul for some really great articles today, scienticially proving many of the things we already knew about covid and the vaccines. A stellar day to remember!



    I don’t suppose you are allowed to eat the roos? I have never eaten one but I heard they aren’t bad!

    I would think putting up an electric fence might help keep out the smaller wallabies but you might need to put some visual wire markers so the bigger roos don’t try to crash their way in. Man when they are moving fast they sure can hop long distances between hops. Maybe two fences does the trick. Then there are the rabbits!

    Just wondering can you really cut down an ironwood tree with a chainsaw? I can not imagine how the early settlers coped with these axe and saw resistant trees!


    There is a More Beautiful Melody than Fear

    Elliott Waves perspective on public sentiment related to covid. A couple of important quotes:

    Fear will produce powerful emotions demanding we be protected from Covid-19 at any cost. Even in the face of evidence of economic destruction, herding will generate continued support for lockdowns. Due to negativity bias, the aversion to getting sick is much more compelling than a positive vision of a robust economy accompanied by individuals taking steps to boost their immune system while also protecting the most vulnerable members of society.

    If the social mood is waning, Americans will be more susceptible to beguiling nonsense from authoritarian and hypocritical politicians.

    A take away message: if Elliott Waves is valid, public (and expert) sentiment around covid will follow its own pattern impervious to real world exogenous events. We are all surfers now.


    TV loves to put on “good” stories.
    Fact: got 2 vaccine dose and a booster vaccine.
    Opinion: Its a good thing that I had 3 vaccines because it made my covid “mild”

    I still haven’t hear any stories about “unvaccinated and got mild Omicron.


    Another big quote from the above link:
    Why Is All COVID-19 News Bad News?” is a working paper by Bruce Sacerdote, Ranjan Sehgal, and Molly Cook recently published by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).

    The authors found that media coverage of Covid-19 has been much more negative in the U.S. than in international media. They found, “Ninety one percent of stories by U.S. major media outlets are negative in tone versus fifty four percent for non-U.S. major sources and sixty five percent for scientific journals.”

    Covid-19 is a serious matter, but that doesn’t explain the negativity. The authors found, “Media negativity is unresponsive to changing trends in new Covid-19 cases or the political leanings of the audience.” Fox News is almost negative as CNN. “Stories of increasing Covid-19 cases outnumber stories of decreasing cases by a factor of 5.5 even during periods when new cases are declining.” Media coverage has been impervious to good news.

    Significantly, the authors of the NBER study found consumers demand negative news. They write, “Consistent with the existing literature…our results suggest that U.S. major outlets publish unusually negative Covid-19 stories in response to reader demand and interest.”

    News stories are negative because so many of us have a negative mindset. People seek stories of hopelessness because stories of despair reflect their state of mind. Many don’t want their fearful mindset to be interrupted.


    This is consistent with Robert Prechter’s research. When investment advisors go against the financial trend of the herd, their clients abandon their advisors and seek out advisors whose advice reflects the sentiment of the herd. Our media are giving the herd what it wants in terms of covid coverage.

    TAE Summary

    A shot that you get in your arm
    Intended to stop covid harm
    Can’t stop a creation
    That attacks respiration
    Nonetheless, third time is the charm

    When aliens come to the earth
    And threaten us humans with dearth
    Though we fear eschatology
    We hope our theology
    Convinces green men of our worth

    Covid can get in the brain
    Months later the problems remain
    And then mass formation
    With vaccine fixation
    Can render the patient insane


    Oxymoron, imho (so who knows, heh!) I am high on love and compassion, and also, just as important, forgiveness, but some of the MSM slick talking heads get no excuse in my book, the whole MSM needs to be ‘taken out’, scrapped. What would replace it id another story.


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