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    Sinterklaas has not made it out of the mud yet here in the states, but I got my present early.
    Happy Sinterklaas von Abend!


    Just for the fun of it, once more…
    Belphegor’s prime:


    Re “I’m waiting for a mea culpa from the Coincident Theorists here at TAE who don’t believe that truly evil conspiracy walks the earth and happens far more often than their very limited world view can grasp.”

    Not sure what you mean by true evil. Here’s my take: TPTB don’t care enough to take the 3 seconds it would require to be aware of our well-being and decide to negatively impact it – they literally don’t care even that little bit. They are largely sociopaths, so when they step on our heads, it is because we are on the path that they need yo take to get to some goodie they want, see? Some among them may enjoy torturing puppies, but not the majority in my view.
    Hence, I see no reason to believe they want to harm us – they are so self-centred and focused on getting what they want that they have no interest in our well-being one way or another.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)
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