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    Fred Stein Snow White 1946   • Who Will Buy Baby Boomers’ Homes? (CityLab) • Canada Completely Lost Its Mind Over Real Estate (McL) • The Bank of
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    V. Arnold

    Snow White? WTF? Wow, I was born in ’45 and didn’t have any idea about racism until the second grade.
    That’s when Mrs. Browning (my second grade teacher) slapped Albert (my friend) for speaking back to her; she blammed him for something he didn’t do. Albert was black…
    She wouldn’t have dared to do that to a white student.
    I’ll never forget that…


    Who will buy the Boomers houses?
    Immigrants? At least at the margin. There are 7 Billion people in the world to draw from. China, ME, India, South America, North Africa, and soon, North Korea,,,,the list goes on, of people who would willingly migrate if given the opportunity.

    The population of North America and Western Europe must continue to grow or the entire Ponzi Scheme will implode. The Social Engineers presently in power will not allow that implosion, including the manufacturer of the monetary means to buy places and things, the Fed.

    The day will certainly come when a house will cost a million bucks, and they will be quite affordable. Just a matter of moving the decimal point over a couple notches. Not to date myself, but I remember the gnashing of teeth and the cries of “Unaffordable” echoing through the sensationalist media when median home prices reached $36,000. in South Silicon Valley. Heard it again when the tag hit $66,000. Yet, folks were standing in line to buy them.

    But then, a new Chevy pickup sold for a shocking sticker price of $2400. back then. Unaffordable, to say the least.


    “She wouldn’t have dared to do that to a white student.”

    Yeah, well it goes both ways. On my first day of being in an integrated school in 1966 all seemed well. I thought what’s all the bad talk about black people? Then the 2nd day started and from then on for four years it was as living hell! Everyday I walked on to those school grounds it felt like a shot glass of acid had been poured into my gut. I chewed my nails. The worst part was the unpredictability of what may occur, but once something started the teacher/s would not even move to help stop whatever madness had ensued. One teacher had a nervous breakdown, another teacher broke down in tears and dropped to his knees, all the substitute teachers got their money stolen. Our food and money was stolen, routinely bullied,under constant threat. After the 3rd year 65% of the white kids had left for private schools. My father kept us in saying he was paying taxes for public schooling. One student became deranged and fell out on to the streets never to be seen from again. I haven’t even gotten to the bad stories which I will not write about because it’s too sad. And WE never did anything to them, but as I look back we should have organized, mobilized, whatever to try and help each other out.


    Racism is a common thing pretty well everywhere.

    At the age of 12, my family moved from “uncivilised” Egypt to the UK. I was sent to a school for kids trying to pass the “Common Entrance” exam – which was necessary for entry to “Public” (i.e. private) schools.

    In my dormitory, was a fat boy a little older than me – a Jew called Levi. This boy was ceaselessly bullied by others – because he was a coward. He would try desperately to ingratiate himself with his tormentors and try to get them to divert their attentions elsewhere – to no avail. Whenever he received a parcel from home, he would give away most of its contents to them. At night, another boy in our dormitory would announce that he had a fart and wander off to Levis bed. He would insist that Levi sticks his nose close to the source of the foul smell before releasing it. This sort of thing went on for months. His bullies were no bigger than he was.

    When leaving this school for the last time, at the age of 13, I noticed that Levi was not on the coach that was taking us to the railway station to catch a private train to London’s Victoria. I asked the other kids where he was and was told that the bullies had tied him to a radiator pipe close the ceiling and left him behind – suspended in the air.

    I never told my parents about these things – because they thought that they were doing their best for us kids.


    By all means rescue the migrants, but then promptly bring them to safety to the nearest port – Libya and/or Tunisia. Keep this up for a few months, and the migrants would get the idea. Scooping them up just off the Libyan coast and bringing them safely to a meal ticket in Europe – you just guarantee that thousands more will attempt to cross, getting many killed in the process.

    Expecting that much of the southern mediterranean countries – nah, make that pretty much of the entire African continent, the middle east all the way to Afghanistan and Pakistan could just walk up to Europe and everything will be peachy is lunacy. Europe, its cultures, languages and prosperity will be destroyed in the process – that much is already under way.

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