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    Veracious Poet

    25 years after Tiananmen, most Chinese university students have never heard of it.

    those darned kids

    reason #17,353,498 i won’t get the injectable product:

    Susan C

    First, I must say how much I appreciate Raul’s Automatic Earth for helping to keep us not just informed these past two years but also for protecting our sanity. This gratitude also includes the people who comment here.

    Dr. Julie Ponesse: “@JustinTrudeau’s 2021 deal with Pfizer (35M boosters in 2022 & 30M in 2023) and the option to extend vaccine delivery until 2024 up to 120M doses, means he MUST keep the mandates on pain of breaking the contract or wasting funds. This isn’t a fight he’ll give up easily.”

    Acuitas Therapeutics, part of the university of BC, developed the technology and recently partnered with Pfizer.

    We also watched David Martin’s update about the Trudeau government paricipating in what may well be a serious conflict of interest.

    We hear the airhorns and cheers from in front of the BC parliament here in Victoria. It’s time again to go and show our support.

    Thanks again.


    Here is a counter rally organized in Ottawa. It’s position is clearly stated and reflects precisely my position (see below). I intend to join the protests of this group. TAE we can do better than align with fascists to solve our problems.

    Join Us
    A coalition of local labour unions, community organizations and residents will be holding a rally this Saturday in solidarity with frontline workers and Ottawa residents affected by the occupation.

    Saturday February 12th at 1 PM
    Lansdowne Park – at the Share the Flame monument

    We have serious concerns about how governments have handled the pandemic, but we say no to how the far right is mobilizing discontent. We shouldn’t be afraid to walk down the street in our own neighbourhoods. It’s time to build a real working class movement that can defend our communities and our rights.

    Join us to:

    Show support for frontline workers
    Say no to white supremacy, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia and all other forms of hate that the convoy has directed at residents
    Call for an end to the occupation
    Call for public health measures that protect our communities, including immediate support for workers who have lost income due to the convoy, 14 paid sick days for all workers, decent pandemic pay, an end to the crisis in long-term care, a strong public healthcare system, and a living minimum wage.
    Saturday February 12th at 1 PM
    Lansdowne Park – at the Share the Flame monument

    The rally will also include a march of approximately 3km. Bring signs, union flags & banners!

    This is a peaceful event. There is no intention to engage with the convoy.

    Experienced marshals will be present in order to guide participants, help keep participants safe and to de-escalate any conflicts should they arise.


    I think you mistake me, at least in part.
    I am saying, go home, take a vacation, along with all of of us who are in the same camp. If the wheels do not roll, the system will collapse. Same effect as if the bridges and border crossings are blocked. It would not take long.
    I am not vaxxed, won’t be, and have done my share of killing.


    @ TDK May I ask the source of the screenshot for Bancel’s stocks trading?
    Thanks in advance.


    The propaganda is getting more sophisticated and much thicker these days, it seems to me.
    That could be seen as a good sign.



    1. They called for war …. nobody came

    2. They called for war … came in peace

    3. They called for war ….. nobody returned home


    @sumac.carol: This looks like a toothless protest, and nowhere in their “clearly stated position” does it call for any kind of end to mandates, which is the real Big Ticket item that the trucker protest is intended to address. This is just another garden-variety leftist demonstration that doesn’t really speak to anything that is unique about this particular point in time and history.

    You seem more focused on distancing yourself from those you don’t like than in finding common cause where you can, and that’s just not going to work here. Having this movement disintegrate into a hundred tiny little counter-protests is exactly what our “masters” want and need…


    LURID article from ABC News this morning
    How the Omicron wave smashed hospitals

    The message is both clear and confused: (a) omicron is absolutely terrible and bringing the Sydney hospital system to its knees; (b) and yet from the coalface we’re told this:

    It’s pretty much back to where we were with the Delta wave. We are getting more people who need ventilation now, but not as much as before. They’re not as sick as last time. And there’s a lot of patients who are in our ICU now who are being treated for something else, and they incidentally also have COVID.

    Now, about those unbreakable contracts with Pfizer et al. …


    Political orientation of truck protests: some say they’re left-wing, others right-wing. It’s the latter in Oz. This week’s Guardian describes the Canadian as right-wing in an article with carefully-framed photos showing only confused clumps of vehicles and nothing of the extent of the convoys.

    I fear that resorting to violence will backfire hugely, unless the military refuse to hurt and destroy their own countryfolk. Battleship Potemkin again? Or have the protestors been adequately demonised by now to overcome moral qualms?


    Lots of clever writing on the opaqueNet these days. lots..

    D Benton Smith


    Your points are well taken . . . BUT, demonstrations of civil disobedience only works when they disrupt. That is not a good time to back down. The tyrants must not prevail. They have to yield.

    Despite all of the many distractions it would be fatal ( and I mean fatal in the literal sense of the word) to lose sight of the fact that the Covid debacle was, and is, carefully planned and deliberately executed to kill as many people as possible for as long as possible. So long as the people doing that remain at large in in positions of enforceable authority then humankind is at risk. Real and actual risk of extremely premature death. The situation could hardly be more serious.


    That Malcom Kyeyune person seems to be very informed and wide-ranging in his writings.


    I just want to give a shout out to John Day and TAE and all the lovely people here. My hubs starting getting sick on Tuesday, had the worst of it on Wednesday (body ache, headache, fever of just under 101). I started getting sick on Thursday and had the worst (same symptoms) yesterday. Our doctor uses to Imask protocol and was willing to prescribe ivermectin, but our symptoms were so mild and recovery so fast he/we didn’t think it was necessary. We have been taking d/c/zinc/quercetin since the early days because of posts on here, and he was happy to hear it and credits it with our success. He said he’s treated over 80 people during the “pandemic” including older people who have gotten very ill, and not lost a patient.

    I don’t know what deflatulence thinks he’s accomplishing by what he’s posting, do you want people to get sicker and die?

    I know dozens of people who have gotten covid since the holidays, most of them vaccinated. There’s been no rhyme or reason really as to who gets really sick vs barely sick with regards to vaccinated or not. Many of those I know who have gotten the sickest are vaccinated and boosted. I do know that taking the right supplements plus getting fit/exercising seems to be the key, no matter what.

    Anyway thank you all.

    Veracious Poet

    Well, the “armchair” generals are frothing today, calling for random bloodshed as the path to take, with one poster’s rabid AntiFa-esque poison publicly on display, dragging TAE into the proverbial gutter…

    All the while, at least in “America”, the ONLY thing truly required was that a small majority of the electorate seek a Natural Law political solution to dissolve U$ Empire Inc. ~ It would take time, perhaps decades, but at least a total collapse into Anarchy > Tyranny might have been avoided.

    As long as the Declaration of Independence remains (We the People’s founding document) the Loving, Healing, Creative Path provided by the Infinite remains possible.

    Of course that too is folly, as 400 million “citizens” in various states of disarray, a community of strangers, are impossible to unify in their individual “imaginations” beyond the preexisting herd tropisms…


    Violent solutions will only reap the whirlwind, as TPTB/TBTF have control of the F15s & nukes et al. + armies of loyal bloodlust mercs itching to dispatch uppity peasants that don’t know their place.

    We were given the keys to the Kingdom & traded them off for a chicken-in-every-pot ~ The empire was built with the blood, guts, property & CONSENT of the governed, until THAT changes it’s all just theater…

    If the trucker’s protest was supported by the “people” there would have been millions in Ottawa’s streets, everyday.

    The remainder of Western civ is drowning in moronic hubris & the best the blogosphere + socials can do is complain about the water, while psychopaths continue to pour buckets on the victim’s heads & order them to stop struggling…

    Fun times in Clown World,



    I did not wish to give the impression I support or want to see violence. Was mainly pointing out how citizens programmed to be peaceful are an inviting target for psychopaths. Plus it’s not lost on me that it was okay for citizens to put on a uniform, travel overseas and risk their lives trying to kill total strangers…all in the cause of freedom. Yet it’s not okay to fight for freedom when you lose it in your own neighbourhood.

    The important thing is to win and I am optimistic thanks to Gerard Celente’s prediction the Covid War ends in March. I speculate Mr.Celente has his eye on the March 1st State of the Union address, with Biden, perhaps, declaring “mission accomplished” and ending the vaxx mandates.

    Seeing how frightened the Democrats are this week – ordering the Canadian & Ontario governments to end the trucker protests – they clearly fear this spreading to the USA. If that develops this month then you do create a scenario the Biden regime will want to bail out on the covid insanity.

    If Biden ends vaxx mandates there is no way Canada can keep there’s. It also will make it extremely difficult for any government to continue with mandates.

    Thank goodness for the truckers and their supporters. It gives us a chance to get out of this without needless violence.


    So many posting in deepest, deepest detail about what’s being done to the 90+%, and by precisely whom, and the Reason Wherefore, yadda-yadda-yadda.

    Cool. What shall we do?


    I watched several of the TAE l8nked live videos of the Windsor truckers protest. Police were slowly moving forward and the crowd stepping back. That is as far as the videos went so I have no idea how it has gone.

    Guess I will have to wait for more updated videos.

    My guess is the protesters will slowly disperse, after 5 days.

    Right now it is the police who are blocking traffic to the bridge not the protesters. I am sure I spotted deflate in the police line. Hi Deflate!


    All cause death up 268%: presumption of fraud, which if true, removes invalidates contracts, full exposure to liability.

    Dr D Rich

    Y’all can see it in that video clip of Trudeau.
    It being the pathological narcissist.

    Trudeau’s child-ego is on full display while he tries to (God he cracks me up) lecture gently down to his perceived audience, children. Watch closely when a sly grin penetrates his semi-serious visage the moment he ventured close to the idea of punishing the recalcitrant noncompliant. Trudeau in full display is a childish, fearful adult projecting his childishness onto brave adults who in turn voiced legitimate grievances. Trudeau’s Mask of Sanity slips too easily under the strain. This boyish effeminate man is 50 years old, yet a little boy eternal.

    Despite the preparation for the public address, all that Trudeau can muster for his performance is a prissy, pansy-assed tone which is certain to resonate with those protesters who identify as truckers.


    “ A coalition of local labour unions, community organizations and residents will be holding a rally this Saturday in solidarity with frontline workers and Ottawa residents affected by the occupation.”

    @sumac.carole. Truckers aren’t frontline workers? Glad you cleared that up for us.

    those darned kids

    I know dozens of people who have gotten covid since the holidays, most of them vaccinated. There’s been no rhyme or reason really as to who gets really sick vs barely sick with regards to vaccinated or not. Many of those I know who have gotten the sickest are vaccinated and boosted. I do know that taking the right supplements plus getting fit/exercising seems to be the key, no matter what.

    Reeeeeal scienz.

    My doctor, Dr. Vinny Boombatz put me on a diet of Cheetos and Pepsi. And, clearly, that saved my ass from getting Covid at all. You should try it.

    I also here urine pulling works.

    Whatever you do, don’t get the “clot shot”. Staying alive is overrated.


    Mea culpa -the group I linked to above for the counter-protest is too focused on covid safety protocols. Not good enough for me. Still looking for something better than the truckers.


    The rodeo is coming to the US. If it comes from all sides of DC it will paralyze the supply chain, not on purpose, but just out of sheer traffic delays. You don’t have to occupy a downtown or a bridge, just clog the traffic arteries with a mega ‘rush hour surge of vehicles, many metro areas are barely functioning as is.

    Hell, if everyone just drove the exact speed limit, 25mph in the 25 zone, things would collapse.

    One of the Big Lies of modern life is that 90% of the drivers on the road are already breaking the law everyday on a regular basis.and speed already.

    If they ALL slowed down to the actual speed limits posted, the delivery schedules nationally that are already ultra fragile in the Just-In-Time supply chain will fold.

    If you don’t believe me, I recall several years ago somegroup was protesting something and wanted attention so they went out on to the super highway three abreast and spanned all three lanes and just drove the posted 55mph (it was near an urban center where the speed is lower than the boonies)

    It caused a traffic backup for 20 miles and people behind were livid and purple with rage.

    “How dare you drive the actual posted speed limit!”

    I hear it’s against the law to do such a dastardly thing!



    Some commenters at another site that I’d like to thank here, for their words there:

    Zagonostra, Katniss Everdeen, Carolinian, and again, flora (the focus on the WEF Young Global Leaders™ is *excellent*).

    Doing good work.

    those darned kids

    no honour. no shame.

    a kullervo

    Everything is working on schedule:
    1) Poison the populace through vaccination (do the MSM ignore the adverse data.)
    2) Start releasing adverse data to keep the populace hysterical and in a frenzy (that’s why the MSM is now tackling the subject.)
    3) Start a war.

    You are stupid if you think TPTB are stupid.


    > You are stupid if you think TPTB are stupid. <

    Or gotten-to.. no, of course they’re not stupid. I think I mentioned subtle terrorism via MSM reporting of “rare vaccine side
    effects” early on.


    no honour. no shame.

    Totally agree.


    Hologram “Biden”‘s recent appointment:

    The ruling class trying damn so hard to provoke the Many here in the States; quite similar I think to what the current DC cabal are trying in Ukraine.


    @Veracious Poet says: “If the trucker’s protest was supported by the ‘people’ there would have been millions in Ottawa’s streets, everyday.” Just so. So what can be done?

    My immediate thought was something I remembered about Gandhi, along the lines of “fill the jails, they don’t have room for all the millions of us.” Standing firm and forcing authorities to perform thousands and thousands of arrests would seriously strain the system. But it is a big ask, and likely needs much larger numbers.

    How about if all those truckers just started driving back and forth across the bridge, turning around for a return trip as soon as they reach the other side. Drive s-l-o-w-l-y. The unvaxxed ones would have to be stopped or turned around. Maybe a bunch of the others could have “problems” that require a pull-over and inspection. Seems like the border checkpoint could get quickly overwhelmed…

    Although I realize that we don’t really live in much of a functioning democracy any more, but another good start would be heavy punishment both at the polls and via public pressure against ANYONE connected in ANY way with a WEF “Young Global Leader” alumnus, or with anything WEF-related for that matter. Apply heavy pressure to your lawmakers and oppose any nominee who is within 2 or 3 handshakes of any of these people.

    When I read today about CNN analyst Juliette Kayyem, (“Slash the tires, empty gas tanks, arrest the drivers, and move the trucks.”), I had an amusing thought. Any such people who support the PTB narrative seem to get left alone and allowed to spew these thoughts freely in broadcasts, videos, social media, and even personal appearances (think, for example, Turdeau’s remarks in Quebec about “tolerating” the unvaxxed). Meanwhile, the (so-called) “hate speech” is being censored and the “perpetrators” locked out of their accounts. It seems like the group that is pumping out the hate ought to be pretty obvious by now to most people. If I had the skills, I could splice together an amazing video of dozens of these “2 minutes of hate” type things–it might get a few people thinking about who it is they want to prevail in all this.

    @sumac.carol: My apologies if I came off as mean, but when I visited that counter-protest website, it struck me as being chiefly about Ottowans who were upset with the “inconvenience of hosting the out-of-towners” throwing in a little bit of the other more common all-purpose protest baggage in an attempt to lower the whine.


    On another site a wordy commmenter recently said “Putin controls Europe’s gas”. I didn’t know they had any..
    That kind of thought-shaping is so prevalent now.

    John Day

    Thanks for the thanks, Kassandra.

    Phoenixvoice: God bless you and your children. I’ve been catching up on the past few busy days.

    Thanks for the deep cave dives in the undersea rabbit hole, Dr.D.

    Thanks for the radio story, insights and policing efforts Boscohorowitz.

    Keep trying Sumac Carol: You are decent and sincere.

    VP Gary: Compassion is the mother with no arms, whose child just fell into a rushing river.
    What does she do?
    There is an answer that I never heard spoken until it flashed to me in a nocturnal awakening.
    “Of course”, my wife said, when I told her.

    Thanks D Benton Smith: Careful zooming with “bosco”/Robin!

    Cloudhidden, I get it. Oxymoron: I’m glad somebody helped and you danced in the woods illegally.
    & ezixa1949 How is the Aussie meet up in Canberra progressing?

    Oroboros: Careful, Man. Cloudhidden knows the horror of violence, which is the wrong action for the right reasons (IMHO).

    TAE Summary: Belated thanks again.

    TDK: Keep it up

    A Kullervo (Finnish?) and Bill7: The owners/elites are not stupid, but “stupidity/incompetence” is the “defense” of their lackeys, the narcissistic-sociopathic spectrum political and bureaucratic functionaries. It’s close enough to true for the hierarchical parasitic extraction systems to collapse “our” political-economy life-support systems periodically.

    Fixing it is “somebody else’s problem”. That falls to survivors. Many won’t want that problem.
    As to what-to-do-with-all-this-injustice-information..
    I’m doing what I can to tackle it today and yesterday and stuff. I’m trying to do some winter gardening chores while I do interior work on the homestead-addition most days, with the attendant 4 hour round trip in a 21 mpg 25 year old Ford Ranger. While I still can.
    I suspect the paper-shortage for books is real. The co-owner of the Yoakum hardware story says he has never seen supply chains this badly broken in 30 years. I believe him. I’m still waiting on some fairly ordinary things…

    I keep having what may be an epiphany or delusion, which i call a hypothesis, about how history and the causes of history are made up, before, during and after, and what the Jungian implications might be, … or not…

    those darned kids

    no, wormtongue, i’m talking about you.

    Veracious Poet

    Ontario Superior Court Chief Justice Orders End To ‘Freedom Convoy’ Blockade On US-Canada Border

    California initiative would mandate COVID-19 vaccines for all workers

    Auditor Bryan Geels Identified Nearly 100,000 Ballots in Georgia that Were Invalid – Raffensperger Blew It Off, Misrepresented the Data, and Certified the 2020 Election Anyways

    Auditor Bryan Geels Identified Nearly 100,000 Ballots in Georgia that Were Invalid – Raffensperger Blew It Off, Misrepresented the Data, and Certified the 2020 Election Anyways

    those darned kids

    Believe it or not.

    In Toronto. the police made a 15 minute trip, downtown, into a 45 minute trip. to prevent a trucker demonstration that would have snarled traffic.


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