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    @sumac.carol. “ Still looking for something better than the truckers.”

    You? Your friends?

    Go for it!

    those darned kids

    jessica rose has an interesting take on mrna degradation:

    Doc Robinson

    Live stream from the streets of Ottawa:

    Doc Robinson

    Another livestream from Ottawa:


    There are some significant “holding actions” going on now, it seems to me: the discourse-policers are really out in force.


    I’m trying to roughly judge what percentage of comments on the various sites are professional work these days.

    lots of words out there.


    It would be very nice if fraud by Pfizer could be proven. It would invalidate their current legal immunity protection. It couldn’t possibly happen to a nicer group of criminals. I must be dreaming.

    I think the truckers protest at the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor is now over. Justin doesn’t have to get his hands dirty now. But Premier Ford will now likely lose the spring provincial election in Ontario.



    I think calling deflate a professional might hurt it’s amateur feelings if it has any!


    “truckers protest at the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor is now over”

    Tomorrow is another day. If the authorities get rough, expect some truckers to call in “sick”. (with covid?)

    Truckers, if determined enough, hold all the cards. I am very grateful to them.


    “I’m seeing calls for the use of force from both sides of this. We should not go there. I speak from my experience. I complied and went to war against people I did not even know, and for a purpose that was supported by lies. In the end, nobody wins, Innocents die.”

    Fwiw, I neither advocate nor decry revolutionary violence. I just know that it is inevitable, and the more honest we are about it, the more honest will be the outcome.

    Nobody’s conscripting cannon fodder and telling them to go kill the Viet Cops or the Keystone Cong. Just stating a simple truth: oppressors will oppress until they’re stopped, and they are no respecters of the law nor peace.

    This isn’t some rich man’s criminal war of fortune. Not Nam, not Iraq, etc. It’s Canadians’ home country. They live there. Their government, wittingly or not, is killing Canadians in large and growing numbers.

    BTW, no one EVER wins. Winning is a human construct based on violent competition for limited resources including the4 other fellow’s wife. One either moves in this or that direction, is all. Currently, the “peaceful” path leads toward abuse, assault, bondage, critical illness, pain, and death.

    Sometimes it’s better, to paraphrase Patton, to let the other asshole die for his sins than you die for his sins. Srsly. Animals kill each other and eat them. How gross is that? Ick. Gag me with a spoon. Even we do this although we hire out everything but the eating.

    Sorry for your trauma in war (presumably) abroad. Then you were fighting FOR the bad guys. Now, folks are fighting to stop those bad guys. Very different moral architecture.

    You Can’t Get What You Want Until You Know What You Want…… and are willing to do what it takes top get it. Being nice and passive and compliant will not provide relief much less rescue from today/s governmental gangstahs.

    By the way, doing so can destroy the tyranny that likes sending young persons overseas to kill and be killed. Fight ’em at home, where it really IS your war, and you can get a government that doesn’t want to rule the world like Uncle Sam does. I think the guitar solo in the Jackson tune is amazing. Guy knows the dynamics of composing on the fly.


    “Truckers, if determined enough, hold all the cards. I am very grateful to them.”

    Me too.



    grimer worm-tongue brilliant really fits the storyline. He’s getting paid to be here too. What a douche.


    Bosco you nailed it. Being passive has not helped. No one ever endured or suffered through comfort, not for weight loss, not learning an instrument, raising children, or getting your country back in some form better than shit. Nothing.
    I am not advocating violence.
    But you can stand very fucking firmly against the violent attempts against you.
    Violence like using police, the “justice” system, the media etc to take your job, restrict your movements, crush your mortgage repayments etc.

    I will say however, violence is built into the time/space illusion and to pretend otherwise is to be nice, hopeful and ultimately – dishonest. Think Vegan having land clearing and animal genocide for an impossible burger type dishonesty.
    Here we are in the soft age about to harden the hell up



    How is your arm now?

    Mister Roboto

    Robert Malone’s contributions to the development of mRNA vaccines in his own words and not those of some Twitter rando:


    @deflationista Surely, you “lovers of data” will watch this short video because you know, you “want to see the data”. Or “the papers”. Or the “proof”. But I am guessing you won’t, because you are more interested in just repeating what you want to hear and calling me a retard.

    Partially right, you are a retard, but there are other reasons and they have nothing to do with hearing.

Viewing 16 posts - 121 through 136 (of 136 total)
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