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    Gerry Cranham They all fall in the round I call 1963   • Why Zelensky Wants A Long War With Russia (Sushentsov) • Blinken Warns Against Seizing C
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle February 16 2023]


    Worth a listen – “Origins of the Covid Narrative – Clearing the fog of war”

    The greatest Psy-Op in history.
    Start at 3m 44s




    Just read the comment section of this vid. where Midazolam murders are discussed.

    Shocking how so many in the UK were murdered.

    “Democide” is the correct term.



    Here’s the entire Panda discussion.
    The greatest Psy-Op in history.

    @ 11 min 44 sec you’ll discover how a pandemic was created.

    Dr. D

    Ali: I thought I was ♫“FIVE people in my family. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.”♫ Or maybe, “I love to count.”

    “Why Zelensky Wants a Long War with Russia (Sushentsov)”

    There are a wide variety of problems with this starting with: there is no Zelensky. He’s a non-entity, a man who plays with his penis. He doesn’t want fame or fortune, he was the leader of a nation the size of France and I think you all saw the Presidential Estate. There’s plenty of embezzlement, and he owns two houses in Miami and a million-dollar bank account.

    So the only reason to have the war is the West told him. Via his owner, Kolomoiski who doesn’t operate independently either. They have no weapons now, and the West telling him this isn’t trying to be peaceful or stop using weapons. Etc.

    We’re back to where we were: Ukraine doesn’t exist, it’s a corruption nexus, ordered by a small slice of handlers in the West who also order many Western nations.

    A move on Crimea would be “Kiev’s decision alone..”
    • Blinken Warns Against Seizing Crimea – Politico (RT)

    Not plausible. What are they up to? West is scrapping Russia? I don’t think they can. The U.S. is backing out and handing to the WEF? Seems unlikely. Blinken is going forward but doesn’t want Ohio nuked like Chernobyl? Too late.

    I consider it very likely they don’t know WHAT they’re doing. They’re just pulling one lever and another like their hair’s on fire.

    “More Nord Stream ‘Bombshells’ to Come – Seymour Hersh (RT) “

    People noticed he missed something. We’ll see how that goes. Props to Democracy Now finally covering something, being slightly antiwar. Can they get back into the groove? Nah, probably just “America Evil” “White Man Bad”. We’ll see.

    Russia believes the explosions at the Nord Stream pipelines were attacks by international terrorists,”

    Again, language, when everything is a lie. We don’t use “terrorist” for Nation States, that’s a “war”. And who were they “terrorizing”? Eric the Halibut? People don’t walk around in a state of fear if you bomb the moon, their lives are just s—-y if you shut off their heat. Terrorism requires “terror” and for some reason I have to remind people of that?

    Is he using this language for the face, or because he’s indicating it’s NOT the “West”, that is, the actual democratic governments acting, but some rogue sub-part. If so, they need to say it openly as a help to the rest of us.

    “the explosions on Nord Stream pipelines did not take place on US soil so Washington thinks it would be most appropriate for the countries whose territory was involved to investigate them”

    Um. They already did. They removed the whole sections of pipe, looked at them, them shut their mouths forever. Anyone notice that #reality exists? Honest. There is such a magic place where things don’t lie.

    “It’s pure disinformation that the US was behind what transpired with Nord Stream 2, er, the Nord Stream blasts,” Price said.”

    Wow. So it’s not you. Thanks. …But you don’t even have a THEORY as to who else? This suspect nation must have very deep sea experience, very high technical capability, be experts in explosives, and constant access to the site in Sweden. Know anybody like that Mr. Price? And a person who promised on camera to blow them up? What am I, on Crazy Pills?

    “ is now only a matter of how many more Ukrainians Zelensky is willing to have die in the war effort..”

    Well, all of them. But they’re already dead as they’re conscripting 16 year olds. The “U.S.” feared Germany would back out? First, what does “The U.S.” get out of it? Second, wouldn’t that make Germany back out more? Knowing they’d been nuked by their own allies?

    “we’re going to Washington DC to Rage Against the War Machine!”

    The original “Rage Against the Machine” is Pro-war and Pro-vaccine mandate if I remember. That is, for Nike and Pfizer. Very punk rock.

    The US and its satellite states are waging an all-encompassing hybrid war that they have long been preparing for, “

    That’s ridiculous when just the other day Jens from NATO said they’ve been “In the war” since “2014” and Brzezinski was writing about using Ukraine to defeat Russia since 1980, and just gave $150B while America’s people die like rats. Russia’s just paranoid.

    His opinion was that Ukraine had achieved the maximum territory”

    If by “Winning” you mean “Losing”, then yes. Totally “Won” that territory. See how much easier it is to win wars when you merely redefine the words instead of fielding soldiers?

    RAND, now 2X, says “I don’t really care WHAT happened as long as it’s not my fault.”

    But in “Russia Got Wrong”, they are correct, they didn’t expect this level of resistance, and I suspect they had 10 “Salt Mines” hiding all over the contact zone squirreled with weapons and Poles. At the same time, The Plan™ was for Russia to sweep over like Schwarzkopf to Poland and scare the s—t out of Europe, who would join up in 10 Pearl Harbors. As well as overextend Russia’s military and leave the Homeland empty, unmobilized. Russia did not do this, and because Putin was following International Law to the letter, which tends to follow moral and grassroots support. Now Europe is trapped and can’t escape while Russia got 80% of Ukraine’s GDP. Only morons base their plans on demanding Someone Else act a certain way, and The WEF/NeoCons are certified, glue-sniffing morons.

    “ Grain From Ukraine Went to Pigs In Spain – Report (RT) “

    Pigs, oink, not PIIGS, people. Europe first, that wonderful “Garden”. However, no one notices that every leader, every country, from Justin, Nike, Bezos, Biden, AOC, shrill and breathless for “the vulnerable” “minorities” and “Social justice” then can’t figure out when brown people aren’t eating, right on command. Suddenly forget to look. They’re in such a fight with “the establishment” (Burn it all down!) that they do whatever Pelosi, Blair, McConnell and Lindsay Graham say.

    I don’t care if they don’t care. What I care about is them LYING about caring about brown people, poor people, “Minorities” (who are the majority worldwide), and being hypocrites who actually defend the cruel status quo and its money with their life’s blood. At least be honest about how much d—k you’re sucking. …Sorry my Americanism is showing after their nonsense has just Nuked an American STATE.

    Speaking of, I’m stepping back from that. There are several interpretations: A Norfolk Southern rail spill. (ESG-supported and Violently anti-Union and anti-safety). Pfizer giving all the un-vaxxed Amish Cancer. Russian sabotage. Someone creating a “Chernobyl”, which is what it took to “Close the Collapse Gap with the Soviet Union.” But here’s an interpretation:

    They have declared war and are killing the American people by the 10 millions.

    Rural people. Voting Red. In a large, swing state. If I were China, wouldn’t I LOVE to kill 10 million gun-toting middle Americans? Wipe them out and they do nothing, just bicker?

    Okay, next thought: If so, NO WHERE IS SAFE. If they are, can, will, Chernobyl State-sized regions of real estate, with our new, too-powerful technologies, in 50 short incidents, all 50 short states will be permanently uninhabitable. Unless you GET A WAR MINDSET, and RIGHT NOW, brother. Stop f—g around and defend yourself. From N&S, from Pfizer, from I don’t care who. Just do it and hang whoever makes these mistakes off the side of the Pentagon until their bones bleach.

    If it’s a WAR? Think of that. Ohio was nuked. Publicly. All 11 Million of them. Plus 10 million more downstream. We’re all just sitting on our thumbs, turning brown.

    Back to the previous paragraph: and their “Defense of the most vulnerable”? Bwahahahahaha!


    Funny like a Clown!

    “French allegations that Moscow is pursuing a neocolonialist policy in Africa turn reality upside down,”

    He’s not kidding. Like Belgium is no longer there (officially), but France? Aw man they’re all over the place and half the continent, violently overthrowing Mali for gold n’ stuff. They’re A#1 in opening that new slave market in Libya on the carcass of Africa’s most progressive and wealthy nation.

    Remember all those invasions and occupations of 10 nation states during Russia’s 20-year, Trillion dollar “War on Terror”? Yeah, me neither. Russia can’t project power past the end of the railroad.

    AfD Joins Call for Germany to Reinstate Compulsory Military Service (RMX) “

    I understand why London would want Ukraine and Poland to kill themselves to take Russia. What I don’t understand is why they say “Yes!!!” And now on to Germany. London has lined them up, we’re in a slow war, and Downing Street’s Napoleon sends in the Austrians to the Left Wing of Waterloo. I mean, I don’t care if you all die, I’m an American, but I really think YOU SHOULD. And I’d advise you not to do it, die completely, and have your nations conquered and occupied by Russia (again) but that’s just me. You do you.

    “The Administration has been funding a British group to rank sites”

    Goin’ Five Eyes on you again. End-run around the Constitution. But the Constitution is the “Law” and we don’t follow that.

    Now if you were China, wouldn’t you want to erase the people who are Pro-American, who believe in laws and own guns, would defend their country in “RealTree™, not high heels? If I were China, I would have an endless budget for this by paying Congress and Government to do what they wanted to do anyway. Slip away with ‘Plausible Deniability’. What China, you racist? We’re sittin’ here all innocent-like. There ain’t no Opium War at all.

    “capitalism will eventually create artificial needs so that it can satisfy them”

    As words mean whatever I say they mean, how would “ownership of property” “Create artificial needs”? That’s like saying “Pizza” creates “Rain.” How would this “idea”, a noun, create “needs” a verb? No, I think you mean “People”, a social, an action. Because the word “Capitalism” means everything you say it means, but not the things you say it doesn’t mean, and don’t let us in on the definition.

    So yes, as a tautology, what you mean is what you say you mean, who can argue with that? And “Things exist”, that’s also true. I see the thing you mean, thanks. But both your model and definition is broken.

    No step on snek.


    Tesla Sold Out Of Model Y After “Unprecedented Demand” In US

    And Elon is no 1 again.


    Just like there’s nothing funny about Clowns in the Moonlight the Empire of Lies® is like an abandoned amusement park similar to the one in Chernobyl.

    the Empire of Lies® never going to have fun again in any living person’s memory because the Lies are so pernicious they have dissolved consensus Reality.

    Stop and blow a kiss to it, it’s gone baby…..



    Many Chatbots competing.
    Look! Pick a story. Get the monopoly on the truth.
    See All the Liars
    Your thoughts and opinions are irrelevant!
    Anti war rally 19 feb – Gerald Celente

    • Why Zelensky Wants A Long War With Russia (Sushentsov)
    • Nord Stream Explosions Are International Terrorist Attacks – Russia (TASS)
    • RAND Corporation Strikes Again (Observer R)

    RAND Corporation Strikes Again

    What Russia Got Wrong – 16440 Views February 15, 2023

    What Russia Got Wrong Can Moscow Learn From Its Failures in Ukraine?
    Published in: Foreign Affairs website (March/April 2023)
    Posted on on February 15, 2023
    by Dara Massicot
    • Government-Funded Index of Worst Disinformation Sites (Turley)

    Risky Business: Government-Funded Group Targets Conservative Sites as “Riskiest Online News Outlets”

    Risky Business: Government-Funded Group Targets Conservative Sites as “Riskiest Online News Outlets”

    Goodbye Disinformation Board, Hello Disinformation Index. Less than a year after many celebrated the disbanding of the Biden’s Administration Disinformation Board, it appears that the Administration has been funding a British group to rank sites to warn people about high-risk disinformation sites. The Global Disinformation Index (GDI)
    Brief: Disinformation Risk in the United States Online Media Market, October 2022

    The full report is now available.
    December 16, 2022
    Disinformation Risk Assessment: The Online News Market in the United States


    Dr D said,

    “Stop f—g around and defend yourself. From N&S, from Pfizer, from I don’t care who. Just do it and hang whoever makes these mistakes off the side of the Pentagon until their bones bleach.”

    We know with 100% certainty that the legal system won’t do anything meaningful, and N&S will never pay anything near the damage it has caused, which is likely generational and incalculable. So I guess you are recommending self-help, and you’re welcome to make a start. Unfortunately, the full force of the legal system WILL be brought to bear on you.

    I get it, simply “waking up” to the problem doesn’t accomplish anything because we are incapable of effecting change via the political and legal process. On the other hand, TPTB are jonesing for the people to resort to armed self-help so, so badly that they call what happened on January 6 an “insurrection.”

    Living as simply as possible in order to stop feeding the beast is probably more prudent and effective, although it involves sacrifice. Stop wanting the s**t they are trying to get us to buy. Stop buying PVC pipe, among other things.

    I seriously doubt that the N&S derailment was an intentional act of war on the American people. It reeks too much of corporate cost saving measures to generate investor returns. These are the guys who didn’t want to pay their much downsized employees time off for ANY sick days. The inevitable result of companies being run by bean counters who have no idea of what’s involved, physically, in the systems they “manage” and don’t believe that they will ever bear consequences of catastrophic management, which they are 100% right about. Historically, the use of corporations as liability shields grew because of railroads and the use of the corporate form took off from there, so although no one is mentioning it, we’ve just had a vivid demonstration of why this legal shield from liability (read: the adverse consequences of your behavior) exists.


    Ding! Ding! Ding!



    A report from Germany (autopsy results) – spike protein found without nucleocapsid, confirming the damage was from the death-vaxx, not the disease itself.

    If it was the disease, one would see both nucleocapsid and spike proteins.



    Iconic poster and the memorable scene from Shawshank redemption:

    John Day

    That’s not a snake, it’s a tree. Bark, Bark!
    Something green in bottom right corner might be a Mamba. Don’t reach for it.


    @ John Day
    No, didn’t get married…just tired of the 5 syllable phrase “domestic partner” after seven years. It’s long to say, long to type (when I’m on a device, not on a keyboard.) “Partner” is too non-specific. (Business partner? Music partner? LGBTQI partner?) The term “husband” still raises trauma. The term “boyfriend” seems flippant after seven years and going on strong. iF I say/write “DP” no one will know what I’m talking about. Marriage is quite likely…eventually. I need to do a bankruptcy to lose the debt from the family court battle that my ex pursued and I had to meet. I don’t want to marry until after the kids are 18, so that my ex is no longer able to use the family court system to affect me financially. Until then, marriage creates potential legal/financial pitfalls, and “domestic partnership” is advantageous. This past summer my Mormon parents decided that our partnership was enduring enough to honor it with a photo of both of us on the wall of phots of their kids with their married spouses, rather than a photo of me alone.


    “The reporting of life- threatening conditions increased 4,400%,” – Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo”

    TVASF (and they know it)


    Judicial Watch: Records Show U.S. and UK ‘Confidentiality Agreement’ Tied to Vaccine Adverse Events

    Judicial Watch: Records Show U.S. and UK ‘Confidentiality Agreement’ Tied to Vaccine Adverse Events





    “Across the rail industry, Hand said most signalmen are exclusively spending time on these government-mandated tests, rather than doing preventive maintenance, like cleaning and greasing.

    “There used to be something called ‘maintenance’ and it was routinely maintaining your apparatus — not just strictly going there when you have a regulated test,” Hand said.”


    IDK, why not just eliminate ALL regulatory requirements and formally issue 007 licenses to the nation’s corporations? That’ll really goose profits!


    That’s not a snake, it’s a tree. Bark, Bark!
    Something green in bottom right corner might be a Mamba. Don’t reach for it.

    Mid left edge, move right about 40% . Can’t miss it. It’s about half the length (N/S) of the picture.


    What’s with the snakes, owls and the tree bark? Brilliant.


    Richard Feynman’s explanation is almost completely WRONG!!!

    No, trees do NOT take carbon dioxide and strip the oxygen off it! That is an incredibly difficult chemical maneuver, involving the rupturing of the high-energy double bond, O=C=O.

    Threes (and other plants) take water molecules and strip one hydrogen off them, creating the reactive species OH. That is a common condition which occurs naturally because the O-H bond is relatively weak in H-O-H, espcially the first one creating H and O-H. It happens all the time, which is why water is at pH 7.

    The OH radical generated by rupturing of water molecules then goes on to attach to CO2, eventually forming complex carbohydrates.

    The polyporphorine ring (containing magnesium) of chlorophyll reduces the energy needed to rupture water molecules

    No. water does not come from the air! It comes from the oceans and is transferred to the air in small [in real terms] quantities via evaporation. And departs from the air very quickly when cooling takes place in the atmosphere.

    The great Russian Urdyumov pointed out that trees are essentially root systems and that the CO2 does not come from the air -contrary to what is taught in schools- but comes from the ground!!! -dissolved atmospheric CO2 picked up by water on its way down.

    All the stuff above ground -trunk, branches, leaves- is a complex pump system, whereby trees use stomata to evaporate water and drive a capillary pump -the xylem- which allows the waste product of stripping hydrogen off water molecules -oxygen- to escape into the atmosphere, along with unutilised CO2 from the ground.

    It all goes to show how easy it is to fool most people in the scientifically-illiterate society we live in.

    Energy is the key to everything. And without it everything grinds to a halt.

    Try telling a politician, banker, ‘economist’ or average Prole that. Deaf ears everywhere.


    I should add that what we see above ground -trunk, branches the support system to get leaves into places where they can intercept maximum light energy to activate the chlorophyll [that strips hydrogen off water molecules].

    Whilst a certain set of heat conditions are necessary for land plants to operate, they generally do not like heat. It is light they seek. Which is why they grow towards it.

    And most plants do not like being submerged for extended periods because it starves them of the oxygen they need at nighttime to carry out respiration.


    Since the governments of Oceania Airstrips are criminal enterprises, they are capable of anything in the protection and promotion of their criminal activities: cheating, lying, murder, poisoning, genocide, terrorism, reneging on ‘promises’, war, nuclear war…

    What they are not capable of is defeating the laws of mathematics and chemistry etc.


    Bah-bah-bah-spare change?

    What a Sheeple sounds like when they blindly follow orders and just before they get sick and become homeless.

    Badge of Obedience



    Speculation that Trudeau is the next criminal-clown to run.

    John Day

    @RIM: That teeny tiny thing going up a little crack?
    That’s cheating.
    I’d need stronger reading glasses and radial keratotomy, both.


    : I’m glad your parents accept you as a couple.
    You did call him your “husband” in public. You know where that leads in the “law”.
    Wishing you well through all of this…


    Foreshadowing what is coming…
    The local organic chicken feed coop I occasionally purchase feed from is now accepting payment by: personal check, PayPal (buyer must pay merchant fee), Venmo, Cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, XMR,) silver (must be dropped off in person,) and…ammunition.

    @ John Day — AZ doesn’t permit “common law marriage,” so what we call each other doesn’t carry significant legal weight. Thank you for the well wishes.

    John Day

    @Phoenixvoice: I should have known you had it all covered.
    What’s a box of 100 .22LR buy in fresh carrots? Life is so confusing. Which load?

    I’ll drop today’s output in Korybko’s box now. The cool kids are hanging out there, I see.


    Chatbots are programed to be liars


    Polemos said

    What do you think makes human conversations different, whether face-facing-face or online?

    Conversations or friendships? Humans have inate abilities to build friendships, computers do not, and as such humans have subconcious things happening with their concious thought. Not saying that humans do not get it wrong, not saying that I know what is happening in these circumstances – we don’t know how the humans brain works, so that would be a bit of a leap. We all know the gut feeling you can get in certain circumstances, such as when meeting certain people, an input not associated with words. Could a computer do a good job of faking this? Maybe, we shall see, but I am totally sure they will try. Will that negatively impact the victim? Again we will see.

    Does a human have something beyond their own exposure to shite data to draw from when generating their speech/text? Maybe it’s that physiological and limbic data, the stuff that’s non-linguistic that originates from having a meatware component.

    Yes, that is what I am alluding to. If I ride a wave on the sea, is that shite data? Is that a shite input, can the thrill be shared by the AI? What makes an AI language bot want to ride the waves rather than go running? It is the same collection of shite data as the next AI language bot, so what makes it enjoy one thing rather than another if all it has is the same data? Is spiritualism, or a feeling that there is more out there than just yourself, a product of shite data? Is your philosophical prose any more than the product of shite data? You decide. In reality, again, it is impossible to say as we don’t know and you would have to define data … is a particle wizzing through your brain causing you to have a thought? Is that partice data?

    Do you think this (having a body) cannot be quantized or modeled or developed through formalization into computable structure?

    People will try and I am sure we will eventually see robots that appear to behave like humans. They will not be as complex as humans unless they are made of meat and are analogue, rather than the simplified world of digital. Only analogue can deal with the infinite number of inputs that humans deal with every day.

    Why will one robot want to surf the wave and another want to go running? Why would the robot want to do either rather than just plug itself into the mains. Why will some robot feel the next day to do the opposite? Will it be based on a random number input?

    What will differentiate humans from robots, that is the part we do not know. But logic says that robots will not be like humans – superior to humans – otherwise humans would have evolved into robots. Or, do you think that humans, a product of nature, can produce a better alpha-species than nature has produced? Do you think this is the way that new species are created in nature? One alpha somehow creates the next? In which case, will the complexity of humans just happen in the next alpha species or will we have to create it? How does it just happen? Does the soul matter, or should it be discarded to promote the efficiencies of the machine? Endless questions, as is inevitably the case when you do not know what is going on inside humans, the system is too complex, so you are only modeling the outside of the human, not the inside.


    Journalist Seymour Hersh has promised to reveal more incriminating information linking the US to the demolition of the Nord Stream gas pipelines.

    Teacher told him to go back and do his homework again.


    Calvin lost his truck because he was not willing to fight for it. He opted to be a coward. Moe knew Calvin was a coward and would not fight, that is why he challenged Calvin to a fight. Calvin should at least have started to fight Moe to see how it goes, to call Moe’s bluff. You could argue that Calvin’s problem was that this situation rarely happens – had not happened before – so he was not prepared. Unfortunately Calvin’s evaluation of the situation after the event is also not going to help him, he does not focus on how to prevent this happening again – learning to fight – but on how hard done by he is; he focuses on his role as the better person, the victim of his own goodness.

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