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    Buybacks and dividends payments are good for those wanting cash.
    Since it is a zerosum transaction, then it must be bad for someone else.
    At last, some people are brave enough to speakout
    • Ex-CIA Director Thinks US Hypocrisy About Election Meddling Is Hilarious (CJ)

    The foul stench of hypocrisy arises from the long and sordid history of America’s meddling in the internal politics of virtually every nation on the planet-– a deeply entrenched policy of meddling on such a vast scale that the Deep State minions tasked with projecting a wounded astonishment that some foreign power has the unmitigated gall to attempt to influence our domestic politics must have difficulty restraining their amusement.


    Is the following real news!!!
    Remember that one from 1996? Funny, that was the American mainstream media bragging, after the fact, about our own meddling in another nation’s election.

    WASHINGTON — A team of American political strategists who helped [California] Gov. Pete Wilson with his abortive presidential bid earlier this year said this week that they served as Russian President Boris N. Yeltsin’s secret campaign weapon in his comeback win over a Communist challenge.
    —The Los Angeles Times, July 9, 1996

    Spud Coolzip

    Bucky Fuller called the CIA “Capitalism’s Invisible Army”.
    CIA Man – The Fugs

    Joe Clarkson

    Of course Woolsey chuckled. But the commentary on his laughter misses the point. Of course the CIA meddles in other countries and of course the FSB meddles in other counties. In either case, the intelligence agencies are participating in “the great game”. It’s to be expected.

    But the concern for Americans should be whether their fellow citizens are assisting the Russians, just as the concern for Russia would be if any of their citizens are working with the CIA. In either case the name for such assistance is treason, which is not a laughing matter.

    I hope that if indeed there are traitors to be found, Mueller will find them. That’s his job and I hope he does it well.

    V. Arnold


    My, how things have changed; and yet, still the same…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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