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    Marvin Koner New York 1955   • US Will Abandon ‘Unwinnable’ War In Ukraine Like They Left Vietnam (Siracusa) • Ukraine War ‘Over’ Unless EU Boost
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle February 20 2023]


    The US is saying to China – don’t help Russia as this will free up resources for the US, so we can come after you!

    Dr. D

    Corporation Celebrates LGBTQ Pride With Rainbow-Colored River “ –BBee

    Ilhan Omar Withdraws Support For East Palestine After Learning It’s In America “ –BBee

    “Officials Remind Residents Of East Palestine To Protect Themselves By Getting Their COVID Booster “

    EAST PALESTINE, OH — Government officials are warning residents of East Palestine to protect themselves from deadly health risks by making sure they’ve received the latest COVID booster.”

    The Ohio DOH reiterated that it’s essential to get vaccinated, especially if you are traveling to a new place after losing your home to a deadly chemical spill and are being forced to leave under threat of arrest.
    “If there’s one thing we care about here in government it’s your health. Please get vaccinated,” said Pickleton.

    “Blinken Warns China Against Providing Aid To Russia, Says Balloon Surveillance Must “Never Again Occur” –CNN

    Hahahhahahaha! That’s funnier than the Babylon Bee! Blinken giving commands to anybody, even the coffee boy!

    “Ohio is Facing a Chemical Disaster”

    I don’t know if this is funny or not. The article says:

    “ the catastrophe in Ohio is a major, unprecedented public health crisis. Biden must publicly recognize it as such and act to protect the people who live in the affected area. This requires a rapid, all-of-govgoveernment response overseen not by the EPA but by independent scientists and taskmasters who will be immune to pressure from industry.”

    These guys can never stop. Okay, we’re now at a level where 1) Corporations do what they like for money 2) The government regulates them 3) The government doesn’t regulate them but lets them do what they want. 4) The lawyers such as Donziger know this 5) they do NOT want the government overseeing them 6) They are going to have the government, oversee the government, who oversees the not government, who oversees the corporations.

    So now I’m paying BOTH the regulators AND the second regulators? AND the monopoly extraction the government enforces?

    Call me crazy, but wouldn’t it be better to enforce the law – any law – in the first place?.

    “it is also a function of the fact that industry does not respect the power of government to regulate it.”

    O Rlly? Which industry? We just had a week of hearings where one industry was running another out of business. Another where that industry was being run out of business BY THE GOVERNMENT. So there’s no “Industry”. We have insiders and outsiders. Friends and foes, but no rule of law.

    “Government is supposed to protect us from the excesses of industry; instead it often acts like its partner.”

    Yes, that’s called fascism. And once the government merges with business to 1) enforce undue profits and 2) run competitors out of business, the people get uppity about it and therefore you need to violently oppress them. Because the alternative would be enforcing the equal justice they demand. And to keep their eyes off it, you need to make a hate group i.e. anyone who is anti-corporatist, and grab more power and more diversion with more candy to pay off with in an expansive foreign war. A hate group of anyone who is antiwar. They all go together. Denzig would agree with me on this, I’m sure. But adding ANOTHER layer because the first layer is corrupt is insanity.

    Here’s some other thoughts: EPA is the same as the FDA. If you don’t trust them due to regulatory capture, you trust to be honest about drugs…then mandate them for $10B profit?

    If they are like this, and you haul in this SECOND regulator, WHO is going to fine N&S and make them pay? Or to change? We just said they’re a corrupt merger to the top. The government again? (No. The PEOPLE. The Government’s job is to FIGHT the people on behalf of the corporations.)

    Maybe put it like this: for him, if the government doesn’t do what the government should do, well, the government should do it. There!

    Oh and P.S.: Orange Man Bad. All bad things happened only after Jan 2020, and Biden totally didn’t just order the Union back to work like plantation slaves with no demands for workers, rest, safety met. Nope!

    Meanwhile, Redacted looked back and found such actions in every President as far back as they looked. (Bush I). Not one of them did f’ all for what’s been a crushing system for generations.

    The other thing is. No one’s alarmed. The people are not galvanized to action. We’re just going to take it, therefore it will happen again next week. Hey, fully authorized Tesla just drove into a fire truck again. Man, Teslas love those things. Most methane in a single release went off just the other month. Nobody’s looking into that.

    That nobody believes anything….deprived of its capacity to ACT.”

    This is in Bezmanov, Soviet defector, 1986. “The long march through the institutions,” 80% of the KGB budget, to make the enemy “Despite an overwhelming access to information, make them incapable of understanding or action.” As people are divided and can’t coordinate. They collapse, not a shot fired.

    “US Will Abandon ‘Unwinnable’ War In Ukraine Like They Left Vietnam (Siracusa) “

    This might be a good thing. We will collapse if we do, but we’ve done it so many times we may not think so.

    “10 months for European armies to order and receive a single bullet. …in urgent war mode,”

    That sounds about right. P.S. “Urgent war mode” after a year.

    “Viktor Orban – “there is no excuse for pedophilia!”

    Whaaaat? We’re now in a world where this needs to be said nationally. …Carry on then.

    “US Turns A Blind Eye To The Atrocities Of The Zelensky Regime – Envoy (TASS) “

    Atrocities like killing every man inside of the national borders? It’s the U.S. who did/promoted that, not Captain Z.

    “Why is the State Department silent about the atrocities of Ukrainian cutthroats?”

    Why? Newsflash: they just killed 10M people in Ohio with long-term cancer. Neither the President, nor media showed up. Your atrocity is kiddie stuff.

    “When will the US stop flooding Ukraine with money?”

    $150B to them because it kills people. $0 for Ohio because that kills people. I detect a trend. Humans = bad. Kill them all = good.

    Kirby on Hersh: Not True.

    Is this like the “Total, complete lie” that it was not Hunter’s laptop and you never talked once about business with him? ‘Cause – funny thing – that one turned out to be true. And a day after he sells art more than the world’s finest painters.

    Market cycles say trouble in March. So Empire of Lies holds off with happy-happy talk as it unfolds for a while? Reality only begins to trouble the thick skulls of Wall Street by April Fools?


    Dr. D: “The people are not galvanized to action. We’re just going to take it,”

    The population, the vast majority of the population including corporate, are using the same metric. “is this action profitable for me personally?”. “Not profitable for me? Their problem, should have planned better”. My only duty is to the share holder – me!

    Which term do you prefer?
    Corporate Raider
    Venture Capitalist

    First we sacrificed the mill workers, then the auto workers, then the information workers and now – ourselves

    John Day

    It looks like, if the Turkish earthquake was induced by HAARP, which might be feasible, if it were already primed to go, as it seemingly was, and if the warnings for Americans to get out of Russia and Belarus last week really do precede an American attack, then there is only the Russian far-east to attack with an earthquake, not Belarus.
    There might be some nukey-false-flaggy thing, instead.
    global earthquake zones

    John Day

    Somebody posted particle aerosol maps of the East Palestine spill/conflagration last week,and I don’t know where to find them (like Little Bo Peep’s sheep).

    Please to re-post, since we are wondering about it.
    The wind-map was cool,but didn’t show the “actual” air blobs.
    Of course ground-fall is another matter, but not readily evaluated by electronic means.


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    Dr John. I beleive this is what you were asking for.
    I have to say that as someone living in Ontario, observing this and wind patterns, I am deeply concerned. Not a whiff of the seriousness on this side of the border from the Cartoon Broadcasting Corp


    try again
    PEBKAC problem exists between keyboard and chair


    I’ve removed the dot between rumble and com to keep the things size down. Some interesting footage and info maybe. The first three minutes are a bit loud! The song at the end will make some smile and others shudder.



    Here is nullschool on Feb.4th at 4am local ground level sulphur dioxide concentrations probably not much help but something to play with.,40.06,2315/loc=-81.726,20.112

    John Day

    Here is a false-flag option for the owners, and it’s in line with all of the back-stabbing they have been doing lately:

    Biden is getting to Poland about now, to meet with Zelensky today, and they will give a speech together tomorrow.

    Just take these two out with a missile strike and say the Russians did it.
    Then all of the recently revealed scandals can be attributed to the Martyrs, and will not be spoken of again, while the next phase of mass slaughter ramps up.


    According to the transcript of Jens Stoltenberg’s pre-ministerial press conference that was shared by NATO’s official website ahead of his meeting with this anti-Russian alliance’s Defense Ministers, he said the following of relevance to this subject:

    “It is clear that we are in a race of logistics. Key capabilities like ammunition, fuel, and spare parts must reach Ukraine before Russia can seize the initiative on the battlefield.

    Ministers will also focus on ways to increase our defence industrial capacity and replenish stockpiles. The war in Ukraine is consuming an enormous amount of munitions, and depleting Allied stockpiles. The current rate of Ukraine’s ammunition expenditure is many times higher than our current rate of production. This puts our defence industries under strain.

    For example, the waiting time for large-calibre ammunition has increased from 12 to 28 months.

    Orders placed today would only be delivered two-and-a-half years later. So we need to ramp up production. And invest in our production capacity.


    TAE point to truth

    Addicted to publicity.

    Facts or lies
    False conception
    Mole hill into a mountain
    Balloon incident sensationalized.
    Secrets leaking
    Evil enjoy photo opportunity.
    Death using modern weapons.
    Ukraine needs modern, bigger and better guns and ammunition.
    • Ukraine War ‘Over’ Unless EU Boosts Military Support – Borrell (G.)
    • EU Is In ‘Urgent War Mode’ – Borrell (RT)
    • Kremlin Does Not Consider The West Being Open To Peace Initiatives (TASS)
    • US Turns A Blind Eye To The Atrocities Of The Zelensky Regime – Envoy (TASS)
    ” Basically, they told us one thing, but acted in the opposite direction.”
    “Washington’s two-facedness is outrageous. Why is the State Department silent about the atrocities of Ukrainian cutthroats? What are the American human rights organizations thinking? Why is no one calling for the punishment of fascist thugs?”
    ” …. down to almost nothing, and they only got a couple units of NASAMs and Iris-T, which are mostly all stationed in Kiev to protect the capital city and the gov..”

    • SITREP: Update 2/18 – Major War Confirmed Imminent (STT)
    Hungary is on the side of peace.
    • Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s “State of the Nation” Address (Saker)
    • If Brussels Wants To Go To War, It Should Fight Inflation – Orban (RT)

    China is on the side of peace.
    • US Must Change Stance On Ukraine – China’s Foreign Ministry (TASS)


    John Day

    Thanks Red. Thanks for trying, Fisher.


    Question: Is it true?
    Hunter sells art more than the world’s finest painters.

    Doc Robinson

    @ Polemos, thanks for the NAC info a few days ago.

    @ John Day
    This image was posted here at TAE a few days ago (from Twitter), here it is shown from another site, which also has a video showing changes from Feb 4 to 7

    NOAA Hysplit Model Particle Cross-Sections

    John Day

    The Canadian rainbow snow-melt looks like what oil does on the surface of water, doesn’t it?
    I wonder what is in it to do that.
    Dioxins are quite lipid soluble. They can come from burning vinyl-chloride. Vinyl Chloride boils at a bitter cold winter temperature and stays gasseous above 8 degrees F.
    I’m sure there are other toxic combustion products we don’t know the names of, too.


    The Canadian rainbow snow-melt
    I’ve seen it all my life and attributed to tailpipe emissions.

    John Day

    Thanks Doc Robinson:
    Look at how much of that density of the particulate cloud is riding at or just above ground level!

    Or at the level of Lake Ontario. Hi Buffalo, Rochester, Hamilton and Toronto.

    The video is useful, too.



    One year after conflict in Ukraine.
    The Wester/NATO airwaves are full of analysis blaming all the horrors on Russia.
    It’s called propaganda.


    Concerning the “rainbow effect” in the melting snow it could just be automotive drippings/exhaust. As a former motorcycle rider it was due diligence to be extra careful when out riding and encountering rainy roads when it first started to rain. There would initially be very slick surfaces as the pollutants lifted above the newly dampened road surface. After a few minutes of steady rain it would float away on top of the water flow. Remember most folks are outside looking for signs of something they have no idea about. First time actually looking at the ground for something other than lost keys! I’ve seen this sheen many times over my lifetime. No chemical fires ever in my area worth mentioning, lots of rainbow effects however.

    John Day

    Biden flew to Ramstein AFB in Gerany yesterday, and popped up in Kiev this morning to speak with Zelensky in public, and announce soidarity and the allocation of another $500 million of weapons, but nothing new or special.

    Russian missiles didn’t kill them yet.
    Polish soil would be the more casus beli kind of location.

    Well, they told the Russkies President Joe would be there in Kiev today.

    Figmund Sreud

    Charles Hugh Smith:


    John Day

    Boeing Avenger air defense units consist of 8 Stingermissiles (3 mile range) with laser rangefinder and a heavy machine gun mounted on a Hummer. Some were unloaded in Germany and moved to Poland. They are for lower,slower,planes, choppers and drones.

    Doc Robinson

    @ John Day

    The video shows the air dispersion starting Feb 4, the morning after the 9pm train crash. More than half of the video happens before the controlled burn of the vinyl chloride on Feb 6.

    Before the controlled burn, the burning train cars included four hopper cars loaded with PVC pellets. I saw a comment somewhere saying that this amounts to 1 million pounds of PVC in the fire. This didn’t get much attention because PVC is not considered a hazardous material to transport. But guess what, when PVC is burned, especially in an open fire instead of a special incinerator, it’s a major source of dioxins in the environment.

    The train manifest from the EPA shows that four hopper cars loaded with PVC (“Polyvinyl”) were actually in the fire:

    HYSPLIT Air Dispersion model depicting the potential transport of chemical plumes from Ohio disaster

    John Day

    Seymour Hersh says the U.S. military shot down a federal funded weather balloon from the University of Alaska.

    “That’s what was shot down was one of those units that is sent up by the University but paid by the government”

    John Day

    @Doc Robinson:
    Thanks for that information about the 4 hopper cars of PVC pellets getting burned as well as the volatile vinyl-chloride, which was spewing for a couple of days before being put to the torch.

    This clarifies the two-stage-attack nature of what happened. The video really shows the particulate clouds sweeping around the states and lakes in that region, as the winds were shifting, dispersing the aerosols.

    Saul Goodman

    I think this is worth a read, i have heard many success stores related to this. My 12 year old dog currently has a tumor popping out of her anal gland, now, vet said its a matter of time, nothing they can do, not worth surgery because there could be more, which means scans etc.

    Dewormer for the win again? I will post any success I have.

    The Blog

    John Day

    Police kill “rogue FBI agents” shooting up an electrical substation? I have not confirmed this.


    Billions of times a day, humans put that pistol-phone to their heads and pull the trigger. Many have succumbed to its brain-damaging bullets, and now treat that little slab as god speaking to them personally.
    Of course- having god at your head-side makes you sure of yourself.
    This creates factions and tribes, bullies and mobs.
    What happened with smart phones is that we put ourselves out there to be exploited. It’s no wonder the cluster Bs have taken over.


    The war is not just a war in Ukraine: it is a global war, initiated by the banksters long ago against truth and against anyone who challenges the lies that the banksters and their agents -the managers of NATOstan countries, often referred to as governments- tell.

    Since the Oceania banksters derive their power from lies, propaganda, censorship, oppression and violence -pollution being a subtle form of violence- we must anticipate increased levels of lying, propaganda, censorship, oppression, violence and pollution from them and their agents -the Big Brother governments of Oceania- until their Ponzi schemes implode as a consequence of the mathematical lies they tell or implode because Russia and its allies defeat Oceania militarily.

    I note that there are a number of participants on TAE who are fundamentally opposed to scientific and mathematical truth.

    Whether they are agents of The Empire of lies, I cannot say, but they certainly behave as though they are.


    Earthquakes today
    Mw 6.4
    Date time 2023-02-20 17:04:29.0 UTC
    Location 36.13 N ; 36.04 E
    Depth 10 km


    POTUS asks Russia for permission to enter Ukraine? -frightened the plane would get shot down if visit done without permission.

    Meanwhile the meatgrinder grinds meat and the losses of Ukraine and NATO continue to increase.

    One day till the anniversary of SMO.

    ‘Interesting times’.

    D Benton Smith


    Seismic weapons may or may not be a real thing, but the U.S. Department of Defense (and others of comparable credentials) have considered them to be a real concern for decades and one has to wonder what would lead them to think so.


    @D Benton Smith

    Still a lot to learn. Experts are looking and trying to connect the dots.


    You really have to believe in your own Magic. If not you, then who?……

    Everyone has a superpower. Use clear eyes to look at your own.
    Apply that superpower to your current condition and strike a Spark of Magic to the Tinder 
    and blow it into Flame. Then warm your Heart and the Hearts of others with your Fire.
    Look forward with Anticipation. All good things are coming towards you. I can hear the 
    rumble as they approach and I can hear it Singing in each new Sunrise.

    You know this. Stand up in your power and the Universe
    will be your Playground and your Tools.

    Everywhere around you is a Golden Loving Opportunity for Joy.

    And plant potatoes.

    Figmund Sreud

    @Dr. Day – The Canadian rainbow snow-melt looks like what oil does on the surface of water, doesn’t it?

    Yes, a sure sign of oil on melting snow and water. It’s typically from cars leaking oil, … or someone dumped used oil into rain gutter. Happens often. Now, vid indicates that it’s on all surrounding streets. It just might be that there is an old car in the ‘hood that leaks oil profusely, … or car that was just serviced improperly – loose drain plug or worse, … double gasket on oil filter!

    … fwiw,


    Michael Reid

    The Owners of the planet are absolutely fixated with “Vaccines”

    9th March 2015
    Malaysian Prime Minister warns about what’s coming and
    turned down the New World Order “elites” offer to join the club during
    Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations in 2015 and
    warned the world of their plans to
    enslave humanity, after depopulation.

    The 2 minute 18 second video of the Malaysian Prime Minister warning the planet in 2015 at this link:

    Figmund Sreud

    Re Brandon visiting Kiev, … CBC is currently showing footage of him walking with Zelenskyy near St. Michael’s Cathedral in Kiev as well as Biden participating in a wreath-laying ceremony at the memorial wall outside St. Michael’s Cathedral. All marked as on Monday.

    Further, CBC is stating:
    White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said that the U.S. notified Moscow of Biden’s visit to Kyiv shortly before his departure from Washington “for deconfliction purposes,” in an effort to avoid any miscalculation that could bring the two nuclear-armed nations into direct conflict.

    … so this shirt-show did occur. Interesting, …

    … fwiw,


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