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    Henri Cartier-Bresson A visitor to the Forbidden City, Beijing 1948   • White House Denies Biden Offered Putin ‘20% Of Ukraine’ (RT) • German Pol
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    Chinese love their masks, that picture was 1948, it is their culture. All worship the magic mask. They still do this crazy in HK. $800 fine if you do not wear the magic mask.


    Just point and laugh at the mask-a-holics.

    “Masks make ‘little to no difference’ to Covid infections or deaths”



    As a little boy, I would spend an entire Sunday every month wandering the halls of the Natural History Museum in London with my father and younger brother.

    Wonderful memories.


    Can you imagine – they’re still masking kids in US classrooms.


    On January 9th, ABC news headlined:

    More US schools institute mask mandates as COVID cases rise

    ” … public schools in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Michigan were re-introducing mask mandates. That follows late-December mandates imposed in Oakland and Iowa, among others”

    Coronavirus Fact-Check #17: Masks STILL Don’t Work



    In the summer of 2020 Cambridge University published a study based on hospitalised Covid patients in Italy. They found an extremely strong correlation between being low in vitamin D and being hospitalised.

    At no time in the following 30 months did the UK government [or any other government] stress the importance of vitamin D in fighting Covid.

    I was speaking to a muslim neighbour and she said that she had lost relatives to Covid. I could not really say that if they had taken vitamin D supplements they might still be alive.

    I bought a years supply of 10,000 IU vitamin D capsules for the equivalent of 12 dollars!

    Alexander Carpenter

    Oroboros, would you be so kind as to share with us the URL of the California Pot Rant you shared two days ago? Many of us in that… what shall I call it?… community at the time of the fake-legalization Prop 64 anticipated exactly the outcome we are seeing now, and I’d like to share this video with others. Fortunately, Californians are allowed to grow six plants on their own, and I took great delight in teaching them how to grow five-pound (or even more) plants — so they could give it away and subvert the corrupt system. People in a state with a 20-year history of black-market and semi-legal Prop 215 marketplace know full well how how to operate mostly outside the “official” system, and so the fake-legalization scam was doomed from the start, as the huge glut of weed in California and migrating mysteriously all over the country has shown us. Only part of that is from “drug cartels,” for lots of ordinary folks grow and share generously, often even making honest money at it. Thanks…


    The Paul Newman quote is so weak, so city-person. My base is in Hong Kong, the place I call home – although the government is a total dissappointment, but that’s what happens when you employ the left overs. I live on an island, I am a few minutes walk from the beach, I can windsurf here most days. I go running in the morning because it makes me feel good, nature has created humans so that when they are fit they can enjoy the pleasures of using their bodies to work. Lots of people know this, but lots of people do not know this, they have decided to stay ignorant of the natural hormones that your body releases, but you have to learn how and when those hormones are released.

    Another example, the joy of learning windsurfing, for me, is the pleasure of teaching your body how to do something, combined with the sheer joy of a hands-on relationship with the energy of nature, the waves the wind the complexities that the climate psychos pretend to understand. The pleasure results in huge bursts of hormones – maybe something else, but that is what I will call them – but most people do not teach their bodies any skills – and typing does not qualify. You are missing out on the reward system your body provides, you are ignorant of life. How do you feel when your loved one does something dangerous, appears to be missing, etc … that is life, those are the experiences that make life woeth living, they are huge and concentrated. Life offers so much, but so many decide to go on the internet instead of exploring reality.

    Yesterday I tore a toenail, I crashed my windsurfing rig, I fell onto the sail, my feet were still in the footstraps, and my nail hit the non-slip surface and tore off my toe. That is life, that is living, and my body said okay, I will fix this, and today it is healing. You cannot experience your existence in front of a screen, your body is part of you, your mind is not all of you. Difficult to explain, but my niece, a mountain climber, understands my shit.


    In Dodsworth’s view, the individual should never get lost, even in a pandemic. When the collective takes over, the current of groupthink becomes too powerful to fight. People jettison their critical faculties and may even lose their basic humanity, like the nurse who reportedly refused to let a man sit with his dying wife “for the greater good.” The insidiousness of groupthink may help explain why individualistic societies such as the Netherlands, Bhutan and the US produce more altruistic people than their collectivist counterparts, as discovered in a 2021 psychocultural study of the world. To put it simply, bowing to the collective doesn’t equate to caring.

    It All Began with Fear


    @aspnaz: I too, understand that shit!


    Millions of Brits have just days left to get their Covid booster jabs before the offer stops for good.

    Take the jab or go to Canada’s suicide service if you insist you want to die. But this is not the end of the “offer stops for good”, Bill Gates made too much money out of this, his next scam will be similar and we will be back to get the Billy-boy vaccine, the one he promised to provide for free to Africa, then, like a typical American, failed to live up to his promise.

    You live, you learn.


    @Red Cool. We experience the simple things in life, which are probably the most complex things in life. The human body is amazing and humans have created great ways, the greatest ways, to challenge their bodies. I am sixty and I still watch in wonder at the 80+ year old windsurfers, they are an inspiration.

    Dr. D

    Pic looks like London and probably for the same reason: coal. If you follow Shorpy pics overlooking the cities you’ll see the same gray haze.

    “Ukraine is on the verge of collapse. We’re going to watch that happen over the next several weeks.”

    For a year. After you blow it, I’ll just watch unless you can get me actual, specific events of that direction. Same with Finance. As I said, I’d never believe they could hold it this long. And with everything, including Saudi openly killing the PetroDollar. Nope, not a ripple.

    Of course I said the same thing from ‘04-’08 about housing and was frustrated then, too, but not wrong.

    Vitamin D: yes but we knew that all along. I forget how. As Lira makes a rundown of why to be suspicious of anything called “Project WarpSpeed” I forget that I forget how many events happened, how long and in what order. But he remembered. Now I forget how we knew immediately that Vitamin D and Zinc were easy overwhelming helps. First specific I can remember is that ZERO people died with vitamin D over X threshold. But how/why they knew that wasn’t said.

    This is actually crucial and shows what feckless morons they are, as they tested their bioweapon on Chinese prisoners and the like who are sun-averse and died with the desired numbers. When it released it seemed clear they were surprised and ran a panic-campaign to lock people indoors which scarcely mattered to increase death any. It explains their actions clearly, and not in a good way.

    “Most people do not listen…”

    Have you ever taken a deep breath and tried to do the two different listenings back-to-back? There’s quite a difference, not only in color, but in one’s own sense of freedom about it.

    “White House Denies Biden Offered Putin ‘20% of Ukraine’ (RT)”

    Yeah, the part they already have. This is clearly on the table for negotiation for all by bat-s–t denialists. Their 30 tanks are the world’s biggest joke. Since all the tanks are already gone, they don’t need 10x that, or = 300. They need One HUNDRED TIMES that, or 3 THOUSAND tanks. Still wouldn’t win, but it would make a dent. Probably up-size the war into a pan-European conflict. Luckily they got nothin’ ’cause they’re crazy enough to send them.

    My suggestion is that we form a group of countries that will sit at the table with Ukraine and Russia to try to find peace.”

    Okay, that’s at least a thought: include the Global South, who are “Agreement capable” (or probably not, just they haven’t openly proven that yet). However, then we would need occupying troops to level Paris and Berlin if they violated it. No good for both those reasons, but at least somebody’s thinking. And as I can’t follow Brazilian politics, neither Lula and Bolsonaro are fully BRIC nor fully Derp State.

    ““Why do people refuse to see the Nazi ideology that lies at the heart of the Kiev regime?”

    How about, since the NY Times reported on it multiple times, how did they UN-see it? I still don’t know but I’m developing a theory no one will like.

    “The West succeeded in installing “through some very peculiar methods, far from free and democratic [ones],” a pliant president [of Moldova]”

    That would sound over-the-top except that they just did that in Maidan in 2014, with Nazi snipers and live-firing buildings with people inside. (Kind of like Portland) Oh wait: like the NY Times articles, all that reversed its happening too. Yup: that’s history: first it happens, then we go back in time and it un-happens.

    Like Churchill. Churchill is a hero. No wait, he’s a racist, a drunk, a mass-murdering pig and a villain. And Ze is the new Churchill. Which one, people? You mean the mass-murdering one, right? since those cooing over him and flying his flag above our own are all Leftists who believe Churchill was a cad. No? So only for this one sentence Churchill is a hero. In the next sentence he’s the #Opposite. This is Moral Relativism. Not like, as an exaggeration, an endpoint, but right in the center from the get-go. Same with “the end justifies the means” and by the same impulse. Whatever is true is what I want to be true. Whatever I want is therefore The Good Thing™ simply because I want it. If you oppose any of my wants, you are The Bad Thing™. Thinking for two-year-olds. Like the Movie yesterday: Snow White and the Seven Mental Midgets?

    • Serbia More Objective on Ukraine Conflict “

    As we saw from the NY Times and others, #Objective is the Enemy. What I want is The Good Thing™. What you want is The Bad Thing™. That makes me the Good Person™ and therefore you are the Bad Person™. And as all Disney movies, the Bad Person™ is the designated loser, and shoots like a Stormtrooper and their ship blows up. ‘Cause they’re baddie bad bad.

    “ • EU Urged to Sanction Steven Seagal (RT)”

    So does the rest of America. But after 10 rounds of sanctions this is what’s left. Boy they got that Steven Seagal thing covered! What was up with him and Russia anyway?

    “Ihor Kolomoysky,”

    Not only that, but this was pre-planned way way back. Kolomoyski is the one who paid for, created, and recruited Ze for the TV show and part of “Servant of the People,”. That’s how he was positioned into the public eye as the “Little Guy”, the “Good Guy”, all for peace, common sense, and all Ukraine. But as given above, Ze never ran anything or tried. He’s an actor. So reverse back a year from the airing of Servant of the People, and you’ll see the day it was pre-planned. Wot a coincidence: it was 2014, the day the CIA Hollywood ops (cleverly hidden as the company CAA) made as Stratfor says, “the most blatant coup in history.” See, Poroshenko, “Our (house)Boy” Yats, they were real people, who do real things. We’ve been getting away from that since at least Nixon, who proved himself too dangerous and had to be removed back-to-back from Kennedy. As Armstrong said, this culminated in W Bush, who he met and rated personally, and then top Actor Obama, who wasn’t an actor so much as a life-long agent, with his whole cadre that somehow was in Iran when it was closed, and Indonesia when it was toxic and violent and closed. What are the odds all these people (Ann Dunham, Geithner, etc) would all be able to show up in all these places? I couldn’t have got in, I’d have needed special permission from the State Department, for example, as well as 24/7 security. But schoolteachers like Dunham have no problem with getting that, or putting her family in one of the most dangerous locations in the world. Like all good moms.

    Hunter Biden Email Promising Russian Oligarch Info Raises Fresh Concern (NYP)”

    You are kidding right? Biden took ONE MILLION DOLLARS (cue Dr. Evil) from Moscow directly. Publicly. It’s been out there for +4 years? Wake me when something happens. The whole point of POWER is to suspend natural consequences. Otherwise, why bother? The only thing these news stories show is that the crooked oligarchic power in America is flagged from a 99 to an 89. That is, not at all.

    “Tucker chose violence.”

    Words are violence”. But violence is not violence, it’s speech. In #Oppositeland.

    “• Joe Biden’s Shady Plan To Funnel $10 Million To Hunter’s Legal Fund (TPN) “

    We already know they had shared bank accounts. Nothing happens. Why? People love corruption. I guess I didn’t realize the full meaning of that when I’ve been saying it for years. They love corruption and lies more than life. Didn’t fully realize that either. They love lies and corruption more than their children’s lives. And that’s true too. More than breathing. Now some half a million are dead of it, and they’re trying to kill the rest of us as, Ol’ Joe says, “Sending tanks and planes is WWIII.”

    Americans were now “coming to grips with a worst-case scenario that the US president is compromised by a hostile foreign power.”

    Maddow is gone, Trump is not. What does that mean? Biden takes a million dollars from Moscow but is not compromised.

    What was to follow was a complete suppression of any debate about the origin, which would appear to have been driven by Tony Fauci from the NIAID in America.”

    What a coincidence, since he was the one who paid for its creation. And The Lancet proves a negative! Stop the presses they’ve changed the rules of physics and reality!

    “‘Stunning Increase’ in Serious Harm Reports in Young Healthy Pilots (ET) “

    No it isn’t. See? All fixed. It’s my invisible force field. Just say, “no touchbacks” and my everything proof force field makes it go away! …Thinking for 2 year olds. Those pilots didn’t die. Mommy’s still alive and loves me.

    ““We take very seriously our responsibility to be a trusted source of medical information”

    By denying what turned out to be true, and reenforcing what they knew then and has now been established to be false. And deadly.

    Data suggested that the Delta variant was more contagious than the previously dominant Alpha, but less deadly. Furthermore, research indicates the Omicron variant – which became dominant in 2022 – is even less lethal than the Delta.”

    As 100% of all diseases ever. Yet The Science™ and Medicine claimed the #Opposite against all known data ever. Why?

    As Kunstler says, Science is Anti-Science and Medicine is Anti-Medical. Law is Anti-Law. How do you get there so consistently and universally? Not even off base, out in the weeds, but directly, diametrically, very strictly #Opposite? #Logos. #AntiLogos. That’s how. That’s the only explanation I can come up with.

    Aspnaz, the wind sure is powerful, isn’t it? With one tiny sail? The only thing more powerful is the water, maybe not as apparent in the open water, but at 8lbs per gallon, a trickle of a stream can pin you against the rocks and trees softly and fatally. This is one of the causes in floods/flash floods that people drive their cars in, get out and walk…don’t. 10 inches of water can sweep you off your feet.

    I was thinking of you with the “China can’t innovate” quote as neither we nor they are actually Communist. You can look at it this way, which happened although perhaps not intended: the Engineers had a system, or set up the two systems, the Technocratic, Soviet one and the “Capitalist” one, and they were in a contest to see which worked better. They would be happy with either to consolidate their power. This is from the Quote “We will bury you!” which is actually a misquote, that is, a lie. Kruzchev was speaking about the competition and rivalry, not a/the war. Turns out Capitalism “won,” if you can call it that, and the Technocrats were stiffly “disappointed” as it discredits obsessive, mentally ill control. Here’s the important part though: having run the experiment, they took the “best” parts of both, and merged them to an all-controlling middle, neither “Communist” nor “Capitalist” ever again. And we are now completely merged in nation as well as in approach. You saw this with them removing borders and pushing us down to the 3rd world, little mentioned that on the other side they were rocketing “up in “Living standards” (aka digital watches + misery) into one UniParty, UniFuture. I know this, but it does take a long time to say. What would you call a nation like ours that wasn’t Socialist but has now become half-Socialist (the government directing the means of production)? “Socialist”, of course. What would you call a country like China which was once Socialist but is now half-Capitalist? “Capitalist” of course. When they’re now nearly the same system, met in the middle from opposite directions.
    It’s relative.


    @Alexander Carpenter

    Here is the link to the pot industry leaving Californicate rant.

    His web handle is Styxhexenhammer666

    I find him very amusing and wry. Ex-pat living in Holland

    Today’s soliloquy is a hilarious rumination about the giant white spy balloon floating across the wilds of Montana


    that funny the links didn’t post

    try again

    Pot link


    try again

    It’s a Bitchute link


    tony smyth

    “One of her books inspired a documentary, 100 Vaginas, which a reviewer described as “an extraordinary and empowering spread of the legs.”

    When Covid-19 came along, Dodsworth grew alarmed—not at the virus, but at the fear swirling around it. She watched the fear grow legs and wings and wrap itself around her country”.

    A Freudian could have field day with this!!

    D Benton Smith


    “It’s relative.”

    Which would then mean that everyone who looks at it that way is a “relativist”, and we all know that we don’t get to pick our relativists.


    Sorry folks for the multi post

    My Firefox browser had an Aneurysm or something and was not showing the links in the post, I switched to another browser that works


    D Benton Smith

    Q : What’s the difference between a punster and a sadist?

    A: Not much


    D Benton Smith

    The West (read as “The Cabal”) has called for the dissolution and divvying up of all of Russia, and they have done so through so many channels and by so many top rank officials that it would be cumbersome and pointless to list them all.

    Alright. They’ve made it quite clear what they want. But every time I hear what they want I’m instantly confounded by the same basic question: By what means and at whose hand is this Herculean task meant to be accomplished?

    A bunch of pipsqueak proxies, using pop-guns?

    Russia be big, bro, and they are packing major hardware. I see America talking the talk but when I tally up who they’ve got on their side, and how many physically/mentally fit boots and bombs they can put on the ground what I keep coming up with is a slaughter of idiots.

    When all is said and duly AI computer modeled the “numbers” (of Great Western Empire vs everyone who hates them) work out to roughly 10:1 AGAINST the vaccinated overweight cognitively challenged broke pasty white woke Eur-Anglo sissies.

    They talk the talk alright. In fact they hog the podium with an iron fist. But when it comes to walking the walk they’re friggin quadriplegic.


    • White House Denies Biden Offered Putin ‘20% Of Ukraine’ (RT)

    News Flash, News Flash!

    Putin offers Biden 0% of Ukraine



    That this is in today’s Times of India is huge!

    Coronavirus vaccine: MIT Professor calls for immediate suspension of COVID mRNA vaccine


    – – – – – !


    Re aspnaz
    the pleasure of teaching your body how to do something, combined with the sheer joy of a hands-on relationship with the energy of nature, the waves the wind the complexities that the climate psychos pretend to understand. The pleasure results in huge bursts of hormones – maybe something else, but that is what I will call them – but most people do not teach their bodies any skills – and typing does not qualify. You are missing out on the reward system your body provides, you are ignorant of life.

    Beautifully articulated. One of the things I’ve noticed with the advent of technology is that so many skills are neglected and no longer taught. Children are not taught cursive — nor are they taught to type! (School doesn’t even bother teaching them how to enter a web address in the browser address bar, leaving them instead to flounder with search results.). Why bother learning to play a musical instrument when you can easily play recorded music? Yes, recorded music can be amazing…but creating music skillfully, especially in concert with others, affects the mind and body in ways that listening alone cannot begin to approach.



    So blatant that it is just a woke Deep State propaganda tool – like Google, YouTube, Wiki etc.


    If AI sets up a fantasy competitive game, which side wins? Won’t it always be a draw? If it plays chess with itself, it will always in stalemate, right?

    D Benton Smith

    So, what happens to the Nord Americanos now that the ax of reality is falling and our severely deindustrialized (practically de-everything-ized) future continues to collapse around us?

    My hopeful opinion is that from the uncouth were we fashioned, and to the uncouth we shall return.

    Being couth makes a fine target to think you aspire to, but heaven help those who achieve it.


    • ‘Stunning Increase’ in Serious Harm Reports in Young Healthy Pilots (ET)

    Having flown small private planes back in the day, I always remember how many people would fly and drink alcohol. Kind of like drinking and speed boats but even less chance the local cops would pull you over in the sky for flying erratically.

    And times changed and the tolerance for substance abuse and flying abated somewhat.

    But now, with a real genuine health issue, coding out at the yoke in a commercial aircraft, well, just change the definition of a healthy EKG!

    Problem solved!

    Instead of two drinks, you can have five and still be ‘straight and level’.




    I love fashion statements

    D Benton Smith

    @Oroboros Fashion Statements

    The thing about fashion statements is that you can never be quite sure about who the fashion designers are making the statement TO. Are they talkin to us? Or are they sniggering to each other ABOUT us?


    @D Benton Smith

    They’re blowing Narcisstie Bubbles®


    TVASF! sign-off gone!
    “Karma warning” by the poster a few days back did the trick?!?!
    Now, how one exits from something and “save the face” in the process?
    Five letters become dashes for a day or so than pooof – gone, like today.


    Are you expecting “justice”?

    The inquest into “the Biden”, ( the House Oversight Committee will investigate Hunter Biden’s alleged influence peddling,), must reveal the activities of Ukrainian billionaire-oligarch Ihor Kolomoysky.

    Ihor Kolomoisky is considered to be Ukraine’s most powerful figure outside of government and he was a key patron in the rise of President Volodymyr Zelensky.

    A 2012 study of Burisma Holdings done in Ukraine by the AntiCorruption Action Centre (ANTAC), an investigative nonprofit co-funded by American billionaire George Soros and the U.S. State Department, found that the true owner of Burisma Holdings was none other than Ukrainian billionaire-oligarch Ihor Kolomoysky.

    Let’s try again.
    Are you expecting “justice”?

    • Jaw-Dropping Story of Covid Conspiracy and a Worldwide Cover-Up (Dalgleish)

    ” What was incredible was that this narrative was picked by governments throughout the world, all the mainstream media and the majority of scientists, who should have known better than to accept the narrative rather than look at the evidence. Birger Sorensen and I were only able to get our observations out under the disguise of a vaccine paper, which was published in QRB Discovery, a journal with a biophysics bent which appreciated our argument that the inserts affected the charge of the virus and this was why it was able to be so infectious.”

    • Dr. Peter McCullough Unbowed After Winning Legal Case (DW)

    • 100% of COVID Deaths in Canada Now Due to mRNA Vaccine (NP)

    100% of COVID Deaths in Canada Now Due to mRNA Vaccine, New Data Shows

    February 1, 2023 Sean Adl-Tabatabai

    New data shows that 100% of COVID deaths in Canada are being caused by the mRNA vaccines that were forced on the population by the Trudeau regime and Big Pharma.
    Covid deaths in Canada doubled in 2022 with a 85% vaccinated population.

    Can’t blame Omicron and variations

    ” in 2022, with an approximately 85% vaccinated population in January and a less deadly Covid variant dominant, Covid deaths increased again.”
    Let’s try again.
    Are you expecting “justice”?

    Zelensky Caught Destroying ‘All Information’ on Biden’s Bioweapons Deal With Ukraine

    President Volodymyr Zelensky secretly ordered government officials to destroy all information about Biden’s bioweapons deal with Ukraine on the same day Russia invaded the country.

    Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Zelensky issued this document on February 24, 2022.
    Zelensky Ordered Destruction of All State Docs Associated with METABIOTA on 02/24/22

    Jun 14, 2022
    Here are several documents from Hunter Biden’s laptop discussing his ownership and connections to Metabiota.


    From Dr. Malone. CDC wants to track the unvacc’ed. Why? And why are they using WHO codes?

    EXCLUSIVE: The Federal Government Is Tracking Unvaccinated People Who Go To The Doctor And To The Hospital Due to CDC-Designed Surveillance Program – National File



    @ Kult

    The Vaxxed Are So Fucked

    There, fixed it for ya!
    Happy now?


    On Kolomoisky, K. Top post.

    His (K) home in Ukr. has just been raided.

    I *heard* (so ?) that he is now, here, in Switz.

    // K’s passports: Ukr., Cyprus (EU), Israel, and ‘green card’ for Switz. His family lives in Switz. //

    It was clear that Ukr. Oligarchs had a lot of leeway and power under Yanukovitch (+Turchinov) – then were tolerated (or encouraged, idk) by Poroshenko. Who would then ultimately loose out.

    Churning instability and foreign control turns into poison for even the most influential + richest, aka those who count on a private army at their backs – and think they are canny and play the game, using piles of money, garnering the subservience they crave, while controlling high and low, left and right…

    K and the like are big risk-takers, they feel safe because of fortune and contacts. So it goes, some flamboyance is built in.

    Btw, K. knows all about MH17, though (imho..) he wasn’t directly involved.

    The Mafia, to compare, at a lower level (in Italy, and elsewhere), is merely a lowly parasite that exists by sucking coerced surplus revenue from a more or less stable body; when the body breaks down the Mafia dies as well.

    K. was the most influential guy behind the scenes, for a long time. Then, the invaders take power, and remove the local potentates…

    Ukr. is a good illustration of the fact that *democratic* structure (elections, parliament, laws passed, oppositions between pol. parties, speeches, stances, etc.) are a masquerade, a poorly acted-out show to keep plebs rooting for this or that..

    Not too different from Miss Universe or the Eurovision Song Contest, say (the winners are decided in advance.)

    Yanukovitch, Poroshenko, Zelensky, all campaigned on a platform of ‘no war’ and ‘stabilising relations with Russia and Germany / the EU..’ and were ‘voted’ in these false promises.



    I bought a years supply of 10,000 IU vitamin D capsules for the equivalent of 12 dollars!

    There might be some good info there to share. Where did you get it?

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