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    The question is more like are YOU happy now?
    So, TVASF will be back again?
    Yes? No?


    I waited until page 2 out of respect for the general conversation. I considered doing a series, but with apologies if this bugs anyone, I ‘m going to rip the bandaid off and wrap it up in one day, rather than dragging it out over a week.

    Revealing The Mysteries. A model for understanding the current Western zeitgeist.


    Today I’m going to try to wrap up my thoughts about “Jensenitism,” in the course of which I will reveal Esoteric Mysteries along the lines of ancient Mystery Cults which are driving current events. Not kidding. Intended to have some practical application.

    I will attempt to tie The Mysteries back into not only the current thinking in Environmentalism, but much of the current overall zeitgeist of current Western Civ. On the way there, it may seem wacky, but upon arrival, the response will probably be “that’s actually fairly mundane.” It should give a simplified working model for current events, rather than making it more complex.

    After this, I’ll try to decrease my posting and be less combative – I was going somewhere with all this though, so I should at least finish, make it worth something. Sincere apologies for any and all things I’ve done that changed the tone here or disrupted things.
    Why is this important? Because this thinking is clearly informing the policies and actions of Governments, Corporations, and NGO’s frequently – continually, at this point. So we should be paying attention.

    Why else is it important? I’m going to be providing a Working Model (not a certain truth) that you can slap down on reality to see if it tracks – does it work, is it somewhat useful in forming an understanding of events?
    There are a few possibilities on HOW exactly it pervades the Masters of the Universe class:
    1. They wholeheartedly believe it
    2. They propogated it cynically, but have at least partially drunk their own coolaid
    3. They propogate it cynically, but it’s useful to have people one or more levels down believing and acting on it.

    It’s debatable – did Marxism re-invent The Mysteries as a part of its evolution? Did The Mysteries invade Marxist thought from outside someohow? Dunno. But The Mysteries now propagated would be recognizable by someone in, say, 200BC or 200AD. Or 2000BC for that matter.
    Nevertheless, I’m going to name (misname) this a direct but wacky outgrowth of “Marxism/Communism/Socialism” and perhaps we can throw in “post-modernism/deconstructionism.” Anyone with more knowledge of these things than me – and I guarantee we have people here that fit that description – can easily jump in and say “you’re not getting it right”. And they’ll be correct.

    In the general way I intend to use terms, I’ll be correct, as far as trying to give a very general overview, enough to form a picture without going into abstruse detail. At least as a placeholder, words like “Jensenitism” and “Marxism” will have to do. IF someone wants me to provide citations, just say so and I will track down the names, dates, quotes, citations, although that will be a long term project.

    I DEFINITELY understand if my approximate-use or misuse of terms would rankle. If it does, go for it. I will do my very best to be inquisitive rather than argumentative in response.
    AFKTT – Respect to you. We disagree but I see you battled practically alone, persistently, and I appreciate the engagement. As the resident representative of Jensenitism, I’ll be referencing you a bunch – We Apologize For The Inconvenience and I salute you.

    Boros – Respect – if nothing else, you jumped in AFKTT’s corner so he would not be all alone in the battle. Taking the Planetary Meltdown side of the debate moved it forward, which I certainly couldn’t do, being on the other side of it.

    phoenixvoice – I wanted to apologize to you specifically for my getting combative over continental vs anglo revolutions, calling the french revolution bolshevik revolution 1.0 etc – I’m about to make copious reference to “Marxism” and you probably have stuff to say about it that is more knowledgeable than anything I could say. I promise to be good.
    I’m about to clumsily stomp all over some terms because the concepts require placeholders if nothing else, and they will be approximately correct – correct enough to communicate the ideas.


    Revealing The Mysteries. A model for understanding the current Western zeitgeist.


    AFKTT posted his own Jensenite manifesto here. Rather than having everything my own way, I’ll link to HIS explanation of it before I give mine:

    Debt Rattle December 17 2022

    my explanation of it:

    1. Humans are nothing but animals and should be nothing but animals. Are guilty for not having tried hard enough to be animals.
    2. Agriculture and everything that came from it was BAD
    3. Civilization is inherently oppressive. Twisted, Evil. Is the source OF evil. Systemic oppression.
    4. All human advancement (within civilization) is simply the progress of humans getting more and more destructive of anything good.
    5. You’re all doomed. DOOMED. Everyone and everything you ever knew. DOOMED.
    6. You SHOULD be doomed. You deserve it.
    7. We should be Tearing It All Down as much as possible ASAP

    I would sum this up as sort of a super-demoralizing, super-devaluing death cult creed. Everything and everyone that is, was, or will be is awful. Progress is BAD not good, you’re doomed anyway, and we should be bringing the doom ourselves. All routes to self esteem – from personal to civilizational – cut off. All routes to hope or positivity – cut off.

    As Catherine Austin Fitts says – if something isn’t working for its stated purpose, look at what it actually is doing – that is its actual purpose. This worldview does not WORK. It can’t.

    In boot camp, they break you down psychologically so you can be built back up along specific lines. This is the utility I see in impressing this worldview upon someone. Once you’ve fully and completely devalued everything from internal to external, from the micro to the macro and you have a shattered human being before you, what’s the next step, eh? Go And Do Thou Likewise? Also, we just so happen to have some other “facts,” values, goals for you to internalize now that you have nothing. You won’t grab at them like a drowning man grabbing at something, anything to stay afloat, will you?


    Revealing The Mysteries. A model for understanding the current Western zeitgeist.

    Part 3.) WTF. RELIGION?

    as AFKTT said, “the natural state of humans is naked in the jungle” Try replacing the word “Jungle” with “Garden.”

    Humans are just animals
    Humans SHOULD be just animals
    Humans should have tried harder to be animals

    What happened that caused awfulness? Agriculture? That moment of becoming NOT an animal.

    Loss of innocence.

    Man will be turned out of The Garden and must toil in the field. Agriculture.

    Everything bad came from The Fall, didn’t it?

    And we carry the intrinsic guilt with us, all of us, all civilization, all civilizations that have ever been.

    What do we deserve? Punishment?

    Why should it be that such a toxic, destructive worldview that specifically rebels against all the things arising from agriculture/civilization should nevertheless make itself a perfect paper cutout of Christianity, a major Thing that Ought Not To Be?

    Why SO perfect? Coincidence? Cosmic coincidence? Everyone knows 99.9% of known events are caused by coincidence.


    Revealing The Mysteries. A model for understanding the current Western zeitgeist.


    Many religions have the idea of a progression through time.

    For example, Christianity proposes an End Time in the Book of Revelations and elsewhere. The Beast, Trumps of Doom, Return of Jesus, a Last Battle, a New Jerusalem and so on —- a specific prophecied set of things arriving at a specific destination. We’re not in stasis – we’re going somewhere.

    Karl Marx proposed something called Historicity. Certain conditions would inevitably lead to other conditions, inevitably leading to Utopia. Major events which, in his own religion, would be akin to important events in the Bible provided signposts on the way there.
    Probably THE major event was The Workers Will Rise Up. Integral to Marx’s doctrine was that the holy Conditions would INEVITABLY bring this to pass.

    Christianity has some embarassing things to deal with of a similar type. That crack about Jesus returning to Earth “in this generation.” The fact that it has been 2,000 years. But at least there’s that bit about the return coming like a thief in the night and no one knowing the time or place. Scripture and worldly events have to be re-interpreted in that light.

    People started pointing out that all the Holy Conditions for The Workers Will Rise Up were met, had been met for a long time. But the workers weren’t rising up. But The Holy conditions are paramount, supreme! Prophecy and prophet – FAIL!
    Diligently enough, the Marxists went to work on the problem. Engels proposed a retrofit solution:

    The problem is that Capitalism is Delivering The Goods. (The workers get to, generally speaking, get the things they want and need, lead meaningful lives with their friends, family, hobbies & interests, communities, institutions etc) ie the working class are carrying on with a good life within capitalism and that’s WRONG.

    It’s wrong because capitalism is a lie. Communism is the truth.

    It therefore logically follows that it isn’t right that The Workers should live predominantly happy meaningful lives with their material needs met when it is a lie. The workers shouldn’t be HAVING all those Christmas get-togethers, backyard barbeques, tball leauge matches, block parties, stable multigenerational families, functioning traditions and institutions, a civil society. It’s wrong for them to have it because it’s all a lie.
    Engels proposed that, what with Capitalism delivering the goods AND being a lie, the workers exist in something like a pod from The Matrix. They’re trapped in a world of total illusion/delusion.

    What do you even CALL a being that exists in NOTHING but illusion/delusion? Like, not just fictional representations of reality but gross MISrepresentations of reality? What would a being be who existed in NOTHING but a sea of MIS-information?

    If a human’s consciousness comes from being born a blank slate, which then constructs an a priori model of reality, which is consciousness, then surely it follows that if nothing but irreality is presented to that blank slate, then it will NOT FORM A REAL CONSCIOUSNESS.

    If you take lies (Capitalism) and create an imprint off those lies (a human brain, born a blank slate, then molded by inputs,) you end up with a brain, a being, a consciousness that is a lie. You’d HAVE to.

    And lies AREN’T REAL.

    Engels coined the new concept – False Consciousness

    You can extrapolate this a number of useful ways
    –You believe in nothing but lies. Everything you think is a fact is false – we don’t need to check.
    –Even your structure OF thinking is a lie. The basis of your “reasoning” AND the “reasoning” itself is just a lie.
    –You have no real consciousness/soul, so we don’t have to treat you like you do


    Revealing The Mysteries. A model for understanding the current Western zeitgeist.


    False Consciousness accounted for everything. The Workers didn’t Rise Up because only REAL PEOPLE would rise up – after all, it’s REAL people that Marx’s prophecy addresses, not FAKE people.

    You can see where this is going, can’t you?

    While mainstream Marxism would be concerned False Consciousness as it relates economics and politics, there’s really no end to what it can be applied to. For example, if you were to retrofit it to environmentalism, what might you argue?

    Just replace “Capitalism” with “Civilization” and work on tightetning up your terms a bit. Civilization (everything arising from agriculture) is a lie. Isn’t it? What did AFKTT say?

    The most natural state for humans is naked in the jungle

    That which is natural is the truth, surely. That which is totally UN-natural would be the lie.

    What ELSE has AFKTT said?

    Which K’ung or Pygmies are those, jb-hb, the ones who were wiped out or the ones being killed by ‘civilisation’ on miniscule ‘reserves’? -just as all indigenous people were wiped out or are languishing on miniscule ‘reserves.

    Anyway, even if you could find any real people…

    Debt Rattle January 27 2023

    Very, VERY interesting, yes?

    Or back in August:

    Now we have a huge population of zombies, within which lives a tiny minority who are really alive.

    If people living naked in the jungle are The Real People, who AREN’T real people?

    Living as a Paleolithic animal is the truth. NOT living as an animal is a lie.

    Do you have genuine discussions with dumb animals who have no access to the real world, who live in a world of misinformation, irrealtiy, whose minds are merely an imprint OF irrealtiy, not real minds?? No. It absolutely cannot work, cannot possibly be a thing.

    All you can do is TRAIN a dumb animal by rote. By repetition of small things, diligently, intensely, over and over until it is trained up to what you need. Using any techniques that would be most likely to make it work. By any means neccessary. Why not AND of course. Nothing else could POSSIBLY make sense. (would shattering someone psychologically via devaluation assist this training process? How nice to have the tool and the reason to use the tool in a single hermetically-sealed precept.)

    By the very definition of the belief you hold and which your opponent ought to be convinced of, which you hope to convince them of, you approach them to train them, bit by bit, into reality. There is no possibility of discussion with a fake consciousness. It doesn’t have to be purposely underhanded, sneaky, in conscious bad faith. It is integral to the structure of the idea you’re siding with.

    Based upon the structure of that idea, it would act in an onion-like fashion. The only reason to expose more complex and more important ideas to a dumb unconscious animal living only in lies is if the current tool is NOT working and you need to reach for the next most powerful tool. It would be the most natural human reaction to do so.

    See why I had to grind away through the levels to show it?

    The only reason AFKTT even kinda-sorta admitted yeah, it’s Jensenitism is because I started critiqueing it regardless of his reaction – at THAT point, it made sense to defend it, but not before. BEFORE that, the thing that made the most sense was rote repetition of little constituent bits. NOT because AFKTT is some kind of asshole, but because it is intrinsic to the idea, the meme-complex, whatever you want to call it. It follows logically, once you accept the givens.

    Ok now go back to the core beliefs of Jensenitism. Observe that we’ve already translated them back and forth between Political/Economic and Environmental with ease.

    Do the same with race. Whiteness = Capitalism. White Consciousness = False Consciousness. You can easily extrapolate from there.

    Ok, now consider that Gender Is Just A Construct. Replace Capitalism with The Construct Of Gender. Again, everything translates perfectly. You live in a lie. Only the initiated know real reality. Etc.

    Say, when it came to the injection-which-does-not-vaccinate, didn’t anyone with a contrary opinion get treated like nothing? Hey look, are they rising up on two legs trying to SAY something? (did the injection act as an initiation, purity test, purification ritual?)

    See how many complicated nonsensical things we’ve observed could be just ONE simply-understood thing?

    See why it would be hidden in plain sight?

    The Initiated have no reason to “argue” at the initiated level. The Un-Initiated But Sufficiently Trained would have internalized the structure of the idea/meme-complex but certainly wouldn’t give you an excutive summary explaining why they are behaving a certain way. They don’t HAVE that for you.

    I kept asking afewknowthetruth – where do you draw the line if Planetary Meltdown is at stake and people who disagree with you are just despicable evil people getting in the way?

    Well, what if they aren’t actually even PEOPLE?

    The answer is, THERE IS NO LINE. There is NOWHERE you stop, morally:

    afewknowthetruth 9/1/22

    Moving beyond the superficial ‘mass murder is evil’ narrative we can see that when you have a massive population overshoot of the order of 7 billion, and an inadequate food supply and a planet in meltdown, it makes perfect sense to get rid of as many people as possible now because that will reduce the amount of suffering in the future.

    If you can transpose all the JUSTIFICATIONS onto ANY aspect of human life, you can transpose the ultimate CONCLUSION as well, can’t you?

    And The Phrase of 2020: “We Must Take Everything Away From Them”

    Think back to The Workers, getting all the goods successfully delivered to them by Capitalism.

    It’s WRONG for them to have jobs and homes and gardens and cookouts and tball teams and civil society and progress. The solution to False Consciousness is to take them OUT of the Capitalism Matrix Pod and put then IN the Marxist Matrix Pod so they have NOTHING but the truth. “Everything” is currently Capitalism.

    We extract you from the pod to free you. You must have Everything Taken Away From You. Obviously. “Everything” is the entrapping Capitalist/White/Gender/Climate/Antivax Matrix pod/lie.

    Does it appear like someone is trying to Take Everything Away lately?


    Next week
    Families struggle for survival during Ukraine coldest winter in a decade
    Ukrainian economy, it is already on an artificial respiration apparatus and is supported only by the money of the West. It is clear that this money can be printed endlessly, but the West understands what this will lead to for their own economies.
    This Ukraine is too heavy a burden, and it is getting heavier every day.

    Families struggle for survival during Afghanistan’s coldest winter in a decade

    Millions of Families struggle for survival during Afghanistan’s coldest winter in a decade
    Feb 2, 2023

    D Benton Smith


    That was a lot of work, but the destination was worth it, and like you said, not all that complicated either.


    Great one from Jimmy Dore


    In the interests of scientific accuracy:

    Those who were jabbed with incorrectly stored or incorrectly administered clot-shit may not have had much active clot-shit inserted into their bodies (perhaps none even) and their bodies may be able to remove the clot-shit and allow them to live as normally as anyone can in a concentration camp.

    Those whose immune systems are particularly effective and who were jabbed with some clot-shit may live many years in their sector of the concentration camp without the clot-shit killing them.

    Those who already have physiological defects and have adopted particularly unhealthy ‘lifestyle choices’ in the concentration camp and who have had several doses of clot-shit -especially what are described as ‘boosters’ by the financial-military-industrial complex- may well be fucked as they live out their final months or years in the concentration camp (that is those who have not already succumbed to the effects of the clot-shit).

    I have used the term clot-shit as an abbreviation for cell biology modifier, since one of the major consequences of allowing the cell biology modifier into one’s body is the formation of clots due to the coalescence of blood components not withstanding other effects of the cell biology modifiers.

    Although Thailand may well attempt to seek compensation from the financial-military-industrial of Oceania, it needs to note that Big Brother does not negotiate: Big Brother simply acts; therefore, Thailand risks being turned into the next war zone in Big Brother’s long-term agenda of reasserting complete control over those regions Big Brother has lost complete control over and now only maintains partial control over.

    I apologise for the use if the word ‘may’ and its stronger form ‘may well’, since nothing is certain in the fields of politics and commerce, other than that those who operate the system in Oceania lie all the time about everything and are agreement incapable and will sacrifice everything they can get their hands on to sacrifice, in the protection of the short-term interests on The Party. That absolutely certain.


    ‘Millions of Families struggle for survival during Afghanistan’s coldest winter in a decade’

    Project Afghanistan, commenced by Airstrip One before it was fully morphed into Airstrip One and revitalised by Airstrip Two in 1947, is of little interest to Big Brother at this point of time (and the people who live there are certainly of no interest whatsoever) since Project Attack-Iran-From-The East is currently off the agenda.

    On the other hand, Project Attack-Iran-From-The-West is very much alive in the minds of the psychotic sociopaths who are attempting to defend Big Brother’s fake money system and pulverise any nation that attempts to undermine it.

    Big Brother’s wars are not only with Eurasia and Eastasia and the rest of the world, but also with the laws of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.

    Implosion soon. Just cannot put an exact time frame on it.

    Alexander Carpenter

    I think it’s appropriate to feel glee at the unravelling of the Biden scam, but remember that Biden (and everyone else we can actually see) is a puppet, Some may be players as well, but their double role is well disguised. All the puppets together make the scam work, and are assisted by opportunists, egotists, and moral (and physical) cowards.
    So there’s a whole pyramid whose top we can’t distinguish or engage directly, and most of the sheep and many of the goats just giggle (or rage) at the puppets, and stop there. By design.
    Also note the selection-process: the “vaccine” is thinning the herd of the sheep far more than it is that of the goats, structurally undermining the puppet-masters (and their overlords). Enough to “save civilization”?
    Maybe we are better off if our narcissistic “civilization” as we know it is not saved, but rather compelled to reincarnate itself, perhaps even learning some humbling lessons from this glorious debacle.
    I wouldn’t miss this for the world…


    Raul – I bought the vitamin D capsules off Ebay [UK] at 10 GBP [Naturplus]. There are other offers at the same price point. They do not seem to post outside the UK but I would have thought similar offers would exist on other Ebay sites, although I live in the less than sunny UK where the demand for this will be higher!


    In recent days (not here on TAE) we have been discussing the fact that the bulk of the populations of ‘civilised’ nations consist of selectively bred individuals: selectively bred for obedience to authority; selectively bred for compliance with arbitrary rules that are disconnected from the natural world; selectively bred to dependent on others for survival. And in recent times in the most ‘developed’ nations, selectively bred for total dependence on fossil fuels and their numerous derivatives.

    As previously discussed, the process of selective breeding commenced when people -maybe 25,000 yeas ago in what is now southwest Asia- started saving seeds and plating them to harvest grains. The increased security of having stored grains outweighed the need to build grain stores and defend them. Nevertheless, the health of the people -especially those at the bottom of the social pyramid, the vast majority- began to decline; dental problems, skeletal problems, and the emergence and proliferation of diseases that were rare or unknown in hunter-gatherers.

    The increase in numbers more than made up for the decline in intelligence and physical capabilities of the selectively bred inmates of the first concentration camps.

    People born in the concentration camps had no idea they were born in concentration camps and accepted whatever form of servitude or slavery or arbitrary rules that imposed on them from above in the first documented civilisations.

    As I have pointed out on many occasions, the Norma conquest of England marked a profound change in the order of things because, whereas the rulers of previous civilisations were of the same genetic stock and spoke the same language as the peasants (some may argue that the Romans did the same but the Romans actually incorporated local power structures into their power structure and gave non-Romans opportunity to ‘become’ Romans).

    England became ruled by non-English who spoke a completely different language and who extracted wealth from the English, stole land and gave it to their friends…the model for much of what happened throughout the world once the lower echelons of Norman society began to intermingle with the actual English and use them to engage in conquest of much of the world.

    Throughout fairly recent history -the past 500 years or so- anyone who disagreed with hierarchical power structures got eliminated -killed or sent to a slave camp where their genetic line was terminated.

    Despite the continuing efforts of The Empire of Lies, a remnant hunter-gatherer remains in ‘civilisated’ societies, arguably at around the 1% level, the people who say No! when an authoritarian government (in the case of Oceania, a totalitarian fascist police state) imposes ridiculous, contradictory, destructive rules on the populace.

    Asking people who have been selectively bred to not think, selectively bred to comply with idiotic rules imposed on them, and trained all their lives by fascist governments to OBEY, asking them to think for themselves and not to NOT OBEY is a big ask. And most are incapable of doing it.

    15 to 20 years ago, Derrick Jensen emphasised the point that if a person’s (or group of people’s) food supply and lifestyle are dependent on a particular piece of land or a particular river, that person (or grouop) will defend it to the death.

    Thus, we witness a few participants on TAE ‘defend to the death’ the system that captured them and enslaved them at birth and indoctrinated them throughout the most impressionable years in the faux benefits of empire and industrialism..

    I was fortunate to have had a father who was severely abused by The Empire of Lies and ranted against its evil ways and lies throughout my childhood.

    As an adult, I have been abused by The Empire of Lies more times than I could possibly present here.

    Those who have never been abused by The Empire of Lies (or didn’t notice the abuse or rationalised it away -denial is a powerful state of mind) would not think to question anything the Empire of Lies says or does. They have been set up to be its next victims.


    I’ve never been to Sweden but do know there is a meme that the Swedes get their clothes off and run around outside stark naked. Some even break ice and jump into freezing water before getting ultra-warm via wood stoves.

    This is probably a genetically selected cultural practice relating to the skin absorbing sunlight and manufacturing vitamin D and also ridding the skin of parasites. Weaklings didn’t strip off, didn’t get sunlight, didn’t plunge into cold water, and died off without producing viable offspring.

    I understand that by not imposing destructive (self-destructive) Covid policies, Swedes have done a lot better than other industrialised nations throughout the fake Covid pandemic.

    That said, there are saboteurs everywhere. Airstrip Five has more than its fair share of them.



    Big Brother’s war is against reality!
    There, shortened it for you!

    Little boys learn not to piss into the wind.
    Unless there is a tree in front!


    If you were inside Rome, your reality choices might be whether to stay with unreality or join reality.
    Or in other words, remain uncivilized or join civilization.
    History says civilization opened the gates of Rome.
    And the barbarians left Rome.
    Reality was painful for most.

    So are we really just dreaming or not?
    Our dreams seem real to us!
    Our lives seem real to us!
    Maybe we are just dreaming and nothing is real?


    15 to 20 years ago, Derrick Jensen emphasised the point that if a person’s (or group of people’s) food supply and lifestyle are dependent on a particular piece of land or a particular river, that person (or grouop) will defend it to the death.

    Very much like Morpheus explaining to Neo in The Matrix that all these people in the pods aren’t ready for the truth and might very well fight for The Matrix when it comes down to it.

    This idea within the Environmentalist world works in the more mainstream Marxism as well. This is why the Marxists gave up on the Working Class, appear hostile to it at times.

    The Working Class have become the enemy – Communists realize they’re implicitly conservative, therefore implicitly defend The Matrix.

    That’s why, after the fall of the USSR, when the temptation was to freak and say “What are we gonna do now may? Game over man, game over!” Instead, they reached for the relatively esoteric False Consciousness model. Since that ruled out The Working Class/Proletariat as the instrument of rising up, they had to cast about for a “new” proletariat that wouldn’t let them down. (a new rube to slip a mickey)

    The New Proletariat they selected is all the people on the margins. Minorities and LGBTQ+ and allies. It remains to be seen if they too will be found to be wanting and tossed aside as well, as being not good enough or useless or letting the marxists down etc.

    Seems the marxists are hedging their bets this time around though by ALSO using, as the New Proletariat to Rise Up – the Ultra Rich in control of the Corporations, Governments, and NGO’s. This way they’re covered either way and won’t be stopped by those dastardly Proles.


    Drive-by posting:

    I want to quibble with Raúl’s claim that DMED is very reliable. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time this weekend, or today, to summarize all the various things I learned from Mathew Crawford’s Rounding the Earth Substack and Campfire Wiki (I think someone recently linked to his Substack, for Dr. D regarding the levels of the psyop). My shortest take: the whistleblowers are not what they seem (like the owls in Twin Peaks); there are at least two layers of deception with the DMED data; Mathew’s research leads one to conclude that the data was deliberately tampered with both for the whistleblowers (to mislead them or through them mislead others) and after the database repair fixed a supposed glitch that the DoD claims was the source for the whistleblowers’ many mistakes and errors. There’s also an entire angle here about how Mathew has been sidelined and sort of moved outside the circles of the medical freedom movement, and the pattern and behaviors —as he interprets his own experiences and relates them— he thinks are consistent with intelligence operations (maybe even several, maybe transnational corporate and/or multiple nation-states —but this is more my rendering and intuition).

    This sidequest starts here.

    Veracious Poet

    Hat tip @jb-hb, excellent & thorough deconstruction of the origins/danger of Anarcho-Primitivism entitled;

      Revealing The Mysteries. A model for understanding the current Western zeitgeist.


    Collective EG0ic Madness (Religion) =

      Mass Formation Psychopathology

    (Yes Virginia, there’s a *LOT* more Pyschos then 1-3% of gen pop)…

    Same shit, different century!



    Hi WES. Good observations and questions. My take:

    This life is both…real and unreal.

    When we live in the past (by re-living memories) or in the future (by dreaming/imagining) we are living in a dream/unreal state. The PRESENT is real. Living life fully present is the opportunity of this life.

    Many of us (me included) bounce around. PRESENCE takes practice – awareness, dedication (Heart), and compassion are essential to cultivate/maintain this state of reality. Joy, Peace, and LOVE live here.

    LOVE to the Questioners.


    You may wish negotiators worked with grave acuity…
    But no- the “Special People” use STRATEGIC AMBIGUITY.

    off on a lark after having a smoke:

    What are the benefits of smoke?
    Tobacco drawn, a fire, a toke.
    Ambivalent charms it has granted us-
    For ages, its curls have enchanted us.

    Stars and fire must be required
    To live a life rich and inspired.

    Food. Clothing. Shelter. Stars. Fire!!!

    Thank you for your time.


    Addition: Truth

    Joy, Peace, Truth and LOVE live here.


    I just wanted to make clear – about AFKTT #128131 – I totally get it. Thank you for bringing that up.

    BUT it is just vanilla current-year Marxism ported over to Environmentalism.

    –Politics is downstream from culture
    –We Must Criticize Everything

    It follows that mainline vanilla marxism should be ported/translated to EVERY subculture.

    The Working Class are in the Matrix Pod, which is Capitalism. They are inherently enemies, as they would defend the thing that is Bringing the Goods.

    People in Civilization are in the Matrix Pod, which is Civilization. They are inherently enemies, as they would defend the thing that is Bringing The Goods

    I should have covered a bit more expressly how the Working Class are, as a sort of default, the enemy in current vanilla marxism (therefore whatever subgroup matches up with the port-to subculture) if nothing else due to sheer inertia, but also in the sense of “they will defend that which brings the goods”

    Dr. D

    I was also waiting for yourself and possibly AFKTT. But I have a different take.

    Jensen list, direct link:

    Honestly, jb-hb, I missed this, having just finished too long a post about radio being the only possible way for alien life forms to communicate.

    That is an amazing and stellar link. But these parts stand out:

    “Civilization is not redeemable.” Huh. What is “Civilization”? Is it not the customs of being orderly and civil? Can he define it? The first moment men can distinguish Good and Evil perhaps? One thing’s for sure: all native tribes are “civilized.” They have order, structure, and almost universally agriculture, although different from ours. Since they have the same people, same rules, same agriculture, who are you referring to who is “uncivilized”? And isn’t that a bit of racist pejorative too? I’ll tell you: only monkeys. Men before the fall, pre-men, that is ANIMALS, before eating from the tree of good and evil. The instant they are men, they act as we do. Want to know why “no one lives naked in the jungle” the “Natural state of man”? Because you’d f’ing die, you fool. You know it, I know it, they know it. The EXISTENCE of man is in COMMUNITY, in FAMILY, in BUILDING, in harvesting, storing, planning, and in trade. Without it, man dies dead, just as hawks who can’t fly or beavers who can’t build. We ARE animals...and these are the kind of (wild) animals we are: thinking ones, in touch with our creator.

    “Premise Fourteen: From birth on—and probably from conception, but I’m not sure how I’d make the case—we are individually and collectively enculturated to hate life, hate the natural world, hate the wild, hate wild animals, hate women, hate children, hate our bodies, hate and fear our emotions, hate ourselves. If we did not hate the world, we could not allow it to be destroyed before our eyes. If we did not hate ourselves, we could not allow our homes—and our bodies—to be poisoned.”

    Wow. Sorry you had a crappy childhood, don’t butter your weird kinks on the rest of us. Quite the contrary, children come out loving life, loving nature, loving mommy, loving children, loving themselves, loving most of their emotions and one of the big criticism of kids is that they are self-centered and think they’re awesome. I’m sorry you are from a religion of hate instead and delivered that to your children. I hope they recover, and yourself.

    “Premise Fifteen: Love does not imply pacifism.”

    Maybe. But your statement seems to imply by omission that your love is about violence and heartily approves of it at a minimum. Note of all the premises, which one he does not fully and honestly communicate. Why? Doesn’t he want people to agree with him and know how to act? Tell us more about your intent to violence Mr. Jensen. Be honest.

    Premise Nineteen: The culture’s problem lies above all in the belief that controlling and abusing the natural world is justifiable.

    You just approved of violence, but the entire natural world is off limits to it, “violence” being the definition of “control and abuse”. Well, what is “Natural”? Not specific but 100% of all things NOT made by man in a “Civilized” state. Excluding that, what is left that violence is appropriate for? Out of love, as above? Only humans. All humans. Kill all men. Open season. That is a core premise of Jensenism. Hate, then kill.

    So we have that controlling and abusing the natural world is not justifiable. However, controlling and abusing men is. Love = Hate. What else?

    Premise Sixteen: The material world is primary.”

    He is primarily a materialist. At least he has a door open, but says to ignore it. Spirit and the physical are separate, not entangled, not the same, and one should overlook spirit and heart in favor of “reality”. This seems like a throwaway, but it’s critical. Connection to the spirit wipes the hate, the desperation, the emptiness away. That’s why religion is enemy #1, to be killed first, last and middle.

    “Premise Ten: The culture as a whole and most of its members are insane. The culture is driven by a death urge, an urge to destroy life.”

    HIS culture. Not mine. Which is little surprise for a man given to the primacy of Hate and the righteousness of violence, to say nothing of the denial of Spirit. What “culture” is there? What “Civilization”? If your culture misbehaves, what’s that to us? So what? Cry me a river. You are a man with the task of behaving correctly and righteously. It is not your business whether others do or not, that’s on them. Besides which, all men have this same problem, civilized or not. “Hell,” as they say, “Is other people.”

    So here we have a man who hates other men, hates women, hates children, hates himself, hates what the thinks, hates what he feels. Hates his culture, hates all history, hates the world. And wherever he goes, nothing but that hate is waiting for him, following him around like a spectre. Hate, hate, hate. And he wonders why others are not rallying to his flag. Why the world can’t change. Why life isn’t wonderful, safe, and warm. Why it isn’t greening wherever he goes. Why wherever it’s safe and warm, he’s guilty, burns it down and leaves it dark, empty, carbon-free.

    That is indeed lamentable. Why does he do that?

    What did I say?

    “So let me help you: Humans ARE animals. Humans ARE nature. Just as tigers kill things, eat meat, and have a right to be here, I too must kill things, can eat meat, and have as much right to be here. To walk in the forests and look at the trees. I am no different.

    I am a part of Nature, one with it, and she is our mother, from which OUR life flows. Destroying her only destroys me and us. Therefore in love you must build, not destroy. Create, not murder. For just as beavers are born with an impulse to build, so humans live in colonies and must create, build, and transform the world around them as well, damming rivers and flooding meadows, cutting trees. We too, raise our children to do and to know this. This is our way no different from the ants, the beaver, and the buffalo, changing the earth where we go.

    If we go too far, we are not hurting “Nature” because we ARE Nature, we are hurting OURSELVES, which is stupid, but it is our business to identify the point and to stop it not for the “Earth’s” benefit, who won’t notice and doesn’t care, but for our own. Our own safety, our own pleasure, our own wishes, our own progeny and our own ways and our own morals. Not hers.

    Therefore, when I imagine a world that is “right” it includes people, it includes Nature, it includes cities with some technology or other from flint knaps to nuclear reactors and know both.

    Therefore it does, or can, include electricity.” It includes all things. There is nothing to hate, nothing to fight. You just made a mistake that’s all. Men make mistakes and misapprehend things all the time. As a thinking animal you can become aware of your mistake and quickly right it, come back to love, oneness, and the abundance that Nature brings.

    So I’m worried about an animal in the hills of New Zealand who appears to be in a desperate state. Just as I would care about the other animals there, I care about this one.

    You can’t find love by excising it with hate.
    You can’t find unity and peace by dividing man and nature.
    Come back. Back to the garden which was always here.


    Read … This is how journalist used to document their claims


    By John Helmer
    Freeland aims to revive the takeover of Polish Galicia, with Canadian money and arms, which her grandfather tried with German money and arms.”


    Senile Lickspittle Hair Sniffing Pedo Says “More Than Half The Women In My Admin Are Women”


    A 2012 study of Burisma Holdings done in Ukraine by the AntiCorruption Action Centre (ANTAC), an investigative nonprofit co-funded by American billionaire George Soros and the U.S. State Department

    Why would the State Department compromise themselves by working with Soros? They do not need Soros involved, they have an almost endless budget, so why? Corruption in plain sight.


    @jb-hb Good job. Well worth the read. Interesting conclusion, similar to the woke religion that is fighting against nature. We must conclude that AFKTT therefore believes that humans are a mistake, we should have been chimps. Nature made a mistake and AFKTT wants to correct that mistake by forcing us to live like chimps even though we are not chimps. An interesting perspective.


    Biden Says He’ll Shoot Down Chinese Spy Balloon As Soon As He’s Done Letting It Spy

    “U.S. — Americans are up in arms after a Chinese high-altitude spy balloon was seen hovering over sensitive nuclear sites in Montana. Biden was quick to quell fears, vowing to shoot down the hostile balloon as soon as he’s done letting it spy….

    At publishing time, Eric Swalwell had been seen approaching the spy balloon and asking for its number.”



    Biden flying an F3500 Clusterphuck goes in for the kill on the Chinese Spy Balloon

    “Die Moon Balloon!!!”, he screamed



    Oroboros – I just wanted to say, that long post of yours from a couple days ago totally kicked my ass in the best way possible. CS Lewis, George Orwell, Kennedy, Eisenhower etc. I’m going to have to go back and read it again.

    …which goes for a whole bunch of posts here from the past few days. I read everything and feel like circling back and reading it all again. There was too much to absorb on the first run. Polemos, I caught up on comments while listening to the insane mashup you embedded. Holy cow.



    I’m still re=reading it myself, TMI to digest at one sitting.


    Where did the flu go in 2020 and 2021

    Indeed. This reminds me of arguments with friends where I was insisting that “Covid’s just the flu” while the MSM brainwashed were insisting that Covid was something scary. I attributed most of that fear to TV News. I still don’t believe that Covid exists, even though I apparently caught it or so a PCR test tells me, the test was to get into Japan, we both failed the test. Who knows what the test is actually detecting. It felt exactly like a typical winter flu: first day you feel a bit off, the next day in bed feeling lethargic and with no appetite, next day back up and around but still feeling a bit odd, next day 100% back to normal. I have had worse bouts of flu and other stuff in the past.


    Neunundneunzig luftballons.

    Nena ’83.


    I’m watching the earlier press conference with brig-gen Patrick Ryder. It is violating our space; it is a maneuverable surveillance craft but it doesn’t pose a problem or a threat so we’ll just let it go. (and we’ll review options).
    It’s jaw-droppingly inept and …oh I don’t know what.
    What squirrel is this?


    AFKTT said

    Premise Ten: The culture as a whole and most of its members are insane. The culture is driven by a death urge, an urge to destroy life.

    The “Get out of jail” card: if they don’t understand then they are insane. Using that premise the looney left try to change the world, fucking things up for the rest of us. Their lives are so empty and shit that they try to make everybody else experience that emptiness and shit. Sad fuckers. Get a life, experience happiness, do not end your days in misery.


    Magic words: it has a “large payload”.

    *squirrel! (courtesy of google translation.)

    I must say the philosophers here have paved a worthy road tonight. Well done.
    Now I lay me down to sleep….

    John Day

    I thought “M.C. Escher” when I saw that photo of the Natural Science Museum in London.
    I wonder if he used to hang out there.

    those darned kids


    Squirrels like to ride in my beautiful balloon!
    Squirrels like to ride in my beautiful balloon!
    We could snoop among the clouds together, squirrels and I
    For we can fly (we can fly)

    Up, up and away
    My superspy, my dupersuperspy balloon!

    those darned kids

    somethin’ fishy’s goin’ on, i tells ya

    this is the dawning of the age of aquariums,

    D Benton Smith

    It’s been a full day since the Chinese balloon showed up over America and despite all that time and thousands of professional liars on the payroll, so far nobody has come up with a plausible lie to explain why it’s there or why we haven’t done much about it. I find that more interesting (and scary) than the balloon itself.

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