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    René Magritte The black flag 1937   • Why Are People Deliberately Infecting Themselves With Covid-19? (RT) • Don’t Overload The Immune System Wit
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    To all the fine folks asking why this video was posted a year ago: This is not our first Convoy to Ottawa. I wrote and recorded this several years back when a convoy set off from the west to protest the carbon tax. It was met with an underwhelming response in Ottawa, no coverage, no noise.

    Dr. D

    “’Cutting very close to Trump’: Bombshell MAGA memos have 45 scrambling” –MSNBC

    Bombshell! Walls are closing in!

    “Lawrence on Trump election conspiracy: When does an idea become a crime?” –MSNBC

    Never. Thinking about robbing a bank is DIFFERENT from robbing a bank, if I have to point this out to the mentally ill. THINKING is different from ACTING.

    “The psychological reason keeping America from making pandemic progress”

    Um…because the CDC, and Trudeau, say masks and vaccines don’t work? At all? Is that psychological? Yes, the mentally ill think reality is their ego and there is no objective reality. Aka, “Science”, repeatable physical experiments. They are against all Science, all Data, all Objective Reality, all the time.

    Anyway, all Trump, all the time channel, because Biden who? Don’t you know thanks to the coup Trump still runs everything? He even runs “The Masked Singer”. Like the Russians, everywhere, under my bed.

    US State Department orders families of government personnel to leave Belarus amid ‘unusual and concerning Russian military buildup’” –CNN

    The Russians are in Russia. This means they’re going to attack. QED.

    “State Department, what makes you think so?”

    “I thought it up in my head once.” I see pictures in my brain and they’re real!

    This is now being a “Putin Puppet”, and a Senator asking for clarification about the Administration would therefore arguably be treason.

    “Hawley’s letter to Blinken was actually hawkish in tone, talking about Russian ‘threats’ — hardly a Moscow “talking point.” He wrote: 
    “The United States has an interest in maintaining Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity. And we should urgently deliver to Ukraine assistance it needs to defend itself against Russia’s military buildup and other threats. Our interest is not so strong, however, as to justify committing the United States to go to war with Russia over Ukraine’s fate. Rather, we must aid Ukraine in a manner that aligns with the American interests at stake and preserves our ability to deny Chinese hegemony in the Indo-Pacific.”

    “We plan on going, buy lots of Lockheed war weapons while impoverishing the poor, just not on having a full 500k invasion of Russia today” = being a peacenik Putin puppet, taking Russia’s side.

    They need a war to divert their own banking/financial collapse, which may have just happened. Look at the 10-year rate spike. I posted it a while ago, +6mo, they knocked it back down as usual, but as also usual with these things, it popped back up, formed a flag, and is now over some long-term resistance, with the first target of that flag being much higher still.

    If only we had a war we could blame THEM, the Other. If only Trump was in we could blame the Red Hats and poor rural people as traitors. They failed to steal Syria, esp stealing their gold, failed mostly in Libya as it’s not stable enough to hypothecate, failed to steal Cuba, failed in Venezuela, now failed in Ukraine – although they did buy a few years by stealing and flying out all their gold to be sold in London. They now need a country the size of Russia to attack, murder, steal, and leverage 300:1 or the infinite debt-compounding goes down, and the worldwide system with it.

    This expansionism is a pretty standard feature of fascism. Boeing and Morgan want it, so Great Leader gets it for them while dissenters at home are put in solitary.

    Fauci Says He’s Mystified by Lagging Vaccine Booster Rates”

    And the beatings will continue until eventually Fauci reads, looks at, and follows some science. Outlook not so good. News article said, “Even Fauci has now admitted masks don’t work”. To which I said, “Which time?” You can always be right when you say everything and it’s opposite more or less randomly for two years, but that’s not really medical advice.

    And again, not only are people pissed off, but we have Justin and everyone getting it anyway despite 4 shots, all of Israel with 4 shots being worst-on-planet, Ireland, UK, 90% rates, worst on-planet, Omicron impossibly still looking for the first death, children never-ever-ever-ever got it, and he’s still calling for vaccines like it’s June 2020 and they haven’t catastrophically failed everywhere. But hey — when time is random, maybe we’re IN the past, and the future, where all advice they gave was a failing failure, hasn’t happened yet. I thought it in my mind, so it’s true now!

    “GoFundMe Shuts Down Freedom Convoy Fundraiser (RT)”

    They may shrink, but as I keep saying, apparently people are incapable of learning, since they KEEP using Patreon, Facebook, GoFundMe, when they’ve long proven to be completely untrustworthy and possibly criminal. USE SOMEONE ELSE. Of course like Rogan, getting FB to ban you IS THE BEST ADVERTISING MONEY CAN BUY, and shows you’re really someone, so it’s a mixed bag. I wouldn’t do it, but I’m practical and don’t give my trust to known convicted, serial criminals and mass-muderers. Pfizer, for instance, having paid largest fines ever, being literally convicted of felony, and those felonies involving mass-deaths. So…fight in their territory and don’t cede it, or build a parallel system.

    Note, Parlour DID build a parallel system, and the wider web STILL shut them down at several points. So when they say, “Muh private corporation, build your own” they’re LYING. LyingLyingLyingLyingLying. Just like yesterday when they say “Muh capitalism” until a quarterly earnings come up short then it’s bailout or government emergency where you’re legally required to buy and use their product.

    But: Stealing money. This is their specialty and sole purpose for being. And OF COURSE GoFundMe supports murder wherever it may be found. And racism too, since those guys pumped 300 bullets into two black children and walked away. I don’t see any Rittenhouse trials for them.

    “they’re quite willing to end the demonstration safely”

    Two weeks to flatten the curve. They will leave when Parliament has 90% compliance rates. It’s totally voluntary!

    “New Filing Accuses Feds of Snooping on Bannon Lawyer (JTN)”

    I’d be extremely shocked if they didn’t. I don’t remember the last time they didn’t attack 500-year old attorney-client privilege. They did for Assange, did for Trump, heck probably did for Nixon. Gosh, it’s been 30 years they have surveillance in all the prison meeting rooms to “leak” all legal discussions to the D.A. Martin Armstrong noted this. You know, between bouts of the prison/legal system trying to murder him, steal a billion of his Japanese client funds, and blame BoA embezzlement and trading losses on him, while the Judge tampered with evidence and erased court transcripts.

    OF COURSE they are wiretapping your lawyer. If they weren’t, he’d be the only guy in America NOT wiretapped. NSA, War on Terr’r, we erase free speech and all warrants in the 4th Amendment to make us “Safe for Democracy.”

    What a US Trap for Russia in Ukraine Might Look Like (Lauria)”

    I pointed out they are unable to discern what TIME is, whether it flows back-to front or vice-versa. They’re severely mentally ill, or at least deeply inbred retards. I’m not saying they CAN’T set a trap, but it would be one built by 5-year-olds in their tree fort. …Really the trap was before and all around this. They need Ukraine as an economic prybar to attack Russian BANKING, currency, and manufacturing. But that was a trick 100 years old and Russians are literate, unlike Harvard, and it was not allowed. Instead they STOLE the only thing valuable in Ukraine: the Russian Ukrainians. The Donbass is depleted yet they can’t get the very-specific coal that runs their power plants, while Russian population numbers are boosted with anti-communist hard workers. Oh, and the U.S. HELPED all that happen. As Russian manufacturing was rebuilt thanks to their super-helpful embargo. P.S. Embargo/blockades are an act of war. That is, we ALREADY attacked Russia. Several times. They very pleasantly did not nuke us for it as we deserved.

    “The ground will also be frozen for Kiev’s forces in February, which was the month of the 2014 coup,”

    Uh, you mean the coup BY THE ANGLOS, which overthrew an elected government in a clear violation of U.N. law? What does “ground freezing” have to do with distributing cookies in Maiden with amphetamines in them? That was AN ACT OF OPEN WAR. But “It’s not Fascism when we do it!”

    Mister Roboto

    I am not able to agree with Denninger’s conclusion. The rise in deaths in the 25-44 age-group he points out tracks with the rise in overall coronavirus fatalities that accompanied the arrival of the Delta variant in the United States.

    Doc Robinson

    • It’s Really Rather Simple (Denninger)
    “There is a clear elevation of all-cause mortality in the 25-44 age bracket…”

    While Denninger is looking at the US data, in European countries there is a big increase in excess mortality in the 15-44 age bracket. The combined data for 29 participating countries shows that during the second half of 2021, the excess mortality for this age group is significantly higher than any other time on the graph (which goes back to the beginning of 2017).

    The excess mortality for all of the older age groups (>44) during the second half of 2021 is lower than the levels reached earlier in the pandemic.

    those darned kids

    sorry for the repost (from late last night), but this is well worth the read.

    an account from a downtown ottawa resident:

    A night with the untouchables

    Mister Roboto

    The excess mortality for all of the older age groups (>44) during the second half of 2021 is lower than the levels reached earlier in the pandemic.

    That does certainly tell a more alarming story, especially in light of the fact that we know that coronavirus fatalities disproportionately affect the older age groups. And in Europe, “jab-coercion” has been much more of a full-court press than it has been in the USA.


    Humanity’s corruption began approx 10,000 years ago.

    Quite simple and straight forward.

    Lockup the grain supply, if you don’t do as ‘We’ say, no food for you.

    The Fascist Origin Story

    In a nutshell

    ‘Royalty’, ‘Aristocrats’, ‘Nobility’, all such term of propaganda and conditioning are simply substitute words for thieves, thugs, cheats, mafia, gangsters.

    Started 10,000 years or so ago.

    Control the language, control the narrative, control the perception >>>>>>control the outcome.

    Rinse and Repeat

    A Hundred Centuries of the Same Old Song & Dance (SOSD)

    Brilliant, humans are an amazing, special species!

    Spread the Word!




    i guess no images today from trusty WordPress – a – boot on your face


    Love the photo of the “dog”, is it a coyote or wolf? It look a lot like our Anatolian Shepherd from the back side.


    @ Oroboros Same Old Song And Dance:
    SO SAD


    From the link

    Maybe I’m reading it wrong but with all age groups up, the 45-64 group has way more pooled deaths above the Baseline relative to their numbers than any other bracket.

    The number of excess deaths by age group does not express the risk factor for that age group.

    The 45-64s got hammered relative to the other age brackets on this last omicron wave.

    I’m guessing that the long term chronic health effects, years and decades forward, will also effect this age bracket more than others.

    That’s the peak productivity cohort of the work force.

    Then again if you’re trying to murder and depopulate societies and cultures, going after the most experienced and productive members will yield results almost as good as sterilizing an entire generation of young people and stunting their mental development.

    I guessing the long term chronic health effects of ‘Covid-19’ will go decades.

    The Gift that keeps on giving for the Medical Industry Mafia Complex.

    Well played!


    A beautiful tragic sound track for the Times


    Please pardon my incompetence…. but how can I share the video on Covid Raul has commented on as “ unmitigated disaster” ?

    Mister Roboto

    It would appear that, the Christian alternative to GoFundMe that is now taking donations for the Canadian convoy, is having trouble processing people’s attempts to donate because their server can’t handle the sheer number of people trying to donate right now.


    So now the trucker protesters are going to be treated to the regular policing of other protesters (data collection, group infiltration, kettling). Welcome to the world of protesting. In Toronto during a globalization protest, police infiltration was give away by the fact that police were wearing government-issued police boots- oops!
    Conservatives got rid of I’Toole because he was not right-wing enough. It looks like Poilievre is waiting in the wings, to carry on with the Harper tradition of muzzling scientists and blaming residential school survivors for not being hard-working enough. Oh, and he is a big supporter of the trucker protest – that’s some kind of leadership. I’m sure if he replaced Trudeau things would be much better.

    I listened to Robert Malone’s interview by Rogan and Malone stated that the only truly reliable counts related to covid are total deaths from ALL causes. All other figures are inaccurate due to many different reasons (eg levels of testing, counts of “with vs from”, etc).

    absolute galore

    “That the Inferno is a picture of human society in a state of sin and corruption, everybody will readily agree. And since we are today fairly well convinced that society is in a bad way and not necessarily evolving in the direction of perfectibility, we find it easy enough to recognise the various stages by which the deep of corruption is reached. Futility; lack of a living faith; the drift into loose morality, greedy consumption, financial irresponsibility, and uncontrolled bad temper; a self-opinionated and obstinate individualism; violence, sterility, and lack of reverence for life and property including one’s own; the exploitation of sex, the debasing of language by advertisement and propaganda, the commercialising of religion, the pandering to superstition and the conditioning of people’s minds by mass-hysteria and ‘spell-binding’ of all kinds, venality and string-pulling in public affairs, hypocrisy, dishonesty in material things, intellectual dishonesty, the fomenting of discord (class against class, nation against nation) for what one can get out of it, the falsification and destruction of all the means of communication; the exploitation of the lowest and stupidest mass-emotions; treachery even to the fundamentals of kinship, country, the chosen friend, and the sworn allegiance: these are the all-too-recognisable stages that lead to the cold death of society and the extinguishing of all civilised relations.” —Dorothy Sayers, Introductory Dante Papers, 1954

    (And that was 68 years ago, and it’s only been going one way since. Uh-oh.)

    those darned kids

    wow, there are people complaining that since previous protests were attacked by the police, that ottawa police should be attacking the convoy, too.

    i really hope (friendly!) aliens arrive soon.

    Mister Roboto

    Conservatives got rid of I’Toole because he was not right-wing enough.

    It stopped being about “right wing” or “left wing” when the left decided to go all in on Covid authoritarianism.


    It would appear that, the Christian alternative to GoFundMe that is now taking donations for the Canadian convoy, is having trouble processing people’s attempts to donate

    We know, that’s why I said “GiveSendGo is working hard to accommodate the overwhelming amount of donations.”

    A comment tweet from GiveSendGo today:

    Just in case you missed it-Did you know if you dispute the donation to gfm with your bank/CC they will be charged a $15 dispute fee. They want you to click the refund link because then there will be no fees. What they don’t want is 120,000 (amt of donors) $15 fees! Just sayin’



    I’m seeing your images.


    “They’re severely mentally ill, or at least deeply inbred retards.”

    I’m going to go with the latter (though quite possibly both). Assortative mating has been a thing since the rise of government led fascism and inequality. “Smart” people don’t necessarily create “smart” people with too much homogeneity in mates. The “smart” kind of get bred right out of them. Just like the monarchs of old, sooner or later all that’s left is your sister once everyone else has been “othered”. Maybe that’s the insanity we’re seeing, a result of inbreeding elites.

    @Everyone else

    I forgot who gave us that snippet earlier this week of Naomi Wolf’s latest essay, but I wanted to post the link here because it is salient given the link didn’t go into their post.

    ” In Germany, to move back in time, the demonically intelligent incrementalism of Nazi policy continued. In 1933, the year Adolph Hitler was appointed Chancellor of a new cabinet, Hitler gave his word that “the Nazis would remain a minority in any future cabinet.” [Elon, 391]. Even in 1933, though, some prominent Jews still believed that “nothing can happen to us.” [Elon 391].

    But “Theodor Wolff was one of the few who warned that Hitler’s appointment was merely the first stage of a coup d’etat in installments.[Italics mine][…] Wolff predicted that ‘a cabinet whose members have been proclaiming for weeks and months that salvation — by which they mean their own — is at hand, in the form of a coup d’etat, a breach of the constitution, the elimination of the Reichstag, the muzzling of the opposition, and in unbridled dictatorial rule…will do everything in its power to intimidate and silence its opponents.’” [Elon 391].

    “For millions of Berliners,” writes Elon, “nothing seemed to have changed at first […] Few seemed aware of the watershed they had just passed” [Elon 391].”

    Funny all those happening at warp speed after “da fairest elections evah!” And we’re not even into weimer territory yet. Yet. So, if we read history, might as well just say default comes after the death camps begin.


    Dr D:

    “Lawrence on Trump election conspiracy: When does an idea become a crime?” –MSNBC

    Never. Thinking about robbing a bank is DIFFERENT from robbing a bank, if I have to point this out to the mentally ill. THINKING is different from ACTING.”

    Agree, never. As long as the “thought” remains a thought. The idea is just an idea, right, just waiting to be proved/disproved? What happens when a thought becomes a BELIEF?

    The “thinker” moves into action as if the belief was real and brings it into tangibility – through words/deeds. Not implementing the ultimate idea, yet – but ENERGIZING it. Trump was a master walking on the razors edge in this way. Just enough to keep the believers believing. Many unable to separate the CON from the MAN – Trump himself appeared to believe his own stick due to living life in an alternate reality of his own making with minimal interruption/challenge.

    Belief is not a crime. However, “Trump is just being Trump” is supposed to be an excellent excuse for it all? How about taking some accountability/responsibility for the actions that do/did manifest? Instead, #WINNING trumps all, at any price. We tolerate shit. We get what we tolerate.

    If the R’s wanted to cull the Democratic party once and for all, they would mount a “responsibility/accountability tour”. It begins with Pence saying “Trump was wrong” (like he did yesterday). Not sure they have the guts to build on it, and pull it off. Of course my hope is for an outsider rebel candidate to step up – anything to disrupt the one/same D/R mashup we’ve got.


    From Steve Kirsch

    UK government report reveals that British children, 10 to 14 years old, up to 52 times more likely to die after getting a COVID shot

    Child Sacrifice on the alter of ‘civilization’.

    The Story of Isaac?


    “Then again if you’re trying to murder and depopulate societies and cultures, going after the most experienced and productive members will yield results almost as good as sterilizing an entire generation of young people and stunting their mental development.”

    They’re also the ones most likely to recall a time where every waking moment in time was not controlled by some form of overseeing “benevolent” mommy dearest. Can’t have those memories passed on to a youth that will eventually come to get tired of the hypochondriac based nanny state.

    Kind of makes me glad I was a “wild child”.


    I hope that the convoy can get their donations back from the thieves.


    “…Can’t have those memories passed on to a youth…”

    When I was still in grade school I met a woman in my town who was over a hundred years old at the time and had a small shop. She was sharp as a tack, with a twinkle in her eye. I loved history and would visit her often to ask questions about the old days. I always preferred talking to ‘old’ people as a child, weird I guess.

    She was born in 1856.

    She remembered the day the Civil War started in 1865 and she remembered the day it ended in 1865.

    After 620,000 men were killed out of a population of 28 million.

    She said when the war finally ended all the church bells in her town and all over the countryside (and all over the North) rang their church bells from dawn until dusk. Every able bodied person in town was expected to take their turn ringing the steeple bell for several minutes or as long as they could. She said the bell rope was hard to pull but there was a loop at the bottom so you could put your foot into it and use your whole weight to pull down on it. She wasn’t heavy enough by herself so her two girl friends and her managed to get a foot in the bell rope loop and got to ring the bell bobbing up and down in the spring breeze of May1865. She said it was a glorious moment, one of the best in her long life.

    But five days later, she remembered the day Lincoln was assassinated, and it was one of the saddest in her life.

    I asked when she first rode in a car and she she she was almost fifty years old, right before WWI. She was in her forties when her family got electric lights, and they didn’t get a radio until the 1920’s.

    So I have personally conversed with someone born before the US Civil War. It’s way cooler than reading about it in books. The times, the flavor of the era, the nuances that can only be imparted first hand.

    These is how information should pass between generations, not on a Tweet.


    since the ‘edit’ button on WordPress comments has never worked

    a small correction

    Civil war started in 1861 not 1865


    “…and she she she was almost fifty years …”

    only has one she

    I don’t actually stutter

    those darned kids

    unacceptable views live:



    I loved watching that feed yesterday. Music, people dancing, laughing, singing, etc. Why, it was so “violent” the police let them set off professional fireworks!

    Those are the Canadians I knew when driving a semi between Winnipeg and Vancouver from Florida. Though they have the reputation of “nice and polite” they also a seemed genuinely happy people to me. Even when I was a newbie to the country holding other trucks up by only going 50-60 km/hr on ice. I did eventually learn to keep pace with them. 😀


    For those who follow the delightfully cranky Miles:
    How you can Tell the Freedom Convoy in Canada is Real”
    by Miles Mathis

    This is news!


    Trudeau reported to be in hiding in Tofino


    They have feeds going for Toronto and Quebec city today as well. Shit just got real. 🙂



    ” I always preferred talking to ‘old’ people as a child, weird I guess.”

    As did I. Even my grandparents and great-grandparents would open up and tell me what life was like outside of the books. Those conversations actually make one the most prepared for anything, as anything often did happen.


    Freedom Convoy demonstrations
    Bouncy castles for kids
    Barbecue Food service
    Gas and propane service
    Friendly carowds
    Police patrols
    Winter carnival atmosphere
    Canadian flags everywhere
    Relatively Free of trouble makers and hire tugs
    Free ear plugs available


    90% of the “news” from “both” (heh!) sides is chaff, is my working assumption for now.

    distractionGate seems an apt term.. what’s going on beneath it?



    So much dissemination of deliberately provocative (IMO) images on the darpaNet from “both” sides now, too..


    Mister Roboto

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