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    Dorothea Lange Richmond, California 1942   • NATO Keeps On Demilitarising Itself in Ukraine (Tweedie) • Kremlin Mum On Putin’s Alleged Order To L
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    Why would Musk need to go to Davos? He has so much government money supporting his globalised green companies that it woul dbe a waste of time. Davos is a forum for government and corporations to meet in private, it is a facility provided by Klaus Anal, to override democracy. It is what could be described as super-lobbying, where the lobbyists line up the meetings then all the important people do the meetings at Davos. If you want a special grant to provide renewable energy from frog farts in Southern Australia, then your lobbyist lines up a meeting between your CEO and the head of renewables in Southern Australia, then they meet in Davos, share a whore, share a child whore, become mates forever, and after a few months Southern Australia starts a new innovatibe project in renewable energy from frog farts, all guaranteed by the blackmail pictures of the boys in Davos. Kind of like Epstein Island on roids. Why does Musk need to go, he has that all set up already.


    Here is the list of policies, indexes, statistics, fiat currencies, and ‘official’ projections for the future that are not completely fake, fraudulent or fabricated and manipulated:

    Here is a list of prominent NATOstan politicians who are not professional liars:


    We are also imposing severe sanctions on Russia that will plunge the RussianEuropean economy into recession for decades, and its industry will be deprived of modern and critical technologies,” she added.

    There. Fixed it.


    Armenio Pereira

    Low tide follows high tide follows low tide.

    The change one favours will inevitably come, but not necessarily during one’s lifetime (as a human being.)
    That’s the Universe’s nature.
    Now you go and, one monad at the time, change the Universe, will you?

    A healthy dose of equanimity towards change is what we need.


    Now we know why they’ve allowed Russians to continue playing in the NHL. These hockey players don’t realize it but they are playing for free! Eventually the government will steal all their wealth.

    Dr. D

    Poor Greta. She gets arrested fro what she believes in but as one commenter said: it’s not real as she will have no consequences. Like gold armor. Get out of jail, guaranteed, even as a foreign national. So is what she’s doing “real”, in a sense? If she goes along with regular Germans, isn’t she just encouraging them to go to jail, lose their jobs, and take all the consequences she won’t, like a chicken hawk? An Agent Provocateur? …Not that this is her fault, most probably; it’s more the trust-fund kid issue, where they would like to make something of themselves, but it’s always overshadowed by somebody else’s money and privilege.

    “NBCBLK: Jackson’s water crisis persists as national attention and help fades away.”

    Golly, how racist, says NBCBlack. If you’re interested I can tell you where $100 Billion of that went. Like 100x what you need to fix your water. Ukrainians are the master race; only they matter. Jackson Mississippi, nobody cares: and that’s not a race thing. Fentanyl border is wide open, with enough getting through to kill every white in America 10x over. Or at least 30,000 a year, known and approved.

    “San Fran City Panel Urges Reparations of $5 Million Per Black Adult”

    Note this is a panel, not a power. They are not SF government, that is “stakeholders” and far better as lacking elections there are no consequences for anything they say or do. Legally, they are going to give “Blacks” $5M over time. Great! What’s a “Black”? No, honestly: what is that? If you have a single drop of white blood are you excluded? What if it’s Egyptian or Tunisian Blood, gained back in 1500’s Africa? What if it’s ¼? ½? They do this to Indians all the time. So if you are actually African, came yesterday, you can get the $5 Million? Yes/no? How about if you’re 100% African, came yesterday, and are Elon Musk?

    What if you were black, have been here 150 years, are 100% (which already seems unlikely) but were never a slave? What if you were a slave in British Indies, but have always been free in America since your family landed 1800? Shouldn’t you sue Britain? What if you came from Sengal in 1900 and were never a slave? We’ll let that rest for now.

    California was never a slave state. There were never slaves. So California is paying South Carolina’s reparations for them? Or perhaps it was merely for “racism”. What is that? Is $5M enough for the lynching of your family (which did not happen in California territory) but what if someone bumped into your shopping cart with a dirty look once? Is that $5 million dollars? Why is the State responsible for any conduct of any of its citizens? If a murder is committed on California soil, should we arrest the Governor and jail the Legislature?

    Who pays? As the joke goes, if you are half black do you pay yourself? According to CA budgets, yes: Blacks pay taxes, then those taxes are repaid to themselves with additions. Do the Chinese pay the Blacks who were never slaves in California? Is this true even of Chinese and Japanese who were de facto slaves in California? What about Mexicans and other Hispanic immigrants? Do they pay reparations for a country they’ve never been to and had nothing to do with before now? Do they get reparations as well, and if so, from whom?

    Suppose we pay reparations only from “Whites”. What’s a “White”? I’m not being argumentative here: Poles and sometimes other Slavs are considered “People of Color” according to several official organizations like the ACLU. Are Italians “white”? When did that change? Was it 1960? 1940? 1900? 1880? If you came in 1880 and endured vicious racism, do you still have to pay blacks for their vicious racism, if that is indeed why? 1880 is after slavery ended. Most “White” American stock came to America after slavery had ended. Should they be excluded? Or should they be excluded only if they, as Poles, Irish, Italians, also endured racism? Since Poles were racist against Italians as late as 1960, do they get reparations? Or does the inter-group racism indemnify them against paying for out-group racism? How do you quantify how much racism? If you were shot by a Black Nationalist, as in Brooklyn and Wisconsin this year, are you excluded from paying?

    What if you were Jewish? Very clearly Jewish people endured strong racism, very universally, still experience it, and are also very clearly the group paying reparations today. Do we exclude or include them? How about Muslims? Should they excluded? What if the Muslims are Serbian? English? Californian?

    These are just some of the very specific, logical, necessary questions we must ask. Anyone have a simple answer? Can anyone even define “Black”?

    “Is New Zealand A Beta Test For Western Governments Micromanaging The Populace?”

    Question answers itself. Not sure anybody knows what to do about it yet. I don’t think going up there and shooting them is the New Zealand way, and it will have to be done according to their unique, up close, and personal system. I imagine their history can help show what that path is.

    “NY Supreme Court Strikes Down COVID Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers”

    After it’s far too late, you lost your house, and with no reparations for egregious and/or fatal human rights abuses.

    Trump: “I have info on everyone!” Yes. I’ll bet you do. Would you care to use it and get something done sometime?

    CO2 chart: yes, that does suggest the CO2 is largely appearing from non-human sources such as undersea volcanoes. That would mesh with the CO2 rising in Ice Ages, long before SUVs.

    “He calls the experience “extra terrestrial”

    Does he mean like personally, as during the Skull and Bones spirit channeling exercise, or genetically in the distant past, as the Nazis believed? Either is fine. I’ll wait for your answer.

    ““But even if both Bakhmut and Soledar fall to the Russians, it’s not going to have a strategic impact on the war itself, and it certainly isn’t going to stop the Ukrainians or slow them down.”

    Losing territory is gaining territory. Going backwards is the same as going forward. I remember this discussion in Kharkov where they said the #Opposite. The Russian army is in no hurry.

    “Britain has 227 tanks. Russia has 15,000.”

    Not sure what to say about that. 1) Yes, but the British tanks are really, really good. Perhaps 500:1 times better? 2) Ukraine already said 14 tanks won’t be enough, and neither will 227. They need nearer 500. 3) They’re also 2,000 miles away still, and have been for a year while Ukraine needed them for 400 days in a row. 4) Did Britain’s recalcitrance kill Ukrainians, and if so, how many? 5) Why?

    “No wonder Ukrainian refugees are returning to Kiev to get proper medical treatment”

    I am happy to say that I have no health care so that I can make sure Ukraine has free health care. And Germany, and France. It’s the least I can do.

    “the Special Economic Measures Act gives Canadian authorities the power to seize property”

    They’re broke so they steal stuff. Simple. This is a sign of their near-total power over the world, so we should be very, very afraid.

    “The value is relatively small, but it may be used to set the mechanism in motion”

    It certainly is setting a large mechanism in motion: That of all money fleeing the West for Singapore. Canada already caused a bank run under the truckers? Now they can have a bank run on foreign capital. But these people are not prone to panic and will merely have family money managers rotate out over time, and irrevocably.

    “In the EU, the procedure hasn’t been legalized either,”

    They are doing this illegally, without adjudication or understandable rule of law. As they ask, “What is a ‘violation’?” Insulting the Queen? How much is that worth? £50? £500 million? Either? Both? Money needs visibility: how can I comply with the law if no one can tell me what the rules are? Or they change from day to day as Biden’s ATF does? Any such place must be avoided. Even Turkey is an improvement as the rules are messy and dangerous, but they are at least the same as always.

    “ EU Sanctions Goal Is to Crush Russian Economy – Von Der Leyen (RT)”

    WEF says they have caused 6% decline in Russia’s GDP. Putin says 2.5%. Either is possible but neither would be adequate to accomplish anything. The U.S. is in 6% decline and has been off and on since 2001. It’s masked with a blizzard of bond paper shuffling. Ursula is so successful with this she’s holding bake sale to help Ukraine. I mean, isn’t that what “Asking for donations from private investors” means?

    “Russia’s crimes will not go unpunished, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said”

    Okay, so then you have just said you must attack, conquer, and occupy Russian territory, as that is the only way to accomplish your goal. We know.

    “Ukraine is a candidate for EU membership,” she adds. She already said in 20 years. And ahead of Turkey, which I’m sure they won’t mind.

    “ EU Leaves Back Door Open for Sanctioned Russian Oil (RT)”

    They – USuk, EU – pay “money” for sanctioned oil as “money” has no meaning. They print it for free. Generally the EU prints “Dollars” in the Eurodollar market, which causes US inflation and US bonking problems instead of EU problems. Great! And we know how the market, the crash goes on so long. One problem: Russia still gets this value and the “money” that has no meaning seems to have meaning when it’s making Russia far richer while pumping less oil than before. Are you sure it was actually “free”?

    “If (when) Russia scores a decisive and undeniable victory, the perpetrators of the disaster will be revealed as corrupt fools wasting your money on their worthless fantasy.”

    This has already been happening, from “Mission Accomplished” to Vietnam. But it doesn’t COST Americans enough in their daily lives. They didn’t get HURT. I’m sorry that’s what it takes, but our history seems to show. No information, no revelation, not even any failure will change anything, defenestrate Nuland, Cheney, Lockheed and Boeing. Only personal injury. The American people themselves have made this so. But to be fair, they’ve been protesting and resisting this all along, just not enough.

    “Ukraine’s neutrality is “no longer meaningful” given the circumstances, Henry Kissinger [said]”

    This is gravitas. Completely true, indisputable statement, forming agreement on all sides. And then Nazis putting other Nazis on the Nazi (kill) list. That’s how evil acts. This is why they lose.

    “I believe Ukrainian membership in NATO would be [an] appropriate outcome.”

    Listen carefully. By having Poland – in NATO – take the remaining Ukraine.

    “Russia should be given an “opening” to rejoin the West, “if it meets the required conditions” …of complete unconditional surrender.

    “to avoid the perception that the conflict has become “against Russia itself,” in order to avoid Russia realizing and mobilizing further…too late.

    “Kissinger also said that the US-led military alliance ought to be the guarantor” …Because of the unconditional surrender. Otherwise, Russia would never do it and never believe them. So you see he’s having trouble “Flattering” the West with victory and still salvaging something from it. He’s in a room with infants. Would moving half of Ukraine into NATO NOT be a big success? Even if it’s not the whole thing? No. They want ALL the Oompa-Loompas for their own, or nothing at all. Okay then Violet, nothing is fine with me.

    “violation of the First Amendment. Twitter, a major hub of political speech, has been among the main targets”

    And as violating all Human Rights IS the far bigger deal, eclipsing everything, we forget that it’s a violation of their core charter, Section 230. We, Congress, can pull them, or that, at any time with no trouble. They are in direct affront and violation of their agreement with Congress. Open that and they are sued for Libel as well. …As WELL as sued for human rights violations running in the hundred-million or billions of violations.

    his decision was due to the fact that he found Davos boring.”

    Apparently they have half the attendees of last year. I think that shows they’re in trouble, no one wants to be within 40 feet of their reputation. This is doubly bad as this is the annual Mafia Family Reunion. People only show up because they’re blackmailed and can’t help it. So if your BLACKMAILED people don’t show up, doesn’t that suggest they’re not afraid of you anymore? Or more afraid of the public than of Bugsy Schwab? Discuss.

    Even Schwabinator and Soros didn’t show or cut early. Okay, well you turned on the lights and scared the cockroaches out of the kitchen, but they only moved into where? The cellar?

    Again, we’re winning. And it sucks, like all wars suck. They are long, tedious, stressful, expensive, and unpleasant. But would you like to start shelling where we can level a city of 200,000 in 20 minutes?

    “You cannot have two different justice systems.”

    Sure you can. We have since the 70s. But we’re still winning. Exposing them is winning. You have to know or you won’t change. You have to know or you won’t do anything, change approaches, make arrangements. “You” being “We” the People.

    “Biden in ‘Very Big’ Mess over Document Scandal – David Gergen (ET)”

    With who? How? He’s not aware he’s President anyway. “Biden cabinet jockeying for control” Really? Since they’re the ones running things in the first place, how is “Biden” being in a mess a problem? They are equally running things under Kamala…or McCarthy, probably.

    “the Reagan administration’s popularity took a dip,”

    Wow. That must have been the stone age. Because the CIA did stuff rogue, people actually thought the President knew about it? And the CIA worked for us? And the responsibility for oversight should lie with the President? Ah, how quaint. Those were the good old days. I’m not sure you could find someone who believes the CIA is overseen by anyone these days. Not the Courts, not Congress, not the President, no one. Therefore, whatever they do is legal! De Facto at least. Ask the “Team 0” civilian and children kill teams in F-stan. They’re CIA. No oversight. All for hire. Right out of Bourne Identity and the Punisher.
    Pompeo’s still around, why don’t you ask him all about it?

    “One Fatty egg” Scienz™! Science is totally Right! Like Mr. “The Science” Fauci. If you say everything AND its opposite, you’re just certain to be right. Then you can say “Science!” “I told you so.” You know, like your wins with Eugenics.

    “The Sun”

    Actually, they worshiped the same God, an invisible, all-encompassing, all-powerful, intangible spirit God. So did the European pagans and druids before Christianity. They – modern Science and historians – try to invent trouble, but if you are generous, looking at the person’s argument and description instead of straw-manning some made-up, wrong and entirely fabricated description, you find out it’s all been more similar than different. What’s the difference? Well, Euros wear leather shoes with heels, whereas Indians wear leather shoes without heels. Euros wear a “Pair” of pants, two separate legs tied together, whereas Indians wear two separate leggings. Indian men paint their faces whereas European women paint their faces. Indians worship the invisible spirit God in a underground round church, while Euros go to a square one. I mean: Totally different, right?

    Clearly one is morally superior to the other. Before it was the Europeans who were innately superior by birth, and now it’s the non-Europeans who are innately superior by birth. Totally different! Wot a world.

    That Bloke

    In this Dick Emery sketch from years and years ago, let’s swap things around a bit. Emery is the EU and the wife is the Russian economy. ‘Loving’ = sanctioning.




    The graph showing that for the past 800,000 years CO2 levels were between 200PPM and 250PPM is shocking. At 180PPM it is almost impossible for vegetation to grow and at this level most of the life on Earth would disappear. It was obviously a close thing.

    At 200PPM life would have struggled. One experiment used bushes grown in different levels of CO2 : 200PPM, 400PPM and 800PPM. The 200PPM bush was a stunted dwarf, the 400 PPM bush was ‘normal’ and the 800PPM bush was several times the volume of the one grown at 400PPM.

    We are lucky to be living at a time that CO2 is at 400PPM, although life would thrive more at higher levels. Here’s hoping for 800PPM and a better future!



    The holes in the ozone layer were only discovered fairly recently. In response some scientists literally sat round a desk for an afternoon to discuss it. As often seems to be the case today the starting point was that it was man made rather than natural. The conclusion was that CFCs were responsible. That was the ONLY ‘proof’ that Man and CFCs were responsible!

    Ozone [O3] is unstable and needs to be continually replaced. This is done by sunlight so less ozone will be produced at the poles where sunlight is oblique. It does not seem ridiculous that the spin of the Earth will cause the ozone at the poles to drift towards the equator. I do not think that holes at the poles are unnatural.

    One amusing story about CFCs involves a Chinese company which made an allowed CFC, but it created a byproduct CFC which wasn’t allowed. The EU agreed to pay for this CFC to be destroyed, but they paid 100 times more than it cost to create! The Chinese company then started to create lots of this CFC and asking for more money. Last I read the EU had shelled out 2.3 billion Euros!


    I suggest we change from using expressions like “480PPM” – it sounds big and authoritative.

    Instead of Parts Per Million, shall we use Parts Per Hundred?


    OMG CO2 has reached 0.00000048pph!


    Dr. D: “You cannot have two different justice systems.”
    Sure you can. We have since the 70s

    Please allow me, a certified red clay road trailer trash southern redneck, to draw your attention to the post Civil War Reconstruction.


    ….and we suspect humans COULD BE responsible for raising the CO2 levels by a maximum of …

    0.000000018pph! As we all know, that is a LOT.

    Because CO2 is the world’s most powerful insulator and even, being a heavier gas, and thus staying close to the surface of the earth – not up in the sky reflecting down – it nevertheless, as a trace gas, raises the entire planet’s temperature by whole percentage points.

    This is why we use it exclusively in, for instance, our double and triple pane windows everywhere. Because of how insanely effective it is, even as a trace gas, at insulation. But we have to be careful. Imagine if it were used at a 0.00001pph level! It could start FIRES.

    It’s why we switched from fiberglass insulation to CO2 insulation. To cut down on energy use so we can stop producing so much of this damn CO2!

    D Benton Smith

    have any other of you oddball cognitive outliers noticed how much (and how swiftly now) the Overton Window has shifted here on TAE?

    And it’s not just us. It’s literally everywhere, even (dare I say it ?) the Main Stream Media.

    Now I ain’t suggesting that Bible style divine intervention is going to be made manifest in our lifetime, but I am suggesting that if current trends continue that’s what would happen if current trends continue. Because that’s definitely the current trend.


    Modernizing/updating/renewing/recycling/recasting/demilitarizing/get rid/obsolescent/antiquity/antiquation/aged/

    • NATO Keeps On Demilitarising Itself in Ukraine (Tweedie)

    • Game-Changing Russia (Batiushka)

    get rid of some more of their old armored vehicles and even tanks,…. cost £8 million each and there are only 227 of them.
    The fact is that as long as a single piece of the Ukraine is under Nazi control, it will be a threat to the Russian Federation.
    Fix it for you …
    The fact is that as long as a single piece of the Ukraine is under Nazi control, it will be a threat to NATO Demilitarising Itself in Ukraine (Tweedie)
    • CNN: Ukraine Has Become a ‘Weapons Lab’ for Western Arms (Antiwar)

    Ukraine has turned into a “lab” for Western arms as the war has given the US and its allies an opportunity to see how their weapons fare in a conflict.
    Modern warfare

    • The West’s New Anti-Russia Sanctions Are A Total Game Changer (Timofeev)
    • Ursula Von Der Leyen: Russia’s Crimes Won’t Go Unpunished (Az.)
    • EU Sanctions Goal Is To Crush Russian Economy – Von Der Leyen (RT)

    Canada is the first country to legally implement the forfeiture mechanism.
    We are also imposing severe sanctions on Russia that will plunge the Russian economy into recession for decades, and its industry will be deprived of modern and critical technologies,” she added.

    Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that the country’s economy is performing “much better than what not only our opponents but even we ourselves predicted” and is on course for further stabilization.

    D Benton Smith

    The US has vast stores of ammunition stashed in various places around the world (Israel, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Serbia, and probably other even more secretive caches as well) . . . . but here’s the deal: Bullets in Baghdad are in Baghdad. Can’t shoot them from guns in Donbass without shipping the bullets there first and THAT is a bit of a sticky wicket. Russia has unequivocally announced what they will instantaneously do to any shipment that is attempted. Kaboom. Instantly.


    Just a personal anecdote here. Still job hunting. A few observations

    over 130 applications. ONLY interest taken in me was by 2 companies of 50 employees or less. They had hundreds of candidates for the single offered position, but they did interviews with me, at least. As compared to large companies hiring for multiple positions who have not asked for an interview. Companies with way more resources to conduct interviews.

    So some sort of blacklist for people fired over the injection that does not vaccinate still seems like a possibility to me

    I reported, previously, seeing 200 or even 1500 people listed on indeed as applying for a position.

    I am now sometimes seeing ranges of 15,000 applicants. That is not a typo nor a mistake on my part.

    When people think of Weimar Germany’s inflation, they typically think of, speak of, money printing.

    They forget – or don’t know – what was actually HAPPENING at the time. Germany was reduced to payment-in-kind for ww1 reparations. They failed to deliver some telephone poles – or maybe it was railroad ties? For France, this was the last straw. Their army moved into Germany, occupying its most industrialized region. France said if you aren’t going to pay us with your production, then we are going to hold onto your means of production.

    The response from Germany was – if you’re going to take our means of production, then we aren’t going to produce. There was a general strike. Germany went tools-down.

    Printing money and giving it to workers with no income was seen as a way to help the working class AND an additional act of defiance against France.

    The key thing was that if Germany isn’t producing, what can you GET with German currency? What products or services? I would say this was a MAJOR factor in kicking off the devaluation of German currency.

    And what did the world do in 2020? A general strike, essentially. I don’t get all this talk of a possible slow-down/recession. Isn’t stopping even slower than slowing down?

    A general strike (enforced by the rentiers, the very people a general strike was supposed to be a weapon against) is what we had. How could the effects be anything BUT drastic?


    Big Sister is Watching



    Nothing to See

    Keep it moving Citizen Prole



    Daily CO2
    Jan. 17, 2023 = 419.07 ppm

    Jan. 17, 2022 = 417.8 ppm

    The 2023 season peak will occur in late May and will record around 423 ppm, up 193 ppm from the long-term average of 230 ppm and up 143 ppm from the pre-industrial average of 280 ppm..

    How could a factor that is known to have a substantial effect of average temperature possibly have an effect? when it is up ‘only 51%’ in just over 200 years!

    I see that jb-hb thinks that by changing the units of measurement he can change the outcome (planetary meltdown).

    Science and the real world don’t work that way.



    The Marques story was finally originally published in 1993 in Playboy.


    Another invasion of your privacy.

    A run-of-the-mill wifi router is ‘bathing” anyone in range with a signal that is detectable and map-able just as if it were ‘light’.

    This allows the number and body language of those in range to be converted to a 3-D animation then sent back through the same router.

    Knock, knock, who’s there……



    Universal coin
    Are the predators color blind
    Use Polish peacekeepers, referendum, to move half of Ukraine into NATO


    Afewknowthetruth said:

    Daily CO2
    Jan. 17, 2023 = 0.00000041907 pph

    Jan. 17, 2022 = 0.0000004178 pph

    The 2023 season peak will occur in late May and will record around 0.000000423 pph, up 0.000000193 pph from the long-term average of 0.000000230 pph and up 0.000000143 pph from the pre-industrial average of 0.000000280 pph..

    thanks for the info


    Afewknowthetruth – “…a substantial effect…”

    show us where the cessation of human activity affected CO2.



    I have always had a ‘photographic memory’ of people’s body language ever since I could remember even as a kid. I’ve always been able to recognize friends from even a football field away by how they move. Rarely is wrong. All kinds of surveillance tech now teamed up with AI can ID anyone by body language. It’s as unique as a finger print. It can even detect your health if it has a baseline of your healthy BL.

    Something in the way she moves…


    More alternative universe nonsense from WEF saboteurs:


    as usual, Afewknowthetruth, you appear to be purposely missing the point. And I TOLD YOU the point in the post you are replying to.

    “I see that jb-hb thinks that by changing the units of measurement he can change the outcome ”

    indeed I do. since a trace gas at 0.00000041907 pph raises the entire PLANET’s temperature by whole degrees, we have discovered an incredibly powerful SUPER INSULATOR.

    We can therefore beat climate change by adopting CO2 as a super-insulator, decreasing our fossil fuel use to almost nothing in a variety of areas. We have only to adopt it in a variety of applications to beat Climate Meltdown

    When will your campaign to adopt CO2 filled double and triple paned windows as the salvation of the Earth begin?


    if 0.00000041907 pph can heat the globe by entire degrees, think what we will be able to do utilizing CO2 at 0.000041907 pph!!!

    Nuclear power plants create power by boiling water into steam and turning turbines.

    We should be able to dispense with practically all fossil power generation and switch to CO2 greenhouse based turbines

    Ships at sea equipped with a CO2 greenhouse powered boiler should be able to cruise during the day while burning zero fossil fuels

    Do we dare go to 0.00001 pph? Surely mankind is not ready to wield such power.


    ‘show us where the cessation of human activity affected CO2;

    There was no cessation of human industrial activity.

    Industrial agriculture continued -ploughing, sowing, fertilsing, pumping water, harvesting, transporting, processing distributing…all diesel=powered, continued.

    Mining continued.

    Metal ore reduction continued.

    Blast furnace operations continued.

    Cement manufacture continued.

    Home heating via electricity, coal, natural gas continued.

    Wars continued.

    Fracking continued and leaks of CH4 which is oxidised in the air to CO2 from fracking continued,

    Fishing using diesel continued.

    Chopping down forests using chain saws and mechanised tree harvesters continued. Global trade of crap continued -and in some product areas increased substantially.

    Consumption of electricity to watch Neflix increased.

    Resources and energy used to make masks and fake vaccines increased.

    Resources and energy utilised to install barriers, screens and fake instruction advise increased.

    Energy and resources utlised to treat sick people with ineffective medications and inappropriate procedures increased.

    Energy and resources utilised for funerals increased.

    World population increased and overall consumption of resources increased despite the fake pandemic.

    I could suggest that it is time you stopped operating at the 12-year-old level of thinking, i.e. politician and government department level of thinking. However, perhaps 12-year-old level of thinking is all you are capable of.

    I do know you seem completely impervious to facts and logical arguments, just like the morons at the local council, the regional council and in Wellington, who are engaged in continuous sabotage of everything.

    There is not long to go now, as a direct consequence of the dumbing-down and 12-year-old level of thinking, plus the massive level of squandering of energy and resources promoted by governments and bureaucrats throughout Oceania for many decades.


    dude, you HATE ad hominem attacks. You are the white knight of defeating all ad hominem, right? It’s wrong everywhere it appears.

    Anyway, you seriously believe that fossil fuel use was not affected significantly by worldwide lockdowns and you accuse me of 12 year old thinking.

    You’re embarrassing the Climate Meltdown religion. YOU’RE the one de-pantsing it in public – I hope you realize.


    Since the lockdowns gave us a great real-world experiment of Taking Action Now, can you Climate Meltdown people at least abandon Taking Action Now, since obviously, it increases CO2 production, the most reflective and insulative trace-gas in the universe?

    Mr. House

    This was very interesting:

    The CIA and the Cultural Cold War Revisited

    Not that it changed my mind on much, but further cemented the idea that all the cultural chaos we exp. comes from above.

    Formerly T-Bear

    @ D. Benton Smith, 17/01/2023 11:23 #126394


    That Russia would bother to formally withdraw from treaties seems to me to be a positive signal that they take treaties seriously. Otherwise they could simply ignore them for being as worthless as the paper they’re written on

    .Appearances are that you did not read the link or appreciate the implications of the link given. It seems your expectation is that the rest of the world in all its variety must conform to the behaviour of the sewer that the U.S. has become, with full public approval by appearance. Why should Russia abandon their integrity to match the sewer (not an environmentally healthy swamp) creatures filling Washington’s government. Your position would be pathetic if it had even half a gram of pathos. How you missed the message that once this particular link between supposedly civilised nations is broken, there will be no return to status quo anti. It would be delusional to think that will happen but delusion from one shinning sea to the other is the order of the day for the best educated as well. How are you going to keep a Republic let alone an ersatz democracy?

    D Benton Smith


    You are one of the sharper minds around this joint, and have been sucked into an argument with an argument machine whose purpose is to distract you from more important business by sucking you into an argument. One way to deal with adversaries is to waste their time like AFKTT is wasting yours.

    D Benton Smith

    @Formerly T-Bear

    What the fuck are you even talking about? It’s an incomprehensible invalidative word salad doesn’t even say anything and has absolutely nothing to do with what I had said. . Are you crazy or something? Don’t answer. You and I ain’t gonna talk no more. I have better things to do, like clip my toe nails.


    D Benton Smith thank you kindly – But he’s been making me better and better over the past 4 weeks while he has stayed the same.

    Whole new vistas of Climate Disbelief that I didn’t even realize existed have opened up to me while he still can’t even articulate why extinctions are bad, confirm if he agrees or disagrees with Jenson on what points, or even confirm or disavow the basic tenets of Climate Change.

    I had a different outlook just 4 weeks ago. Now Climate Change seems to be a flimsy wet paper tiger. I’ve discovered a variety of very basic common-sense epiphanies just by interacting with him. I honestly did engage because I didn’t know fully and wanted to find out.

    And for instance, I only came up with the CO2 greenhouse generators based on futuristic 0.00001 pph CO2 technology today. Never would have realized this is the solution to usher in a new era of human civilization if not for him.

    But maybe you’re right. I’ve traveled the distance I meant to travel, mission accomplished. move on.


    DBS: yes the Overton Window does seem to be moving faster than ever. It must be in a wall that is rotating! New view almost daily, not great views but different ones just the same. Variety is the spice of life, a change is as good as a rest or some such nonsense. Distraction is what it’s really about, but from what?

    D Benton Smith


    Yup. silver linings and unanticipated benefits are cool, but it is probably time to let that sleeping dog go back to sleeping and lying (double entendre intended).

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