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    Alfred Sisley Snow at Louveciennes 1878   • US Daily COVID Cases Drop By 47% And Deaths Fall By 38% Week-on-week (DM) • ‘Much Brighter Than Befor
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    V. Arnold

    Alfred Sisley Snow at Louveciennes 1878

    Nice, very nice…


    Hooray. Steve Kirsch got 4 out of 6 correct. He gets bonus points for getting the most important 4 correct.

    The two where Steve missed the mark were where he dissed masks and social distancing. Why Steve, why? Look at the data! Look at the scoreboard! It is not even close! In Asia, where masking and social distancing are widespread, we are totally kicking your ass. It is mostly in the US, which has the worst statistics by a mile, and where there has been the most resistance from Day 1 to masking and social distancing, where there is a “blinders on” religious resistance to masking and social distancing. And just look at the numbers! Not even close!

    I have my complaints against the pro-pharma kiss-the-ring vaccine-only slavish and mindless obeisance of the Korean approach. But give credit where credit is due. When it comes to controlling transmission, we are totally kicking your ass, and it is because of masking and social distancing.

    Apart from these two blind spots, good work, and please continue the good fight!

    Polder Dweller

    Fine art and physical fitness, what a great combination!

    those darned kids

    “When it comes to controlling transmission, we are totally kicking your ass, and it is because of masking and social distancing. ”

    is that what they do in africa?

    those darned kids

    • US Daily COVID Cases Drop By 47% And Deaths Fall By 38% Week-on-week (DM)
    § is that with death or from death?

    • ‘Much Brighter Than Before’: COVID-19 Cases Plunge Across US (ET)
    § is there an election this year?

    • The Narrative Is Falling Apart, Piece By Piece (Kirsch)
    § step by step, inch by inch, slowly i turned..

    • US Faces Wave Of Omicron Deaths In Coming Weeks, Models Say (AP)
    § so now we’ve got victoria’s secret in charge!? finally!

    • New Research: Covid Less Deadly Than Thought In 1st Year Of Pandemic (JTN)
    § new?! NEW?!! NEW?!?!? ¿¡¡¿¡¡¡¿GNU?!?!?!!

    • The Last Days of the Covidian Cult (CJ Hopkins)
    § watch your back..

    • Calls Grow To Ditch Compulsory Covid Jabs Law For NHS Staff (DM)
    § calls grow for bigger ditches for nhs leadership.

    • Observations From An Experienced Nurse About The Covid Vaccines (Kirsch)
    § who needs experience? “fourth graders to be called in to replace striking seven graders.”

    • Think About What Denying Health Care To The Unvaccinated Means (Vezina)
    § lower taxes. woohoo!

    • Nicola Sturgeon Announces Lifting Of Omicron Restrictions In Scotland (G.)
    § something fishy, here..

    • New Zealand Closes Borders To New Arrivals Over Omicron Risk (G.)
    § good. who wants to get trapped in a dystopian nightmare worse than the one you now live in?

    • Grocery Stores Could Close If Labour, Product Shortages Worsen (CP)
    § NEWSFLASH! Farmers’ Markets to Sell Food!

    • Ghislaine Maxwell Ends Fight To Keep Eight ‘John Does’ Secret (CTV)
    § now that they’re hasbeens anyways..

    • Western Governments Drop Plans To Cut Russia Off From SWIFT – Media (RT)
    § russia to drop obnoxious western governments from gas shipments.

    • 5G Network Deployment In The US Spawns A Cluster Of Disruption (TAC)
    § in people’s veins?

    • Multiple Flights to US Suspended Over 5G Fears (RT)
    § but how will the kiwis escape?!


    “the narrative is clearly crumbling.”

    Omicron …. drippy nose …. 5 sick days …. delayed Deployment to the Ukraine war effort

    Omicron …. drippy nose …. 5 sick days …. supply line shortage and disruptions

    Omicron ….. drippy nose …. 5 sick days …. War postponed due to lack of vaccinated volunteers


    because of masking and social distancing. ”

    is that what they do in africa?

    Sounds like a reasonable comment. I am troubled by masks with holes 1000x the size of a virus, being able to stop it. “People in Asia eat more rice” sounds good too. Most people in the west practice social distancing. And Asians still get on subways and buses. Overall, not totally convincing.


    because of masking and social distancing. ”

    is that what they do in africa?

    Sounds like a reasonable comment. I am troubled by masks with holes 1000x the size of a virus, being able to stop it. “People in Asia eat more rice” sounds good too. Most people in the west practice social distancing. And Asians still get on subways and buses. Overall, not totally convincing.


    Some doctors are revealing
    The things they’re really feeling:
    They hate your guts
    They think you’re nuts-
    Just die and stop your squealing!


    yesterday ‘ s post went poof into the ether – here text with the links split


    Novak Djokovic supports the movement against Rio Tinto Mining Company and the Serb Gvmt. who want to mine lithium deposits in Serbia.

    Dec. 5 2021. — > 2 news links

    Link 3 is to a v. long youtube of the protests in Serbia and shows ppl holding up signs against Rio Tinto etc.

    Rio Tinto is a Global — Extractive Company. It is essentially Australian, its headquarters are in Melbourne, and it is registered there.

    Novak D. and his wife manage a foundation, its actions are mostly aimed at children (pre-schoolers particularly, they seem to follow a philosophy similar to Headstart’s in the US, only in Serbia..), there is also support for U students, etc. Large amounts have been gifted, and the projects accomplished are impressive (if correctly reported…)


    An article in The Australian, Jan 14 ’22 lists some of their donations “to fix (his) reputation”.. see link 4.

    Novak D. is not just a tennis player, he is an international player, and has, in Serbia, a +++ reputation.

    The Rio Tinto mining project in Serbia is “delayed”…from the Financial Times … link 5.


    Illness may be a downside for going maskless but it is the price we pay to be human. We MUST see each other’s faces. We must be able to breathe freely, even germ laden air (which happens to boost our immune systems, both personal and societal.) Wear one if you want, but don’t force them on others.
    Influenza hit those mask wearing societies pretty hard prior to the “pandemic”.

    Mandatory masking destroys empathy and may be a reason we are now confronted with heartless, murderous doctors and raging maniacs on airplanes and elsewhere.
    From my experience, the mouth is more important than the eyes when it comes to reading deception, aggression, contempt, and disgust (as well as mirth, friendliness, kindness…)
    Pervasive, mandatory masking is malicious theater.



    It is too bad that the Czech singer didn’t also intentionally have plans in place to treat Covid…because then she likely would not have died.

    The article looks like the situation where the news organization combs the world for a story that fits its preferred narrative — in this case, stoking fear of acquiring immunity through natural Covid infection — and then running that story, rather than focusing on the vastly larger cohort of people who did the same thing with no long term ill effect. In order to understand risk, we can’t simply be informed of outliers, we need a broad sampling.

    those darned kids

    what a heartless robot..

    attention 77th brigade! please update algorithm to include 0.02% empathy.

    Figmund Sreud

    From Valdai Club today: John Mearsheimer, Malcolm Rifkind, Sergei Ryabkov.

    It’s about relation between Russia and the West.

    (Mearsheimer’s remark starts at about 32:45 mark.)

    … stand-by for a significant event, … soon!



    The German response to the Plandemic is morphing steadily into the Fourth Reich.

    Double that for Austria, home of Adolf Schicklgruber, and back in the day, Austria had more official members in the Nazi Party than Germany, quite an accomplishment all in itself.

    The Big Lie today is that the Germans don’t need Russian energy.

    Laughable as that lie is to hear out loud, the kabuki theater of ‘sanctions’ against Russia is truly grotesque in it’s transparent absurdity.

    ‘We’re gonna harsh the Russian mellow but good, but Bejesus, Mary and Joseph, don’t stop us paying for that sweet Russian gas!!!”

    This is classic “sub-adult” behavior. A Sub-Adult is someone who acts and speaks like a pimple faced teenager, but wants all the perks and respect of a Real Adult, minus actually responsibilities.

    Sub-Adultness is now the Zeitgeist of Western Culture.

    The only touch missing is the fashion statement of ‘gangsta’ saggy baggy pants with a Butt Crack showing and looking like it conceals a big load of poop as the de rigueur Western World Leaders official dress code for appearing in public.

    Boris J would look fetching in gangsta poop pants with his bed head look of bleach blonde hair.

    Whazzhappening? DAWG!

    Even better.


    “the narrative is clearly crumbling.”
    New COVID-19 cases due to Omicron in Ontario expected to peak this month, health minister says
    CBC News · Posted: Jan 19, 2022 8:04 AM ET |

    Look for the reporting. ( I’ll wager that this harassment will not get reported)

    ” some doctors are telling lies about the safety of the vaccines. We cannot have that. We will send a letter to the association of doctors to remove their license.”


    That’s Boris giving a half hearted Sieg heil salute.


    looks like the situation where the news organization combs the world for a story that fits its preferred narrative

    This website, and this comment section, is based on this model.

    You do see that, don’t you?


    McMaster could play the role of Buck Turgidson in a remake of Dr. Strangelove. He has the right shirt and has a talent for saying absurd things.
    Buck Turgidson

    Figmund Sreud

    Who knew?

    “In a special address to the WEF’s 2022 Davos Agenda virtual event, Xi [Chinese President Xi Jinping] also urged concerted efforts to defeat the pandemic and promote steady recovery of the world economy, as the world continues to face a still raging COVID-19 pandemic. He called for the equitable distribution of vaccines, faster vaccination, as well as a continuation of economic globalization, stressing protectionism and unilateralism can “protect no one.” – bold added for emphasis.

    No ‘countercurrents’ can stop globalization trend: Xi


    Figmund Sreud

    The Climate-Change Trip to Abilene

    The Climate-Change Trip to Abilene

    “Climate change is not the biggest problem facing the world. It is a symptom of the much larger problem of overshoot. Overshoot means that humans are using natural resources and polluting at rates beyond the planet’s capacity to recover.

    The main cause of overshoot is the extraordinary growth of human population made possible by fossil energy. Concerns about overshoot and population raised more than 40 years ago were dismissed. Climate change has captured public awareness more recently although many doubt that it is an emergency.

    Overshoot is more difficult to dispute: the destruction of rainforests, the extinction of other species, the pollution of land, river and seas, the acidification of the oceans, and loss of fisheries and coral reefs.[…]


    John Day

    England Ends All COVID Passports, Mask Mandates, Work Restrictions

    New Narrative… Can BoJo survive now?


    US’s 5G:

    So 5G interferes with airplanes operating in US airports but not anywhere else. Big question: Why?

    The US 5G system uses higher frequencies to achieve higher speeds than in other countries. The frequencies US 5G uses are just below the frequencies airplane height instruments use, increasing the risks of interference.

    Most other countries limited their 5G frequencies to a lower bandwidth providing a greater buffer zone with aircraft. This also limited their 5G system speeds compared to the US 5G system.

    Are you really surprised that the US 5G companies did this? Corporations own US gov.



    Maybe we should be really, really glad that BoJo attended that elite garden party, and “accidently” blowing up the one world government’s great Reset!

    To try and survive the elite’s elaborate covid social rules, the delicious irony is that BoJo suddenly feels the need to abandon the elite’s rules, to save his own skin!

    Oh, the one world gov elites must be very dismayed at this sudden unintended turn of events!



    Figmund Sreud:

    The irony today is that Xi is trapped in his own zero covid policy trap!


    So RussiaRussiaRussia (oh look at the squirrel over there!)

    Just in case you have forgotten, it is winter in Russia! I doubt the Germans have forgotten! The French probably still remember! If you still want a winter war in Russia, then please be my guest!

    Oh, so you really don’t want a winter war in Russia? Oh, I see you really meant the FBI’s J6 war in Washington DC! Yes, that J6 narrative is a really frozen stiff corpse isn’t it!

    Figmund Sreud

    @WES, #98463 – Xi is trapped in his own zero covid policy trap!

    Yes, but there is a lot, lot more in that article: … Xi ( … Klaus Schwab’s pal?) is insisting that China is absolutely, the most critically important for globalization to march forward!


    those darned kids

    doc day: well, that’s great news from england, but it does worry me as it makes no sense in their nonsense.

    what’s next?!



    From or With Covid?


    Israel, Too bad she didn’t go full Monty and burn the mask.

    -Most Covid patients in the hospital are NOT there because of Covid, rather their infection is incidental.

    -There is not even one Covid patient on a ventilator, as opposed to previous waves/strains.

    -There are many flu patients on ventilators, yet there are no rules surrounding the flu.

    -We must have the ability to be flexible, and adjust accordingly. The Professor calls for mass testing and quarantine to end immediately, and for all healthy people to return to regular routine.

    -She DOES stress a caveat that masking should remain in place.

    You never know which courageous voice will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, so stay strong, speak up when you can, share information, and don’t ever accept this as a status quo, or there will be no end in sight.


    A funny thing just happened. Is anyone else’s antivirus trying to block TAE? That hasn’t happened to me before. Appears the PTB are getting nervous.


    Re: Xi and China: after recently reading (here) Xi’s biography, I can only conclude that that fellow is extremely sideways in the head, and China’s troubles have only begun.

    Michael Reid

    John Michael Greer wrote an excellent essay today.

    The Unmanageable Future

    It pointed out to me that I have abstract knowledge and practical hands on work knowledge and much more to learn and do. It also addresses reflecting on life which I find myself doing daily.

    those darned kids

    this just in! merriam-webster changes definitions of the following words: truth, justice, and the american way..

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