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    “A Catastrophic Moral Crime” – Bari Weiss & Bill Maher ‘Say The Quiet Part Out Loud’ On Leftist COVID Policies

    “….Weiss concluded by clarifying what many who look asconce at the ongoing ’emergency’ COVID measures think: “…this is going to be remembered by the younger generation as a catastrophic moral crime….”


    Let’s not forget what a lefty mediawhore Bari Weiss has been most of her career.

    The worm is turning

    Leftist Bari Weiss Rails Against Covid, “Vaccines,” Slave Masks, and Passports: “A Pandemic of Bureaucracy”

    Leftist Bari Weiss Rails Against Covid, “Vaccines,” Slave Masks, and Passports: “A Pandemic of Bureaucracy”

    those darned kids

    “we will either be telling our grandkids what freedom was or what mandates were.” ~jp sears


    The Plandemic:

    “…this is going to be remembered by the younger generation as a catastrophic moral crime….”

    As if the Gen Z & the Millennials don’t hate the Boomers enough before the Plandemic.

    When the dollar and economy totally collapse, and food supply lines crater, the Gen Zs and Mills can barbecue up a few Boomers, the meat is old and tough but I heard it softens up nicely when marinated in some Red Bull and salty tears.

    those darned kids
    Veracious Poet

    Gary will appreciate this one: DCcomics

    Very interesting indeed, especially for a far-leftist cartoonist, wonder what solution he would offer to U$ Empire Inc.?

    It’s really a sad turn of events that (L) & (R) CULTs are so enamored with their proffered self-obsessions that they miss the point that the Sons of Liberty in 1765-1791 were trying to make, at the point of death, to future generations of humanity…

    Got rights?



    V. Arnold

    Formerly T-Bear

    V. Arnold at # 98797
    Since your first inquiry was rhetorical ….

    The only other question is; when will the rest wake up to this ongoing insanity?
    Never is my guess…..

    Awareness might occur when: Mathematics becomes a lingua franca in daily life; logic is understood; intelligence is appreciated and socially valued. ‘Never’ is a good approximation. As long as letters after one’s name suffice as ersatz accomplishment rather than the beginning of education, little drive to improve will happen. Just the way the cookie crumbled, the crumbs are rapidly being consumed by “Lord of the Flies” savages. YMMV

    Excellent! Thanks for that Formerly T-Bear…

    Veracious Poet

    Can TPTB get away with this sleight of hand?

    Careful there girl 😉

    You’re getting precariously close to defining Us vs. Them…


    Keeping on a sci-fan track-
    “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”
    ”Needs” or “wants”?
    And that is how this “pandemic” has gone down: do the “many” NEED everyone to be vaccinated?
    Or do they WANT everyone to be vaccinated?
    Propaganda makes “wants” seem like “needs”.
    Break that spell, and we’ll be halfway there.


    The answer is …. the 30,000 + fans at the football game ( KC will win the football game)


    This is why addiction is such an important model for capitalism. I don’t NEED anything that’s hyped.
    I want it.
    What I truly need– well, those are commodities. They are priced accordingly. They sell themselves.
    But the world of marketing (how small they have pretended to be!) does everything it can to make me think I NEED what I WANT. Food? Caviar or a Big Mac. Clothing? Valentino or Nike. Shelter? A condo in uptown or forty acres and a mansion.
    Know what you need. Know what you want.

    V. Arnold

    This is why addiction is such an important model for capitalism.

    I do not agree with that premise…

    But the world of marketing (how small they have pretended to be!) does everything it can to make me think I NEED what I WANT.

    This I agree with; but I think it’s wrong to conflate the two…
    Small nit to pick, but, an important difference, me thinks…


    This link is for our non-believer.

    Maybe you’re just as bright as Mister Roboto?

    I believe in data. And the data is shit for ivermectin. You choose to ignore that reality.

    And hey- your bullshit link from zerohedge was really well edited. The NH House bill is 1022. Not 2011. But hey, you knew that, because you check your sources. And you “do your own research”!

    You fucking snob.


    Dr Stuckelberger is a whistle blower

    She is explaining how the Clotshot contains highly toxic components starting with graphene oxide then actual live parasites, and nano transistors of some type.

    She says that the graphene oxide is the vehicle mechanism that helps and facilitates the spread of the spike protein to every part of the body.

    She says it’s a tossup as to whether the graphene oxide or the spike protein is more deadly.

    She says that the autopsies of dead sports figures show massive amount of blood clots that are so thick it can’t possibly be just the spike protein doing it, it’s the graphene oxide somehow. The clotting can be measured by D-Dimer tests.

    The graphene oxide and spike protein are acting as a combination to spread the toxic effect throughout the whole body, especially the brain.
    She said scientist in German with Reiner Fuellmich held a press conference with an electron microscope and put the ‘vaccine’ up under magnification to show high doses of graphene oxide in it for all the world to see. There was also a lot of metal, nickel and chromium in it that has no purpose being in a ‘vaccine’.

    They also found that the parasite found in the ‘vaccine’ was called Hydra Vulgaris and that at body temperature at activated and went out to spread through the body. It might be that the presence of Hydra Vulgaris in the shots is contamination in production and a quality control issue.

    Hydra Vulgaris has never been seen EVER in any book of medicine in history as being in an injection or vaccine. What’s it doing there?

    The last point she makes is the ’vaccines’ are actually some type of chemical intoxication or poisoning which then creates an infection or a heart attack.

    She said emphatically for vaccinated people to NOT EVER give blood because it is highly contaminated with graphene oxide and other nano particles.

    The vaccinated are spreading these particles quite easily.

    Interesting if the ‘narrative’ finally flips and the vaxed are the ones to avoid out of fear of them contaminating the unvaxxed.

    Two people merely holding hands, one vaxed and the other not, will contaminate the unvaccinated. The unvaxed after a short period of time of just holding hands with a vaxed person will test for a high D-Dimer test levels!

    The point is that the deaths are coming from a chemical poisoning agent/action more than from some biological/virus function.

    The Vaxed are able to spread the toxin agent easily through close contact. Like if you’re unvaxxed don’t sleep with someone who is taxed.

    You can get poisoned by them, not infected.

    The take away is that the Covid Plandemic is a chemical, mechanical poisoning event NOT a biological/virus one.

    The graphene oxide is working hand in glove with the spike protein, neither of which is ‘alive’ in any tradition sense.

    Are you fucking serious?

    “You can trust Dr. Stuckelberger”. “She’s a doctor. And a whistleblower!”.

    “Also trust these other fine doctors, who can’t be crazy by the way, because you know, it’s impossible for doctors to be crazy: Ryan Cole, Simone Gold, Stella Immanuel, Pierre Kory, Vinny Boombatz. Should I go on? They say things that back up what I say, so they must be legit. Just ignore the other batshit crazy things they say. They are the REEEEEAAAAALLLL doctors!”

    “Hydra vulgaris”? Jesus christ.

    “Transistors in the vaccine”! OH MY GOD! You’re a crazy person.

    “Don’t touch vaccinated people! They can spread their toxins to you!!!!!” What the actual fuck is wrong with you?

    Do you seriously believe this schlock? Is this really your mindset? What are you 12?


    Well, there sure are people who are borderline implying it:

    No. Twitter is just making fun of your antivax-hero-freedom fighter and you’re oddly butthurt. So much so that you attribute comments made by (maybe) others, to me.

    That’s how your mind works? I see it now.



    Yep you were righ, KC won via a coin toss! Likely to also win the Super Bowl too. KC has they only great QB left. Others have good QB.

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