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    Ivan Aivazovsky Moonlight Reflecting On Water c1850   • Organized On Facebook, A Who’s Who Of Anti-Vaccine Activists Head To DC (NBC) • CDC Plans
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    V. Arnold

    So, my only question is: When will this madness end??????????????
    Rhetorical of course…it won’t end…this is the boot stomping the face forever………

    The only other question is; when will the rest wake up to this ongoing insanity?
    Never is my guess…..

    …but the Ivan Aivazovsky Moonlight Reflecting On Water c1850 is forever a beautiful painting…

    Dr. D

    “We have information that indicates the Russian Government is looking to install a pro-Russian leader in Kyiv as it considers whether to invade and occupy Ukraine.”

    Says a country that actually DID invade, install a pro-Western leader and occupies Ukraine to this day. …As usual. We had the same opinion of Shi’a in Iraq, Alawites in Syria, and Libyans in Libya. How did all these ethnic groups get into OUR new territory? – Just like their gas and oil.

    I swear, Russia is going to stop our new nations from being as successful as Afghanistan!

    Speaking of lying. NPR completely fabricated a story – for no reason anyone can discern – about a fight over masks between Supreme Court Justices. When the justices denied it in the strongest and clearest, unwavering terms, NPR refused to retract it. And still hasn’t.

    Question for these PMCs: Who do you think you’re fooling? Who on earth do you think you’re convincing?

    There isn’t a cogent thought in their whole heads. Like when they deny Joe Rogan, audience 15M (3 x 1 hour shows @5M/hour) with CNN, circulation…to low to be measured, but probably like 500k now, their top show for a single hour out of all 24.

    They’re really honestly mentally ill. There’s no other way to say it. Like a 5-year old with a toy microphone, they think if they speak into a paper towel roll they’re a reporter and everyone believes only them.

    Anyway, lying. Just for lying’s sake. Just ‘cause: lying. And when caught lying, lying more. When the whole network and 50 years of NPR “credibility” is then exposed to destruction, the editors…pick lying.

    Any questions? Saddam has weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al-qaeda. Mushroom clouds. Dominoes of Democracy. All NPR approved, every minute of every day since I was a child. Brought to you by Raytheon and the Ford Society, Bill and Melinda Gates.

    “a rally against Covid-19 vaccine mandates, a sign that the anti-vaccination movement that gained traction on social media”

    Okay, speaking of lies. So…the completely vaxxed anti-vaxxers, having almost certainly no less than a dozen vaccines each. Who are NOT against vaccines in the slightest, but vaccine MANDATES, and the problem isn’t the complete failure and collapse in FDA messaging, complete failure of every PMC program, complete spread of Covid everywhere and twice as much in every lockdown state, nor that they are merely and rather tepidly and placidly expressing their opinion in a legally-approved manner. No, the only reality is “Social Media”. If it’s on social media, it’s real and important, if as before, it’s happening in the real world, it’s false and unimportant. Twitter is my God, and I shall have no gods before thee. Sayeth PMCs safe at home in pajamas.

    “Activists who continue to find ways to spread false and misleading claims about the Covid vaccines,”

    Um, how does this happen when they’re saying the same thing for two years and the CDC has changed THEIR claims, NOT the protestors. CDC now says: 1) Vaccines don’t stop the spread. 2) Everybody’s going to get it. 3) Masks don’t work. 4) Vaccines don’t stop you from getting it. 5) Shutting down the economy hurts more than it helps. 6) We should protect the vulnerable instead.

    Since that is now the CDC “fact”, and the antivaxxers are on the same page with the same message, the “misinformation” now comes from? NBC apparently. NBC and this article are in direct opposition to the latest official CDC science. Them and only them. The people, CDC and Science are united in message, or converging. The media PMCs are the only “Deniers”.

    I’m getting a kick out of watching the same thing here in the comments. Now we’re all stupid and show how brainless knee-jerk contrarians we are because the CDC now agrees with everything we’ve been saying for like a year, or in my case, two years. While the “Science” guy, who’s being very strict and objective DISAGREES with the CDC, and agrees with… Actually I don’t know who at this point. Agrees with, believes, and is in line with articles 18 months obsolete? No lab leak? No funding? Masks worked great. Two weeks to stop the spread? It’s crazy to think they’d use that to grab more?

    And that’s hardly a conviction of us. We ALWAYS said the CDC and Pfizer were lying about everything and couldn’t be trusted. That they flip-flop again is totally in line with our beliefs and views. That demonstrates they have no science and never did. So that we now agree with them isn’t a conviction of US. Our position was generally consistent: this s—t doesn’t work. However, it seems entirely motivated by economic and political gain to the overwhelming harm of the people. They’re trying to find a way to weasel out of it now that the people have caught on, but NBC has their finger so far up their nose they haven’t got the memo, the lead-paint muncher of the media kids.

    Walensky and others had stated that the definition of being fully vaccinated would not change”

    Aaaaaaannd everyone was banned off of everywhere for saying this. Aaaaaaannd the CDC was lying. And the people were totally, completely right. The vaxxed “anti-vaxxers” were correct again. And again. And again. There is no vaccine passport. There is no vaccine mandate. It will not come some ridiculous 2, 3, 4, 20 shot thing to keep your freedoms.

    “Fauci, Walensky Dodge When Asked About Number Of Vaccine Deaths (WND)”

    Dore was all over this. So TWO YEARS later, you have Noooooooooo idea how many people were killed. At all. Not the slightest. And for what were you setting public policy all this time then? Can you GET us the numbers Ms. Walensky? Because U.K. is now suggesting 17k there, 1/100th of the headline. Meaning essentially NO ONE died.


    Now I don’t believe that either, certainly quite a few people died, but since they STOPPED REPORTING. And the ONLY certain number, the headline number, was THIS number, the number of grandmas Trump killed – but not Whitmer and Cuomo, and certainly not Biden – and the ONLY sure and perfect number you guys had for the last two years just went missing?

    So you have no idea. …If you have no idea, then can you tell me IF Covid existed AT ALL? Because if you’re not certain the number is 17k, maybe you’re not certain it’s 1k. I mean, you must have SOME number, amirite? That’s what “Science” is based on, amirite? And? So where’s your number?

    Poof! “And like that, poof. He’s gone.” The limp poofters of Science.

    Along with no numbers of who EVER had Covid, who EVER died from it, reporting now STOPPED nationwide on who has it in hospitals today. Not just relevant numbers, arguable about “With” or “From”, ALL NUMBERS STOPPED. We don’t wanna know.

    Because: Science! It’s what you have when you have no numbers, and the lack of all data is tippy-tippy top for Science. And medicine. NBC put their OTHER finger up their nose and got it stuck there and can’t figure out how to ask a question about THIS: science and reporting with NO NUMBERS.

    Which seems ever-so-slightly suspicious, doesn’t it? Science and medicine about the world’s largest and most important, deadliest pandemic ever with NO NUMBERS? If hospitals count them — which they will — we now put our fingers in our ears and refuse to write it down?

    “Mask Mandates Causing Over 350% Surge In Childhood Speech Delays (NP)”

    I’m sorry, did you kids say something? We PMC adults can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome we are.

    And P.S. the parent’s responsibility here? In a world they know is mad and a problem they know they have? “This is a job…for somebody else!” The government, I’m sure. Or Science. Or schools. Or science, only one thing I’m sure of, the responsibility for my children lies not with me.

    Gary will appreciate this one: DCcomics

    Isn’t the first step realizing this has happened? Then we can decide if we want it or not. That’s why letting them goose-step around was necessary. But how much damage have they really been allowed to cause so far, in civil war terms?

    Dr. D

    Strange which comic/images with post and which won’t. Let’s try as a single:


    Dr. D


    Formerly T-Bear

    V. Arnold at # 98797
    Since your first inquiry was rhetorical ….

    The only other question is; when will the rest wake up to this ongoing insanity?
    Never is my guess…..

    Awareness might occur when: Mathematics becomes a lingua franca in daily life; logic is understood; intelligence is appreciated and socially valued. ‘Never’ is a good approximation. As long as letters after one’s name suffice as ersatz accomplishment rather than the beginning of education, little drive to improve will happen. Just the way the cookie crumbled, the crumbs are rapidly being consumed by “Lord of the Flies” savages. YMMV

    Mister Roboto

    While the “Science” guy, who’s being very strict and objective DISAGREES with the CDC, and agrees with… Actually I don’t know who at this point. Agrees with, believes, and is in line with articles 18 months obsolete? No lab leak? No funding? Masks worked great. Two weeks to stop the spread? It’s crazy to think they’d use that to grab more?

    A good example of why I think that one can make a case that they are a Russian professional troll, if one insists on clinging to the theory that they are something other than what they present themselves as.



    Dr Astrid Stuckelberger bio

    In an interview for CONUVIVE Mundial (United Nations World Council for Life and Truth), Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger talked about the findings made by her and several scientists around the world about the content of vaccines, mentioning from graphene oxide to parasites and biotechnology.
Graphene is targeting brain, we can see this from autopsies. Graphene delivers Prions in brain create CJD type illnesses.
Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger on graphene oxide, parasites, and transistors found in vaccines

    Dr Stuckelberger is a whistle blower

    She is explaining how the Clotshot contains highly toxic components starting with graphene oxide then actual live parasites, and nano transistors of some type.

    She says that the graphene oxide is the vehicle mechanism that helps and facilitates the spread of the spike protein to every part of the body.

    She says it’s a tossup as to whether the graphene oxide or the spike protein is more deadly.

    She says that the autopsies of dead sports figures show massive amount of blood clots that are so thick it can’t possibly be just the spike protein doing it, it’s the graphene oxide somehow. The clotting can be measured by D-Dimer tests.

    The graphene oxide and spike protein are acting as a combination to spread the toxic effect throughout the whole body, especially the brain.
    She said scientist in German with Reiner Fuellmich held a press conference with an electron microscope and put the ‘vaccine’ up under magnification to show high doses of graphene oxide in it for all the world to see. There was also a lot of metal, nickel and chromium in it that has no purpose being in a ‘vaccine’.

    They also found that the parasite found in the ‘vaccine’ was called Hydra Vulgaris and that at body temperature at activated and went out to spread through the body. It might be that the presence of Hydra Vulgaris in the shots is contamination in production and a quality control issue.

    Hydra Vulgaris has never been seen EVER in any book of medicine in history as being in an injection or vaccine. What’s it doing there?

    The last point she makes is the ’vaccines’ are actually some type of chemical intoxication or poisoning which then creates an infection or a heart attack.

    She said emphatically for vaccinated people to NOT EVER give blood because it is highly contaminated with graphene oxide and other nano particles.

    The vaccinated are spreading these particles quite easily.

    Interesting if the ‘narrative’ finally flips and the vaxed are the ones to avoid out of fear of them contaminating the unvaxxed.

    Two people merely holding hands, one vaxed and the other not, will contaminate the unvaccinated. The unvaxed after a short period of time of just holding hands with a vaxed person will test for a high D-Dimer test levels!

    The point is that the deaths are coming from a chemical poisoning agent/action more than from some biological/virus function.

    The Vaxed are able to spread the toxin agent easily through close contact. Like if you’re unvaxxed don’t sleep with someone who is taxed.

    You can get poisoned by them, not infected.

    The take away is that the Covid Plandemic is a chemical, mechanical poisoning event NOT a biological/virus one.

    The graphene oxide is working hand in glove with the spike protein, neither of which is ‘alive’ in any tradition sense.


    Why bother with numbers, they’re confusing… it’s much more effective to roll with the “Children’s Hospital” and “Anti-Animal Cruelty Society” method. A few words, then sad images.
    Who could possibly argue with that? It’s the new “science”/s


    In the same way viruses are not really alive, but the general perception is that they are, graphene oxide and spike protein are molecules that don’t appear to be alive but seem to act in concert like they were alive, and they seem to spread ‘biologically’ but are not.

    Dr. D

    NBC, supporting NPR on their pointless, ridiculous, double-down lie:

    “ Justice Sonia Sotomayor was the only member of the court to wear a mask during oral argument, no doubt because her Type 1 diabetes put her at greater risk for Covid-19.”

    ….Because they didn’t ask. Because this writer = reporter, therefore, allergic to phones and facts.

    Next problem, she wore a mask because she’s not vaccinated and is an anti-vaxxer? Or is it because vaccines don’t work? Because if they work, everyone on the Court is vaccinated, so there’s no risk. Unless she thinks vaccines don’t work. Gorsuch seems to believe his vaccines DO work. Go on.

    Is Sotomayor staying away from Gorsuch to protect herself from possible Covid exposure? And if so, why hasn’t he been more considerate of his colleague’s health?”

    I the reporter HAVEN’T THE FAINTEST IDEA, but am going to just assume – without asking anyone – that anything I make up in my head is true.

    So you don’t know Sotomayor, you don’t know Gorsuch, you don’t know the court, and you don’t know the reason. Got it. Must. Keep. Talking. If I don’t keep talking in stream-of-consciousness association the underpants elves will get me.

    “(Breyer stayed away because he had recently gotten a Covid test that turned out to be a false positive.)”

    So, “Tests don’t work.” Got it.

    The arrangement turned into a national controversy after National Public Radio reported that Sotomayor “did not feel safe in close proximity to people who were unmasked,”

    Yes, the NPR article that is widely considered to be completely false and denied by all justices. And again, Sotomayor did not feel safe because she believes vaccines don’t work. In contradiction to the (former) CDC.

    “Roberts soon issued his own statement, explaining that he “did not request Justice Gorsuch or any other Justice to wear a mask on the bench. …That may get Gorsuch off the hook for refusing a direct request,”

    It – MIGHT – get him off? Maybe? You mean because the statement was completely, categorically FALSE? Yes, when the accusation is false we generally let that person off. Says a Northwestern Lawyer who can’t understand the concept.

    The same cannot be said of Gorsuch. Even if he rejects the science behind the Centers for Disease Control”

    Gorsuch SUPPORTS the CDC, in that vaccines work. Sotomayor rejects the science of the CDC and says her vaccine does not work.

    Consideration for colleagues Obedience should be gracious, voluntary and unbidden.”

    Every word of every sentence, but we’re done here. NBC supports and reinforces the completely false, discredited report, and still desires punishment and censure for things that didn’t happen, never happened, and never will happen. Because ‘Gorsuch”. Who hasn’t followed the law or Constitution in his life and votes liberal most of the time like the other Justices.

    “It’s good to know that Gorsuch and Sotomayor remain colleagues and warm friends.” –NBC

    Because like other PMC Karens, you have to be offended ON BEHALF of minorities, because minorities are too weak, stupid, and helpless to take up their own battles and need mommy to help them always. Correct, white guy Steven Lubet? Gotta help out that decade-long Supreme Court Justice. She’s not a REAL Supreme Court Justice but a colored stand-in who needs your help!

    So a two-fer. Not only supporting NPRs false statement AFTER everyone knows it’s false, but racist and sexist too! Gooooooo TEAM!


    Head of “Trial Advocacy”. For Supreme Courts Justices down on their luck and still using a separate drinking fountain.
    Incurious Barely literate second-rate anti-lawyers unite!


    My favorite quote from the vaccinator Twitter feed.

    “The moment someone says, “If the vaccines work, how come so many vaccinated people are getting COVID?”— you know they don’t understand or care how vaccines work.”

    Eric Topple claims to know how they work but speaks with forked tongue. He laments the lack of quality data yet continues to push the vax based on this data.

    Virus time: Jan 18th, 2022 (5 days ago)

    For one, managing a public health crisis requires a navigational system based as closely as possible on real-time capture, analytics, and sharing of essential and relevant information. But during the Omicron wave, we haven’t a clue as to whether and to what extent hospitalizations are being prevented by vaccinations and boosters. The president and leading members of public health agencies have made numerous statements and public appearances throughout the pandemic, but not a single word has been uttered about fixing the profoundly deficient data systems. In May 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declared that there would be close tracking of all hospitalizations and deaths among the vaccinated. That never happened, though not because of the CDC.

    The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), led by Secretary Xavier Becerra, has chosen to avoid mandating that data be collected. Is this unwillingness a reaction to fear of political backlash? Amid an ongoing public health crisis, this inaction is unacceptable.

    Like Topple, Bacerra is probably another clueless member of the cult of vaccinators. There is a donut hole in data, statisticians around the globe have unpacked it and come to different conclusions. This seems likely.

    From Topple’s substack

    Virus time: Yesterday

    Now let’s turn to hospitalizations where the data are extraordinary, consistent, potent protection, and by all we have to go on, very durable. There are 3 reports: the UKHSA, the Kaiser Permanente Southern California, and the new CDC MMWR as summarized in this Table. It is exceptionally rare to see such consistency in triplicate—88, 89, and 90 for booster effectiveness vs Omicron. That is substantially improved compared with 2 shots (44-68%). And, importantly, it appears to be quite durable (83-90%) after 3 months, an attrition level fully in keeping with what we have seen over time with the Delta variant. As I previously wrote, We’re very lucky. Damn lucky.


    Dr D

    The deal with mediawhores like NPR and NBC is that with UNLIMITED ‘money’ printing, the presstitutes can be bailed out indefinitely, ad infinitum.

    So they don’t need audiences, they’re just tarts turning tricks.

    Pravda on the Potomac.

    Keeping MSMediawhores propped up like dead hookers is just the cost of doing ‘business’ in the USSA.

    And since ‘They’ can print unlimited amounts of ‘money’, ‘They’ can bribe anyone 24/7/365.

    ‘They’ are printing so much ‘money’ at this point, it’s equal to the amount of taxes that are being collected.

    You don’t need tax ‘money’ from the peasants, taxes are a control grid to threaten and terrorize the Sheeple, ‘They’ could just print the same amount of ‘money’ as ‘They’ collect in taxes.

    It’s all a Big Blivot

    Ten pounds of shit in a five pound sack.


    Michael Mina tweeted

    “I feel very strongly that the “blame” for so many ppl being unvaccinated does not fall on the unvaccinated

    It falls on the massive nearly ubiquitous systems that have been allowed to go unchecked that have enabled so much disinformation to spread – that ppl fear being vaccinated.”

    (Michael Mina is an American epidemiologist, immunologist and physician. He was formerly an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology & Immunology and Infectious Diseases at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Assistant Professor of Pathology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School,[1] and currently Chief Medical Officer at eMed.)

    He is also tripple vaxed and recently got Covid.

    Mister Roboto

    So are Topple & Co. resorting to the old “it doesn’t really work unless everybody does it” fallback position that I’m sure we’ll be hearing for the rest of our lives whenever something doesn’t work?


    Just when we thought omicron was going to be in our rear view mirror, there is now a BA.2 variant emerging. Early days.

    The most disturbing issue here is that even by the time before BA.2 took off in Denmark a week ago, Denmark was likely running out of Covid-naive, uninfected people. What this means is that possibly, BA2 is especially good at REINFECTING Danes and Frenchmen. Not sure if the vaccinated people are more susceptible to reinfection, but it is possible and always seemed to be the case even before Omicron.


    I’m still very skeptical about this theory that the deflated one is an AI or a state actor of some kind. But if I did think that, I would probably be inclined to suspect that they are in fact a professional troll of the Russian variety. The thing about Russian “active measures” trolls is that they do not necessarily seek to promote viewpoints that are friendly to the current regime in Moscow. Rather, they promote multiple positions and attitudes depending on the context in order to foster maximum divisiveness.

    Deflationista’s brand of trolling is so ham-fisted and unconvincing, yet just antagonistic enough, that if somebody other than the deflationista of yesteryear were posting from that account, I would really think it was somebody with the motive of making the regulars and lurkers of TAE more hardened and militant in our views. Since it’s a lot more likely that they are just a very well-mind-controlled denizen of the mainstream authoritarian left, they can take “comfort” in knowing that they are doing Vlad Putin’s work for him!

    Imagine not only actually thinking this, but then taking the time to post it. Mass formation psychosis.


    Ethical Skeptic’s current take on BA.2

    1. Neither BA.1 nor BA.2 came from Wuhan strains
    2. Both BA.1 and BA.2 are older than Wuhan by 2 yrs
    3. BA.1 and BA.2 are cousins (simultaneous lineages)



    The lack of accurate data shared with the Sheeple from the beginning of the Plandemic was a feature, not an oversight.

    Autopsies, how do you know a certain number weren’t being done and the data collected?

    You don’t.

    How do you know the adverse affects weren’t being tracked carefully by batch number to see which vax formulations produced the most damage?

    You don’t.

    How do you know the amount of payoffs to hospitals to snuff Sheeple by ventilator and Remdesivir (Run-death-is near) ?

    Surprise, you don’t.

    Doesn’t mean it wasn’t monitored carefully.

    Accurate data was collected, and it’s worth it’s weight in gold (or Bitcoin)

    That data exists but only for a chosen few, and like George Carlin said,” It’s a small club and you are not in it.”

    The accurate data was collected and is NOT being shared because it provides the course correction for the next try at Medical Tyranny but at a higher level of success.

    Sure the current ‘narrative’ is decomposing like dead road kill on a hot summer day, but so what?

    “They” always come back for another run.

    “They” have nothing to fear or stop them from retrying.

    “They” own the courts, the judges, academia, media, finance, food production, etc….

    “They” will throw the legions of Quislings under the bus for now, there’s an unlimited supply of brown nosing ass kissers in this world to replace them.

    Unlimited, stretching to the vanishing point in fact, historically there always has been and will be.

    And the bottom line is the total destruction of society:

    collapse health care, collapse banks, collapse the enlisted military morale, collapse police departments, collapse cities, collapse personal interaction between people, collapse political discourse, collapse small businesses, collapse medium businesses, collapse small towns, collapse manufacturing, collapse common sense, collapse the auto industry, collapse the energy biz, collapse agriculture….

    Boy, it’s a loooong list and just keeps on rolling like Old Man River

    Frank really belts it out with Soul

    Mister Roboto

    Oh, and believing that the Packers lost the big game yesterday because Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t take the Holy Sacred Vaccine isn’t a symptom of mass formation psychosis, or at least quasi-religious delusion?

    Polder Dweller

    This guy is on a roll. I love the way he manages to imply that the vaccine passports are reminiscent of Nazi times without actually saying it. Good job Ursi has a mask to hide her toothbrush moustache behind.


    Oh, and believing that the Packers lost the big game yesterday because Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t take the Holy Sacred Vaccine isn’t a symptom of mass formation psychosis, or at least quasi-religious delusion?

    What I posted:

    “Aaron Rodgers and the Packers can still make it to the Super Bowl if Mike Pence has enough courage.

    \Apparently, the voices in your head are the problem- whispering things to you that you eventually believe. You may want to seek help. Maybe you are secretly vaccinated and that is why you can’t comprehend reality?

    Mister Roboto

    Well, there sure are people who are borderline implying it:


    “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

    ― Hermes Trismegistus

    Doc Robinson

    “The mantra they have pressed on us is “safe and effective,” which I think of as the new “Sieg Heil.”

    “Safe and effective” is more than a propaganda mantra, those exact words are actually a legal requirement in the US. If a vaxx fails to be “safe and effective,” the approval license is supposed to be revoked.

    § 601.5 Revocation of license…
    (vi) The licensed product is not safe and effective for all of its intended uses or is misbranded with respect to any such use.

    How liars create the ‘illusion of truth’ – BBC Future
    “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, is a law of propaganda often attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels. Among psychologists something like this known as the “illusion of truth”…

    those darned kids

    repeat the truth often enough and people shrug their shoulders.


    The snobs lied. The snobs got caught telling lies and the sheeps are not pleased.
    Omicron saved our social/economic system from the intent of the snobs



    There are claims that UK specialist forces are training Ukrainians in sabotage. The idea is that they would destroy critical infrastructure in the Donbass. There are also claims that the US is bringing in unspecified chemicals to the Donbass.

    Given the US comments on a Russian ‘false flag’ operation I assume the plan is to attack the Donbass and blame it on Russia as a false flag operation.

    Although it would be seen as a reason for Russia to invade to protect Donbass they could simply use missiles to destroy infrastructure around Kiev.

    However Ukraine is just a pawn. If Russia wants to escalate and ‘lance the boil’ then attacking NATO or US forces would be very high risk. They could single out the UK and hold them totally responsible for everything that happens in Donbass and punish them.

    It would send a strong signal to NATO that Russia is serious. NATO would have to think long and hard about any response. The UK itself would not be attacked so really NATO has no cause to invoke the mutual defense treaty.

    those darned kids

    i wonder if ray epps will be in d.c. today for the march.


    My thoughts on omicron ba.2 and the “bad” vaccine lots…
    It looks to me like an ongoing “mad” science experiment.
    Both the virus and vaccines are being trialed on a wide scale to figure out how to accomplish specific end-goals.
    We don’t know exactly what the end goals are.
    – Population reduction? – We know that there are powerful players who support population reduction. If that is the purpose, it is a long game, not a short game. And, if so, then it is interesting that Biden (and other prominents) were given “the real deal,” supposedly even taking their chances with the roulette of bad lots. It may be that the goal is not death, per se, but calibration with death being an acceptable outcome as techniques and knowledge are fine-tuned.
    – Transhumanism? – Getting human “wet-ware” to interface with hardware and software is a, hmprm, monumental challenge. If it is too dangerous to trial out officially, the virus and vaccine are an effective way to do it.
    – Targeted genocide? – similar to the idea behind the transhuman agenda, calibrating virus/vaccine to target specific populations — targeted genocide that would appear random or as an act of god.
    – Fertility reduction/sterility – This could be a corollary end goal, however, it doesn’t look (from the data) to be the primary or sole end goal. It could be one of many outcomes that is being studied. I’m sure the official narrative would pin culpability on the virus.
    – Population control, “mind control” – Much of the population has fallen for this. It is telling how it is only now, about 2 years into the pandemic, that omicron ba.1 and omicron ba.2 have been released. The world population wearied of the pandemic and have been conditioned to believe that there will be an endless series of variants — so now parallel viruses are released and most folks are too weary to do the research necessary to find the scientists shouting from the rooftops that these are not child variants, but siblings, their voices drowned out in the cacophony of the TNI. Can TPTB get away with this sleight of hand? Probably. Tower 7 fell without being hit by a plane, looking like a controlled demolition, but the official narrative is seldom examined, left in the dustbin with yesterday’s news.


    However, if the pandemic IS a mad science experiment of some sort, that means that SOMEWHERE, SOMEBODY (somebodies) is gathering and keeping meticulous records of the “variants,” vaccine lots, and the population outcomes. That data needs to be brought to light.


    @ anticlimatic

    From Dmitry Orlov’s piece at the Saker from 1-21-22 in the comment section answering someone

    A Short-Term Geopolitical Forecast

    ” Dmitry Orlov on January 21, 2022 · at 4:19 pm EST/EDT

    Another poor victim who thinks that the Ukraine is somehow important.

    It isn’t.

    None of this has to do with the Ukraine. The problem is with the US/NATO posing a threat to Russian security.

    What is critical for Russia is to make sure that the Ukraine remains Europe’s problem, forever.

    It has over a dozen nuclear reactors that the Europeans will have to pay to dismantle—and that’s just a start.

    They will also have to absorb an influx of several million Ukrainian economic refugees at that economy falls apart.

    They will have to provide humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian population in order to limit the extent of a Ukrainian crime wave pouring across EU’s borders.

    Meanwhile, the Russians will simply look the other way because the Ukraine will be Somebody Else’s Problem.


    You broke it—you own it.


    Russia doesn’t need the land in the Ukraine, it almost has too much land for it’s population already.

    Russia doesn’t need the food from the Ukraine, it has so much already it exports it.

    Russia doesn’t need 12 decomposing nuclear reactors, remember Chernobyl?

    Russia doesn’t need the ‘leftovers’ of Ukrainian citizenns, the best of them already immigrated to Russia and are productive citizens.

    Russia doesn’t need the crime and lawlessness of the failed state of the Fake ‘nation’ of the Ukraine.

    Russia needs nothing from the failed state of the Fake failed ‘nation’ of the Ukraine, it’s the Typhoid Mary of eastern Europe.

    Let it contaminate the EU


    “..They could single out the UK and hold them totally responsible for everything that happens in Donbass and punish them….”

    True dat!

    I’d pay for front row seats to see the Russian Bear kick England’s teeth out.

    Take away the criminal cesspool of The City of London and England would be the toothless homeless Meth Head of Europe


    If you could understand what “Omicron” is saying, …
    We are the shape shifters
    We are too numerous for you to count and/or for you to conquer
    Our objectives are not affected by your actions or your ignorance
    We will intergrate and survive and join the existing communities of the living (circle of life)


    Old Blighty in it’s Glory

    NHS Staff Throw Their Uniforms at Police Outside Downing Street in Protest Over Vaccine Mandate

    Too funny!!!

    Where’s Bed Head Boris?



    I guess Boris will have some duds to put on and pretend he’s a Medical Expert!

    Polder Dweller

    MacWrong is not having the EU presidency he was hoping for:

    Figmund Sreud

    John Helmer’s analysis of Blinken – Lavrov 90 minutes meeting in Geneva:



    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken revealed publicly in Geneva on Friday, January 21, that he will not negotiate a no-war agreement with the Russians because he cannot. This is already understood by the Russians; by the French and Germans; and by several senior officials of the Biden Administration. […]

    … When the RAND method is used to analyze what Blinken told the US press, following his meeting with Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, it is revealed that Blinken has no intention whatever of negotiating a non-aggression pact with the Russians on any terms. According to the scientific method devised by the best and brightest Americans for dealing with their enemies, it’s now clear from Blinken’s own words that he is unable to understand what Russians tell him. In the mind behind the words there is only one compulsive idea – attack, punish, destroy Russia. […]

    … Tested in two hot wars, and during the Cold War, the RAND method for gauging the intention of the adversary predicts this about Blinken – he wants war with Russia; he has no mind for any alternative.

    … fwiw,


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