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    Unknown Goodyear service station, San Francisco Sep 14 1932 • Ripped Off, Poor, Suicidal: The Greek Farmers Turning To Syriza (Channel4) • Syriza’s Ri
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    V. Arnold

    It would seem that the future lies with Greece.
    They will or will not show the way forward on Sunday…


    Oh well, things are still just Draghi-ing along……. <sigh>

    Chris M

    “and Mr. Lapavitsas describes the party’s platform as “a Keynesian program with redistribution attached, with some Marxist view of the world.” He adds: “We are not ashamed of that.” In the tradition of John Maynard Keynes, Syriza advocates public spending to reignite economic growth.”

    Keynesian economics? Seriously? This is all the best and brightest in Greece have got?? Isn’t that like going from the frying pan into the frying pan…or the fire? What am I missing here? Does no one there understand how a proper economics system is supposed to work?

    Why do I hear echoes of Richard Nixon….”I guess I am a Keynesian now.”


    Chris M – it’s either spend less (that won’t get me elected), tax more (that really won’t get me elected), or print and borrow (that’ll get me elected), but no talk of debt restructuring (that won’t get me campaign contributions and could get me killed). We couldn’t have any of those rich banks or elite taking a hit, could we? A hundred cents on the dollar for them! It seems Tsipras won’t have his brake lines cut, after all (if this is what he plans on doing).



    Think reset, debt jubilee, common sense, blood from a turnip, soak the corrupt rich tax evader,smemmake jobs.

    Chris M


    You hit on an important point–how we have “mafia style” government around the world.

    I mean, say what you want about Ron Paul, but the Republican Party didn’t appear to even count his primary election votes properly in the last presidential election. And poor Paul Wellstone. You have to pause and think about that one for a second, don’t you? And Dennis Kucinich. My gosh, he got quite the shakedown in Air Force 1, didn’t he?

    If you don’t do what the elite says, you have to watch those brake lines, as you say.

    This all makes me wonder what the answer is. I mean we can sit around in these blogs and cry in our beer about everything that is happening, but what will we do about it? I mean who is going to talk to the Greeks and say…”Look…this…and this…and this…and this is what you really need to do to get out of this pickle (or olive…not sure what the local saying is).”

    Sometimes I think what is needed is some kind of revolution, because they have us cornered with fear. You can cut the brake lines of a few people, but are you gonna do that to thousands? You know?

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