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    perpetual motion:
    The action of a device that, once set in motion, would continue in motion forever, with no additional energy required to maintain it.
    (Can you name a system: political, financial, economic, social)


    ‘The Mongols weren’t European and weren’t civilized. They had no agriculture.

    Nevertheless, they are still the #1 single-cause perpetrator of theft, slavery, and murder in all of history.’

    A mere trifle compared to the activities of the East India Company, which, under ‘Clive of India’, extracted the greatest single haul of treasure from one location to another in the shortest time ever…something like $5 trillion in modern money just 3 years. And then managed to keep extracting wealth at a slightly lower rate for the following two hundred years.

    It was the activities of the East India Company that triggered open rebellion in the British colonies of North America.

    But [British] The East India Company had the last laugh, despite the fake rebellion and fake Revolutionary War: The flag of the US is a slightly modified version of the [British] East India Company flag.

    Never let the facts get in the way of a good [faux] argument.


    And as an aside on this systemic oppression business, I must say I was quite overjoyed to learn that BLM was proud of being Trained Marxists – finally someone to bring my grievances to.

    I’d like to say to them – you people (marxists) stole MY people’s land, murdered them, and enslaved them and sent them to concentration camps. Now that I have some Marxists here available in front of me, I’ll be happy for you to pay me reparations for all the extraction, murder, theft and slavery the Marxists perpetrated on my people.

    After all, the marxists moved into the area, took the land, murdered the people, enslaved them. Marxism = murder/extraction/slavery/exploitation. All this tear down the oppressive systems totally oppressed my people (simple farmers not bourgeoise btw) more than anything else could have (it’s a good trick, isn’t it?t)


    A mere trifle compared to the activities of the East India Company,

    Oh the East India Company genocided more than 80 million?

    Citations please

    Dr. D

    As technically correct, I never know how to answer all the “United States did this” stories. Like everything modern Western people say they are technically correct, yet also lies. That’s most often not intentional. First, history of one town of 200 would be too complicated to put in a book much less a nation of 350M ppl, 4M sq miles and 400 (not 200) years. So we have to cut almost everything out. We start with a story, a ‘narrative’ back when and keep drifting and drifting it until we reach “Rome fell when sacked by the Vandals” instead of the Vandals WERE Romans, and the Roman people welcomed them in bc the Roman-area Senators were so corrupt. I.e. the #Opposite of what happened.

    Try this: Peak population in U.S. borders 1400AD, maybe 30M. Minimum at colonization, possibly the equivalent of 5 Million. That is, 1/10th of today, then 1/10th of that. How were they killed? On accident, almost completely. No one really knew germ theory, and it took wave after wave of smallpox and others for immunity to build. No smallpox blankets in 1500, 1600, or 1700. So the colonists “killed them off”? They were already gone. Plymouth landed, Squanto came out? Already every human he ever knew was dead. No White Man ever killed them, or at least not knowingly. Let’s follow that.

    Number of Colonists in 300,000 sq miles in 1700? 250k. One man per mile. Somehow the natives couldn’t manage to kill 1 man/mile with the homefield advantage? No. They didn’t WANT to. To them they were just another tribe, although a poor one. Plymouth again, they had a mutual defense treaty with the locals for almost 100 years.Like as far back as when you were riding horses. Even in 1775 ONE tribe alone, the Seneca, had the largest standing army in North America. They could probably have wiped out Massachusetts if they wanted. That’s why the colonists were so edgy about it, they were completely outnumbered and outfought, since the Natives were better soldiers as well.

    So again, HOW did they wipe them out?

    Colonists by 1776: 3 Million. But again, that’s now 10 men/mile, but with everyone in NY and Boston and CENTRAL PARK was a barnyard. (It wasn’t built until almost 1850, 100 years later.) The show “Hello Dolly” is based on Yonkers, in NYC being a rural hick town and feed store in almost 1900. It’s hard to express how few people were there. (or now, actually)

    Next? 25% or more were immigrants, that is, foreign born. Not “Americans”. Nor were they at all English. Despite dreadful textbooks, by 1900 half were German, and in 1800 they were still only somewhat English, but also everything else: Swedish, German, Spanish, Irish, Scottish, Dominican, French, Dutch. The GOVERNMENT was English, not the people, and barely. At any time the Dutch or French could have won it back.

    About that: when we say “America did this” then, we are saying “The British King and Empire did this.” There was no “America.” So the BRITISH wanted slavery. The BRITISH “killed the Indians” (e.g. King Philip’s War”) and that was 100 YEARS before Ben Franklin. What’s more, they weren’t killing the “Indians” for example, in the French and Indian War, they were killing the FRENCH. Who, like the Anglos, used this other race for cannon fodder (or tried to). They could care less if they were Indians, as they were the soldiers of General Montcalm and also committing that era’s war crimes. This was the same in 1776. How did the French get kicked out? They lost the war. How did the Dutch get kicked out? They lost the war. How did the Tories get kicked out? They lost the war. How did the Iroquois get kicked out? They lost the war. And in fact got land to settle on which was BETTER than the Tories fared. How were your country and your borders get established? Any wars there?

    With the Caveat that although everything that happened was British, the clock for the U.S. starts in 1800, and a lot of pages aren’t good. I mean, unlike France, Germany, England, and Belgium, who were of course notorious saints through the whole 19th century, as progressive and caring as they are even today.

    Speaking of the Belgian Congo, how was slavery established? Aw heck man, they were slaving Scots by the shipful, but they just wouldn’t live. Remember, nobody gave a s–t about dark, frozen, backward New England , it was just a refueling station. The money and attention, the wars were all about SUGAR, the new drug trade, in the Caribbean. They tried some farming in Virginia, but there wasn’t anything there even after 100 years. No, the real purpose of America was to chase gold from Spain, which they couldn’t get, but sugar from the tropics, which they could. However, any Scot or other slave died of malaria at like 90% rates. Just couldn’t keep it up. And slavery was perfectly legal in England, It had just become really uncommon. So enslaving, or their personal favorite, Indenture, was the way Britain transported all their people into the New World where they were generally killed. Just like Australia later., claiming they weren’t “Slaves” they were just people who weren’t free and had to work all day. Nothing like slaves at all! But we forget that.

    We forget because in 1700-ish they discovered that Africans were far more immune to malaria, a fact still true today. So death rates were far less. So they landed British ships on the Black Ashanti Empire, whose Black kings and Black Captains sold their prisoners-of-war off to these backward Northern hicks, just like Britain was doing already with their own prisoners (and of war). Heck, the British NAVY was made of slaves. Ever hear of being “Shanghai’d”? Yeah, you woke up one day on a boat. But grabbing someone, throwing them in a sack, and selling them to hard labor until they could figure out how to get home wasn’t “Slavery” at all, right Queen Victoria? Get a grip.

    So these now entirely BRITISH colonies were following BRITISH law, by buying African slaves where were legally purchased under AFRICAN and Islamic law. Kind of puts a different color on it, doesn’t it? This is essentially identical to other British holdings in India, SE Asia, and later S. Africa.

    So when did Britain abolish slavery since they were so far ahead of the United States? (although BEING the United States, as reminded) 1807. Except they didn’t. It remained legal and only stopped the TRADE of slaves, expecting that the practice would die out because of it. In fact, they had only JUST outlawed the slavery of French and Dutch men in 1805. Huh.

    When did the U.S. do the same and outlaw the slave trade? 1807. Same time.

    Wait a minute! How could the U.S. and Britain outlaw slaves at the same time???

    Well, it took another generation, but Britain finally outlawed slaves OUTSIDE OF UK, in 1833. So from the Birth of the colonies to Britain outlawing slavery for real was 50 years. Fifty years of de facto legacy slavery.

    Remember they thought Slavery would just die out? That’s EXACTLY what the U.S. thought and believed, as they were British, remember? And it was. This is for all the pillorying Jefferson over this, and the 2/3rds compromise. But America was a BRITISH COLONY. Unlike our perception today, the whole South was really a CARIBBEAN-style plantation. Prison labor and all that, but, as I said, tuned for 90% deadly malaria. If they had outlawed slavery as everyone – Including most from the South – wanted, the southern economy would have collapsed and Britain would have re-invaded and recaptured the United States. They could not win both fronts at the same time. Remember some of the slaves, as we just said were FRENCH AND DUTCH from the wars. Other “Slaves” were extremely common as indentured servants, who died at far higher rates. Last, “slavery” was still somewhat different than it became later. more like indenture and less like 20th century labor camps. (I thought we were super modern and outlawed…oh nevermind)

    Still, Jefferson was pushing hard for slavery to be phased out, just like Britain. And it was working mostly okay, just like Britain. Except a Black man, Eli Whitney, had invented the cotton gin. When? 1807, same year. Slowly slavery crept up and expanded again, on cotton instead of sugar, hardening and taking over the economies and governments of the southern economies until again, it could not be removed without a total economic collapse. (Due to restructuring)

    Again, that’s way way past the story you were telling about “The United States” “Killing all the Indians” and “Taking all the resources” and doing it with Immigrant/slave labor.

    And everything in U.S. history is like this. Not quite right. We omit this little thing about England, Europe, Africa. We emphasize this little thing that’s only hindsight shows was important. We attribute malice where it isn’t, and love and uniformity were it wasn’t. We forget the race rivalries between Brits and Irish, or heck, Poles and Russians, two Slavs were every bit and far more contentious in 1800 as black/white marriages today. Religious differences, far greater: vanish. The power of banks and governments, who could barely project power 20 miles into the hillsides, become listed as all-powerful. Indians who had cities of 1M centuries before London, forgotten. 300 years of contact – closer to them than the Revolution is to us today – smashed into “Those skin-wearing, flint-knapping savages” of “Dances with Wolves” instead of a calico-wearing, gun-toting, glasses-wearing, cabin-building people with saw mills and an army larger than Washington’s.

    What can I say? You, and the historian you quote, are correct. …But also almost completely wrong. And because the two stories are so devilishly similar, I don’t know how to correct it. Just as you see in our Russia/Vax information today.


    Interesting how we went from “it’s the CO2, it’s the heat” to “hey, are you a Jensenite?” <silence>

    Oh, ok then I will do a critique of Jensinitism without opposition <suddenly, defense of core Jensenite values>

    But look at it, isn’t this a horribly depressing not completely accurate, destructive to humans worldview?

    <it’s the inherent systemic oppression>

    It’s as if we’re moving forward over a set progression of ideas, isn’t it?

    John Day asked “Did you ever get close to “the secret” of the Jensenite organization, or is it like the lines at Disneyland, always just around the next corner?”

    Well, we’re in line right now, continuing to make progress towards the end of the line. We’re getting there. Keep going with the systemic oppression- let’s keep that progress going It’s all about human progress.

    D Benton Smith


    In regard to perpetual motion:

    Not intending to be facetious or “wise guy” in any way, I actually do have an example of such a perpetual motion device: The cosmological physical Universe itself was set in motion and will apparently run forever (Some theoretical physicists have alternative theories to suggest eventual motionlessness, but they are in a minority, and do not include the historically acknowledged greatest of physicists)


    @ Dr. D
    Where did they teach you “history”?


    @ D Benton Smith
    Me too.
    As long as life is created the universe will expand.

    Farmer McGregor

    @phoenixvoice…articles multiplying on the ‘net about how raising hens is SO COSTLY that ya’ll are better off financially buying eggs from the supermarket.”

    Having raised countless chickens, and consumed/sold countless dozens of eggs while carefully tracking the real-world costs, I can tell you with certainty that, in temperate climates, you absolutely cannot produce eggs as cheaply as those from the ‘food-industrial-complex’. In a sub-tropical climate where natural foods (bugs) are continually abundant so purchased feed is not needed, eggs can be pretty cheap. Not so here in Colorado.

    The industrial egg producers have not only economies of scale to their advantage, but very importantly, their feed costs are a fraction of what we pay for retail chicken ration. Roughly half of the cost of the primary feed grains (corn and soy) is paid by the govt via the ‘farm bill’ subsidies. Backyard chicken owners pay substantially more — multiples more — for feed.

    Regarding the Tractor Supply branded chicken feed: this is some of the worst, bottom-of-the-barrel cheapo crap you can buy. It is made mostly from the waste byproducts of the grain processing industry. I would be surprised if it came close to meeting the crude protein levels indicated on their label, or that the protein-bearing ingredients are of good quality or digestibility. IIRC their label even has a disclaimer saying something to the effect that what is stated thereon “may not reflect the actual contents of the bag” and you should go to their website for more info. The idea that they would deliberately incorporate something to prevent egg production into their product is pretty ludicrous. As previously stated, we’re talking about really crummy feed.

    Inadequate protein will always hamper egg production, especially in hens over a year old; especially especially in winter when the photoperiod is short since the hormone that drives egg laying is stimulated by the optic nerve. Birds in nature do not produce offspring when there is no food out there.

    Be aware that the industrial producers figured out a long time ago that the ‘optimal’ protein level for egg layer ration is somewhere around 16 to 18 percent. Meaning that if you feed more protein (the most expensive ingredient in the ration) you may get more eggs, but not enough more to pay for the added protein. 16% is the point of diminishing returns. Given the option, chickens will consume as much protein as possible, say 80 or 90 percent, primarily animal foods. So it stands to reason that a low quality ration will simply not provide enough nourishment to sustain egg production.

    ‘Feed Ze Bugs’ to your hens, and eat wonderful eggs.


    Who is listening to what?
    Biden Family Corruption, COVID Origins, Weaponized Government, And Border Crisis: House GOP Kicks Off Investigations

    ‘Pipe-Bursting’ Cold Blast Headed For Northeast
    (snowing in Tx)

    France ‘Open’ To Sending Fighter Jets To Ukraine While UK Says “Not Practical”


    This is from the Dailybeagle: “Healthcare Union Admits Oz Gov Never Gave Shot Indemnity”.
    For any of you in Oz who know someone who might be interested.


    Bug Fed Chickens:

    While working in the Congo, bug fed free range chickens were daily staple.

    Our waiter would ask us if we wanted a half or whole chicken for supper?
    We used to joke it didn’t really matter, as there was no meat on either half!

    And the chickens had a barnyard flavor!

    P.S. The frog leg entre really did taste like chicken!


    Ukraine sees itself as part of the EU in two years, but even its most ardent supporters in the bloc believe that target to be overambitious, Politico reported on Monday.

    Not surprising given that the Ukraine operation is about massive theft and the EU can feed a ton of cash to Ukraine to “rebuild” Ukraine, most of which will be fed back to the western oligarchs with a pitance spent on a lick of paint so that the EU crooks can justify more aid. Let the crimes continue until the system collapses.

    Dr. D

    Where is history? Nowhere. They teach it literally no where I can find. It takes a lifetime to read something and say “Huh. That fact does not fit. Is it true? I’ll put in a binder and see if anything comes up with it later.” Each history book might have 10 such facts. Follow the facts and you begin to see a different outline.

    But a good introduction was this one: Bound Over: Indentured Servitude and American Conscience, 1985

    Another might be the Calamitous 14th Century. Genocides? Ethnic cleansing? As the Pretty run-of-the-mill Euro on Euro action as the Little Ice Age took hold. They don’t play favorites when they meet other races and think they’re better than us; they treat them the same. Not different. As did the Mongols, Huns, Japanese, Maori, etc. to us.

    The key element missing from all the stories is time. So very, very much time. Remember Tisquanto himself was born 1585 when Francis Drake made the first trip to America 100 years after Columbus. He lived under Queen Elizabeth I when the Black Plague was not yet over. 50% of at least the cities like London died. How different was that from the Indian plagues? He met the Pilgrims in 1621, just after Shakespeare’s death. Now to remind of the “other” side of history, Tisquanto was kidnapped and sold into slavery by an ENGLISH ship in 1614. That’s why he knew English. He was sold at the slave market in Gibraltar. Back to the other “other” side, his crew were firmly opposed, thinking it would at a minimum cause a war/attack at the next landing, and felt he got his just desserts when he was essentially blacklisted for it.

    Don’t worry: a while later Squanto’s people will be kidnapping and enslaving the whites during wars! Just like they did back home in Europe! Speaking of, the Patuxets were in a constant deadly war with their neighbors, who were entirely different people, the Micmac, with a different, unintelligible language group. That is, they were more different and unique than France and Spain, more like Ireland and Russia. And speaking of war, just as his crew predicted, when they dropped him off at his old, and now completely 100% wiped out village, the Wampanoags would kill any white guy on sight, since they got ambushed the year before. Savage? Yes, and the White captains would have no idea on landing, just as the Narraganssets had no warning of bad captains like Tisquanto’s. You see how reputations are made.

    Speaking of, remember when they landed in Ashanti in West Africa? Well at that time the Ashanti were more powerful than England, Denmark, etc, who were pathetic backwater hicks in a rowboat. No joke: have you SEEN the Golden Hind? In fact, they beat the English even hundreds of years later in 1824. So…more powerful than the early English Empire. Aw those poor Euros always beating up…people stronger than they were.

    What is the history here? Tisquanto, Will Bradford, they basically lived in the Middle Ages. It was technically the Renaissance, but we don’t see much of that in England, and hardly anything of the Enlightenment which was hundreds of years away. He was closer to King John and Robin Hood than to Madison and Adams. How long ago? Plymouth Colony was as far away from the American Revolution as we are: about 200 years. The Indians were their allies, trading guns and pots and cloth for that whole time. Wait: I thought they flint knapped until General Grant. Nope, they had the same knives from Solingen and Sheffield as King George’s grandpappy. Does that give you an idea how long time was and how big history?

    And we look at that through a porthole. The Scots lived as crofters in a medieval sort for hundreds of years yet. They left the last Iron-Age Blackhouses – stone sod with no chimneys – in the 1960s. So when you say “Modern” or “Primitive” maybe you should ask “Where?” Upper Norway? Alaska? Central Amazon? Grand Tetons?

    Yet we have it like this: Columbus landed, next year Pilgrims. Then their kids put up a cabin John Hancock was born in. Next year, Lincoln met Sitting Bull in Appomattox with Tesla and Twain. No. 1600 -1800 is 10 GENERATIONS. (20y). 1800 – 2000 is 10 generations. 25 generations since Columbus? And ours is the shorter side of that? Yes. James Madison was closer to Queen Elizabeth than we are to him.

    How can I put this? When Squanto was born, France was ruled by Henry III. Henry was the king of Poland and Lithuania as well. Yeah, we all remember when France ruled Poland, right? His mother was Catherine de’Medici. He was contemporaries with Jacques Cartier. He could have met Michelangelo.

    20 Generations from now is the year 2,461, the midpoint from Tisquanto. Any idea what we’ll be doing then?
    We’ll probably be using the Nostromo to land on LV-426 with warrant officer Ripley.

    John Day

    @Susmarie 108: Thanks for the Susanna Hoffs “And Your Bird Can Sing”, lovely, lovely… I realize that it makes more sense when sung by a woman, as does Hound Dog, here by Big Mama Thornton:

    McGregor: Thanks for the chicken-feed primer. I’ve been wondering.

    @Dr.D and Noirette: Thanks for opening the can of worms about imperialism and genocide, and the ancient history of money for that matter. Here is an essay which ties all that together, a simplification of these models in a way, but not a dumbing down. Convert greed and slavery to money…
    How Debt Conquered America, Jada Thacker (RIP Jada. I miss you.)

    How Debt Conquered America

    : So the Jensenite secret around the very final corner is… “you are dead, and you recall your essential nature again, but you are no longer able to act in the physical world”.

    Q: Did the British East India Company have a Y-chromosome?
    East India Company flag had the English flag in upper left, then the Union Jack, later.
    East India Co flag


    Is plankton controlling the climate? Humans are in over their heads when it comes to climate science.


    Fully Vaccinated Yasmin Vossoughian Develops Pericarditis & Then Myocarditis

    Maybe God does exist. Is he punishing those who helped to kill millions? No sympathy, these people chose their side, the easy side, the lazy side, but their side did not care about them, so they pay the price. Karma.

    John Day

    Wha, Aspnaz, that is a really interesting article. There is a map of chloraphyl in the southern hemisphere, from a polar view, which really disorients my preconceptions about where phytoplankton would be. Sure they are off the coast of Israel, and India, and so on, but there are high concentrations at the south pole, and they are releasing a LOT of benzene and toluene into the air, which drive cloud formation, affecting weather/climate.

    Ocean life is seeding the clouds above it, and the modellers didn’t know

    southern ocean plankton


    Is that you??
    Revisionist historians contest the mainstream or traditional view of historical events and raise views at odds with traditionalists, which must be freshly judged. Revisionist history is often practiced by those who are in the minority, such as feminist historians, ethnic minority historians, those working outside of mainstream academia in smaller and less known universities, or the youngest scholars, essentially historians who have the most to gain and the least to lose in challenging the status quo.


    ‘Oh the East India Company genocided more than 80 million?’

    Yep. An estimated 100 million in North America alone. But could have been as high as 200 million. World total 500 million to 1,000 million.

    Look it up.


    ‘Do not eat’: Kiwis warned about homegrown veggies if garden has flooded’

    Representative from United Fresh, the organisation that helps advise the industry on food safety, Anne-Marie Arts told AM on Wednesday some vegetables will be significantly affected because of the flooding.

    At one stage the fascists who run Airstrip Five tried to eliminate the sale of homegrown food via draconian ‘Food Safety’ regulations, written by a fascist on Airstrip Two, using Airstrip Two spellings and meanings (somewhat different from those of Airstrip One, which Airstrip Five normally follows).


    This Bakhmut Wagner Unit Is Made Up Entirely Of Scandinavian Mercenaries Called NíðhǫGgr

    The unit in the “Wagner Group”, which consists of citizens of Scandinavian countries, in particular, from Norway, also participate in the battles on the Bakhmut front.

    It is called Nidhegg (NíðhǫGgr), which means one of the great serpents (dragons) in Scandinavian mythology.

    John Day

    “It’s Time For The Scientific Community To Admit We Were Wrong About COVID & It Cost Lives”

    “Scientific community”, my ass. I was right and honest and I got fired for it.



    John Day

    Oroboros posted:
    “This Bakhmut Wagner Unit Is Made Up Entirely Of Scandinavian Mercenaries Called NíðhǫGgr
    The unit in the “Wagner Group”, which consists of citizens of Scandinavian countries, in particular, from Norway, also participate in the battles on the Bakhmut front.”

    “Roland was a warrior, from the land of the midnight sun, with his Thompson gun for hire, fighting to be done”


    Real Disposable Income

    Never saw a chart like this


    I miss Warren, saw his last performance on Letterman


    Climate Modeling :

    With all due respect to AFKTT and his CO2 focus, trying to set up a climate model that accurately reflects the real world is pretty much impossible.

    As soon as you think you have set up the perfect model, someone will say did you include the effects ants have on the environment? Then someone will mention the currently changing alignment of the Milky Way?

    So as a modeler, you will be forever trying to add in these new constantly changing effects into your model, never mind all the changes going on to what is already in your existing model!

    You can not ever hope to get there!

    The best you can do is to “assume” everything not already in your model doesn’t matter!

    Then you will find that you just made an “ass_u_me”.

    Assume is the most dangerous word in engineering!

    John Day

    I can sort of channel Dr. D’s response to this headline, already.

    ‘We Found No Misuse Of US Funds In Ukraine’, US Treasury Says

    John Day

    Iran and Russia integrate banking systems. Really. Done.
    A top Iranian official announced on 30 January that Iran and Russia had integrated their interbank communication and transfer systems to help enhance trade and financial operations in an effort to bypass strict economic sanctions on their financial infrastructure.

    With the signing of the agreement, 52 Iranian and 106 Russian banks are connected through the Russian Financial Message Transfer System.

    John Day

    It’s ok, they are so much more convenient and go so much farther, and recharge faster than the hours it takes to tank up with gasoline or diesel.

    “Fuel Costs Of Electric Vehicles Overtake Gas-Powered Cars: Study”


    Thanks Raul and Dr D
    Just to give another perspective….how many ancestors have you had?
    (homo sapiens only, hard to guess for before)
    120K years of homo sapiens, so 5000-6000 generations
    So, 2^6000 or 2^5000 (2E6000) = 10^1500 or 10^1800
    Put a 1 (one) in upper left corner, fill 1/3-1/2 page with zeros
    can you see past your nose? maybe to navel?
    That’s a lot of lives and dreams in the distant past
    All those people made it to breeding age,
    the mother at least 6 months more…..
    or you wouldn’t be here


    Dr. D:

    I love your history lessons!
    It kind of reminds me of my Father.
    It was a big mistake to mention the “good old days”.
    My Father would quickly say things weren’t so good back then, listing practical examples.

    One morning during breakfast, I was reading a book on Egypt.
    There was an illustration of a Pharroll being fan cooled with palm leaves by a servant.
    I said to my Father. “It must have been wonderfull to have lived in Egypt back then”.
    My Father quickly replied. “Son, you would have been born a slave!
    That forever changed my view of history!

    D Benton Smith

    The only thing that makes humans feel worse than thinking they know what’s going to happen next is the realization that they don’t really know, so it’s pretty pointless to think it. Historians and other reporters tell us that it was even worse back in the days that they tell us to think those days actually were, but thankfully now we have computers and AI and networks to help us think about what it might have been back then. Great. Computer assisted second-hand guess work. That should help.


    ‘So as a modeler, you will be forever trying to add in these new constantly changing effects into your model,’

    What a weird thing to say.

    I am not a modeler. I just report the facts.

    You have to go to fake organisations like UNIPCC -which I have torn to shreds- if you are looking for models or modelers.


    The puppet-clown-criminal-actors who pretend to be the government of Airstrip Five (or rather their bosses) are clearly in panic mode.

    The Government has extended its earlier 25c/litre fuel tax cut for yet another three months, saying it wants to focus first on ‘bread and butter’ ‘cost of living’ issues. It is hard to see them reversing these cuts before October 14 (election day). More than just fuel and RUC extensions, half price public transport is to be made permanent to around one million Community Service Card holders, including tertiary students, from 1 July 2023. We are in full election campaign mode now.’.

    Veracious Poet


    Speaking of, VP, I doubt the world has more than 3% actual psychos…

    Who made that number up?

    Hmmm, could it be…A Psychopath?

    Perhaps I’m throwing in a bunch of blood lust, greedy Class B personality disorders in that count, never seems to be a shortage of them either 😕

    Then there are the wannabe Psychopaths that try to emulate the rich & powerful, never a shortage of those cock-ups…

    Anyways, Victor Davis Hanson has written a piece about what is *actually* happening, specifically *who* the “American” sheeple *really* surrendered to, *who* is holding a knife to the throat of *all* living beings on planet Earth:

    Anarchy, American-Style: The Left runs Oceania, and we work for their various bureaus.

    The Establishment Is the Revolution

    The current Left has no intention of “dropping out.” Why would it?

    It now controls the very institutions of America that it once mocked and attacked—corporate boardrooms, Wall Street, state and local prosecuting attorneys, most big-city governments, the media, the Pentagon, network and most of cable news, professional sports, Hollywood, music, television, K-12 education, and academia…

    The current generation of techies is effectively Stalinist. Big Tech now colludes with the FBI, the Democratic Party, and the bureaucratic state to suppress free expression, warp balloting, and serve as contractors of government surveillance. Currently, the most totalitarian people in America are likely to wear flip flops, have a nose ring or pink hair, and disguise their fascism with ’60s-retread costumes…

    The Left does not despise the FBI. It lauds it. And the bureau is no longer consumed with tracking down violent criminals and terrorists. Instead, it has become an enemy of parents worried about school indoctrination, or a retrieval service for lost first-family classified papers, laptops and diaries, or a Washington, D.C., cadre knee-deep in big money politics…

    The new legal establishment has replaced the old by simply nuking centuries of jurisprudence. Violent repeat criminal offenders injure and maim innocents in the morning and are released by noon to prey again—themselves baffled that the state is even crazier than they are…

    In sum, we are living in anarchy, as institutions themselves have become nihilistic and weapons of the revolution. The Left, in viral fashion, took over the DNA of America’s institutions, and used them to help destroy their creators…

    The second contribution to the present anarchy is big tech, which speeds up the revolution and spreads it broadly. Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four was predicated not just on the Sovietization of the state, but the electronically ubiquitous and near instantaneous means by which the apparat ensures its dominance. One of the strangest things about the Left is that it no longer warns of 1984 but emulates it…

    The corporations are the Left and in service to it. Disney, American Airlines, and Nike are revolutionary icons, always ready to divest, cancel, fire, hire, and propagandize in service to woke commissars. That they are terrified by tiny bullies who have no constituencies is true, but then a Robespierre, Lenin, and Mao had initially no broad support either—at least before each mastered the use of terror and fright…

    What anarchy we live in when the richest among us are the most radical and wish to destroy for all others what they enjoy…

    So, the current revolution is anarchy, utter confusion, pure chaos ~ No wonder we are confused by the establishment anarchists and the anarchy they produce.

    (Read the whole nightmare here)

    That’s it Ma! Put a pin in Amerika & Eurup, it’s officially a death cult that rejected any & all honest, steadfast & *sane* leadership, choosing enmasse to swill Anarcho-Liberal-Greeniesewer water Kool-Aid instead…

    Welp, I’m done. I mean it this time…

    Tired of reading the same ol’ tired rants, screeds, self-stroking ANALysis & know-it-all EG0ic blather…

    Too little, too late…A total waste of time, energy & squandering the Miracle of Life itself.

    All blessings & good luck,



    ‘Oh the East India Company genocided more than 80 million?’

    Yep. An estimated 100 million in North America alone. But could have been as high as 200 million. World total 500 million to 1,000 million.

    Look it up.

    All you ever seem to do are repeat talking points. As if you were drawing from a laminate binder or something.

    Based on the past month of interactions in which what you ACTUALLY cared about was secret, despite being repeatedly asked to say what you were ACTUALLY arguing about, no, I don’t believe you at your word that the East India Company killed a BILLION people.

    Your talking points only work for people who have no concept of time, space, matter… logistics. You’re telling, essentially, a quasi-religious story, an anecdote that is supposed to then be taken as “truth” extrapolated across the board.

    You asserted that agriculture and everything that came from it was bad, that humans’ MOST NATURAL state was naked in the jungle.

    “okay. do it then”

    was followed by complaining that living in civilization an using the fruits of civilization are useful, how dare someone else begrudge you this and be big meanies wanting to take it away from you

    Dude, that’s YOU. YOU are saying nobody should have any of this #%#^&. You just negated your own argument.

    And then you assert East India Company killed a BILLION and tell me to look it up.

    Dude, that’s YOU. YOU are saying that happened. YOU were asked for citations. YOU are the one making a rather wild extreme claim. And you wish I would do do the work for you.

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