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    René Magritte The voice of blood 1948   • Ceasefire and Peace Talks Should Be Focus of NATO Summit (CD) • NATO Summit, a Theater of the Absurd (S
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle July 12]

    Dr. D

    “Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-For-All Would Destroy America’s Health-Care”

    Well that can’t be right: Didn’t we how Obamacare radically cut prices due to government control and regulation? Surely M4A will be half as much again.

    “You Won’t Hear This on NPR or NYT”: US Forest Fire Burn Acreage at Decade Lows

    We’re saved! Why isn’t this front page news? No Climate Change, no climate change forest fires. Better than ever. And California with lots and lots of water, Lake Mead filling up, or at least the watershed, and so on.

    So…Now that they got the cluster bombs – the only remaining 155mm shells in NATO (Where’s my money, Brian? Where is it? Where’s my $1Trillion a year?) — they’re moving to talking about nukes and tactical nukes. Slow escalation for a goldfish people with no attention span. No? Then they’re also demanding widely that Ukraine be Article 5, and therefore start a total worldwide nuclear war 5 minutes later. No one in the West has the slightest reaction to this, still busy talking about bathrooms and what they can stick in their butt.

    But first France has 4-5 longer range missiles they want blown up, I guess. Let’s do that first.

    “Ryszard Legutko, (of EU video) is a Polish philosopher and politician, and professor of philosophy at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, specializing in ancient philosophy and political theory.” — Wiki

    “The start of NATO’s annual summit in Vilnius, Lithuania on Tuesday has been dominated by talk of maintaining the flow of weapons to Ukraine and potentially expanding the Western military alliance to include the war-ravaged nation”

    The West is a year late, but they are now partitioning Ukraine. They are floating adding Ukraine to NATO “In pieces”, which is a clear admission they are never getting the Russian parts back, or not in any reasonable, say decade-long timescale. Also they do not care about “Ukraine”? I thought Ukraine was a unified, sovereign state whose borders weren’t open to negotiations? Isn’t that what the whole war was about? But now Ukraine is anything, nothing, just a thing, the sort of thing you can attack Russia with and nevermind Ukraine or 25 Million Ukrainians?

    Note they did not say “the present border Ukraine” which would mean one piece. So they are multi-pieces, for example, the whole Polish West, leaving a “Ukraine” piece at Kiev, a piece under Russian control, as well as possibly a bunch at Romania, Transnistria, etc, as “slicing the salami”. If we add one town of 1,000 to NATO, will you nuke us? No? Then how about 6 towns of 1,000? No? Then how about one town of 6,000? And so on.

    To them, this is a way around “Stable defined borders” and “Countries that are already in a war” clauses of NATO entry, because they’re narcissistic egomaniacs and sociopaths, incapable of thinking like the other guy: NONE OF THAT MATTERS. Because Russia doesn’t care. If NATO moves. One inch to the East. They will nuke us and start WWIII. They don’t care about your stupid salami or where you’re trying to hide it today.

    Nor is this a plan they’ve started sending lawyers to write up. But its existence tells you something about the war and the ongoing situation.

    “NATO has lost this war. Biden has lost this war. The lunatic Democrats have lost this war. The uni-party warmongers have lost this war. The EU has lost this war. Ukraine and Zelensky have lost this war.”

    Yet nothing happens, nobody cares. If this were true, people, something, would CHANGE. Nothing has CHANGED, so they have not lost, they have not admitted it, don’t feel it, and so on. How does that work? We all knew they lost it before it started. NATO gear is garbage, Russia has complete superiority, and can on the outside nuke all of Ukraine to glass at any time. They are also 10x the size of Ukraine with a 0-mile supply chain. It’s impossible to lose. But did that matter 18 months ago? No, they lost long before then, and it didn’t matter, and they still lost today and it doesn’t matter, and they’ve lost their counter-offensive again last night and it doesn’t matter.

    Nothing matters. Nothing will ever matter again. Cause and effect have been permanently suspended. At least for 30 years.

    “The insurmountable debt burden combined with de-dollarization in global trade and the rise of BRICS+ are going to send the US into a decade long depression with unseen levels of poverty and violence.”

    He’s not wrong. There’s going to be pain, and we are going to be humbled. It builds character, which we need a lot of. It also may not be as violent as you think, considering violence barely went up because the long-term averages of violence in the top Democratic cities was so genocidally bad for Black people since the day they got in. Remove that, those few Blue islands and it’s blah. Meth heads robbing your car in Lexington. Harassing your girlfriend. I mean, violent? Yes, it is, they are, but low-level stuff mostly if you’re careful and strong. The kind of hardened, shiftless toughs you’d see in 1910.

    The Money-printing, which leads to the exclusively FIRE, Speculative economy, which once speculative hot money, is divorced from all production, all consumption, all reality, is entirely predictable, although carefully, unusually slow this time. It causes, must cause, this collapse, both in morality first, then the money after.

    But since that’s the disease, REMOVING that money is the cure. So it’s nearly impossible not to get stronger and better because of it. Once divorced from all Reality, the only thing that matters is “The Narrative”, that is, the “Big Lie”. Why? Because once you do this, that’s all there is. There is no real power, strength, projection, or control. Only narrative, words, monkeyshine, sales-jobby, Lies. “Faith and Confidence in”…anything.

    “• Ukraine Lost 26,000 Troops and 3,000 Arms In Counteroffensive – Shoigu (Sp.)

    Probably. Are we 3 weeks in, so 10,000 a week? And the heavy equipment is a turkey shoot. I think the one thing we can figure is that the age of tanks is done. Or at least without matching or superior air coverage even if that is merely drones. Where do you fight if you can’t hide?

    One thing that I most see is, no ammo dumps. So the war HAS to be: every man is given a rifle, whatever there is, and has access to ALL the things, freely, to roam around, freely. So if he’s a conscript, he will shoot his Captain immediately. If he’s a patriot, he will shoot THEIR captain, immediately. This is one of Ukraine’s true problems: they can’t trust their own men, and therefore have to bunch all their materials for Russia to bomb at will.

    “Trump Slams Biden over Cluster Bombs for Ukraine (RT)

    Nope: Trump is still an idiot and Biden is still a genius. All the way to mushing the Big Red Button. NY Times: “Joe Biden, never stronger or more clear!”

    “it calls to mind today’s battle within the Blob between the realists and anti-Russian fanatics.”

    Yes. Because they are Nazis. They are Progressive, Race-fascinated, War-exaulting, Merger-of-corporation-and-State party focusing on “Unity” using propaganda. They are literal, active Nazis, not NeoNazis, not Ironic Nazis, by very definition.

    “You wanted the stimulus check? With printed money? You paid for it multiple times over in higher inflation.”

    Exactly as we and everybody said when they did it. But you can tell it now – AFTER IT HAPPENED – and get the same response: “No it won’t.” “I’d lock down Covid again and give even BIGGER checks next time, see if I won’t.”

    Aaaaaand, what are we supposed to say to that? With all prices doubled in two years? What kind of words will affect that kind of denial? Nothing. So how about this: YOU’RE ALL GOING TO DIE. And because you won’t help yourself, I am going to watch.

    JB may like this one:
    Amazon Prime Video Fails.

    Amazon is right on the Disney Plan, or even faster. Video is too long and repeats itself, but just the same it’s breathtaking. Every possible problem and failure of capitalism, every possible failure to adjust ever and do it over. And over. And over. And over. Again. Blowing $100M with every move, — just cause — just cuz I wanna look coolz — then blowing it again. Honestly, I don’t know what it is. Picking on other and evil? MY mind reels. –I– Cannot comprehend or process this. As with Kathleen Kennedy I can’t even imagine a level of blackmail that could permit her to continue roaming the countryside, bankrupting a $90B company in mere months, but what other explanation is there?

    And speaking of, we were way ahead on Disney, apparently the theme park is empty. Huh? Yes, and apparently the theme parks down the road in Orlando are full. Wha? So they’re on a Bud Light plan? How does/can that happen without a media?

    Fascinating, and maybe like me we both struggle to figure out how the heckin’ that can even happen. It defies everything, and seems to pop up, now entirely unmoored from … #Logos, logic and reality.

    Speaking of, yes my only point in bringing up the coal mine example was: No Property Rights = No Capitalism. Capitalism IS property, then with no property rights, there is no property. That’s self-evident but sometimes you have to drill down to the basics. If there are no property rights for the little guy, there are no property rights at all. Like if there is free speech only for nice things everyone agrees on, there is no free speech at all.

    Is that voluntary exchange? To have your coal mine taken? One thing you never hear in Capitalism, that’s for sure: “Did you SEE that guy? He just did voluntary exchange with me! And I am super mad about it. Arrest him, I want him stopped!!!” Uh, no. If it’s VOLUNTARY, nobody is mad about it. If it’s not VOLUNTARY, it’s not Capitalism. It’s a crime. Unfortunately “crimes” flip over into whatever political and justice system that society has.

    So they constantly say, “Look at this violent, extractive, involuntary exchange, isn’t Capitalism bad?” Uh. Whut? “Capitalism stole my property that they had no rights to!” Uh. Whut?

    I know we repeat ourselves, but that’s the part we take issue with. And why I say every day “This is not Capitalism.” No Capitalism to be seen, nearly anywhere. Call it by the right name and we can get on the same page, and agree, which is nice!


    “… Nothing less than the fate of a 300 year project for world government hangs in the balance. Everyone of these horrific factions wants to rule the world but none of them have the means by themselves to pull it off. So, watching them maneuver each other into the line of fire would be hilarious if the stakes weren’t so freaking high for the rest of us.”

    those darned kids

    rfk, jr. is controlled by a secret cabal of earwigs!


    Navigate to Moon of Alabama this morning and view the images.

    In plain view the culmination of the Enlightenment and
    a view of personal enlightenment

    Bush: “The American lifestyle is non-negotiable”

    How many here have the same feeling shown on The Face of Ukraine? Though to be fair Zelensky only murdered about 400,000 and we slaved away our lives to pay for the murder of millions. The similarity is that The Oh So Enlightened Ones have walked away from both. “Good job Brownie” or perhaps Albright – ‘We Think The Price Is Worth It,’


    twenty years of hammer and skilsaw in the company of humane beings – the best

    twenty minutes among those who “rip you of with a smile and it don’t take a gun-(Van Morrison)” – purgatory. Hope for salvation was always present.

    D Benton Smith

    @aspnaz From late yesterday

    The Israeli Jews stole Israel . . .(etc, etc, etc.)”
    “The vast majority of Jews live in the USA and Israel. . .”
    “. . .I could go on, but DBS, you have selective memory syndrome. ”

    Well, first of all, thank you for NOT going on, because , like I said to the angry Celt, it’s tiresome to re-listen to the same old rant-sans-substance.

    Secondly, how could you possibly know what I remember or not remember or how selective it might or might not be?

    As to your lumping all Jews together based on what the “vast Majority” of them allegedly did or did not do is illogical enough on its own that I don’t really need to make further comment about it. Your erroneous generalization and prejudice speak for themselves and actually just illustrate the point I was making, which is that SOME (or even MOST) does NOT equal ALL.

    So, basically, you can stick that tar brush of yours up where the sun don’t shine. In fact, please do. You’re quite smart about some things, and a total idiot about others, just like the rest of us. Big surprise.

    D Benton Smith


    Are you in especially fine form this morning or is it just my coffee working better than usual? In either case, good stuff!


    Peace is not the plan.
    Wake up! Everything is going according to plans.
    The Emperor’s New Clothes

    • Ceasefire and Peace Talks Should Be Focus of NATO Summit (CD)
    • NATO Summit, a Theater of the Absurd (Scott Ritter)
    • Understanding The NATO Summit (Kim Dotcom)
    • Stoltenberg: No Point in Discussing NATO Membership if Kiev Loses (Sp.)
    • Should Ukraine Join NATO? Don’t Kid Yourself: It Already Has (Tracey)
    • The Blob Begins to Quiver (Kunstler)

    Victory is the plan/option.
    I already showed you how to get victory.
    I am irrelevant. Everybody is ignoring what I wrote. The Emperor’s New Clothes
    Too bad. So sad.


    D Benton Smith

    I’m fine with the Cabal of Murderers coming up with a new plan based on failure of their old plan, and wish them the same Irish Blessing as before, “Well, it could have been worse.”


    John Campbell and Andrew Bridgen.


    Share the scam.
    Zelensky is in family photo at NATO.
    He is between Biden and Trudeau.
    The shadow of the blackmail hammer was visible


    A Testimony to Willful Ignorance

    A Duh’merican slowly realizing

    Too bad stupidity isn’t painful



    Ah, the level of bullshit that will be absorbed by the Sheeple

    This is a Test




    John Day

    Don’t get Cancer

    Paul Marik MD was one of the most organized and most visible proponents of early outpatient treatment of COVID in the US. He was a clinical professor of Critical Care Pulmonary Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School, until his Hospital Privileges and Professorship were stripped from him for advocating and prescribing ivermectin for COVID patients
    Like many of us, Dr. Marik became more acutely aware of the false narratives promulgated by pharmaceutical corporate interests. Cancer is as big as vaccines, isn’t it? He is working on alternative treatments for Depression, which is another profit-center. Recently he has done an interview with Chris Martenson, who studied the first two years of Medical School and took training in laboratory Pathology. Dora found that.
    (Dr Marik starts after about 9 minutes)
    Meryl Nass MD sent this link to his work on her blog.
    Included is a link to the slides Dr. Marik uses in the presentation:
    The first graph is dramatic, showing an approximate tripling of the incidence of cancer in all American age groups between 1997 and 2019. Since that can’t be genetic, it must be environmental, basically food and toxins.
    Why don’t Amish children get cancer, autism and diabetes? Why did the number of cases of non-melanomatous skin cancer in the US increase by 12 times from 1983 to 2012? Americans were getting less and less sun.

    Cancer is a derangement in cellular metabolism which causes the cells to replicate outside of the normal limits, forming clumps, “tumors” and spreading like seeds to “metastasize”. These deranged cells should be destroyed by the immune-surveillance processes in the body, so cancer also involves a degradation of these processes. Influences that derange cellular metabolism and immune-surveillance in the body typically increase the incidence of cancers.

    Dr. Marik points out that all cancer cells have a deranged energy metabolism, using anaerobic sugar-metabolism exclusively. This is a mitochondrial derangement that prevents the burning of fats and ketones by cancer cells. Ketogenic diets therefore treat cancer by starving the cancer cells.
    What is important to those without cancer is that excess carbohydrate and sugars in the diet, which push people into insulin-resistance (pre-diabetes, metabolic-syndrome and diabetes) lead to 40% of new cancers.
    Reducing carbohydrate intake and increasing daily exercise will dramatically reduce the risk of cancer in people who are overweight from a typical high carbohydrate western diet, or have those diagnoses. Time-restricted-eating (12 hours of continuous fasting every 24 hours), skipping that breakfast cereal, and avoiding sweet drinks of all kinds are important interventions. (We find that a dinner, morning-coffee and brunch schedule, with morning exercise is fairly easy.)
    Cutting out all white starches is something we have been trying for the past month, and it is difficult. Starches/carbs ARE addictive, just like the rat-studies say, and it is hard to think of other ways to prepare meals, leaving off bread, rice and pasta…

    Avoiding processed foods will greatly reduce your trash pick-up. Avoiding the packaged foods with long lists of additives and cooking fresh vegetables using high quality virgin olive oil, avocado oil and/or coconut oil will provide the anti-cancer effects of the fresh-vegetables and avoid the subtle carcinogens which probably lurk in some of those “safe” chemical additives. The “vegetable oils” or “seed oils” contain a lot of Linoleic Acid, which is harmful to health in multiple ways, so stick to butter (grass-fed, such as Kerrygold is best) and best-quality olive, avocado and coconut oils.

    Addressing the immune system, which has now been unburdened of high blood sugar and high-insulin conditions, we look to the immune system, which should be identifying and destroying pre-cancerous cells day and night. Slide 17 shows that in a clinical trial, supplementing 5000 units per day of vitamin-D3, a gram of fish oil (Omega-3 fatty acids, also found in grass-fed dairy fats) and 30 minutes of daily exercise (better in the sun) there was a 60% reduction in cancer risk over time.
    We can reason that the 30 minutes of brisk walking or equivalent may have improved the blood sugar and insulin levels a bit, but that 60% cancer-incidence reduction was from just vitamin-D, a big fish-oil horse pill and a brisk morning or evening walk every day.
    Vitamin-D levels are best in the upper half of the normal range, basically 60-100 ng/mL, which may take a long time to achieve without use of some higher doses in the first weeks to months. This is addressed in the Vitamin-D section of the complete 146 page monograph, which I have read and printed for reference.

    The healthy lifestyle:
    Avoid tobacco products.

    Keep alcohol to “2 beers” per day equivalent or less.

    Use carbohydrate reduction, time restricted eating and avoidance of all sweet drinks (including fruit juice), with daily morning or evening exercise, hopefully in the sunshine, to treat insulin resistance and elevated blood-sugar, which predispose to cancers. [Metformin by prescription is a further treatment step.]

    Take 5000 units per day of vitamin D3, though this is more effectively managed by adjusting the dose to achieve blood levels of 60-100 ng/mL, the upper normal range.

    Take 2-4 gm of Omega-3 fatty acids per day, which are found in fish oil, krill oil and butter produced from grass-fed cows, such as the Kerrygold Irish butter (and notably their lovely Dubliner cheese, an Irish Cheddar).

    Drink green tea or take green tea catechin supplements with meals.

    Sleep 8 hours per night, and if you don’t, which is common in over-50s, consider a time-release melatonin every evening. The morning and evening sunlight on your skin will also stimulate melatonin production in the mitochondria of your deeply warmed cells.

    Exercise 30 minutes or more daily, including walking, running vigorous bicycling, gardening, pushing a lawnmower, weights and calisthenics.
    [More time active is better than higher intensity exercise, since time-doing-nothing is its own risk for poor-health.]

    Reduce-stress (NOW!) through meditation, yoga, mindfulness-practices, compassion for self and others, and friendly engagements with people who don’t suck the life force out of you, then squeeze you for that last drop. [Humor is a healthy stress-reduction intervention strategy.]


    Dr D – I enjoyed Disparu particularly during the Rings of Prime travesty.

    I’ve seen rumors over the years that C suite people, board members, and stockholders, will occasionally use videos from this end of the youtube universe to try to communicate what is being done to their company.

    At this point, it seems like he and people like him are quite purposely trying to give an explanation that a corporate board could understand – the repetition seems calculated to get it through slow, thick heads. Hey. They are destroying your thing there. No really. They are. Fiduciary duty.

    There have been waves of this over the years – Alex Becker’s Star Wars rants were awesome, for instance – but only now, after years and years of warnings, can they say look at the hundreds of millions being consistently thrown away JUST like we warned you.

    It’s interesting that Carl Benjamin/Sargon of Akkad/The Lotus Eaters came out of this same crucible. He just wanted to play video games when all this whacko wokeist stuff hit his hobby. It was kind of inevitable that if you keep being broad-spectrum marxist wokeist jerks to hundreds of thousands of people, you’re going to provoke SOME intelligent principled people who care and therefore DO have the time to go ahead and start figuring you out on behalf of everyone.

    So there’s now a gradual ramp running all they way from particular narrow hobby-specific all the way to philosophical, spiritual, geopolitical. From the wokeist point of view, destroying the structure of Disney is just as desirable as the destruction of Star Wars. But they inoculated several generations against wokism to do it.


    Here is how to get victory

    Admit losing the war and negotiate with Russia and letting Russia be the winner.
    “Winner take all”
    Blackrock is the loser.


    @ Dr. D:

    Amazon is right on the Disney Plan, or even faster. Video is too long and repeats itself, but just the same it’s breathtaking. Every possible problem and failure of capitalism, every possible failure to adjust ever and do it over. And over. And over. And over. Again. Blowing $100M with every move, — just cause — just cuz I wanna look coolz — then blowing it again. Honestly, I don’t know what it is.

    Am I the only one thinking a lot of these CEO’s are following the script from “The Producers” to make themselves rich ? There are so many ways to play the stock market.


    Max Blumenthal shares irrefutable facts and summaries the US corruption of the war in Ukraine at the UN Security Council:

    “The American public has no idea where their tax money is going…

    Duh’merica the Beautiful

    Here’s where a big chunk is going, down the rat hole of public ‘education’



    The Producers – Financial Crisis.


    Humor is a presentation of the truth. Your comments are very funny. Right up to cause and effect 30 years. It could be sudden, say at the end of a war. Warning. This link is disturbing.


    A little more Disney trouble complements of Sound Of Freedom.


    What is important to those without cancer is that excess carbohydrate and sugars in the diet, which push people into insulin-resistance (pre-diabetes, metabolic-syndrome and diabetes) lead to 40% of new cancers.

    Miracle of Keto- diet

    Cutting out all white starches is something we have been trying for the past month, and it is difficult. Starches/carbs ARE addictive, just like the rat-studies say, and it is hard to think of other ways to prepare meals, leaving off bread, rice and pasta…

    True. While there are multitude of other ways to make carb-free, Keto meals are also noticeably expensive. That should be taken in account due to expectation of hard times ahead.
    There is that “French paradox” with baguette, where all you need is the butter,bit of cheese, tomato (and glass of wine) to have the heaven producing taste bud experience.
    Or “Asian paradox” with excessive use of rice.
    In both cases population, in general, is not ravaged by illnesses or subjected to excess deaths at the barely threshold of an old age. Quite the opposite.
    So everybody has to figure out as what works for them and what they can afford.


    How I could possibly omit “Italian paradox” with the same follow up.


    Speaking of starches here is Mac-story.
    What stared as a prize of a “business philosophy” ended in utter demolish.
    Bon appetit!


    All prisoners should save their brothers by pointing out the location of their ammunition depots.
    eg.(1 ammunition depot of the 1st Special Forces Brigade of the AFU has been destroyed near Volchansk )


    Love Magritte but I can’t imagine what inspired the title of this work.





    Tell me what happened to Indonesia after Soeharto said “Everybody now eats white rice!”


    OK, so I am a Ukrainian artillery man and all I have on hand are US cluster bomb shells. I see a Russian tank coming my way. What should I do?

    1. Fire a cluster shell at the tank and give away my position and get blown to hell?
    2. Fire a cluster bomb shell, then try running away and hiding, knowing the Russians will fire cluster shells at me, so I can’t run away and hide?
    3. Don’t fire a cluster bomb shell and run away and hide?

    Because that cluster bomb shell will not penetrate the tank’s armor but it surely will provoke a very angry response from the Russians!

    P.S. I love Dr. D’s explanation of why the Ukrainians Nazis still have no choice but continue to stockpile ammunition in depots, so they can control and guard it, especially near the front! They can’t trust their Ukrainian conscripts! I do wonder how the Russians always seem to know exactly where these depots are!

    Not after so many Leopard tank engines suddenly failed due to a little sand mixed in with the engine oil!

    The Ukrainian Nazis earlier tried welding tank hatches closed, only to find out that the Ukrainian conscripts quickly developed a very effective solution against this tactic! They simply drove the tank backwards with their gun also pointed backwards to counter any Nazi counterfire to stop them from surrendering to the Russians! Apparently Russians don’t seem to shoot tanks driving backwards!

    Figmund Sreud





    D Benton Smith

    So it looks to me that NATO’s plans for victory is actually a plan for a more or less organized retreat, under the guise of an absurd ultimatum that literally NO ONE believes to be anything other than what it is: a broad public announcement of Ukraine’s time table of defeat.

    I expect that Russia has already signed off on the plan as (barely) acceptable, and that it has agreed to let the face-saving bit of theater proceed.

    And all it will cost the West is a few more months of half-hearted propaganda, a couple of trillion dollars and perhaps a quarter of a million more human lives. Disgusting.

    But better than the end of the world.


    What happened?
    Do tell.


    If you step back and look at it as 1 crew running the whole show…Russia, China, USA, same boss, things begin to make sense.. The theatre is all for show, like sportsball, us vs. them. They want their new world order and don’t give a fuck who dies to get it/ Covid should have shown you, it’s already here, same rules, globally. Sattellites are up, 5G ready, now you fuckin cattle are going to get in your pens.

    Figmund Sreud

    Don’t you just love this headline!

    “NATO didn’t ‘create incentive’ for Putin to stop Ukraine war”





    Humans thrive on energy and light-
    Wandering from the pap of hearth and warmth-
    They seek the stars and sip the Milky Way.
    Those hours then nourish sleep ’til a new day.

    Without the dancing tongues of fire we’re mute.
    Without the gasp of stars we we lose our minds.
    So stir the embers, crick your neck in awe,
    then nestle in the ties where love unbinds.


    This is Epic 10/10 – extremely well done

    this oughta brighten your demeanor- like those still wearing masks on their smug faces

    fuck all you Nato scum , fu obama and biden you trash sub scum filth


    Meanwhile at CNN – faggot Liberal meltdown…. oh nooooeeessss, my feeeelings are so hurt

    all the snowflakes in the world just melted a little bit

    Heard a hilarious rant from an awesome woman today-

    Fuck you , you snowflake faggots – I’m not calling you faggots because you’re gay, I’m calling you faggots because you’re a bunch of fucking pussies

    I think I’m going to use this one for a while, its so true…

    Sick and f’n tired of the faggots whining, the same snowflake covid mask tards, the same stand with ukr-nazi tards, pro-noun tards, libtards-

    fuck all you ho’s, don’t tell me how to live

    play it loud for a good fu belly laugh

    or what to think or how to think it , go govern yourselves harder bitches – I’m done with your retarded bs

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