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    The initial core reason the Plandemic got off the ground was because of the fraudulent PCR ‘test’ conducted at 45 cycles.

    At 45 cycles it produces false positives in the mid-90% range, thus producing the flood of fake ‘cases’ that provided the rationale for ’emergency measures’ and emergency ‘vaccine’ approval.

    The asymptomatic head fake came after the PCR faux test roll out. It was a supporting actor/accomplice to this crime against humanity.

    The manipulation of the PCR cycles from 45 down to 27 allows you to dial in any number of ‘infections’ you want to show at any given moment.

    Perfect for fearmongering one moment then rapidly producing falling cases the next. See, we did it!!!

    The low infection rate from dialing down the PCR cycle threshold to the 20’s then can ‘prove’ that after you ‘vaccinate’ the infection rate falls, like a miracle!

    If you kick the PCR test out from under the Pathocrats play book, their whole case for the measures taken during Covid being legal dies a quick death, like a perfect head shot.

    The unreliability of PCR tests accuracy with stand up in court.

    Only trouble is finding a judge who isn’t corrupt and cowardly.

    Dr. D

    Completely ungovernable self-organization is this week’s essay:


    madamski wrote, “My informed Aussie friends have been tellinbg me forever that Aus is run by an exceptionally numbskull breed of ignorant greedheads. I believe them. It shows.”

    As an antipodean denizen, I agree with this assessment. It’s becoming more obvious by the day. The greed, or maybe just the stupidity, is unbelievable. The Feds came up with a $550 a fortnight income supplement last year, but this ended a few months ago. Much financial and domestic distress, but the Feds simply refuse to do anything more. Apparently the PM said the other day that because people have not been spending much, then they have savings — and they can spend these savings and get by. He seems to be completely out of touch with reality. The Feds lay huge and heavy burdens upon our shoulders but refuse to do anything to lighten them.

    But the biggest problem in all of this is the popular idea that mass vaccinations will cure and solve everything. Our take-up rate is low, about 9 ot 10%, and the message everywhere is Vaccinate! Vaccinate! Vaccinate!

    Begins to sound a bit like a screaming Dalek, doesn’t it: “You Will Be Vaccinated!”



    It’s beginning to look more and more as though the virus was released to warrant the use of the “vaccines” – not the other way around.



    Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela, Crimean, Russia, China, (and now USA)

    2. Covid reporting

    3. News reporting


    I had a serious, Matrix-level deja vu event take place yesterday. It was a minor little incident and I won’t bore everyone with a description, but every single detail of it was identical to an event I had already experienced, including the people involved, the moth, the location, what was said, etc., etc.

    There are theories* that parallel realities exist in which different decisions made and actions taken formed alternate realities, each of which varies by some degree from the reality we’re “living in”.

    I’m beginning to wonder if, due to the nature of energy and mass events, the advent of the coronavirus early last year caused us to slip into a parallel reality. One in which locking down, quarantining healthy people, shoving swabs up into sinuses, killing people by refusing to provide medical treatment, forcing experimental vaccinations on everyone, and blind acceptance and even cheering on of totalitarian government actions … is the accepted norm.

    Some of us were jarred by the cognitive dissonance that resulted from the shift; others continued on with barely any notice.

    Just a passing thought.

    * the idea there are parallel realities is more realistic than the idea humans can, for example, live on mars

    Mr. House

    We don’t want to edit your genes, thats crazy talk…………………..

    madamski cafone

    My money is on weather becoming the Major Distraction. Probably a melange of out of control wildfires, shipping blockages caused by hurricane damage to ports and waterways, more power outage extremeness like Texas next winter.

    Notice the echo chamber effect in here recently remarked upon?

    When a majority of the populace believe a thing must be opposed and stand united to stop it… the thing has already reached its terminus. We revel in that growing sense of certainty that we understand what’s happening, that we know what the problem is, and this tends to blind us that the problem is already mostly spent by its own misdirection.

    Cycles move FAST now. We saw justified liberal backlash against gender bigotry. About the time it was visible to the majority and a buncha them jumped on that bandwagon, the battle was already won, and now the purple-haired justice warriors come in to pick the corpses for any goods they hold.

    By the time the people unite in a crusade, the cause opposed by the crusade is already finished. BUt like I said, cycles move FAST now. Watch conservative backlash quickly accrue into a nonsense brigade that makes last January’s D.C. “insurrection” look serious and thoughtful rather than the political field day picnic it really was.

    By the time conservative backlash has “taken matters into their own hands”, it may well be even more a caricature of itself than the current liberal backwash.

    So, what about the weather? You like the Yankees or the Mets this year? What are the odds a megahurricane slips into the Pacific over Baja and hammers LA’s shipping harbor?

    For those who feels that modern climate change focus ignores wild weather in the per-industrial past, here’s an offering:

    Great Flood of 1862

    However, I’ll note that the centuries preceding this saw the deforestation of most of Europe while the New World underwent massive ecological change due to European pathogens wiping out most aborigines and the man-shaped landscape they’d created with controlled burning, dams, etc. SO we’d already added significant greenhouse gases to the air, and… please pay attention, climate-change-rebuffers: the thing about climates is that yes, tyhey6’re HUGE compared to humanity bnut so is our economy, and you’ve seen how that climate reacts to seemingly modest stimulus to produce gargantuan effects. The larger the system, the more massively complex it usually is. The more massively complex a system is, the more vulnerable it is to a systempunkt. Jell-O is mightly resilient stuff but just *touch* it, and it WIGGLES.

    The climate is wiggling. It often does… which is why one doesn’t wish to exacerbate it. Politics needn’t apply to this discussion. Politics are reactionary and usually nonsense, inadequate incompetent clownery. Primary things like weather toss mere politics around like a strong man at a flea circus. It would be nifty if we stopped pocusing on how politicians are swindling us in the name of increased climate volatility, and instead fopcused on climate volatility, and did so not through the loens of Al Gore or his detractors, but plain windows like the sky above and the ground at our feet.

    The weather IS currently going nuts, period. That will have vast impacts even if it proves to “merely” be a natural hiccip of 100 or so years of wild weather. I am preparing our household for when the wind turns northward and brings all the smoke from ther Cali/Oregon border wildfires our way.

    madamski cafone

    @ upstateNYer

    If you don’t tell us enough detail for us to feel the magic, I will curse you with the ghift of infinite baldness. Dish, dudesicle. I am rapt with anticipation.

    madamski cafone

    from the Orlov shared by Dr.D (the “D” stands for D, I think):

    “You might think that they’d learn from each others’ mistakes, but then here is a simple rule for you to remember: the intelligence of a hierarchically organized group of people is inversely proportional to its size, and mighty military empires are so big, and consequently so dumb, that they never, ever learn anything.”

    Similar principle aplies to large corps run by men with more $ than functioning neurons. They aggrandize, think they can help rule the world if not singularly outright, experience a deslusion of grandeur similar to a 3-year old’s belief that a towel tied around their shoulders will let them really fly (I vividly remember that belief), and, as some wag recently remarked, lose 20-30 IQ points just by becoming billionaires.

    THe more money a person has, the stupider that person becomes, but their money — and usually an army of yes-persons — prevents them from experiencing the consequences of their idiocy until it runs rampant, and Bill Gates wakes up without a wife and wondering when she’ll start REALLY blackmailing him.

    madamski cafone

    “As an antipodean denizen,”

    You should call yourself names like that. 😉

    TAE Summary

    * Vaccine Roundup
    – Fauci is a power hungry totalitarian creep
    – No variant has reached escape velocity but a booster may get one there
    – EUA never before granted for new vaccine
    – Spike protein antibodies are by definition sub-optimal
    – Vaccines might reduce life expectancy
    – No jab, no dialysis
    – Vaccines prevent hospitalization: Post vaxx ergo propter vaxx
    – Vaccines cause blood clots: Conspiracy theory
    – Covid was made for the vaccines, and not vaccines for Covid. Therefore Pfizer is Lord also of Covid.
    – Plandemic kickstarted by 45 cycle PCR test; Vaccines validated by 27 cycle PCR test
    – Asymptomic Covid requires vaccination to make sure your Covid will be asymptomatic

    * Covid Parallel Reality
    – Orwellian existence
    – Australian Ad: I’m not a Covid patient but I play one on TV
    – CNBC copies and pastes article from 2003; Replaces Sadaam with Covid 19 and Candy and Flowers with mRNA Vaccine
    – Democrats to fact check private SMS message; They want to make sure it was really Wiener’s wiener in those sexts

    * Your chances of dying
    – 1 in 6 : Heart disease
    – 1 in 27 : Chronic respiratory disease
    – 1 in 88 : Suicide
    – 1 in 92 : Opioid overdose
    – 1 in 106 : Falling down
    – 1 in 107 : Car wreck
    – 1 in 200K : Covid 19
    – 3 in 3 : Rejecting Covid 19 vaccines for your country

    * Bitcoin: Still HODLing after all these years

    * mRNA gene therapies are vaccines because they induce an immune response in the body.
    Other emerging vaccine technologies include:
    – Stepping on rusty nails ®
    – Bee stings ®
    – Your Covid positive friend coughing on you ®

    * Politics
    – South Africa in meltdown
    – Cuban protests
    – Australia run by an exceptionally numbskull breed of greedheads offering lebensraun for China
    – Pashtuns: Completely ungovernable but self-organizing; Portlanders: Halfway there
    – Medieval Jurisprudence: Trial by combat; Modern Jurisprudence: Trial by Lego set
    – Global elites are a high functioning cult but not a fully functioning cult; There are no smoke filled rooms; They work together like vultures, not like ants
    – They’re rioting in Africa
    They’re starving in Spain
    There’s hurricanes in Florida
    And Texas needs rain


    One of the “oddest” bits of these times is having ourselves run into the ground (with *all* due care, of course!) by
    so-called “liberal Democrats”, who are in fact more authoritarian than any “Republican” I’ve ever met..

    no me gusta.


    Plenty of good, useful stuff in that D. Orlov piece linked above by Dr. D.

    The Few will fight self-organization tooth and nail, but that doesn’t mean they’ll win.


    One of the better sites IMO for seeing what the Enemy is up to is .

    Veracious Poet

    Amerikan aristocracy = LIES, LIES, LIES; LOOT, LOOT, LOOT; KILL, KILL, KILL.

    I’m surprised that anyone living in Clown World is surprised that Hunta Biden, BIG pharm, banking & .mil et al. continue to get get-out-of-jail passes from the lame stream media & sociopaths in robes ~ All bought & paid for by the Amerikan aristocracy!

    Doesn’t everyone want to live lifestyles of the rich and clueless?

    Tiger Blood! #winning

    Fauccism indeed…when do they start building the kamps?


    Russel Brand’s latest interview re off-grid doomsday preppers revealed they are a HUGE range of political and idealogical groups and individuals from vegan eco organic utopianists to feral, right wing gun-toters. They are aligned in their desire to TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. A political act that trumps all other concerns and allows a massive degree of harmony in their actions.
    Weird, who would have thought that people who don’t trust the govt., look after themselves and work would be able to put their differences aside in favour of their shared humanity.

    madamski cafone

    “You should call yourself names like that.”

    madamski cafone

    “They are aligned in their desire to TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. A political act that trumps all other concerns and allows a massive degree of harmony in their actions.”

    There it is. That’s all one needs. Like that line from that old Heinlein juvenile novel:

    My old man taught me two things:
    Mind own business.
    Always cut the cards.


    Okay people, can we just dumb it down a bit and simply be opinionated extremists for a minute. TAE is turning into endless homework or a part time uni degree. So many facts. So many angles. So much reading material. So many thought experiments. I’m gunna grab a bong before long.
    What so now I got Club Orlov, a 45 minute Greenwald interview, an hour long goddam Stuart Kauffman lecture on the big picture, a history lesson on a city I have never been to in the Tammanay pricks and parallel universes! It’s 9 in the morning and I’m worn out already.
    You guys are some heavy hitters when it comes to brain nerd stuff.
    Jus’ sayin’


    oxymoron: you seem to be on the right track to me, fwtw. Orlov’s book ‘Shrinking the Technosphere’ has been
    useful enough to mention, though: enough “say what?” spots to make you wonder, but some breathtaking insights.. I’ve noticed that many of the better thinkers (artists, too) are very uneven.

    Veracious Poet

    Therefore a win is undermining and discrediting everything. Comey, Mueller, Wray, and all WANT this to happen as it serves the larger end: a post-law, post-FBI Staasi, a theocracy run by their religious cult.

    The Amerikan religious cult power, looting & hedonism.

    Back when I was a real legal reporter, surrounded by fake B$ cult memba reporters in one of the most important/critical pressrooms in the universe, I watched the religious cult each & everyday for 20+ years, & the evil that was swept under the rug by sociopaths in robed fake B$ cult membas.

    This was after I was rudely awakened with a dark pall the morning the USGOV pumped mostly peaceful CS gas into the Branch Davidian compound & the extrajudicial execution of 82 men, women & children…

    The country never looked the same after that, & I became aware of the truth of the U$ .mil/banking Empire.

    Anyone that doesn’t know the Amerikan aristocracy hasn’t accomplished goal-after-goal towards creating a breakaway civilization that is more powerful than any in history is either ignorant, self-deluded or complicit.

    Here’s a few tidbits about the 4th branch:



    Those are the just a warmup to all the #WINNING that the 4th branch has accomplished non-stop on behalf of their masters, the Amerikan aristocracy…

    Oh, the Central Stupidity Agency’s HQ, which when completed in 1991 was the most expensive USGOV building ever built, which led to congressional inquiries regarding funding since the USCON hardly gave them a dime (Thanks Grand Wizard Bush for all the black budget goodies!).

    Wasn’t too long after that the next most expensive USGOV building was opened for cult ops, the SDNY courthouse part deux in ol’ Gotham…

    We lost the American Republic to the cult of power, looting & hedonism a long, LONG time ago, & it appears many will be culled as to not be a bother soon ~ Too bad, so sad that the patriot movement back in the 90s wasn’t taken seriously, & that Ross Perot was taken out to the woodshed (threats against his children), the Republic had a chance for about 5 minutes.

    Tidbit about the cult: The fraud st. looting operations are notorious for prostitute lunches, and most seasoned Gotham reporters know & ignore this fact, & some like Greenberg are notorious for trannies on the menu ~ No surprise that the LGBTQ cult ops are so well funded 😉



    You might like this movie ‘Love Wedding Repeat’

    It’s a very funny takeoff on deja vu revolving around a slight shift in the time-space continuum resulting in two very different outcomes.

    Several brilliant comedic performances. Quite a rabbit hole to fall down into, the trailer doesn’t due it justice.


    Classic Yogi Barre

    “What time is it Yogi”

    Yogi ; “You mean now?

    madamski cafone

    “You guys are some heavy hitters when it comes to brain nerd stuff.
    Jus’ sayin’”

    It’s not a college course. You don’t have t get a passing grade or master the material. But more really bad or really good jokes wouldn’t hurt.


    @oxymoron I’ll give that Brand interview a listen. It’s a good observation – TAKING CARE OF THEMSELVES (and family/tribe) cuts through ideological differences and gives common cause between quinoa eaters and don’t tread on me-ers.

    A blogger I read – Granola Shotgun – is one of the best preppers I can think of. He’s integrated prepping right into his daily lifestyle – actually makes it look fun, simple, and more interesting than my life 😀 He has layers of preps, different tactics for different scenarios and durations. I’ve patterned some of my preps after his.

    He pointed out that some of his prepper skills he learned from Mormons – as a gay man he doesn’t have a lot of commonality there, but he pointed out that the Mormons are skilled preppers and delightfully happy to share their knowledge!


    “How__this”.. “Why__that”.. so very many on the darpaNet wanting to tell me what’s happened (fait accompli, dontcha know), but virtually nothing from them on what might be done about it.. weird.



    Documentary on H. Bukowski (sorry for the link to ultra cluttered fascist-tube; others don’t seem to work):

    Just finishing his ‘Hollywood’, on the making of Barfly. I thought Rourke was good in it.


    > “What time is it Yogi”

    Yogi ; “You mean now? <

    I like that. It reminds me somehow of a line from Jim the bartender in Barfly: “he’s as right as any of us”. Nice bad bumpy movie.


    Looks like the 6 defendants arrested for plotting to kidnap Michigan’s nutcase governor were aided by 12 FBI informants! Yeah outnumbered 2 to 1! What a joke! If I was on any jury I would refuse to convict anyone, except the FBI! They are the real criminals!

    (My Father once delayed a murder jury verdict by 2 days to prevent a pompous judge from getting an early start Friday morning to go weekend fishing!) (No love lost between engineers and lawyers!)

    It seems the Fulton County, Georgia vote count of mail-in-ballots only had a greater than 60% error rate! That is what you get from teaching dumbed down math! Like double or triple counting!

    So everybody in France needs to be vaccinated before they are allowed to do anything useful like support the economy! The US is watching closely to see if this works! After all the Democrats are planning on making life for the unvaccinated difficult and hard.

    I laughed when a judge said the California’s governor can’t call himself a Democrat in the upcoming re-call election! Newsom sure has been going around throwing billions at California voters thanks to free taxpayer money from D.C.

    In Texas they always do things big! Like state Democrats flying on a private jet to DC, shutting down the state house! Now the governor is planning to arrest them when they ever return! Maybe they won’t return! Maybe we end up with a Texas long horn stand-off! Get your BBQ ready!



    We would be rather remiss if we didn’t include the Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919 that killed over 20 people and injured over 100 people. That was truly a very sticky mess!

    Doc Robinson

    New evidence that the lockdown “cure’ may be worse than the disease.

    A study of excess mortality in Greece during the first 9 months of the epidemic shows that the deaths from Covid-19 were less than the number of non-Covid excess deaths. This is “most probably related” to the underutilization of healthcare services due to suspension of outpatient care, cancelation of elective surgeries, etc.

    3,778 excess non-Covid-19 deaths
    2,406 deaths from Covid-19 (per Worldometer)


    Utilization rates of all public healthcare services during the first nine months of the epidemic dropped significantly compared to the average utilization rates of the 2017-19 control period… This underutilization of essential public services – mainly due to supply restrictions such as suspension of outpatient care and cancelation of elective surgeries – is most probably related to the 3,778 excess non-COVID-19 deaths (representing 62% of all-cause excess deaths) that have been reported during the first 9 months of the epidemic in the country.


    Greece’s healthcare system, deeply wounded by the 2008-18 recession and austerity, was ill resourced to cope with the challenge of the COVID-19 epidemic. Early and prolonged lockdowns have kept COVID-19 infections and deaths at relative low levels. However, this “success” seems to have been accomplished at the expense of non-COVID-19 patients.

    Essential Public Healthcare Services Utilization and Excess non-COVID-19 Mortality in Greece


    > I laughed when a judge said the California’s governor can’t call himself a Democrat in the upcoming re-call election! <

    It is getting interesting here in the Golden State. The idea of tossing Newsom (“hey, we’ve got a lot invested in this schmuck!”) is a funny one – the latest overlord-selected replacement could easily be worse.


    Doc R: I admire your ability to calmly present facts in the face of imposed lunacy- it’s admirable.



    Hope you don’t have too many bonfires like BC is currently having! (Or maybe there isn’t anything left to burn?)



    Hope you don’t have too many bonfires like BC is currently having! (Or maybe there isn’t anything left to burn?) <

    Wes: not yet. In this region Sept/Oct are mostly the scary times (maybe I shouldn’t say that.).

    Doc Robinson

    @ Bill7

    Imposed lunacy sounds about right.

    I might be mistaken, but I think the “WTF” and “FFS” responses (to the exposed lunacy) have more impact when they come naturally from the reader, instead of being pushed by the writer.


    Doc R: nicely said.


    CD Friedrich:

    those shifting, great masses..

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