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    Vincent van Gogh View of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer 1888   • Australia’s COVID Outbreak Worsens Despite Economy-Crippling Lockdowns (ZH) • Fauci Ca
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    Polder Dweller

    Power hungry totalitarian creep.

    Yeah, but what about his bad points?

    absolute galore

    But people need to understand that the amount of data right now that shows a high degree of effectiveness and a high degree of safety is more than we’ve ever seen with the emergency use authorization, so these vaccines are as good as officially approved with all the I’s dotted and T’s crossed. It hasn’t been done yet because the FDA has to do certain things. But it’s as good as done. So people should really understand that. But they are waiting now until you get an official approval before. And I think when you do see the official approval, you’ll see a lot more mandates.”

    Well the EUA has never been granted for a brand-new vaccine–AVA, the anthrax vaccine given an EUA in 2005 was already approved for other use, so it was a case of “off label” use. During the Swine Flu pandemic, only antiviral meds were approved. His statement is A. misleading, and B. comparing apples to kiwi fruit. Dr. Dissembler.

    I loathe the phrase “people need to understand.” It is used by smug and contemptuous prigs who are full of themselves.

    “…these vaccines are as good as officially approved…it’s as good as done”
    That’s the scary part. It’s like they are going to give an emergency full approval to a drug that has an emergency use authorization.

    We are truly into an Orwellian existence. I’m not so sure you can ever get back out without a lot of violence happening first.

    “Meanwhile, at the Conservative Political Action Conference, author Alex Berenson called out the vaccination efforts as a scam. “The government was hoping that they could sort of sucker 90% of the population into getting vaccinated,” Berenson said. “And it isn’t happening.” People in the audience cheered when they heard that. On the other hand, Fauci called the reaction “horrifying.”

    When the pandemic first started and I was refusing to wear a mask outdoors and questioning the scope and the subsequent government reaction, a good friend of mine said I should meet this friend of his who lives in the next town over. It was more of an aside to let me know he knew of others who were of a similar opinion.

    Anyway, this friend of my friend, who I have not met, is Alex Berenson, who I had never heard of to that point. I’m fairly indifferent about going out of my way to meet him, but anybody who The Atlantic calls “the pandemic’s wrongest man” or who elicits a “horrifying” from Dr. Dissembler is doing something right. This is the highly respected, ethical, unbiased journal which proudly announces “The Atlantic’s COVID-19 coverage is supported by grants from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.”

    Hey, at least they come out and admit it, unlike most of the other “news sources” out there.

    Polder Dweller

    Dr. Martin appears to be associated with the “Plandemic” crowd and with some marginal crypto-religious groups inveighing against Jewish conspiracies and freemasonry — two big red flags for me.

    I was a bit surprised by Jim’s sceptical stance wrt Fuellmich et al, yet some on SM are saying that it’s a more sophisticated form of Q-Anon. Maybe that is a double bluff, too, who knows? Meantime, the fact checkers are getting fact checked and everyone is debunking everyone else, like this:

    I’m beginning to see what a post-truth world looks like.


    This one from Tony is fully creepy “core, lesser group”.


    All this vax push on account of , for me, a 5.1 in 1 million chance of dying from COVID. Give me a break. It’s not about a virus.

    Polder Dweller

    This is also doing the rounds on SM: three presidents Haïti, Burundi and Tanzania, who refused to push the vaccines are all now ‘surfing beneath the turf.’ Coincidence? Probably.


    Notice in that risk calculation, not one question about Vitamin D levels.


    Re Hesseri and LDS – The vaccines were intended to prevent hospitalisations and that’s what they have done. They weren’t intended to prevent positive test results or any symptoms at all.

    Mister Roboto

    For pity’s sake. I’m at the point where I’m almost ready to start waving a Confederate Flag myself.


    @democritus: then why are they called vaccines?


    ctbarnum – i’m not from the US but put in a random zip code for florida – I came in at 1.2 per 1000000. This aint a virus. It is a scam.

    this is our national govt ad in aus right now – fear porn.
    Note that in hospital situation this woman is in they can afford 5 billion in machines that go ‘bing’ but not one pain killer.


    Only in the USA!
    Count your blessings that you’re somewhere else.

    • What If…. (Denninger)

    • A Bodyguard of Lies (Kunstler)

    • White House Urges Cities To Use Covid Funds To Help Combat Violent Crime (JTN)

    • Trump: Big Tech Is ‘Getting The Biggest Subsidy Ever (JTN)

    • ‘I Got Impeached Twice, I Became Worse’: Trump (RT)

    “off label” use.

    Why is “Psy-ops” needed for the irrelevant, powerless feeders

    Polder Dweller

    “The vaccines were intended to prevent hospitalisations and that’s what they have done.”

    Do you have any proof for that, democritus? All I have seen is curves (cases, hospitalisations,deaths) for this year which look remarkably similar to those from last year (high at the beginning, dropping low in the summer) except this year they got (a lot) worse soon after people started getting “vaccinated.”

    Dr. D

    Post vanished for me:
    “It’s nice that you don’t have to sew the vaccine proof on your coat”

    Yes you do:
    “WHO Is Working On “Digital Wallet” To Store Vaccination Certification: Official”

    Hey is that a vaccine passport? That’s an unbased, debunked conspiracy theory. Except that it’s in the CDC, WHO, and Administrations worldwide. Except it isn’t. It is. Isn’t. Is. Isn’t. Is. Gaaaaah!
    Remember the point of #AntiLogos is not to be AGAINST reality. That’s not far enough. It’s to make reality cease to exist altogether. There is no #Truth but #Power. The purpose of Power is Power.
    …For the chronically mentally ill.

    The vaccine was SUPPOSED to stop hospitalizations while not being sterile, that is, you could still get it, and as VDB says, encourage virus evolution. However, as UK shows, that is false. The people in the HOSPITAL are vaccinated. No difference at all from unvaxxed as far as I can tell from their terrible numbers. So it’s worse: you take both risks and get nothing.

    “DOJ Retracts Claim It Seized “Fully Constructed” Lego Set From Accused Capitol Rioter”

    Thanks to non-stop lambasting to their limp-wristed, panty-waisted psychotic delusions, they retracted this. Oh wait: no. Their retraction of the unconscionably weak, butt-hurt dum-dums was that IT WASN’T ASSEMBLED. Could be a present for his nephew, who knows?

    Anyway, the upcoming (un)armed attack on Hogwarts marches on. And what’s the FBI doing about it?
    Uh, yeah, when the people mock and belittle you this much, you’re no longer a threat and they giggle at the thought of you showing up. Nice job. …But that is the point, isn’t it? Collapse the U.S. and their evil “capitalism”? “Burn it down?” “By any means necessary”? Therefore a win is undermining and discrediting everything. Comey, Mueller, Wray, and all WANT this to happen as it serves the larger end: a post-law, post-FBI Staasi, a theocracy run by their religious cult.

    Looking at South Africa which is in uproar, non-stop looting, police unable to enforce any laws and therefore unwilling. I’m like, AND? That looks just like the United States last summer, or the decay of now mid-sized cities this summer. Why’s it different there? A: Because the media refuses to report it here, and if they report it, they lie, lie, lie, lie, lie.


    Trying to keep track of what’s REALLY going on, not the pointless misdirection of the media, Pelosi has directed the D.C. police to take over the nation. She is opening “D.C. Satellite Offices” nationwide, with full military drone infowar surveillance. …Cuz Capital Rioters, ‘natch. Who were unarmed. And killed no one. And haven’t been charged with anything akin to “Sedition” or “Rebellion.” but “misdemeanor trespassing (which is correct, btw).

    Aaaaaaaaaaaand outside of the Legislative mandate. Aaaaaaaaaaand outside of the 4th Amendment. Aaaaaand in a total, predictable, gambit of a Stassi and Praetorian guard disloyal to the law and the people. Aaaaaaand outside of Biden, actually. But as you know, in #OppositeLand, if Executive functions are NOT her job, she does them. If passing laws and oversight of the above 4th branch of government in the NSA and the missing $40T of budget funds IS her job, she DOESN’T do it. Of course.

    But thankfully they’re totally bankrupt AND totally, foolishly psychotic and inept. It’s really, really hard to put down 170 million Americans – with 400 million guns – when you’re lost in a delusional psychosis. People notice. …Or once their paychecks don’t clear anyway.

    Hey, day 188 they can’t figure out who planted those bombs on 100 D.C. cameras. Day 272 of Hunter’s laptop showing breach of security clearance, bribery, prostitution, federal gun and drug crimes, and child endangerment. Day 68 the FBI has no idea who opened a Coinbase account with “Know Your Customer” information and received the Bitcoin ransoms from their hacking insurance payout.

    …But she’s going to run surveillance of Muncie, Indiana and Branson, Missouri. Right. Okie-dokie, Pelosie!

    Narccissists. A Legend in their Own Mind.

    Speaking of, Antony “Masks don’t work on viruses, I fund prohibited CCP Bioweapons” Fauci says they should have “vaccine mandates”. Don’t quit your day job, Tony, it’s illegal against the Constitution, Federal and International law, is an open War Crime, and also opens everyone to completely unlimited liability and class-action suits. Sleep Tight. The money is now well-tracked, open info, and most of the people in the U.S. think you created the research the virus leaked from. So is it Nobel? Or Congressional Medal of Honor time?

    Dr. Anthony Fauci on Monday defended the Biden administration’s door-to-door vaccine effort”

    Like free speech, I think they should. Then people can see what their country is now and what they’re paying for. What “One on one” arguments does he think will work? He and CNN said so?

    “Bernie Sanders Heads to Cuba to Tell Protesters to Be More Grateful for Their Excellent Social Programs” – Bbee

    “White House Urges Cities to Use Covid Funds to Help Combat Violent Crime (JTN)”

    As said: Cuomo, NY: they are the models for the nation. Mobs of 200 with open fire-fights and child shootings is the goal.

    If it isn’t the goal wouldn’t they be mad about it and try to stop it? Child shootings and carjackings are probably the result of all the Lego confiscations. They’re trying to drive to Toys R Us.

    “50% of value gone, but nobody sells.”

    Quite true. But all the “sales” are on the fake exchanges, which is different from the real blockchain. In fact, something like all the Litecoin ever mined is “traded” every three days or something. That is, totally bananas in the other direction, showing extensive market-rigging. But BTC is up 360% a year, 30% a month. And that’s measuring from the DOWN wave. Not enough? You need more than that? What are you buying, gold-plated Humvees? Be satisfied. Hyperinflation much?

    Other problems: as they’re transferring in Coinbase, not blockchain, it’s the same as clearing checks in HSBC. That is, works fine, but it’s not 5% ‘trading’. Sort of. And those are owned by mega wallets that don’t move as they are owned by trading houses in proxy for customers. Half(?) the coins are NEVER moving, as they’re locked by Satoshi Nakamoto. HALF of the remaining are probably lost on hard drives before it was valuable. So what is that now? Maybe then 25% of actual, non-destroyed coins trade? See, when you actually read stuff and ask questions, things come clear. But journalists are illiterate and uncurious, arrogant, lying morons, and would die on a rack before picking up a “telephone.” But they’re from Columbia so: Short Bus.

    Dr. D

    Glad to see the Bitcoin obits though. Bitcoin obituaries by top news is my #1 trading method, although we may have found a “Gartman” other than Elon Musk. That is a total, can’t lose, always wrong “Expert.” So, shortly to $200k.


    ” ‘I Got Impeached Twice, I Became Worse’: Trump (RT)”

    Wow, RT using the same deeply-pejorative language and biased framing as everyone else. When I did journalism ALL of this was FIRING OFFENSE. Instant. As in “Clearly you are not a journalist, but a liar.” He “SAID” was the adjective you used. “Experts say” was written, with carefully “Other experts disagreed” presented. You decide, Mr. Reader, now that we’ve presented the actual facts – double confirmed — exactly as said. Ah the good old days of like just a year ago. When even CNN reporters had to have “Facts” and “Sources” and could be “Sued” for “Libel”. You know: back before ‘08 when there was a rule of law.

    What is it now? Glenn Greenwald explains in long, painful detail:


    Complexity simplified

    TAE helps you to –
    1. cuts the knot,
    2. highlights the path,
    3. untangles the wool,
    4. explains the rail yard,
    5. see “fake news” reports
    6. wakeup from “Psy-ops”


    @democritus: then why are they called vaccines?

    Because they work the way vaccines work, by inducing an immune response in the body.


    Do you have any proof for that, democritus?

    I am hoping you don’t want me to build a lab.


    Polder Dweller: …the one big problem they (Russia) have there is already a declining population

    Well there was a decline for several years after the USSR breakup but that shifted back to an increase in ’09 which held through 2020. Now it turning down again due to demographics – like Japan, Spain, Italy and many Western countries.

    What if – as most of us here suspect – the vaccines (even Sputnik V) reduce life expectancy considerably?

    Well if this report is accurate then you can’t blame the Spudnik effectively rate because apparently only 15% of the population has allowed themselves to be vaccinated!

    Supposedly it’s the notorious Delta variant which, as we know, has a CFR less than the flu so Russia’s “emergency” is just more FUD.


    @absolute galore: I am not a believer in a fully functioning cabal of global elites, complete with secret handshakes.

    Me neither.

    That’s a cartoon version of tinfoil hat conspiracies which is not what we’re up against. If you had the opportunity to hang out with obscenely rich people you’d find that (a) they very sincerely believe that they’ve earned and have a right to every penny they’ve stolen and (b) like us they have views on how they feel the world should be but (c) unlike us they have the power (money) to bring their visions into reality if they choose to.

    The cartoon version of fat guys in smoke-filled rooms conspiring evil deeds is just that – a cartoon. The reality is that they do tend to associate with others that see things they way they do – just as we’re doing here on TAE. It’s only natural that they should cooperate with their peers to accomplish their mutual goals. Goals that they sincerely believe in with their (sociopathic) hearts.

    Mr. House


    Wasn’t that the case for people prior to the “jabs”? I thought most people who got the original strain of c19 were asymptomatic so where is the improvement?

    Mr. House

    After reading that CNBC article you can remove the words vaccine and delta variant and it would be a copy and pasted article from some point in 2020.


    COVID-19 Mortality Risk Calculation — it doesn’t ask whether or not I already had Covid…..*sigh*

    Mister Roboto

    Funny how we’re not hearing anything about these demonstrations.

    Mr. House

    will asymptomatic now mean what it meant prior to c19: IE you do not spread the virus? Now that the jabs are in place will the long standing MO of double standards assert itself? Wasn’t asymptomatic one of the largest arguments for the jabs? Because you might have it and not know you need to be jabbed so you don’t spread it? except the jabs don’t stop you from spreading it? I’m spinning in circles here, a dog chasing its tail.

    Mr. House

    The Cuban ones? They’ve been in the news, or at least the news i read a good deal.

    Polder Dweller

    I looked at the CNBC link, democritus (already quite something for me even to look at such an untrustworthy source of news) and saw this:

    – Covid hospitalizations are rising in some parts of the world, mostly where vaccination rates are low and the highly contagious delta variant is spreading.
    – In the U.S., officials have said virtually all recent Covid hospitalizations and deaths were occurring among unvaccinated people.
    – Some studies have shown that those infected with Covid after vaccination produce much less virus than those who are unvaccinated, reducing the risk of passing the virus to others.

    BAM! Three lies right there. Still, they got their facts from the WHO, so ’nuff said.

    Dr. D

    “The cartoon version of fat guys in smoke-filled rooms conspiring evil deeds is just that – a cartoon.”

    Huh? \

    Tammany Hall, starting DAY ONE of the U.S., with top members VP Aaron Burr, lasting 100 years into NYC in open election rigging up to 1950. You know, where the next election was teh most rigged up to now with Kennedy-Nixon, where it was openly admitted they sat in “Smoke filled rooms” with the Catholics, Unions, Teamsters, Mafia, and worse, the Chicago machine.

    But although it’s written in history that this has happened more or less perpetually everywhere on earth, it’s not happening here or now, because we’re special and different.

    “It’s only natural that they should cooperate with their peers to accomplish their mutual goals.”

    And this is different from what others describe as “smoke filled rooms” in what practical way?
    Oh, was that the past?

    Wait: is that Time Magazine, describing in open detail how today’s Tammany Hall of corporations and billionaires undermines democracy and free elections in the service of money that sits in smoke filled rooms? What does it take to say “Yes”? If Time magazine says THIS IS HAPPENING, happening on the front page, are you calling them liars and unhinged conspiracy theorists? It’s really strange to me. It’s like saying “the rains we have here are not rains” or the “riots we have here aren’t really riots.” They print non-stop papers SAYING they do it, then fund with billions. It’s a duck. Qvack Qvack.



    That as well. *sigh*


    I am in Florida and the number of cases here have been next to none for the last week and they are still dumping the fear on you, but on the other hand, have also relaxed the standards for temperature checks and contact tracing (i.e., stopped doing them altogether). Yep, not about a virus and the more they use coercion the more I push back.


    Our “experts” still believe in the Cooties when most ditch that belief near the end of elementary school. Do they also have trouble with object permanence?

    Mr. House

    this is what you do when you aren’t lying and “winning!”


    I remember in a video a few days ago someone claiming that people in the Pfizer clinical trials who are being given the “boosters” are having bad reactions and many are refusing the 4th jab, (because the Pfizer boosters are also a 2 jab program.)

    Has anyone seen anything about this that is written? Or further video corroboration? The person who mentioned it in a video didn’t say anything about sources.

    (Of course, Germ is away…may need to re-pose this question when he gets back.)


    @ct: that’s hilarious. thanks


    “Smoke filled rooms,
    I think that the point of “smoke filled rooms” is that it was a small group in a closed door meeting — and smoking as a part of leisure was something practiced by upper classes, rather than lower classes. (Upper class homes might have “a smokinng room” — but lower class ones did not.) Cigarettes are a poor man’s way of getting nicotine. The wealthy would historically use fine Cuban cigars, that they would share out among their male friends.

    Now that nicotine is understood to cause cancer, I’m going to guess that the closed door meetings are more often not in smoke filled rooms. Instead, they are in smoke-free rooms in Davos, Switzerland, during the WEF. They are in ritzy hotel restaurants and on golf courses. The location and the haze of the air may change, but the tenor of the meetings do not. The meetings are about how “I” and “we” (the scumsucking “elite” parasites) will retain and augment our wealth and power, ensuring that the masses do not create a viable opposition. (Oh, but no doubt that the rooms or locations of these meetings have many, many details that display the immense wealth of the meeting participants.)


    My partner’s feathers are ruffled because he just found out that his best friend just had his second Pfizer jab yesterday and is feeling nausous. His best friend says that he knew that there were risks, but he lives on Long Island, he is so sick of the masks, and the vaccine was a way out of the masks.

    And another one falls for the psyop.

    madamski cafone

    “The Covid problem must be waning then?!”

    • White House Urges Cities To Use Covid Funds To Help Combat Violent Crime (JTN)

    Houston begins to realize that we have a problem. Rather like how Hitler’s financiers realized they7 couldn’t control him.

    madamski cafone

    Apparently, Australia wants to commit hari-kari so China will take over. I doubt China wants the job. Oh well. My informed Aussie friends have been tellinbg me forever that Aus is run by an exceptionally numbskull breed of ignorant greedheads. I believe them. It shows.

    As an American, it’s noice to have English-speaking nations I can look down on. Except Canada: I have to look north to look down on them. You just can’t stay angry with Canada.

    Oh, Dudley…

    Mister Roboto

    You just can’t stay angry with Canada.

    As disappointed as I am with them for being total coronapansies, I just can’t bring myself to fully disdain a country where cannabis is legal everywhere. 🙂

    island raider

    Regarding Alex Berenson, he has a really good twitter feed. You don’t need a twitter account to view the feed, just search ‘twitter alex berenson’. He also has a substack & yesterday published a great article titled ‘Vaccines: Reasons for Concern Part 3’. Yesterday I was able to view it in its entirety without subscribing to his substack. Great article! Lines out with data & evidence that the data coming out of Israel and UK are demonstrating that the vaccines are starting to fail in these locations with some of the highest vaccination rates in the world. His concluding paragraphs followed by a link to the substack:

    “I hope it is clear by know that to know for sure just how quickly the vaccines lose their effectiveness will require very careful AND HONEST statistical analysis of complex data.

    Instead of offering that, however, American public health authorities are doubling down on their promise of vaccine effectiveness. They trumpet unverified statistics that appear increasingly implausible in the light of the more granular data coming from Israel and especially Britain (which has excellent data from a national health care system and a commitment to publishing weekly reports that cannot be easily manipulated).

    For now, the United States has not seen the big increases in cases that have hit Britain and Israel since May. But the mRNA vaccines work the same everywhere. So it is hard to see why America will not, unless natural infection-generated immunity is so much higher here that it blunts the impact of vaccine failure.

    Over the next few weeks, the data will bear very close watching. But we already know this much. As public health authorities and the media press vaccinations ever harder on young people – who are at almost no risk from Covid anyway – their unwillingness to face difficult realities will only feed conspiracy theories and resistance.”


    Dr. D said: “Therefore a win is undermining and discrediting everything. Comey, Mueller, Wray, and all WANT this to happen as it serves the larger end: a post-law, post-FBI Staasi, a theocracy run by their religious cult..”

    That’s my take as well: the Overlords’/ minions self-discrediting sure looks intentional to me. “Nowhere to turn”
    for us proles (except self-organization) seems to be their goal.

    Mr. House said: “..Wasn’t asymptomatic one of the largest arguments for the jabs? Because you might have it and not know you need to be jabbed so you don’t spread it? except the jabs don’t stop you from spreading it? I’m spinning in circles here, a dog chasing its tail..”

    Hey, what’s not to like? As said above..


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