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    Utagawa Hiroshige Sudden Evening Shower on the Great Bridge near Atake 1857   • Are Recovered Covid Patients More Protected Than The Vaccinated?
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle July 15 2021]

    Polder Dweller

    It’s a typo, but it’s a good one:

    “…urged citizens to get their jabs against Covid-19 jabs”

    If only there were such a jab!

    Polder Dweller

    A bit too technical for me, the conclusions are interesting though.

    “ Conclusion on Vaccines against SARS-Cov-2

    The mechanism of COVID-19 disease shows, that it is not possible to make a vaccine against SARS- Cov-2. The toxin is formed much faster then more complex auto-antibodies. Applying a vaccine shifts the equilibrium of the reaction towards the auto-antibodies. As a consequence, infection with SARS-Cov-2 is resulting in a symptomatically milder disease, as immune reaction to the toxin does not occur. However, the seemingly symptomatic milder auto-immune disease will inevitably occur.

    Further supporting evidence of the hypothesis

    Changes in physical phenotype of blood cells (shape and size) is altered in COVID-19 (12).
    An interesting observation is that aspirin roughly halved mortality in COVID-19 patients (13). Aspirin- triggered 15-epi-lipoxin A4 regulates neutrophil-platelet aggregation and attenuates acute lung injury in mice (14).”


    Yes the wrong side of the border but not for long “We are in the phase where we are still promoting vaccines voluntarily, Merkel just says it is a phased approach. Same here in Oz – Melbourne starts is 5.0 brutal lockdown making life shitty for kids and drunks and stay at home and stare at a screen types.
    However after much pondering and a little silence I awoke very refreshed and happy and danced in the kitchen to Only Girl in The World by Rihanna with my kids and felt great. So there is that. Thanks to the many offering advice, love and consolation yesterday (the time zone is annoying).


    Also, we watch and wait as reports and evidence comes in but sometimes fall prey to a whisper in the ear. A friend of a friend (nudge nudge) says he knows a guy who knows a guy who says in late August Australia will go into level 5 Martial Law lockdowns. House arrest and shit. No going anywhere.
    1 year ago I would have said ‘as if!’
    Today – I bought rice and canned tomatoes.

    What the actual !@#$ is going on?


    @oxy: shifted into a parallel reality. (That’s wtf is going on.) 😉


    Re: VAERS deaths. Although correlation is not causation, why no effort to determine cause? Why hasn’t a full autopsy been performed on every single person who died within “x” days of receiving a jab? They’ve had 7 months now to medically evaluate what is happening to these people and have done nothing. Absolutely nothing. There is no excuse for this. None. I’m beginning to appreciate Karl D’s level of anger.


    upstateNYer – I’m with you Karl has the right vibe for right about now. Also how’d those Vodka tonics go down?
    My new reality is called ‘rise to the challenge’ or ‘resist the reset’. Also I’m not entirely convinced it is even parallel – feels like it’s gone off on a weird angle toward a dark nebula.

    Mister Roboto

    shifted into a parallel reality. (That’s wtf is going on.)

    Starting about March 15, 2020, it really did feel as though we were living in an entirely different world than the one that had existed a mere month previously.


    critics of genetic technology have argued that
    the SARS virus should not be patentable because it is a discovery of nature, and
    a commercialisation of life.

    For any lawyers here who may be interested here is paper from a Melbourne lawyer about the patents applied for and held on the sars virus and the ethics and issues around global health and commercial stuff too.


    @oxy: the “parallel” doesn’t stay parallel. The space widens as reality follows the new trajectory.


    @mister: agreed. It most certainly did feel that way, and it has only gotten worse.


    @oxy: went down well, thank you. Unfortunately. 😉

    Dr. D

    Trouble in that other main war materiel, rubber:

    So, let’s see: Food, Gas, Steel, Chemicals, Chips, and…kid soldiers. Check, check, check.

    FBI “Experts” and “Authorities” covering up sex crime. MSNBC What is that, the 500th time in a row?

    FBI this weak with new fame: of the Whitmer conspiracy, like 12 of the 15 people involved were FBI agents. Probably the others were DEA. Hey, did the NYT report this only 6 years ago? Nope? “We’re an empire now and make our own reality.” …Yeah, an Empire of Lies and frauds.

    “Reopening of U.S.-Canada Border May Come Too Late for Hundreds of Businesses” –MSNBC

    Of course that was the whole point. Bezos made $100,000 per Amazon employee. Billionaires fli’ed, people died.

    Following the news, CNN is working not to become smaller than Maybury’s Gazette (already smaller than 2nd tier cities) and avoid bankruptcy, every article on the front page is about Trump. Who? Apparently he’s the important one, Biden is missing, according to CNN.

    “Catt Sadler Warns ‘Don’t Let Your Guard Down’ After Getting Sick from Covid-19 while Fully Vaccinated” –CNN

    So vaccines totally, completely, openly don’t work. According to CNN. I think get one anyway, just in case it MIGHT work. In fact, get all four. The news is, it’s in the news. But if you say the news, you’ll get banned. P.S. Who’s Catt Sadler?

    * “Multiply by 10 or 100” is official Harvard Science. Follow the Science.

    “Friend of a friend says” they’re widely advertising they’re doing a power outage this fall. If any truth comes out anywhere. They even call it the “Pandemic Power” and are running identical test-runs. When it happens, it will be another total coincidence nobody planned and nobody saw coming. I’ll still be crazy and making things up. Another generation will still say, “why does nobody see this/it never happened before.”

    …I was in the same reality all along. Maybe it’s the one Denninger has. There’s no “new normal” there’s no “world changed forever”. After Nov 22, 11-01, 3-11, CV-19, it’s just SSDD. This is the “New World Order”, it’s the oldest, same-old crime, same as every other time in history. Kill some people, steal some stuff, lie about it. Is that so hard?

    Mr. House

    Mr. House

    Dr. D

    What’s a “Pandemic Outage” anyway? They’re totally dissimilar, unrelated non-sequitors That’s like Shoes, Ships, and Sealing wax, Cabbages and Kings.

    But when words have… no meaning, their meaning is to help keep the non-pandemic fear going against all reason and evidence. Therefore, the next outage is “Pandemic outage”, the next spell is “Pandemic Heatwave” followed by a “Pandemic forest fire” and a “Pandemic Blizzard.” All good. That makes total sense. We’re your overlords and would never lead you wrong.


    Even though the Harvard estimate that VAERS reported only 1% of cases is ten years old, it’s probably not much higher now due to most doctors not knowing about it or if they do know about it not filing it out because it’s not mandatory and it’s an enormous pain in the ass to complete properly and if you make the slightest mistake filling it out it’s not counted.

    Add to that the intimidation/cancel factor aimed at doctors who do use it.

    Add to that all deaths of the vaccinated should be investigated carefully but are not.

    Unlike the deaths earlier in the Plandemic attributed to Covid that turned out to be car accidents or fourth stage cancer patients or etc…

    Previously anyone who died and had a PCR test at the faulty ridiculously high Amp cycles was counted as having died from Covid.

    Now it’s reversed.

    Healthy younger people dropping dead is just a coincidence.

    Move along folks, nothing to see…



    5,522 people have died within 28 days of receiving a covid vaccination”

    Note Ilargi: Scotland population is about 5.5 million, so 1 in 1,000 died from vaccination.

    Well, no. In England and Wales 8808 people died in 1 week alone! So you need to consider the normal death rate.

    What is the column “expected number of deaths” in your graphic? It looks like actual deaths are lower, so what is there to worry about?


    We are approaching the VAERS number of 10,000 dead from the shot in the US.

    10,000 = 1%

    10,000 X 100 = 1,000,000

    Excuse me for my ‘racist math’

    Permanent Disability

    7500 = 1%

    7500 X 100 = 750,000

    Imagine the medical costs.

    Emergency Doctor/Room


    57,000 X 100 = 5,700,000



    27,000 X 100 = 2,700,000

    Mr. House

    On Echo chambers:

    a different chris
    July 15, 2021 at 8:27 am

    >and that further restrictions can be expected.


    If people won’t get vaccinated, that’s what you have to do. Your freedumb ends at coughing in my face. Where are your bounds?

    You historically get to eat in a restaurant if
    1) you are dressed appropriately for that restaurant
    2) you have sufficient money to pay them

    I’m pretty sure adding #3, “and you won’t give your fellow eaters a virulent disease to take home to their loved ones” is something worthwhile. We have universal vaccinations for a lot of things, and thus there is an expectation that my fellow diners do not have, say, smallpox.

    If my fellow diners might have smallpox, then I’m not going out to eat and the dining establishment is screwed.

    PS: no I don’t know why he say’s it’s “not discrimination” because yeah it is. Same discrimination where they guy who practices his instrument gets to be in the band and the one who doesn’t, doesn’t.

    That is a comment at NC. I can not respond to it, and even if i could i would only write something mean and critical of a different karen. This man or women or whatever is proud of being an asshole. Everything he states is false and not backed up by “the science”. Only thing this person deserves is a punch in the face, and he will get it. In other news the audit in Georgia continues and the evidence continues to mount up, essentially reflecting RUSSIAGATE IE the democrats lied and lied and lied

    madamski cafone

    Now you’re talkin, Mr. House. Man, can I cook…. 😉

    Mr. House

    Followed by the voice of reason:

    IM Doc
    July 15, 2021 at 9:18 am

    In my part of the country, the current large contingent of unvaccinated are avocado toast eating man bun wearing deep blue liberal young people.

    They simply refuse to think about exposing their bodies to any kind of toxin. In general terms, this is one huge arm of the entire anti vaccine movement.

    It is not the elderly Fox News crowd as the vaccination rate in the over 70s here and almost everywhere is 80% or higher.

    The other large group are the younger evangelicals who in my experience are far more likely to be convinced to be vaccinated – they are not in general anti vaccine. They have just watched like everyone else the horror of the gross incompetence of the CDC and have trust issues. If they were really serious a move like firing Fauci would do wonders.

    And yet another large group of racial minorities who are just not interested in another experiment.

    And then the other gigantic group of workers who will be on the streets if they miss a single day of work.

    The problem is these two groups for the most part live in very different geographic areas. In days old, the local health departments would employ vastly different outreach programs.

    We no longer have local health departments that function alone. We have nationalized everything.

    We are now enjoying the feast of consequences.

    You can resent all you want but nothing will change the gross incompetence that got us here. I have become increasingly resentful personally about the resentments of the PMC crowd who spew all the time and then do absolutely nothing to help.

    The lies that continue to be spewed by our media that this is just a deplorable MAGA problem will be the end of us all.

    Mr. House

    The “Left” lost its mind in 2016 and 2020 only turned the crazy dial to 11


    The National Health Out Reach “Shock Troops’ will be under trained, under paid, clueless Oafs.


    Rutting results – Live with the winners.

    Reports of unrest in the USA cities, in Guatemala, Haiti, Cuba, Palestine and South Africa, Crimean, Russia, China.
    Reports of unrest everywhere.
    Biden’s Afghan Exit: Be Prepared To Live With the Taliban Or The Warlords
    “It’s A War Zone” – South Africa To Deploy 25,000 Troops As Country On Brink Of Civil War Claims Disappoint But Total Number Of Americans On The Dole Drops Below 14 Million

    “1 in 1,000 died from vaccination. Do the math for your own country. And yes, it means 60,000 British deaths, and 320,000 Americans. From vaccination.”
    Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, 5,148 apparent opioid toxicity deaths occurred (April to December 2020), representing a 89% increase from the same time period in 2019 (2,722 deaths).
    Provisional Drug Overdose Death Counts
    “Indonesia, where on Thursday, Ivermectin was officially approved for covid treatment in a vicious blow to the “buy my vaccine” pharmaceutical lobby around the world.”
    “We show that there is overwhelming evidence to support a causal link between ivermectin, Covid-19 severity and mortality,”


    @ Mr House

    I propose an alternate to PMC


    Professional Brown-nosing Toffs

    Michael Reid

    I found this in an off guardian comment today and it felt important to me

    We only live for a brief moment in time and then we are dead for an eternity. You got to make that brief moment count. Be true to yourself and do what you believe is the right thing to do no matter what.

    Doc Robinson

    • Prior SARS-CoV-2 Infection Rescues B And T Cell Responses To Variants (SciMag)
    “After vaccination, naïve individuals developed antibody responses similar to those seen in naturally infected persons, but T cell responses were more limited and sometimes absent. However, antibody and memory responses in individuals vaccinated after infection were substantially boosted to the extent that a single vaccine dose is likely to protect against the more aggressive B.1.1.7 variant.”

    Translation: Covid vaccination gives less protection (less, and possibly zero T cell responses) than having recovered from Covid. But if you give one shot of the vaccine to those who already recovered from a Covid infection, it’s “likely” to give even more protection against variants. (Not examined: whether the previously infected already have enough protection against variants, without the vaccine.)


    France. Macron made an announcement, a Pass Sanitaire will be needed for entering: supermarket, trains, long distance bus, restaurants, bars, of course any place or venue packed with people, theatre, cinema, gyms, etc.

    The pass requires being vaxed or having a negative PCR test. How many days old for the test wasn’t said or I missed it – in any case come autumn these tests will no longer be paid for, be re-imbursed, and as quite expensive, only the rich will be able afford one every / x days.

    VAX becomes obligatory for all medical personnel, all those working in hospitals (like cleaners) / others where ‘vulnerable’ people are residing, being treated. As well as for firemen.

    This follows the ‘protect the elderly, the vulnerable’ scheme, which was actioned right from the start (e.g. lockdown to prevent hospital breakdown, infecting granny, etc.)

    Thus, one of the principal knowlegeable and quite anti-vax professional sectors, who might potentially influence others with coherent explanations, or make threats about strikes etc. are forced to put up or shut up, they might lose their jobs, livelihood, if they refuse. (Nothing much about ‘sanctions’ has been said yet.) So, this professional corps is targetted.

    I suspect: the usual Corp. / Fin. suspects are hyper keen on breaking down the Public Health system in F, and privatizing big chunks of it, they are gloating about a fantastic opportunity to get rid of non-compliant old-style refusniks, while retaining the submissive, fearful, obedient, go-along, ppl.

    I heard one pundit, a lawyer, on MSM radio speculate: The real question we need to consider is can one (we) replace the 25% (med perso) who will go missing?

    — His meaning was, this is all a bit hasty, we need to think about who will step up to be a nurse…hmm…? He was fine with it all but saw a negative impact, which was rather naive. He himself thought he was being caring and ‘sharp.’ Yikes!

    Yesterday, 14 July, there were massive demos all over France. They haven’t been well covered by the MSM. One twitter thread. (don’t do twitter but in a quick search found no better…)

    The Police and the Gendarmerie, as prof. State Corps are NOT under an obligatory VAX order.

    Horribly transparent. Had Macron ordered that for ‘all those in contact with the public’ the VAX was obligatory, including Police, the whole scheme would have broken down.

    The keepers of order on the streets and arrest powers (+++ *much* more) are given a Pass to not be obliged to have a Pass, not new in the History of the World, but how blatant can you get?

    Teachers will probably be next.

    One aspect that stands out: The seemingly desperate hurry, the need to implement as quickly as possible all measures / any damn thing! that will get ppl to agree to be vaxxed. As if there was a window of oppo that will / might, close soon. (Some kind of anticipated resistance?)

    Mr. House

    Excellent comment Noirette

    The only reason i could think they’re worried about a window closing, based on what we know and some of the speculation we’ve done, is people are going to have a bad time in the winter that were jabbed. They need everyone to be jabbed so that we all have a bad winter, what would the unthinking true believers say to their overlords if all the people they hated were not dying due to being jabbed but they were?

    Mr. House

    again, does this not strike you as how our evil overlords think of the people? Especially the comment he makes to the true believers, none of you are worthy!

    Mr. House

    “I have to give something back…… So i’m giving you”

    Mr. House

    Think about it: At the very least 9000 people are dead due to the jabs, and they’re already talking about making them yearly. Not going to tweak the jab at all, you just need to take more then one a year. So if the first one doesn’t get ya, they’re hoping the second does 😉


    Officials are killing people, and it’s hidden in plain sight. They cannot back down. If necessary they must produce the biggest squirrel ever seen in the realm of distraction: massive civil unrest; major war and draft; turning off the internet; crashing the economy (well on its way); releasing a truly deadly pathogen; causing (if they can) a devastating earthquake or weather event…
    As I mentioned before, we haven’t made the predictive programming of the zombie apocalypse come to pass. If the injections are what they might be (see “Psychoneurobiology and War”), they will be able to drive the injected ones to wreak havoc on the recalcitrant. (Where is the Supreme Mad Scientist, Venter, anyways? Oh- at the NIH! But public outcry stopped that research, of course.). This, too, seems well on its way.
    A game of chess is about to turn into a turkeyshoot.

    What happened to “Pandemic Outrage”? Alas.

    Oroboros- that 750,000 is getting close to Denninger’s # of new disabilities, IIR.

    Mr. House

    @my parents said know

    It sounds like your suggesting something like this?

    Michael Reid

    Dr. D may appreciate this comment

    “We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    John Day

    @Oxymoron: It’s vegetable garden planting time in Oz, right?

    Dance! Dance! Dance!

    (and olive oil, and beans, and salt and coffee, and onions and garlic…)

    Polder Dweller

    The cracks are getting wider, no wonder the Grim Resetters are trying to rush mandates through. Here’s some excellent news from France

    Ivermectin Reduces the Severity of Infection according to the Institut Pasteur

    A study by the French institute has found a reduction in symptoms linked to Covid-19 thanks to this antiparasitic, even though it is not recommended by the WHO. The drug acts on the nicotinic receptor, according to neurobiologist Jean-Pierre Changeux.

    Learn more about RT France:

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