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    Andy Warhol Ingrid Bergman 1984   • Biden Needs China to Bail Out US Economy (Sp.) • Neocons Want War With China (Pepe Escobar) • Putin: There ar
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    Butterfly bombs -used by Ukraine to attack civilians in the regions that rejected the neoNazi edicts of the Kiev regime- were first developed and used by the original Nazis, and were used against civilians then, as now.

    History doesn’t repeat but it does rhyme.

    I sure am tired of the antics of the evil sociopaths and psychopaths who ‘govern’ western nations on the basis of an endless stream of fabrications and outright lies. As are many others.

    However, the bulk of the populace is yet to see the light.

    Propaganda and censorship are very effective -which is why the evil sociopaths who rule the west are so keen on both. And when they fail, there are always government-controlled ‘security forces’ to fall back on, to carry out terror campaigns against civilian populations.

    ‘A better, brighter future’?

    Sorry, the corporations and their bought-and-paid-for lackeys won’t allow it.

    V. Arnold

    Andy Warhol Ingrid Bergman 1984

    This and, the Grace Kelley piece, should dispell any notion Warhol was not a serious artist….
    A genius in fact; we should be grateful for his brief appearance in our universe…

    Dr. D

    “The Iranians never learn”

    They learned just fine. They can seize ships and the U.S. can do nothing. Doing this steadily has a wonderful PR effect on the Global South.

    The U.S. can’t even shoot down a balloon.

    “@RobertKennedyJr claims there was a secret agreement made by @BBCNews to suppress stories about COVID”

    I’m sorry: Secret? Is that actually ‘secret’? Every other agency, including Reuters via UK, Facebook, the former Twitter, as well as every major news outlet in the U.S. has already been revealed as doing this, with thousands of pages of documentary proof. If the BBC wasn’t doing this, they’d be the only ones. Since their reporting was identical or worse, clearly it’s the same.

    “classified doc trial date for May 20, 2024, less than 6 months before the 2024 election.”

    This is illegal as far as I know. They were demonstrably aware of this crime for four years at that point, and refused to bring charges against a known crime? I forget what the second part was, besides “speedy trial”, but if you become aware of a crime and don’t prosecute it, there are limitations and handicaps to later deciding to prosecute it at your leisure, that is, using it as standing extortion over the citizen.

    “GBN Climate”

    Like the BBC, the “Nudge Team” is wide-open, public knowledge with public salaries and records anyone can read. That’s why it’s an unhinged conspiracy theory that the guys who say they are paid to nudge, are doing their jobs and nudging. So should we get rid of them because they’re nudging, interfering in the electorate, or get rid of them because they’re NOT doing their jobs, in interfering in the electorate?

    Trick question: both. It’s both happening and not happening. We can’t get rid of them for either reason. All bureaucracies must expand infinitely, forever. It’s inevitable as AI, Mr. Anderson.

    ““And Yellen was out there every other day screaming, ‘Oh my God, we’re not going to have any money”

    This was to throw the collapse on the Republicans, so they flipped the balance like judo and pulled in her direction instead. The article can’t cover everything, but this is urgent need right NOW because the Rates/Charts were going to break out badly, that is, indicate to long-term algos that rates were going Volcker, i.e. 20%. As Tom says, “And? So?” And so Yellen, LeGuard are so feckless and out of ammunition that begging China – and he proposes they delayed WWIII for 6 months (see Armstrong’s charts) – only buys them a month or two of time. That is, it doesn’t change the tide, in Ukraine, in Russia, in China, with the collapse of Europe and Davos. But it does pull us back from the brink of WWIII which would seem to be a universal good.

    The West (Davosian West) is choking itself out. Why be hasty? 6 months from now, when they pick up WWIII again, they’ll be even weaker. Maybe we’ll get down to where they only nuke 2 cities instead of 22.

    “Mirroring meticulous Chinese attention to protocol,”

    Again, why? For a retired centigenarian? Who does Kissinger represent? Because it seems to be the real people who really run things, unlike Blinken, Ursula, Biden. Yellen had to take a taxi to a Taco Bell for lunch, meriting zero attention to protocol.

    “This is about ‘the sole dictator’. There is no China. There is only Xi Jinping,” he insisted.”

    What is with these guys? OF COURSE that is not true. Neither for Putin. Nor probably any other nation-state ever. You just sound like a retard. You’re an infant with this cartoon comic book crayon reality as RFK says? Or do they use this for us, while keeping an actual model of reality for themselves? One that is so evil we would never approve of it? It’s not good either way. OR that we accept such rot even passively. How about this: they failed. You’re fired.

    ““The Russian Federation, as it is, is not strong enough to contain China as much as we would wish”.

    I read the article and still have no idea what he means by this. Nor how the U.S. would dare fight a war – any war – against China. We literally have nothing. And it’s 10,000 miles away. It’s like us fighting the Empire in Star Wars. We don’t have Star Destroyers, and they are a leap of technology ahead of us, AS WELL AS being 5x our size. Or at a minimum, 3x our population.

    On the plus side, they aren’t invading either. Jimmy Dore makes fun of this daily, as how “Russia’s about to invade” and land in Maryland and occupy the United States, right?” That’s what they’re all telling us? You can’t make it sound stupid enough to get through to people. Their el stupid-o-meter is already pegged out.

    “..the Ukrainian cannon fodder is clearly not enough for the West, so they plan to use new consumables – the Poles themselves,”

    As the video, “We hear nothing but American and Polish on the radios anymore.” That is, ALL THE UKRAINIANS ARE DEAD. As Herr Docktor thought. I was wondering where the men came from, but still wondering how they got enough Americans there. But America’s a big country. Poland’s a small country, but there’s a big slice always up for shooting Russians. Putin doesn’t mention that, so he’s being polite and still not escalating when he can just let Davos collapse naturally.

    If I were the Pentagon, I’d let them too. If I have men in the ranks willing to fight for Nazis, I want them identified and moved out, preferably to be shot. And that’s what’s happening. So we had to pay a little money on private contracts to do that, but we print the money and it’s worth it.

    “..the issue of Ukraine’s defeat is only a matter of time,” regardless of the amount of Western military assistance sent to Kiev..”

    From Orlov “If the West knows sending more arms to Ukraine won’t win anything, why do they do it?” Orlov’s top answer: “For the money. They exist to sell arms.” but also “They don’t know what else to do.”

    “when it comes to Belarus, any aggression against a part of the Union State would mean aggression against Russia.”

    As stated, creating a massive, well-trained (by Wagner) army in Belarus ties up Poland in having to hold a massive presence there. Leaving zero good options. This prevents those Poles from being sent to Bakhmut, and therefore gets the military collapse to happen faster which is already overdue.

    “The withdrawal of such a large volume of grain from the world market, of course, cannot but affect prices.”

    Back up: We have a war between commodity Producers. And Financiers. It’s about who will set prices. Right now 100% of all prices are rigged by the financiers, essentially out of London. That’s the modern colonialism, more deadly than the old kind, and is represented in such books as “Economic Hit Man” and “Disaster Capitalism”.

    Speaking of, from yesterday, they should call “Global Financial Crisis 1.0” the “WESTERN Financial Crisis.” And make it stick. The same way they called the panty-raid in the 90’s the “Asian Tiger” crisis. That is, GFC only affected the West, so why call it “Global”? A: To defend and pretend it was an asteroid from space, unavoidable, and not caused/engineered specifically by overwhelming Western fraud that remains uncured.

    “I thought the sanctions tried to cut out Russia…”

    Yes, well the trade with Russia and Europe is larger than ever, I hear. Thanks to the sanctions, more Russian oil than ever is being sold, at far higher prices. Where does it go? Like the grain: to Europe. You know, “The Garden.”

    “West Should Take Measures on Grain Deal – Erdogan (Sp.) “

    The grain is re-packaged for a cut in Turkey. So like Ukraine, they’re cut out of their Transit, or “Pipeline” revenues at a time when Turkey is on shaky ground. So of course Erdogan wants those revenues to appear again.

    “he’s in favor of sealing the southern border;”

    No doubt that’s false. Lie! And we’re not even ONE sentence in. There’s no one in America that wants no immigration. They want appropriate, agreed, thoughtful, and LEGAL immigration from the southern border. That’s not “sealed” at all, which implies zero entry. So that’s a pejorative misleading talking point. Of course. It’s getting impossible for anyone TO write or think anything WITHOUT hitting just a thought-stopper, a propaganda talking point. He’s trying to lean the right direction, so I appreciate that.

    “FBI Told Twitter Hunter Biden Laptop Was Real on Day of Post Scoop (NYP)

    Half the people already know. The other half don’t care.

    “Hunter Biden Attorney Requests Ethics Probe Into Marjorie Taylor Greene (Sp.) “

    Wow. “Ethics.” While she posts pictures of him with illegal underage prostitutes. Why not? It’s no more surprising or illogical than everything else we read all day.


    Kiev acted in concert with Romania (a NATO member country where the 101st Airborne Division of the US army is deployed). Presumably, the US and NATO are in the loop while the UN’s imprimatur is being arranged. It goes without saying that the NATO has been working on a new maritime route in the Black Sea for sometime already.

    So NATO has troops in Europe but want the Ukrainians to die instead. It must be a difficult decision for Putin: nuke the US troops in Europe, save his own soldiers, put up with the bad PR. Or, let the war descend into the inevitable NATO versus Russia war that the US wants which will result in the death of the NATO troops but more of the Russian troops, but better PR. I can see why the people itching to replace Putin are wanting him to eliminate the threat, rather than being the cat playing with the rat. If the rat turns round and bites, you will regret not killing it earlier.

    Mind you, the 101st airborne is probably full of Democrat voting trannies more concerend about their lipstick and redundant panty pads than real soldiers. Even if it did have a few soldiers, they will never stand a chance against the battle hardened Russians, this is either plain suicide or another bluff.


    V. Arnold said

    This and, the Grace Kelley piece, should dispell any notion Warhol was not a serious artist….
    A genius in fact; we should be grateful for his brief appearance in our universe…

    Really? I disagree, he was a talentless tick sucking the blood of the glamorous but worthless. His “art” lacks any talent, it is the same as the Emin unmade bed, a bunch of crap from someone who could not even draw but was promoted in order to milk the advertising. Have you seen his drawings? Talentless, what you would expect from an average teenager in art school. No artistic talent, plenty of groovy talent.


    Its a depopulation, mercenaries war.
    (NATO and USA are using Ukrainian mercenaries)
    “The delivery of thousands of foreign mercenaries and advisers who were most actively used in attempts to break through the front of our army did not help either,” Putin said.
    its a lie. Its a Western opinion/propaganda. Its not supported by the facts.

    Global food security caused by Putin
    Nobody is listening to Putin

    • Putin Warns Of Poland’s Intentions In Ukraine And Belarus (RT)


    New scare tactic

    XBB or Gryphon is a new COVID-19 Omicron subvariant that’s soaring in Singapore. Here’s what you need to know about the mutated version of the Omicron variant.

    XBB is thought to have the best ability to evade antibody protections of these newly emerged COVID variants, according to a pre-print
    (These results suggest that current herd immunity and BA.5 vaccine boosters may not provide sufficiently broad protection against infection. ),
    study from researchers in China. That study said that the new strains of Omicron, and XBB in particular, “are the most antibody-evasive strain tested, far exceeding BA.5 and approaching SARS-CoV-1 level.” (SARS-CoV-1, in case you’re not familiar with it, is the strain of coronavirus that causes SARS, a respiratory virus that can cause severe illness.)
    There are a lot of unknowns about XBB right now. While it’s been detected in the U.S., BA.5 and BA.4.6 continue to be the dominant variants in this country, per CDC data.


    Helmer (top post) about the Black Sea, OK article (afaik, meaning idk deep details …) of exposing the GRAIN DEAL and what happened.

    Naturally, Russia will be blamed for starving poor Africans and others, which might have been the aim of the DEAL in the first place, leading up to the subsequent, planned, reneging (e.g. not fulfilling the conditions, or blocking them…) of the GRAIN DEAL.

    Narrative trumps Reality, Propaganda, etc. So some events are planned to fit future Prop clarions.

    The aim being to keep *!UP!* public (USUk + EU) support for UKR no matter what. I almost wrote USukirsr (israel) because I used to type that often, but Israel has now been relegated to a relative backwater no longer on front stage or deemed worthy of unflinching massive US support (which will take some time to become evident; > Israel will become more violent towards Palestinians to UP its credentials..)

    Talking of seas, the Sea of Azov is perhaps set to become a Russian lake…:) ?


    “Moreover, Greene may have violated federal law by sending out links to the graphic images in a fundraising email without ensuring the materials were not transferred to minors, the letter said.”

    In the realm of pedophilia-
    Where humans act like slime-
    It’s tough to nail the monsters
    ‘Cause the evidence is a crime.


    Longtime reader and supporter still trying to figure it all out. And just when I think I have another piece to the puzzle….
    Could could someone please, in all their spare time, take a few moments to explain Israel to me. I thought I had it figured out but then Kennedy supports them and I’m confused as anything again. Why is it so protected and defended by all?


    aspnaz – “If the rat turns round and bites, you will regret not killing it earlier.”

    Rope a Dope, let a sucker punch themself out. Erdogan has the only viable armed forces. NATO might win but do they want to pay the price of admission considering the value of the purse?

    One must consider how a nation with $32 trillion in unsecured debt will secure financing to rebuild after victory. Turkey is broke. Full faith and credit after the destruction of central Europe and northern Eurasia? The non-western world is going to foot the bill for rearming the west so they can watch the blood thirsty savages do it again?

    Wear high top boots. Chase the rat around the room to exhaustion. Have your way.


    Thoughts on the Warhol series displayed over the last week (and over time here at TAE).

    The works “perform” better when viewed as a series or group of works benefiting from the same stylistic “treatment”.

    When I factor in that Warhol was an avid photographer, and view him as a photographer first – it enhances my appreciation. He truly scored some great shots of the very famous, not easy to do.

    Inspired by the times because he was the times – at the time, Warhol was a driver of POP! By crafting/exploring new dimensions in Pop Art application, he successfully commercialized the famous people (and himself) in a whole new way.

    Remember that digital art was just coming on-line and not a factor in these creations. That makes these pieces more intriguing. Love it or hate it – these works are a product and moment of the times.

    Album cover art was a big thing back then, so it makes sense that artists were creating exciting new works for the music media/platform. Personally I had an affair with numerous album covers over past years (Sgt. Pepper’s comes to mind); it would be hard to pick a favorite album cover of all time.

    Hey Ilargi – how about some album cover art?

    Side note: Warhol may not have always used his own photos.



    Putin Issues Stark Warning to Poland and NATO

    21 July 2023 by Larry Johnson 156 Comments
    Putin held a video conference on Thursday with members of Russia’s Security Council. I hope folks in the West pay attention to what he said, which is why I’m presenting the entirety of his remarks following a presentation by the Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service. Based on public source information and Russia collected intelligence, Russia believes that Poland is planning to seize Ukrainian territory west of the Dnieper River as Ukraine’s much ballyhooed counter offensive collapses.

    Let me give you Putin’s bottomline up front:

    Regarding the policy of the Ukrainian regime, it is none of our business. If they want to relinquish or sell off something in order to pay their bosses, as traitors usually do, that’s their business. We will not interfere.

    But Belarus is part of the Union State, and launching an aggression against Belarus would mean launching an aggression against the Russian Federation. We will respond to that with all the resources available to us.

    People in Ukraine are asking a legitimate question more often: for what, for the sake of whose selfish interests, are their relatives and friends dying. Gradually, slowly, but clarity comes.

    Today we see that the regime in Kiev is ready to go to any length to save its treacherous hide and to prolong its existence. They do not care for the people of Ukraine or Ukrainian sovereignty or national interests.


    I went for a bike ride in the mountains last night to avoid the heat. I acquired an escort…young grey fox. He/she was curious, and I made non-predator noises and stopped to show my intent. Fox led me down the road for about 4km, stopping occasionally to see if I was still following.

    This small corner of the food chain is exposed along roads at night. The road exposes the bugs to rodents and birds. The foxes and coyotes know this, and prowl the edges of roads to catch the rodents as they hunt the bugs.

    Damn, I love being a human, and a part of this glorious continuum of existence!


    @Susmarie re: best album art

    I also have no favorites, but this one’s on my short list:

    Grateful Dead - Blues for Allah

    D Benton Smith

    Putin’s warning isn’t to just Poland, and it isn’t just a warning. It is a line in the sand, in no uncertain terms, that if the West tries to partition or annex Ukraine then Russia shall, repeat SHALL, use every necessary means at its disposal to stop them.

    If that ain’t an ultimatum of kinetic WW3 then I don’t know what is. To my mind that is the scariest thing I’ve heard so far regarding the possibility of internecine land war in Europe total war style.

    D Benton Smith

    On a different topic.

    The big story about space aliens, UFO’s, UAP’s and back-engineering non-terrestrially sourced technology. has little to with the bright shiny glittering things they’re waving in front of your face.

    The big story is the blacker than black deeper than deep secret budget that runs it and feeds its workers and AND THE PEOPLE DIRECTING THE FLOW AND PRODUCTS OF THAT BUDGET. We’re talking about orders of magnitude more stolen money than the amount of money that normal people thought ever existed. We’re talking about the top-down owners of the Earth.

    THAT is the kind of ownership that make intimidation and murder not just easy and cheap, it makes it mandatory and rewarded.

    The thing of it is, just broad public awareness that such a reservoir and flow of money even EXISTS, and has existed for decades in total secret, is sufficient to put an end to it because it RUNS on secrecy. Truth is lethal. Which de facto puts an end to the liars who are doing it.

    It will not be necessary to track down every ratline and rat. To make it impossible to operate in total secrecy that such secret power exists, it is sufficient simply to show that it really does exist. No more secret about THAT, at least. Whereupon the cat gets out of the bag very energetically.

    It is highly likely that the upcoming “UFO Disclosure” Hearings will open that door about that “Blacker-than-black Black Budget” wide enough, that the door will never be closed again.

    Without the absolutely vitally necessary bottomless well of wealth and cornucopia of lawless power, the Cabal cannot run itself for an hour.

    How quaint if what brought down Al Capone is what takes down the Empire of Lies.

    It may not be the end of the world as we’ve known it, but it SURE as hell is the end of the world as THEY have known it.


    The bees go out to reap the dust that cause the flowers to seed
    They do it simply ‘cause they must- but still, a noble deed.

    Then humans come and steal the stuff. ‘Tis energy- like money.
    It keeps the busy bees alive, but humans want the honey.

    The oligarchs think we are bees- just insects to be used.
    Let’s sting those thieves until they squeal: and they will be defused.


    Reported that UkoNazis used cluster shells on a group of journalists and injured/killed them.

    Russia needs to work out tactics to deal with cluster munitions. Not easy. May decide to use such weapons against Ukraine/NATO on a grand scale.

    Apparently both sides need to ramp up production of missiles and drones. A slow war of attrition. Or a sudden collapse?

    WW1: 4 years.

    WW2: 6 years (8 for Chinese)

    Korean War: still no peace settlement, just a metastable ceasefire.

    Vietnam War: around 20 years.

    Afghanistan War: around 35 years counting from initial assaults in the 1980s.

    That said, the energy supply, the western financial Ponzi scheme and the environment will not support another 5 years of current levels of insanity.


    thomasjkenney said

    I went for a bike ride in the mountains last night to avoid the heat. I acquired an escort…young grey fox. He/she was curious, and I made non-predator noises and stopped to show my intent. Fox led me down the road for about 4km, stopping occasionally to see if I was still following.

    I am jealous. I occasionally run with the wind surfing center’s dog, it is like a bonding session and the dog always wants more when we meet the next time. It behaves the same, running mostly just a few meters ahead – but sometimes up to ten meters ahead – and she always looks back at this lumbering human that seems to lack any athletic ability, especially when compared to the dog. It is different running than walking with a dog, it does not have the time to sniff everything along the path, it keeps moving and selectively picks and chooses its few sniffing points according to how the pack is moving. I can only imagine what that must be like with a wild fox. Fantastic.


    The crises of today, yesterday or tommorow is all jew theatre, no different than tell lie vision. They want you angry and upset, off base, off center while they fuck you in the ass. The owning nothing and being happy thing means they’re gonna steal everything and kill you. Step back from the daily bullshit, look at the bigger picture, manufactured reality. They want you dead, they have the money to pull it off. They own the media to pump the message. You’re up against pure Evil, the jew, just like your ancestors

    Michael Reid

    What to do

    Keep an open mind
    Read everything you can find to inform yourself
    Don’t depend on the mainstream media anywhere to keep you informed
    And that’s your best bet

    The other thing is to try and get together with like minded people
    who are interested in the truth
    and exchange views
    For the moment that is the best we can do
    But eventually certainly in the United States
    people who oppose this globalism and
    what is being done with our government are going to have to organize themselves
    or they will be crushed, steamrollered by this governmentthat they don’t understand

    Col. Douglas Macgregor: NATO is an Appendage of Globalist Foreign Policy

    Col. Douglas Macgregor discusses
    the threat of globalism and
    how NATO has become instrumentalized to work as an appendage of globalist foreign policy run out of Washington and London.

    He provides his view on the current state of the war in Ukraine,
    how America is staring at armageddon financially, and multipolarity.

    Col. Douglas Macgregor: NATO is an Appendage of Globalist Foreign Policy

    Michael Reid
    Michael Reid

    The Empire of Lies, Lies, Lies

    Russia is running out of missiles.

    Pure Projection

    Russian Missile Causes Huge Explosion In Zhitomir

    King Hell Explosion

    Just the other day….



    It looks like Russia found a warehouse full of firework/cluster bombs.
    More where that came from.


    The Russians are going to even the score as regards the treatment of Russian prisoners at the hands of the Ukronazis.

    Gonna be a sad ass day in Ukronaziland when this hammer drops.

    German mercenary Jonas Kratzenberg who fought in the Ukrainian ranks for months describes the tortures inflicted to Russian POWs by Ukrainian soldiers and how he witnessed the execution of 3 of them:

    – It was the most normal thing to pose with them for pictures, humiliate them, to put a gun on their chest and force them to shout Nazi slogans, that was normalised.

    – Also to beat up prisoners just “because”. One was beaten, put on his knees and made him beg for his life, then stabbed him in the thigh.

    – They took 3 POWs in the nearby forest… and you could just hear the shots, and they came back without prisoners. That’s what I saw….”

    Veracious Poet

    Here’s a bit of irony so thick you couldn’t cut it with a plasma blade:

    Hun Sen is the longest serving leader in Asia. He’s purged critics and is set to win Cambodian polls:

    PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) — Cambodians go to the polls Sunday with incumbent Prime Minister Hun Sen and his party all but assured a landslide victory thanks to the effective suppression and intimidation of any real opposition that critics say has made a farce of democracy in the Southeast Asian nation.

    The longest-serving leader in Asia, Hun Sen has steadily consolidated power with his strongarm tactics over the last 38 years. But, at age 70, he has suggested he will hand off the premiership during the upcoming five-year term to his oldest son, Hun Manet, perhaps as early as the first month after the elections.

    A wily and sometimes ruthless politician, Hun Sen has maintained power as an autocrat in a nominally democratic framework.

    His party’s stranglehold on power faltered in 2013 elections, in which the opposition Cambodian National Rescue Party won 44% of the popular vote to CPP’s 48%. Hun Sen responded to the wake-up call by going after leaders of the opposition, primarily through sympathetic courts, which eventually dissolved the party after local elections in 2017 when it again fared well.

    Ahead of Sunday’s election, the Candlelight Party, the unofficial successor to the CNRP and only other contender capable of mounting a credible challenge, was barred on a technicality from contesting the polls by the National Election Committee.

    While virtually assuring another landslide victory for Hun Sen and his party, the methods have prompted widespread criticism from rights groups.

    Of course it’s from the Associated Proglodytes (AP), who couldn’t see the truth in their own country if it their families irradiated them into dust…

    They quite literally can’t help themselves from being agents of propaganda 🙄

    I have a memory of discussing the Flight 800 shoot-down with the AP word monkeys assigned to cover it (probably a Naval exercise accident), when I brought up the NYS Nat’l. Guard helo pilot who saw the missile, or the investigator that stole chair fabric, which analysed + for missile fuel (promptly thrown in the gulag as a result), the response was akin to describing three-headed aliens to them ~ It. just. wouldn’t. register. 😐

    That was 26 years ago, when there was perhaps a chance to turn back from the Dystopia “America” is currently submerged & engrossed into (see Russia! Russia! Russia!, COVID ad nauseum, 2020 Election Heist, Jan. 6, political persecution of Trump & any opposing UniParty GlobalCap CULTure)…

    When you don’t *like and/or understand the answers your getting*, check your premise(s):


    a: a proposition antecedently supposed or proved as a basis of argument or inference
    specifically : either of the first two propositions of a syllogism from which the conclusion is drawn
    b: something assumed or taken for granted : PRESUPPOSITION

    As I’ve mentioned before, there’s a *lot* of faulty premises on display across the online blogosphere/commentariat communities, some of whom have turned “Pro”, thus locking in their “Narratives”, but without focusing on the *core* empowerment mechanisms allowing Totalitarian Sociopaths to proliferate, the RAPE, PILLAGE, PLUNDER & MURDER of *innocent* humanity will continue, unabated…

    TAE is indicative of the infinite morass of anon internet “contributors” able to post historically ignorant, half-witted, bigoted & *offensive* content that only aids & abets the maelstrom of CULTural Psychosis Formation, with most still trapped in premises they don’t recognize and/or understand 🙄

    Just thought I’d drop by & add that tidbit, as I really haven’t commented anywhere else in the past 5+ years…

    Problematis vel pars es vel solutionis pars es.

    Michael Reid

    Nikola Mikovic: We Will Live in a World Dominated by the West for a Long Time

    Nikola Mikovic discusses the status of the Ukraine war
    and many of the predictions that he has made which have come to pass.

    He believes that when it comes to Putin, it’s all “PR” (Public Relations).

    We cover the second bridge attack,
    grain deal,
    Turkey’s role in the war,
    the oligarchs,
    and technocracy in Kazakhstan!

    Nikola Mikovic: We Will Live in a World Dominated by the West for a Long Time

    Veracious Poet

    About those Fake Vax batches…

    Orange County couple battles cancer together while raising 3 daughters:

    Zak Salazar discovered he had a brain tumor while his wife Cori Salazar was being treated for thyroid cancer.

    Cori had just returned back to work after months away as she was receiving treatment for thyroid cancer. Just as the family was focused on Cori, suddenly, Zak received the shocking news that a malignant tumor was found on his brain.

    In April, Cori was diagnosed with a fast-growing papillary thyroid carcinoma. Following recovery from a June 6 surgery, just three weeks later, Zak was diagnosed with a grade four astrocytoma brain tumor.

    New cancer *cluster* demographic (based on mRNA batches)?

    You just can’t help those that choose EG0ic Conjecture over Spiritual Sanity 😐

    Pax omnibus.

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