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    Pablo Picasso Marie-Thérèse Walter 1937   • US Says Coming Weeks ‘Crucial’ For Ukraine (RT) • Ukraine’s Military Morale In Decline – NYT (RT) • P
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    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Marie-Thérèse Walter 1937

    Personally, I find Picasso difficult; I would venture, I mostly, dont care for his art…

    Dr. D

    “Pennsylvania Has A Youth-Crime Crisis:
    “More than 80 percent of every juvenile court disposition in 2021 involved a young person who lives in a broken home…”

    Families matter. Parents matter. Humans are not bugs, they need a family. And a mommy and daddy. Because our genders are not the same, not identical, they need input from both to be balanced. Imbalances are hard to remedy and cause problems such as the crime above, but perhaps more importantly, the misery and unhappiness such crimes represent.

    “Iran’s Oil Revenues Soar by 580% as Crude Prices Rally”

    Thanks to Biden. All the Brics are stronger and finally independent, able to sink NATO and the collective West. Thanks to Biden.

    Annie Leibowitz: War like Zoolander. About as real as coal mining in Southern New Jersey.

    “Ukraine might only have a few weeks left if it hopes to take back territories controlled by Russia, … Adam Smith told Politico.”

    Goes to show America is the drug abuse capital of the world: these guys are high on crack. Since they’re 10,000 miles away, boy I sure hope those four missile rigs will stop the entire Russian Army. Forever.

    So when does Russia bomb Adam’s beach house with a hypersonic torpedo so he can finally get a clue that war is not a game? That war is not a time for posing vogue like Zoolander?

    “The approaching winter would turn the ongoing conflict between Moscow and Kiev into a war of attrition that would only benefit Russia,”

    Translation: I’m a reporter, so I just make up words out of my head and put them on the page. 1) We’re IN a war of attrition, Ukraine is losing rapidly. 2) What would winter have to do with it under these tactics? 3) A winter war will benefit the DEFENDER of course, not the aggressor.

    So: “I said words. Words R us.” Open mouth: lie come out? No, they have no interest or concern if what comes out is a lie or the truth. Completely uninteresting to me. Words sounded cool. So I said them. Same as every other Adult American or person in the united West.

    “Kasyanov’s followers, like himself, are fierce supporters of the idea that Ukraine must fight Russia to the bitter end.”

    Words. Words. Words. Words that come out because they sound funny, like birds do. So this guy is not disabled, fully able to join, but he wants SOMEBODY ELSE to fight Russia to the bitter end. Sounds like Fairfax County and Notting Hill.

    “One might say that the whole ethos of war stands in opposition to the values of today’s society.”

    Sorta. But you silly-billies, all the normal men in America, millions and millions will stand up and fight and sacrifice themselves for our country. You just won’t let them in the military where gay rape has become an increasing epidemic. Those are YOUR values. Not ours. Zoolander values in NY and Southern NJ, not in Western Pennsylvania and Nebraska. But you’re too self-absorbed and pin-headed to notice while vilifying us for breathing.

    Let me put it this way and ominously: IF someone put out a call for Civil War, men from 30 or more states would answer the call to restore rule of law in D.C. Let’s not go there, but this is totally against the premise of the “We’re all really just selfish, hedonistic twits aren’t we though?” article. YOU are. Speak for yourself, you childish, self-absorbed narcissist. Don’t color me with your s—ty brush.

    And as per the later clip there: many of the WOMEN of 30 states would not hold their men back and sign up too, because they believe in something. I cannot tell you how grave a statement that is.

    “Ukraine Wants Citi, JPMorgan and HSBC Prosecuted for ‘War Crimes’ (ZH)”

    More here than appears. So Ukie will extradite all the heads of Citi and Morgan? Dimon can’t fly in Ukie airspace anymore? And Ukie during a war will get their loans from whom…?

    But the Capital and 51st state is Ukraine, I guess? So we care what Ukraine thinks for why?

    BUT: if Wall Street is breaking away from Davos and the criminals trying to make Kiev the new world capital, then all this would begin to make sense. It’s not “Ukraine” really, it’s “Wall St” – and Powell – crushing Davos and all Europe, represented by Kiev and Kolomoisky, who is the other power faction at play here. Then using Ukie to deliver this – truly hilarious and irrelevant – message makes sense. Tag one point for Luongo, perhaps?

    I find it delightful. The more they stomp their feet and bawl, the funnier it is to me. What next? Ze makes a list of who’s not allowed to visit Japan? Maybe he’ll make my Thanksgiving seating list.

    “[Things] will not get more reliable than today.”Scholz said on Friday”

    Well. Sounds like you need to open 4 new nuclear plants then. And run your airplanes and tanks on batteries. What? You just did the #Opposite for 30 years? Good luck.

    Pro Bono Lobbying for Ukraine ‘Hottest Trend’ in Washington DC (Kolomoets)”

    Yes and as soon as they open their mouth, I giggle. Their PR for Google and Uber identifies them as vicious, rapacious idiots who make anyone using them or nearby my mortal enemy. So when they started speaking on behalf of Ukraine, the choice was clear.

    So thanks! Thanks for making it so amazing easy for me. And so reliable. If the NYT and WaPo and NPR says it, it’s bad for me and do the #Opposite. 100% reliability rate.

    All of a sudden the wet market is back. It’s hard to keep up.”

    “What is Truth?” That’s the goal they want us to adopt. I’d say we should ask where monkeypox come from instead, but: What monkeypox? 100 cases worldwide? Is that even 10 cases more than usual?

    “Two new studies” …prove a negative! Now that IS news, like defining “infinity” making irrational numbers real. You proved a negative? I’m riveted with interest. Go on and tell me all about it.

    “One must ask whether the DOJ is making it intentionally difficult to prosecute Hunter Biden…”

    Why bother to make it difficult? I could prosecute him with public information for 30 years and nothing’s happened. But we did prosecute Alex Jones for telling people NOT to go to J6.

    “National Peace Rally Blacklisted by Mainstream and Social Media (Celente)”

    The only real enemy. We see this steadily, against Gabbard, FBI tracking Quakers, and MLK not killed until he was against Vietnam. Look out Gerald: Ukraine is going to put you on the Russia disinformation list! And THEN how will you vacation in the hotbed of world fashion and industry like Lviv? Can you really withstand that kind of loss?

    “Artificial shortages. Great for profits.”

    As old John D said, “Competition is a Sin.”

    That is: he was completely, 100% anti-capitalist. So what political-financial system WAS he and his children in support of? As they later wrote in their biography and book?

    Bayer is the Enron model, which is never prosecuted and arrested regardless of actions, regardless of murder. That is, we shut off the lights, the food, on purpose to cause price and volatility spikes we can (insider) trade on. When grandma gets foreclosed on – as was seen in Enron trader’s texts – they think it’s funny. The government, which is fully owned, or merged with Enron and Bayer, never act, or ask for a 10% vig on the action. Translation: It’s Wednesday. In a violently anti-capitalist nation.


    DBS great tale of hardship and reward!

    Some may have “digressed” by ultimately identifying with their national sovereignty, rather than with a global dictatorship. The recent assassination of Shinzo Abe may have been a case in point. – And a warning to others? See this.

    Is Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro in the Globalists’ crosshairs?

    The WEF’s announcement, “We have the means to impose the state of the world,” was made during one of the “closed-door” sessions, of which this time there weren’t many. Of the Big Leaders, those who are supposed to defend the Globalist agenda, many were absent. President Putin, basically by “disinvitation”, President Xi Jinping, because of the Chinese covid-lockdown, and Joe Biden, well, who knows? Maybe because he was too busy caring for Taiwan.

    This May 2022 WEF Conference, it was clear from the outset, was not the usual globalist WEF, where the globalists discuss in semi-secret their next steps to bring the world under one roof, THEIR roof, the globalist roof.

    There was Henry Kissinger, suggesting that Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy should make concessions in order to achieve peace. A similar recommendation was made by NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg.

    Others are gradually detaching themselves from the unilateral and unquestioned support of Ukraine, of delivering sophisticated weapons to a country that does not have the military personnel trained to use them, and where it has become amply clear that a large proportion of the western supplied arms is ending up on the black market.

    In the past two years, too much opposition to Globalisation has grown in countries and governments which used to be part of the Globalist Agenda. Possibly thanks to covid. The Covid Lockstep, putting all 193 UN member countries (194 WHO members) on the same tyrannical, all-destructive lockstep train, may have helped governments who still care about their people, especially those of the Global South, to wake up.

    They see the encroaching poverty as a consequence of the worldwide covid mandates, and foresee the impending debt-enslavement by the IMF and World Bank in order to feed their people and keep their economy alive. Even with loans form the Bretton Woods Institutions, recovering from the economic covid-breakdown, is a challenge for most of the Global South.

    Hence, their ever-growing rejection of the Globalist Agenda; hence the WEF’s ever more dreadful crackdown on the non-compliers. Several African leaders, who refused to go along with the covid mandates, died under questionable circumstances. Also, President Jovenel Moïse of Haiti was assassinated in July 2021. He refused the vaccination mandate for his country.

    The Monkeypox Time Line
    The Time Line is as follow:

    December 2020: US National Security and Biological Weapons Experts’ Meeting under the auspices of the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI). Planning and Formulation of a Simulation of a Monkeypox Pandemic,
    July 2020: FDA approval of Smallpox and Monkeypox Vaccine, “first permitted commercial marketing or use of the product” in US. (For details see below)
    March 2021 Tabletop Simulation of Fictitious Monkeypox Pandemic at Munich Security Conference 2021
    November 2021. Bill Gates warns governments of the likelihood of a monkeypox terrorist attack (see statements above)
    May 2022. WHO announcement. Towards a Monkeypox Pandemic? Unfolding Fear Campaign.
    Commencing May 2022. The marketing of Smallpox vaccines, effective against monkeypox.
    May 2022- : Ongoing propaganda in support of the WHO Pandemic Treaty (coupled with the QR Code).


    German government release figures on serious adverse reactions to Covid vaccine | Dr Clare Craig
    Somewhere between 1 in 500 and 1 in 5000 actual jabs are the numbers for bad outcomes as seen by this Dr.

    Formerly T-Bear

    From what rock in the sewer did they ever find Ursula Van der Leyden? Juan Guido is more qualified to lead the EU than Ursula Yon-der Lyin’.


    So let me get this straight, Funeral Director John O’Looney is now saying that government contracted services are popping up to deliver dead babies from hospitals directly to be cremated bypassing the funeral directors.

    And that the top Australian doctor for fertility got fired for refusing the Deathshot and for tracking the miscarry rate for vaxed pregnant women at 74%, the normal miscarry rate being 5-16%.

    Well, smells like genocide to me.

    But people are still lining up for the Deathshot and rationalizing the side affects.

    Seems like some kind of intelligence test.



    Meamwhile, we have ‘adults’ driving off with their baby on the top of their car not noticing.


    @V. Arnold
    Last petal of Picasso-daisy-flower. Finally and thanks God.


    Nothing says Vile® like a fashion shoot in a fake war zone.

    The model is probably nake under that blue coat as a lark.


    absolute galore

    “I was quite convinced of the lab leak myself until we dove into this very carefully and looked at it much closer.” In one study, which incorporated data collected by Chinese scientists, …

    Well that’s reassuring. If you can’t trust scientists–never mind Chinese scientists–who can you trust?

    Those Annie Leibowitz photographs are truly the most barbaric and grotesque images imaginable. A complete and utter indictment of our value system. Maybe they can send her to cover the next mass shooting. Hideous.


    Ed Dowd: “Apparently our friends at the WEF deleted this:”


    Robert Malone substack:
    Central Banks, Global Debt & COVID



    1. end of conflict before winter
    2. need bigger weapons
    3. take back all of its territories
    4. 12 HIMARS,, to get another four of these systems, which would bring their to total number on the battlefield to 16.
    5. draft system, – poorly trained and unmotivated recruits are endangering the lives of other troops
    6. Popular Ukrainian blogger and activist Yury Kasyanov recently made a post on his Facebook page, in which he complained: “Let’s stop the mobilization, open the borders, and dissolve all the military recruitment offices… Let the professionals do the fighting – after all, they get paid for it – and let the volunteers join in, because they want to fight. But I am an untrained civilian, unfit for war, I’m going to get myself killed. And I pay my taxes, too!” With this provocative post, Kasyanov intended to spark a discussion about mandatory conscription in Ukraine.

    7. Nord Stream-1 pipeline – 20%
    8. free of charge – (Hahahaha) to the extent pro bono lobbying for Zelensky’s government has been dubbed the ‘hottest trend’ in Washington DC political circles.
    9. • National Peace Rally Blacklisted by Mainstream and Social Media (Celente)
    10. the establishment media’s pro-war and anti-peace sentiments
    11. Just 16 percent of U.S. adults have respect or confidence in newspapers, and just 11 percent in TV news.


    Zelensky speech dealing with his military conscripts

    Failure To Communicate


    Oh, I have a lot more Picassos. He was a very prolific artist. I’m going to beat you into submission yet. Another Picasso tomorrow. Maybe. 😉

    The Markster

    Agreed on the complete depravity of those Nazi Chic Vogue ads. Almost as nauseating as an essay by the Episcopal Bishop of Western Oregon I just read yesterday, cheering on the Ukrainian proxy war as a valiant defense of God’s Kingdom. And then two essays before that a lecture on the inherent racism and colonialism of the church, without connecting the dots back to their current warmongering.


    Nooooooo….I mean yeeeeeeees!


    James Lovelock has died on his 103rd birthday. What an interesting man. Gaia theory. “ He said two years ago that the biosphere was in the last 1% of its life.”

    “Here was a man who helped to shape many of the most important scientific events of the 20th century – Nasa’s search for life on Mars, growing awareness of the climate risks posed by fossil fuels, the debate over ozone-depleting chemicals in the stratosphere and the dangers of industrial pollution – as well as his work for the British secret services.”

    Michael Reid

    ‘The Special Relationship’: How the British Reconquered the United States and Established an Anglo-American Empire

    ‘The Special Relationship’: How the British Reconquered the United States and Established an Anglo-American Empire


    I can’t reconcile stories that report the ever-present need to draft Ukrainians with the assertion that NATO helped them build an army from almost nothing to a reported 500K soldiers. Can the losses possibly be THAT big that they’re running out of manpower already?


    I think the assertion is wrong, willem, They had a reasonably sized – and trained – army, but there’s not too much left. Now it’s women and older people first. And HIMARS or whatever the west will send will make very little difference. The people who lost don’t want to admit they did.

    Mr. House

    “The people who lost don’t want to admit they did.”

    Essentially the summary of the world since 2008.


    Strike destroys over 100 US-made HIMARS rockets – Russia
    The Defense Ministry says an ammunition depot was targeted in attacks that also killed Ukrainian forces and foreign mercenaries

    “On July 24, a strike by Russia’s Aerospace Forces on an ammunition depot near the settlement of Lyubimovka, Dnepropetrovsk region, destroyed more than a hundred missiles for the US-made HIMARS Multiple launch rocket system,” the ministry’s report reads. It is also noted that up to 120 Ukrainian military personnel guarding the facility, as well as foreign mercenaries and technical specialists, were killed.

    The update follows a Russian Defense Ministry report on Monday claiming that Moscow had targeted and destroyed US-supplied weapons, including heavy artillery in western Ukraine, using “sea-based high-precision long-range weapons.”

    The US, which is Kiev’s biggest backer in its conflict with Moscow, had supplied Ukraine with 16 HIMARS systems as of July 22 while the UK has provided another three launchers capable of firing the same munitions. However, last week, the Russian military claimed to have destroyed four of these rocket launchers. Kiev officials have refuted these claims as “misinformation.”

    Russia’s Defense Ministry also reported on Wednesday that its forces had carried out strikes on Ukrainian military personnel and equipment in 142 districts, destroying a number of howitzers and artillery platoons. According to the ministry, Ukraine has so far lost over 760 multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) and more than 3,200 artillery pieces since the beginning of hostilities in February


    The Cynthia Chung article referenced by Michael Reid above is well worth reading along with others of her’s this led me to.

    Veracious Poet

    Wonder how the families of the dead and wounded look at an Annie Leibowitz glossy.

    D Benton Smith

    There is a trick as old as language itself, and it seems still to be working as well as it always has . . . . . . . like Gangbusters in other words As the old saying goes, “It’s an old trick but a good one.”

    It’s called propaganda by the redefinition of words, and is many layers deeper than you may previously have thought. Indeed, it runs deep enough that in the hands of skilled professionals the trick can steal an entire civilization right out from under the noses of the people who own it.

    All ya gotta do is persuade the people that they don’t. And to accomplish that only requires extra large doses of Pro-Grade Propaganda by the Redefinition of Words. [important side note : the trick works much better on people who live by words and communications , rather than people who live by things and productivity]

    Be aware that the trick applies to BIG words, too. Words so big that they veritably constitute the fundamental standards upon which a civilization gets built in the first place. It’s core beliefs. Words like “gender”, “justice”, “truth”, ownership”, “science” , or “fair”. Skies the limit, really.

    The operative mechanism is simplicity itself: Broadly make an authoritative statement about the word (or moral standard, etc.) that you want to fuck with. As proof of the veracity of the statement refer to the underlying authoritative source of your choice. Just make one up out of thin air if you want to, in fact that’s probably the best way to do it because then there will not be any pre-existing informed people who might object or contradict the “authoritative” bullshit statement. That kind of challenge might be embarrassing.

    Now PROMOTE the importance and accepted stature of that authoritative source. That’s fall-off-a-log easy to do because just repeating the bullshit “authoritative statement” automatically repeats the reference back to the authoritative source, and thereby promotes it.

    Rinse and repeat. Do not defend the bullshit authoritative statement by any research or debate. Simply repeat it. You get the idea. Censorship makes it easier, if you can get some.

    The three elements which will always appear when the gambit is played are: 1) It’s a bullshit authoritative statement, 2) It refers to an “assumed to exist” authority as both source and supportive proof of the idea expressed in the bullshit authoritative statement of “fact”, and 3) It PROMOTES the authoritative source by always referring to it . . . by pure unsupported assumption . . . as the gold standard of truth and judgment (it’s “Science!”).

    The clues that gives them away is the that the authority to which they REFER and its status as an authority which they PROMOTE (by repetition of the statement) is presented as and assumed to be a very very important authority indeed.  That’s what word redefinition is all about. It’s about setting up an “authority” (merely by saying it) and then pumping that up by advertising (repeating) that it is authoritative.

    Total horse pucky from the git go.

    That’s how Bill Gates justifies being a Vaccine expert permitted to bio-jab the entirety of mankind, when he has ZERO biology education. He is one example out of many . . . but a great poster boy because he’s such a goofball idiot . . . Klaus baby is running a close second and the pack is packed with contenders.

    The only authority he can draw upon is that HE (self evidently superior and Elite!) is patently wiser and better and smarter than everyone else and therefore should be the one in charge of literally anything and everything that he chooses. That’s it. That’s all of it. That IS the authority he draws upon to prove that not only is he in charge, but that he SHOULD to be.

    In other words, he and his fellow Elitists should be the tip top owners and leaders of everything because they say so! And since they say so then it is so. This is self-evidently legitimate, is it not? Since they are wiser and better than everyone else then their opinion should, naturally, stand above all other opinions. . . . . in their opinion. Pure psycho.

    My opinion about their opinions is a little bit different than their opinion.

    If you’re curious about the details and nuances of their other opinions (and your stomach can handle the nausea) just look around. Hyper senses not required. The public media is awash with the Woke New World Order flotsam of their various opinion of how everything should ideally be. I don’t know whether to shrug, shudder, shriek or shit my pants. Because are some pretty strange authoritative opinions floating around up there at the primary decision and governance positions of our so-called civilization. Men are women? Transhumanism? Lethal “vaccines”? Toddlers understand sex? President Joe Zombie?

    That should be no surprise. They are , after all, elitists.

    Elitism is the deeply held belief that there is an actual thing, an intrinsic quality of some sort (eliteness in this case) which both sets them apart as essentially different and also as essentially “better” than others, and which by its mere possession bestows upon its possessors the mantle of full ownership of (and authority over) every single creature which which is NOT elite, and which is therefor beneath them in every respect. Pinning an elitist down on distinctly how this magical aura is qualitatively or qualitatively defined, however is a waste of time. Might as well ask a tapeworm why it lives in feces.

    No matter. The elitist knows, so by definition that’s all that matters.

    I don’t want to beat the dead horse for very long here, but the sides who are presently at war right now in the wider world are simply Elite elitists on one side and EVERYBODY ELSE on the other.

    What are the odds do you suppose?

    Veracious Poet

    James Lovelock has died on his 103rd birthday. What an interesting man. Gaia theory. “ He said two years ago that the biosphere was in the last 1% of its life.”


    @ D Benton Smith

    I agree with your presentations.

    In my own words …. I don’t care what anybody call “it”. (fee, inflation, scam, stealing, tax)
    At the end of the month, in order to get ahead, I’ve got to have a surplus/a cushion to give me security, to get out of the way from when the shit hits the fan.


    Let me suggest a twist to the tale of the girl with the baby: she was babysitting. That explains why she spaced having a baby at all. That’s why she took umbrage with the distressed witnesses (hey, it’s not my baby!”). That’s why she looks (ahem) less than maternal and concerned.

    I just saw Trudeau’s new haircut and it looks to me like he’s copying the glazed over Zelensky’s do. Or Nero’s. Or Tiberius’s.
    Or Caligula’s.


    What does a photographer say?
    Aaaand- shoot!
    (Wait, no no no no no! Noooo!)


    Dutch farmers are at it again, large scale. That’s what I thought. Just do it when it’s not expected. Can we have an emoji here?

    Veracious Poet

    Maxwell Quest

    I was invited to attend a coffee group this morning composed of some of the senior gentlemen in our condo complex, and was told that there would be no political talk. What the hell, I thought, I really should be more sociable. One can get much too comfortable living alone.

    So, the conversation floated around different topics until one member of the group decided to pontificate on how the Russians invaded Ukraine in order to steal their resources, and that they were also threatening to take back Alaska. The basic premise being that the future would belong to whoever controlled the earth’s resources, and Russia was making its move to grab what it could.

    Being the newbie of the group, I thought for a few seconds on whether I should just keep my mouth shut and let it slide… but I couldn’t. “So, you’re telling me that Russia, the largest land mass of any nation, resource rich, started this war as a resource grab? Maybe they didn’t want another NATO nation on their doorstep?”, I shot back. “Well, in that case, with Finland and Sweden joining NATO, they’re going to get more”, he replied. This last comment clued me in on how ”tribalism” and “loyalty” appeared to be governing principles in his life.

    Everyone looked around not knowing what to say. Just then I realized that I had thrown a pebble up against a brick wall built by a lifetime of media propaganda consumption. Not only that, but I had challenged the alpha dog in front of the pack. It was time to back away, so I made reference to the “no politics” rule and bit my lip.

    We’ve discussed this many times here at TAE, how difficult a task it is to wake someone up. To help them see that they are being lied to by western media. That their model of the world is false. That they are a slave in the Matrix. Where to start? Which idea to plant that will wedge open a crack to let in some light, that will start the itch which must be scratched?

    For me it was when I decided to write a term paper on the 2008 housing crisis for an ECON class. I did all the research, saw the fraud, yet from all the traditional media sources I heard nothing but LIES. “Those thieving Wall Street MF’s”, I thought. Even then, I still didn’t ‘get it’, and kept looking for more trusted sources in western media. Then in 2011, while I was helping with the Portland Occupy encampment, I turned to the person next to me and asked, “Which news program do you watch?”. Without missing a beat, she shot back in disgust, “I don’t watch any of them.”

    “Whoa!!” It was like having a cold bucket of water thrown in my face. I finally ‘GOT IT’. That was the last time I watched television news, or read a newspaper or magazine.

    Veracious Poet

    So, the conversation floated around different topics until one member of the group decided to pontificate on how the Russians invaded Ukraine in order to steal their resources, and that they were also threatening to take back Alaska. The basic premise being that the future would belong to whoever controlled the earth’s resources, and Russia was making its move to grab what it could.


    Try this news source and compare
    Russian forces take Vuhlehirska power station under total control

    Vuhlehirska Power Station
    Russian forces, Ukraine both claim control of vital power plant
    The capture of Vuhlehirsk power plant in eastern Ukraine would be Moscow’s first strategic gain in more than three weeks.


    Formerly Healthy -> Vaccinated -> Suddenly Dead

    Let’s call it Breakthrough cases? Nah we’ve already used that one. How about Sudden Adult Death Syndrome? Sticks. SADS 🙁

    Propaganda -> Advertising -> Marketing -> Public Relations -> Brainwashing -> Obey

    Shell Shock -> Combat Fatigue -> PTSD Friendly Fire -> Collateral damage

    War Dept -> Secretary of War -> Secretary of Defense -> Transgender Generals

    French Fries -> Freedom Fries -> Russian Dressing -> I Stand with Ukraine with a Stick Up My Ass and a Flag out my Mouth

    Abortion -> Pro Choice -> My Body My Choice -> Attention Seeking Disorder -> Virtue Signalling -> Covidian Cult Member -> Force Vaccinate Children

    Hippocratic Oath -> Constitution -> Bill of Rights -> Nuremberg Code -> Human Rights -> Genocidal Murder

    International Law -> United Nations -> NATO -> Rules Based Order -> Indispensable Nation of Exceptional Americans -> One World Government Ruler Over Lords

    War on Poverty -> War on Drugs -> Global War on Terrorism -> War on Illiteracy -> War on Hate Speech -> War on Unvaccinated -> War on Farmers -> War on Climate Change

    Woman/Man -> Gender Fluid

    Bust Kneecaps -> Hang em High


    V arnold
    Don’t be hesitant about not liking Picasso’s paintings.
    Few people do.

    Veracious Poet


    Annie leibovitz, our own Lenie Riefenstahl.
    Artists should avoid getting involved in propaganda
    Hurts their resale value in the long run.
    She’ll be remembered for her sleasiest photo shoot ever.

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