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    Salvador Dali Apparition of My Cousin Carolinetta on the Beach at Rosas 1934   • EU Will Be Held Responsible For Starving Millions Around The Wor
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    Can’t connect to Saker. 3 days now.

    V. Arnold

    Salvador Dali Apparition of My Cousin Carolinetta on the Beach at Rosas 1934

    Wow, I love it…beautiful…

    Michael Reid

    Kurt Schlichter: Americans are Living in an Unprecedented Time of Decline

    Kurt Schlichter discusses the fall, potential collapse, and possible resurgence of America. The apex of U.S. power was the 1990s where Washington stood militarily unchallenged, but the tables have turned as today Russia and China have become worthy adversaries. Inflation and shortages are symbolic of a deteriorating economy and unprecedented time of decline, which is being accepted by the ruling class. He compares the situation that led to the Yugoslav civil war in the Balkans to what’s going on in America today and the real possibility of a second civil war.

    Kurt Schlichter: Americans are Living in an Unprecedented Time of Decline

    “Kazakhstan’s crude oil supply to the global markets has just become more uncertain in the coming weeks after a Russian court this week ordered the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC), which operates a key export route for crude oil from the huge oilfield Tengiz, to suspend activities for 30 days, citing environmental violations.”

    This should help:

    Germany begins energy rationing as gas prices spike

    Economy minister Robert Habeck last month activated the second stage of the country’s gas emergency plan, but he warned on Tuesday that the situation could continue to deteriorate.

    “We have to be prepared for the situation to become critical,” he said.

    Followed with:

    1. The Nord Stream 1 pipeline from Russia through the Baltic Sea is the most important direct gas route into Germany. Before the start of maintenance, flows are already down to 40% of capacity, with Russia citing trouble with turbines and sanctions.

    So if europe doesn’t want the gas and oil then there is no need to look for more on the supply side, as what was consumed by europe can now be diverted to the rest of the world.


    The number of emerging markets in the world where investors believe default is a real possibility or are already in default has more than doubled in the past six months, up to 19 nations.

    The data from Bloomberg Economics paints a grim picture as the surge in global interest rates and inflation takes its toll.

    It fails to mention the number of western nations about to sink as well. So not 19 then, more like 30+.

    Dr. D

    Clearly the Saker is doing accurate journalism. If they were reporting Bigfoot on the Moon no one would touch them.

    Astonishing lies by NPR, not even for any known reasons. They headlined Abe’s assassination as “A devisive, far-right, ultra-nationalist”. I am quite sure not even one of those is true. They also report that his assassin wasn’t politically motivated. What? He thought Abe was a street bum and tried to mug him while on stage? With a specially-made double-barrelled zip gun?

    Are you guys even trying?

    –Looks up from minesweeper on Windows98 – “Uh yeah, don’t bother me right now, I’ll have that Abe story to you in 5 minutes.” —Copy-pastes AP Presswire, who did the same thing from ” Shenzhen Daily.” Some plagiarism all ’round.

    Biden was AWOL. No comment. Left it to Trump to put out a plausibly sounding “Abe was a unique and powerful man who will missed and cannot be replaced” statement.

    Who benefits? Abe was still the kingmaker in Japanese behind-the-screen politics. So someone removed the King. Because Asia’s and specifically Japan’s response is pivotal in Taiwan? NPR didn’t know this and reported Abe as the death of Kim Jong Il because their donations come from why? Sure. All just a big, dumb accident.

    “Senators Blumenthal & Graham Call For “Hand-to-Hand Insurgency” In Russian-Occupied Ukraine”

    Excellent idea. …What do you mean Lindsay and Richard didn’t want to go? Are they in a wheelchair or something? Well put them in the drone room in Kerkov.

    Not that it matters, but I’m not sure you can shoot out the tires of a tractor that size. It’s likely the hole would self-seal, or even bounce off which would be extremely dangerous. It’s hard to fathom the toughness of such tires. Nearly 100 years later, sitting in the woods, they are almost as tough as the day they were made. In any case, there was no attempt by the police to “Stop”, merely to murder. Thankfully, unlike the U.S., this sort of training does not seem to be widespread, because the farmers are certainly making a mess of things with their literal-go-anywhere-machines. But not straight over a police cruiser yet, although that would be so easy I’m surprised it hasn’t happened on accident.

    “Ukraine war: Accept our terms or brace for the worst, Putin tells Kyiv”

    Europe still hasn’t sunk in to their retarded, inbred heads that they have nothing. No leverage, no power, no moves. Therefore, even more than ever, Europe is going to do nothing, and Russia will do whatever they want, more or less until they get tired and bored with it.

    “Prophesy” of sorts, although this is distilled from computer predictions: European migrants that have been such a bother are going to have an awfully hard time of it and may even go home. Why? Because if you’re from Somalia and you popped up to Stockholm for some free welfare, you’re not designed for a real Baltic Winter. Not just for Vitamin D which will make you very ill, but I believe your body also is created around the food and conditions of your youth that takes decades to re-alter. When this first popped up of course the interpretation was that some economic turmoil would probably lead to violence, perhaps immigrant vs anti-immigrant. But no, appears this will be simple shortage of gas, tightening the belt, which Swedes, Germans, etc won’t have too much trouble just putting on a sweater, and born Africans will shiver for 9 months in horror, being certain they’re in imminent death.

    I see that here, where your normal natives are out in Bermuda shorts at 40f, while the African heritage are wearing down parkas until it’s +65f, and three layers with a hood at 75f. …So do Floridians, btw, but it certainly makes one think about moving in a way that northerners moving south doesn’t.

    As above, Schwabinator certainly has arranged the Climate Crisis from the ground up. THEY have arranged for there to be no energy, anywhere. No reliability, anywhere. And presently, no food, anywhere. All of which are voluntary, were advised against by everyone, and are specific consequences to his specific, forewarned, resisted, highly-imposed policies. THEY are the near-single cause of hardship, hunger, and violence.

    Now much as we need to get them and return to what might best be named “not-murdering”, I also want the people and funds BEHIND the WEF. People like Nike, Google, and Facebook and their interlocking boards of directors out of Vanguard and Blackrock. Without also tracing them we’re chasing our tails.

    But first is to recognize practically all the troubles we’re having are a direct and transparent result of their meddling. Most of which is illegal in the first place. Not passed, having no authority, basing itself on illegal market-rigging, and illegal monopoly practices that propose a sovereignty these companies and people involved do not possess.

    If you’re on a train track, and you keep the throttle open after 30 warnings and 10 near-misses, and eventually a dozen people are killed, you go to jail. These gentlemen have had 10x that, and are still wide open on killing, say 1 BILLION people. Does that suggest arraignment and jail to anyone? When you are specifically responsible for the reckless deaths of a crowd?

    And they still don’t understand. They think the police are there to stop criminal violence. They’re not. The police are there to protect THEM from US. That is, you criminals: the police are your best friend and salvation, compared to the victim or businessowner taking out justice on you personally. Pray for jail.

    “ US, China Top Diplomats Voice Cautious Hope In Rare Talks (Barron’s)”

    Blinken who? Isn’t he the spokesman for “batacafcare” and “trunalimunumaprzure”?

    “What are the “solidarity lanes”?

    They just picked two random words out of the dictionary like usual. I wouldn’t make too much of it.

    “One solution on the table is for the EU to import liquified natural gas (LNG) from the United States.”

    Hahahaha! Please, it’s too early in the morning to laugh that hard. Show some decency.

    1) All of Europe is going to freeze and starve.

    2) Refer back to #1.

    The End. It’s already too late to stop now, as Putin warns. For example: it takes all summer to stock gas into the salt mines in deliverable locations. They have not. Therefore, God himself cannot save you at this time. Buy a down comforter and add a drain to your waterpipes because they will shortly freeze.

    But if you need some U.S. crude, ask China. They’ve got our Military strategic reserve barrels, during a “Wartime” as Biden says when Pa’s Gas-n-Go making 50c/gal need to tighten those belts. Remember, the UN says “hunger is good for you”. (Or good for US, actually)

    “History will judge the United States and its allies with abundant harshness for its foolish policy on Ukraine.” –Mearsheimer

    And he has license to say so since he told them years and decades ahead of time, and not just after.

    “bifurcation between Russia and the West will be permanent. And it logically follows that this will impact the economic model of European countries, particularly of Germany.”

    This is, of course, MacKinder. Which is 120 years out of date now. So: they won. Germany won’t merge with Asia. #Winning! …And therefore Europe itself will cease to exist and become a 3rd rate, 3rd world colony. Hope you’re happy. Don’t worry, when the next “MacKinder” comes around, they’ll still believe the Anglos, hook, line, and sinker. 400 years into perpetual, unceasing lies.

    “Nobody supported the Western regimes. That is why they are fuming now.”

    Since they are clearly retarded, this was a surprise to them. When “asking” any body, at any time, any distance before the war would have made this clear. At this point they have lost Ukraine right to the Polish border and STILL don’t grasp it. “Don’t you know who I am???”

    Yes, you’re the guys trying to murder 1 Billion of my people. And we’re being incredibly generous about it towards you.

    “ Army Cuts Pay, Benefits from 60,000 Unvaccinated National Guard, Reserves (Fox)”

    Since we and the Army are broke, they are paying the zealots and cult members, and not paying people who lack personal loyalty and a hatred of the Constitution. Clearly, as ever, this MUST be done since the vaccines work so well that if YOU don’t get one, *I* get sick. That’s what “protection” means.

    ““Fertilizers play a major role in the agriculture sector’s success and have contributed to record harvests”

    This “Science Farming” is called the “Green Revolution” and they are all over it and refer to it constantly. It’s their GMO sales brochure. That is to say, they are 100% aware that population on earth depends exclusively on factory-nitrogen delivery and its curtailment will therefore murder billions. As they shut off all nitrogen (and phosphorus) and kill billions. The Billions then say “No they aren’t. It’s the Republicans.” …Who are all farmers.

    “hurting the Agriculture sector and, more importantly, hurting farmers.”

    No it won’t. Prices will rise in comparison, and lower yields will make higher prices in perfect equilibrium, killing the cities instead. That is why Holland had to specifically outlaw certain things, so bank-funded, perhaps foreign, monopoly agribusiness could force them out and steal their land at a discount. That is, legalized, legislative theft. Probably TO the legislators. So they need a 1-2 process otherwise it just savages politicians in front of the mostly urban voter base. …Who are also retarded, since they support the global warming actions nonsense that will murder them in their beds. What can I say? If they want to die, let them. Just don’t take the rest of us with you.

    “In the current situation, the wide range of shortages highlights a serious problem. As with prior shortages, this one is due to government policies.”

    That is, Central Planning. Meaning we are in a de-facto Soviet Socialist System, with a Politboro of central pin-heads like the genius Krugman yesterday, telling us about the “Biden Boom”, a year after warning us of the “Trump Collapse” of 2017. Wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong. But being a Party member means whenever you are wrong, OTHER people die, and you get a promotion. Probably a Nobel Prize. The more comrades you kill the more that’s left for the Party Leaders. Especially their Dutch or Canadian farmland for hunting lodges, and their daughters for my airplane.

    “expressed concerns, without any apparent evidence,”

    Whoop, there it is. We must always add “Without evidence”. It’s like a verbal tic for morons. Fascist Tourette’s. I’m sorry CNN, did you call and ASK for evidence? For a “Statement”? Did you READ his release? No, because you are illiterate, IYIs. It takes about 10 seconds “” to come up with reasons – right or wrong – that he might think that.

    Okay then, geniuses at CNN, IF that is true, WHY did he begin this process only to back out and get a whopping big lawsuit out of it? Because he’s a dummy? Sorry, that’s two words ahead. I haven’t made up the sentence and the logic that far yet. I don’t know what I think or what is true until I’m done speaking. If it’s popular, it’s true. If I get downvotes, it’s false. That’s the standard.

    I haven’t found the comments to be more than usual. Unless they mean me, still going long. Some people come, some people go.


    I always wondered – How did madness unfold under Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot and all the other evil doers?
    Now I’m seeing it in real time.

    Basseterre Kitona

    FYI, the Saker’s main website has been under attack. There is a backup alternative site where he posts a few updates when the main site is down at blogspot:

    Michael Reid

    This time it is with the new excuses of “protecting the environment” and preventing or reversing “climate change”.
    Many of them use the blanket term “Environmental, Social, and Governance” (ESG) to encapsulate their plans.

    In effect, they want to control every aspect of human life, all around the world, to fulfill their supranational socialistic goals.
    These are globalists.
    As a key enabling tool, they want to implement a global electronic currency, with every transaction tracked.

    The goals of Davos oriented WEF west.
    Hopefully the fed crushes them financially and the people wake up like the farmers and truckers.


    Catch phrase of Enablers, Advisors, politicians

    Its not my fault
    Its not my responsibility
    I don’t want to be blamed
    • EU Will Be Held Responsible For Starving Millions Around The World – Tycoon (RT)
    Put down all threat to authority
    Waning immunity
    Why change the definition of “fully vaccinated” to 3 or 4 vaccines?
    Solve the problem by letting the unvaccinated get sick and die. /s


    Should have included Sri Lanka today. No fuel, no food. PM declared bankruptcy this morning, then resigned. President fled a dew days ago. Millions in the streets, AND the presidential palace.


    “Sharply higher prices for scarce items, limit their use to the most efficient uses of the items and encourages the use of substitute items.“

    Well, sure, but this is a rosy over-simplification.
    If scarce items do not have ready, low-cost substitutes, then those at the bottom of the economic heap simply don’t get what they need.
    Too often, prices get bid up when items are not actually scarce. Or big players (not just government) create artificial scarcities.
    Food has been generally low cost for decades because of federal government subsidies.
    The only reason I and my children have healthcare is due to a government program. Otherwise, I’d likely end up “doctoring” the people just like I play veterinarian with the pets….
    Capitalism is plagued with boom/bust cycles. A few have figured out how to use these cycles to increase their wealth…at the expense of most folks who routinely see their efforts washed away by the busts.
    There are areas of the economy where the “free market” system works very well…and there are also areas with gross mismatches and systemic problems.


    Very cool. Does it work as well with the weird white “blood clots” in the vaxxed?

    Michael Reid

    More Details On The Demolition Of The Georgia Guidestones
    From Truthstream Media, Who Actually Went To See Them 5 years Ago


    Sick people are the lifeblood of the medical establishment.
    Why change the definition of “fully vaccinated” to 3 or 4 vaccines?
    Plans are being developed to include the c-19 vaccine into the flue vaccine.
    Modification to the c-19 vaccine are underway so that it will combat the effects of Omicron and its variants and thereby avoid natural immunity.

    John Day

    V.Arnold took the bait and asked: “Okay, I’m asking…
    Oxymoron had written, and I had whimsically offered an answer to those who really desired to know why.
    “2019 Australian pilot deaths 1
    2021 111

    The answer is most probably, withing 5-sigma, due mostly to voluntary-MANDATORY COVID vaccination side effects, thrombotic, inflammatory and acutely toxic.

    Y’all knew that.
    V. Arnold was just seeing if I had anything else.
    I didn’t.


    The Sri Lanka PM’s residence was just set ablaze. Hours after he resigned. They mean business.

    Q: how far is Germany behind?

    Armenio Pereira

    Consciousness is a volatile – sometimes explosive – admixture of bodily defaults (aka needs) and spiritual designs.

    Armenio Pereira

    Mankind’s history: how far one is willing to go to fulfill its transient biggest crave.

    Michael Reid

    Ninja (Omicron BA.5) COVID Fearporn
    Now be a good highly vaccinated citizen and get in line for the “latest and greatest” booster!

    Armenio Pereira

    Hope: just another troubled road, leading to the same terminal fate.


    Sweden Study Shows COVID Jab Can Modify DNA, Opens Doors for New Lawsuits

    Veracious Poet

    Our study is the first in vitro study on the effect of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine BNT162b2 on human liver cell line.

    We present evidence on fast entry of BNT162b2 into the cells and subsequent intracellular reverse transcription of BNT162b2 mRNA into DNA.

    Veracious Poet

    BoJo the Insane Clown cuts and runs, defeated by the Bear Back Rider



    In his boxers and man boobs, get back B(j)ojo


    Mass genocide is their game and despite reading many peoples’ views on how they could not be doing this, I am still waiting to be convinced. Denninger believes that the rich need the poor so much that they could not survive without us. His argument is that the industries that service their planes, drill their oil, grow their food, etc requires us plebs. Dr D has stated that a reduction in people will be a reduction in choice, that we need to keep this number of people in order to maintain our current standard of living.

    I disagree with both these arguments. In 1950, at the height of the western world’s tenure, when the USA and Europe were industrial power houses, the developed world survived on the populations of Europe (300m) and the USA (200m). Production technology has advanced significantly since that time and so when you look at how many people would be needed to support the elites, a number of 500 million is not out of the question, it seems very doable.

    Sure, the third world was providing resources to the first world, as well as some food shipped by sea (such as tea from Africa), but the numbers of people involved in the supply of essentials would not be very large. For example, mines are now dug out by huge machines, not by masses of manual workers. In addition, we can assume that their vision of a 500m world would not involve lots of people working on weapons systems and as bureaucrats in government.

    I agree that a sudden reduction would cause chaos, but a gradual reduction over thirty years would not really be a problem. Imprisson everybody by 2030 then continue the cull until 2050. Business would find and train people to replace the dead to ensure essential jobs continued, such as crewing their yachts.

    Veracious Poet

    Veracious Poet

    Denninger is a toxic narcissistic, dead to the spirit within…

    Tucker Carlson: No Group Benefited More From the COVID Pandemic Than the Leaders of Communist China


    One thing is certain–people are upset around the world. This is quite a collection, and it is interesting that we find virtually no mention of ANY of this in legacy Western media:


    “Sanctions targeting food and energy are economic weapons of mass destruction. They hit innocent people the worst. I have no doubt that billions of people will feel its effects,” he warned. Suffering people will want to hold those responsible accountable, and the EU won’t be able to shift its culpability, the businessman added.

    The destructive plans of WEF have no single leader – Hitler, Mao, Stalin etc – for this very reason. The people of the world will probably remove a number of the politicians involved in the WEF plans. The WEF Global Leaders will suffer casualties. For that reason there is no leader at the head of the movement, for a head provides an easy target that can be instantly removed to kill the movement. Instead they have a bunch of people leading this movement, people in the shadows, people who will only emerge when the majority of today’s living have starved and the killings have stopped.


    @Veracious Poet said

    Denninger is a toxic narcissistic, dead to the spirit within…

    Tucker Carlson: No Group Benefited More From the COVID Pandemic Than the Leaders of Communist China

    The western leadership benefitted immensely. The Chinese do not need Covid to control their people, they have absolute control over the people, even before Covid they can stop you from having access to your bank accounts and to payment systems, such as AliPay. They also have facial recognition everywhere and know where you are at any time of the day. They can stop you flying, they certainly will not allow all of your family out of the country at the same time. The list of controls is huge. They did not mandate vaccines because they do not need to, they already have absolute control over you. The only thing they added from Covid was mandatory testing – once every three days at the moment – and they have used the results, shown on your phone, to prevent groups of people entering certain building: they will change your pass result to a fail.

    The people who benefitted from Covid were the WEF crowd. They proved to themselves that they could imprisson the population, do it in a coordinated fashion, all over the world. They then extracted huge sums of money from the governments of the world, money which will now be funding the current phase of their plans. The amount spent by all governments was simply huge. In addition, they have managed to use compliance with Covid regulations to identify their enemies.

    It is difficult to see how China benefitted unless you believe they are part of the crowd running WEF. In that case I would agree that they benefitted by bringing down the western world and – their primary aim – defanging the USA in order to create a power vacuum.


    @ willem

    When will demonstrations lead to the following

    Yemeni mothers and babies facing ‘unimaginable horror,’ Red Cross tells RT
    One mother and six newborn babies die every two hours amid ongoing conflict and deprivation, the agency warned

    John Day

    The selection of the more principled and firm-willed members of society continues, again in the enforcer-class, which is a critical class in power transitions.
    Is one completely commited enforcer worth 4 or 5 “employees”?

    The U.S. Army on Friday said that roughly 40,000 National Guardsmen and 22,000 Reservists who have refused to get vaccinated against the coronavirus will be barred from their duties, effectively cutting their pay and benefits. “Soldiers who refuse the vaccination order without an approved or pending exemption request are subject to adverse administrative actions, including flags, bars to service, and official reprimands,” an Army spokesperson said

    John Day

    Thanks for noting Tessa’s post, Willem.
    Thanks for China insights, Aspnaz.


    @zerosum: I hear you; it is one of many wretched situations around the globe. And again, the US is doing it’s best (worst?) to “help.” Perhaps with the Saudis moving away from their close US relationship, the US will no longer feel so compelled to “help.”

    The Yemenis are beyond mere protest and into rebellion, for all the good it’s doing them. Perhaps, sadly, it illustrates the futility of protest, at least if you live in a country no one “needs” anything from.

    John Day

    Germ: “always wondered – How did madness unfold under Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot and all the other evil doers? Now I’m seeing it in real time.”

    Ancient saying: “When the student is ready, the master will appear.”

    Shit! Me, too. I wondered that, too.


    John Day

    R.I.M. said: “The Sri Lanka PM’s residence was just set ablaze. Hours after he resigned. They mean business. Q: how far is Germany behind?”

    I bet Germany is 10 months behind.
    Maybe we should start a betting- pool?


    The Saker would have better luck if his site was hosted on more than one server in at least semi-neutral countries. Right now his physical server is in Tampa Florida VERY close to facilities operated by certain “three letter agencies”. Any emails sent to him or his webmaster are bounced.

    Maybe he thought he was broadcasting from Iceland, and the site has Iceland domain name, but alas it is in Tampa Florida with those three letter agencies have full physical access to the physical server. Dissidents should be much more careful about where their physical web and email servers are located!

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